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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Mental Room

  The protection of the mental room is very interesting. When you notice someone near you in your mental room, then they are near you in real life. Then, the mental room has given you a visual of whom is nearby. The mind thats instructed to keep people out of the mental room, is with a security provided by the mind. The door to the room has allot of security to it, if you mentally add it. When you are in it, the room can contain anything you would want.

  The mental room is capable of keeping spirits. And, when you do so, you can be the spirit mentality. This can be done by asking the spirit or willing the spirit. With the idea, you also get the original body's ability that the spirit has kept alive. With the spirit in the room, you can control the environment of the area. The spirit takes energy from you to keep alive. If its alive, it will send energy to its body if its alive and the body will be alive. Their body will not age. The room is able to be in any time, as it is outside of time.

  If you want the person near you to be gone, then get security or make the person leave the room. Escort them out, if you must. When there's multiple rooms, then there is possibly more room to keep things. There is no interaction with the person afterwords. If they are in spirit form, then they can't influence themselves on you. If you escort them out of the complex, they lose interest in you. If they don't leave, no matter what and keep reappearing, lock the door and keep it mentally locked. Make sure there is no portals in the room. Or, make them leave by walking through the portal they came in. And, keep the door locked.

The religion of action

  Religion is enlightenment made by awareness caused by the magic action or by the actions you do. This is made by a goal in mind made by a goal and in mind thought. This is by thought, feeling and the faith that we have. This is by cause and in what will be. This is from the moments that happen. We classify this as the action of self-thought made real. This is where we go and achieve things with actions. The action creates the moment and enlightenment comes from results. Basically, it builds personal energy and the more energy you have, the higher you get in vibrations.

  The higher in vibrations, the more you get from things and actions. This means the more understanding you have. The less effected you are from demons and the other things you get effecting you. This religion isn't actually to be believed, but to do and then accept yourself. As, good is skillful actions and bad is unskilled activity. This uses intuition to get good results when added to what you know.

  This can be from a religion. When you want respect for yourself an your doings by explanation. Do it without ego an in no regard of personal thoughts. When your doing things, don't get religious and try to be yourself. If your in a frenzy, don't do it. This allows you to not be too grateful, or your emotions could go too far and resentment happens. The higher in vibrations, the more you get from things and actions.

  Make peace not war. The more focus in effort, the better the result with what you want. The more considerance taken in care, the more you can get of things.

  Remember, patience rules better if nothing else seems right. Negotiation is a necessity, an try to make peace by intention. This is intuition effect, at the moment it feels right. This makes the best of times. So take advantage of the situation, when you can. This is the unlooked at 4th type of religion. That really isn't a religion.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The lower planes of existence

 These are the planes of existence that are mostly felt, unless you can perceive them. They are denoted with -#. However, the ones I note here are what can be tangibly felt by the mind. A moment of an existence is mainly felt, anyway.

-1  Self-destruct and rage level. This level is where rage can build up or get outta control.
-2  Take it far away or overdoing it level. This is the level where you are an object and the object is you. You are taken away to places far away. The place gives you a world that is made up and counts as simulation. Unless, you don't want it. Then, it stops and you can feel mind numb and can just do things because it is seemingly a falsity.
-3  Scurry level: This is where you go away in a rushed hurry (as from area). This level is where you are the animal and the animal is you.
-4  Destroy or destruct level. This is where the body goes into a physical fit of rage and strikes out with too much energy.
-5  Engorge with energy level (as food or electrical). This is where you are the god and the god that visits is human. There are 2 types of human, the normal human and the golden one. The normal human is not capable of great feats of anything. The Golden ones are capable of anything. When you use energy, you can gorge with food or other energy types.
-6  Astral plane. This is the area where anything is possible by will and intent, including morphing of yourself and others to other forms. This plane is the lower astral plane where you can feel results and get them or imagine the results and you get results. This derives off the power of an action. The power is given by yourself.
-7  The omniplane, or lower aster 'lower omniverse' and 'astral underworld'. This is the level thats divided into 3 parts. This is where you get to do whatever you want and there is no reprimand. There are no gods or God there, unless the creator of the omniplane invites them. This is a dual reality where you are in control of yourself. Also, note that everything is physical and it seems like the physicadl universe. Anything you create, is created as though by itself.

