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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Magical mapping

  Magical mapping technique, is based off the idea for echolocation. The idea is to use your hands (or any other part of your body if you know how) and touch the ground (or, with more advanced users, anything touching the ground) then you send some energy into the ground and use your subconscious to see where it goes. If you pay attention, your mind will show you a map of the whole area based on what the energy reads, including trees, water, even other life forms.

  There are very practical applications for it besides basic mapping. Some of them can be used for fun. One could be hide n seek. Since the energy returned can show you where other lifeforms are, you can use it to find where people are hiding, especially if you know the area very well. Or hunters could use it to find what they're trying to kill. There's other ways to use this kinda energy, a lot of it relies on creativity to see what you can come up with.

  Another practical ability is using object charge for object location. The idea is that when you use an object that you know you're likely to lose later, charge it. Just the act of charging it makes it easier to find by magic mapping, because it broadcasts itself to you when you call out to the energy you put into it. If you get good at it, you can charge the object with qualities like colours or emotions, which in one aspect makes the object easir to find amongst other charged objects (since the energy is a different colour. Not only that, but if you choose to charge the object with an emotion, the emotion can transfer to someone else who touches it or uses it later.

  You can also set a trigger release for the energy in the object, like charging an object with joy so that it releases whenever someone angry touches it, or there's also charging it with an emotion attuned to a specific person. Theoretically I could charge a necklace I give to a girl with happiness that's attuned to her energy, meaning it makes her happy whenever she wears it, but nobody else feels that effect. Old mages who were extremely powerful could use it to set traps. Imagine walking through a hallway and seeing an ordinary looking pencil on the floor. You go to walk by that pencil thinking it's harmless, and the proximity attunement on the pencil activates a trap that causes the pencil to shoot a lightning bold or fire at you automatically.

By Joshua

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Evil blow

  This is an example of what not to do, except on those whom you think deserve it. This does not effect people who have no karma thats bad. You know when they do when they emit badness from them or feel bad to be around. However, if physically hit by the blow, then they will feel it and possibly be knocked back.

  This is a mentrolo effect and is in use pass the blow. This is an effective countermeasure with enough energy thats focused. This effect is used with the thought of 'pain' or 'hurt' being projected towards the target. When you use pass the blow, your gathering all the attack energy of the other attackers in the attacking limb and using your own attack action. Then, nailing the target with it as you *project* the idea you want to inflict on them. You don't need to actually use a attacking body part, you can use just your voice. This makes it an arguement though. You may use this to take out beings.

  This can at the least cause a spiritual blow. At most cause a need in the target to want to kill themselves. They would cause activity that gets them hit or inflicted upon, if you projected a 'inflict' or 'kill' with the blow. This can also cause brain control, if you just used the gathered energy and willed an idea for them to do with suggestion. It only actually works with the energy being projected.

  When you use this technique, you are losing negative energy and passing the buck. This can be used in war. It creates a stunning blow, that can knock a person down or cause them to die. This happens only when enough enough energy is utilized. You only need to form a fist and punch forward, to do this with air. Otherwise, it can be any other physical blow or mental blow. Anger amplifies this and when you use a crystal for power, you triple it. Any evil blow will cause unstability and more easier suggestion. Unless, the person is rock hard and unfazed by the hit. By rock hard, I mean unemotional or decides not to react to a hit.

  An ideal use is to arrest someone with this. Gather your energy and the attackers energy. Then, project it towards the target by a willed and projected 'arrest' thought. This, if it works, will stop the person in their tracks by arresting their movement. If the will is spoken as though intent, it must be loudly spoken. This is released, by thinking and willing 'release'.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seeing energy projections with impressions

This is how you see energy impressions, step by step. Practice it till you can actively do it, quickly. This takes a little training by repetition to get the feel of things.

1. Look at the list word, a word phrase or object that is stressed or impressed.
2. Calm your mind and let the impressions come from the feel of things.
3. From what you associate with it, tell your subconscious to display the list or  idea in your mind.
4. Relaxed and calm, you will see a 'glimpse' of vision with the thing you want to see.

Now, to impress a word, phrase or object, follow these steps.

1. Relax your mind till its calm.
2. Think of what you want to imprint in the word or energy.
3. Focus your mind and use intent and/or touch to impress on the energy of the word or object. This is your thought that you want to be known.
4. Use your subconscious by stating the intent or willing the impression. This is to make the impression stay with the energy of the word or object.

