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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Molding magick energy

  In molding magical energy, your trying to feel the magick and as it occurs, then trying to think about it to conform and make it do things to a pattern of thought. You can feel the magick change to do the pattern instead of what it was doing. This pattern will occur and then reoccur on a thought of the molded energy to do so till you stop it in some manner. Mostly by thinking to the pattern to stop and do else or molding it again. This process forms the magick energy into becoming as you'd want it to.

  Some patterns of energy molding are considered here and have an idea of importance. As in, making an event on the intention and trigger of your design. Or, making an idea occur that isn't the persons own, but it seems natural. The event can be anything, and the idea can be what you want.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mystics, Psychics and Defense

   There is a point where mystics can be psychics and be targeted, for which they go pro rogue and then back away. This is a case of mystical self-defense. Where they are allowed to defend as the person who is influencing them is attempting their idea of attack or defense and targeting them with it. This entails the idea of switching and redirection of the attackers life path, by trying to imagine what they will do different and saying or doing action that evokes the heart chakra energy in causing that event, or cuffing them as well and causing the attacker to not be effecting outside of themselves or themselves being effected. As its an instance of iron being summoned in the shape of a binding cuff, there is also the causing of weight on the person as to cause weight will mellow them and make doing energy tricks much harder, unless the effected does energy folding. Anyone cuffed, can be influenced easily by thought directed at the cuffed person.

   For a person under psychic attack, think your the person in their mind and think defense magic and then think your away as you think your in yourself after. If you want leave an enchanted fruit to cause good thoughts and as long as your with a focus in the fruit as think energy, and as in thought "knowledge fruit" your thought draws universal energy as knowledge into the fruit as if a touch to the point that the fruit exists somewhere as if to identify yourself.

  Think and if the goverment tells the psychics if its okay to do so. In a secret society of trained defensive and offensive psychics. The person has defenses, too. They can defend against the attacking psychic and prevent him or her from assaulting the person, if detected. Detection occurs when noticed events goes wrong or there's noticed events, things aren't right suddenly and you, the person, are feeling suicidal or like jumping off a bridge.

  This can be argued in the psychics case an that they were targeted and by a vision that was percieved or provoked by a redirecting life path attempt through energy by focus with a focus device. Or, the target was unproven in the being assaulted as they make themselves look mad insane if they speak of it. Thus, the case is dismissed.

   Defenses of the person who is assaulted is not limited to energy cuffing as well, or effective life changing through the idea being expressed and summoning heart chakra energy to cause the effect as you speak of the effect. This all being done while thinking of the assaulter. Some might think of the idea as novel but there are other defenses, as spoken of in the 'How to defeat monsters and win article'.

   In the case of both the psychic and the individual, there is the psychic defense or targeting of a idea spoken and being known the sub-conscious making it happen. Sometimes to darker idea, they can be dealt with by making the attacker die or do else. Or, to a lighter path, they can be made to do a more positive idea. There is also the stating the name and try to impel the person by stating the effect after thinking about it. Still, it is an impelling force, and can be redirected by heart chakra energy. And, as stated above, there is cuffing effects of iron particles. By thinking that there is an iron cuff that surrounds the wrist or writ, and it is in place by a thought that it is with a snip of a cuff being snapped in place or however you visualize it, then it becomes that way because of the sub-conscious making the suggestion happen.

   So to you, if you find yourself targeted, someone speaking of an idea that is not actually happening or is dark and of death and making you believe it, or things going wrong then you have an idea of a defense or what may be of proven idea thats true for you. Try not to be paranoid, though. As the schitzophrenic is actually more limited in options, especially paranoid. They can be more assaultive by suspician, alone, and can be restricted by other means if left unchecked. Remember you can suggest back or cause effects on them.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

An alternative elements list

  This is an alternative elements list that is from idea and has been rattling around my mind. These are elements that exist in another realm of existence. It is easily gotten to by thinking your there. The dimension is the thing that shifts you there. This dimension is the twin world, and is the place where most movies model from. But, there are more than 8 elements therein as I only list 9 of them here. The effect of these element idea occurs naturally on the twin world. Still, its like a world away. They are obscure, its that obscurity that makes them so hard to believe. In effect, I found that you can use them and cause effects by them. Then, the effect could be the cause to do else. Or, the effect could be misunderstood and not figured out as to how you did it. The higher up on the element's list, the more obscure it is.