 Where, you get the results you desire and you make it by physical magic. This is using physics or using the objects energy by thinking you do. The physics can be anything or from anywhere. This means you can use any physics rule, from any alternative. When you think you create. You can create anything by the thought of its existence. Your skill and thought actually sets you apart. You don't always have to tell the truth about what you do there. However, if you need to kill something, you can when allowed. This is a perfect place to get rid of rage. This place can help predict events.

 The existence of the omniplane is secret until you think about it or are needing something. This can test the skills of premenition. Where you get results by seeing it. The creator whims and makes things for you, if you can't, unless he thinks it unnecessary. When you destroy, you get removed and things you do there disperse.  Any damage you recieve dissipate as though it never happened. Anything can be cured by it. However, don't bring hatred or you get hurt by things coming at you. This place is very good at hitting the demons in and around you. Thus, the blows you may recieve don't touch you.On detection of demons, first it turns their whims to hatred and then it removes them in any way that the omniplane wants to.

 Then, when there, you get the effect of whatever you want. You also get to set the environment by thinking about what you want. If you didn't intend to do the act, then it disappears with no trace. But, only you who do the act has the right to remove the actions you want erased. The energy of the event is still yours though. Filtering of everything is optional, this is where you get rid of the programming from the energy you recieve. You get what you recieve. You think yourself there.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Energy detection and direction measurement

 The trick of energy direction measurement of physical energy and metaphysical energy. This is to make a spread of the forefinger and one thumb or any finger. Then think the energy is passing from one forefinger to one thumb. How far the energy seems appearant is how strong your personal energy is. If the energy is drawn away to a direction. Then, it appears or feels like its going towards a direction.

 The energy that appears to spark or spread away from the fingers, is energy that isn't absorbed and is the excess. This energy goes to where you want. I would make sure it goes to my self in other times. This means that the body can take a certain amount of energy at any given time. This can open floodgates.

  When there's more sources, there is extra bars of energy strength. This means you have more energy than the average human. The spread energy is to mean that you are above human level in energy.

  The further the energy radiates or spreads from the fingers, the stronger his energy level is. When your part elemental, it can be absorbed more. To the point of travelling down the arm or limb.

  When you have focused so that you can see the energy radiating off of you, blink once or twice. When you blink, you will notice that there will be an exact line between the air and your energy. This way you tell exactly what the energy level is. Here is a scale to measure energy levels with:
Halfway from forefinger to thumb-less than 100% From finger to thumb-100% 1 inch-200% energy level 1 foot-2 0r 3,000% 5 feet-about 15,000% 10 feet-about 30,000% Every foot is about 3,000% energy level.

  Dark energy seen is the negative ions in the air that reflect dark matter and these particles are more than the positive energy. Dark energy is a measure of regenerative effect. White energy is where you are in a boosting energy field that makes less regeneration. Yellow energy is meaning corruptive and bad energy in the area. Gold and silver energy is with transforming effects. When the energy is blue, then your using water energy that is flowing. Beige energy is where your with lime effect or catalyst energy. Brown energy is to be using earth energy. Green energy is poison. Red is fire. Red energy is also rage, this is rage held in check. Blood energy is dark red. Purple energy is radiation from somewhere. This makes a person kinda moody, mostly emotional and they can be brutal. Grey energy is volatile, this is energy that can blow up on you.

  This also energizes you and makes it so you aren't tired. The negative ions can cause repair and regeneration in some of people and sometimes machines, otherwise, on a bad moon of waning nature. It can break machines and cause degeneracy. For red energy that you feel is bad, try to work the thought 'cleanse' thought at the energy burst.

  When you try to do the trick. Feel a link to any device. Then an image of the device will appear from the energy stream. Then tell your subconscious to make it do things. Like a phone or ipod, that you tell your subconscious to work with and make images appear on the energy image. Then, you can say, 'make text appear.' Then, you will get text printed on the screen, by the subconscious.

Twisting things

  This is the process of twisting your fate or the effect of things on a person. When you do so, you change the pattern and life path by altering it with chaos. This is where you generate chaos, by making activity that points out your view and way of life with magic. This will effect the life that you chose to change.

