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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, October 31, 2016

new line

This is a new line that I just put in, that I think is there and I can use to listen in to others as they are talking. That is after the point what I think is important for now is done, for what I suspect is there is another place or time that exists near the area set by the bermuda triangle effect or other magnetic effects are there. That means I will use this for the point of energy and working with others. This means I will create what I will do and make work with what is there. So another line is perfect for me, however I will have to drop it after this as I don't need it anymore.

I think I found the culprit, a Kernel jeunel Andrews of some warship. Think in a point and he is "dropped". So I think this is his subconscious, that was where he picked up on the signals and used the bermuda triangle to create his result. So I will block his result by suggestion, answering to noone and let him alone. This is where he gets me, how did he know I could do it without knowing a thing about me? He didn't as he was suspect from the beginning, I think he quit his job and now is retired. Now I can drop the second line and treat the nearby alternative as though not there.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Some life to life

This came from a past life that was egocentric and very self centered yet nice as can be. He died by a fire in his home the day he got a payraise. Then the point remains as to where his remains are. Most likely ashes and set by the fire was an envious fey or major demon formed from his body and spirit. So I think if you call his name, "ebiogas" the destructor. He may come and help you do things by feel with working through others, yet this could also mean not at this time.

So by feel means doing things without thinking sometimes, eventually causing you to work or overwork if thought to cause the effect. His ability, physical magic. His psyche, he or she brings a point to deal by feeling with things. Also you could make a point and he or she affirms it or denies it, as it is done by feel. This was a unique bit of psyche work to do things as I discovered it, but I think the trick will work even today.

This means these idea are from when he was alive, near the en time of 20000 - 21000 years ago. So the remains are actually long gone and he could not have survived the fire an as he was crippled at the time. This is what he as his spirit thought up by feeling the need and knowing the thought, this is the thought with what you think on it then he decides what he wants to about things he knows:


suggested; as this is suggested from what you think to do and not ignore your account for use. this is think and you create by the feel with love or idea exposed or said. as this is the idea as though you intended it by feel. think and you will know things, thinking by what you do leads you to believe nearly anything and not do things by feel. what I think I feel sometimes when I want to feel it, that is an idea or should be the keypoint here. that is what I read from the body of a dessicated teenager, that was worshipped or sacrificed to zeus.

the end


En route; This is the end point or the saying of "at the end" by a two letter word en, this is used by ancient language that we know today in a different form. Sending energy of what you don't want to the planet core is what you do by feel and the idea or energy no longer effects you. This then allows the core to be able to shift you and this causes you to shift to where you want to be, otherwise you appear there temporarily. This is the area that you think of that is appearant in the bill and ted movie or silver causeways or use is a vehicle and trailer hitch for the road.

Thinking of this appearant likeneness to leylines, you may actually travel them by feel where you think of the location and the energy or lava lines can cause you to travel. This is nearly anywhere instantaneous, that you appear where and when you want to appear unless you don't want to appear there. So the leylines are what you travel en route where weight can drop off and energy become restored. So you can do what you want to do. Due note: some faery are very feel type and envious of others. So try this if you want to get some mixed end results.

If en there; Think and you know or feel by the wayside to do what you want to do. Thinking the point at the end is what ends this point. So if you think a thought then think a point to do, see and you can do thinking or things more or less are done and less is achieved sometimes by do I mean by what is doable. So your released, think and you know what this means.

16982; the number that I actually earned this year.

think; think then you do what you intended as though you need it.

yes; I know this is well done so I agree with it.

no; I didn't know enough to test things out or I wouldn't have done that, unless I was assured that it was alright.

orgone thinking:

ghost in the shell psychology; if you think the ghost is trapped somewhere, then it is as you could think the ghost to leave to the astral plane then this would work. This is as though a neutral tone were being told, this works by the subconscious suggestion. That can also create criminal behavior. That creates whatever you want or this is not as if things are done, so think unless if the correct suggestion is being said. just say as you will the idea, that you don't want the ghost to possess you or others any longer and it stops. sometimes the ghost or spectre stops on its own, if what you thought resists a ghost then the ghost stops effecting you as you think it gone.

If you find a ghost in the area. Focus calm at the area you sense the ghost and it turns from poltergeist to spirit or soul, that does what it wants even though it uses and as you may soon realize a ghost is using sheer emotion. So thinking calm relaxes it as it catches onto your thoughts, then you know the point to create by energy. Sometimes resistance is thought to sometimes knock out the spirit or the body that forms there by the spirit manipulation, an then if that is counted as possessing then by a sharp pain or a knock to some surface your free. So think what you want and as you speak it does the thing you depict. This all depends on if this is accurate or not. So you decide in the end as you are not acquired.

needed; An if there is a need there is a way, that usually is given to you by now so go on your way.

thought; I know the way from july 28, 2010 and know what to do. So I think and know what I need and then I can go and do what I need to do. There is no war of the world II or III. The borritos place is barred to customers and goes out of business. This is what I saw. So think and you know it bar non.

whatever; whatever I do my actions are accounted for and taken correctly.

shifting; think your there and your there, as the creator will say things for you if you need him to this is where either he or you do the actions. as you think your there then think of another place, the place appears at least by the energy body to your apparent senses. This is in a nutshell how you shift and you leave the evil you had in the nut. The area energy if enough is what shifts you anyway, I don't see what the problem is with this so think as you like.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Physical orgonne

This came from a new reincarnation as I was a cat dog that died while I went a little too far and got nailed by a car. These are perceptions of the animal sensation:

Thought in waiting; I am waiting for an actual body that's not fat, as an animal I won't mind the weight.

Thinking; think and you will know what you want to realize.

Scene; the scene is the thing that is done and dealt with by what is realized. This is used as though a crime game, where you can guess the pieces. See then you know where or what you need to know. The scene ends as you think it does.

Body; the body shape is easy to recreate and make seem as though there. This uses a higher dimension and some area to work with, think and you can view or identify the body by the activity.

Light switch; switch a light on or off and you can create what you think or focus to make. This is with or by thinking without retribute points.

Off; this is off the list or idea points you may have but I said "may I have use of liberty or not do things at all." That is what you were wondering.

On; you act as though you have a soul. Then you don't bother people. Then do the right thing and have fun doing it.

Thought; So that is where you think it there and it is, think it gone and it is no longer there. That is the rule, no a motto, of the mail today.

End; waiting period: done and over with by fee or feel. Now I am on my way.

Merindy's teeth and gums; she feels better in the body or mouth. Thinking for herself she fixes it for herself. That is all.

Borritos; they go outta business.

Exit; their exit leads me to go right into the middle of the street here and the restaurant here leads me away from here. So your right, they do go out of business. Think before you enter a place of business again by now your wondering where this is.

Go down the street and you will see it. A Mexican restaurant, placed right in the middle of the street. Convenient for them but not for us, so enjoy it while it lasts as it will go like that Chinese place went called foodies. Just not enough business.

Thinking; the point is made so I think I will go back when they're open to the public. Thanks in advance. Your welcome.

Welcome; your welcome so I believe your right about the place and I hope grateful for the information, if you saw it then you saw it. So your welcome to stay here, if you need a place to stay.

Thinking; this was from viewing 2010 events that I pieced it together. So now I think that things will work, this by feel is with the feeling that exists for you or thinking for myself.

Thought point; this is a thought pointed out. If I think I could think too much, so I have to think carefully. I think so I do things if necessary. Then idea is I will go, so I will see you when your open. Ciou till later.

Friday, October 28, 2016

thought by focusing orgonne

This is part of a past and cast off past life, that was near the point and went on to do what he deemed necessary.

His ability was thought energy and painting as though a thought transferred his mind and he was where he could go by a line.

This was by stepping in a doctor who tractor beam or otherwise on a dot or line then he thought transferred and got places.

He died by trying to travel into a hidden sun. Represented by a star burst or yellow dot. By text he could create nearly anything. This is what he could do or so I noticed:

Thinking gone; thinking gone from the area leads one to leave and not come back.

This; this is the main point to do things, so yes it is correct. I am your angel. Enjoy yourself, this is with no worries.

Thought; this is a point to create things not a point to describe, unless you want to describe how things feel or life energy. Do thinking for a pittance. Then you may do what you want. Now everything is fine, think to do what you want.

This point; this point is ended, what I think does not matter. Time to do what I thought.

The trick; the trick no longer works, the trick was make a request or statement and seem a little tense as you do so then they might do the request.

So I guess I have to remain calm and state what I want to say. Then I get what results that I deem necessary. This is used to get the job done. Otherwise its ignored till necessary.

Trick 2; the word that sounds like a word is the word. However sometimes the word is shaped by the words around it. So think to remember that point.

Soul; if you say your soul is mine, then you get a perfect or imperfect copy of the soul in the body.

New service; a first time can be free yet a second time you pay.

An idea; I will do a service for a fee, otherwise this is usually by a feel that this is done.

Qualification; the new guy or gal for the senior homes, qualifies if possible by feel.

New; any new entry is allowed for and added to my site, if needed or it is unique.

Sleep; I can get to sleep when I need to sleep. I don't sleepwalk, I day walk where I walk and do what I feel or need to do. So I think and work to create by felt desire. This isn't to be here though. So go figure.

Then I know you can stop and wake up. Then I know I can stop and do what I want. This is the way I am. Now I will let myself get to sleep... I slept enough, so I think I will do things like take a 50 minute walk.

