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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, August 31, 2018

new list II

This list you might feel is imprisioning but it isn't. So I think that most of the idea in the listing is useful, if you think about the idea as you need the idea as though a point in result. This is done as thought, think about things and you know the truth of the matter. If it doesn't matter, I think I will do what I need.
Bike; the bicycle is returned without harm to the body and the bike is in perfect shape.

Done; do in energy is create by fee or feel, think of what you want and you earn enough to cut the costs. However done is done in english, then you know the point is finished if this term is used.

Hgh; low or no dht and higher hgh will occur by feel.

Thine; So I just found the spell to block out defiled moments. The spell is called 'Thine'. It blocks bad defilement and bad honor transversals. Just state Thine. Think it regulates what is truly yours and what is truly theirs. That is all you need to do.

Maturation; Think of the idea and send a little energy, thinking mature to the person. The energy you sent, that should do what you think. That is done, unless the person doesn't need it.
So think in sight, smart and creative use is done by feel. This is done to create the id ea and what you think into manifest, if things don't then I think this will work.

Think and feel; this is where you believe what you want to believe, then think to do things by feel or the use is your senses.

This is done so your aware, and this is created by self-awareness. So your not a number in some system, your not brought low in funding.

Sho nuff, improve; Use this spell to improve your life. Because when your improving everything becomes what you need it to be. Literally. This does as it says.

Dimension 0; So basically there is a zero dimension that we can't see all the time where everything gets made or processed. A realm of pure energy and it has its own dimension. Realize the 4th dimension and you can get things to work through time or focus and imagination.

So there is an original space. A unique one. Where dimensions meet. 0,0. Matter changes. It evolves. It can become finer or denser. There are other heavens or hells we cant see because they are that refined.
That fine of matter that it is beyond our brain matter. We can only go as far as our brain can matter. In this 0 dimension, the sky is actually heavier than dirt. But it is more refined so thats clouds and hold so much thunder.

Thats what keeps matter from flying off. Gravity has never made sense. So everything sits ontop of everything. And all the downward pressure from the sky causes lava in the molten core or mantle.
Life is just a way to commune anything and everything... thats why its not important. Because there really is no point. Death is not important because it serves no God or master to have to keep your bones forever.
So we just cant see it because its zero. Not first. Our very fabric of reality would tear and unwind. The axis would fuck up. All interwoven sexually.

Vaginas represent space one way or interstice  while peckers represent outerstice or space the other way. A force a certain way is what space is. Power is a certainty of force a certain way.
So it is like the microcosm (Power) within the macrocosm (Space). An one is also finer than the other. For one to exist within the other. Things work as you think they will work, then you get what you need by thinking of what you want.

sedai badge; this idea is going around by feel, think to see the moment with a touch or feel of the badge. This uses the boyscouts of America earned badges, that is an idea to link to the moment and you see what is done. The choices and actions you do decide the aes sedai color.

Druidic; They use their will and create by the idea with some sorts of rite. The point is the thing, that they use to create or work with by feel. They also teach, that is done if necessary.
The inspections; they are done with little stress, thin or not I think this allows me to pass my inspection.

Tracy; she pays me the 40 on the 3rd, this is thinking to do right by what she feels is appropriate.

Serving service; thing to do and service is suggestion, this is where you serve what some can suggest is okay. This is a suggested point that you serve by feel. I think that things will work out better by what you think.
This is not always done, so think to know better. I do get paid, so whatever you think the service is worth. That's how much is offered. You don't have to accept this point.

Sometimes things just happened to seem what they are for now. Some times bade is the thought, so think what you want and you can get what you need by fee or feel. You don't have to do the idea though.
A blessing; Just say charmed and you can get things more easily.

Simple; True. Its funny how when we study and realize things other people start to realize things and explain things their way.

So this is simple and how the internet records it all. Yes it does get that simple, if you can find the explanation.

See; this is where you seem nice and work with others.

Jay m; he either gets here to pick me up or some ride is arranged to get me there and back again. This is for a party, so I think I will get there by feel today at least on time.

I get some things there as well as give him something. Whatever happens, he doesn't feel stressed by feel. So he gets through the line in quick time.

