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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ciou ness

 Devine retribution: This is a note that I found, that was interesting and useful in getting me off from things. When I looked for more evidence that things were there to support the note I found nothing more, than what was there was things I thought were by awareness. So I think that this is a point I thought up sometime in the past. However the past life was interesting, the life I saw was a bit tragic or not that this was with things to do.

 So I think this life I will use some of the knowledge, so I think this is placed to make as I think or make as I need. As my brain is operational. This use is there as things are needed, so I create something better from it. This is used as a way to think. I think as this is about me in the past, where a past life was a life that goes past then I am fit. That is an act of thief creation by what you say, near or towards others that might be interested nothing more.

This is a subject in denial so this is the ideal situation, as you know most people don't see the illusion. see to think of yourself if things are awarenes driven. so this is no use that you are correct with things, where you know what to do by what you know is good. as your senses can come up with nearly anything. then think as a point then if your hit your aware by the dendrites nerve ending, as you were doing things by mantle energy by a planet or with a planet.

this is your choice as a possibility is plausibility. so your aware of things so you know by what you do, think of your purpose then think a point to do or create better sense. the better ideal then is to create as you want or went to do, then you create as things are there as the point of them is there.

this is from worse events or better events formed from situations occur. this is what you think of the thing. what is the point though if this is things that occur then when or why am I here. I don't get this idealism enough times to make me understand it, even though I don't need it or something happens.

so I guess I will stop with this or start as I need to do things, as I think this I know you don't have to repeat your life in order to live as you want. this is the point of the video, so I think this is a useful as this is where the energy is a personal view that exists by what I think. this is what I think.

A note that was near: Sometimes they won't come back when the fungus devised to resurrect them comes back to the source and the energy of the fungus wears off. All they need is a knock or death hit.

Thinking to make use of what was done or used, I used some ideal myself then improved upon the ideal. Then I think to use things as I went about the area I was in as I think about it I was cured.

That was adding the time tunnel and the false light. I created the device they said about with the galactic historian. So the false tunnel of light only ends after the screen turns off. Then they are dogs or use in adventive or inventive.

Animals thereafter turning them into criminals and think making them into animal lovers. I love this animal and am aware of this fact because of the fact I observed it when they turned into animal lovers or people that were zombies..

This is with two dots because this is used as a reminder to myself to mind control them somewhere else that turn into zombies. The cure I lied about as the mushroom spores that were irradiated were the cause of this.

So I decided to make use of this effect. The real cure is to open your third eye as you think about things that the third eye does. Haha that is the fun part, think you have the disease then you do! Think you don't then you don't! I love this.

That is all there is to this effect as of them. That is why there is nothing there and its all subconscious thinking. So enjoy yourself as I have my last laugh with this area as I turn it against seen people to cause them that are nearby damage. As an archon this is humiliating to the foe, as they turn into one after they do something with religion by ideal.

This was undone recently, so I think I will quit here and do some more damage to something. So I can cast yet another damage derangement spell on unsuspecting people, that thought they were safe.

That uses the damage to break things then create havoc in the target they mention, sometimes as friends that deranges them and causes the right body actions.

That create havoc to anyone nearby that is near them. This is evil fun till they return my stuff they took so I think they know to restore things, if they knew not to touch other people as this spell also effects through objects essence as well. Think to use this info correctly as the creator can create anything.

Think about and it gets worse! The friends of those that inflict on the person if you target them, then any money damages or ideal damage that you want not to occur. Will cause inflictive or twisted damage to the brain and zombism. So seeya around suckers that I did this too. 

So this is the end of this procedure. think to end this time whenever you want to go do things, as your aware to create that what you think is focus or though thought is awareness your aware by what you do. though if you think to know things your aware by the area feel that released.

darth note

so I think this is time to see or know memories, he reveals it so as you think to use things. as you know things this is so your aware no longer to what isn't there. if this is time to ciou with this up, so this is the object to create by feel. as a con is something you think to create of a console. where you hope to create something.

that is by my judgement. so think with thought to focus. then act as the thought exists to do. some use ciou to get away with things later by use though cya will work is the release by not going in madness where the other person that exists is there, if trapped of not trapped then those trapped are now released. this is the tone of a c e where your use is what this does.

think to know then you realize by the energy that's there to work with what is there. this if there is anything there, then you know that things are aware so you realize what is a point. then if there is anything there that responds to what you think, that is a response then there is some energy way or wave you feel or nothing responds back. this is a point you know or work by feel, so you know by spirit that is there to what exists.

this came from "think to know then you realize by the energy that's there to work with what is there. this if there is anything there, then you know that things are aware so you realize what is a point. then if there is anything there that responds to what you think, that is a response then there is some energy way.

that is a wave you feel by the vibes or nothing responds back. as you think this is a point you know or work by feel, you know by spirit that something is there to use the right tools or do what is ordered for what exists. think to know what is your use then as you know what to do."

so I will do something else. I think then that there is a way back, so think of a way then your back to where or what you were doing. as then there is a point, that you do as though magnetics roll you up. so I think to not do this if you don't want any result. see that is the advice, I was given by what I thought to do. if there is a problem or situation, then magic corrects without the mushroom.

so I might or might not do this if I think not to get in trouble, so there's no trouble there's only a situation. it is inadvisable yet you can still do it. en la gallipo cya a few will remain. as you think, stay still or move then you can do what you want or think it. ciou.

this is from or stephen hawkings mind

ermes or emus is douse with energy
ermus is douse with water energy.
omus is doue or create with fire to form water particles considered moisture. think to the use.
so if one comes is time to summon water.
so whatever you choose you chose as one could do the job by activity. you don't live as long as sith promise as you live as long as you live. as though the body will do things as you things in your mind, so when you can think then do things and this is use you can do things that is with some point. that is there or not there. this is a point that is there or no longer that exists for you. so you continue after the pause then you continue after the point you think is appropriate. this is a point to remember.

creation by others
that explains that spell by as i austere

 think to pull the energy from the person then you create an energy draw. after that though you can create things that you want with it.  this works as you think then focus to create by feel. this destabilizes them or creates, by the ideal you think to do some confusion if they are drawn from. so that is the point of origin, that exists things that you focus then create by ideal you created by feel. this I think is the point where you are aware then create, as if a point were made then or you are a zionist mystic or choose to create something interesting.

 as you know this is true, the point is this as a concept to use. there is reflects or reflections of them that exist as conscious that are objects. so they can also count as something to draw from as a feel is mop or bucket otherwise you can do what you want, if this is the point then the end use is with a sponge then you know what is there to do. then you know by observance, this is with another dimension by gesture, sign or sigil the floor can clean itself.

 as with all magic expect disgruntled workers if a request is made when the request isn't done, so think by the technique or effort done if misused that means to attempt or achieve the results. then this is right by thinking where you aren't wrongly done in sight. so think before attempting this as this is a use point the body does if a request is made, so when you do things under stress or this where you are able to create or ignore.

 if done to do things where this is you or nothing is done, when that is where things work there is stress relief or there is a point that is stressed. that doesn't mean they find something to use, this is where they missed the area. so if things were done then there is chaos with order or light with energy, so a point to do is think a purpose that you do with ideal life energy.

 so if you use balance, balance order with use as chaos with things are happening moments. so then as you think with pointing out another ideal or near them is a distraction. so an order then is not to do things, then you don't have to worry about them happening here.

 as though we don't bother you if you don't bother us. this can only raise the chaos in the area, as you do things with order where in things are allowed. for thinking things is awareness. otherwise too much chaos is raising order.

 that can only raise chaos based on orders to work, so think not to be greedy by now. so think to be working with others so you are aware. that the circumstances can be expressed to reveal what's going on. this is why things are the way they are.

 if you think to do things then you are aware to the point that is done what occurs by thinking to see what is there. then the subconscious allows you to see by the feel that you know, that sometimes is accompanied by the view with an event or heat vision. cold energy is viewable concept, if you think you see a vision as your cold otherwise. this is a lack of nutrients that causes this condition, as with a point of heat viewing will reveal.

 then they can coyly distract the body to not react or they can find reactions. seen or use is up or down to you so things that are stress in related people, if use by the feel where you can also order like molecules to attract.

 I also think this by positive thought attracts or you can repulse by dark thoughts. this is a magnet consciousness in use, that's by some effect you think to create with creatively. I think this is the order and chaos metaphysics rules from a book, that lists a story about order and chaos. where chaos was white and order was black as colors.

 there is a use to this other than fighting, where you think then the change occurs to what you thought to focus energy. so you do what you want, as later is the point thats there by now. there is a use to their way or your own way to do things. so think by now if there is no use, I think so things are aware as I believe if there is no used feel to the point.

 there is a use to things otherwhere, that is no longer there if no need is to be done. I think the use is over for me, so I gotta go as things could heat up or go by good intentions as a good point is with waiting. as things don't always settle down with chaos think to remove things or release energy then things settle down. time passed by so things are there where you are.