Tested by DarkPoison

Saturday, December 10, 2011


  The persona idea came from the Persona Anime. This is where a manifested form that you choose will form into existence. Its made up of your personal energy and the energies nearby and any energy you want to link to it. It can do nearly anything that you intend and want to happen or be done.

  This persona is amplified by feelings and your great need. Amplify your persona further with electrical energy or other sources. This allows greater effort.

  The more need there is, the more the amplification. Thus, you can manifest a persona by thinking of the form you want it to appear as and doing personal activity to direct it. Your will is the strength of the persona. So, if your will is into other things, then thats what your persona does. And, it appears weak in what you wanted it to do, by this effect.

  This persona is an energy body, that can physically manifest results, if enough energy is available. You can produce more energy bodies that are personas. The more personas that you produce, the more your heart can be overactive. The fatality of this is that too much persona activity can produce heart strain. With enough heart strain, there is possible heart attacks.

  There is chance that it will only effect the spirit world. With enough need and directed energy, it can effect the physical.The astral can be effected, differently, and by will alone. So there is really no need for the persona to be used for the astral.

  This shouldn't leave you insane, unless you have genetic damage. Which is obvious, by deformities and inconsistencies of the body. As in, sudden heart problems and failure. Amongst other things, it is appearant if you look for it. This includes the mental problems, that come from brain damage.

  There is no age limit, as the longer you use the persona the stronger you are. This is up till the point of when your body is aged enough, that you start losing more personal energy.

  You can switch with your persona, to do scouting and observations. Just remember to come back to your body. If you can't remember or must try to remember, then you can use reminders. This counts as an out of body experience, where you can start to forget after 24 hours, being in your persona.

  When summoning through your persona, try to remember, to keep craziness from you try these rules:

1. For those things you don't want to effect you, distract yourself as you attempt to gain effects. Then your unconscious mind does your intent and you don't get any conscious interference. Your unconscious mind will do only your intent and block out the things you don't want.

2. Know yourself. When you know yourself by observation you can figure the intention out easier.

3. In pursuit you will find your persona more easily controlled. However, it will do your willled intent only if it wants to. The persona has its own mind thats separate from you.

  When you 'gift' the person you meet with your persona, there is a chance you awaken their persona and give them a way to produce persona efforts. You can control them with it. Mostly, you give them an added ability. You can also shield the person, including their ability. Then, you make it unseen yet there. Sometimes, if they allow the effect, they won't ever realize there is an ability. And, you can control by suggestion what they do.

  From Marji - '..different people I give different personas, parents have one and good friends have another. Classmates have another, creepers have yet another and etcetc. It's something I've been doing literally forever, I never knew it was magic.'

  Due note: When the persona comes, it comes forcefully. So be prepared when it comes, for the reactions may be harsh. If you have a immersion energy pool, then you can create more result with the persona effort. This info on how to create one, is here at tml.

Monday, December 5, 2011


  These are the tunnels of time, that you create and go through to reach somewhere. Although unique, if you can do it, you can end up in another time and existence. You can end up there, but you don't really know it. If you make a sigil that means to you the meaning, 'to shift', then it happens faster. But, in order to do it is to create a time tunnel and through needing to be 'there'. This is as you are thinking of the place you want to be in. And, the time tunnel 'forms'. Physical activity is the thing that activates the Conduit. The sigils or the keys might be anything but they must be sigils. It can be an action or a certain thing you will never do. or just anything.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The essence of transfer

  This is when you transfer the energy essence of a wound or effect to somewhere else. This can be a rock or person. When you transfer, any machine in the area can hang. When using a crystal, and drawing energy to cause the transfer, there can be a slight hang of operation in machine. When you tell the crystal to take the wound energy, and not use the area energy, then other damage energy and the wound disappears. To get the hang of this, use focus and make breathe, in and out three times, to create a trance and make the effect easily. When you can't use trance, imagine your intent and state the effect and end result.

