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Monday, February 20, 2012

Energy detection and direction measurement

 The trick of energy direction measurement of physical energy and metaphysical energy. This is to make a spread of the forefinger and one thumb or any finger. Then think the energy is passing from one forefinger to one thumb. How far the energy seems appearant is how strong your personal energy is. If the energy is drawn away to a direction. Then, it appears or feels like its going towards a direction.

 The energy that appears to spark or spread away from the fingers, is energy that isn't absorbed and is the excess. This energy goes to where you want. I would make sure it goes to my self in other times. This means that the body can take a certain amount of energy at any given time. This can open floodgates.

  When there's more sources, there is extra bars of energy strength. This means you have more energy than the average human. The spread energy is to mean that you are above human level in energy.

  The further the energy radiates or spreads from the fingers, the stronger his energy level is. When your part elemental, it can be absorbed more. To the point of travelling down the arm or limb.

  When you have focused so that you can see the energy radiating off of you, blink once or twice. When you blink, you will notice that there will be an exact line between the air and your energy. This way you tell exactly what the energy level is. Here is a scale to measure energy levels with:
Halfway from forefinger to thumb-less than 100% From finger to thumb-100% 1 inch-200% energy level 1 foot-2 0r 3,000% 5 feet-about 15,000% 10 feet-about 30,000% Every foot is about 3,000% energy level.

  Dark energy seen is the negative ions in the air that reflect dark matter and these particles are more than the positive energy. Dark energy is a measure of regenerative effect. White energy is where you are in a boosting energy field that makes less regeneration. Yellow energy is meaning corruptive and bad energy in the area. Gold and silver energy is with transforming effects. When the energy is blue, then your using water energy that is flowing. Beige energy is where your with lime effect or catalyst energy. Brown energy is to be using earth energy. Green energy is poison. Red is fire. Red energy is also rage, this is rage held in check. Blood energy is dark red. Purple energy is radiation from somewhere. This makes a person kinda moody, mostly emotional and they can be brutal. Grey energy is volatile, this is energy that can blow up on you.

  This also energizes you and makes it so you aren't tired. The negative ions can cause repair and regeneration in some of people and sometimes machines, otherwise, on a bad moon of waning nature. It can break machines and cause degeneracy. For red energy that you feel is bad, try to work the thought 'cleanse' thought at the energy burst.

  When you try to do the trick. Feel a link to any device. Then an image of the device will appear from the energy stream. Then tell your subconscious to make it do things. Like a phone or ipod, that you tell your subconscious to work with and make images appear on the energy image. Then, you can say, 'make text appear.' Then, you will get text printed on the screen, by the subconscious.

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