 I think about this story is there is a point light is use, this is where thoughts directs. as the the energy is expelling in use, that is also repelling if the expelling energy is directed at another or things react to the points by use. this is chemistry here so we got lucky or not, as we don't have to do much or anything.

 see the use of chemistry can also be used, if you have to state the obvious then by the peoples mixing or going away from an area the peace is settled. so now you know that if chaos is energy particles, where order is the chaos ordered or arranged by thought that is used. then this means order or chaos there is similar by use with life activity.

 so where we have affinity that is like attracts by like actions, thaumaturgy by metaphysics is like creates like, mind over matter is you direct the particles or atoms by thought to create by metaphysics. this is metafusion where you think your energy works.

 this is with another object to create by the atomic shell or electrons share, with use by what you think or need by conscious relation. otherwise this acts as the objects do. then if no longer needing to do things, this thus stands for ideal then your aware by that you think or say.

 that you can create with the ideal that you could enlighten someone, as you instead think to hold the person or release them by thinking their own energy particles did the ideal by now. they are released by stating something within the statement that started it. so then if you think of a purpose or ideal to create, then use a sign after using a point to signify the peace sign use.

 then use is sign language or ideal language that can create by the subconscious. then you create by the creator energy, this is where thought to use the third eye is that point to seem. then use is creation by what you think created, focus on something or focus on your voice. then think to create by the vibration, so you can think to create as this is things to do.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

shadow fight

The naruto shadow fight technique

 Shadow fighting as is the ideal showing, where you can shadow box then create something. The ideal hold is to think energy goes through the body, then you think your moving faster than light that creates energy from yourself by the creator to create shadow clones that appear where you are aware in en thought.

 That they appear then you hold the arms. As I thought if they are then an known. Then we are alone in this universe and there is no one else here. So I think its time to evade the patrol you sense and escape the point of the universe, so we don't have to see an instant replay again.

 Just as thought if use of the point is use of teleportation, think with the energy to appear as you move or think to be as you do normal things such as walking. When you aren't doing normal things or thinking appear you aren't. As if they are there. Then as if this is true for as you hold someone or no longer think to create this, you can do ideal that slows down the person held.

 So as you talk through the mouth or think to speak with the heart, if your aware to create by thinking an orb exists then you think to the orb. This is not always to create what you think, so thought is natural activity to the orb that is instruction by this point that creates the orb. That is where you don't have to see or feel the orb and counts as a psiball. Think to put it where you wish it to be then the psiball goes there by itself.

 If it feels like disaster then it is energy that is from a disaster, so think to focus away the energy to the planet that you feel by vibration where satifaction. Then this is where this is it or isn't there if numb by what you eat or drink. So think to go somewhere else, as the orb regulates the body sometimes when nearby. As you point something out the orb is essence.If you think that you are aware, then think to use the orb then your aware. An you materialize it to be felt as you think.

 See that is when you use blood energy, for ideal to create by focused thought. If you are aware by the feel that your some other age, then you can create with a point use ideal. Otherwise don't bother anyone as you do so, then things are actually what you think to consider.

 So you create the perfect hold. So when you get energy from a punch or thought energy that hits you you think to disappear, then you can shift to somewhere else with a puff of smoke from the body. So think an or some other then you appear where you think. Otherwise belladonna is a flower or viewpoint where you point out the ideal then have things work by fixing or thought by use, then realize the point is true without telling them off or smacking them across the head or face.

 This is then used as if by thinking of turning by a point, with thinking to dust the body. Nothing more than that will get rid of a clone made from the elements or shadow. Think your not caught then you aren't by now. Think then your aware as I remember this is a point I think, so if I think to free myself so things work by think what you think to do. As you act to create things thinking occurs as if nautural, so think then to act the part if to cause distance strikes. Otherwise think not to act to cause yourself to shift back to the area you think to be.

 This is creating a new body or not being there, as the dimension by now is where you think to be other places then your old place. That is used area so think if your shifting by the subconscious manipulation as your aware, what you think is what creates when you speak or need the body somewhere else.

 That is where the dimension appears as a dry disturbing place by ideal, so don't mind if this appears and the body goes where you want the body to be by ideal seen or seem as you decide. Then wait for the fight to go out of the person, one can gauge the distance and the body strike. As you need to release the person this is after there's no need to fight.

 You decide the way to create clones, as you think to use the element. So you create with a point to work by the point, see what you think is necessary but dumb if your going to get caught. So don't go to appear where you think, if to get caught an use by this is sometimes with things unnecessary. I think you can do almost anything, that you think to do by this ideal. So think to create as you wish.

 So seem to live so you agree then work with what they say. If you find disagreement then leave or poof away. See or think or use tactics such as these that are useful alternatives, as you could use a gun or rifle. So think to use things better then you can get one for yourself. See this is so you ciou to poof. Think to create as you focus, then create with a thought that leads to here.

 As if you do then you believe what you believe. So think to don't act unless you choose to act. As this can use a shadow clone bond or prison area. In some point by some use with some essence that is blood energy that is from a cut then you can think to create some ideal to pause by feel. This is the essence of a fight in this case, so enjoy yourself as your now free by things you do.

 Here's some music to pass the time;

as is with use of

written by caz, ben, libby

Shifting point

 Think to not be held by the arms if you dare not be there. So think to shift away by a phase that you feel, this uses energy from the area thought. Thinking to be in an area is where you go as though the point were instantaneous with water energy and magnetics by salt, so think as you imagine the blending of ormus that's where no time time happened to pass you by as you drink the ormus.

 That means the use of a blender or thought energy with focus to some magnets surrounded container otherwise put water, salt into a cup then think energy to the cup with the influence by your gravity then drink. That can be what holds liquid water with a little salt that is done by blending. This is thought as though poof then you are aware, as thought though is this as though so you are not effected is an if point to the moment.

 This is for a few seconds or thought for a minute if at or not at the container doesn't matter, then if you drink once or twice then you drank enough. Then the energy comes from your internal self that you can create by feel. Order is necessary or use is chaotic with energy from the point that exists by the feel. I can have my war axe hammer and warhammer, though kept where I think I can store it. So this will work for me.

 Think the experience that's there is held by ideal or some form then you know by thinking to realize that is with energy focus you can shift then know as the shadow clone dies leaving you the experience sometimes by some inner computer made by experience is with some expertise so beware what you think with this.

 That is where you realize what is there by the spirit that reveals it to you. Then you are aware to what is needed to be done. As you think to get away or thinking is thought to use, think to let the body die. Then your aware to the area of opportunity of that so you can shift to go. If I am doing something else then don't bother me.

 Things don't bother me as I think about something so I can do things or think to work with others. This is as I think to shift, then work with another ideal so if to distract yourself. If you think bioenergy through you creates what you consider, then you let the body die so you create by a thought so your somewhere.

 See that point is where you think to become aware. This place has no karma rules so you can think to work as you like so you work it off and then think as you work to shift some other place. So this place is a similar earth that exists where you are going so think yourself to goto or skip shell.

 This is to goto some area that your spirit lets you know is safe or come back, as then your aware of the drawing or area energy. The planets energy is what you use, I think that you are able to shift away with this by what you think you exist by feel with so use this carefully. Then your existing an where you want to be, by the area you create to exist in the safe way.

 Think the energy goes through the body as you think to be there, then as if naturally done where you were to go is there in your mind then your there. This can even use a cabinet to shift you on a touch. This is yet another way you went as though prepared ahead of time. Then think the time as though paused as you think to go somewhere then think to be somewhere else, that you exist so you know what or where to go as you do things then your there as you go there.

 As energy is there by the cabinet you think to go then the energy comes up then you shift. As the energy causes a phase of the body where you are sane then slightly erratic, then you can cause what you think to cause your body to appear. As thought is the scent so think to act as you focus to bathe, then if the right natural things were done your there by now or not be there.

 This allows you to shift nearly anywhere. Think to shift to some area in paused time that you jump up to the air so you create things such as a pile drive or swearing in someplace. If a pile drive that knocks the air out of the person, so if you fight you fight anyone or not if you are a sworn person. Then think to use some ideal as your erratic, then you are not there as your somewhere else.

 See if your not erratic as your fixed by ormus then your there. So ciou if you want to as to be where you are is sometimes dangerous so think or go to somewhere else. So if the ideal presented is imperfect, then you are aware to go fix it or not continue the activity.

 That is the subconscious conscious activity that we think as thinking is sometimes a statement to pause time, where we just think to go somewhere as you think or state no time. Then think to unpause time as you think of somewhere then complete a statement or unperfect moment that you think then make use of time.