  Otherwise, you use the raw primordial chaos energy by thinking of it being a source. Then, thinking it somewhere and making a direct infusion into the objects near the target. Or, for a more dangerous way, infusing it into the person. This will detriment the person as it strengthens, and cause an aura that makes the target think things are better and they get things easier. The detriment comes in a limiting of perspective or a narrow mindedness. You may work with both methods, in a combining of the two efforts. You may get the chaos energy interred into the target. By having the chaos energy shift from a touch of the object.

  Whatever way you choose, you get the result of changing someones life. And, talking the person into something you normally wouldn't get. If you chose the infusion process, then you would get certain results that aren't normal. These are results that are from others reaction. Where, they sense the chaos and they make sure, to either not work with you or they avoid you. If in an object, then the object might not work right. So, choose wood or some other object. Other than machines. In other words, the infusion of chaos is dangerous and shouldn't be used.

  This can be used by creating a pattern to effect a dimensional field. That is a fractal patter that generates effect by breaking apart and reforming things. This is where you generate a pattern by energy usage, and create a pattern that is even greater than before. The way to do this, is to make an effect that directs efforts and these effects can be any pattern or acted events. This is where you get the generic effect. This is of life and creation by something being create.

  Twisting a disease, is to make it so that the disease breaks down. Simply infuse a little chaos, into the disease area. And, it breaks the disease. Try to make the disease not exist, and remove the disease before you remove the chaos. However, if you use primordial chaos in too large a dose with the brain, you get a damaged brain area. Thus, chaos can be too dangerous to use. I wouldn't suggest using chaos in that manner. As, you would start to forget things and degenerating tissue. You could become corrupted by the chaos infusion.

  After you are done trying to twist fate, ask yourself, "What do you wanna do for now?" Then, think on your desire as though intent and see it happening, then your done. This helps you realize the effect and thought out moment.

  This may cause certain abilities that are sex related, to seem to dissappear. When you decide the twisting is done, then you change the ability to be on again. This is done by sending the chaos out of your body, towards some target. Thus, only twist with chaos energy when you have to. Its twisting fate around like a snake. Fate forms as you desire.

  This may cause certain abilities that are sex related, to seem to dissappear. When you decide the twisting is done, then you change the ability to be on again. This is done by sending the chaos out of your body, towards some target. Thus, only twist with chaos energy when you have to.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Magicalized patterns

  This is how you magicalize the moment of life and make the moment of magic by activity. Imagine the living and moments of life you do and try to think of it as a source of life.

  So whats good is when you think of the activities as a life source. You can try a spell, and get an effect as the activities are used as a life source and are a bit drained. But, you are not, thus you feel your own effects.

Aborigines faith

  This religion requires faith that makes magic. To the aborigines, which are apelike people. Their is only one rule to them, magic is life. Where magic is life, there is possible effects. This is in areas where there is enough energy. They are considered sacred. You can get some results that you want anywhere else. If you gain enough energy from where you get it, you raise in vibration. Then, the higher the vibration, the less effect demons and lower beings have on you. Only on certain planet areas, you have ability higher than a god.

  When you decide on what you want, you get that result from the magic in the air thats from whatever nearby. This is also possible to make efforts with and get results, by making activity with your actions. Then, you generate more life energy. What you create is of life itself and magic builds. To create with magic, you do things and use focus with intent. This allows the moment of life existance. This is where the intent magic comes from. This is where creation comes from.

  There are many stories of life events that can be interpreted as lessons. This is where you can get understanding of what they do. There is the jackal and the grasshopper. The grasshopper is the wise one, the jackal is the trickster. There is other animals as well, like the cheetah thats denoted for the speed and the bear is for its strength. This is where the traits of the animals are shown. This is the basis of their stories. They use the stories as a point to get idea and understanding through to people.

  They aren't quite moral stories. The Stories of is a collection of them. One moral of the stories, is to be patient, as with the story of the cricket and the mantis. Another is to not be brute, but win with peace tactics. Another is to not be bad in others eyes and you get some type of result.