Just as though your letting me leave you or something is gone, this is by letting it go or you go by the way you feel. Think as you would like to do things. You can get to places with me. Things might get rough.

Take it illegal; this is give or trade, so you take it illegally. Its still legal if uncounted illegal.

Mission; this is a mission as though set by request. Think and you know it.

Paid; think and somehow your paid by what you get. However he may have died while being paid, as though he was run over by the same person. Seeing that he attempted to pay him off.

sung; the idea is blood sung and you know by what is told or said.

Exit the stream; you exit the stream of consciousness as this is light energy thought and rematerialize as yourself, this is somewhere else that you think to appear in waiting by feel. Think and you know by questions or ideal is sometimes pointed out, where thats obvious and where this is by feel and that is the question.

You could become a physical ghost by this means. All is settled all is paid, think and you are done. Ciou till later.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

thought energy with orgonne

Thinking by this time has altered with events, so I thought to make a safe version of orgonne to match my mood.

Pushyness; I will not be pushy or rush any longer. For any given or ungiven reason.

Bruising; any bruising disappears really quickly.

Ricardo; he or she leaves me alone.

En is he; the midtown nutrition does not go out of business.

See; I get to see my favorite shows.

Know; I am leaving, what's wrong with that. Nothing good is on most the time, I exercise to pass the time. There is no reason to stay, if I am bothered everyday by people.

Not bothered; I am no longer bothered by people, but I don't want to stay any way.

Chris laste; his headaches disappear and don't come back. Just think and things correct themselves by feel.

Difference; if necessary you can handle things better by doing things differently. So yes you can lose the one or two pounds, this is from your body weight. Usually this is by exercise though, you can heart pace if you want to risk it.

I ie lp; hell release from the gate of hells gate.

Plastic eating; plastic eating doesn't effect me.

Carbon copy; think and the carbon dioxide hydrofluorocarbons are imprinted into the ground by the atmosphere.

Credit; I will not spend more credit unless necessary. No matter the point.

Copying; I won't repeat him or her anymore, so I will do what needs to be done.

Heavy to light; light I am so things work out by fee or feel. This allows lightweight formation, this is changing from the heavyweight formation.

See that you could be light from heavy to become a lightweight form. So the way to do this is think your lightweight and the heavyweight form dissipates away.

Just as you hold in your stomach your stomach shrinks. What helps this is if you drink water or something without high fructose.

Think; the thinking point is done so its time to go and do things. Think and this is done.

The coming people; people that will come or go will come and go. Clarence will come, Joyce will come. They go as they want to go. Think as you want though, that is the general rule of thumb.

Thought; think as you'd like, just ask and you will know an answer.

Clear; clear is the point and you are understandable by what you do.

Joyce; Joyce doesn't retire, think a point and she understands. No stress is there. So I think this covers it all, enjoy your day.

End; By now I think is the main point that will occur, that was mentioned in astrology. So go if you want to meet your fate. I am sure this works out for you. Ciou.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thinking orgonne II

This was a note that came from a past life, that claimed to have lived beyond death. That means it died in some manner, this is usually by incident with a cat and a car crash. Then the past life moved on and shifted to another realm of existing points of view. All you had to do was think the point, then consider the idea you want and the area shifted to reflect your point with your idea you want. I think this was a unique lifetime that died in his own time, the date does not match our dating periods. So this was rather unique an experience.

The note was:
Shaped by opinions, viewpoints and facts, the clouds can appear straight edged. That indicates something shifted in and was made up, that appears nearby then is where it was going to be.

Some info:
See as I think then, the past life came back to life and lived in the shadow of what was there. For what he was supposed to see. This was revealed by death and remembered consciously. Thinking abstractly can lead to this rememberance.

This was his method: Again it was an abstract thought that led me to this.

Think in a moment, relax your mind and let your mind wander. So what you seek is found. If you seek then or think in a moment, what you see is a find. Think of what you want, then feel it happen.

As you think of the moment, what you seek is there that occurs. Sometimes this is after the fact. So think what you want and it may happen for you by fee or feel. So feel or think and then you can get back what you want.

Sure this means your able to create what you wish. Simply by a statement or a fact, but remember that everything has a cost unless its for free.

So think what you want and its obvious what will occur as you seek for answers, remember this and explore with what you got. Ciou till later.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

thought fixes II

This came from a past life that was weird and died of dehydration while waiting for a ride under self-hypnosis. The thought suggested was, just wait outside.

The ability was forgery and thievery by feel with the idea to gain riches. Otherwise he could do anything by the subconscious with a suggestion to do things. This is what he thought up:

Thought focus; think a focus or a point and know you create by the idea that exists.

Ie ae; ice age, all you need to know and more if necessary.

Other things:

Schiaperrelli; the lost in touch lander is in touch with again. Think and it is done.

Focuser; the focuser if tired is with an energy, that if dispelled he or she can create by that energy going somewhere. That is all there is to this.

Phone use; the phone is a valuable thing, think and its use is done or thought over. Think and this is done.

Focusing; the idea is the focusing of some art.

Fox use; the animal use or abuse is settled and we are not needing them, now I return to my place in time and continue with what I was doing.

This uses these variables: am=ambush, can=can't, ca=can, do=do, an=ain't, no I can't or hand it over, da=day or daytime, ga=giant, fo=for or figure, hi=high, fi=fight, sa=say or save, li=lift or lift up, wa=way to go, RU=run, rel=release, by=bye now.

Eating trick; think to drink something, then sip it and if hungry eat one bite. This soothes the hunger away and causes things to not be needed.

Its OK, your fine. All you need to do is if and then explain it. Thinking about this may get you somewhere. So go ahead and cross as you think.

This is an explanation to a ghost;
See whatever I do, I don't fuel your paranoia as I think to do things. I would believe him to be dead.

So your free to go and do as you need. That's all there is to this. Then the ghost leaves and does not come back. Think and he is gone or whatever occurs is good, this is unless things get bad results.

Merindy; she has the time of day to do things or work with whom talks with her by fee or feel.

Stress level; stress goes down and is at or below a manageable level or no stress is there.

Think; think a point and you may get what you wish, otherwise you wake up and are aware of reality again.

Consider; feel or think the heart rate to go up for thirty minutes, think or feel and as you are aware your exercise is being done. That is all for the merindy corner.

The end; the end is where you are exiting the building and not there or allowed anymore by feel unless allowed for by idea.

The end

Other ideal things:

Thinking; think a point and you get a point or you work by what you consider important.

Apt; that's most apt you might say, just think and you will know the truth.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil; this is phased out and olive or canola oil is used instead at low cost.

Climate treaty; there is no climate ratification process in congress deal making it necessary. Its passed as though allowed with national security. There is no senate roadblock.

Dirty rice; cook hamburger or turkey meat and feel free to add onion, drain away the grease and put some water with it and place any typical rice to cook with the meat.

Then you can choose to eat it or leave it in the fridge unless you freeze it. However I lose 1 to 2 lbs body weight, this may be by use of turkey meat. However its done its doable.

Focus; focis hex is folklore thinking to know as they know your aware, the folklore is yours to realize.

Folk; folk around here don't bother others so they don't get in trouble. That's the general free rule of things to proxima b.

Main goal; think what you want and you create things, this is usually by the spirit creating what you think to exist. This is spirit manipulation. If another has other idea, this is indicated by a temperature flash or sneeze. This is all there is to this idea. So you may end up doing that as well. So be careful and think a counter, that creates what you want if your spirit indicates that point.

A spiritual ghost is with the soul that's Indicated. This is by what you see or sense, sometimes at a certain point in time.

A physical ghost is indicated, usually by a point that is sensed more than felt and the person is emotional or need based.

A living ghost is a person that is spiritual, this is where you sense the warmth of the person unless an alien lifeform, the environment surrounding the person is sensed after you think to check him or her out. That is all for the x-filed cases.

Thinking per use causes the point of a curative or indigestant to be had. So be careful what you think, see the world and enjoy what is left of your life. Ciou for now is the last you will live.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Policymaker wife

I think this came from a past life that was vindictive, so vindictive that she acted nice and this was only a surface act. So I think she was dead by a poisoned (old and rusted) shuriken infliction strike, this was inflicted as she was practicing her weapons throw. So I believe she was dead by the morning and her 320 lbs husk was carried out by 4 policemen and 2 policy makers dressed as firemen. Her ability was manifestation and management. Her magic was what she did and what she got away with by feel. She lived some strange dating that doesn't match today's date and time. So this is some things from her time:


It is there; It is there for the taking excepting if it is a soul, if you care to come or go then you can get it.

Time to go; Time to go for now I achieved what my goal was for coming. Seeya around.

He left; Time to set things to be what they are supposed to be and allow walk-ins as per risk of them staying. I do have a secret weapon, though you didn't know it I have the walk-ins other bodies that he has left behind and well preserved. As all I need to do is think their name and they are there. That is all I need to do.

