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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, March 31, 2017

thinking is easy

I am thinking this is easy. The thought is easy to come by, think and you know what you can create. This is the message I hear in a few songs. I wonder about that, since the songs themselves are interest only. Why listen to them if they only repeat the same message over and over. I think I will go with that thought, and attempt to leave the place to look for another place to stay. This interests me more than staying here and doing what I do. So I will go do that today and ciou as I farewell you till later.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

dentist again

I am going to the dentist and things will work out without a hitch. There will be no pulling teeth, and the pain is going to be numbed so that is all for the dentist. There will be a filling, however and I think that this will not, if necessary, be my last dentist appointment. So I think I will go and be happy with the end results. That is all for today and ciou or farewell till next time.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

thought to do

this is some thought to do, thinking to create and work with others by the feeling that comes to mind. think and do or work with others, that is the idea to do list. so I think that to do things is to create the idea, otherwise you find things out by feel. this is the way that I was taught, so if things work out then things I do won't matter and I will have enough money for the interim by what occurs. so I think I will ciou and farewell till next time. seeya.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Something to do

This is something that can be done with orgonne. Thinking to use the orgonite as a buffer for energy as though a relay were in use. The point is done by feel or thought.

I used this to cause my brother to give in and do things not normally done, just by this means was this done but I won't use this if unnecessary.

The buffer; the energy that you think to a machine, if used, can return to you and you will feel energized so this is like a biofeedback machine.

Pinneal third eye; Where you can think of the use and the subconscious guided by the pinneal gland creates an this is by what you feel or think.

Leavetaking; I can leave even if owed as a point or response is due.

Quickening; For machined events: the event is quicker or things finish up quickly without machine burnout. For people: energy from water being looked at, this is as you "think" to the cup or liquid and that energy is applied by drinking it.

End; the end is done so think and you know what you can do.

Disruptions; no unnecessary business or there need occurs.

End is there; there is a need met unless you think of something else, this will do. Now to send it. Sent and farewell to those that wanted it. Now on to doing what I was doing unless dangerous, then I will do something else.

Chris Bowie; he finds what he looks for and calls to inform me of the idea. This is if he can and if not then no problem things work out.

Payments; I, Chris m, won't have to pay for anything except for that which I want. That is all there is to this.

Chris m; I don't cut people off in communication by fee or feel.

Things; things are found where they are and when enough time is allowed for by fee or feel.

Ricardo; despite his excitement his medicine works right and he leaves Denise alone. So think and things work out.

The right one; the right one is the correct one and this works to the point you do things with it.

The end; the ending is the point everything is set correctly and that is all. Otherwise it doesn't happen.

Crashing; this all will go crashing down on her head, to say the least, and I will not be effected by this affair. So I think this is a good point to do what I need to stay out of the way and not bother people.

Effect; the effect is simple, think and you may get what you want. Otherwise you are right, I do what I do best. Work with you and as you request, I sometimes can do things.

Food; I avoid excessive food and this includes sweets. I don't eat or drink things with high "fructose" corn syrup. That is what I think I will do for now.

This is done as I eat less and work the weight off by enough exercise. As a point to do things right, I will start right now and do this to lose excessive weight.

This is the end; the end of the idea or world as I know it, the world awash with flooding and area not livable. The places old and nearly broken down.

That is what I saw in a vision when I went to focus on learning the future. I hope it doesn't come to pass. I will just go on living normally till I can't and I end up dead for some reason. That's truly what I saw.

Monday, March 27, 2017


I support working with people as I support working with myself. So I think that I will work with an idea from them that I will call gagglin, or using salt or sea salt in water and seeing if the water keeps my teeth and gums healthy. So if I think of a way I think of possibilities, I then will think of the way of the future. That means for US and other Countries, I will write orgonne to see if things improve. That is all for today, so I will now ciou and farewell till next time.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Something else

This is something else, I can't imagine the effort it took to get this idea to work. But this is a biofeedback machine where the orgonne I made buffered, this is just as though energy was working through the wires and the systems were backed. This is empowered by the orgonite I have, so that seems to have worked. Just think a thought you want done at the orgonite and maybe touch it if you think it, then it will occur as the sun will buffer things like thought energy naturally.

Think and work; work with others is easy for what is there and you create with this by what is possible. Otherwise create with what you think is necessary.

Think and serve; serve a purpose and you know the people around you respect you for what you do. This is a point to do things and explain by feel so people understand you. So think and you know what to do.

Think and see; think and you can see the point to the area. Thinking to act you can create what you wish.

Think and service; think to be of service and you service the point with a point to do if needed. Think not to do things and you won't do what's unnecessary.

Contact; I no longer have fear of touching and contact. So I think I will do things else.

Passing; the inspection is passed for my room by Tracy today so I think she will be fair.

People; they don't mind me doing what I do. I don't get people fired.

I think; so I think that I am well off and doing what I should do.

Weather; I am aware so I think, this is a point to create things or work with the point.

Computers; my computers aren't taken away from me, no matter what I do.

Think tank ii; the thought of ending of the think tank. This is the thought of point you think about and leave to go do something by what you think is necessary.

Thought tank; the thought you use by stating or thinking is at a drink or food item is what energizes the food or drink.

Energization; use of copper or salt in water and energizing it creates more energy that's tapped as though stored in the body energy were used.

Tappable; think your need and tap the object, this is done while realizing that it will work if you think this will. The tapping offsets your energy offset into the item, and working with it allows it to work right.

Thought; In the thought you have is energy, thinking to send energy allows water or drinks to feel colder and If done enough the drink is heavier.

