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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The test

What you may know, you can create an effect on yourself after touching the inanimate.. but if you don't touch the inanimate object then you get the result of a felt result, without it being on yourself. Its like your using monkeys to test drugs. This is testing an idea out by putting the effect to an inanimate object. This can be used for testing anything.

You may enchant an object, by thinking and projecting your thoughts to the object and you see what you want enchanted. Optional is to imprint the object, by thinking of the idea and enchant by touching the thing. When you do this, don't touch the object, so you don't drain it of the enchantment. Unless you want it on yourself, you may enchant it to not pass the enchantment to the toucher. There are many styles of enchantment. One way of draining the object, is to take a rock or think of a rock and have it draw in the energy you don't want. Do this, by telling it do draining, with a thought to it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The heat dragon

  This is to use a stance through trance and try to practice perceiving invisible things. Stances are 'here'. This invisible thing is a heat dragon. It is generated by heat and your energy, to form into a dragon form. This is to project your will by stance, to cause events. In stance, try to believe that what you want, will occur will occur as you will it. As what you think will happen has a higher chance to manifest. Try to make things appear to you that are hidden. Next, make things appear to you that are invisible. Do this near a heating vent or heater.

  Go for it till you feel the spirit heat off the heater or vent. Then, with a little more effort, you should see some heat spirit thats shaped like a dragon. This dragon is what you want to see. Control it, make it yours. This will be a pet dragon, that's an extension of your will. Make it do things.. like tricks. Now you should be able to manifest it at will. So have fun manifesting it, at will.

  Now turn off the heater or heat. Turn it back on. Make it amp the heat in the area 20% or more. If heat is more dense in the air, then you succeeded. Now go outside, sometime when its sunlit, and do the manifest of the heat dragon. Just to use the heat in the air is magnifying the sunlight. This is making a more efficient heat dragon.

  You can cause heat strokes with its heat being directed at someone. This is a defense against bad people or people you don't want near you. It can form into people, and be them as it projects itself at their mind. This gives them an encounter that they can choose to believe is real. It only does what's necessary, though. This is to get what you need done. To get the feel for this and gain efficiency in its use, try it on someone or yourself.

  An electric shield can protect against a heat dragon. Electricity is harder to play with, but you know how to by experimenting. You can form one using your bio energy. This is wielding it like it was some source. Then, making a shield surround you. This is formed from your bio energy. This is amplified being near electricity.

  Try to avoid being too near electrical outlets. The outlet could spark easily, as its near enough and with a electrical shield. The electrical shield can literally draw energy from the outlet. Also electrical things could short out easier, that you are near. Water shields are also unique to avoiding the heat dragon's influence.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Transcendance of effect

  This is when dimensional energy is added to an effect. It creates the transcendance of said effect when you add the instruction, 'This effect transcends this plane of existance.' Your subconscious knows which effect to transcend. When your will is enough, which is when your mental strength is high enough, then it will easily happen. A few suggestions, drink charged drink or charged water. Meditate when you can. And, make certain you aren't so stressed and can be calm in a calm relaxed moment. The calm mind makes transcendance easier. This effect can start to effect anywhere. To stop the transcendance, will it to stop.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Beautiful body transform

This transformation starts with making your body become beautiful and then more muscular. All it is, is the attaching a source of a sun to you. This is to power it, the effect. This is done by imagining a line being drawn and the line connects you to your source. If you need the source, albeit it can be a red sun, it will be there for you and your body will improve itself. You will be beautified and stronger, faster and more able to think. Thus, if you want the sun's energy enough, you will have beautiful muscles and your mind will be sharp. Also, you will glow with energy, and this is done as you are glowing with pride. One known side effect is the hunger you have. This might increase till you gain more weight. Unless you direct an effect to cause weight loss. This effect can do a decent energization.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sexy Psi & A replacement effect

Sexy Psi

  This is a technique to create sexiness through psi force. What it is, is to focus your thought and speak them toward the target person. Focus your thoughts to cause power to emanate from you. Then, state what you want to be understood. This makes you seem sexier than what you were. All thats required, is to focus and project your thoughts of sexy nature and think of sexy things to do as you need. The users will is that which programs the energy, and can direct the energy to get almost any result. The opposite can happen with a negative thought being projected with this technique.

A replacement effect

  Anything of similar nature can replace something else. This is something thats similar to it. Thus, in ritual, you can use it to exchange properties. Otherwise, its by will that you can exchange things with some effort. And, using some effort you can classify what is to replace it. You might swap out the property of something you don't want with something you do want.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Barrier shield to the void

  This is the simplest thing for those with power or ability. Its just hold up your hand and will your intent of 'void barrier shield'. Do this, as you hold your hand up and will. Try projecting forth your energy to neutralize thing you don't want. For those with lesser ability, try holding your hand up and state the intent of 'Void barrier shield' as you will it to manifest. If your ability doesn't allow for this trick. Then, try to do things to build up your power, as in defeat a few beings who are bothering you. Otherwise, try drinking charged water or charged drink and exercise your will.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Improved money spell

  This spell uses the business model, to make the money spell work better and have money that's more than you would spend. This involves set up moments to allow you to put away the excess and save it up, in some form. It starts with setting your goal for funds. This is to be more than what you will spend in a month or 4 weeks. To get a higher gain, you find a situation that is allowing you more funds than you would spend. The downside is that someone else is likely linked to you. They will find that they lose money, similar to what you gain. This can cause personal financial disasters, if you make enough. Sometimes, they can deflect the effect and you may get a personal disaster that costs you money. However, the other person could be any thing aka rock and etc..

  When you cast this spell, have in mind the amount you would gain and to make the person who links to you. This is to be someone who isn't a friend. To cast this effect, project your thought of the purchase you might make. This will be your goal to work toward. This must be higher priced than what you normally make. Thinking about the personal gain and related issues. State out loud what you want and will make and think about who will get the downfall. Allow your subconscious to create the effect.

  What helps this is to make use of a relaxed mindframe and a few candles. Leave the possibility in your mind, that you commit to buying the item, but there is possibility to not buying the item and spending it on something else. Your intent should be 'making a return thats higher than what you spend'. Any guilt with this allows the spell to backfire on yourself. Basically, NEED the money to be there and it will be. Be sure to set goals as to what you allow yourself to spend, per week.

  Don't make what you want to buy too outrageous in price. What should happen is the projected thoughts on the purchase you want to make and the stated amount of what you make, will make your subconscious create the amount in some manner. This isn't foolproof, so expect whats to come as though a chance of luck. It won't work all the time.

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