  Their rituals, are the usage of vibration. Their need is understood and given life by the vibrations. Their need is obvious, as its work with sounds and pure thought. This thought is projected and it adds to the magic and helps creation. Their is an energy of force in creation. This force makes an effective idea, expressed in movement. This adds even more magic, to make the magic of life exist as though evolved with a conscious.

  This is a ritual. "You awoke, your aware." Stated near a fire. This is where life is activity, the magic exists. Where awareness is great amongst those whom are not so aware, it exists on its own. Evolution happens, where you get enough focused energy, and it creates the evolution to be sped up. This is rare except to those whom are powered in the magic.

  When the magic becomes conscious, it helps when directed. Sometimes, the force of life makes itself known by being a force in creation with things and people expressing themselves. This is the force that extends life and creates corporeal or conscious guided magic. Merely by enough of this force, we can get better results and unaging. The more magic, the more awakened you are, and the more energy you have thats stored. This energy creates better sensing in an awareness thats your own. The conscious can be called a god entity of the energy. This is expressed with the subconscious actively making the god respond. If your a being, then its a awareness set off by the presence or thought.

  There is a force of corporeal exuding or examination and exaltation to get some realization. When you realize, then things become clearer. This is where the effect gets interesting. There is an effect of thought. Where you get results and decide, to get the effort you need and things to happen. There is a point where physical activity is unneccesary. Then, the energy is intelligent and speaks to a person.

  The energy does what is necessary. And, all you have to do is focus your mind on the needed activity. You can even create influence on events. This is going to the end point of being a Godlike influence. This only happens when the magic of life is enough. Then, you stored enough personal energy by activity and exercise. This is used in creating and directing events and you can get any result with the people nearby.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Teleportation spell

  This is how to teleport more easily.

  Step 1. master astral projection. You can learn it here.
  Step 2. go to the place with your astral body where you wanna be.
  Step 3. instead of going back to your body when you're ready to stop, instead do whatever you can to bring your body to you. If you want to bring your body with you, then strongly imagine the total feeling of being at your target location. Focus all intent and desire and do this when you shift. When step 3 manifests, you will have achieved a successful teleportation.

  That itself involves a very good remote viewing ability.

  Once you get good at teleportation, there's also the ability to
transform whilst in the middle of teleporting. Example, you
disappear as a human, and if you come back as a wolf or other formation as with a electric point or Fey form. Sometimes this can work or something similar can appear as if a thought could exist, as though a ball of light. This can form a green candle effect, as to use the core planet energy, as good possibility thought is if a sun to generate money and create effects.

   A thing to notice, you can choose what alternate universe to travel to. Be aware, each one has different sets of laws, rules, moral values,and societies etc.. You think of the alternate universe by thinking on the properties it contains. The properties of the area you travel to become obvious and the world shifts around you. Thus, you choose the alt. universe you wanna be in by deciding to be there.

  In a blink of the eye, you can be there in a spirit form of your choice. Then, you try to at least be there spiritually. You don't shift there physically, unless you build up energy and magic is physically able to teleport you there. Also, you allow the world around you to change by bringing the energy of the alternative to here. The trick is to bring enough of the energy by spirit actions and thinking the energy to here. Then here is there and you are in an alt. world.

 So of course there are multiple realities, but you have to understand. See with the infinite amount of realities at least 10% of realities or dimensions are almost exactly the same as ours. So with slight differences that aren't extremely noticeable, and then you get those that are ultimately different. There are so many that choosing only one is almost impossible, you have to conifer where you want to be as parts of a whole or parts of pieces that yopu piece together as to make a whole.

 Those parts manifested create the "whole dimension" you are looking for with characteristic parts. So of course you will end up with unforseen circumstances, as we are unable to correctly imagine every component of that dimension. Think and just be careful of where you end up, think to be hopeful that you have enough knowledge of our current dimension to come back. So you come out as some different rules could effect or regulate different dimensions. As your aware you know by the dimension that you go, that the creator can create the rules to allow you things or idea that you want to occur.