Plastic; the card or idea is pliable by feel, think to use it and you can get something in return.

Angela; she doesn't feel the stress of the moment, this is done with idea to do.

Going home; I think I will go home soon, this is done by feel with no extra stress on people.

Possible; the idea is what indicates the point and that is the possibility, this uses variations and energy vibration states to see what thought processes are there by perception.

Perception is the point of using your sensed area and the senses that you have to perceive reality, so now reality is the area around you or the buildings themselves.

This is according to a processor, now according to a human it's the impression that you get and this is from things around you.

You can use a Ruby for feebleminding people.

The diamond ray of disappearance. Unless its just a regular diamond he bans people with this effect, that used a black diamond or  quartz crystal.

Procedure is this. Think to focus the idea you want, this is done while holding the gemstone. The gemstone should do the effect.

Natural end is where this is done by the point or thought with the feel.

Fast 20 is this idea in gain. this is a fast 20 or more dollars that's given to you. So you don't miss much out. Enjoy it.

Medicine is where the brain patterns of the person you think isn't with a mental problem is copied by feel from the brainwaves. This acts as if a medicinal value and you act better in accord.

That's unless you don't need the medical treatment, then the effect is null or nothing happened to be copied. So basically I say things because others do, unless I don't need to say the idea.

Time moves faster if you think it does. This is done by feel.

Energy is the thing. So the energy from the battery is no longer drained too quickly, this is done despite the time of speed.

People don't get angry over what the truth is. They feel the moment and react to the point.

Signs of possession. If you saw this weird eery red glow around the guy or gal denoting anger, that slowly faded away after doing something. Otherwise it leaves you looking ugly and older.

Think to focus the point and work with what you do, that is done to get over possession. Then think energy restored your lost looks. This restores your lost youth.

Tyranis the god of the wheel is chronos, so I think I am safe. So Danny is tyranis, I think this works out well. That's if he's being fair. Otherwise I will stick with Odin or The Horned one.

No is a number that is in idea and defined by fee or feel. Sometimes no is 0, sometimes no is greater than 0. This according to Latin is still a plausible idea. Plausible is an idea you have, that creates itself by thinking about the point.

If you find yourself thinking about things negative then you get negative results and that's only if you stay with the negative result.

So think of positive things, then at least you get some good result. Now without adding more, I hope this all works out for the end.

Written by caz, ben, spelly

Tyler; this is creating with what is there. Think untyler to undo the idea.

Love = Evolution

Traffic = think to clear things up and things work out for me or you. They go the traffic direction that is done by feel or the right way.

Ahh; realize this point or realization will occur by the soul provided intuition.

Some; sum or summation to the point.

Aha; ahha, relief or idea to follow.

This; think a point and follow up by fee or feel.

Umm; possibly, possible, doubtfully in idea.

Dot; dote, think and appreciate the moment. Think of the point and you will get what you need unless not possible. So ciou and farewell till later, good-bye.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to ground discordant energy

This information came from here at

5 Ways to Ground and Clear Discordant Energies

Clearing energies
I receive a lot of questions regarding how to Ground and clear out discordant, negative, energies that reside in the body. Here are my top 5 ways to Ground out and clear the Discordant energy in your body.
Clearing energies #5 – Dance!
Nothing is better than turning on your favorite song, and dancing like nobody is watching. Dancing also provides a nice dusting of your chakras. Through dancing, you let the creative energies you are creating move freely throughout your body. These energies clear out discordant energies, and ground you back into your body.
Clearing energies #4 – Buy New Shoes!
Have you ever wondered what a rubber soled shoe does to your bodies grounding energies? Rubber, which is in in the soles of most shoes, is know as an “Energy absorber and Blocker.” Due to this, your grounding energies can get blocked and unable to connect to the earth. Next time you buy new shoes, look for a pair that uses wood or hemp based soles.
Clearing energies #3 – Wear some Rocks and Crystals
The next time you are in a hurry to get out the door for the day, grab your favorite jewelry that contains a Grounding Stone or Crystal .Here is a list of Grounding Stones and Crystals that I find the most helpful to have on me during my day to day life: Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Garnet and Shungite.
Clearing energies #2 – Meditate
Meditation is one of the best ways to ground. All you have to do is get comfortable, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing as you take 10-20 deep breaths. By meditating on your breath, you calm your entire Energy System. Once you are done, enjoy the calmness you created for yourself.
Clearing energies #1 – Ditch the Shoes!
Nothing is better than feeling the Earth cradling the soles of your feet. The practice of walking outside without shoes is one of the fastest ways to ground out the discordant energies in your body. As you walk barefoot, your Chakra System, Mental Energy Body, Physical Body and Aura are all balancing and releasing any negative energies you are holding onto into the earth. This released energy then gets recycled and turned into positive energy that helps you stay grounded and focused in life.
Namaste, Aho, Blessed Be, Amen,

