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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Why attacks work

  If you want to know why attacks work on some people and not others. Read on, as its explained through detail.

  It depends on their frequencies vibration, maybe it's multiple factors though its where some people might be effected because of poder. A person is more liable to get off on things if their frequency almost matches the others frequency, or is over the others frequency, which is causing the effect of the subconscious picking up on the others need. Also for poder, if you can make the effects, then that frequency rule exists to make effects with, otherwise they shrug it off. What I mean is that like goes to like nature as this is the metarule of affinity.

  The frequency of someone is how high of dimension they are in, as to be what allows them to perceive what they do. If a person's frequency of aura is higher than ours, then we might have trouble perceiving them. All they need is thought of something, to effect it. Thus like goes to like with people and items. This is when the affinity happens. When the person is near the frequency or higher than your own, then they can effect you with something, as they have more poder and are focused on you.

  So the attackers, as when they're on different frequencies than us, it's hard to perceive them. So, to protect yourself from the effects of others, raise your poder and aura frequency. Doing more activity and thinking, as in 'I am untouched by the effect and I raise my frequency.' Then it don't matter what they do. Still, there could be other methods, each is befitting the person.

  The ones affected by the attacks have a lower frequency than those who were affected less. Each attack attempt can lower the bodies frequency, making the body easier to effect. at least temporarily. This makes sense as it goes back up with your activity of sorts. The trick to raising the frequency is upto you an to find of out. Impeccability is at the core of it, though. Impeccability, in this case, is the not doing something unnecessary, in order to get results and acting on the purpose which is decided on.

  In this case, doing something unnecessary is getting emotional, which consumes maybe 70% of our energy, and stopping our inner speakings. Also, when your emotional, you tend to feed some entity, elementals and other inorganic or astral beings by those emotions that be causing the emotions. However, positive emotions don't steal our personal power, but also they make us vulnerable for psychic attacks. that kind of energy is usable, manipulatable. But, you pull low vibrational entities to you when your emotional. The best way of living with the magic is keeping your energy field clean. And also, things like fasting, -especially fasting of silence, limiting the masturbation etc.. helps you with gaining personal power.

  No sex? Nope, just limiting masturbation as sex energy is important. Its the life blood of our body's energy. Its only the body act, like doing sports and at the same time having orgasm and wasting some of your life giving energy; but its probably better than wasting that power with your own hand. When I say 'life giving', I don't mean making a baby. What I mean, is that its life energy.

  The drug overuse, may cause lower vibrations in the end, causing you to be more susceptible to attack. This is where the drug has potential to raise the energy, at first but the inhibitors in the brain override the good feel of it. Then it doesn't work too well. So, if the the right drug is used then the effect on the body is to need more of it to sustain the high state. Creating an incessant demand for it from the need. This creates the lowered effect of the aura thats around you. Making the aura deflect the bad from body less. This invites the attacks. And, you become pie for something thats unnecessary luxury. This pie is an edible thing for beings. An exception to the rule is Salvia, which leaves your energy up and there's no lessened vibrations. The fact of this is that you are more liable to be be hurt by stupidity.

  Part of survival in this idea is warrior's tactics, to seek out and handle situations or defeat the petty tyrant or seek out problems to 'fix' them in your way. Attack can be used as a needed defense, as its when you want. A petty tyrant is the person or thing that keeps you under unnecessary control. Often cruelly doing the deed of what he or she wants and forcing you to comply.

  This is from caz, "I think that having a petty tyrant gives you an extra edge in dealing with things magically. It's like warrior training without reading carlito or others." This in part, allows you to be more unaffected by the tactics used against yourself.

  Also, part of the warrior's tactics are to laugh off the results and small stuff. As you can't always get what you expect, so take what you get and work with it or through it. And to treat things as though they were a challenge. As though everything were a challenge to win and the fight is to get results. You win when you get results.

  And blocks that you formed, sometimes from losing and whether you become aware of them or not, are to be treated by yourself as if they weren't there and you can pass right through them in your mind, if you decide they can be passed through. And, you choose what you do with it. Let others not pass the barriers the blocks may pose. However, its your mind and you decide what to do with it. However you block them out of your mind.