18, 160, 180; location I remember being buried on the moon and reappearing, too.

the end.

exercise; general term for this means anything is exercise or activity is exercise thats what you do, as though the exercise of something. If that is what I needed, thanks.

chocolate mint tea; get a chocolate mint plant and plant it, hopefully it will grow as you let it grow and then you can collect some chocolate mint leaves from the bush. But be careful that you plant it in a planter, that is its own as it will take over the pot. Then steep the now tea leaves in water and feel free to add celery seed to the brew, just as you let it brew or steep for 3 minutes in hot water then add ice cubes and add stevia or sugar substitute you are done. Drink and enjoy. Oh btw this actually is used in most things tea wise with chocolate mint nature, as you might suspect it satisfies the hunger an if useful keeps you from eating. So this is well worth it.

dream tree; make a sign in unison or the unison sign and focus then stop when you feel the dream tree is gone, this is thinking to cause caustic vibration to the tree and release to people and yourself held by the tree from the eternal dream. However due notice, the dream can be directed by subconscious suggestion, where you can telepathically communicate or think on images that the others could see.

They often point to some physical activity somewhere. Where a good event is accepting an event or experiencing something, as though the point were a finger jab or some incident with the good event that goes after. So if you don't want it, just think it doesn't exist an ain't here. Then it won't occur to you to create the event or physical activity here by feel. This is by the physical event not happening, if you don't need it to occur.

So I think and your a point to set free if it is true. As this at the end could mean imprisionment in some alien united states, that you need only step a foot or body out the door to step free and you are the free man that you are now. This is indicated by a breeze where there is no breeze, then a sense of freedom that you are free from a long held area. That means you thought you were being imprisioned in some area and you placed your body there where you were caught and imprisioned. See if you think your not imprisioned and feel your not there, think so then you are no longer held captive.

Just remember if you don't remember the rest, that the right images get the right meaning across with some dream interpretation. One thing though, some signs are physical if you use your third eye, counted. As this is mangyeko and this allows, that for a thought is where you are able to manipulate the physical reality by feel. So thank you for some results. Where other results are seen as signs, they are as though as if they never existed. By feel they could exist if you thought them to exist, otherwise they don't have any existence here sometimes. As this can be an idea, this is sometimes as soon as you go free or because your regrettable.

As that is suggestion being spoken and heard by the subconscious, it is sometimes done unless the right suggestion is given or sometimes done. Such as I dream I am eating buffalo wings, when thinking the thought to do someone in or feeling bad. This means you could redirect the persons thinking. Others things you can do is end a match, this is using the unison made or made suggestion thinking the unison sign. As though you have no cross to bear. So think as you must, you get free as you can.



stevia; ever tasted coconut dark chocolate cocoa? tis simple, get dark chocolate stevia and coconut stevia and put it in water and add vanilla then swirl it around and you drink. want it in chocolate soldier form? put it in carbonated water instead with just enough stevia to make the taste alright. great taste, less filling.

oe = the end as flow stop is ioa
ioa = stop flow, flow to stop
go = ioe, joe, i ae, flow away
th en = the end, discussion, waiting for the end otherelse
the end

weight; weight lost remains lost by feel, this is true except for items on the body. items you find again by feel with what you do or know. so I lose weight to 175 lbs on a scale. However this is exquisite, taste is of coconut dark chocolate cocoa by stevia and created in some idea. As a great way to lose weight with less need to eat or lesser need to drink soda. She set off her condition very easily by soda pop.

ghosting; think your a ghost and your spirit seems like one in appearance, wherever you feel or think to appear. you can listen in on area conversations and things like focusing, this is using your emotion to create object movement or a lift. however your spirit will feel warm not cold. an if they knew this, you could give yourself away by temperature. If they don't like it, just remember you don't have to do it. She corrected for her condition by this method.

goblin change; the goblin change is simple, use is a tragedy and then the point is focusing on doing what you want. what they believe you are acting like is the starter and your energy or the energy of things changes you into what you act like. Like you act like a cat, then you could change into a cat. Act like a goblin then, you could become one or use is by feel what you think you are that you act like. This is what creates the reincarnation into animal shape possible. Otherwise if you find a roach where there was once human, then you could smash the roach and then release the spirit to become human again. Goblins or human goblins counted as goblinoids are easily able to shift, just like other faery can as they think and focus then project forth or move about then they are gone by the feel.

What to do; You could feed a pet or avoid them if too dangerous, so think and the need is to avoid them if they are dangerous. However holding your hand out with no fear, calms them enough to allow you to pet them sometimes. If you find a goblin nearby, then avoid them and avoid leaving something there for them as they could make a cat or dog that is their bearing to observe you or you could attempt to drive the goblinoid away. Then you are absolutely safe for awhile, as the goblin usually doesn't visit again if you don't intend it too. A goblin is a being made of energy that creates a point of disturbance and either steals someone away or attempts to get away. This is all for the files of goblins, enjoy what you read.

Hannah; she likes me yet I care about business more, so I will treat this an as though a customer based service where we service each other. So next time I can speak to the counter person I am a happy customer.

medusa's cure; use coconut milk or coconut stevia with dark chocolate stevia in water mixed sometimes with celery seed and definitely vanilla extract. Added for extra flavor of idea curation, use a little paprika to spice it up. This added to water is great and you don't taste the celery seed hardly. So I think this is a unique flavor, this means by the way things work out. You think better and the coconut causes better feelings.

medusa's curse; this uses a blood sacrifice or sharp stab, think of a shape and will yourself or someone else to become that shape, get a wound or have the person wound him or herself. Then the energy of the blood surges, this is blood or object energy going through the body to change by cell activity the body shape. As the soul of the victim enters the body, your done where the shape starts forming by feel.

This means don't eat, think to drink only water and use what distraction that you want unless you eat a spinach leaf or something leafy. Then your safe from the need to eat, this is usually as the weight if any appears can disappear by feel off your body. The weight that disappears isn't the object weight that disappears. Think before you speak, if you are going to use this you could be taken as though an alien. Your seen as yourself and as next time may be your last time to use it you are warned.

orgone thinking:

an en in; this where energy returns you from whence you came, think and you you are in the area and free by what you can do.

usage: think to improve your life and you do things better. that is all to the manual, think to improve upon what you have learned now what is the 3rd word 2nd verse: "all" I think so I do. Correct so your soul is free to you. enjoy what you have. This game will end in 3 seconds, think on your answer. As the end here is what it is.

maximum; If you find your weight going up, then think there is a maximum weight or energy charge. Then decide to go down in weight and you do. As thought this is to her and done for her, so I have to be careful. Now I will think before doing any action, then work off what I do by feel. This is important for my coming days as I think I could be an astronaut, this means I am aware of anything that is an important effort.

So I thought this was an important note to add to my article, if I may do it when I think about it. I will think to do this right though, so this makes sense. So this is with a thought that counts. That means I will do what I can, where I can and when I can do things. Since this is a self-fulfilling thought. That is all there is to this, so I will leave feeling this is less important en is this. Ciou till later.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

thinking fixes

A point to do is a point that's almost done or always done, thinking to make things happen or work for others is a solution. Thinking to work with others, otherwise is what I consider. I think and thinking is how I see him, as a ghost here that exists by energy.

That causes him to be limned in energy light, seeing him otherwise that is from the area light flickerings and almost power outs or smelling body oder where none was before. Those are indications of the ghost manifest. That is my true mission now, thinking and this actually is to get the ghost to reveal himself and leave as though ghostbusting. This is a few pointers and area that I see useful.

So what I think counts or matters by feel. I set up normal events, then created the point as though I ride the waves of energy and as I imagined that I crested the wave I left. Then I was aware, that I was away by a fee or easily by feel. So Sallie vie and farewell till I return. This is what I encountered, as I was gone with the wave by feel:

Think to fix; if you think to fix things the point is done and things go back to normal.

Thinking point; Think a thought then, focus and create. That is the method for this idea. This is where you think a point, focus to do things and create by feel.

Thinking idea; This is what I use for thought as thought exists, this is used by the third eye for work or you create by doing actions. This is activity that's done by now, so think something else.

This k and do; think and do things at the acceptable pace. If the pace is accepted then your fine. As I think about this, that was the last time I talked to him.

He was a police officer, that was living in a house near where I had passed by sometime ago. So I think he left me alone on purpose.

So even though he was quite irate. I believe he was aware of everything I did there. All I got was a ticket and some explanation.

Ricardo; sugar doesn't effect him.

David graves; he doesn't recover and dies in the place he is.

Mickey miller; she pays the 25 dollars without begrudgement and does what she does.

Paul Moisant; he keeps his house and home, as he finds a job and can afford the house no matter what.

Talking; talking or messaging on the phone is allowable, even though I am aware of things that are different. Remember next Tuesday to chat with Paul.

The end.

Some more points that reflect this truth:

Thinking; the video effect is where you think the point and you are aware of what is there. That is the point that you know, then don't always react to by feel. When in video and you end it, it always seems to be in the head as in ie.

Washing; think to do the washing and you know cleanliness.

Instant unswell; for an instant unswelling of the body, drink a little substitute sugar and then use carbonated water for the stomach weight instantly disappears.

This doesn't get all the weight, what does is menthol that you use as a cough drop. That really works well. I hope you enjoy your day. Chris

In ie = don't worry
As ie = assuming not to mind
En ie = anything for use
As ie ie; as a basic need is done
En ie ie = anything for use
Ae ie = any diet

Other stuff:

No hurt; think no hurt to work no pain by no pain.

Some suggestion; I do exercise long enough en is. There you go, as though the right suggestion. You always have the right answer. However this stops, at the point you think it does.

En is the en in sight an done; the end is done, think what you want and you get what you wish. So just think, any answer is an answer by fee or feel. That is why things work sometimes by sometimed event.