 What you look at when astral working, is the twin world, sometimes without realizing it. As its the world whence idea come from, the subconscious tunes into it for an idea or two and the subconscious can do idea there that manifests in this world as it manifests in there. Somehow what things done there can manifest here, as its a part of the astral worlds. Where it is, is on the other side of the object or person. There's a positive side which is here and theres a negative side which is there. Its only perceivable when working with objects or a person. Indeed this world is parallel to the world.

 There's people that are similar to us there, that could easily take our place. Thus the person that we do things with when astrally doing things, is sometimes the twin world us. It seems that said person is doing the acts we think of, sometimes before we think of them. Mostly its as we think of the idea, that causes the manipulation and mimicking element there to 'catch' our thought to be directed by it and make it reality through a similar person. We can almost always use them as a guide. The twin world us is perceptive and its a reason why we need to think of the astral world area and then what we want to happen, to manipulate the astral plane. Because we instruct the person in the twin world to do just that. They have more ability. Now onto the elements.

 The four elements - the elements of earth, air, fire and water along with their combinations.
 Life - fifth element of the nature of anything that is living and events as well that you think on with use of intent. Often expressed in love, the life element is truly interesting and can overcome anything.
 Negative death impulse - sixth element that makes anything alive near it be impaled or killed off. It forms as an influence.
 Manipulation influence - seventh element that is possible to use and cause actions by thinking and idea near this manipulation element which can manifest the idea.
 Game - eighth element that is possible to be used to create any game instance effect or just to be there in the game, spiritually.
 Mimic and copy - ninth element that is summoned by idea and thought of mimickry, it causes a body double and copying of attributes of the idea and formed into reality if its thought to do so or the idea is thought on with intent for it to be made to happen. A perfect defense for those searching for someone.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Increase in wealth runescript

This is an interesting effect and is as below that generates wealth, try not to think of weight as wealth though. This is just a consideration.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Moon and Magic


Many cultures have worshipped the moon for its power. The moon is just the right distance from the earth and the sun for its size so that eclipses are possible. The moon rotates at just the right speed so that the same side of the moon always faces the earth. Everywhere in the world the moon's phase is the same. Some people believe that the moon is hollow and was created by ancient humans or aliens. The moon certainly has a lot of interesting mythos surrounding it.

Effect on Magic

Some magics on earth are linked to the phases of the moon. As it wanes closer to a new moon (dark moon), magic seeps from the world and becomes harder to accomplish. These are the worst times to attempt magic. As the moon's phase changes and waxes closer to a full moon, magic gains power again. The most powerful times to do magic are when the moon is full or gibbous, and the most powerful time is a blue moon. The worst times are when the moon is new or a waning crescent.

Thunder Water

The moon's energy can be stored - a wiccan technique is to make 'thunder water' when the moon is full. It is made by leaving out a container (usually a glass jar or tumbler) under the light of a full moon. Crystals like quartz can be added to the water to enhance its effects, as can some herbs to the water. Rainwater, spring water or blessed water is sometimes used. The water will keep its power for a lunar cycle, maybe longer.

Presented by Caz

Remote Viewing Seminar

   Remote viewing is a name of a method of perceiving in real life, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance or time. Remote viewing allows one to "see" events and happenings at anywhere and anytime. The most common way to do it is to imagine you teleport yourself to the area and time where you wanted to see and view, and clear your mind, and perceive in images the area, let the sub conscious fill in the blanks. Most of the time, the images will come as separate objects, and you can perceive the color of the place, the mood etc. Another way which is similar is remote presence, you project yourself to the location and perceive the area, kinda like biolocation, but instead of just seeing the place, maybe you could feel around, hear what is going on and all. It helps in remote healing too.

