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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Effect removal

  To provide interference and at a point in the past, to cause the effect to not happen. This could be a point of recollection, caused by a subconscious idea being received from you. Otherwise, this interruption is done by thinking of the moment to interrupt and saying 'undo' or anything else with intent to have the statement occur interruption. The easy way is to leave out the idea and think of something else, or cause the person who made the effect to do so. This is with thought and will to cause the effect of 'forgettance' when the effect happens. Either way, we can remove the event by the effects of the event not happening.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


  Hyperpsionics use frequency manipulation through hypervibration or voice control and causes intent with thought. This is where the Auratic vibes, caused by intention being expressed in varied degrees, mainly speaking, using music or willing your thoughts to occur. This might achieve things. This is interactions like biokinetics with living things. The auratic vibes come from living things.

  Auratic use in reasoning is the main influence in the area, as felt vibes can be the vibration we sense from those people or things we get near. As thought that is the conscious life energy from activity as to show what they did or thought tell us they do bad or good things. Its also the vibration in the air that tell of good or bad energy.

  This is a basis of Hoodoo and Demonism. The effort to do things in a ritual is with double the return action, triple the effect time to others and quadruple the effort achieved. This is using hyper frequencies to achieve or effect results.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The power of the moon and sun

  This is a simple chant that really works. It brings in the power of a moon and a nearby sun. This works on a full moon most effectively. However, on a waxing moon, you can get somewhat of a positive effect. On a waning moon, you can get a negative result. To do it is to state, "By the power of the moon and sun..[name effect here]". Alternatively, this is to state, 'By Pua Mun -n- Sun gy me thyl'. Be thinking of the result you want with each word. How to pronounce it is, [By Poo-ahn Moon N Soon jive meen thiln].

Alternative future seeing

  Its possible to teleport by your will creating wormholes with void energy. To manipulate the electric flow in the air, makes the wormhole more stable. Just shift into the number of the year and then see the wormhole and let future sight happen.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fey law

  This is to cast a spell that reinforces your voice and effort in others. This makes the effect of working your suggestion and making it use fey force. If they disagree, then something happens to stop their effort. The people who 'hear' the subjectivity of the suggestion react to it, and tend to act out the suggestion without realizing it.

  This spell is caused when you gather gaia, an energy of earth's deep force or mana energy, then intensify it, your feeling and gathering the tension and using awareness to focus the energy as though it were a force. This is making it a subjection when your projecting it forth. This is causing the suggestion to be reinforced by energy. Now to think, will or state, 'may this effect happen?', will cause it to further be reinforced. Thus, three things done make it more than likely to manifest or occur by others not yourself. Injustices done are sometimes resolved, when the other person's subconscious attempts to appease you. This only happens when you point something out that they did to you.

  Making the projection of your voice and energy negative. The negative suggestion is then taken and dealt with, sometimes oppositely acted out. When the other people have a ligitimate reason, then they will definitely do the suggestion. Will expressed or thought on thats against the suggestion is cancelling it out. In laymans terms, you can cause them to not do the suggestion and instead do the opposite of it.

  Many use it on the unruly, to control them. Otherwise they use it on themselves, to get better effect or effect they normally wouldn't get. When they think that they are like others, then it can effect them as they become open. Their feelings are then directed by the idea to get an effect. So it becomes possible to think of themselves and suggest something with reinforcement. So, by suggestion they get an effect on themselves.

  A rule to remember is, to only use this on those who deserve it. Otherwise, they can use karmic energy and subject you to the same. If theirs enough energy, they could drive you insane. When insanity hits them from a backlash of hitting or effecting you, then unpredictable results can occur.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Spirit guidance spell

  By trying the guidance spell, you will be guided by the spirit guide to get the effect that you want, and become better. This clears the mind and causes nervousness to fade. The guidance will disappear when its not needed. The process awakens you and your senses and you can feel more powerful. The effect will guide others at your command and it will work anyway they might want it to.

  To do the effect is to think of 'Spirit guide to be better', and project the thought at the target's subconscious or aura. Then you cause their subconscious to do the effect. Unless they don't want the effect, then it will work.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Supernatural communication

  To do this trick, you need to justify to yourself a reason. That allows you to work through the spirit to 'talk' to others. Relax yourself and think of nothing, imagine a calm area like a beach. Then focus your tension and 'Think' of your message and will it to the other. That you need the message to go to. Building up the energy and speaking your message to release the energy, will increase the chance to get the message to the other person. Sending your spirit to make the communication. What will help this is saying "Efoci Efak Bentidoct' pronounced [Ee-folk-I Ee-fake Bentihn-doct", as a chant. Doing the chant as you will the message to them. This supernatural technique even works with interference. When you need it, it will happen easier. You will know the message intuitively as it comes and goes. You might repeat the message with your mouth, as it comes in or goes out.

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