  This is done by the will. So, try and do the transferrance when you are tranced. Will the transferrence to happen, state your intent and add a 'done'. Choose your target for transferrence, be it human or rock. Imagine the target to transferred to, that helps the moment to occur easier. The target can be anywhere. It can lead to corrupted returned attacks or a shift of the energy. The total removal of the wound or effect. If a leg break, then you can remove the leg break energy, don't expect immediate healing. Expect instead an accelerated healing. On a waning moon, it can lead to accelerated attack. A waning moon is a negative moon.

  Optionally, you can choose to transfer your soul energy to another. This makes it possible to add your info or knowledge to the target. It can make it seem to the target that you 'usurped' them. This can make things uneasy between you and the target. Enough so, that the person can try to attack you. When they feel that they are usurped, their mind may seem overtaken by the will of yourself. Usurping happens, only when enough sough soul energy is transferred. This is when they gain more of the shared info. And, their mind is overwhelmed by it. This can be be where you 'transfer' your spirit to the target. Thats when the person loses their will and is truly your slave and does what you need.

  Where you find difficulty, use reason, and then attempt. For when, you can attempt to transfer your fat to the target. This is stopped when you make their feelings intolerable, though it may seem difficult. Just transfer your feelings and extreme emotion to the transferrer. This causes overload and they stop till they calm down and recover their mental state. Transferring any mental idea or point of view is possible. Its their subconscious that receives the info.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


  Mediation, its using meditation and thought with a spoken intent as a mantra. Doing this with open eyes is for those with more experience, doing this with closed eyes is easier for those of less experience. This is so you can draw spirit energy from things and the spirit world. This is to use the spirit of things to get things done. This is the effect of needing something and stating the effect you want as an intent, as you get the spirit to do them at the subconscious being directed. When you try to do this effect with meditation, you can make use of music. Music enhances the effect, if its soothing enough or you are used to it. It basically must fit your mood.

  The effect of working magic is possible here. By using the mediative action word and intending the effect to materialize in or away from you. You get a incidence with negative energy or conception with positive energy that seems to happen on its own. This effect is to be making you more able if you are wanting to awaken yourself and your awareness, using the mediative mantra of 'awareness' or 'awakening'. This can awaken any ability you need to be there.

  This may take several tries. So, be aware of this and don't expect things to materialize instantly or quickly. As, this depends on the amount of energy to be enough to make the materialization occur. So, do the mediation using moments of meditation every day, until the effect you want happens. This could take anywhere between 1 day to a week or month.

  When you do try meditating, remember the key to mediative meditation, the subconscious. The subconscious will know what you need by the word or phrase you use. Thus, all you need is a single word to mean a whole phrase and effect. This word can be used as the mantra. Add an 'om' to the word and you do subconscious programming by meditation. This clears your energy as well.

  The inner music and the natural music of things around you can also be used instead of externally generated music. This saves on doing unnecessary actions, that waste you energy. The necessary point in getting a magic effect by mediation, is to store up personal ki energy by doing activity. The more your doing in an activity, the more ki you have. You know you have enough, when your body glows or you feel content. Then, the change you need that create the effect will happen. This makes the effect easier to manifest.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Subdual energy field

  These are energy fields that are of the dark matter energy, the opposite of normal energy that is felt by its influence. Its energy that is ultraviolet or ultra blue-purple thats not seen by the human eye, except by the third eye. Its effects to the body are to weaken it everytime its used for a spell. This is by adding tiredness and strain to the body. The exact nature of subdual energy is unknown, except where the subdual energy by itself binds and with other things it unbinds.

  It also ages a person 1/10 a year for each few minutes to 30 minutes usage of it. Its possible to make it shaped or formed into a forcefield. This forcefield is repulsive to people and can cause repulsion of unwanted effects. Otherwise, its possible to use its energy to create a much more powerful effect that you would get with a large energy pool. Aging and tiredness is repairable by healing of any sort or rest for 10 min per each 30 minutes use.

  To use this energy, think of nothing and state what you want. This is to get a better result. Meditate or trance on dismissing your thoughts. Then breathing in, do a breathe out and state the effect you intend. This can be used by stating the negative result, to direct the energy, and you end up with a positive one. This can be used in place of positive energy. When you don't have any actual energy to spare, it can be used. I would suggest using english with this, as english is negative in use to denote a positive aspect.