Monday, August 27, 2018

new list

Think to do things and you get what you want, this is the rules for the listing. So think of what you need and you create with the aura energy. This is what you do with thought and idea.
So think of the idea and need it, then you create by manifest the idea. This is done by spirit in a time you think about, so if you think until a point then you can end the iffy idea with a concept that you could write down.

The ideal; the mun or month is what you think, so this is done by feel or the senses that you use and this is where you can use others for things. This I think closes a chapter. So I think I will rest upon this thought, that I write a book of things and life.

The sex; the sex appeal is the thing, think you have and are the thing. This is so you are able to attract nearly everyone by feel.

The appeal; the appeal of the moment, that is the moment you are able to talk and create with attraction and this is done by what you say.

The bull; this was in the loft area, that the bull died of natural causes. However it was just like a bull run through the city.

Think a moment; if this was a bull then you would be dead now, so this must be a very patient person. Think to see the area an you know what to do.

Think to expand your consciousness and work with people as they want to be worked with by fee or feel.
Think of the moment and you can cover for yourself. That's if your still interested in living here. If not then think to go elsewhere and leave things be.

Bath; focus and create with essential oils as the healing essence scent, then hot or warm water is creating exercise.

That especially is done, if you move your legs and work your arms in the water. So exercise as long as you want, when done if you had an elevated heart pace you did some decent exercise. Otherwise stretching is allowable while you keep one leg tucked.

Memory; think to see something or someone and later match the memory, this is done by free actions and idea that happens. That is doable, if you want to match the figure. So basically you can recreate from memory and for people too.
This happens by sharing spirit energy. Then the DNA takes info in from the energy and forms what that is or what you want is given from the energy consciousness.

So think not to match and you don't match the moment. This is a cool way to lose weight, that's if you are over your limit. Otherwise don't worry about things.

Sherri cure; think to use either cdb hemp oil or use turmeric with cherries powder and add vanilla extract and oregano. This can be done in water or used with food. The hidden room in the mind can serve the food or drink with it if you need it that badly.

Think; think this as you enter the place, "let's not track him." The mind will have you go through something and then your free of bondage.

Unconsciously doing things I can do things. So I think I will do what is appropriate. I will write what I can that is appreciable.

Unconscious; Think of what you need and place the idea by feeling the need and shift it back to the back part of the brain.

Doing so instructs quiescent thoughts to allow your brain to make what you need. Think to stop if you don't want to unconsciously do things. Otherwise named sleep walking, this is done in my memory.

In some an done; whenever you are about to charge me, unless a legit idea then you decide otherwise and do something else.

Made; this is made up by now, so I think I will spend for myself if necessary. What I spend now I get back by feel or this is using the senses. So things work themselves out.

Thank in; the thank you you see is what you can get by fee or feel. Think to know what your doing by what you sense out. This is an idea that created good points. So telling someone you did a good job is saying this fact.

Matrix; if one goes up the other goes down, this is the case of crystallization compared to deteriorate matter.  So I guess matter really can't be created or destroyed.

Fun; think of the idea and think about it until the idea manifests fully. Then you get what you want by feel or sensation.

Want; if you want something then you create with the aura energy. So yes if this is okay. No if you don't need the idea.

Feel; the sensation of the skin or senses you have with the feel of the moment.