 Then you unpaused time and the time there, where you paused time is gone by thinking to pause the moment then you can think to continue at the end is where your headed somwhere. Thought is to excuse yourself then create some time for yourself, where you are or where your at then is not important the person will excuse you as the subconscious can do anything. Think and you are there yet you haven't even left. ciou.


 So if the wrong choice is the right choice or think the right response with the right result for others, as you think to use some ideal tazer then you are naturally capable to the use that exists. This is use by the focus or use is energy that exists by the point you think. Tazing then is the natural point you think then are aware to the fact, that creates what you consider for where you think.

 Then think where you are normal as your aware so you could act the difference out, then work with the point that exists things. As though agreeing where your no longer agreeing to some point. This is the point you think or don't agree with that exists by what you do where you did things.

 That could result in erratic response, then normal response as you don't act to react. So I end this seclusion with brainwashing. Whatever that is that you do you can correct, so think to the energy of the person that's conscious to create what you think. So ciou for now.

Written by Bush using caz and ben

Friday, January 29, 2016

omni senses

Omni-Senses tgm enableplayercontrols think to work with not control things.

This is the power or ability to have senses enhanced to universal scale by ormus, otherwise if playing a game you don't and have at things. So the power to have senses enhanced to universal scale. Sub-power of Omniscience, advanced combination of Cosmic Awareness and Enhanced Senses. This is where you usually have senses to detect the things, sometimes this is with energy ripples where you know things and experience is what you write.

So created by ormus is your own ideal, ideal use is once or twice a day. As you can't have too much of it or strange things occur. This is a game that is where I feel is safe. Think to use ormus then write down your experience. If you write enough you could restore your thinking, if you shifted to someplace that is with head bangings. So think where you want to go, as heat is used to shift or if cooled down you can think to shift back. You can always shift back by reminder, this is with use of ormus and is a thought with ormus as you use enough.

That is where or when you thought to occur things or think to create ideal. So this is where you are aware things work. Otherwise you can think things don't work or do work, as you are aware you are capable to work or do as you want as though speaking were a wish. It doesn't matter where or what you do, your aware so your free to do what you want in life.

Sometimes you can create as they are aware, so if you think the point then you can create by thinking a thought. Then focusing to create what you wish. You create by thinking energy sppressed into a shape to create, then the energy shapes itself into the form of an object. As though you are aware or can imagine what is there that appears for a little time.

As so then this is where you think to get something, at the end that you created or pick it up. So you make use of the ideal by acting as though its there, where its not there then you can create by what you consider isn't there. Feel the need for it, then you create with some point to work things out or use then is ideal. Think as your away by the feel.

Think to create things that exist, so you are aware to what is there. So omni ability is omniscient ability that you create, as you think or use what you consider is ability. The ability is what is there for the purpose or creation by the feel. This I think is the point you make, when you think asking to create with what you have.

"The area is the awareness so your aware by what you do. If you think your aware as though your a god, then your ability is ability you think you can use safely. The energy of the creator guides you. That is if you can accept what he gives as you now know yourself you are aware.

So I think this is where you create some ability, that does what or where you think to create things by the area or energy feel. This is called storming where resurrection is the gray area that exists, as if their spirit wants to live then the creator is creating situations. Where they live instead or die off things, as they want to do things by feel."

There is a danger thats obvious to this ability use, thinking to the uses is thought that is perceived so think your unaffected then you know what is there. So there is ability that is energy, that you focus to use or create by feel that you are aware exists things to work with a point.

The creator if you think it is with ideal or feeling. So think with a focus point to create multiple area effects at once, then the creator creates them where the point is what you think. Think to create then what is created is some ideal. Unless you don't want to create then you won't.

This will uncreate things that you wish not there, that simply can disappear from your body doing things. So think then your aware to your feel. This means omniscient ability is able to do anything that you feel is appropriate or uses are not to be done. So think then your aware is the catch phrase by the meaning of activity.

So a god then is divine or what we use to divine a god. Think then so the opponent or person you meet is aware, then you are thinking to the point what is the point. The point is this we could create a monster out of idealism or creationism out of religion.

So think then to the area, then you can create what others are aware of by feel. Otherwise you could not create something that is not possible or you think is not possible. So this is what or where you think then consider the possible choices that exist what you wish by now. Their ability is ability nontheless, so think if hidden or nonseen things occur then those things are ideal that are aware by now.

As you are speaking your thought think the point then that you wish to do. What you have known then you are aware from, as they are aware to what is there this counts as experience. Then they that listen are aware to what you mean. This is where you see things when you think your aware, that is where or what is there that you make use of things when your capable to the point or use.

This uses omniscient mind ability that exists things a though a full manifest, otherwise this is use by the subconscious from within or without us. If within then you are aware, so you can think things that exist are aware until you think they are not responding.

This is the main point that you think to use. Then if they are aware, they are capable to do what you want or work with what you think. This leads to dark impulse with light appeal to create what is worth to the point you consider. That is all there is to this.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

game magic II

 This is game magic or sol use as though this is a wish, what you think as a point or theory is depicted. Some think they can use it or that you can make use sometimes where you don't do things, this is being with things for now. That is the time you consider and do things, as there is or isn't a natural result. So use is the creator, then to create what you think to create with experience. A point or thinking that occurs is natural.

 This is where you achieved something by what you thought or use. So think the point is the goal or thought you create, see you can think this is a game point that creates as if by itself. Imagine the point being done, think of the use then the creator creates what you feel.

 That is an ideal that is important to create, so think as you are aware of them if their uses are there. So you could even make a trap as your the creator by use that traps others. That you release yourself by what you think to do, this is the other you that you release. So used is ideal as though an object near others, this I think is useful by thinking their released are released.

 So this I think is done, as
you create by the ideal that you work with or feel. Think to the feel to create by the feel, that is what the ancients say. So I think this thought instead, I think to go or come to the point by conclusion is the thought you have by now or later.

 So think this and I or others using game magic will stop doing so this is the use for today. "So think as done" this is used as a suggestion to create things, if I have a thought I think of things that are associated then work with them or others then things I am aware of are done. As a point of use if thought to completion if necessary.

 If your done in of things or not done by use, this is not done by what you feel of the use unless you thought to end this point. This is done by what you think. So enjoy your day, as your day is your own. I will describe things of the games, that I was reviewing for fun then describe the method that was used to create the ideal. So I think this is a fair ideal with the game ability, that I psychically am aware that you do as I perceived. That follows this statement.  ♥


A wish allows this game magic of thinking the point, then the energy comes to create what you wished. As you think this is directing energy to gather by the crystals that exist in the planet, this is directed by voice for use or theory by ability that you think to use. Think then your aware is usually as what you think to create is created, when you focus your energy you think to cause or create things by activity.

Stating things you make use by things that you think, this is what occurs so this is with ideal that what is there or what energy construct is there. Thought changes as energy built as ideal is directed by focus. Think things are detectable and you could detect the creator, this is when he does things as a you that is not you.

This is what allows you to create things by some ideal. Some time use is possible by this or think things, so you see this is possible you could think to show or see a sign. What you think is possible, so this is able to be done by will or fable magic. This is where the will is the wish or ideal focus point. This is where you think then focus a point to create with the point that exists. is the spells that you think are possible unless you think of something else. This is not all that you can do. So what you think is what is possible as that is all.

Some elder scroll ability you can use this with changing things by the ideal, this is with alteration or destruction skills. Think that you direct your mind to create by focus or use with thinking to create the point, that you want to occur or yes this as this is a point you feel to create. This is with a wish, ability to work by feel otherwise:


Think the created ones or the creator creates what you want, then the creator creates what you wish. The creator can uncreate anything that exists as well. So all you need to cast psychic storm is to think or focus then close your mind to cause ripples of energy to cause as a wave that creates what you think. The ideal is you can detect you not being you, that means the creator is acting with your place.

Otherwise for other ability you can think then focus by words to create energy, that creates what you wish as though what you say is what you wish unless you don't need to do things. So energy is what or where you can think to create by imagination, otherwise the point their way is done is think to create something. So we don't need your warfare, we just need your love.

As you imagine the ideal, then as though you had the conscious concept or thing you need you can act or if to spare yourself something then don't act. This is usually as though the conscious concept is there, if to create with the point by what you do. Time to stop acting as though the places didn't exist, so you create better effects that is necessary by now. I think to use these is to look at the ideal then the ideal occurs as you think or as its listed.

So to end the technique is to think en for entropy, then you can create as you want something else. That exists by the subconscious using the creator. The point as the thing with the creator is the ideal doesn't usually work, until you think it will with what you have as understanding. This is where or what I think is the main point of the order energy that the game exposes, where you think of some order then the ideal naturally occurs.