  A warrior tactic is also part of the men of knowledge who uses it to aid the purpose they have in mind. Basically, one who knows by the intellect and choosing of choices sometimes by want and sometimes using instinct and intuition, with knowledge and will to help make the decision. This is considered controlled folley.

  So sometimes people just keep getting attacked without realizing or couldn't get back enough energy, and just kept losing ground until they were completely under the effect desired. The cure then turns out, in keeping the vibration high and to be unaffected by attacks is impeccability. To use the warrior tactics. Repeat them until you hear them in your sleep.

  Now the proof to the frequency thing.. say a fan was turned off, and you could see the blades, then you turned the fan on. The turning blades are blurred so you can no longer see the blades. Another imagery is two cars going along a road, one is going at 30 mph, the other at 50 mph. That is like our aura frequency, where the blades and cars are the objects representing it. We can basically raise our auratic moment in activity to become harder to discern, and this is also including how one is perceived in speech.

  If we did more activity, and thought an affirmation and etc.., then we'd also be harder to effect and detect. As, 'I am higher in frequency, so I am harder to effect..when I focus on not being effected, things slide off or around me.' If you work with beings believed to be at a higher frequency This will raise your frequency even farther. Still, it's true, your frequency opens you up to other attacks too. As your more open you get more magic effects in general for instance.

  There's a time of low energy for anyone and high energy that follows. Consider the fact an effect of low points and high points, where drugs can raise that low point. Where, the personal shield is least effective. So the only defense is being impeccable, in truth.

  Other things that matter, are the will and the way that is possible, the will is of the person which must be focused to create an effect, to be strong in some things and subsequently weak in others momentarily. The way manifests itself and by the will you need to happen. And so, when you will things you can instruct the subconscious to create results. A weak willed person is someone who is focused on things that distract them from the need which is important. This includes the need of wielding energy to create defense and effects. If they never think about defense, they are likely to be effected more than less, but they never seem to be aware of the effect. Unless they are told of it.

  Although, the higher in frequency a person is, the less effected they be. It's just that, you're less open to some kinds of attacks and more open to others. So you need to guard weakpoints if your a high frequency mage, carefully. But, everyones different and its why you can be attacked by parasites so much. For instance as with similar things. As each person is almost always at different energy levels. There can always be varying results.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time Manipulation (short version)

  It is possible to pause time, where no actual new thing seems to occur, and how much energy it does take, and for how long is gotten by a few math formulas. Time is a moment that can physically seem to go on, till its unnecessary to observe time itself. So time can be brought to nothing, objects are frozen, i.e. if someone paused time the car wouldn't run. Unless it was already running, then it would stop after a bit. But freezing time is saying, were going to cause the car to stop. Unless you have the poder or personal power, then you may find that objects do stop in-motion. As you well know time is both linear and nonlinear, so I've seen it happen.

  Also possible is speeding up, where time seems to go faster mostly for yourself and sometimes others, slowing down, where time seems to crawl at least to you and sometimes to others, and isolating time in moments, thats making a moment in time not be observed and it disappears after a period of time. At the very least, in speeding up and slowing down time, your body might actually do so instead. As you are the person to affect with the effect. This be mostly true. If you target other things or people with the effect, then it will effect them as well.

  Because, doing any act with your subconscious is basically informing your subconscious that you want something. This be done by stating or willing the thing you want. Telling your subconscious to attempt it, and that is doing it. Also, this helps when you NEED the result and don't think about it as the subconscious will attempt the act. You know it works as you can detect changes in the environment, thus it did. Its real easy to stop the act of the subconscious, just cause the mind to stop it itself as you cause the mind to think about the action. The mind will step in and pause the moment and make the effect unseen.