Work; think you do thinking and working things out without hitting up on others.

Cool; what's cool is thinking that you can, so if you will do this you can do what you want to do. However you do things, you make things cooler if you need them cooler.

Relax; think you are mindful and doing things with what you want. This is if you can tell or relate to the moment by feel.

By feel; this is where I think a thought with the point at the end and you create with your feelings using logic, that's done by a point.

The en; this is the point at the end, that is where you think of things and in full manifestation you create by doing what you want.

So I think if this is the point at the end, then the end is walking away from things. This settles anger issued by fee or feel, so I've noticed others walk I might as well walk as well.

The ending of this is where you can write things and this doesn't repeat, so sometimes that is written down on paper or this is done in use by doing an idea you express. With Ultima online, doing is not doing things until you need the point to exist.

Fee; think this fee doesn't exist as you hold the forefinger and thumb separate, this is done with energy thought from the forefinger to the thumb. Then the fee ceases by idea and what you do have is sometimes what you own.
What fee are though, they are energy beings. They exist by feel and with focusing good thought to create the energy beings. They are there as a 1 to 2 inch form, that can reshape themselves if they are there.

So they guide the shape by sensed moment, think things into existence. Then if necessary, they create by the soul intuition with what you do. If they are their own shape, you might notice some are fat and some are thin.
If you died by some means, then you can use your ghost feelings and generate a form or shape. This is from the air energy or whatever energy you choose to use.

This means use lemon water with unwinged faery or fee, use chocolates or chocolate with both winged faery or fae. That is done, this is usually by absorption of energy to get things finished or accomplished. Some fey are either with or without wings. This is so you know them by what you consider. Now wee are when you generate form while pissing in a toilet or something else.
Otherwise they are fey with wings, that you can think your need and they could do the idea that you had in mind.
So think about the point and you can show what shape you want, this is with the power of the projection. Then if you think about things and you have a fee shape you can create more easily.

Think and know; the point is done and you know things by what you do,  otherwise you think of the point through idea and you create with a thought.

Do or not; think of the idea to do if you need to do it or think not to do it, this is done by feel, sometimes using soul intuition.

This is the main point of intuition with a game though, so use this point carefully by what you think to need as you look at the point or you could end up playing it. This is only a a suggestion by feel, but think to watch if your interested.

Genetics; Because of genes, people do things. All things living has genes. If they had genes, then they would be following a timed thought that does things.

That is done unless you don't need to do things. So your right about this, this was a point from the past. That if you realized, then you create the idea or don't bother with the point.



Gland; this is the body center point that is located in the brain or body, so think about the gland to control the function through creative imagination.

Gateway; the body center chakra point that you focus, this is with a thought or idea and you create by the fee or feel.

Fee; fee are faery that are also fae irl and others that are what conclude a race. They are energy beings, think to be nice.

Costs; the costs are what drop down and this is by feel.

Crystalization; build up

Deteriorate; break down

Vampire = dehydration aka dessert or feel of dryness

If = loop or iffy point, some time ago by feel. If the point then is done, you know what to do. I believe this is a lost point, that doesn't end until you decide to end it. So if you don' t think to mind, I will do what I need unless not necessary.

En; This is good-bye for now, ciou and farewell.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Thought or do

This is where you have thought to work or do something by feel. This type of circumstance hardly comes up.

Time jump ii; think of energy as a point you recall and feel by focus the energy intensify. The intensity causes time to jump to the point that you recalled.

You might feel a bit tired after this effect is done, just look at a watch or notice the lights dim or flicker to realize the time adjusted.

Sheldon thought; I ca always spot check and catch the area needed to clean up or clear away.

Think to do; think about your life events and move your head from one side to the other. This is from left to right in order to focus and remember, that is life for energy as you think to do things. Then you can do what you need, this is done as you think about your intent or interest.

Cool thought; When my a/c is on at least it's cool, so I think I will do what I want from this point on and not worry over those who do else. This is the order of the day.

Hate; if there is any hatred, then no hate is there or here. So there's no hate emotion and no disruptive influence to your life, think positive and act positively no matter the point.

I'm in an advent; think  and know what to do, this is a point in the past.