Thinking the thought will happen makes it occur, however you want it to happen, this at least is in the subconscious mind an using the third eye or pinneal gland causes things as well.

That's if you want the effect at all or drink it and otherwise irl you won't get an effect except for the extra energy. So think for your energy, if you so want or need it then.

So this is an experiment end, ended by feel. Just as this returns your energy, that means the energy you expend returns by three times back. So I think if usable then the effect could happen.

This is just as you feel it could and the even is seeable in a flash vision. The point is mute however, the third eye can show you anything. Think it will do something and sometimes things will happen.

So you can use thought as instruction and if the events don't materialize, then that means your just going to get energized by working with the drink and drinking it gives you the energy of the drink as well.

That's good enough though, right? Feel free to leave a comment with your ideal if you think you have anything useful to contribute. If time permits I may be able to put it up for display here on the blog. Have a nice day.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Some idea I like from facebook

This is a point I had with my father and mother and the ideas I will share from facebook describes it best:

The 8 characteristics of true visitation dreams

You can communicate and likely have communicated with deceased loved ones, guides, angels . This is more common than most realize. Some may ask how is this possible? It is because when sleeping, we are in that “an in between is a place” between our Earthly reality and “the other side of the veil” (the spiritual world). During this time, our rational mind and our ego are not engaged. Things can happen in our dream world that we would normally stop or discount while awake.

For example, when someone who has died comes to visit us in our dreams, we aren’t as likely to have the “rational thought” that this person is actually dead and shouldn’t be in our dream. When they appear, we accept that person’s presence without argument.
Many people experience visitation in their dreams but are too quick to discount the experience.

The ability to distinguish a true experience can be identified.


Because they are very different than “everyday dreams.” Characteristics of most (but not all) visitation dreams include the following:

Characteristic #1:

The most important characteristic of a true visitation dream is that it feels “real.” It will also be very vivid.This can be as deep as feeling the sun in your face, the wind blowing, physical experiences that occur within the dream. I have personally consumed water, had real time conversations. I quickly realized that within those moments their was no possible way I was dreaming. You can do the same.

Characteristic #2: Recognizing differences and conformation

Keep this in mind, if you have to ask whether the visitation dream was really a visitation dream, then it probably was NOT a visitation dream. They are so real and vivid that you won’t have to ask this question. When you do have a visitation dream, you may wonder if it was truly real; but in your heart or gut, you will “know” it was real.

Characteristic #3: Vivid experience

Because they are so real and so vivid, you will remember visitation dreams very clearly for days, months, years . . . probably for your entire lifetime!

Characteristic #4:

The person (or animal) will almost always appear in the dream to be completely healthy and behaving in a loving manner. They will rarely appear sick or injured. They will never be angry, disappointed, depressed, or punishing. They will be “whole, complete, and perfect” because they are now reconnected with God/Source energy.

Characteristic #5: Telepathic communication

Whether or not they speak to you verbally in the dream, they will communicate very clearly. (NOTE: As you’ll see in the next two examples, in neither of the dreams did actual verbal communication occur; the messages were conveyed telepathically and were completely clear.) This is a sign that the visit is from a higher vibration.

Characteristic #6: Message based dream

When they do communicate (either verbally or non-verbally), it isn’t because they want to engage in idle “chit-chat.” It isn’t easy for deceased loves ones to enter a dream. They come with a purpose, and they will convey the message and then be gone.

Characteristic #7: The reassuring visit

Most often, their messages fall into the category of “reassurance.” They come to let you know that they are fine and that they want you to be happy. Occasionally, they will come with a warning; however, when giving a warning, they will give you loving support and you will feel reassured by their presence.

Characteristic #8: Confirmation via energy

After a visitation dream, when you wake up, you will often be filled with a sense of peace and love. You will feel that connection with your loved one, teacher or soul that chooses to connect with you.


This is a useful mantra and I will share it with you from its original posting:

My great and late teacher Gloria taught us a beautiful thing that I like to share with those who are battling cancer, illness and addictions. This is a mantra that has true power! I have seen amazing things happen to those who have leveraged this.
"I AM" the Liquid Light of the Violet Flame, filling the chalice of my four lower bodies full to overflowing with the Distillation of God's Love and Compassion, emerging this very moment from the Heart of the Great Central Sun! (3x)

"I AM" this Violet Flame cleansing all impure and unnecessary substances in the cells of my physical body, purifying my bloodstream, and clearing and illumining my entire consciousness to be the perfect expression of my "Mighty I AM Presence" in Action! (3x)

This is done more easily by Harnessing your inner Power:

First and foremost, You are more powerful than you realize.

There is a power within you. When this power is properly focused, you will achieve greater wealth, attract your ideal mate, heal yourself of chronic illness, heal a struggling relationship, and create a life of more enjoyment.

This isn’t magic or a subject of fantasy. Everyone has this power. Some people do not use it while others understand it and are able to harness this power in every aspect of their lives.

The people that use their inner power are easy to recognize – they have loving and lasting relationships, they enjoy and prosper in their careers, and they radiate with life and healthiness. This may be already who you are.

On the other hand, if you are not getting the things you want in life, it is likely because you are not using your own inner power effectively, or at all.

Is your love life lacking or do you find yourself jumping in and out of short lived, meaningless relationships? Is money something that you consistently struggle with, never seeming to get on top of, to the point where the whole topic is painful to discuss? What about your health, your friendships, your confidence in yourself? If there is struggle in any of these areas of your life, I encourage you to examine your use of your own inner power.

So how can you use your own inner power to create more of what you want in life?

It starts by aligning your power with what you want to create and achieve. Say for example, you only have so much power in your pot at the beginning of each day. If you use that power up worrying about everything or dwelling in how bad everything is, this is valuable power wasted. This is not what achievers and successful people do.