The first method I detailed is how mages did it in the past, but what also works is stating these as either a mantra or a willed statement:
  'Spety', (pronounced speed-tye), to speed up time.
  'ATempo', as in Aye-temp-oh, to cause time to be normal again.
  'Sloty', (pronounced slow-tye), to cause time to slow down.
  'Isa', (pronounced Eye-sahn), halts time.
  'Iso', (pronounced Eye-sohn), isolates time of a target in the area you think on.

  Sloty actually compresses time, Spety actually uncompresses time. And, thinking of the area that you attempt to work with by the spell, makes it work in the area. Isolating an object from time does not mean it is always unobservable, as I saw several of my objects I use, become unseen. I had to stare a bit to see the object again. So if you saw them you observed them.

  Or just use intent. you can visualize a clock speeding/slowing due to your influence. And to some stopping time doesn't really put things into a freeze frame, it just preserves a moment or state of mind for longer than normal. As though it would be like living in the same day for what feels like days or weeks, instead of everything around you just stopping. And anyway, thats time manipulation.

Blood Flow Control

This idea be a gem to read, if you want to know about blood flow control, from Kio.

"the idea had come into me 6-7 years ago, from the modern-ass vampire lagends. the fact that you could concentrate the blood flow to a certain part of your body, making it work better. like you can for example collect the blood to your arm to make it stronger. or your eyes so they see better, your nose so it smells better. at those times i did not distinguish a difference between meta, magic and reality so i didn't really realize that the act was a complete body action. like making your mouth water or holding your breath. the blood could be controlled. thus making this action much more easier and also much more dangerous to health.

its not however as easy as just concentrating it on your arm. well you can, but if you want to for example make it so that you want to lift something, you should concentrate on the part that your arm and body uses for that action. or to punch for example, it needs different points to send the blood. and it also takes some time to completely bring it to the state you want and also alters the pressure of your body. so doing it in middle of the act (like in middle of the punch or when you have a dishwasher on your hands) will not work good. however that its not fast to charge, its very fast to start. like you can feel the first pump very quickly as soon as you start wanting.

there are several places in our body where the blood travels. the most important part is our brain. it MUST travel there first. and it must not travel slowly or too fast. so our most vital vein is on our neck, the one that pumps upwards. the one that pumps downwards is the third next important one. the second one is the vein thats close to our left arm, that forks into the arm and towards the body. our wrists are not only very important blood and nerve passages but also a place of dense nerve cells and muscles. and there are two veins on the start of the front-inside parts of our upper legs, which will prove fatal if cut. inside our chest is also sensitive about blood flow, as its where the lungs filter blood and the blood that feeds the heart shouldn't overflow. after that comes around the stomach as its a central for blood collection for different stages of the body. there are also two veins on the sides of our backs that feed the kidneys.

you should, first, have a clear mind. only for the starters. and then you should know that your blood travels in your veins. its a liquid that carries nutrition and oxygen to the parts of your body. do not bother with the fact that some of it carries co2 back to the lungs. what we will do it to fasten the blood pumping to a certain part, the blood that goes forth, not back. and then you should know that there are small muscles that direct the blood flaw and the veins themselves widen or tighten up according to local or central nerve impulses. this however is not what we will focus upon. what we focus on is our heart. start with an easy part: your right wrist. not the left one since its right next to your heart already (unless you have it on your right side of the chest).

visualize your blood storming trough your biggest vein in your wrist, that comes from the inside of your body, in utmost speed. "crimson rivers" was a good word that helped me with this visualization. and then feel your heart pump. count it if it helps. do not make move anything else, just your heart. feel it everytime it beats, one and two. and as it beats in your heart, feel the same beat in your wrist. again and again. feel the blood filling in. after you have done this concentrate on the general blood amount in your body and flood it into your hand and lower arm. if its itching, then it works. don't push it more after it starts itching. if its not itching just wait, your vessels probably have widened and your blood will travel there.

so yeah, its all about a beginning with visualization and then finding the right node in your command nexus that works the blood flow. something like learning to move your ears.

don't let the blood stay there. after you're done, raise up your arm and clench your fist, and unclench several times and shake your arm to let it outflow from your tiny veins. if these little vessels explode or widen up to the point of being non-tiny, its harmful for you.