  It is possible to subvert the subdual energy, to convert it and make it cause the aging to be youthening. This is using the subconscious to take the energy spent with body activity and placing it back in the body. When the subconscious is instructed to do so and cause the energy regained to make you youthful, it creates a youthening effect or halts aging.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


  Think of the target repelled from the other target. State the effect, then need it to happen. Do this possibly near imagined candles. As you need this, send your energy toward the target. Its that simple. Done near candles, doubles the repulsion that makes repelling possible.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New moon talisman ritual

  Well, put it outside under the light of the new moon...
And say...

  "To the goddess of the night Hecate I call. In the name of the sorcerer (Insert secret sorcerer name that you know, this can be your own chosen secret name), recharge this talisman to its original strength and purpose"

  By the next day, go get it before sunrise.

Gotten from Anonymous

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is about Imagined ritual. Its given with permission from Enoch Tan.

  Thelema is the will. Part of it is about doing the entire ritual in the mind instead of physically. It's like the analogy of the group who visualized throwing basketball into the hoop compared to the group which practiced physically. Both did their mental/physical training respectively for 30 days. In the end, there was only slight different between their results. But both groups had significant improvement compared to another group which did no practice at all.

  Thelema means to do magick in a way that is purely mental. All of magick is about using the Will and the Imagination. Both are right brain faculties, compared to Reason and Logic of the Left brain.

  The essence of magick is thelema. That does not mean one should not do ritual, because ritual can be used for the purpose of assisting thelema. Ritual done by itself has no meaning. All ritual is meant to serve thelema. After all, the definition of magick is the act of causing change in accordance with Will.

  For Ritual and Psionics there is a little difference. To personally use "magick" is also to refer to any kind of phenomena you cause or affect using a much deeper part of yourself than some do for psionic work. For psionics, you use your pre-conscious and sub-conscious minds (or parts of the mind) with suggestion or action; for "magick," you use something deeper. Your soul as inner energy to power the calling of the active force and elemental energy, as the active force with a directive will by the soul.

  Except to some they are the same energy, just that they are charged differently
and magic uses the soul. Where psionics use the sub-conscious. When you use magic ritual, you cause a negative drawing force and when you use psionics you can cause a push force that causes effects. So in essence, magic uses everything that psionics does and more.

  Psionics is more pure mind force in technique. Although a more encompassing psionic theory also goes into a lot of magickal stuff.

       Enoch Tan has the website of http://www.MindReality.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Subconscious casting

  Alright, using the subconscious to create a nonexistant event into becoming real. This is stating or thinking intensely the thing you want to happen. What helps is to state what you know will happen eventually. And, to state what you want to occur as though it already happened. Thinking out loud is another verbal form of magic with this alright idea. When it happens, act surprised and noone will suspect you for the deed. Asking a question, will cause the result you question. This is in order to create an understanding. If there's no real need or desire and no intent, then there's no actual magic moment.

  If there's a will there's a way and that way makes itself known to the caster. So, the way allows creation of the result you want. This way is indicated by signs that come to your attention and make the way obvious. By talking it out, understanding in the way to get things done becomes obvious, if thought weren't obvious before. See the area as you see the time as things made twice ends estimate use, this creates peace so thinking creates what you see as you see something to seem like. The point is don't think the cast work with the thought. So what you ask or use water as you sense is feel yet you aren't, unless you are a multiple personality so what you think is peaceful.

  Thinking on how to do the result can help manifest the result faster. The subconscious can speed up the effect as it occurs, to get it over with and experience things without tedius activity. The subconscious can also condense time, to cause the eventful result faster. In that way, this seems like an instant result. The trick is experiencing the creation of the result, physically or mentally. You can use the subconscious to construct spells more complex than the conscious mind is capable of and then manifest them consciously by an activating word, phrase or gesture.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Barrier shield to the void

  This is the simplest thing for those with power. Its just hold up your hand and will your intent of 'void barrier shield'. Do this, as you hold your hand up and will, try projecting forth your energy. For those with lesser ability, try holding your hand up and state the intent of 'Void barrier shield' as you will it to manifest. If your ability doesn't allow for this trick. Then, try to do things to build up your power, as in defeat a few beings who are bothering you. Otherwise, try drinking charged water or drink and exercise your will.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heart wreaking

  This is an example of what is possible with a psychic link, its up to you to decide to use the technique but generally do not use it. This idea is just for a warning to you who might experience it of what is out there. If you experience it done to you, imagine the link they use to get to your heart and break it off in your mind.