No problem; Juno gets out of safemode and does science. No problem exists an thinking is done. Whatever occurs, no problems happen.

Just as there only is situations with no consequences. This is an emergency mode of Juno, that will naturally be brought out of so enjoy what peace you have.

Think; think a point an use the toilet, then notify authoritied people if anything is stolen. That is all for today.

Thought; you remember what should be gotten and work without too much stress.

Safe; the safe deposit still works as a box, this is a point still to do otherwise. I wonder what else in this old forsaken place is going to not work, so I better work quickly.

Thought ii; success, I succeeded in helping people out and the machine works again. Till later on that means the dollar isn't really accepted. So I think my job is done. Ciou around.

That was the scary part, this is the hard part. I had to do that in an advanced time that things were no longer actually working. So I hope this works out. Yes now were set off or on better. I think those are the two options. According to my guide, the machine will work so all is set.

Mistake; I think I made a mistake, as I turned off a machine function I turned off a flashlight or two. Now its back on as that is a shared space named solace, with quantum mechanics got there and back again the same. I think this leaves out no options as to what I can do.

Focus; if I focus then create by thinking, activity I do think about will be created by the subconscious.

Thought ii; I successfully made the machine work this way, so I think I will do something else for now. Ciou till later.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Note from past life

This is a note noted as fuze oegonne that I received by soul communication from a past life, noting the fuze trip he had as he overate there and moved on from the plane by the restaurant door:

This king I knew would work with me about things, the end result was usually the point that others understood. His name was Recardo, but to see him now is much to beknown an abstract to what he was in the past.

So think and you will know what is possible an seeing him. This orgonne is for fuze, the restaurant as well as for anything else. Otherwise else is the point that you make. Enjoy this as this is the last, you might have to see him.

Ever tasted coconut dark chocolate cocoa? Tis simple, get dark chocolate stevia and coconut stevia. Put it in water and add vanilla, then swirl it around and you drink. Want it in chocolate soldier form (that is a carbonated chocolate drink)? Put it in carbonated water instead, as this is with just enough stevia to make the taste alright. Great taste, less filling.

Friday, October 21, 2016

quick fixes II + III

All these are by feel, these are where you are with quick fixes to things that fade away. As though, whatever I said isn't physical until I want it to be physical. So its not done until i am aware it is or you think it is.

Some suggestion works like that, some works as you said. Just so this only means you can watch what you say and you might not do it.

Quick pay; This is a quick note from a merchant. Saying that if your going to pay by credit then say so you know, that way you won't get any extra charges from me. Thanks.

Lisa; we get along but leave each other alone.

Ricardo; his frame of mind is fine, so he's doing fine. He doesn't degrade any more, so that he creates what he needs. Just as though he wants something reasonable, this is without needing extra attention or thinking I went to sleep.

Something by reasoning; the thought is something done is done impressive and just done, unless you didn't want to as if okay. But its not as though you were right or had to be okay with this. This just means your okay by what you do. Whatever occurs to you that's obvious.

Not reasoning; not the reasoning that you thought, you see the rationale and focus to work with what is done or given not.

Not net; this is net use and not on a network is it always done. Think and you will be rewarded.

Thinking; this I think is alright by now, so think what you want and you can get what you desire.

Thought; I get money in return for a thought, thinking or service is done, otherwise in use is a point to use for an example.

Such as a highwire, where you walk across a wire strung in the air. Imagining the platform, that is under your feet moving with you and keeping you from falling.

About 500 dollars will do. I am energy aware. Things work out, things build up and things improve. Otherwise things go down the right road or path.

Hiwire; listen to the wavelength and imagine yourself on a floating platform, then your in tune to the wire and with feel by focusing you can walk across.

Thought; I think the point then you experience the idea or you think the thought and sometimes you speak it.

Think; thought is a point and thinking is what releases you. Done is done so accept it and go on. This is the last lesson of the basic point that I had. The use is by what you do things for by feel.

New stuff:

Who cares; that is the basic point that I had done to me, I guess to teach me a lesson about humanity. So I think this is the end of my records, until I get other things that occur. Ciou.

These idea are where you are the quick fix. Think and you know more than is there. This is by the pinneal gland that counts as a third eye.

That is what creates the basic idea, that you write with focus. An if you create with the third eye then, you create by the feel or by the point you make with a thought.

Just think and you know what will occur. Focus your mind, think what you want and the third eye creates it.

Your third eye is where you know what creates anything metaphysically. So think or the energy comes and you do the actions, that means you create by the idea with feel. This is the idea by fee or feel.

However because of it, I will never actually have to live or die till I want to have died. As I use energy I use my cellular energy. As I am aware I have a life, I will live it excepting when there's no life to live. So I guess I live to my guesstimate and I live only where I can. So I feel depressed, as I know I can die I live or die by my own whim.

This was how my past life felt, that was called permisan and cursed to live forever. So I think curses away and know, the curse will not effect me if I feel it won't. This is what I call a cycle of living. However you want to live you'll live and how you want to have your death or something stopped then there is a stopping point or death comes thereafter. Thats all for today, now I'll ciou and go my own merry way by feel.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

quick fixes

These are quick or not so quick a fix, by fixes I mean things that will work. When you think or focus on the point, as it depends on the thought.  This also cam from some ideal situation, that I think has reflections to the past. So if I am right, by the info presented, he or she died of aging disorder and this was caused by an eating disorder that was hard to get away from. So I think the body is in the area of a volcano an is near the sumatra.

This was mentioned in a bible or two, otherwise the babylonian area volcano. This was the last area that the body is right now. I sense the body in two different locations, because of the time of the body. The earlier time location was sumatra the later time was babylonia, I was thinking how old it was and figured now the body is around 1368 years old as it is well preserved by feel. So this sorta came from her spirit information, as I decided to call her by hex or spellcasting a her and not a him.

So enjoy what you can, this is from what you read of this post by now. The information here is quick fix orgonne, that is modelled for today's time and came from guidance of the past. So you can see my point in writing them down, using them is optionally yours. Then optionally, you may write them down or use them, as experienced points of view where they are area experiences.

Lowered cost; the windshield is lowered in cost and easily found. However its found.

Injection; they don't hurt at all. If they hurt before, now they don't. Even for merindy, it won't be painful. So your in good health, its in enough. Pulled out enough too.

Fees; lower fees will happen by what you do. Think if use is there, by what is there.

Auditor; the auditor passes us by feel.

forest fires; forest fires are now half the size.

Yuppies; all yuppies leave the building and stay out.

Ricardo; as ted or whomever, he or she doesn't cause the counsellor or people to quit here, as a job is available or have too much stress.

Hurricane Nicole; hurricane Nicole dissipates into thin air energy.

Space delays; whatever causes the space launch delays simply doesn't cause delays anymore. Even if it is a hurricane.

Back door; the back door of the repair truck opens up.

Food; say goodbye to the food, as if a forgotten friend and you know the peace of mind to not want to eat.

Freedback; this is freed time by feel to do what you want, an is if you want me to know something. Otherwise don't bother doing things in the area.

Focus; think then do what you need to do, as long as there is sanity.

Feel; feel as you must then is the time you get what you can.

NASA; the nasty side of life does not happen to them and they catch a break. They launch missions and the resupply mission, will go off the planet without a problem.

Lisa; she doesn't gain more weight. Lisa loses her excessed belly. Her focus is not on me.

Ricardo; his focus is not on myself, it is on another. Namely those that hurt or ire him. Ricardo and ted is no longer a nuisance.

Merindy; she is capable of handling things as it is she experiences them. Work is what you make of life.

Warren; he gets what he comes for unless its stealing, however he doesn't come too often here as he is homeless.

Worth; worth is a value that you think of then, think no value and there is no worth. So worthless is just a thought except when you think the thought worthy, focus is a point or thinking is a concept. Think and you will know worth.

Demane; the freedom is yours as you only have to reach out and grasp it.

Freedom; the freedom is in you as you think your free and grasp the imaginary collar, then you are free by what you can do. Think and you are free.

The act is the information to be free, this with thought is to cure your body of any illness. This is illness thats seen or felt that exists in it, that disappears by feel or thought.

Think; think and go for the thought is your own thinking, where you think and do things.

Storms; storms can make you tired, yet solar storms can cause things to work wrongly. So what if you are okay in a storm.

I think you are aware by now that things you think could form reality. Especially in a draconian human world. So that is all with a day. Think to relax and relate, an is as you can or cannot do things based on what they can do there.

Biscuits; I am going to make carrot coconut biscuits so this will be fun.

Pad-0A; there is no trouble from wallops, Virginia island as this is launching or creating a show without rocket explosion. But they're aware of when it might occur.

Juno; the Juno satellite valve issue is fixed by the creator. Thinking to work with an idea to create things better, the creator correct ted or corrected my problem.

I discovered the creator can correct for anything that's possible order there. So Sallie vie Juno if you don't survive Saturn, then that is that.

Work; work needing done is done, all I need to do now is focus and create with what I need by feel and thought.

Werk; Think and you will know what is right from what is wrong. So you know its easy to determine between reality now, think to realize what is there and you know this by what is done.

Poppy seed; this can reveal dope or marijuana use. Think and don't use it if illegal, the use is known though so its okay.

End speech; the end of the war, think and you will know what the ending is according to your own idea or actions.

We don't need to give our way over and surrender our rights to the government. All we need to do is work with what is given. Think and you will know peace.

