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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Premonitions Work

  It your subconscious that makes it happen. The premonition is what it can manifest if you want it, or it needs it so that something will happen. This is to create an image or scene that you live through in your mind, but it dissappears afterwords. The premonition is very abstract sometimes, but it can be very detailed, too.

  Suggestion is the key to the vision, if you suggest it then it will be expected. Then, you can get the expectation effect. Where, you are the one whom are in expectation, you may get a sped up result and you get a feeling of sweet reward. Sometimes, you may want to wait. As, when you wait, you get the effect of a feeling of a bigger sweet reward than when you get the result.

  Feeling disappointment is when you don't get a result. Just don't expect it, if you don't want the disappointment. Or, other ways to avoid disappointment, is to not have any ego with the suggestion or premonition. This is to not have any personal idea, that you attach to the memory and making it more that it should be. Then, the effect of memory is just that, memory. And, this is where you don't think its important, so you don't get the wrong idea about it.

  So, if you find too much expectation with an ego trip, then you can dismiss the idea as its not important. If its going to happen, then it happens. Although, this may not be such a good idea, as it leads to a state of mind where you are an unthinking automaton or robot. When this happens, you just do and don't think about things as they happen. Then, you get the result of doing things on the 'desire' or 'need' of the effect. Mostly doing it stupidly, in an extreme case. So, some planning is necessary, this to make you think even when not thinking about the effect.

  When it is there, this premonition could be needing sex to happen. And, it would happen by the sex scene happening in the mind, to serve as a warning sign. This would alert your conscious mind and you would 'make' it happen. Or, it could show up as signs, little things that at some point come up that point you in the right direction. Why it is, that the subconscious needs to effect the event, is that which it exposes when you ask it why.

  How to get an effective premonition. This is to calm your mind and then try to make the focus on something, this is what you want. Then, you get the effect of meditation working for you. Meditate on that thought you desire. And, you can awaken your awareness of what will come. This is where the promonition comes to you. If you need the desire enough, mainly to see what you want or what will come to pass. You can get the vision of a psychic moment. Otherwise, you get a premonition to come to you when need it to, as you have a calm mind.

  Another way, is to get energy surging through you and make the need come to you. Basically, need the idea you want and get a premonition from the energy activating your visual nerve. Direct it by expressing your need, you can make any vision appear this way.

  This can help you remember things. To induce energy for memory improvement. Put energy to the back of the skull, and to the base of the brain. This makes your memory come back after at least 1 minute of brain stimulation. Having thoughts of activities that went on at the time or of what you want, is what triggers the memory easier, as you get the stimulation done. Remember the right pattern of events and it comes back, quickly.

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