Think a point; this is a point you know about, think is a key phrase and turning the lock is regret. This is how I enter the area by feel nowadays. So think to enter on a happier note and you do.

The active state; the activity state of mind is the alternative life game. The minding things state of mind or rage state is the game of life. This is noted down somewhere, so I will remember the idea.

Safe point; think of a place and your there, that's if you think or feel that you are there by fae. This is a point in the idea that you do idea with things, think and create the concept otherwise.

The return ca be done, this is if your aware of you and your doings. This is so you accept my idea in proposal. Think and you are free.

Commanding ghosts; think of what you want to do, then state or think toward the ghost in a commanding tone of thought. "Go now." The ghost will interr some of your energy, then do what you thought in the commands through the energy effect.

The point; the point is done and I am through for now, think of the best and you get the best result.

Tim; his bug bites disappear. This is done as though he's not bitten anymore.

Reduction; think to reduce the weight as you trace an inward swirl on the chin or cheeks, this is done if you have a double chin or weight girding the face.

Think; dream walking is there where you think to do, you create by what you focus to use as a pattern. See that sometimes uses tachyons, that are energy points of patterns. Think to see where you are by now, then the pattern makes sense.

So if this is good sometimes this is bad. As you suspect, things are aware as you are aware. This is the insight of the moment. This is where you use DNA information, that is gained from photons using light energy and tachyons that respond to the photons.

See they are responsible for the point you observe. If you knew the pattern then you could adapt the pattern that you did. Photons can travel timewise, so expect nearly anything that will occur. That's an aware pattern.

That is what you use timewise to avoid running into things or people. If you think you sense someone in front of you, the idea is done to stop and go by if you wait long enough. Then you might not literally run into the people you sense.

This is if a point is done, then your aware of the moment things change or happen. That is what I remember from the past, what I will add to this is the fact, that DNA can only remember information and this is influence to the body.

That means you telepathically can speak as though there, then the latter information is this repeated by word of mouth and he is alive so she is alive.

This means both sexes still live, that is what is truly existant. The subconscious is what creates this point, this is for an idea so you know where to go. What you do after is up to you.

Ues; yes
Nno; no
Mab; maybe
Rue; regret
Forgo; not do, forgot, faucet, pass by things and people
No; 0 unless to win something

Think a point; through the tachyons, you can interact with others wherever they are available or done. Otherwise this is where you think to interact, that is with the people or that are existant by feel or sensation.

Perception; If now perception is the point you condone. Think to see or accept the point you sense, then you can work things out.

I am there; think to say that I am there and you are where you  think you are by feel.

Mgr; the qualified managers get hired so we aren't understaffed anymore.

Stealing; no longer is stealing happened. Think to be better.

Elongevity; think of energy as a point, that is where your either focusing to a drink until it's cold or working and laying down otherwise. When you drink the colder drink you focus on to energize.

This can use your tiredness as well as your actions to serve as a source. That energizes your body and allows you to do extra stuff. Working on things you can use up energy and laying down, you can gather in extra energy.
See that is there by the in gathering of influence or air heat. The end result is this, the gathering of energy heat waves creates what you think as you need the result.

This also youthens your body by what you can do. This is the elongevity trick that works. Also if you work with others and chat every so often, then you maintain your youthful looks that you have.

This also works in the long run. So remember, think to work, focus and chat if you want to remain youthful and energetic.

Think and not do; if you feel the need, think of your need and think to hold off if too much or not necessary. Feel free to walk out of the room and take a long enough break or walk.

See that is taking a break, this is done as a point from what things are there if possible. So think and if you wait long enough for the moment of hunger or need to fade away then you are safe.

Dark energy; dark energy = money and that is this much. I think my subconscious was having fun generating money by what was done. This is as though what I did was enough or more than enough.

Messages; despite the message, the message does send. So I will end this message, albeit from space, this is set for now. What I think is what is there, this is all that matters. So I will go now and ciou till later. Good-bye.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Think or create

This text will explore the reaction of the energy, DNA and the body. Think of things to try for yourself, that's if you want your idea known.