So we have the end now for the beginning. This is a peace of mind, that will effect the heart to improve how the heart works.

So I think we are safe with the idea, what we do with our life is our own idea to deal with and by feel is sometimes how we think.

Think of the poverty and the poor, then think of the rich and you will know wealth beyond measure. You don't have to give your rights away. That is all for today.

I hope you enjoyed your time with me, as this will be your last as for now we detect a wave of energy coming through that will set off a wave of water that is 20' tall so I hope you enjoy your day. Farewell.

Oh BTW if you hear that song in the background, that you remember from the past then the wall of water is coming near you. So just enjoy the wait. That will be all for now. Ciou and faretheewell. I will be going now.

Exotic; all the exotic pets we delivered to you are free, as long as you take care of them.

Thinking; thinking of this I will be going now and hope you didn't mind the intrusion on our part that you sensed for our coming here. So I hope you ate good.

Just as you know an this is your last supper, as we put it in one of our books. So I think and I know by now, that I hope I was a decent presiding resident. Ciou for now we sense it coming. Ciou.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Homicidal maniac lifetime

This is a lifetime that I was remembering that I could turn homicidal and maniacal at any given moment. Pushed into it by others I believe nearly anything that would work for me, would do for the point to drive someone away. If he she didn't like you, then he she would appear invisible near you to get what he or she wanted. Otherwise he she uses psychic ability. This was unless he she wanted something, then he she got what was needed. How he that was a she died was when he she got distracted, spotted too late and got ran over by a speeding vehicle when crossing the road. Basically he she died from the distraction. So I think this is what he she was going through:


money: store and window shopping; money isn't the ideal to see or buy what you do. as you think before you consider or buy things. money isn't the ideal in buy, for what you do for a buy in stock or trade.

weight; I lose some weight and then gain no weight as you don't put it back, that is how things are for now. think and you will know real weight loss by feel. for food: think one less as you think to eat before you take a bite.

exercise; I am eware think to exercise if you feel the need to go out and do things. this is also a will exercise, so you don't obey the christian writings. Just imagine what the world would be like without order in your life, then think I have order and chaos diminishes so you are well behaved. That is an improvement, don't you think? I believe so I will work on it by feel.

the end.

The weight loss; the weight I end up is 176 or 177 lbs and remain at 176 or 177 or less. so thats no big surprise there. I wonder though, how will I keep it down except by diarrhea. I think this will occur by a mixture of eating better, using diarrhea self-induced by three glasses of tea. Thinking the point that I am sure is well off, I will go ahead and do this by feel. I am making sure not to indulge in things that I need not eat. That is all for this topic, as though in combination of a farming sitation except for harvesting the chickens or creating with food. Now to move on. The next topic is energy eating and causing weight loss by self-fulfilling need before the need is done. Then the idea of orgonne: the tropozoic machine code, that causes by what you think to create what is sometimes thought.

thought; think the thought to be understood and picked up on, as you think it the other person knows what you think.

social security card; I get my social security card back by use of the spirit, that goes through everything and in my wallet it is by now.

end; the end is rehearsing or goen places by feel. I don't feel like my apetites increased, no matter the point. I am just waiting on the point by the roman eruption.

the end; if by now you know what it is, think and you know what to do an if eninem.


roman eruption; The volcanic eruption will occur of erupting nature cf a eruption by rapidly building underground volcanic gases and vapors with growing pressures. This will create things by what you think, with in basic idea or points of vibration and light cast by lava. This is what has been recorded by aerial plane so this was the last of rome. I couldn't even eat a banana because of it. I am not a volcano nor do I act like one, so I think I will await the eruption or go early.

orgone thinking:

weight lost; Although this is the last tine, I made that I read this from I think its now for time I write this one. I remember writing it many times before. I think this is the eat an see idea, so where you situate yourself you feel to not have to eat, thinking as your aware of the point you know is true.

Think and feel is the cue for this diet style, as you think the point then. Seeing things you fee or feel the ideal situation. An if you are aware of things there. You create by what you feel is right, as you think to work with what is available.

How you lose weight is eating less, not more and you are able to work it off. This with tossing away extra food you don't need. I believe is the secret to the diet. So think an off you go doing things.

If you need an excuse think, as though being active and exercising is the key to start this working. What ends it is likely an opportunity to weigh and notice, "wow I lost weight."

Think what you like for what you can do, as with this point is work by or with this as a concept or ignore this point. This might take a few days, since if you starve yourself or eat too much lean meat you might not stop eating. If you find that you can't then.

So if you eat a little fat or some low calorie and non (high) fructose candy, an is the body point that is usually by body reaction where you can think to stop by need.

So you can ignore the feel if you don't need the food for an ideal situation, this is for as long as possible so you seem to hold off by remembering an use a fee or feel.

Thus if you use willpower over the body need, as you simply don't feel like eating things. You sometimes won't gain weight, if you exercise it off and this is only if you feel you over ate and overspent your budget by feel that you know is right. As I feel, so I think is the feel. That is all I know or understand of this.

some article to do:

May these teachings be of benefit!

So its proven that your voice is your subconscious control. As its a point to work things out, you know it by what is there. If you think to work out, you get indications by what the body does by suggestion. So its proven that the voice control over the subconscious is what occurs the suggestion, you can see the change in ideal body shape or use is a concept to do work by feel. This is what amazes me the most, cold or warm water is what creates some of the body changes and the rest is history. Keeping busy is what allows you to work things out better. Just remember, cold water is for lack of apetite and warm water is for breaking down oily foods, this is with a raise in metabolism and some increase in eating unless you resist the need then to do. Think and you know things. Work and feel life as a thought exists with the flow of blood. That is all I remember of that time, but I know it may have significance for you so enjoy it while it lasts.

some lost article as a scam

Cris; cries of some emotional fits

cres; I am energy aware by now.

waxgib; knowing I see the light to work with the path an is there if important.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Intelligent crystals

How crystals work

Here are some cool crystals facts, if you think to the crystals that you can hold or think to. Think to them to get them to do things. You have magic. Some quartz are useful this way. So your thoughts are, programming, that it does if you feel you need to create the effect. Yeah the larger the crystal the more they can do.

So their power can be cleansed by what you think to cleanse through water infusion, sometimes by the cleansing of the surface you cleanse the crystal itself. This means toothepaste also works, with dissolvation its the fluoride mixed with your cleansing thought that cleanses it spiritually. So its all good for now.

If you thought the same, then the thought may be this. You gotta clean the bad energy, yep tis important. A clean crystal surface allows the crystal to work with your thought as vibration better. Its consciousness is what you think of the point you thought it did. Just so you know how your crystals feel to you, you might wear them near you if you want to cleanse them faster for a few days.

What magic to try with these crystals, so if you think to get something that you want and the crystals will oblige. Then if you don't know and you think you do know then you will know, for if you want to see the result unless you don't get it then it will happen. So I think 'it will work unless it wont work', hex or not thats the two ways of experiments. What they prove out by the idea is sometimes, that this is expressed to what occurs by the idea. So I guess its voice.

As the sound or vibration that is used by the crystal, sensed and converted from within is where you send thought energy that allows for things that it can do. So this is where it could mimick your thought, this is a point as though you spoke something, as though understood then this means it knows what to do. So this where its mimicked or used thought as if it is its own idea, as though you notice it and it seems to have a consciousness.

I think this is just like hear something and your aware of things, so its aware to do things as it hears your thoughts by feel as vibes are its nature. See otherwise things are naturally understood, as its an amazing feel by the feel alone. So thats the two phases of the crystals understood nature. So however it works, it works well if it does. I think so it believes what you believe, when in tune to your thoughts. So if that is the point I think this is, for what thinking to a crystal does. Your communing to a crystal.

Written by caz, spellhawk, ben

Monday, October 17, 2016

the end or intelligent yuppies?

I believe he got smart and stopped believing everything that he was told. As he worked for it, I think this shows what I know to be true. So I will treat him well. I think he just went along with me anyway, to appease my sense of ego and think for himself as I thought aloud. Which proves intelligent yuppies know things with a grain of salt. So I think he knows the end of life. As an aspect of this life, his subconscious even showed me it by things that occur. Haha he believes that ciou till now is the end. He doesn't even know the ending of civilization. As his subconscious shows him, it was ashes and some activity. That was it. I wonder where he got that point. Intelligent yuppies are certainly well informed. As this is my last actual posting about yuppies in general, I will leave this posting system alone. This is my last post on here. As updates may come later, I don't know when but sometime is all so I can say, Ciou.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

yuppies II

Think and you will be rewarded is what I got to doing, so thinking about things as a point is being made is where this is. Nothing more than that. Its not like I believe everything that I am told.

So if you just thought for once then you will know what is there and by what I mean, I mean you will know by realization for what is possible with what is there by feel.

So your a guppie instead, one who believes everything he or she sees and reacts as though it sometimes were not real. That is a tragedy though if they got into a position of authority. If one believes everything they see, what isn't true? Nothing to them but everything to us that really isn't true.

Haha. I love this game of yuppies that I with care, can even play on guppies. So if you think and work with the language like this, that what you say indicates what is done and what is said is how you say it. Then you may know what is there by feel or sight.