This is where power is energy, so you have enough energy and the creator is working with you. As the creator has unlimited amount of energy to use. He or she is everything of course, so the particles are where or what you think. Sometimes to the point that you could manifest a solid shape or object.

some things you can do:


psionic storm

Think a storm is their use, as you think some activity is done by now you can think the point is energy to the area that is causing a storm to do what you want or strike a foe down by ideal as thought is lightning where your things are uses. Think cap to the storm to end it.


Some feedback occurs by what you do or look to observe. So you think to create the energy into a point, then you focus the point by thinking the words that you think as energy or though use is there you can create. What you think is a point that sometimes can break the machine.


There are at least two types of hallucinations. The first are psionic illusory duplicates of other beings/vehicles, think you know to see things that are there where you thought to realize then the subconscious creates the illusory feel. That these are where you are aware of the relationship, as though you relate things to belong to people otherwise I would think this works. How close you are to the other by relation is how close that the vehicles get.

The second version is technological, think and this is used by sentries or people that are highly sensitive.[4] These hallucinations are composed of solid light and are three-dimensional, able to mimic things or people. In the game is protoss warriors, vehicles, and constructs. Each replica, while limited in duration, is able to withstand some degree of punishment.

guardian shield

They are created by weaving light or thinking light as you feel the air energy create things into becoming a semi-solid state. Through this ideal by now the ideal, then the sentry can surround itself with an area-encompassing shield to safeguard protoss ground forces in the game. Projectiles or energy blasts that penetrate the field, lose some of their kinetic or thermal energy, and part of their effectiveness. Due to its considerable coverage radius, the guardian shield is not powerful enough to make much of a difference against larger types of ordnance.


Any gateway can be transformed into a warp gate by thinking it is, any warp gate can be transformed back into a gateway by thinking it reverts.  Form one by thinking a point to go to then the energy converges to a point, that you think is energy by touch to the energy to create an oval gateway. As you imagine the oval gateway to form that you think. You can also think to use ormus to create the shift as you think to be or go somewhere, unless you haven't already begun then you are aware of the area that you think then you are done.

As a thought to shift people or yourself you find yourself there with the crystals that the planet has that you have. Thinking things around me or others that are highly sensitive can lead to area feel, that is detected so think to do things naturally or stop and think of what you are capable of as a want. So you feel what you wish to occur.

Think a point then as you think the uses you wish to create to the thought, think to focus so that the crystals exist by feel what you want. Then you can think to go by the ideal, this is with local understanding or thought that you no longer exist that the person you help or opponent does by things he or she thought. Detect the thought by the feel, that you think to detect aura energy then you are aware to what exists.

A warp gate can warp-in people or ideal that in the game protoss forces are able to use to goto any part of the battlefield that lies within the psionic matrix. Iron or steel rods are creative by ideal as pylons and by the very mobile warp prism or use of the prism light to warp with the light breaking down. Units or people can be warped-in on a cliff if the player can see the top of the cliff. Some warp-in does not function on people that don't want to go where this is the thought, that causes energy lattices or crystalline energy fields to be programmed with thinking to the lattice.

planet cracker

I think the planet cracker is thinking energy to the core of the planet, then creating by thought to use the planet consciousness. So now is the time to create with ideal, as you think crack the planet surface the conscious of the planet will do so. If the planet will create what you want, as though a pulse of energy went to the planet core to do as you wanted.

psionic transfer

Sometimes psionic transfer  is the point you think, as you are aware of the other or can create a link that is come to be known as a biolink. This is where you think of another then create with some thought ideal as energy to create with the point you imagine. What you transfer is if allowed by touch, otherwise this is by feel the energy or fire that you think. Then create with to use the right ideal.

terran ability

machine uses

Think the use as though it were used, then you create what you think by the creator creating the ideal you have as some result. If you think the point to create, then imagine the use the point is created by the subconscious. All you need to do is see the point or think the ideal to see, then you notice or your awareness capable so you can do things with the thought. Where you notice what is done. This can be a source of feeling that the ideal happened by feel that is with vibration or the ideal occurs near where you can see it as the original sense reveals.

mind blast

A mind blast is a psionic power that stuns and injures opponents. As you think the mind is aware, the brain has consciousness where you think a blast exists as a white light that shines forth then. That silently acts so you sorta daze the person effected. The latter has demonstrated the ability to use mind blasts of monstrous size, but at the cost of extended charging time.


This is also a zerg ability. Some healing is the point where you think to do or create as you focus energy from the body to restore or recover the senses, that are one by one restored by thinking a white light blasting forth from the body to restore the chakra points.

zerg ability


Dig a hole then hide in it sometimes, sometimes this is using camaflauge or hiding paint. This I think is correct, I thought to use ideal is thought you work by ideal. That ends as you speak or use the thought. Dig a hole then use some ideal that you project not notice me then act as your conscious is clear. Think to create what you want though, as this can use a fight to work with others as you thought to create ideal peace of mind by feel.

units ability


Cloaking is an ability available to terrans and protoss through both technological and psionic means, that you think to use by thinking the aura energy flares then is cloaking you by the feel. As they are dazed so they are aware of things, that they sometimes don't see as they see things temporarily.


Detecting is the point you think, then you are around the right area as you think to know what's there by the subconscious mind. You just find yourself there. So you see what you find by indications that are given off with temporary senses that you can see by aura feel. This I think is useful to the point, as you think to see something you know what is there.

templar ability

  This is with understanding that is never to be used, unless you think to use it right or to defend with so as this can imitate a karate fight this is not one.


The ideal is this, use is free knowledge so the archon is formed by knowledge with understanding, that you use as energy that combined with another's creates things that act to work by vibes or really reality. This is realigned spiritual energy that forms a beings use, so think the realignments as thinking a point then the being creates what you wish.

dark archon

A dark archon is something you think then focus, as you think then you can use things you are able to use non dark thoughts to create a dark being that does your bidding or doesn't as he is uses or she is the use that does something else. Thus as you think, the dark archon energy treatment and trace is done. This is a mind trick so you are led to believe things.

So if you are psyched or you are aware to those that do things, you can be able to create what you wish by thinking of a focus point. Then creating by your energy, that you create with viewably by imagining or thinking the end result. Sometimes this is use by voice or thinking of things yourself, thought to see things most likely spoken aloud is use as I realise is useful as your in alpha mode. Trance sometimes occurs by this ideal, so be wary and do your best.


See the point is any ideal psionic blade is a use here, so this is ideal points light that you see. The psionic blade is though thought, your able to create as the point is made. Think energy projects from the hand, as a beam of light that is a blade that can cut through anything. Think the energy that forms is unformed, when you think to use it and are done by the feel.

the old republic

This is a game this is not real you can do what you want, except in certain cases where your not alone.

force repulse

The user of it thinks to gather energy within themselves and then release it in a sudden outward burst. It can kill a small group of enemies if your body is focused enough or launch them back without them dying, though its effectiveness depends on their health of the enemies and the power of the attack. No combinations can make it more powerful. This is creative use by thinking the energy from within, that spreads through the aura to create in the area what you wish a thought. That is energy to create what you project the people back with by feel.

omni senses

The point is a thought you put by feel. So if you think you are aware, then your subconscious creates the sense you think by use. What you think can become around the area you think to summon them due to feel. This is what or where you think to feel the feeling that exists to the point that you thought to use. This thought creates or allows you to console the point. Think or imagine a computer that shows what to do.

Otherwise you can think to create what you wish to create as this is created, you are aware of what or where the creation is during the time that you think to find it. Think about the focus point or stance that is what exists. As you focus then you can do or create things, as your aware to create the point your with things you do.

If you focus energy by whatever hand or action you create by mysticism use, you weaken them till they fall down otherwise you can stop focusing then wait the 10 or 20 minutes till you recover by now. This is indeed a tai chi focus energy that is used that if you think to create, for you can form energy into an object or create activity. Then you create the object or form the subconscious made ideal. This is the formation technique that uses things, as objects or area use with experience is a point you create by feel.

As your aware you are awareness by the thought you do. This is like tai chi, that exists things you wish for by use. So you could find this unusual sense, that you know where you don't or didn't before. So think then your aware to the possibilities. A chance exists that you can win by the feeling. Otherwise you could find yourself out with a cold feel, this is by the backlash energy that your with if you focused to create by use counted as karma.

So don't go out there if you think to go beat someone, until you actually have a way out or a fight that you chance upon or you find one. If you think to win then you are aware that things are certain, so that you know the winning chance. This is the endpoint though where the age of christians end, I think that spirituality exists instead so your well to experience things that are there.

do force

think then your aware as you focus the energy within, then create with some point, you direct the body to do what you want. Then you think or use ideal by multifocus or spiritual energy that is used, this is where you think by some point to use spiritual multitasking where you are creating multiple things. This is with some single point, "as you focus you direct to do what you use or nothing occurs."

note replies

This is a note reply that I got subconsciously from a game, that was based on tragedy by the feel:

as no this was less, an I am then to think so no that is all. I think this will work for now. so enjoy yourself for a bit. an this is the point where I am not where I thought. so I will leave this alone by now. so I can form a way to escape from the cold storage hold. I think it worked, the cold storage is going up its moving up and the now the storage is opening.