Winning; I will win by idea with what is done.

This; think you know and you realize things by what you sense in life through the millijoule.

In space; the wish becomes more powerful and effects are effective on the idea you work on by feel, otherwise the senses that you have.

This is sometimes in space, so think of what you like and you can use what you do as support work. This is in some text, so you won't forget about this.

Think; the point is what you realize by what you know is good with what you feel, or sense and things will work out by what you do for a living.

So! Be careful of the gear and activity, this is done so you don't get hit, thank you.

Joy; this is more interesting than it seeably is done. This is a space walk that I am watching.

This I think; think of the moment and you are aware by the ohm. This uses joules as the measurements for sensation of energy with ohm as a moment for the energy. Otherwise knowable as your in his point his way.

Think and do or not do; this you think and do things with by fee or feel. This is a point to do things to ghosts so think kindly of humans.

Time Warp; We each are gods and this means we're divine, see timing is each their own I believe. So time warping is think of the time and the subconscious makes the time passage that you suggest.

Adjust to the moment where things that interfere can change things and you create things time warped by the fee or feel. Think of this as an idea, where 1second = 1 second and otherwise what you mentioned.

That is time warping, so you can even suggest a bell use to time travel by activity. This even allows for imagining the point, that occurs by the ideal sound. Then you set up a different idea to happen.

Possible is the actual activation of a bell or idea you think, say or do for things by fee or feel. If you don't need the effect, then the time goes normally. That's my idea.

The water; the water stream will create by influence the conscious idea, that if you think you can know the consciousness of the spirit thats through the soul insight or transplant. This is where you realize things, so you know thinking by what that is thought or there.

Minding; they don't mind what I do, this is so I can ask nicely and get away with the point.

Think or will; think of the idea or point and will the thought to happen if you need the idea to occur. This does not always happen if you think the point is unnecessary. So think to put that point somewhere else.

Winning; this will win and things will work out. That is the nature of things. This should indeed, keep going.

Think; the point is done by what you think and need to happen. This is a point in action.

Game; the game is done in a positive manner and things work out by feel.

Focus; cherries will relax the mind and allow things to work out. Thinking to use turmeric creates a positive feel as the herb cures the brain. Oregano added to water is possibly the only cure that is cheap. So think to use the idea, you can get interesting results.

So thinking to use the oregano in food use, the point is done by fee or feel. This also negates the weird effect of oregano when you use it without food. If you use cherries, then you relax the mind and release tension.

The mind; the mind is a representative point of your home, think to enter the mind or leave the mind and you do. This I think I should do before things get violent, so I will see the person at some point and hope they are well.
This violence is due to the point of the mind's reaction to things such as stimulus. So think of the moment and think calmly to create the best approach, this is done in the mind that you can use physically.

Think; if you think the point of exchange isn't noted or noticed, then you create the point of a exchange that allows people to not be caught.

This is a noted effect that effects by the mind with physical reality. So if you wanted someone to come, then they would. This is where those that come are allowed to come on site, so it's okay.

One thing; think of things as they are and you can create with what is there. This is the rule of thumb. So your done if you thought you could do things in your mind, that doesn't mean that you can do things physically.

This is a point of idea. Sometimes if you see anything of violence, the moment you do see the point in your own mind you feel better.

Still this doesn't mean this is a thug rule, so I don't get where people come off being psychopaths are from.
This I except by experiencing things and having others do things, otherwise they experience what you get in response.

You don't have to act the computer out or whatever you do. Just think things in the mind won't effect reality, that is basically there.

If you think; the point is done and things stand as they are aware. This is a point to the past.

The laymans payment; think you won something and the mind caused the body to do the right things, then you create a winning situation. This is where your welcome to the idea, the wealth just flows to you by feel.

You basically earn what you think you won. This is a point to the concept that is working with what you do for wealth. So think positive and you get positive results, this works as you are willing to wait things out. If not the end result is rather interesting.

Exercise; if you exercise in your mind, think to exercise physically. Then your body finds a reason to go walking or work out for some reason. That's just another mind trick. Think to use it if you need a reason to exercise.