Incorporeal magic

 When you try incorporeal magic, you try to do things spiritually. And, essentially, you get the effect of working with elements and magick on a more powerful basis. This is the effort of the conscious with the subconscious, to more fully understand and use the spirit in magical actions. So, when you do the act to get magic done, you invoke the spirit and the effect you want. Mainly, at first, you use the intent and the spirit trance. What you do incorporeally, is done and unless you find a way to reverse the effect, accept it with a laugh and go on.

  This trance is the effort of breathing in and out, in with fresh air and out with bad air till you feel drowsy and more focused. Then, when you try to get certain efforts done, you decide to get results. Then you will or state your intent. NEED the effect to get done, using spirit to make it manifest. This makes a conscious effort to get certain results with a trance. As you advance, you can instinctively do the act of spirit effects with ease and no trance needed. Thus all you need to do after this, is think it to make it happen. Personal power is a part of this. The more personal power, the more ability you have to use and the more understanding. What you do is use consciousness to guide the effort.

  For corporeal magick practice. This is a more powerful version of magic than incorporeal magic. You must learn to unlock the floodgate near the pineal gland. This holds the secret to the corporeal magic. Learn the techniques that come from it, to allow it being kept open by experimenting. Or, you might feel you might die without it. Its a pressure that builds up and makes you feel better. You will need to keep your head empty and remain intelligent, by using reminders. Through activity, this in turn will allow you to cast powerful magical spells. So anyone trying to listen in will never hear your thoughts, unless the practitioner wants their thoughts heard. Try to live in a constant state of meditation or trance for an easier time. This is easier for only the benefits you may have heard of.

  Practice corporeal magic using the conscious awareness directing the subconscious effort. Doing what incorporeal things you need to do, mainly the trance, as you consciously focus your mind and direct the spirit with your will. Also, keep the pineal gate open as you do the necessary deeds to get corporeal practices done. Corporeal magic can kill demons, angels and aliens more easily than incorporeal magic.

Corporeal magic does not effect the physical, unless you add death energy to its effect. This can manifest various breakdowns and efforts of destruction. Including death energy degradation of the body, with mainly rot and malfunctioning body parts. This does not include corporeal magic that uses other elements, where you summon by thought and conscious effort. Also, with corporeal, you can generate life forms that are lifelike and seem real, yet they are ethereal. Things pressed against their form will sometimes pass through them.

  There is a moment where you might think incorporeal is corporeal. The pineal gate opening and remained opening will make incorporeal magic corporeal. How you open it, is to imagine energy going through the gate and visualizing the gate opening. Keeping it open is telling your subconscious to keep it open. Mainly, willing or stating 'keep it open' with your conscious effort. Practice when you have to, to get the feel of doing this on a moments notice. Avoid doing strange things in the open and where you are observed. Unless, you can disguise the effort, as in claiming something as something else that you do.

  There is a need to practice the incorporeal magic to get better at it. So, make use of private time and raise your personal power. Try doing things to get results and make the magic effective. When you attempt any spiritual effect, you practice it. As long as you work to get better by doing effects, using spirit and whatnot. Your practicing. So what you need to do is to make spiritual effort and use your conscious awareness as you do this. Then, you are getting better effects each time you attempt to do any effect. The intent makes the effect and when you do something to build Ki up, you get more effects. So, you make any effect with incorporeal magic after awhile. Remember, what you do with spirit, is not undoable. Unless you use the effort to repair the damage you did, that is.

  Death consistency is sometimes necessary for corporeal magic. You merely consist of being near death energy and cause death as you can, in many forms. Be around death, unless you can't stand it. However, send all your death energy from you. Imagine it going from your body, through the window, or being formed into a weapon. This is where you expel the death essence and think it molded and shaped into a formed shape. This can be any shape that you direct by Ki or thought.. but mostly if you want to kill something effected by death, use death essence to be in the offending object or thing.

Enough of it, can kill nearly anything. Ki is built up by energy that is focused and gathered into the body through activity. This is kung-fu by practice of nearly anything you do. The more Ki you have, the more energy you get to use with the control of an element. This means you get more personal power and effect.