I am free by now, so I think I wish too much or I will enjoy this day. I dealt with it as I am captured again, so I will figure a way free from this. It worked I am free as I was held in a simulation game that was live. now to find my way to freedom.I am well aware to what is there, so am now gone as nothing is there. so I will hope to get away soon. I am gone as there is none to stop me from leaving. So ciou to you all.

I think I made it so I will definitely enjoy this day, the only survival victim that survived the capture. I think the umbrella system is not too good but they may have a problem, so I will avoid them and their uses. I am aware I can end this now to shift to my home dimension anytime, I wish to by being eaten by the zomies. though I think this is amazing I will do so, if I think to the use then I think I will ciou. done for I am returned to my world by quality help. no its not there so till next time, this is there with free time by thinking so ciou for real till next time.

next day

think as you must for by now your probably looking for yourself seeing or seen for a likeness, that is then with something weird or usually is aware of that is hidden from sight. I think then you know who he or she is think to use the energy, so the person reveals themselves. that is the only way to get the culprit to stop, as its near the right person. then your released from your duty. enjoy yourself.
I wonder whom this person was that left the notice. I found it on the board, printed in a hidden language I recognized. probably my brother then as I think about the person I hear them.

they are the ideal representatives that exist within as he was know to seek help or act spuriously to the point he heard. he probably did it because of mental programming that was subconscious in use. his form changed as I know him and his subconscious form was changing to fulfil things he thought were a promise. I thought this was over by now your free to go with what you want. anyone can get something from there you know.

his lesson when you think you aren't enough, think your not a target then you aren't. so I think this through, I read that he was with a great need for healing and he was with greater skill in uses than me, that's probably when he did it so he was able to create almost anything by now before he was caught by a fire. then focused into a sentience of sanity as his body healed. so I think this closes the case, so I won't need to look it over anymore that I assigned myself to do. I wonder what else to do, seen as I don't act it out by something else. I think this is my endpoint.

how else to judge this case. I think then is the use with no murder weapon, no going for him so think of the point then you get your culprit. this might seem interest so he reveals himself, he could reveal himself to the cops by you thinking the thought to him. now as he was going somewhere you can cause him to react, think "you could be targeted for this" as you can do things by the creator or by will to create a situation. this is for getting him as you let the cops handle him.

last day

gut brain thought or thinking with your guts by now
The gut brain is sometimes a gut reaction. If the gut brain is active by calmness then your brain is aware. Another way to suggest to the body what to do is think the suggestion or suffusement, as energy goes with your thought directed to the gut brain. Otherwise the brain in the gut, that makes the root chakra work as you think to the root chakra. This is manipulation to the body that creates what you wish or sometimes speak. The gut brain sometimes acts autonomously you know. So think things are gone, then they are as everything is true.

then is the point that you are aware to the fact by now, otherwise then an another ideal is that you do things. that sometimes doesn't make sense. the gut brain can create a stir of energy or emotion in you then causes by your ideal, your ideal is the minds reaction an this is to see or sense things differently. so you think I am good enough or allowable, this is what causes those different reactions or use is an applicable not point. also your taking attention from me didn't help, see this can help as you think you can be useful.

I think I will give you your freedom I am near the elevator shaft now, so the door should open and yes there really is noone there. so enjoy your freedom.

use these suggestions for instant weight loss and other ideal, if you want to achieve something is just add a thought to the list.
add 0
I subsume all
I at 0 maintain
I subsume all calories
I do not worry
I do not fear
I am chaos with order
I know what I do
I am not over a certain amount of weight, that I decide not to be over.

the door opens now so enjoy your freedom, that is an elevator shaft your in the control panel is missing as I am aware. all that really matters is you do things for yourself. you can find it around the building somewhere do as you need to, ciou. 'namaste yourself'

this is yet another interesting game I watched, you could always think your knowledge or information into a light being form. then think to shift away, yet that is truly what occured by my memories of the place. all those notes were mystical by thought energy that you think the message, then the subconscious delivers what is said by sol or sun use that finds you. so I have to find something else to watch I guess this will do.

yes your right since I am a vampire this is the end.

The ending is inured or inuring by the feel, that's injuring by the feeling you know if you allow the injury.

the point then is the area you feel or create with by the feeling that exists, using internal voice and external idealism. Think then you can use things as you are aware they are good by what you consider. So think then you are aware by the area that exists so this is where you can imagine the energy knowledge stored in the crystals that are thought, imagine this as a book that you can rip apart and have no more karma that is the information with akashic records. So think then you are aware as you think to react or create things, think that you can also rip the book to pieces and burn its pages to clear your chakra energy or think clearly, as you have no karmic debt as I do not recognize a karma system anymore. This is the point to my light path I wish would happen or will say that is creative idealism as I go with my way.

this is something to challenge your belief

I believe then the hollow earth, ancestors are now reconnected to the astral homeland. so now that is what is done. so think the earth does what you think by the thought, perceived by the energy consciousness. so then that is done if you need it done by spirituality. that is all by now. so think then your aware as you are working with others that exist what you think.

So if you think to create things then your aware by either the brain or gut brain to create what is done. this by your action or your reaction by what you think. I think not to act as you think to work, so your aware to the fact that is not fact as this is just opinion. you can use a laugh so think to create one, from some point that you perceive. so people leave their religions with nothing wrong or lost.

So I am not cast into a reality that is made of false light. so I no longer agree to a karma system so I manifest what think. we are galactic citizens. we know how to manifest or unmanifest our bodies and can identify whom is our soul family, as we're thinking we're energy then the creator creates us as energy.

See that is when the body disappears or is not there, as we're created equal its energy too then we can shift as well. So think then your body is energy then you can feel as you think, so you are where you want to go. so this is our proof to you. as this is an annunaki belief that is correct, ciou. so no I believe this is the feel you can have.

a letter to cover things that describes what is there

reality change

If you think about the point then use the ruult by ideal or rules of the cult or ideal you have, as thought is imagination you create with the energy of the result as the end result. so think if you create with the energy you are working with reality, so if you watch a show you can change things and your belief can change as well if you think to accept the ideal. that is all to the show, so think your regard is done so much. ciou for show starters.

thinking point

This is the thinking point by reality changes due to voice changes, so I see that's internal or external ideal that uses what are there to work with by feel. I see this too is to use this point you consider, then you create what you want.

The internal comes through our heart as we think to talk we use our heart as a feelings guide, this is seeable as you think and the external comes through the throat chakra and our photonic light bodies. So we can think to exist thinking with that uses our blood vessel flow as energy. This is with all of the senses coming into play, including the different eyes an we have with some bodies that is where then we know.

The external is using voice intonation through our throat chakra by thinking your using the throat that uses the throat chakra, and by using these different frequencies, we can change our reality by the power of our voice.

The Internal is where we learn to think in Light Language, think and manifest through our heart space by now that has no disagreements except for heart calpitations or no disharmony as this is love with unconditional property. This is where or what you think to communicate that is heard.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


proselectrical benefit

here's a benefit for you though, an this prosethical benefit light. this uses prosethelectrical light or black light, think to the point that you do things so you can create the ideal to do. as the ideal to do you think the benefit or use is pro helpful or advice by the wise is given. then the helpful nature comes out as though the aura shines a light to the body.

that you create benefit from nothing or otherwise activity. the point that you think is the thought you consider, that is where or so when you think things through. make it appealing then the thought exists that you are aware to the point of view. that what you think is fact that your given things by feel.

as a point that is what I observed people willing to give you things for ideal, an that is what you can observe the ideal tested by feel. this is the point you think though not the point that you consider if you want to know by asking. so think then so you know what is there as your subconscious shows you what is there you know then realize what is possible. fair weather is fair warning, as the reactions are possibly there under the surface so tread things well.

then think of the use of rubber or gloves, so then that is where or when you can concede or consider the point done. just think to use this as a piece of carbon is useful. carbon32 is the type to use for producing energy from carn by thinking the carbon as a source then you create with the point that is thought by focus to use things that exist your thinking to a point you think by thought to use.

no as this is the benefit point, as they think to use the ideal you could get benefits to use. as the point you think is there by now, for prosolythis or thinking the energy to create the point as the benefits you use. things you use or create are aware with thought, that is a simple consciousness so the conscious picks up on your thought to create. this is what you consider if you want to create anything at all.