  This is to use the heart of another and their actions as an energy source to fuel your spells and action effects. This stresses the heart a bit everytime you do a spell. This creates heart problems after awhile. You may optionally use the heart of the earth or planet as the source. This is using the core of the planet. Also, you can use the heart of the machine and object or its energy as the energy source. This causes the object or machine to break down after a time.

  The heart of things are different from the heart of people. The heart of the person, in this case is the spiritual or astral heart. The heart of a being is its energy. The heart of the machine is its energy supply or energy flow. The heart of an object is its energy makeup.

  When you heart wreak, you can get the person's experience. Alternatively, you can get the experience of the machine or object. Basically, what you can get with heart wreaking is what the target goes through and experiences. You might go through the effects of what occurs with the earth or planet. If you targeted a nuclear power plant with a heart wreak, you can get the experience and energy of the plant. Its a choice to do on a moment's notice.

  The effect of breaking something is to cause a breaking of bad energy or targeting energy in someone, including yourself, and the surrounding area. If you don't want heart wreaking done, then think it not happening and will it to be so. Then, it won't happen to you or the target.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The test

What you may know, you can create an effect on yourself after touching the inanimate.. but if you don't touch the inanimate object then you get the result of a felt result, without it being on yourself. Its like your using monkeys to test drugs. This is testing an idea out by putting the effect to an inanimate object. This can be used for testing anything.

You may enchant an object, by thinking and projecting your thoughts to the object and you see what you want enchanted. Optional is to imprint the object, by thinking of the idea and enchant by touching the thing. When you do this, don't touch the object, so you don't drain it of the enchantment. Unless you want it on yourself, you may enchant it to not pass the enchantment to the toucher. There are many styles of enchantment. One way of draining the object, is to take a rock or think of a rock and have it draw in the energy you don't want. Do this, by telling it do draining, with a thought to it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The heat dragon

  This is to use a stance through trance and try to practice perceiving invisible things. Stances are 'here'. This invisible thing is a heat dragon. It is generated by heat and your energy, to form into a dragon form. This is to project your will by stance, to cause events. In stance, try to believe that what you want, will occur will occur as you will it. As what you think will happen has a higher chance to manifest. Try to make things appear to you that are hidden. Next, make things appear to you that are invisible. Do this near a heating vent or heater.

  Go for it till you feel the spirit heat off the heater or vent. Then, with a little more effort, you should see some heat spirit thats shaped like a dragon. This dragon is what you want to see. Control it, make it yours. This will be a pet dragon, that's an extension of your will. Make it do things.. like tricks. Now you should be able to manifest it at will. So have fun manifesting it, at will.

  Now turn off the heater or heat. Turn it back on. Make it amp the heat in the area 20% or more. If heat is more dense in the air, then you succeeded. Now go outside, sometime when its sunlit, and do the manifest of the heat dragon. Just to use the heat in the air is magnifying the sunlight. This is making a more efficient heat dragon.

  You can cause heat strokes with its heat being directed at someone. This is a defense against bad people or people you don't want near you. It can form into people, and be them as it projects itself at their mind. This gives them an encounter that they can choose to believe is real. It only does what's necessary, though. This is to get what you need done. To get the feel for this and gain efficiency in its use, try it on someone or yourself.

  An electric shield can protect against a heat dragon. Electricity is harder to play with, but you know how to by experimenting. You can form one using your bio energy. This is wielding it like it was some source. Then, making a shield surround you. This is formed from your bio energy. This is amplified being near electricity.

  Try to avoid being too near electrical outlets. The outlet could spark easily, as its near enough and with a electrical shield. The electrical shield can literally draw energy from the outlet. Also electrical things could short out easier, that you are near. Water shields are also unique to avoiding the heat dragon's influence.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Transcendance of effect

  This is when dimensional energy is added to an effect. It creates the transcendance of said effect when you add the instruction, 'This effect transcends this plane of existance.' Your subconscious knows which effect to transcend. When your will is enough, which is when your mental strength is high enough, then it will easily happen. A few suggestions, drink charged drink or charged water. Meditate when you can. And, make certain you aren't so stressed and can be calm in a calm relaxed moment. The calm mind makes transcendance easier. This effect can start to effect anywhere. To stop the transcendance, will it to stop.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Beautiful body transform