When you make the conscious effort to align your inner power everyday in these ways:

Physically – Pay attention to what you are doing on the physical area of your life. For example, how are you spending your time? What types of people are you interacting with? Are you taking consistent physical steps that reflect the goals that you want to achieve? If not, immediately start taking actions that represent the results you desire: sit down and write that new business plan, stop arguing or loathing and spend some quality time with that special person in your life, go and get that membership to the gym!

Emotionally – Is your day scattered with emotions such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, regret, anger, and hopelessness? These emotions eat up your inner power, power that can be used in a much more productive way. Fight to find a new way of looking at life that leaves you feeling a different way.

Mentally – Just like your emotions, your thoughts and what you visualize send a signal to the universe, telling this force what you desire. It is how you make a request for the results you want to manifest, whether positive or negative. Great achievers have sworn to this for thousands of years. If this is so, this is all the reason to get control of the mental space in your head. Align it with what you want to create in your life, and in turn, your inner-power with be aligned with what you want to achieve.

When you have a thought or visual image in your mind that is unproductive, replace it with one that is more productive, a thought or picture which reflects where you want to go.

Spiritually – The spiritual aspect of inner power is a power which goes far beyond anything you can create yourself. This power is there, it always has been, and it is your right to claim and harness it in your life. Meditation is the most suggested path towards gaining awareness and learning to use this spiritual power.

As you become aware of the spiritual power within you, apply this power towards what you want to achieve in your life. For example, as you visualize what you want to create, being aware of a spiritual presence is much more affective than doing it all on your own. Take immediate steps to gain a stronger understanding and use of this spiritual power as it the most important thing you can do to strengthen your own inner power.

As you line up the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life with what you want to achieve, your inner power becomes a phenomenal force towards helping you to achieve what you desire. It may not always be easy, and you may have to learn patience, but the power available is within you, waiting to be claimed and harnessed.

While attempting to develop their inner power, most people struggle with the ability to control their thoughts and emotions, and gaining awareness of a spiritual force.

It is packed full of tested and proven methods for getting control over yourself and spiritually manifesting what you want in your life. You don’t have do this all alone.

Remember you are powerful!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Thought for today maybe other times

This is the thought for today, thinking to do what is necessary. She or he does as necessary.

NASA; the proposed 2018 federal budget proposes that we can have climate science and then NASA in development stuff is still possible by the creator.
Peter Paul smarr; he finds his accura car keys by the creator, this is done without much trouble.

Chris's credit; I manage to pay up the credit and work things out with people better.

Medicare; they don't have to work for medicare or Medicaid benefits.

Delta mission launch; they succeed in an effect for the launch. The swing arm mechanism starts working. Any issue is not an issue as it is fixed by the creator. So if there is going to be an issue there is no problem. Any ground issue is resolved.

Nada; nope, no deal. NASA budget cuts don't happen. Nothing of sugar need occurs. No need for food or excess meals.

Need for more; there is no need for more, so I think that I will do something else.

Alcohol ism; there is no need for alcoholism. So I think the need diminished and no longer worthwhile.

Irate and dislike; the irate nature and dislike fade away so that there is no irate people.

Whether or not; there is nothing to do today, there will be something to do that you can choose later on. This is a point of patience.

Weather; on off switch: the on or off switch is done so you don't get too much. That is all for weather or other things.

Thought; the thought for today is to work with those that want to work with you. That's all for the thought. Though sometimes there's action and that is self doing by what you consider important.

Sight; the sight is the thing you notice, that is what you seem to sense when you look at someone and notice their aura energy with implied idea.

Whats there; Think and you may know what is or isn't truly there. Think and you know what you can do with or without success.

Mail; Mickey's expected mail comes in by today.

Payments; I feel like I don't have to pay anyone, this is where I like things or don't like things so I don't have a need to pay the person off. So I think I will do my own thing and go the way I can as though I were doing something else unless necessary or this is not done.

Merindy; she heals very quickly with the creators energy and the healing done by Brian costigan with intuition if needed.

Indignation; The USA is not indigineous, it's no longer separating itself as though a world apart from the rest of the world.

I ie inn; I will be here at an inn after this point so don't be afraid to call me as I am here.
I am certain that things will work out for now, so I will leave and do things as necessary. So I will ciou and farewell till necessary to type again.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thoughtless II

If your thoughtless, then there's no need to do things. I am aware and now wondering what to think, as though I am thoughtful I am with thought for others are thoughtless as well. How to make them think? I think if I point something out then, they will start thinking and this includes now as a point that I know. So there's hardly anything gong on today except for maybe a bingo game. I think I might win a game or two. Just for fun, I will see who wins elsewise. So that is all for today, ciou and farewell till I have time to type to you again.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thought expression

The thought expression is the thing to work with and not always to do, given what you have is what you will work things out with by idea. This is for the feel and that's what is there. I think I will work by the idea, then work by the point. Non insane and get as much as the other guy. This does not mean I am greedy, this only means I am aware of my options. So I will go now and do something else including eating less snacks. Ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


I have seen self-creaticism and creating by feel as for what I think about it, I believe people create to express themselves. So I will express my thought here, if allowed, I will create what I will or may do what think. What I please others perceptions for my or others doings is the mantra of the moment. So I think I easily will do what I can. This is just so I please myself and exercise and please others, thinking to do what they ask sometimes. The reward for for self-creaticism is the feeling of pleasure and self-satisfaction, btw.