With sight comes knowledges that you can think and just think, the point is clear. Then you know things by what is done. So you call me a yuppie for believing it, I call you a yuppie for believing what you believe by now. So lets end this here and stop the name calling please. Thank you.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


 ya gotta love yuppies that believe everything thats written down. its amazing that all you have to do is write something and it is believed to be true until proven untrue. its amazing if not a laugh. someone that believed like a yuppie still believes what he saw. haha

 what do you think? he will say that and then believe every word, not thinking that it could be untrue till proven with a grain of salt. heheheh
 I had fun making stuff up with a big stupid yuppie that also believed every word, that's how I came up with that idea. He didn't know what to believe after awhile so left the conversation and almost didn't chat with me again. hahaha

 I can't believe how stupid stupid people can get sometimes and they say they had education. my question is, what education qualifies for a yuppie that doesn't qualify for normal smart people? smart yet dumb actions thats what. that is a question I could never answer.

 you could state something and they would use logic, that if its not logical in the first place would allow them to dismiss it. sometimes if not too serious they could laugh it off. as though they "figured it out" and then they say "oh". thats the funny part. yuppies are interesting to say the least. yuppies will go so far as to believe what they hear until they believe its not true. by this fact even if I pointed it out to them, some would still believe that idea. hahaha I wonder about them and how stupid people are born.

Friday, October 14, 2016

normal orgonne experiences

Normal orgonnic is here in this list. Think as you can be any use or want to use it.

In between world; you can travel through an area or you can notice what traverses between the area your in and the area that exists.

Going to another area. I noticed roaches, fleas, ticks, bed bugs and rat infested area, that they appear human or some animal formation.

So just as you notice them gone from the in between world, deathly detailed by the third eye. They are possibly there where you are.

Still having made the traversing of the in between to cross over, to here or there where they originally were.

Having gone through a hole in the wall or area. I think this is annoying but this is where the third eye, can give a good indication by a vision viewed somehow or somewhere. Just to see as to where they are, if you need to know

Memorial; that is my memory of my past on my family and there's no bringing the family members back.

In; This I noticed as he was a passerby, by feel he will go into the hospital as he was thinking.

'in I go and to do the duty of this, as this will be the last thing I do is a report and some cop. Enjoy yourself world.'

Focusable; this is the last idea that I believe will occur, thinking the point of fact and the fact occurs. I hope he enjoys this life. Its his last here on the planet. In I go now.

Heaven; heaven is the heavens or the sky with the stars and planets. As you think to be somewhere, you are there and if you look away your back.

Weight feel; think the weight and you are the weight you want to see.

Normalcy; think your normal and you act normal to others, this is by sight and this is including yourself.

Veteran; I am a veteran and don't mind peoples comments to my activity.

If; if the idea is spoken you may talk about it, thats if you think its important.

By feel; think by feel or use by fee to create the results that you wanted.

Bye fiend; think you know what you know, the end has come and yes, bye fiend.

New lease; if Ithink on it I may be able to be there, the new lease is coming up and I will be there instead of here. Goodbye annoyances.

The end; the end of this story is the supervision of yet another place by feel. I had left my old lease and went on to my new one.

The end is a done thing, using idea from me, Mattman and Joshua I pulled it off. Now all I have to do is wait to see results or not stay around to be somewhere else.

Time; I don't think so as its time to go anyway, before things get too intense. So ciou to you old place. I welcome the new place.

Pumpkins; there are so many of them that this will take a few people to carve them. I just wish I didn't carve so many.

Weight loss period; this is a period of weight loss that I lose weight from viewably by feel. I can resist the feel and need to eat, so I no longer eat as much. This is indefinite and I don't mind the need.

Thinking; I can think to work and play, otherwise I can work as I play. So I can do what I need to do. This will be so much fun today.

So I get to carve a pumpkin or I watch them do it, outside my windows as I could act the camera person out. I know for certain the pumpkins won't last.

Weight loss; this is by a wait and see or eat n see type dieting. Where the diet is you either eat or don't eat. I think this is by feel, for this one is ruled by a point in the past.

Sometimes I feel to exercise safely the moment I ate. Sometimes things just work out. This is a point I got from mirindy. So I know its true. I wonder what else will occur by feel.

After this point I had fallen asleep, an woke up on another planet. Thats thought to be this planet and I noticed. That there hardly is use of any soil and no regard, as though if there were no karmic debt.

Though now I feel there is a time for anything, the rules that you think exist for any given moment. I know now there is no karmic debt. So enjoy yourself. As I think so I know, so I now am where I am, ciou.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Observed influence

This is a point of observed influence by a forest with a few watchtowers. That I noticed were there, this I noticed was the influence behind a forest game and a few orgone idea. Noting a few people, an if they so escape from a forest fire.

Thinking; I think so I am that is the way of this world, so silently we go and slowly as well. Seeing as this is a point to due process, I will leave this alone till necessarily I have to do things more or less. So enjoy yourself as this is a long list.

Due note; this is some of the influence of orgonne that I noticed.

The subconscious; the subconscious creates if you th ink it will and feel is what you consider. Feel and think and you consider what is there.

The mind; the I d is more appropriately named, the hidden things that create for you. This is when you need, the idea and where you think appropriate. Leave you if when.

Id; what you do is what you get or create as though vor and work, as though a point were there to do the job.

The soul; the soul creates as you oh think to create, this is feel or leave you if when. As you know, this is a point to do or this is not to actually do this. Unless you want to achieve things as though effortless.

Flattery; flattery works by you thinking a good reason, then note the point and note the reason. So after that's quietly stated or created by feel as your feeling good. They can come back to you sometimes for a fee.

Observatory; this is the place that you think to observe, the area is ruined and wrecked and some places have holes in places you'd least expect.

Unobserved; As I go unobserved I noticed the idea in question was unobserved, so I think the area needs surveillance or to be left alone. You be the judge.

Due note; the traffic lights aren't synced up, and some still blink even in today's time. Leaving me to think its been abandoned. I agree hereby to leave the place alone, as adhoc I can't afford the fee to fix the place up.

Wreck; This was a wreckage of an area and as a place was just walled up, I have to agree that the original inhabitants that are none anymore had the right idea.

As I think they had the right idea, I will now leave and possibly avoid this area with the poorness that exists nowadays. I am not surprised.

I am now gone and leaving the area I observed alone as there are no manhole covers and I could walk right into one.

Note that this was one of the richest part of town. I now call this place a wasteland and a waste of a place, in an island of waste in the ocean. Thank you and farewell.

Thought; though I thought to get here, I think to leave here as I thought to leave. I am back to where I came. So this is where I speak of things normally occurring.

So I will add them as events or idea to occur later when I want them to as I add the then to activate and thus to deactivate a scene.

This is just the description I am giving of the sceneria, I will leave them alone that I was working with. So that exists for the game I am planning, seeing that I am aware that this is a game scenerio. Thus I think that describes it accurately.

Idea to create:

Well now; as everyone is, they are suddenly well.

I idea; as an I idea, everyone responsible for things is okay or well.

Nay idea; no go or do other things some other area. So some use is done.

Some unique orgonne:

This is a long list made shorter, thinking to work appraisals. I got the point of the work there and did useful stuff, yet I think I decided to price myself decently. So I get more business.

Just I; think and you will know, that thus you know and thus you go or then you are allowed.

I; I will know you as you are and not as you want to be so you are well. Prepared and ready for anything, including fire by feel or interest.

Focuable; add folk lore with base idea, then you know by what you can think of the area with focus.

Found it; I found it, I found the place and I will go now.

Got the message; I got the message and am going down. Hopefully to catch the helicopter and lift away.

Got on and gone; I am gone and hope things go well for her. As I think about it I am well off and will help my wife out instead. That I left behind in an asylum. Seeya forest and ciou.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Normal stuff

Thinking about the last life, I was aware of my options. I could work with others, with myself, otherwise work is done and I can create with what I have.

So I chose work that is with myself and otherwise the work is done. So I think I chose well, thinking to do things and work with things that exist and seen by what is there.

Some things that occur not war related, if I need them to happen:

Its an if; this is an iffy thing that could occur, if you thought to allow it to occur. So if the energy uses are Allied with area creativity, this is used idea by fee or feel.

In an if; in an iffy there's a point where there is no point, so there is no retribution. Seen as a point, I believe the allied point could occur. So believe it or not. I am unaffected.

Think an if; thinking a point your supposed to do, think then you know or can see by now. That things work out or work inwardly by sight.

Normal; things return to normal and I am tolerated once again, so I think this idea is a point that exists by feel. This is where I think then act, if necessary by feeling for the point is there.

Otherwise I think that this is where or when you can go or be free where you are. So what I think is idea, an this is what others do that is sometimes normal. With or without hostility.

Cost; whatever the cost, the cost is less than expected.

Police; the police treat people well. They come as they can or quickly as possible. They show up.

Them; they are the people you deal with, the idea is do things for them and not be against them.

Us; we the united states are sponsored by our own efforts and money, that we print ourselves. Enjoy yourselves.

So if; the travel is the thing, however you shift then you are shifted or do as you want.

Focus thought area construction; if you focus the thought for the area for construction, the destruction may occur of someplace to build with.

Seeing however the cost of building depends on the materials. This is our listing of what is needed. The list will come later, be sure to except for lumber and building supplies. So this is an advance for your services. Thank you in advance.

Food area; the food area almost always has food, good or bad included by what is there according to date. Enjoy what you find.