the more you do it, the more you get a hang of it and the more chances that it will get out of control. remember, the blood flows in a natural way already. the purpose of this meditation is to actually balance it. for i believe that the modern life unbalances allot of things about us. for example i would concentrate it to my inner body and on my bones all over and keep it from my eyes, since i already had some eye blood pressure problems.

you can also use this method to stop the blood from flowing. like if your doing a work that creates a momentum effect on your hands and the blood collects there against your demand. momentum is too strong to be stopped by this meditation, at least that was the case for me, but it helps if united with other physical methods, like keeping your hand and lower arm clenched before starting the work. or, like you can use it to pull blood from your legs when you''re running. it wont work of course but it will help the blood flow against the fact that your blood collects on your legs in a long distance run.

you can do it locally too. like letting the passive blood in your fingers to collect on the surface of your fingertips. making them more sensitive.

eyes are always tricky for me. i couldn't really explore where i should send the blood to make me see better. it just overfloods. but for the nose it worked perfect.

and you might want to stop it from flooding into your genitals when the moment requires. you don't need sperm production 7/24 on %100 efficiency. or maybe you do, i don't know.

and be really really careful for doing it with your brain and head. its very sensitive and the brain uses the usual blood travel trough itself as a kind of massage. it WILL feel the slightest change. i mean you will feel. but i cannot finish this article without mentioning the pinneal gland. as a part of the general meditation you should always focus on your blood circulation trough this tiny organ, as its not directly in the big blood feed into the brain. and its still not near a big blood vessel. pinneal gland is also important for the milatonin release. pituitary gland and some other parts might also interest you. this image from wikipedia might be helpful in knowing the locations of these, as you should never use strong, direct blood pumping to your brain.

the general ways of stimulating the pinneal gland is also visualization. you visualize the location of it in your head, right in the middle and higher than the level of your eyes. theres no double of it and its extremely sensitive, even so to the light. you imagine tickling this spot with a feather slightly. and then feel the overburn. as i said its not fed by the direct blood flow. this images should help you understand it better.

the choices are endless. you get the hang of it when you master it. it works subconsciously too. just try to keep it healthy for yourself.

ah also while on the subject.. head and back scratching slightly is a very healthy thing. it works the tiny veins in these areas and fastens the nerve nutrition or something like that."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Directive magic

Directive magic is basically using words that command the subconscious and cause results. You can sneak the words into a sentence. The command word is often with a description phrase, the whole thing is a command phrase. Such as putting the steps you want them to go through, to get a result thats sometimes described.

When you attempt the action after reading the text, the directive words are what cause some effects that go along with it. As in this paragraph I used 'command cause results' and 'sneak words into sentence'. This isn't all of them. But, what the words can do can be causing the subconscious to make the scene real in your mind and make the 'scene' that helps define what you read. Sometimes if they want it enough, they make the event by the descriptions in the command words.

This be like magic when you see it, as the intent you use makes the effect. To many directives can confuse the mind or cause them to resist the moment of doing it, and they sometimes refuse if overdone. In which you reinforce the command or effect you want or use physical actions to 'teach a lesson' and cause them to be conditioned to not go against the effect needed.

Why use words instead of doing the intent directly in your head? Because when you see the attempt or others see the attempt, it creates results. The words bring up images that guide the subconscious mind and can cause emotions that fuel the effect. Use of image depiction can guide the mind and bring up the meaning to them. Often you can do this to effect someone else. As you will it, they read it and what they read makes them see what you intended of the words directs what they imagine.

This is true as long as you don't use a foreign language and then if you do, you will just get a willed result. Its as though you have to will the effect to cause results when they read it. So, your will is interred into the text sometimes in picture form, sometimes not.