This transformation starts with making your body become beautiful and then more muscular. All it is, is the attaching a source of a sun to you. This is to power it, the effect. This is done by imagining a line being drawn and the line connects you to your source. If you need the source, albeit it can be a red sun, it will be there for you and your body will improve itself. You will be beautified and stronger, faster and more able to think. Thus, if you want the sun's energy enough, you will have beautiful muscles and your mind will be sharp. Also, you will glow with energy, and this is done as you are glowing with pride. One known side effect is the hunger you have. This might increase till you gain more weight. Unless you direct an effect to cause weight loss. This effect can do a decent energization.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sexy Psi & A replacement effect

Sexy Psi

  This is a technique to create sexiness through psi force. What it is, is to focus your thought and speak them toward the target person. Focus your thoughts to cause power to emanate from you. Then, state what you want to be understood. This makes you seem sexier than what you were. All thats required, is to focus and project your thoughts of sexy nature and think of sexy things to do as you need. The users will is that which programs the energy, and can direct the energy to get almost any result. The opposite can happen with a negative thought being projected with this technique.

A replacement effect

  Anything of similar nature can replace something else. This is something thats similar to it. Thus, in ritual, you can use it to exchange properties. Otherwise, its by will that you can exchange things with some effort. And, using some effort you can classify what is to replace it. You might swap out the property of something you don't want with something you do want.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Barrier shield to the void

  This is the simplest thing for those with power or ability. Its just hold up your hand and will your intent of 'void barrier shield'. Do this, as you hold your hand up and will. Try projecting forth your energy to neutralize thing you don't want. For those with lesser ability, try holding your hand up and state the intent of 'Void barrier shield' as you will it to manifest. If your ability doesn't allow for this trick. Then, try to do things to build up your power, as in defeat a few beings who are bothering you. Otherwise, try drinking charged water or charged drink and exercise your will.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Improved money spell

  This spell uses the business model, to make the money spell work better and have money that's more than you would spend. This involves set up moments to allow you to put away the excess and save it up, in some form. It starts with setting your goal for funds. This is to be more than what you will spend in a month or 4 weeks. To get a higher gain, you find a situation that is allowing you more funds than you would spend. The downside is that someone else is likely linked to you. They will find that they lose money, similar to what you gain. This can cause personal financial disasters, if you make enough. Sometimes, they can deflect the effect and you may get a personal disaster that costs you money. However, the other person could be any thing aka rock and etc..

  When you cast this spell, have in mind the amount you would gain and to make the person who links to you. This is to be someone who isn't a friend. To cast this effect, project your thought of the purchase you might make. This will be your goal to work toward. This must be higher priced than what you normally make. Thinking about the personal gain and related issues. State out loud what you want and will make and think about who will get the downfall. Allow your subconscious to create the effect.

  What helps this is to make use of a relaxed mindframe and a few candles. Leave the possibility in your mind, that you commit to buying the item, but there is possibility to not buying the item and spending it on something else. Your intent should be 'making a return thats higher than what you spend'. Any guilt with this allows the spell to backfire on yourself. Basically, NEED the money to be there and it will be. Be sure to set goals as to what you allow yourself to spend, per week.

  Don't make what you want to buy too outrageous in price. What should happen is the projected thoughts on the purchase you want to make and the stated amount of what you make, will make your subconscious create the amount in some manner. This isn't foolproof, so expect whats to come as though a chance of luck. It won't work all the time.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Effect removal

  To provide interference and at a point in the past, to cause the effect to not happen. This could be a point of recollection, caused by a subconscious idea being received from you. Otherwise, this interruption is done by thinking of the moment to interrupt and saying 'undo' or anything else with intent to have the statement occur interruption. The easy way is to leave out the idea and think of something else, or cause the person who made the effect to do so. This is with thought and will to cause the effect of 'forgettance' when the effect happens. Either way, we can remove the event by the effects of the event not happening.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


  Hyperpsionics use frequency manipulation through hypervibration or voice control and causes intent with thought. This is where the Auratic vibes, caused by intention being expressed in varied degrees, mainly speaking, using music or willing your thoughts to occur. This might achieve things. This is interactions like biokinetics with living things. The auratic vibes come from living things.