This is where I am aware and doing things as they come. Otherwise I am aware of my own needs and think to do what is necessary. As if chores are apart of life, this is what I chose to do for the moment unless the moment doesn't suit the purpose I have. So think for yourself and work for the point you gain the idea you wanted. That is what I learned from today, So I will ciou and await tomorrow for tomorrow brings another day. Seeya till tomorrow and feel free to comment.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Things for idea

This came from my past life that was similar to this life, lets see how similar it really is.

The things for idea is my idea of what is done sometimes. So this is an ideal point to do things with or without things using orgonne.

Think; think a point and work this out within your own mind. So you know what will happen before the moment could occur.

Thinking; think by feel to get things right. As things are correct in porportion then the right time is done. The thing is the right timing or time to cook and that is the thing.

Chop chop; cooking right for the mom or moment. Think and you know the right things. Your shown the correct things by feel if you intend to cook right with concept to do.

Borrowed things; things that are borrowed are returned and eventually things lost are recovered. That's the way of this thing.

Clutch and car; the clutch if gone out is repaired, the car is restored by the creator. Magic serves all.

Magic; the magic of the moment is you could get what you want, that is if you need the effect to occur. This is if magic or energy fills you and you direct it to create by idea with fee, fae or feel with life in feel.

With marc; the thought that counts, simply stated is this. Enjoy your life and work with what is there as their way or your way you know by feel what is best. Your with your body, so think of ways out if possible.

Think a point; think a point and you know things to do.

Work; work out and I am thinking this will work with you. This is unless not needed or desired, this is just as it's truly wanted. Think about it for a moment.

Time waster; time wasted is spent elsewhere, this is something better than nothing so this works for me.

Space launch; the space launches that will occur or is scheduled, this is done without problems.

Finding things; I will find things that I set out to find.

Thinking; think and things will work themselves out.

The trick; if you see what you want, then feel like you want it and glance towards them. Then they might give you some. This works with everyone whom is "nice" and willing to give you some.

The end point; no one gets knocked over as there's nothing actually stated. So I think this was well worth it.

Mickey; she gets her check and is willing to pay off debts.

Simba; he comes today and finds that the CDs work the way he wants.

The igniter; the igniter works or this is replaced and you don't actually hear the igniter.

Funding; my funding and money comes back to me as I think to have money come to me.

Focusing; think to have an idea or a sue idea the point is the focus and the idea is sometimes discussed.

Starry night; the starry night is thinking and painting for a drawing done.

Incapacitation; the US successfully incapacitated North Korea and did what was necessary to not get detected.

Patsy; she is not a trouble spot anymore. She spots trouble as it comes though. She knows when not to do things.

Merindy; 6 weeks passes her by quickly as she waits.

Mae's scissors; the decorated scissors will work better.

The end
Merindy gets her job back and she doesn't lose it by feel. Things work out as the point is done, thinking to create as this is possible. I believe that she will have a bright future. Ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thinking for idea

These are lessons I learned from the walking dead. The cable TV show. I know I was one of them and then I was a walking dead person. So that counts for something, right?

The point I think is created by the creator and then the idea manifests results if you need the results to manifest. The link of energy is thought and manifest by the idea.

So I don't normally do what is mentioned unless I want to do so. That is the way out of the orgonne.

That is the way orgonne works. The orgonne link by feel is the mind or more likely the pinneal gland. So using orgonite as a focus point, this is some idea of the orgonne.

By feel is the idea of you knowing things before the moment or your capable of making things work as though your psychic or you fee or feel good.

This is where orgonite is stones and gemstones in a clear solid mixed with metal bits. The orgonne is the instruction of programming that is there set into being made or that you could say is mentioned.

Think: think thinking thoughts; you can think the thinking by thoughts that are there.

Think; to make this work, think a point to work with reality and then make a thought serve a purpose so you know things work out, think the thought that works for you.

Thinking; the thinking point by a point is where a point exists by the fee or feel and you know things that are there.

Thought; the thought exists something, an as this existed somewhere other things can exist as well.

Reefs; the australian coral reefs don't bleech themselves white anymore.

Climate change; the climate change decreases by feel and things come back to normal.

The normal feel; The normal feel is just the idea that your able to sense if you sense the words of what's going on if necessary.

Glimmer stone; this stone you can hold and focus your thought by feel, thinking to change the state of an object from within or change things from without you. So we had a glimpse by thinking to use the glimmer stone.

You are the master of yourself, you master your mind or don't bother trying. That is all for this or some other point. Enjoy your day.

Scent; the scent is cleaned up that cleared up and things don't smell.

Area; the area you are supposed to go-to you get to by feel. Think and you know what you get.

Things; things go well and work themselves out. Think and you know the point that's going on. You know how to deal with things and things are what they are. This is usually by fee or feel. The end.

Roaches; they no longer eat plastic and styrofoam or any food as you spread poison to them. This is a thought in practice.

USSR russia; the dictator that runs Russia is stepping down and no longer dictator.

Taliban; no longer exists.

Isis; the isis group that goes to terrorize no longer exists here.

Smoking; this no longer has the effect of lung disease or death by disorder. This has a euphoric effect instead.

Make noise; that gets attention to yourself or the area, this is where you can think to work away from the area and then go rush in on the person by feel unless you don't need to attack him.

Find; finding things out your aware of the idea, then you know that this is true to it's word if it occurs to someone that you observe.

Regret; instead of regret go do something about things.

The thought; I think I will settle down and work with people. Now I know their safe, they are no threat. Thinking a point, your aware of things that you can do.

This is made obvious by the creator thinking the point so your aware and know things by what is done with fire or life. If you look into a flame of a candle, thinking of what you want to see then you can see the idea.