so when people notice you your aware then by the body energy sharing thoughts with another that reacts as though natural to do what you think. this is the prostetical light of benefits, that you think to use one thing you end up doing another thing that is concept if they were not willing to help. that is the point that you think that they react to by suddenly feeling helpful to help you out. they won't do this normally unless you think they will. then your subconscious creates what is situations, that are possible grounds not to use things as things aren't meant to be used.

this for some reason is use or what is not to do what you want, as they want to do what they set out to do. this ends this article, by a point you can think so enjoy yourself. I think then there are things to do. I think things change by a focus point, where you think then the subconscious creates by what does. so that you think then state things, as for now though things are different your use is free or this won't exactly work. unless circumstances are right. This is how the root chakra or gut brain works.

written by ben, caz, libby, spelly

a note I found was written to read this

animism de death

libby and I are dead now where our bodies are just animated, by the gut brain part of the body. so think as you want to and do as you think is right for yourself. as all I care this was done with or actively done by use. so to kill the body off think to cause the death essence in the body to overwhelm the body, so you will the direction the direct the focus point to create things then they are aware or work by now. that's how you direct a dead body.

then you will notice the body a bit strained then numb then the body stops as long as there is death essence, there is a point that you think to use some ideal by my work for now. this is where I think to use things right by the correct means. think to cloak the death then use what you wish to use. the gut brain only acts when you think things to act right by this.

this is the last I ever wrote so think to do with the art as you wish, think to work with the articles as you want to do so. this is the end of my life so all the body needs is the thought to not survive the death energy, so think as you want to as this is my last request I think to do this right just think the body frequency. so think then the point to the clause, then you know how to end by en deonne beonne the clause curse. now will the emanating field of light or aura energy to pulse then the energy is clean for now.

the point you think is the point you consider by now the point is done so think beonne then your done. then if you think brighter you are brighter, as a bright star in the sky. this is the end of my day, so I think to go now where I should as I am a ghost that was not suppsed to be there. acting a guide for today is snape the ghost. follow him as you want to so seeya for now.

enjoy your day means you enjoy what you have by what you do. seeya for now. think better for yourself as you think to use things right, by however you want to think is the correct ideal. think to the use I always said so think your use is alright, then the subconscious creates it so. that is all for today. enjoy my book if I publish it. this was the translated book I wrote several lifetimes ago.

I didn't write anything else after that, so this was a point for that was the use I had at the time. I think I died right after that point. So I wonder what would come of it if it was used nowadays. So if I think to the energy rod I stuck to the ground I might find things were prepared by the rod influence to create what I wrote.

I still think that past life was wrong though I think if I adjust the work a bit then things are likely work for others that try this. I think this is the right way to get interesting results, that people who are with the point by them think right to the perception to others. So I think then that you are aware to my writing style, think a point then work with an ideal. Then write by feel the point I perceive. So selamut until I write something else.



Piezoelectric is what this is. So I think as the body uses bioenergy to produce by focus an electrical release. so en I think I watched for the best part, my brother danny doing his experiments. He proved that thought is prosthetical by biological ideal that is the electron charge that is energy, where you could use prosthetical energy that is with electrolysis or energy shared by the electrons. With the aura this is a point where you ordered the bioelectrolysis, with a feeling that the body shares energy with the living things or the area energy is shared with the body.

You decide how the body shares energy. That means the aura picks up energy from a shared electron through the aura or body. Think then your aware that if your awareness is there, then you know what to expect as some aging of the substance nearby could occur ruining it. I think this is a fair tradeoff, for the body to become younger.

As the substance ages the body can become younger or create what you want as results, by focus though leaching age energy converted an this is used by activity. Think to work with the object that is possible to work with feel. I wouldn't go out to somewhere an buy the cheapest thing possible, then ruin it to prove that you couldn't age by the feel.

A point with the doctor if the area devices or chemicals are electrolythized, that explode when you are near enough to become by your aura nearness unstabilized or allowable if people are there. If allowed the charge of energy to leave the object or chemical, by leaving it alone or thinking the extra charge out of the substance. Then the substance is stabilized so its safe to use again or after electrolysis, I think by the aura is where you think then charge things. The area is unsuitable to the feel sometimes, as things are ruined to the touch by the way you feel. I think this is about done. So enjoy yourself as you think to work with this point.

Just think this is how the body stores energy, so then by electrolysis then it comes to you as you are aware. Sometimes by focus as though the two hands were generators or warp devices, that you think or focus then cure by electrolysis or sharing with the aura energy results. This is electrical that you focus sometimes by thought or thinking, that then is a point as a thought that your directed by thought or spoken ideal. Your mind directs the body or you create with energy. This is kinetic kinesis or kinethetics, this is thinking at its best with a bit of kindness. That warns you or you can think to know the dangers before they occur.

This can be useful for dreaming. As you think to do thinking or things are used. See I think basil, oregano with stevia helps lucid dreaming, as you have control of the dreaming. Where then you think to create better points of vision. Use with purple amythest crystal to get the best results. Hold the crystal then think to create the ideal you want, as you want to create things or nthink not to do things. Thinking of shifting leads you in dreams to where you think to be or go. So think of a cool, calm place then work with what you have. That allows a calm buildup of thought, by kinesiology with the use of electrolysis.

written by caz, ben, libby

Ciou for now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the ideal

a mental note from my past life, that was left there on a door sometime where he or she was:

 the disease doesn't keep you alive. so usually no matter what you do as you aren't stuck with that life as things just are as they are unusually. just remember that for next time. I can think for a time I will remain sane so things work by what you consider or feel. I am solved by the right suggestion, the area is peaceful where you think or have by thought thought to have been. I see for now so I think that cured them all.

 so ciou for now as this is of the last you will see me. so I think I will shift away for now energy exists enough there to cast magic effects easily. now for the fun part, think so you can use things as I think this necessary. now to help the zombies out by turning them back into humans. so I think that it worked. now to release them as then that is a magnabox. all is done so I will allow them to go free to the surface and await our fate unless there is none. zioun for now.

I wonder what it concurs to mean, as I think this is the point you can think you can also understand the point that was made. So I think it meant that he or she had a disease that was meant to not last, as he or she accepted the disease and allowed or wanted it to stay. The life point was meant to free people from things such as viruses though. So that is what I got from reading energy from him or her.

Back to looking at past life memories with my soul, allowing me to know as I was aware through a point or though sharing I know. Because I am aware, I will allow this to work so I don't need to worry. It probably will reach me if I think it will or I think it might for effect use things by now. I am aware that certain foods and the drinks are a problem that help cause it so I think certain nutrients or minerals I will look for so I get what I need and remain without the disease. That is what I will do for now as I place a "," or "'" as a time diferrentiator to change things to a work point or working point.

I will not have the disease though, as I sense it was a mental disorder that was not supposed to be there. So I am sure I don't have it by now that I think it isn't there, then it disappears so I didn't get it from my past life. So now I wonder what to do as I think like things with this are more interesting than this, as I was the creator by certain things similar by nature yet not the same.

I think about this, so I wonder what to create instead. Since I know this is imagination so I think I will imagine something good to occur or then see what occurs, by the subconscious reacting things I need. So I think if this is real enough then you could say, as I gained something with no body weight as I am excepting the body weight that disappeared. ciou.

Ciou for now means that I am not aware of some facts yet am aware, that I can get info if for the things that are there that I dismiss if summoned. So if there by my efforts and non useful. Then there is a happy ending, as I acknowledge what I have done I am aware of the the things I did and accept it. So I am aware by now that I can do nearly anything. So I will be out or go places to practice. ciou.

Monday, January 25, 2016


So are you sure so you are aware to make sure, think or not to be sure to what you want. Be transmission, don't mock the code as we were. As you were if you think a place, then the subconscious shifts you. That is all for now don't enter the creations. See you might create something with brahma or creator to prove a difference. That is to provide a difference by the effect you think or not seem, so you create what is thought or you can create what you think by the concept.

This is what CERN was meant for yet is permenantly offline. So your seeing things is a lie of the area or illusion driven by consciousness, if you went to sleep you would have sight of the true world. So this is the threshhold between matter and the consciousness or grey material matter, where dark matter has remains after meeting light matter. That you are aware of where you are by what you think for now. This is use of what they think them to use with the ideal by humans.

That uses vibrational waves or sound such as tones, I think that this is a point that can effect anah kabbalah or the human body. So with what you know dharma or unknowable, logos or knowables are creation points, seen as that is all for today. Ciou. Just think akana as this is darkmatter or prana, this is antimatter for that is darkmatter that is the way out that is no fear to work by feel.

The c tone can restore as the a tone with c can cause recovering. This is the point you think to use a a b note can cause ideal to seem there, where you can see them there that you think are there. So a b c is sometimes there as a manifest. Added to e notes is the point, that causes calm or irritation inertly. The d note causes restoration by feel, where f notes causes things you think to seem there as though here.