Writing; whatever you write down or out, that you think will happen will occur what you have in mind for this point.
This is the rule of reason and writing. If you don't think it will happen then the effect is null, this I'd say unless you need the effect that is there.

So saying someone arrives will cause the person to arrive, this is done by idea or just for the feel of things. However she or he figured out where to go.

So this was a double point by feel. Think and you know the rest. This is done as though Tracy wasn't banned, so as that person is no longer banned from the property.

This is a point put to the past, that is thinking to create in the present. Genetically creating a temporary pause in idea. That does what is needed.

That is what I want done if possible, this is done by the third eye pinneal gland with the power of the sun. However I am not effected by the sun except to absorb vitamin d. So the stress of the moment does not bother me.

Balance; things balance out and in sight this is done by the feel that is there.

Think and realize; this is where you think and say I realize  things that are done, then the idea is what is finished. Otherwise those that are where you think, then they are not responding to you harshly.

People; they don't mind me for what I do. They instead enjoy my presence.

Ca do; This was to make a friend come visit. She ca think and do things to come here. The communication silence is broken so she chooses to talk to me. She no longer has prob lems with the phone.

Focus; this is from a friend: I've been trying to grow food in ice. Ice transverts matter across a thermal field when it incinerates. Grand field theory.

Ice is thermal energy at a certain reactionary rate. Where fire is like a gas. Ice is like a solid. It has a thermal field and a 'point' of burning or  incineration.

Incineration is the best word I have for the ice action. Because it doesn't destroy it burns. So its just a state of matter. It can burn hot believe it or not.

Mantra; You betcha, the mantra can be used by feel to create nearly any thought. So this is to make magick, that is pretty cool. Sometimes if you copy and paste it 10000 times to make it a siddhi.

Then you can make a code sigil or point by trace sigil out of the idea. This works perfectly with gold. You get the siddhi in the DNA. That effects matter, think of the point through the idea perceive by soul insight.

That is where matter is state of mind or atoms, when you create what you have and think of the properties that are there. So think of what you want, you get the idea by feel.

Curiosity; the curiosity Rover on Mars is ready and reactivated.

Lucid physical dream; the dream is your focus on your idea and you create the point. The idea is what your thought or need is and this is done by feel.

Think and you know what to do, that is done as you say this is a lucid dream. After this, you have control of your dream, fully.

So think about what you want, you can get what you want by thinking of your need. The point so you know is where the creator helps you realize yours and others dreams. Do creator is with idea.

Think and realize; this is where you think and realize things by the creator revealing what is to seem known. So think about the idea and the creator let's you know about the point, this uses the third eye and an idea that you need to know.

Saving money; think to save money by what you do. This is the point you either spread the wealth or save a few bucks.

Weight; I come upon the right diet, thin or slim I know what to do.

Fullness; I see how some were able to feed everyone with just one Fish now and one loaf of bread. Some people were able to charge the food enough that just a bite of it was enough to be 'full'.

Yes they did it with Light. Not electrons or protons. But photons and lumen particles. An equal cross is powerful. I can take anything and make less or more of it. Literally. I can break things down or build things up it seems. It can literally integrate with the body.

So take a square and put a equalteral cross in it. Now the sqaure has four quandrants. Now take another four crosses and put them into each quadrant and etc etc. You can literally magnify things so to think and speak.
Like a cross fractical. So to build things up you can use a reverse fracticle. This is a point to the past.

Think and create; this is where I think of a transaction and create idea with some sort of exchange. However he has the money to exchange.

There's no worry over this, so things work out by fee or feel in life. So this is done in life. Whatever causes this not to happen, makes this occur by feel with no stress.

Hell; Hell is a volcano pit where you get purified. Think angellic effect and imagine an angel coming to get you out of hell and it does. That is as simple as that fact.

Dark matter; Ah, now we get to dark matter, that does not really exist. See it's opposite of matter, not seen and doing things by dark energy. A push away by feel. Otherwise it's inert unseen matter that is conscious.
Dark matter just seems like the space between actual matter. It lacks a motive force apparently. Or its a concealed or covert force. This is what I think dark matter is albeit it's 46 percent of the universe.