However that sight is, this means you can also cause manifest by feel with the flame by drawing fee or fae to the area. This is with the power of the flame.

Then if curious ask a question or state an idea, place need to your feeling of need by feel. Then the fae will do the deed if they think the need necessary enough.

The show; the show is watched. However the point by fee or feel is done.

The point; the point is there and really works for you, so no going against it as you go for it. That is unless you need to do things by feel. This is an idea for the idea is sometimes done.

The friend; the thriving idea is a trade of some sort with no blows to happen that's great. I think however, your screwed if you think all that will work to your defense.

Strategy; the strategy is there, use is things you know will work. Think and you will know to get ahead. This is their thought, not ours so think about what you want and the creator will make by feel.

What you wish for is done sometimes by idea being spoken or wanted. The world does drive people crazy, but most will survive by the feel.

This; this will make work fun by easy thought and work is done by you. No lesson is really taught.

Healing; healing is easy and done by what is faith; healing with ability or idea to be made with some point.

Thinking; think with a point or a word to create that idea you have by the subconscious using the pinneal gland. Think before you do things so you won't get in trouble.

Life work; This is a way to work with life as life is energy by activity. Think or feel to create better by relaxing with relating by thinking to work with what comes near. This was my life work on the real past life of a person whom I think I was with the walking dead.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

thought for idea

Merindy; she has no problem doing her thing. Her stressed state doesn't cause her migraines. She feels no guilt over getting less snacks or eating less.

Pass; I pass the inspection even as she does the inspection.

Peter Paul; he drives himself to get what he needs or he agrees and goes to get his rent check.

People; they pass their inspection in the spirit of friendliness.

The end

We have low fat foods with healthy fats to work with like fish. Otherwise the not too fatty meat will work. That's how you lose the weight. How you gain weight is high fat diets with less exercise than 30 minutes. That's about all there is to this weight business.

Simba calls so he comes and exchanges the bad CDs for the good CDs. Enough is said and things are well off.

Things work; working things out is creating at least by feel in your mind, making that point where it seems real yet you don't react.

Think and you can create what you think, this is if you need to create the idea. The things that you don't need will disappear back to where they came from. Energy formations won't be there but you will know what you see.

That's if you see it in the present or future as a sense. This is a form of deja vue. Don't dismiss it unless it's harmless to you.

So think of ways to avoid to damage and harm disappears from the vision. The vision disperses itself as though you weren't effected and turns back into energy that the body can use as some activity is done.

This can, if overused, cause long nights of activity and that leaves sleep circles under the eyes. Only leading up to the point that you either use up your body energy or stop and do things normally with sleep.

If you use up your energy, you could dissipate away into becoming an energy conscious that joins with the energy consciousness. Then you know all but you only really are a ghost after this.

This is possibly allowing a poltergeist activity, this is where your form is able to think if intense with feeling and you can manipulate the area.

So I wouldn't try this unless you know when to stop or you think becoming a being or ghost is better than nothing.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Things work out

Things work; This is from a past life memory that used this ability mentioned in the end as an incredible discovery post. He died by asphixiation and became a being of light, and used darkness by light tactics to work with others and make the best out of life. This occured when he was 56 years old.

This uses the idea that working things out as this is creating at least by feel in your mind, making a point or differently making that point where it seems real yet you don't react. This comes from the environment, if you drop the energy of the environment by thinking you do maybe with a shrug. Then you can get a good result instead of what occurred to the area that was bad.

Think and you can create what you think, this is if you need to create the idea. The things that you don't need will disappear back to the area or where they came from by feel. Energy formations won't be there, but you will know what you see.

That's if you see it in the present or future, this is just as a sense can guide the way if you need it to be so. This is a form of deja vue. Don't dismiss it unless it's harmless to you.

So that's at the end where and when you think of ways to avoid the damage and harm disappears from the vision. The vision disperses itself as though you were not effected and turns back into energy that the body can use as some activity is done.

This can, if overused, cause long nights of activity and that leaves sleep circles under the eyes sometimes. This is only leading up to the point that you either use up your body energy and feel tired suddenly, or stop and do things normally with sleep.

If you use up your energy, you could dissipate away into becoming an energy conscious that joins with the energy around there as though a consciousness. Then you know all but you only really are a ghost being after this. If you stabbed yourself in the heart physically during this time, then your a heart wraith.

This is possibly allowing a poltergeistic activity, this is where and when you form actions by the idea as your form is able to think if intense with feeling and you can manipulate the area.

So I wouldn't try this unless you know when to stop and rest, for you can think becoming a being that can form physically or ghost that is spiritually somewhere is better than nothing.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The incredible discovery

This is an idea of the powers of the Dr. Strange area in the marvel universe. The powers are this, the golden sparks that are use of idea to create with life and work with those that want to be worked with or be by themselves. The sparks are the point of thinking of the area to be in and imagining the point to form what you want or you could have an opening as you imagine the place and feel the sparks form where you think they should. Thinking the sparks to form in a specific manner is the idea to work with the thought.

This is seeing that what you think is there, all you need to do is act as though it is as you "see" the idea form. This is a point at least given in form or shape as though a spirit shape, shaping itself, sometimes at first the idea is spiritually there then the actual thing is there.  If you want to go somewhere, then you could hold an object and think energy though the item to form the golden sparks in a circle as you think of the place where you imagine the area you want to go. Then step forward to go there in an idea to be somewhere.

This is especially easy in the mirror dimension, the dimension where anything is possible and this includes raising your hands and rolling the area with a change in gravity. Otherwise you could let the area settle and it becomes normal again. Oh yea, nothing effects outside the mirror dimension and that means anything done in the mirror dimension doesn't effect outside of it making the place a perfect practicing ground. Beware the area is as the area seems though, so the limitations are the area you sense.