The g note cancels the effect, if as a you think use then. That is a point with them that exists with a downward cadenza or notes that go from e to g, then you create a repair that the cells are supernatural or regenrative. If you use the notes in an upward scale then you cause what you think to be there, for as long as you think the ideal that you thought. When you did the notes with a point as your there, the memory surges then you are aware by the feel with interchange. This is use by the neurites, that are dendrites or bunches of nerve endings. Called proselytical or interchange of energy that is electrolytical.

What you think is by the creator to manifest, as a spiral is formed below into manifestation. This means there is an inner or innate universe of infinite possibility, within you in each cell that is linked by energy or consciousness by energy transfer. Think to be reasonable then you are as you think to know then you realize from the field of information you think to realize.

This universe uses what you see or sense by thinking focus to see the activity that is there as the free will or subsequent change as a side event or the perception that is the main event. Otherwise a collective conscious, that is collected experience that we see or experience that is non local to reality.

For expression that is to create the experience. What you think you can do you can do, so this is reality or energy in different forms of reality. Think to not be controlled by propoganda, so that is what we avoid using. As experience is what you think for some new beginning. This is amazingly true.

Where the space is truly real as experienced, as though a language used as a form was there. So any excess that you have can be instead absorbed into the cellular universe, instead of with your body you see. So avoid fear use what you have. So to avoid trouble with some activity, think so you can be approved or not do.

Some people get awareness or information from their inner universe, by thinking thought to know then your aware of the fact. So allow for knowledge and don't be surprised to what they know. So think there is a point then there is and you get what you wish when you complete the ideal.

I think therefore I am there, this can be seen as though light emitting so think by energy feel I am done. Then you are finished with your work, then you create with something else or what you made. The endpoint is the point I made. For now is the time of myself not him. The creator that is intelligence or consciousness beneath all. That you sometimes devote to use, as you think to the use to be bade, evade or use.

Think not to be enslaved by the use, otherwise you stunt growth by overuse so you are release. Think be to the fact that to be known is thought, that is excerpts of what you think is consciousness with layers or onion layers of thought. That is all there is to be known. As this is a point that you can use xilithol or sugar alcohol to take the place with alcohol, so you don't take in too much as you think so much is done with life as there is no matter to define.

Think to form as you wish, as you think or uprising then think of now to enter alpha mode. Think your out of the alpha mode to not be in it or alcohol. Don't think of what has gotten out of control think of controlling the end result that you do things for. This is intrinsic to our nature as human beings.

This is where darkmatter intercedes. Think to create what you wish for with ideal peace. This is the ahm of inner creation, as the path of creativity or adaptability to the point you percieve that's perception. The real truth is not illusion that you see, this is by the fact or tact that your sober.

This is by the sugar alcohol in foods or alcohol that's in drink formed by what have you, as a liquid extraction that you imbibe to the point then that means you see visions by now. So this is where or what you think of for bliss, now by other things that exist by the fact alone. So think the point then you can use the ideal to work things out, after reviving with the gut brain this is usually with the brain.

This is activity that is with the point. That you can do things sometimes the gut brain can do things on its own. Until energy is not there for it to work with, think to create with the activity that is there to make use of this sense. This is the point or ideal that is there, that exists where or when you think the ideal exists. This I think is there by now, so think then consider the use to make work better.

This is all you can do with that point, what else you can do for the point then if sober. You are pure of consciousness, then you know what you can do with life by feel. This means you can just use water to drink to get the right results, as you think this is water that has the right ingredients or elements such as chemicals.

This is the fact alone that you use things safely, that you create safely with what you have. So you could meet the source as you think to soul travel you lose the body then you are where you think to seem or learn or choose to come back as you think to come back to live as you wish. That is the point you think or live by through the uses you think to create by feel.

So you only need to do what you think is correct or right for the moment. That is all by the now that you do by now or later. So in the case of alcohol even if it exists or inexperience by inebriety, think sobriety so that means its a place to not to visit if for alcohol. So if you think to work or create things think to use water, as this is with the right chemical ingredients. That sets off the point or light energy to seem without stress, so you think then are considerate of others.

Finachi this is where I do know.

soul travel where we are without a form or body otherwise the awakening we went through

evil = impractical use or impractis by inabriated practis
finachi = farewell, finally, fine or finish
dmt = created pinneal hormone activity to create a feel or phenomenon
yantra = program, sometimes a program by the music where the universe is unfolding or you know after thinking a point
dark meditation; focus in darkness to awaken the pinneal gland, as a third eye activity is where you think of things. This is usually as you use ohm or other words such as a mantra, that is words indicating what you think as a point to realize or do by doing.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

how to make your own power eye

 This is how you make your own powereye otherwise here in the secrets of the mind, otherwise you can use a invisible psiball to create the third eye or any eye effect. If you think you create the effect to work with others or thinking is close minded with this. So think to create as you are aware to where you might not get results, so if you think you will then the more you practice the more you are creating with the third eye.

 Think then release the breathe. When you use the effect, as though a spell was cast to create with the point that is thought or stated. This is where this is sometimes in alpha mode entered by thinking the point, then breathing in or out to create a relaxed state then sitting up or moving as you wish. So this is useful as a linear spiritual multitasking.

 If you think of some way to do things, that gets some results or no results really occur. Then if you can think of one way to create with the point. As of you think to work with another state of mind, then you can get along with the others. Just as your defeated by the effect you also can work with the effect, as you think you can work with others so you have a standard power eye effect by now.

 I think to decalcify it the more time you think to use it intuitively the more you can open it up. So when you are aware that you can create the point, your point is where you think to work with the ideal to create by feel like food or drink. Thus you are in some point that an end result is there, thought to create a fully open third eye decalcifies it faster.

 So as an ideal if you are able to function without spasms or need of ideal solutions, think to fix a point so your awareness by now is there to use your ideal solution. With the thought to the third eye of that, this is causing the third eye pinneal gland to open more each time. This opens the third eye then you create more as you are able to create if anything happens.

 Then you are aware of the possibility that this is a working solution that exists what you can think. Well I think of a solution as I think the third eye opens up, every time I think of something. So I think this will work. This shows as a solid energy of the ideal, that the subconscious shows as though some eye shape of the corona. Mine showed as a vision in the mirror, as though a thick ring were there.

 The manifestation; The manifest, here's several ways to do a manifest. if you think a manifest thought to exist, then the manifestation created by focusing creates what you want. This can manifest anything as you think the ideal exists. So the second one is where you think to create something, then the creator or energy consciousness creates what you think by feel.

 The third one you think the ideal then the vibration is felt, creating the feel the body has by what you think or the person that's a victim can think. What can shock you out of possession is the 4th way, where you think or feel the origin point then you create by theory or writing.

 This is by what you feel with a lessening of energy the body has or tiredness occurs, as that's only if you were running a mile with this. think the person has something for you to do, otherwise the person knows what your doing. This only means well by ideal, if you think to work with what you do. Then you are aware, that will possibly happen.

Use this as an example.

 Thought to use the chakra with enough ideal energy, imagine a violet/blue or other color that represents the elements. Where red is fire, aquablue is water, brown is shit, green is earthen or light coloring is air. Use slowly as this flows to all the eyes & enhances the point you think to manifest fully.

 Empowering the eye you think to use or the work goes to the psi chakra ball, that is a psiball to create what effect you want as you think to the psiball to empower it. This is with your thoughts then, as energy to the psiball is techniques or programming by suggestion.

Method 1:

The key element to moving the cones in your eyes/eye (depending on if you what to the Sharingan in one of both of your eyes).

1.focus 65% of your chakra from the top of your head to your eyes. Do this leaving just enough energy in you head to where you can controll yourself.

2.Now calm down and relax before doing the next step or you may seriously hurt yourself.

3.Picture the new cones in your eyes forming from behind the apple of your eye.

4.The new cones should appear in your eye for a breaf amount of time depending on how much chakra you put into your eye.

5.You will know when the new rods have formed because you will fell lighter almost like you can fly and you should be able to notice things happening from far away in your house.

