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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life stream

 The life stream is a natural travel and transition of life. With the life stream, all you need is to remember the place and you project yourself there. If you aren't careful with it, you could find projection of energy at you for your perceived actions somewhere you go with. So where you go, don't think about it and don't talk about it. Unless, you want the place known and don't mind peoples energy. You may effect people's reactions and activity by mentioning things, in this manner. When you effect the pattern of life of people, mentioning it helps the person realize it. Most starseed can easily do this life seed effect.

 Life stream energy allows you to travel, if you allow it to. Life stream energy can correct your problems, if you channel the right people. To focus the life stream, think of your life and think of what it means. Imagine a blue stream of energy, that passes through you. Find a reason to leave the area. Decide to leave the area and be somewhere you want to be. Feel yourself travel by thinking about where you want to be and use the kinetic motion to 'be' where you want to go. As you travel somewhere, you become aware of the new planet or dimension you travel to.

 You can travel to any planet in existence, with enough built up spiritual Ki energy and personal power. Use discipline to get better results. You build up Ki energy by working at things. What helps the disposition, is danger sense. Doing this technique does not drain your memory or power. Instead it builds up your energy. However, at the end of your life streaming, you might feel tired for a bit. The life stream can reveal any time any place and have it as a memory in you. Imagine the life stream blue light disappearing from you to end the session. This can reveal any soul memory.

 When you shift with the lifestream, you tend to have a double form of yourself. Part of your spent spirit force is what forms it. You can see what your alter body does or becomes like. Usually through glimpses of the moment there. Maybe half-flashbacks happen too, but they only happen with subconscious activity and it being told to tell you in flashbacks. Where would you go? See an anime, plane or movie you would like to be in.. Try to project yourself there. Remember the stars and how you got to places as you travelled in a starship or in your memories, try to be there and place yourself on that world again. When you travel to places using the lifestream, you may age a little as this uses some life force. So restore that life life force, from an object or person who isn't corrupted. And, you unage.

 The life stream follows the patterns you do as it uses your brain memories. What pattern you may act out, is where you end up and this is because you shift yourself there as you remember it. So, to follow the life path of the stream of life, you follow along in your mind and memories. But, you don't have to follow a pattern to get to places. All you have really to do is remember the place. By just a mention you can change the pattern. If you don't want to get effected by the action or memory, then realize or suggest, 'the right time already happened and takes getting used to.'

 Another thing you can do is life swap with the life stream. Thinking your the other person, will make that happen. You may find yourself in the others body and him or her in yours. To swap back, remember yourself and wish or will and need yourself to be back in your body. You may use words that are expressed to intitiate the changes you need.

 The cross-threading effect of the life stream allows this swapping. This is where you perceive the others thoughts. And, if you believe those are your thoughts, then the life stream makes you into the other person. You are effectively them and in them beneath your own skin. When you are there with the person, your aura and their aura can mix and take attributes from each other. This is where a physical body change into them can happen.

 If you find them messing with you in your head, in the effect of a life streaming, an you can make them do things by karmic debt or their insecurities. The insecurities look like flawed reasoning. Counter them if you can attempt to, any way you think or need to. This is a universal rule. Some counter effects are threats, some counter effects are doing when they didn't ask for it. Some counter effects are saying the opposite of the other and this includes actions as a form of speech. This could lead to confusion, and then any directed emotion could bring disaster and pain or mischief.

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