Astral projection is this: think the point to separate from the body spiritually and an idea occurs to cause you to be somewhere or anywhere you want yourself to be at least spiritually. So if you think the point to be somewhere and feel a shock you are separate, then with a touch you are back with your body. So you are returned to your body. With it I went to the halls of Valhalla and thinking of my place and time I came back.

The point is simple you can go anywhere or observe anywhere in spirit body form. If you can feel the area then you can know, seeing how things are this is fine. Just feel or think and you know things that you want to occur. Just a bit of warning, this is going onto a great big blog page somewhere, so think carefully what you want known as the authors psychic.

Ghost projection; Feel intense with or without emotion and your able to change the location of a few objects. If you can do this then your geisting, so think about it and don't geist without permission so think or not if you have to stop. This is just as your likely to annoy people and this could irritate people, that's if they figure out whom it was.

Stone use; This is how you use a gemstone, efficiently stated is this by thinking your idea to do to the stone and feeling it happen then creates the effect that you want to create or occur and this is sometimes by happenstance. Instance is related to what you think is created when and where its created, then you know that the gemstone or stone use is possible to use by feel or thinking.

Relieving; Think and you form or relieve someone of the energy if on a touch to the area. This is done to kill the person by knock out, if possible.

That is basically it, except for the fact that the energy can emulate any effect in certain area. The point being is this, you can create what you wish by what you want to do things. So I think and imagine the result as an end result and then the energy takes form to create the result that you imagined, what you don't need disappears from the place you see.

Different dimensions are with different effects. So I think this is an amazing effect of life energy. So I would say this, if you could do this, then you may be able to do anything just by a thought or just thinking about things. So I will ciou for now and farewell till time allows me to write again. Leaving you the thought that you can possibly do things even in an alternate dimension. So enjoy yourself and know yourself by what you do.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

cordell's stuff orgonne

The point you realize by this idea is that I am dead and dreading judgement. Just having met a saint in red, I believe I am still alive because shifted away back differently and got away from the area.

The cops didn't chase after me and I was aware that most likely I would be accepted back in to the area and not hunted down. If I gave the right excuse then I was lucky so I guess I will right my wrongs and let things live. Ciou till later. Btw, I woke up from this night time dream in my bed and free without a chase it warrent irl.

Friday, March 10, 2017

the day and after dental visit

This is Marc or Mae's friend, the white dude that's skinny and older. The orgonne here is meant to work with thought as though him.

The day and night; the day goes well and the night passes quietly with no trouble arising. This is true for tomorrow as well.

The night time; the night time passes harmlessly, so nothing goes wrong.

Visitors; the visitors aren't there if not allowed there by the manager.

The day; if this has not been good, the day gets better.

Think; the day is better with you being calm and allowing.

Whomever; Whatever or whomever the person is is you.

I; I am aware of you as the conscious of the area and the person that can be cooresponded with so ask away.

I am; I am aware of you, whomever you are.

The new day; the new day goes well and peacefully where the night passes peacefully as well.

Sugarholic; I am aware now and no longer a sugar holic. I am not addicted to sugar. So I think and things will work out well. Cancer and diseases dismissed itself from me. Thinking about things restores things, that means what you want is restored.

NOAA; NOAA budget cuts don't happen. Other sections are touched instead.

No challenge; there's no actual challenge for the day or night except by myself.

Think; the point is a way to go, I make it and I find that they fill my teeth today. There is no pain today. Then the subconscious makes this so no pain and teeth fillings occur today.

Other stuff: this was from the day after where I had a nightmare. I awoke from it by nearly being killed in it. Screaming awake I believe this belongs in a book series.

Dentist; whatever occurs the fillings happen with no pain. So no problems occur. Think and this works out.

Magical; the magic moment you think to have, this magic moment is where you are aware of many things and create by what you feel.

Evangelism; this moment is an idea where your aware or created to hear things.

Angelism; this is the idea your using the name of an angel to get what you want or earn it.

The approach is simple, think the request and state the angellic name or state the request and think the angel name. This is how you summon angels, including seraphim, for a point or some purpose.

Devotion; the devotion is there, like a cult following but it's auratic feel you are attracted to someone. Think and you know by feel with idea to do.

Falling out; the falling out of devotion due to money needs from evangelism. This leads to death if demise is plotted.

Ghetto; the ghetto classic or idea you can follow for some point or think and do what seems right.

Running; running away and hope I survive, I am a survivor so I hope my story is told. Ciou my time is short as they just started killing the people there. I got away and I will let you know that I was attracted by fair play.

So this is my last notice to myself. I am going to make my escape through the forest now. Someone is following me and I think it's another survivor. I will let them be.

Silence serves me best so I will go now. Whomever bests each other doesn't matter. So I will see you later. Ciou and farewell.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

the day before dental

This is the day before dentistry is going to be done, the creator will make it so there's no pain and no tooth pulling necessary. So I think I will enjoy today and wait till tomorrow to get on a bus and make things better. This is the point of idea, think to create better idea from what is there. That I think is what this day is for so what I think is this. I am thinking to create a point to work with some higher brain function, this is by thinking and use with the spirit to guide the moment. But no pain is no pain, so I will await tomorrow and ciou for farewell. Think it will work out for me, thanks.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some random stuff

This is some random stuff that went on.

Disturbance; whatever he or she does doesn't disturb me.

Though; thought is to adjust and work to become calmer and better at things.

Computer; I do the right things. Weed is legalized.

Allowance; I allow for things that I see as necessary. She does as well. Things go well.