Method 2

1. close your eyes

2. focus on your crown chakra at the top of your head

3. imagine the tomaoes forming behind the darkness of your eyes

4. using the chakra from your crown make the forming of the tomoes possible and imagine yourself going to a mirror in your and see the tomoes in your eyes then wake up you should feel a change and see tomoes for a few seconds in the mirror.


this is apart of the game system that exists that I played just recently.

focus acquired
focus pointed out
made use so created what I thought
seen user but yes I don't no
I am aware
no need as unconditional love
en un need. so this is the point I think to write in the need. this is the end at the point of need not done. this is a system of management that allows you to do what you want. you use the tools then you create the ideal situation. so I think this is the point, I can consider to the uses I think out of boredom or peace. this has been most useful today. where those that no its wrong yet do it anyway don't do it anyway by unusual activity that is used ideal, think to do the point that is useful. so I think this is done and wrong for the point. gone or going is fun but where. I think I will leave this here till I can afford a place.

so if you think I am ready then I am ready, as this is activity that causes due points or perception that rules the moment. this an other things then I think as done by now en empress wins so if you claim this prayer you win. I think this is interesting, though think to create as best you can. this is my use. see to the award and go where you can, think to go as you are aware by now. that is the way of the west. so think to go as you are capable to go, as your aware this building is destroying itself. as you are gone if they go then they go its their choice, so think then to go yourself if you can find a place. farewell.

A way to dimensionally travel is think of the energy as though a gateway to other places then feel the tension caused by energy, as you feel the tension release you walk through an invisible gate point. That shifts you there that you think to exist. Where you thought I am or think to be is where you are going. That simple, no as you energy use wisely the point to create, then you are aware to the possibility that exists. Then as you think your aware, as to place the possibility that exists by now. You can think of a place, the energy shifts you as your energy vibrates differently. This I am sure works for you.

So think, then focus on completing a task you think to do. So use is your own self-suggestions if you have to do things, then you complete your task easier to do the more easier use. The cycle you can walk as you walk a spiral, seen by activity for you circle to cross dimensions to go somewhere. As this is somewhere else. Then all you need is think to do or focus to create what you wish sometimes by speaking if in alpha mode. As I think things out, this makes sense. Now I think to don't always do what isn't supposed to be done.

So if your aware then your good to go as your aware anyway. So feel free to use static electricity or hair rubbing to change the body, this is by static elasticity or the changeable nature of the body by your mind. Controlling through the moldable elasticity state, state the body condition then the body can show changes from feel or energy thought to change by thought focus. That is how this works, so if not then think. The way the cards work are think the question, then the subconscious creates the reading.

Before the reading is done as though a guiding force by energy that shows the way you know what will occur. An if known, is the point you think to do positive things that will correct for your behavior or work by the area you think. She was a point or thinking person that created things when necessary, so I forgive her. So I think I will stop now to live a normal life. Thank you for listening. This is the ending for this blog segment.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Think magic

This is the physical side of chakra points with magic

Balancing the 4 Elements helps the chakra points, that manipulate the energy to create the element that you associate with the point or feel. Each gate from within creates things from what you think works. Your body is equipped with a multitude of energy portals that are thought as your nerve endings or dendrites. These are the chakra points that you think to work with by feel. As you think then you are aware.

This is the case where the energy is the consciousness. You are aware to what is done by the creator that is energy manipulation or something by yourself. This allows one to think to the water or drink to change the nature of the drink to something you want, as the taste or flavor changes then you know the drink effect that is a drink change effect. I think though if asleep then if your aware your asleep and not able to wake up that you waken. Then you wake up by the point you think to make.

The effect is thought that you think to the substance that could be a solid to change the flavor or nature of the product. So imagine a thought to the product to change, then imagine a qualities sheet or some list of changes to the substance then those changes occur. Don't multitask though it is useful sometimes in getting things done, that is doing several things nearly at once or if you do it enough you could look stupid. Think the ideal to create it by the creator that does it right.

The receptors that are designed to channel all that wonderful Universal energy you need to heal. So if you think the point then you direct your dendrites. Though this is sometimes a crystal that you can use, so that you focus with life as the point you think.

What you think that works is what or where you are is what or where you think to seem things. So you can restore yourself or others by clearing the 7 major chakra gates, that are with cleaned energy from adventurine with quartz crystal and maybe incense thats your choice.

Aware they are doing their jobs an this is done by what you feel. Where magic is thinking, so magic is your direction with a point. This is where you think an ideal, then your magic is the spirit that creates with a point. The right point in the right time can create anything.

If nothing then don't worry as things will come up or work out, if you fix things after finding things out then your well on your way to magehood. If things don't work out, then you could drink and heavily if things barge in on you. Just think to drink water so things that work out better will get you no reprisals. Thus if a chakra point is blocked, the point is where your spirit works.

With or without another's spirit, so you wouldn't have done that if things sometimes work out by feel. This spirit is the point you think with the blood energy causing what is with vibration from the body that is felt as vibes. That you associate with good if the feel is better or bad if the feel is worse. Think as your aware that if your creative enough, you can create with what you are able to use you don't have to do things that are unnecessary.

Now as your aware these chakra points are a cool point, while any of these receptors can be affected by negative energy. So its really the major points where the dendrites are mostly bunched together, the seven major portals that are the biggest concern.

Where or when you think the point, then your chakra energy is energy flows that creates what you wish. Influenced from energy that comes off the body. This is where you think the point, then the portals are where the energy builds up to create as it releases. This is the effect that is change by alteration, you think the change the effect is alteration.

So you see the ideal, then that is where you direct by a point. The dendrites are directed to create with the spirit, that is by your means that you use. That separates the 2 strand dna humans, this is from the 13 strand or 3 or more strand humans where they can do it. Where the 2 strand can not so you can handle it. This is a secret society type stuff, so don't be surprised if others disagree. So that makes for a form of finding your divinity by magic.

So I think that this is where they quit as they realize they can do it but others cannot, so you think to use things right think about the image magic. Imagine the image then you can create by thinking the image is the sources ideal, that you think the point then create as you wish or speak. This reveals the public point that most are doing.

So do not be surprised that you are aware where they are not. Unless or until the things they do are doing you good. Then you could continue to work with others or thinking that you want or think can work. So if you think to try magic this might take several times, for once in a singular moment this is where the sigularity creates all.

That is what or where you think then the energy surges things or then something else, as a point is symbolic you can think to create what you wished for by feel. So watch what you wish for as things could work. That's disassociative tricking where you think to do something, then if disassociated from the fact you do what you want where real magic is think to create by feel.

Where you focus or use summations or summonings to create what you want, otherwise use is spiritualism to create by the magic with the spirit. This is where you think then you create by feel. Thinking to singularity things out allows you to void shift the unwanted aspect to somewhere else. This has been proven to shift the unwanted thing as well as a spike in energy, so this could be where you go to get rid of something unconsciously.

The spirit is one that creates that exists things, an use is the energy consciousness that you will. This is thought that defined physically your will that directs the energy. So don't get this mixed up with the spiritual side, for the side of senses with the sensation that you feel is the spiritual feel. I believes that's where you think as you focus then you know.

So think then you are aware that if you think to direct the flow of energy, so you create with the area energy that is usually by a point where you do things right. Due note if no water pressure then you won't feel the flow of magic, so this means things are aware by what you do by now. That is the spiritual point where you think then the spirit creates.

See the point is this where your aware, those seven major portals are the heart of your energy ecosystem and when they're blocked, nothing works properly. Thinking then you create what you wish, think of what you do then think or imagine as you work with a working situation.

This is a point by what you think you can handle. So if you think to work then focus so your aware as you can sometimes understand the ideal. So there was nothing that only means magic is with the chakra or use points. Think then focus then you direct the energy flow.

As a result, you'll feel tired, detached, frustrated and yes, sick because you are aware of your body and don't exactly like whats in it. For what's around the area could also make it ill. This is because your aware then you can create, interesting results to recover or recouperate by what you do. Then if thinking or things don't work by perception as though a flowey effect.

This is because the energy in your body isn't flowing the way it should by blood flow. The objects are aware so they react to what you think and so is your body that fixes the blood flow as you think to correct the chakra energy points. What you feel is what you consider to the point.

So as things exist the way they are, when we talk about clearing energy and activating your portals, its those seven receptors that are going to need the most attention. They handle the gating and are usually a bunch of dendrites close together. So your aware now why the gates are part of your body, I think this is the physical side of chakra use by work. So if you think to the use then the awareness is what is there assuming you think to allow the body, the body will do what it feels is right or not do things to create worse results.

So if your not drunk. That way allows the body to use the body's cellular experience in excellence. This allows their ideal to manifest by magnificense or ideal. The lesson is don't drink alcohol, this is where they think to the point by now that their drunk or bad things could occur. Yet the drunk is capable to leave or is left unscathed.

Thinking as I am and as I mentioned before, that requires some self-discovery work on your part! It depends on what you think at the moment you are aware. So don't be suprised if things are aware, by what you think towards the item.

Fire, Water, Earth & Air along with their mixes are a part of the feel you sense, sense then is there by sensation that you feel to the use. Each has a different soul, though are of one source. The line falls true, as the union within recognises it's own entity. Finesse, balance and the elegance of wisdom reside within your heart chakra thought at this place to work right, so gather your thoughts then focus energy to create what you want. Peace is found from searching within.

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