However, this be true as well where intent will get you better results, words are a crutch for intent. You don't always need a crutch to walk. So use words when you need to, as you can be more flexible once you get past the training wheels. If they know that you're doing it and believe it's working or related, then the attempt will work. Otherwise, they're seeing you do something but thinking that it's not going to work or is unrelated to the moment, almost always adding to the potential that it won't work. Although, if you think that even negative will makes the moment work, then it will work even if they don't think positively of the attempt.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Geomancy for beginners

  This is about geomancy and some uses for it. There may be other idea and thoughts about this idea, but it is basically written here. It starts with a premise of working with magic in a process of energy working or energy manipulation.

  Of what works, allowance of free flowing energy is necessary to be working with energy, by pulling it in with your will and using it by willed intent, without absorbing it. This is focused towards making an idea happen. It can be any idea, including finding something. Basically, need to find what your thinking of and the idea occurs. When there's enough energy, the idea you want will occur fast.

  The more you do this, the more you can summon for use. This allows use of geothermal earth and geometry with geomancy. Using the leylines and power areas that be natural. All you need to do is focus the energy of such power areas and use a command or will. To use a command, focus your thoughts and use it as your will, speaking to or thinking them as though intent at the energy.

  You can use an object with the focused energy of the area. This is to cause it to be programmed easily. Called a philter. Casting it forth is willing the energy to the area it will effect. Or, you can ask the object to cause the event. The event, because it must be important to your mind. To be of importance, the effect must be thought upon and needed at the moment of sending. You of course may have no defense for this, but you can figure some out by reading further on of this document.

  How to find such power areas, is with an interesting idea that is to feel the area, as things are more powerful in the area can be felt. So you only need to mention the effect and it might occur to you. I lived in a house built on one. I didn't have much trouble to get effects. I learned that power of effect can travel with you. Geomancy is most powerful in very powerful areas. The more power, the more likely that you can go insane with the power. Unless you do discipline, in some manner, or by the idea of a warrior's way, described here. Where the poder, or personal power, makes the moment.

  This be a part of earth magic and geomancy, which is using the force of nature and some thoughts to make a moment. Through use of will, math and moments you can cause movement of some basic idea. The will is necessary for your effort to imprint things on the energy itself. When the will is invoked, math can be used to calculate the embued effect and the right shape is indicated to use with the moments. Geometry is often effective by the shape you choose and sacred geometry is used to control the flow and shape of forces. The moment is necessary to create the effect by effort through sending the now imprinted and charged energy of the area. To cause your purpose by natural sacred geometry and make manifestations, one must 'charge' by imprinting on ether and/or objects and this is enough for events to make the moment real for you. This is not always true for other people sensing. As each person can sense things differently.

  The event will come, also, if you set the energy by use of an embued pattern. This embued pattern sits in the energy and is set active by your thoughts, creating a triggered moment or a triggering plate. The plate being the pattern and the thought triggering the plate. Set up a distraction before trying this, as almost any thought can set the pattern. Set up distractions can effect anyone who would interfere. Basically, let the distraction draw the intruder and interferer away from where he would effect you. This is sometimes ineffective, as the person if powerful enough, will be able to do it from anywhere.

  Each thought will come to you in the pattern of programming, is traceable by the parts and each part has a signature that is the trace back to the person. Active on use and only seen when looked for. You can see most of what comes with the signature and it makes the moment of which you need. Often, the signatures are felt before they are active as a aura burst or vibe. The vibe being felt on activity, even more brings effects when the energy acts on its programming.

  Sometimes a this can be neutralized before it is active. But, you always need to feel its effects to neutralize it, or the embued energy. If the attacker was careless, a counter pattern will work. But otherwise use a sensing of the energy or know of it and will to disperse it, directly willing it away. Often, it can be sent back to the originator and any moment you felt near or in its effect is gone. Where there be a will to block a physical moment, there is a way to prevent it.

  Now programming a leyline can be used for teaching an purpose. Of a change, there is a chance of making difficulties nonexistant or more persistent. It consists of energy within/of the area. I made an activity magick of purpose and set it to an effect. Hardships of the moment assailed that I cancelled. It was annoying. I was in an area that was slightly negative. So the energy to halt this is cast by collecting thoughts and ordering them to be positive. Only to make the bad patterns disappear and other patterns that correct through a right moment. It takes a positive or happy action to convert a pattern to be correct and positive in nature.