Allow; allowance is an idea to make things work and create what you think.

Focus; the focus point is an idea so thinking is an idea and your point is done. You remember things easily.

Thought; though thought exists things your will is your own and you can create by thinking about things.

This intended thought is done; this means your free to go. Enjoy your day and feel free to walk back if you want to go back there.

Rude; rudish behavior dissipates away an things work out as it's not counted as though an invasion.

Think; think to do but give them time to reconsider. Then if they make a comment you can dismiss the idea if necessary. That's how you can get along with people and not have to buy things or do stuff.

Internet; my internet connects and I download what I need or can download.

Mae; she doesn't have anything wrong with her. Her opinion of Traci long changes to acceptance of her by fee or feel.

Merindy; she gets her surgery and still has a job even after recovery. As she does have the operation or recovery time that's reduced, nothing goes wrong during this time.

She has nothing wrong with her and no pain occurs to her by fae. Her day goes alright today by now or later if she thinks. Things work out in the end.

Crazy? No crazy's allowed here. Ciou.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Blunt edge

I believe that weed should be legalized, so I wrote this all about weed from an addicts viewpoint. The article is here. There is likeliness that I won't get in trouble for having it on my site. So I will just do what I want.

The blunt end is where you decide to end it, so think and you end the point by what you do. This is where I hope this idea helps. So I hope that Simba gets here today with the person to make the renting happen of the apartments. So I think that there is very little likeliness that he won't make it, yet he might miss the chance today thinking to do it sometime else. So I think I will leave you with that and ciou as to farewell. Update done.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The twelvth life

This came from the 12th lifetime and was rather unique, as this means there were several things that caught my eye.

The peace of the moment made this orgonne idea. This is an idea to do if necessary.

Russia; this dangerous violent path we tread with Russia ends peacefully. Thus it is no longer dangerous.

Safety; whatever will happen today, will happen peacefully and those focused on me are no longer focused on me intentionally. This is done unless I don't mind them. For intensely do they go somewhere else.

Think; think a moment and create by imagination, use idea with imagination to focus and then suggest what the subconscious will do. That will make this idea work.

The text dialogue can display what may be there, where graphics doesn't always display things. However, sometimes the text doesn't display what is there.

So feel or think the point to know and you realize, what is there you know by subconscious idea or answers that are obvious. That's it for now and sometimes this is felt as a unseen presence.

Everything the subconscious shows you is possibly interpreted as an ideal dream image or moment with a dream object.

Trump; trump administration will not have a catastrophic effect on the environment. He has a good effect instead.

Thinking; I think I can change people's lives by being positive and working with others, so what I think is this, the point is done go live on your own or as you want.

The point; the point is made by feel so think and you will be alright. So I think this is done by fee or feel otherwise you can do what's necessary.

Thought; the thought abounds if necessary and this is done by feel. Think a thought and you know what you did. Feel and you know what to do.

Visitors; the visitors won't steal from the commons area. Whomever the visitor is at the moments.

Mickey Miller; she can handle her money better.

Bids; bid low and if high you get the deal.

Merindy's physique; she no longer is tired until she wants to be.

Chris's room; he is not tardy to clean or clear up the room unless he is needing to be. This is with or without help.

Mickey's shower; it no longer is broken.

Jay moisant's choice; I can and if I will, find a place other than this one. So Jay Moisant finds a good choice other than Palo duro.

Credit or debit card protection; they that want to steal the funds for their own purchases, they don't get the details right or something doesn't go right so they aren't allowed the purchase to go through.

Anti or other love; none of the unhealthy love types happen to me.

Mae; she doesn't mind me by idea or thought with feel. They settle their dispute. She doesn't hold up the money making process that would go on. So this works to my advantage. This allows me to work with others today. So things work out.

The point; My luck turns out to be better, this is just as I feel to create with life.

The thought; the thought is the focus energy that comes from the area and the object is the focus for it. Think and the object energy conscious does what you think. This is so I figure things out. Otherwise I think that things will work out in IE em.

The thought articles are a collection of dna encoded memories that were found within an old computer:

The thought articles are these, think and you know them by the feel. This is the commentary I found interesting.

These; these are the articles that are there, however add what you wish. These aren't effected by what you energy wise add to the site. Thanks to those that made them.

Opiate; I finally get my opiates and things work out to the best.

Focus; the focus is done and we did him over so he would never look askance at us again. Ignore this if you want to live the life you live. This is a recording. This is the end of his life.

Think; think if you must but the idea is in writing or a ring. That is all you get from a ring of warning.

Tellivise; tell or vise I am wise, think and you will get what you want.

Thought focus; the thought is the focus and you are gone from the area.

Redial; don't redial if you don't need to redial a number.

Dumb; your dumb if you steal yet not if it's online.

Smart; your snail mail is arrived, think to focus the hand to do the right thing.

Gain; gain no more unless you treat no as though a number.

Teller advise; the teller thought these idea up to befuddle the crooks that wanted the money.

Tellivise release; the release is simple, think you tell yet don't and then do as you must.

This was from when he or she was insecure enough to record every little thing and went to the authorities.

Though I think this is overboard by now, this was useful in calculating the Stars and location. This device was a complex of gears and could calculate anything. So I think this orgonne works with a reconstructed computer device made in its honor.

Dumb now smart; dumb now smart wherever he goes is his choice.

Smarting; think and speak, this is if necessary in inn or in an as an idea.

Madness; he's no longer mad for whatever reason.

Coexist; coexistence is done and I think this is enough to go to the authorities for now. Think carefully about how you speak it though, as I am sure they have their idea of guards.