Its is; its a point that is good if you think its good and bad if thought as bad. I won't be surprised if its a piece of pie, or an iffy thing that could occur as the ending.

Kathy; she comes for playing bingo, I think she came last time, but she really will come when she does today.

Voter intimidation; no voter intimidation occurs by fee or feel with or without thinking.

Hurricane; hurricane Matthew is either weathered or grows weaker and dissipates quickly into the energy that it came from.

Space tourism; however it starts, thinking to go, gets you a seat on a space plane that you can afford easily. This gets off the ground, more people than you think. However space tourism occurs.

Its an eagles indescretion; think and you will know by fee or feel, what is indiscretion that you can do.

Age maximum; there is no maximum as you use the right things. Otherwise there is some age limits.

Exercise; whenever I eat I will exercise. Whenever I do a drink I will exercise. This means whenever I feel like it I will exercise. That I know is true.

Whatever the case, I won't slack off on exercise. This is the case, as though I get the right amount for what I intend even though I didn't. I did it all today that I was going to do.

So now I will wait till the right time and do what I need or relax. I think this is the case of my old self, feel free to file it. Enjoy yourself.

Innertialize; I think so I will then I am not unlike myself in my inner self world. So I think I would love a vacation for now, I know I can get one if I try for one.

Biotech; we get the biotech and can produce with it easily made of results.

This orgonnic allows you to be like yourself and you know things, that others can only sometimes guess at or know themselves by feel.

Thinking; think and realize, if you think you realize then you can know.
Finding out is by focus with a relaxed mind, use is ideal and calm attitude is perfection that you create with your frontal lobes.

You make work achieved, that is done by feel. So think then you know, as you feel calm or erratic then you are aware of your options. That is all to this idea.

See breeze; the breeze is the thing, think and you know by what you realize.

Focus; this uses the focal area, otherwise known as a concept you use or focus the brain to achieve with a point.

Think; to use this is to think. So this is to use some idea, so when you focus you fee or feel then you create by what is there. Think and your aware. Make yourself useful, then you are creating by permissible feel.

See this is a point you can see things such, as asteroids or meteoroids. Then its as if you are flying a ship, thinking to go about places. See you are aware and then return, if you intend to return then go that way and don't turn around.

As you know this was painfully written, I felt the pain of the individual who writes this stuff. So I expect this to work, if it does either now or later or if it does not work. Then I can make work with other things.

If it will work then, I can safely ignore it. That's the way of this writing by now. So I think to ciou and Sallie vie as this is safe for now. Ciou.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Actual earth

My last memories on some point of actual earth: Many might not remember this, but I remember being on another earth that I was aware has karmic rules where this one really doesn't. This means I went to sleep and woke up on this planet. Albeit it seems like Proxima B that is yet another earth like planet or water like that is tidal locked.

I think so I know things of this one and remember the past one rather well. I think we are standing on it right now or this is a place of recall, this is known as the star place from where the starseeds shifted from to get to earth or some other planet or time. The place is yet another similar earth, known as andromeda or some similar area.

So I think this is rather unique as I think it, I am where I believe I am. This means I am aware of everything and know, allot is by what I can do or feel. So I think this is a point that I can reveal, as my last thoughts or moments on the planet. As its okay to shift, know or do things, think to work things out if you must. When you shift you know thinking that is revealed by speaking people, seen as a point and thought that is there is yours or mine that I don't have to say.

So I think this means that if you shifted from the planet, like I did then you know the point of disorientation or doppler shift and area assertification. That is what allows focus and your thought to work right. This is a point of area shift and drift or shift back, if you think to exist somewhere and some planet else. So if this worked out right, then these memories of the past planet are what remain of it that I know of by feel:


money: This is for store and window shopping; money isn't the ideal to see or buy. What you do is this, as you think before you consider or buy things. Think money isn't the ideal in buy, for what you do for a buy in stock or trade is consider the point the trade. Well you can trade items, get paid for work or think then consider to buy things. That is basically your options.

weight; When I lose some weight and then gain no weight, as you don't put it back on thats great. So if I don't gain it back is amazing, that is how things are for now. So you see to think and you will know real weight loss by feel. So for food: think one less as you think to eat before you take a bite. That will act as a suggestion to the brain to not eat, as much as you are feeling like eating. This works as a suggestion.

Tea: When you drink it and piss it out, as the incarcinogens and poisons go out you feel better.

coconut oil; This is good for hair and other ailments as this restores your skull, this is from hair loss or this is a point as if from the past.

exercise; Think to exercise, if you feel the need to go out and do things.

created; It seems as if I have focused and created enough. Time to do something else.

the end.

The weight loss; the weight I end up is 179 or 181 lbs. so thats no big surprise there. I wonder though, how will I keep it down except by diarrhea. I think this will occur by a mixture of eating better, using diarrhea self-induced by three glasses of tea. Thinking the point that I am sure is well off, I will go ahead and do this. Making sure not to indulge in things that I need not eat. That is all for this topic, as though in combination of a farming sitation except for harvesting the chickens or creating with food. Now to move on. The next topic is energy eating and causing weight loss by self-sulfilling need before the need is done. Then the idea of orgonne: the tropozoic machine code, that causes by what you think to create what is sometimes thought.

dream views; I recently asked how to perceive others dreams. I got an answer as thought with usual points of view, that you think and you percieve in a relaxed state of mind. you then can work with the dream or the subconsciousness of others, thinking to make it seem as though your apart of the dream. then you perceive the dream, that they have or you perceive your own dream more easily. thats how you can do it with great insecurity. except with security all you need is to think you can percive them as you think of the person, think you can recieve visions and relax your mind. as the visions come in as a form of memory recall.


gnats; as read in mythology, the gnats are a bridge builder and they bridge between worlds that you may goto. usually this is by walking, riding a bike or running car or running by the body. they are able to make your escape for you as you walk away from the area. so think of the gnats and they will come, as though the sorting is completing a bridge and you are free on another world. they can do anything.

orgone thinking:

sending; Just think of the place to be and you are there, this is by the creator seeming at least by spirit or at most physically in some manner. So if by imagining the place, then imagining yourself there your sending yourself as energy there. So think what you want if for desire seeing this is where another person could be sent, if you can't go as though you thought yourself there then your there if you want to be there. I had a friend that teleported in this manner so as soon as I opened up my car door, I realized that he was gone and I didn't have to worry about him. So this means this sending is now, at a point where your with an end. whether or not you can accept it is up to you. so sallie vie and farewell enjoy your trip.

feel or think; Just feel or think, feel the point by concept or point things out and think the idea then your point is done. So your body does what is best, this is usual by condition or what need be done. Allowing for things that are non too demanding. This by another point, could work for nearly any situation.


giant formation; When you eat less long enough and seem to lose weight, then an urge will come upon you to eat something and if you exercise you grow in height. I think if you resist the urge, then you are normal and doing outstanding dieting. This is with a point that is standardized. So you lessen in height if you don't eat enough to maintain the height and think as your aware, then you know what is done for what is possible.

thinking; its now christmas time, I think the timing is right. As it seemed nothing much happened for halloween and I wondered, what would happen if time were christmas and so it is. all I am doing right now is waiting for christmas dinner and a gift or two when they come.

focus; I got it! I got the christmas gift I always admire, the 25 dollar gift card that I will love and enjoy. Now for my other gifts.

focusing; I feel strange and maybe its being 41 and all, but I think I am aware now of more of my future sight and awareness is what counts.

deathly; I feel tired as though going to sleep and yet am awake. I will goto the hospital in the morning to check myself out. I think I have a cold but am not sure, as I will present that as part of my symptoms.

movement; I can hardly move and it is morning, maybe I will lay here instead and.. sleep. I am sleepwalking and yet am awake. This is weird. I will check myself into a mental hospital to get the right medicine instead, then by doing the right things and hope I can get out as I know I can. I assure myself of this everyday.

awareness; I am now aware as though a ghost and assure myself of this everyday, I hope my emotions get under control enough to work with others as I put myself in the mental ward. I think I belong outside the mental hospital now I figured out whats wrong. But how to get out?

Mom; Oh yea she got me out and we nearly lost the house, as I think about it I know for sure she could die and we definitely would lose it.

Paul; He's taking it badly as usual and I am no longer sleepwalking, I managed to wake up and move normally again.

Mom again; She's sick and in the hospital and its a heartsack that is damaged. Its not my fault that our house is lost, due to not being able to pay for the house bills.

Death; She died leaving us the house with a few mortgages, then I think I was moved to Palo duro as a last resort. As a stepping point was the aunts place.

Alive; She lived beyond death and is sorry she died leaving me here, her spirit said so she setup a point where I will meet her reincarnate self as though somewhere else as here. I believe this should be in the newspapers as dead but alive.

Past December; I made it past the december point and mostly am happy with the gifts that I got, I think so I believe this is now or never a time to leave or go somewhere that is somewhat affordable.

July; the 4th of July, I found her at last and she is not as I suspected where she is negative I am positive and so on. However I can always calm her down. I don't think she will suit me as a life mate. So I seek someone slender and willing to work with me as though nice.