  When you use death essence with the spirit to make effects with it, then you get powerful effects. This is where you get interesting, as if you form a blade of spirit energy. Then, use it to project energy forth. This is where you get to mix death essence with the elemental energy and cause havoc. Imagine the blade to be coated with death essence and an element, and then be near the being to use it on it. This and other ways can be used to fight off aliens and Gothic aliens. Form a spirit shield of death essence and you are protected from nearly anything except Gothic aliens. This is done by imagining spirit swirling around you. Then, it hardens into a shell that can kill nearly anything that gets near touch distance. It can be any object or place that can be formed as well.

  The spirit drain of life, thought or concept is the focusing of a spirit finger. This is then to form by will and cause draining of knowledge and experience. This is where you create the effort of gaining the attribute you want, as you imagine the person touched by the finger. To get out of it, try to will it away or make the person who is doing the effect to stop. This is done by imagination. Sometimes, the death is necessary of the person who does it. Especially when backlash happens from negative energy.

  The spirit manipulation, is to use spirit to work with life energy and cause life to be arranged. There is a chance that rejection could occur. Where, the people who are effected of this don't want the changes. But, life has a way of making the people who get effected to adapt to any situation. Thus, in the end they accept it.

   The spirit manipulation is done by focusing your mind and trance. Then, there is the need for something to happen. This is reflected by your feelings that are counted as an intent with actions. Then, the consequence of getting a result. The spirit sees your need as a thing to be done. The subconscious is guided by your consciousness directing the need. The subconscious causes the life energy to do the arrangement by effect. The effect is your expressed wish or desire, need and whatnot. The result is your basic arrangement of someones life, thought or desire.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Uncovering illusions

  The key to breaking an illusion is finding the one inconsistency. Every illusion has one, with the nature of the inconsistency ranging from easily noticeable to almost insignificant. But every illusion has one nonetheless. The key to breaking an illusion is first, suspecting it for what it is. This is more easily done one of two ways, that being to either assume everything is an illusion and pointing out the truths (a beginners method.) Learning to recognize the specific vibe the illusion's inconsistency gives off is another way. As one tunes himself to this vibe to recognize it, illusions becomes easier and easier for him to recognize.

  At which point, the challenge extends to find the inconsistency and expose it. Once an illusion is exposed and acknowledged for what it is, the whole thing literally falls apart. The one inconsistency when discovered usually gives way to more, usually hidden under the first layer. And as the illusion is broken apart, they become so common to the point that the illusion can no longer exist. And literally disperses.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Premonitions Work

  It your subconscious that makes it happen. The premonition is what it can manifest if you want it, or it needs it so that something will happen. This is to create an image or scene that you live through in your mind, but it dissappears afterwords. The premonition is very abstract sometimes, but it can be very detailed, too.

  Suggestion is the key to the vision, if you suggest it then it will be expected. Then, you can get the expectation effect. Where, you are the one whom are in expectation, you may get a sped up result and you get a feeling of sweet reward. Sometimes, you may want to wait. As, when you wait, you get the effect of a feeling of a bigger sweet reward than when you get the result.

  Feeling disappointment is when you don't get a result. Just don't expect it, if you don't want the disappointment. Or, other ways to avoid disappointment, is to not have any ego with the suggestion or premonition. This is to not have any personal idea, that you attach to the memory and making it more that it should be. Then, the effect of memory is just that, memory. And, this is where you don't think its important, so you don't get the wrong idea about it.

  So, if you find too much expectation with an ego trip, then you can dismiss the idea as its not important. If its going to happen, then it happens. Although, this may not be such a good idea, as it leads to a state of mind where you are an unthinking automaton or robot. When this happens, you just do and don't think about things as they happen. Then, you get the result of doing things on the 'desire' or 'need' of the effect. Mostly doing it stupidly, in an extreme case. So, some planning is necessary, this to make you think even when not thinking about the effect.

  When it is there, this premonition could be needing sex to happen. And, it would happen by the sex scene happening in the mind, to serve as a warning sign. This would alert your conscious mind and you would 'make' it happen. Or, it could show up as signs, little things that at some point come up that point you in the right direction. Why it is, that the subconscious needs to effect the event, is that which it exposes when you ask it why.

