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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aborigines faith

  This religion requires faith that makes magic. To the aborigines, which are apelike people. Their is only one rule to them, magic is life. Where magic is life, there is possible effects. This is in areas where there is enough energy. They are considered sacred. You can get some results that you want anywhere else. If you gain enough energy from where you get it, you raise in vibration. Then, the higher the vibration, the less effect demons and lower beings have on you. Only on certain planet areas, you have ability higher than a god.

  When you decide on what you want, you get that result from the magic in the air thats from whatever nearby. This is also possible to make efforts with and get results, by making activity with your actions. Then, you generate more life energy. What you create is of life itself and magic builds. To create with magic, you do things and use focus with intent. This allows the moment of life existance. This is where the intent magic comes from. This is where creation comes from.

  There are many stories of life events that can be interpreted as lessons. This is where you can get understanding of what they do. There is the jackal and the grasshopper. The grasshopper is the wise one, the jackal is the trickster. There is other animals as well, like the cheetah thats denoted for the speed and the bear is for its strength. This is where the traits of the animals are shown. This is the basis of their stories. They use the stories as a point to get idea and understanding through to people.

  They aren't quite moral stories. The Stories of is a collection of them. One moral of the stories, is to be patient, as with the story of the cricket and the mantis. Another is to not be brute, but win with peace tactics. Another is to not be bad in others eyes and you get some type of result.

  Their rituals, are the usage of vibration. Their need is understood and given life by the vibrations. Their need is obvious, as its work with sounds and pure thought. This thought is projected and it adds to the magic and helps creation. Their is an energy of force in creation. This force makes an effective idea, expressed in movement. This adds even more magic, to make the magic of life exist as though evolved with a conscious.

  This is a ritual. "You awoke, your aware." Stated near a fire. This is where life is activity, the magic exists. Where awareness is great amongst those whom are not so aware, it exists on its own. Evolution happens, where you get enough focused energy, and it creates the evolution to be sped up. This is rare except to those whom are powered in the magic.

  When the magic becomes conscious, it helps when directed. Sometimes, the force of life makes itself known by being a force in creation with things and people expressing themselves. This is the force that extends life and creates corporeal or conscious guided magic. Merely by enough of this force, we can get better results and unaging. The more magic, the more awakened you are, and the more energy you have thats stored. This energy creates better sensing in an awareness thats your own. The conscious can be called a god entity of the energy. This is expressed with the subconscious actively making the god respond. If your a being, then its a awareness set off by the presence or thought.

  There is a force of corporeal exuding or examination and exaltation to get some realization. When you realize, then things become clearer. This is where the effect gets interesting. There is an effect of thought. Where you get results and decide, to get the effort you need and things to happen. There is a point where physical activity is unneccesary. Then, the energy is intelligent and speaks to a person.

  The energy does what is necessary. And, all you have to do is focus your mind on the needed activity. You can even create influence on events. This is going to the end point of being a Godlike influence. This only happens when the magic of life is enough. Then, you stored enough personal energy by activity and exercise. This is used in creating and directing events and you can get any result with the people nearby.

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  1. .....this is actually a very good concept. very close to the truth and how things work. always remember though, the ultimate power is in yourself, so in the end it's up to you to think of the best way to bring that power out.