Tired; I feel tired now all day long so I think I will rest, maybe I will keep up with this blog I have. I mostly put past lives on the site and left mine off so I don't get in trouble. So I think I am done until I am not so tired anymore. However this is my last entry, till I am awake enough to recognize my words that I put. Think positive by feel so this is ciou and farewell till later.

source: announcement by anniversary

Monday, October 10, 2016

Second possibility

The second possibility is the basic ideal, that you know before your means are spent and you are aware by what you can do. So think or go and do what you must, thinking isn't forbidden around here. So its safe to know what you think is necessary, as I am thinking to get things done as working with an interest. Anything more is personal interest. This is an example of the second possible life I observed doing stuff, with nothing as it is he was done and talking to someone enjoying himself by energy. I believe he died trying to do something as he choked to death having a heart attack or stroke and he was 12.


money: store and window shopping; money isn't the ideal to see or buy what you do. as you think before you consider or buy things. money isn't the ideal in buy, for what you do for a buy in stock or trade.

weight; I lose some weight and then gain no weight as you don't put it back, that is how things are for now. think and you will know real weight loss by feel. for food: think one less as you think to eat before you take a bite.

Tea: you drink it and piss it out as the incarcinogens and poisons go out you feel better.

coconut oil; good for hair and other ailments as this restores your skull, this is from hair loss or this is a point as if from the past.

exercise; think to exercise if you feel the need to go out and do things.

the end.

The weight loss; the weight I end up is 180 or 182 lbs. so thats no big surprise there. I wonder though, how will I keep it down except by diarrhea. I think this will occur by a mixture of eating better, using diarrhea self-induced by three glasses of tea. Thinking the point that I am sure is well off, I will go ahead and do this. Making sure not to indulge in things that I need not eat. That is all for this topic, as though in combination of a farming sitation except for harvesting the chickens or creating with food. Now to move on. The next topic is energy eating and causing weight loss by self-sulfilling need before the need is done. Then the idea of orgonne: the tropozoic machine code, that causes by what you think to create what is sometimes thought.

dream views; I recently asked how to perceive others dreams. I got an answer as with usual points of view, that you think and you percieve in a relaxed state of mind. you then can work with the dream or the subconsciousness of others, thinking to make it seem as though your apart of the dream. then you perceive the dream, that they have or you perceive your own dream more easily. thats how you can do it with great insecurity. except with security all you need is to think you can percive them as you think of the person, think you can recieve visions and relax your mind. as the visions come in as a form of memory recall.

Falling things; This is an interesting point you have in your mind. here's a way to protect yourself from falling things, throw away something useful or useless and think it useless. as you can then think the building or the area won't fall on you. then you won't fall down or have a moment that something falls on you, unless it does. now if you want something to happen normally, then think of something recent and then it will. so recenently I got a sugar rub jar containing sweet pea sugar, thinking to work with the point I put some on the skin and rubbed it a bit and felt better in the area I rubbed. so there you go, a com plete lesson in itself. your thoughts? Now you know my thoughts.


gnats; as read in mythology, the gnats are a bridge builder and they bridge between worlds that you may goto. usually this is by walking, riding a bike or running car or running by the body. they are able to make your escape for you as you walk away from the area. so think of the gnats and they will come, as though the sorting is completing a bridge and you are free on another world. they can do anything.

orgone thinking:

perfect rice noodles;

Needed: rice noodles, cheddar cheese powder or other cheese (optional), salt, onion powder or fresh onion, garlic powder or garlic clove, basil, parsley, turmeric, chicken or beef boulion and water in pot or microwave safe bowl.

Preparation: cook the rice noodles in water and add basil, parsley, turmeric, chicken or beef stock, onion powder or fresh onions, garlic powder with or without a fresh garlic clove, a little salt, maybe some cheddar cheese or some other cheese thats your choice by feel. Mix together and enjoy after cooking for 10 minutes or 2 minutes, this is done in the microwave or using a stovetop pot using a microwave safe bowl or stainless steel cooking pot. these have half the fat of the normal noodles, that you can use and the seasoning is your choice.

sending; Just think of the place to be and you are there, this is by the creator seeming at least by spirit or at most physically in some manner. So if by imagining the place, then imagining yourself there your sending yourself as energy there. So think what you want if for desire seeing this is where another person could be sent, if you can't go as though you thought yourself there then your there. as soon as I opened up my car door, I realized that he was gone and I didn't have to worry about him. So this means this sending is now, at a point where your with an end. whenever or whether or not you can accept it is up to you.

the cure; there is no second cure. now the second cure that doesn't work is because its not cold and with carrot extract or essential oil; this is carrot, oregano or coriander, basil, cinnamon that you drink with water and work with water mixed by feel with turmeric. That is thought so you can cure any brain condition, seen as seeable is allowable and you know what you realize by what is done.

with thought by love; this is with the thought by the love you show or spend doing, whenever you want to do things.

thinking by love; this is by the love that you know is there or share by feel with the feeling in your heart, otherwise you can do what you want to do by feel you do what is requested if necessary.

so sallie vie; sallie vie means farewell, farewell to what? a place thats been abandoned and no longer in service as this is todays time. there is no sale or trade area there is no palo duro anymore. the boarded up entry that has the sign removed is interesting as a well hidden area, but I know for certain that I can sit and do things but what? I think I will work with things or people that visit with me until I am bored and go back. for now though, everything is free and I only have to seem to do an exchange to remain legal in peoples minds.

So I am sorry to say, this sorry boring business or rent is long gone, but we still live here gotten in is free and your welcome to stay until you get bored of the place like me. I might move out, but where since almost every place is similar. we even feel like pissing in the toilet or drinking using a cleanser from it. so I think this is a sham that needs to be exposed before it gets too far. You see we lived past the age of america when the economy failed, but the illusionary feel is this place is what it seems.

So I think this is where things went strange and we fooled ourselves into accepting a sham of an america that either doesn't exist or was here decades ago. now were living by our own barter and trade system. That was hastily made up and people just accepted it, as the reality is the underlayer reasoning that we see things differently.

But what is the reality? the basic truth that we live so poorly now that trump was not elected, yet the saving grace of our president caused the funding to awry and what was left was our money or our right. So I think this is all I need to write about this time. So precious is our time and space, that we see a reason and presevere the area is clean or cleared away at least. So now I have to go as this is a shared resource so I will now ciou.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Third possibility

Things are done by what is called mind over matter and things that exist are what cause the point, that you think or can perceive by feel with the empowerment to the third eye. However we don't have much to go on as he was at his dying breath, as things worked it was as if magic created by the will with the spirit.

the passage: the idea is the point you make or can create, this is with the feel by the energy that exists what you want. That only means the passage through time is easier by what you do now and the created one that you are fades away, the creator creates you where you think to exist.

That is all there is to this death rite passage so I think it passes the point, where the spirit goes on to the next life or the astral plane that creates what he or she wants. This is usually by thinking about the feel of life things. Think as you like then its created as feel is the order that thought comes from, with idea that abounds from the area. However the creator does what you want sometimes, if you think to create the idea you have. Otherwise you will get much, that comes to you.

the spirit realm; The spirit realm is an etherial idea, using star creation matter and that created by feel is thought and your idea is the thing that comes to you. There is nothing there, so think what you like and you might get to get it. Placing it someplace is thinking a solid surface, then feeling the surface form under the object that you place as though naturally you place an object somewhere.

That is what and how you form solid objects with a surface to place things, think of the place and you can see what is there. Satisfaction comes from the feel of things or the basic idea you achieved astutely a goal. If nothing is there then you know that the dream is about to end and your about to wake up. Then you do wake up, as you are aware you know what you did and what you know.

The dream is what resides here as solid objects are real and your form is what you think, where thinking a formation is a solid life form. Thought creates matter or dissolves matter, as things are not really there anyway. This is as though heaven.

Then you gnow the point is there, as things are solid you think to use the object, if you don't think about the shape then you know its not there. Thats how it works there in the star matter creation process. If you weigh something or yourself then you do need to wait a day, as before a new weigh need be done for the weight is what is there after you think to feel how heavy it is.

As it is as heavy as you think it is. Think less weight after this and you can easily lift things. As star matter is very dense, as you might see sense by this idea you should consider what is there before you do anything with what is done. This only means if you measure the circumference of the object.

So you can detail how much energy you have and working with the weight you create. This is usually what you want, as you want with a special rule at halloween. But you don't have much to go on, so that is all that's there.

Otherwise you can think to go where you want to appear, seen is the point at pumpkin carving time. You owe only what you think to spend on, the effort is of what is there or what is available. Thinking this I believe I entered the astral plane and came out of the astral plane.

As what I did was what occurred things there. Gradually moving and thinking myself someplace, there is where I ended up. All I had to do was stay still and relax, as though asleep and I awoke where I wanted to be from the astral spiritual plane. Getting there is the basic going to sleep, as you think to seem there.

think and be warned: I found this posted somewhere; If you are aware then you know what you are doing. Otherwise you don't know unless you want to know and think of other things. That is the spell I got a visitor with today for showing intelligence and acting dumb as he did things to me. As he was making me seem dumb for trusting him. He deserved what he got.

The only way to undo it is to act smart and remain quiet. That is all there is today that happened. So I think I will let you in on a cure, that he exposed to me. Oregano, dark chocolate or chocolate and use wine or water to mix it with as you can optionally use orange flavor packets made by crystal light.

This was an enlightenment that caused me to save my life as, yet again, I ran into trouble out there and needed the clear thinking it caused. Oh optionally you may use artichoke extract by that leads you to have a blood orange taste. So be prepared for soureness. Unless you use enough stevia or essential sugar that is substitute sugar. So enjoy yourself today and ciou.

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