Farewell and ciou as you want my attention. I am in the room down the hall. Btw I am sure you will know what I said to her so don't bother asking, thanks.

Friday, March 3, 2017

the eppicard

I think now is a good point to describe this, the moment I thought to spend money and timewise it reflected on the eppicard and food stamps not actually showing the funds. So what I think is this, that timewise I can think to do something and this will reflect on the balance magically. So this is what I will do, think of a positive outcome to occur and feel that the money will be more than what is shown. Only later, I think the money will show to be more. So things will go positively good today, I think that this will work out better. So I will ciou and farewell till tomorrow.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

cmoisant orgonne

The orgonne I started out with by fee or feel.

Things; things work out by now and today's time is today's time. According to a clock I remember.

Computer; the viruses or virii stay away from the computer.

DHS; send them last 3 months medical payments and request from worker enhanced food stamp money.

Nrol-79 Atlas v launch; this launch goes and launches well and this succeeds by feel. This is the point you think to know, that is usually done with a feeling.

Whomever; whomever he is he doesn't come chasing after me.

So; that is the exit, I wonder if dying and as you think you are dying timewise your thinking of a need to be somewhere causes you to be where you thought.

This is the exit to the game land of devastation and among the places you can go these are many. This is just an example of such one game. So I think there are many like that. Where you think to escape and the way becomes clear.

So I hope the day goes good tomorrow. I think to achieve much in a game, the world has to accommodate your needs or you adjust to work with the world scape.

So the more you know, the more prepared you are. That is all for a game scenario. If you do not want to know more, then you don't have to play I guess.

Thinking; maybe I had enough of gaming and want to go back home. So all I need to do is think of the place I want to go silently.

See I think of the activity I will be doing and then the creator shifts me to the time and place. This with realization is with idea of where I want to go and have been.

This is an idea of things I speak, where I was at the table of a gypsies card reader. Then I thought of being back and I was right there in front of a monitor.

I was playing the game in the basement gameroom. The playable parts are necessary, that is used of course, in creating a point to get to know the game.

The parts of the game are game elements. That's the impression I got for playing Diablo III as well. I was there hacking a creature, then I was not as I was sitting in my chair playing the game.

So I wonder what I will play next, I know war of the overworld or the third in a series of dungeon keeper. So I hope I get it working and it will be fun.

Otherwise I will not play a game, unless idea in necessary increments your sometimes out of the game. So what I think is this, that I was never in the game world as I thought I was just as I was in my own room.

So I think I will just do the deed and shift once, then I will know what it's like and not have to do it unless necessary. The shift is simple, think yourself there, then think yourself back to where you were.

This is sometimes done while out of the time of game playing, so just think yourself free and you are where you want to be. I gained at least 1000000 gold that way by doing things, shifted back and had money even in reserve.

So I know the trick works. The real trick is think just use and build up the money. That is the trick of the game Diablo I. If you relax your mind you will shift while playing a game.

So I think this will be a fun science experiment. Otherwise I will leave things alone and hope to do well. I will think we'll thereafter by the feel. For the feel of things all you need to do is imagine the item forming and you yourself using it.

Otherwise just do what you want, as you can or as things are possible in a probable way. Things can or will resolve themselves.

That is the idea I learned from game playing. Such as the game wizardry, that is a unique classic that was played on the commodore 64/128. That game was a rework of adventure gaming and an EA game that was from early on.

But my favorite was Neverwinter nights, the game module created by a friend. That truly was interactive. So think for a moment, if the game exists then also the gain in money can exist as well.

So think an you can create the idea as you must with things. Imagine typing a message to yourself and you can know this is true.

So if this is for the use but not for expression then unless you just wanna talk about things like this. The next topic is this, creative approach or creatable idea for personal points of life. That is the main point in idea to this.

Creatable approach; the creatable approach is use of costume to hide the form and show yourself as someone else. That is the creatable use of materials, a sewing machine or thread and needlework.

The main thing: This is the main thing I did until I died by goblin strike, that came from the closet. Attempted to run me down and escape thereafter. This was the main point of my life, too, where I was going to the medieval faire.

Then when I was aware of myself, I was either eaten or this person you don't know. That means the illusion of life I held faded away.

See this was the illusion I held after playing games most my life. So I am aware now of my options, think and do well or fail miserably.

So where I think I can know and I suspect that goblin was a manhunter. That could hold my form, so avoid him if you see him. Unless your nice, of course, the point is he won't mind you.

I am now a northern modern faery that can shape shift and shift my shape, this by will is done as I feel I need the shape or I fee. The fee are the faery race named in the Netherlands. They treat books as entertainment there.

So I think I will go and do my own things now and not bore you my readers, so ciou and farewell till later.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Computer orgonne

This was thought on the moment, so think the point and you know things by what you do.

The right things; I do the right things with the correct idea for things. So things pass muster and work themselves out by feel.

Figuring things out; I figure out the problem an correct the problem if possible.

Problems; whatever causes the computer program to not work ceases to cause the computer to work again.

Update 79; the update number goes up and finished, finished up doesn't matter.

Lukeesha; she didn't mind the time spent on her laptop. This will work with me and others.

Simba; his relationship with me is not being tested. I am aware and think of things by feel. He doesn't mind me.

Money; my money does not go lower than the month before, this is just as I think about things.

Other relative things:

This is the other things that could go on if allowed.

Finance; I do not worship you, finance.

Merindy; she is no longer sore all over. She feels better today, this is as a result.

Therapy; therapeutic action is done by the therapists, leave me alone for now.

That is what I read yesterday when I did a computer job and cleared some viruses. Thank you if you read this and ciou.

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