Plants; So think the idea for the plant to do and it's consciousness creates what you need as long as you water the plants.

Just copy n paste your intent onto a text document several times and print it out and burn it to make ashes to mix with the plants dirt.  If you want a rite for this.

Think; work is exercise and what you think will occur, so think that your body shape changes the weight and this is when you do things.

The point you think this, then walk or work is the point your body adjusts to what you want by need. This always works by feel or sense, the point that you drink water is also what works as you think of the weight or shape that you can seem.

A; the
Luta; fight
Continua; continues
Cinoa; finance
Cimoa; symbol ac tivity
Bau; bye, ciou
Fate; faith (by your own divinity)
By; bide (your time)
Beh; behest, request
Yw; your welcome
Aur; are, arrange by energy
Ser; serve, deer or steer (any means possible)

"This is the end. Since I am tall enough, I don't care about my weight. So think to know, then you realize what is done. Think this is then enough though, this is where satiation energy is enough to stop the reaction and make you able to do something else. That is the suggestion in the moment." -sh

"The point at the end seems so long, why not shorten it." -Mgr

"The end" -his point

"There's a moment that glucose is released, then you think things are done magically. Otherwise observe what is there, then you know what's there by what is done." -shank

"This is Out of the idea and about places to get things, that is so things work out and this is about time." -sh

"Things that work are peaceful, so if things are not in working mode then they are non obvious." -SH

"Blue emerald fire is healing if you think to get near the fire. Near enough is a few feet away." -SH

"Just imagine the color blue and the color absorbs what is not wanted as energy effects. This heals the body if you think of the energy of the wound or problem, that is disappearing into a blue light." -sh

"In to; think of the idea and you are going where you think, otherwise energy goes as you direct to where you need the energy to go." -SH

"If in; if you are in the area, then you can act normal and see the area. This is in effect, think 'or not' and you know peace. Sightseeing was never so much fun." -Sherry

"Now I will ciou and farewell until later. Good-bye." - sheri

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Some various thought

This is elongativity: Think of energy as a point, that is where your either focusing to a drink until its cold or your working and laying down otherwise. When you drink the colder drink that you focused on to energize. Then you energize your body, and this allows you to do extra stuff.

This can use your tiredness as well as your actions as though a source. Working on things you can use up energy, so laying down you can gather in extra energy. See that is there by the idea, this is done by in gathering of influence or air heat. The end result is this, the gathering of energy heat waves that creates by your thought what you think. This is done as you need the result or make a suggestion.

This also youthens your body by what you can do. That is the elongevity trick that works. Also if you work others, chat every so often then you maintain your youthful looks that there is by feel. This also works in the long run. So remember, think to work, focus and chat if you want to remain youthful and energetic. Enjoy your repast.

Yet another one: Think and not do is the point for some things. If you feel the need and know its too much. Then think of your need and think to hold off and this is if not necessary. Feel free to do something else like walk out of the room and take a long enough break or walk. If you do happen to eat or drink, then you can walk around and think to exercise the particles off.

See that is taking a break, this is done as a point from what things are there if possible. So think and if you wait long enough, then the moment of hunger or need tends to fade away and you are safe from unnecessary desire. This is an example of holding back and getting good results, where if you do then you could lose weight or keep off the weight. That's if you keep yourself from eating.

This is an article I thought up: I think I would like to control my  dreams, this is done as though a lucid dream control by feel. So if or when I think, then need something the idea I need will manifest by the power of the dream using thought energy and the energy consciousness.

Interesting no?

What if you could control your physical area as though a dream were there. This is a point I experimented with by feel. So I treated reality like a lucid dream, then worked in a certain manner of speaking. This led to walking and losing weight, too. So I think I gained my dream as the lost weight was my dream in the first place. This is a point to the past.

Nowadays I point out things or create the idea, this is done by the point being spoken. That is suggestion for you. So I will do my own thing now, thanks for all your help.


Interesting letter, don't you think?

When do you think I wrote this?

I know I wrote for this effect: dark energy is money. That is this much.

So I think my subconscious was having fun generating money.

This was as if what I did is enough.

So I wonder.

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