  Proposed is Sacred Geometry. Written in the Atleantian dictionary is an exerpt linked here @ and more info on leylines be linked here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making physical objects larger or smaller

  Making objects resized bigger or smaller takes the personal power in force directed by will to make manifest. Sometimes you can break it by directing personal power, or poder, in will. The will is key to the moment in manifesting this result. When you attempt to use your will, especially by directing the poder, personal power, you can sometimes direct too much power to the cause, as its directing poder in the will to the making of an idea to manifest with extra focus. This can cause a breakage.

  So, to do the feat of enlargement. Direct more energy to the object or objects, with the charge there's a will of the thought 'make larger' or sometimes 'engorgio' works even though its from the harry potter series. If you want to, you can use an added few X's to increase the effect potential or use a 'bentidoct' as pronounced 'benh-timh-dokt'. If you want to succeed, then try til you get tired of it. There's a 50% chance of failure, so to imagine the object getting larger, makes this even more probable.

  To do the feat of shrinking. Direct energy at the object with the will programming of 'make smaller', or state 'fabricatio' at the enlarging object. As always, if you need extra effect, use X's or 'bentidoct' to create it. To restore something to its original state, use 'dojoro' pronounced 'dough-jore-oh'. Be sure to take energy from the object to use for the shrinkage. Imagining the object getting smaller, will help the process.

  Feel free to use the spell words as though a chant till it happens. When it happens, the effect will create a stir of energy and sometimes a power outage. As you can tend to use electrical and other other outside sources, directed at your will. Also this might or might not work, so don't be surprised.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


  There be some interesting ways to charging energy. What its good for, be to get more energy and to be able to function better. The more energy you have, the better you may function. There are two general ways, absorption and generating.

  The easy and more dangerous way is the way of absorption. Which is to just imagine your the energy reaching out and gathering more energy in. This can lead to psychic vampirism. As the more energy you absorb, the more you don't generate and thus, you will end up needing more to sustain yourself, more and more.

  Try not to get energy from humans, as you can get addicted to it, and add a filter to filter out bad energy, if you do try it. I would suggest filtering the energy into funnels. As, when you absorb from others you also get all the horrible colouring that comes with it. All the emotions and self pity and noobishness they have.

  The better and harder way and the only one that doesn't lead to vampirism, causing you to generate energy as well as also being safe. Is that you should not absorb at all and you should generate your own, by using more of your own energy and thus the more you start generating.

  Albeit, you may test the waters to find out stuff and idea from the surroundings and people. So you can absorb sometimes from them, as the residual energy of a place lets you know what was there. But of course, filter! But never try to use them as a supplement of your own energy.

 This is a thought:
"Absorption isn't always negative, this is depending on how it is used. Actually absorption is the natural way to generate energy by pulling in energy from the surroundings or subtle plane. As long as we don't intentionally suck people's life force, we can simply draw in the life force energy that is already released by them into the atmosphere. You might get a certain feel that you get with absorption. This can be addictive. Lots of places have high chi, we can simply go there and draw in the energy. Or, we can draw in energy from around us to figure what is going on. The simple act of relaxing, clearing the mind and breathing in already draws chi/mana into the body.

If you try using only chi generation, you will find it tiring to do all the time. Some energy absorption is the much more effortless and natural way. It is like eating and breathing. Absorption is only negative when it is used in a vampiric way, like eating or drinking addictive drugs, human flesh, blood... and etc.

Both generation and absorption can be used at different times depending on our energy state. Sometimes our energy feels in an expansive or out flowing state. Therefore generation feels more natural. Sometimes our energy is in a lower or retreating state. Therefore absorption feels more natural. This can be due to added biorhythms, moon phases and astrological factors.

Generation can be used to generate personal energy and this personal energy can be used to manipulate energy. That drawn energy can be used to create results. It doesn't have to be drawn into yourself. This takes a little generated energy. Now know that using generated energy is stronger and the external energy thats outside your body is weaker."

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