   There are several other ways to remote view, using your third eye is one, you can imagine you're watching through a TV screen of the area, or by webcam and you can move the camera around for different views, etc, be creative as your basis is in use of the third eye and that is to tell your third eye what you want it to do and it does the thing, fills in the gaps of imagination and et al..

   You can use it as a method of seeing the future and past since you can remote view at anytime and anywhere. Just think, you're seeing at that time, for example, I'm seeing what happened in 1998, I'm seeing what will happen 1 hour later, etc.

   Of course, it all comes down to practice, the more you hone your skills the sharper your remote viewing accuracy will be. To practice remote viewing, it is good if you can find a partner and practice through chat or phone. You can take turns viewing each others' room, example what kind of stuff is in the room, what you're eating, what you're doing, what you're wearing, what color is your shirt. You can start by mentioning an object, its shape, color and maybe even texture. Another method you can try is, remote view through your friend, to do this, you just have to clear your mind, then imagine that you're your friend, then perceive through your friend's eyes. Then have your friend check the accuracy.

   However you can practice alone too, remote view whats outside, whats in a room, then go there and check how accurate it is. Whatever that has unseen objects, you can practice with them. I practiced with colored wooden blocks in a box, making sure I don't see whats inside, I blindly choose one block and attempt to see it, without the use of my own eyes, then I try to see the color of it, then after that check if I'm right. I guess that exercise kind of helps in remote viewing practice too.

   To block someone from remote viewing you just make a shield/cloak for that purpose, or think he/she will not see me, or I cannot be seen by ____, and that if he/she tries to see me, they see something else that is unrelated to me or what I am doing.

   Meditating helps a lot when it comes to remote viewing since meditating helps clear your mind. And a clear mind is key to remote viewing. Thank you.

End of Seminar

By Silly
Edited by Skyhawk

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Consciousness expansion

  Modified on 8-18-2010

   This info came from Sk8 Boy. Conscious expansion is the act of transcending your consciousness upwards in dimensions, and place your perception to think more of the surrounding place. Moving your consciousness from the third dimension, to the fourth, and then fifth, etc. In conscious expansion, when you try to tell your 3rd eye to help with the conscious expansion process, by thinking it will and thinking to your third eye to do so, to then attempt the energy of chakra technique will make the conscious expansion work better.

   To do the technique, think and feel your chakra energy and focus your mind on the idea that your compressing all of your chakras energy into your third eye. This makes it happen. Then allow your 3rd eye to help you expand your conscious mind upward as you relax yourself. The images will come when they do and understanding will come as well. So when done right, you will be wiser and understand what you need to.

   As you 3rd eye receives the energy of the chakras, you perceive more of the other dimensions. If curious what conscious expansion does for you, it will move your consciousness upwards in dimensions, as it moves your assemblage point up, where your assemblage point is the conscious collection area of your aura, that can control your thinking processes and it is connected to all your mind and body.

  Thus you can imagine things by a statement in alpha mode, so you program energy by the words you state to visualize the result as the end result. This is
by thinking or visualizing with the ideal you think then visualize, so that is not imagining where the words bring to mind the image that you think to imagine. So you see after you state something the imagination is where you think it is somewhere you can see it. So think if you were aware, then you become more spiritually aware and enlightened with everything you think.

  This is directed to the point of helping with everything you can help with, literally everything possible. As, you find sympathy tempers your reaction. You become wiser, stronger with exception etc, with thought and eventual contact that eventually makes by energy where you become a god by activity. However it takes so long to become a god. That is why consciousness expansion happens over time, and not usually instantly.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trans-dimensional spells

  Trans-dimensional spells are spells that use a power source and the thought of the place or person to be effective. The effects can be done across dimensions or places of existence. These are trans-dimensional spells in a simple way to think about it. To think about the area or source of energy for an attunement to a power source that will be used to draw from. Then think of the place or person you want to send it, the effect, to. Then state the effect you want to happen while thinking of the place or person to send to, to target the area or person. And then imagine what you want, if you think to be adding effect as the place or person you thought to send the effect to is effected by the idea you imagine and speak to occur. This will work by intention of it to work.

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