  How to get an effective premonition. This is to calm your mind and then try to make the focus on something, this is what you want. Then, you get the effect of meditation working for you. Meditate on that thought you desire. And, you can awaken your awareness of what will come. This is where the promonition comes to you. If you need the desire enough, mainly to see what you want or what will come to pass. You can get the vision of a psychic moment. Otherwise, you get a premonition to come to you when need it to, as you have a calm mind.

  Another way, is to get energy surging through you and make the need come to you. Basically, need the idea you want and get a premonition from the energy activating your visual nerve. Direct it by expressing your need, you can make any vision appear this way.

  This can help you remember things. To induce energy for memory improvement. Put energy to the back of the skull, and to the base of the brain. This makes your memory come back after at least 1 minute of brain stimulation. Having thoughts of activities that went on at the time or of what you want, is what triggers the memory easier, as you get the stimulation done. Remember the right pattern of events and it comes back, quickly.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life stream

 The life stream is a natural travel and transition of life. With the life stream, all you need is to remember the place and you project yourself there. If you aren't careful with it, you could find projection of energy at you for your perceived actions somewhere you go with. So where you go, don't think about it and don't talk about it. Unless, you want the place known and don't mind peoples energy. You may effect people's reactions and activity by mentioning things, in this manner. When you effect the pattern of life of people, mentioning it helps the person realize it. Most starseed can easily do this life seed effect.

 Life stream energy allows you to travel, if you allow it to. Life stream energy can correct your problems, if you channel the right people. To focus the life stream, think of your life and think of what it means. Imagine a blue stream of energy, that passes through you. Find a reason to leave the area. Decide to leave the area and be somewhere you want to be. Feel yourself travel by thinking about where you want to be and use the kinetic motion to 'be' where you want to go. As you travel somewhere, you become aware of the new planet or dimension you travel to.

 You can travel to any planet in existence, with enough built up spiritual Ki energy and personal power. Use discipline to get better results. You build up Ki energy by working at things. What helps the disposition, is danger sense. Doing this technique does not drain your memory or power. Instead it builds up your energy. However, at the end of your life streaming, you might feel tired for a bit. The life stream can reveal any time any place and have it as a memory in you. Imagine the life stream blue light disappearing from you to end the session. This can reveal any soul memory.

 When you shift with the lifestream, you tend to have a double form of yourself. Part of your spent spirit force is what forms it. You can see what your alter body does or becomes like. Usually through glimpses of the moment there. Maybe half-flashbacks happen too, but they only happen with subconscious activity and it being told to tell you in flashbacks. Where would you go? See an anime, plane or movie you would like to be in.. Try to project yourself there. Remember the stars and how you got to places as you travelled in a starship or in your memories, try to be there and place yourself on that world again. When you travel to places using the lifestream, you may age a little as this uses some life force. So restore that life life force, from an object or person who isn't corrupted. And, you unage.

 The life stream follows the patterns you do as it uses your brain memories. What pattern you may act out, is where you end up and this is because you shift yourself there as you remember it. So, to follow the life path of the stream of life, you follow along in your mind and memories. But, you don't have to follow a pattern to get to places. All you have really to do is remember the place. By just a mention you can change the pattern. If you don't want to get effected by the action or memory, then realize or suggest, 'the right time already happened and takes getting used to.'

 Another thing you can do is life swap with the life stream. Thinking your the other person, will make that happen. You may find yourself in the others body and him or her in yours. To swap back, remember yourself and wish or will and need yourself to be back in your body. You may use words that are expressed to intitiate the changes you need.

 The cross-threading effect of the life stream allows this swapping. This is where you perceive the others thoughts. And, if you believe those are your thoughts, then the life stream makes you into the other person. You are effectively them and in them beneath your own skin. When you are there with the person, your aura and their aura can mix and take attributes from each other. This is where a physical body change into them can happen.

 If you find them messing with you in your head, in the effect of a life streaming, an you can make them do things by karmic debt or their insecurities. The insecurities look like flawed reasoning. Counter them if you can attempt to, any way you think or need to. This is a universal rule. Some counter effects are threats, some counter effects are doing when they didn't ask for it. Some counter effects are saying the opposite of the other and this includes actions as a form of speech. This could lead to confusion, and then any directed emotion could bring disaster and pain or mischief.

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