  Auratic use in reasoning is the main influence in the area, as felt vibes can be the vibration we sense from those people or things we get near. As thought that is the conscious life energy from activity as to show what they did or thought tell us they do bad or good things. Its also the vibration in the air that tell of good or bad energy.

  This is a basis of Hoodoo and Demonism. The effort to do things in a ritual is with double the return action, triple the effect time to others and quadruple the effort achieved. This is using hyper frequencies to achieve or effect results.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The power of the moon and sun

  This is a simple chant that really works. It brings in the power of a moon and a nearby sun. This works on a full moon most effectively. However, on a waxing moon, you can get somewhat of a positive effect. On a waning moon, you can get a negative result. To do it is to state, "By the power of the moon and sun..[name effect here]". Alternatively, this is to state, 'By Pua Mun -n- Sun gy me thyl'. Be thinking of the result you want with each word. How to pronounce it is, [By Poo-ahn Moon N Soon jive meen thiln].

Alternative future seeing

  Its possible to teleport by your will creating wormholes with void energy. To manipulate the electric flow in the air, makes the wormhole more stable. Just shift into the number of the year and then see the wormhole and let future sight happen.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fey law

  This is to cast a spell that reinforces your voice and effort in others. This makes the effect of working your suggestion and making it use fey force. If they disagree, then something happens to stop their effort. The people who 'hear' the subjectivity of the suggestion react to it, and tend to act out the suggestion without realizing it.

  This spell is caused when you gather gaia, an energy of earth's deep force or mana energy, then intensify it, your feeling and gathering the tension and using awareness to focus the energy as though it were a force. This is making it a subjection when your projecting it forth. This is causing the suggestion to be reinforced by energy. Now to think, will or state, 'may this effect happen?', will cause it to further be reinforced. Thus, three things done make it more than likely to manifest or occur by others not yourself. Injustices done are sometimes resolved, when the other person's subconscious attempts to appease you. This only happens when you point something out that they did to you.

  Making the projection of your voice and energy negative. The negative suggestion is then taken and dealt with, sometimes oppositely acted out. When the other people have a ligitimate reason, then they will definitely do the suggestion. Will expressed or thought on thats against the suggestion is cancelling it out. In laymans terms, you can cause them to not do the suggestion and instead do the opposite of it.

  Many use it on the unruly, to control them. Otherwise they use it on themselves, to get better effect or effect they normally wouldn't get. When they think that they are like others, then it can effect them as they become open. Their feelings are then directed by the idea to get an effect. So it becomes possible to think of themselves and suggest something with reinforcement. So, by suggestion they get an effect on themselves.

  A rule to remember is, to only use this on those who deserve it. Otherwise, they can use karmic energy and subject you to the same. If theirs enough energy, they could drive you insane. When insanity hits them from a backlash of hitting or effecting you, then unpredictable results can occur.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Spirit guidance spell

  By trying the guidance spell, you will be guided by the spirit guide to get the effect that you want, and become better. This clears the mind and causes nervousness to fade. The guidance will disappear when its not needed. The process awakens you and your senses and you can feel more powerful. The effect will guide others at your command and it will work anyway they might want it to.

  To do the effect is to think of 'Spirit guide to be better', and project the thought at the target's subconscious or aura. Then you cause their subconscious to do the effect. Unless they don't want the effect, then it will work.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Supernatural communication

  To do this trick, you need to justify to yourself a reason. That allows you to work through the spirit to 'talk' to others. Relax yourself and think of nothing, imagine a calm area like a beach. Then focus your tension and 'Think' of your message and will it to the other. That you need the message to go to. Building up the energy and speaking your message to release the energy, will increase the chance to get the message to the other person. Sending your spirit to make the communication. What will help this is saying "Efoci Efak Bentidoct' pronounced [Ee-folk-I Ee-fake Bentihn-doct", as a chant. Doing the chant as you will the message to them. This supernatural technique even works with interference. When you need it, it will happen easier. You will know the message intuitively as it comes and goes. You might repeat the message with your mouth, as it comes in or goes out.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Energy body transformation

  This is a physical godhood of transformation use, by youthful inner being uses. This is a physical body transformation into godhood, once a god then as you have to realize your devine self. You can do so by realizing what god is then, then by realizing what your god self is able to do.

 Then you realize your devine being is yourself, this is sobering when you tranform into your devine self to realize you already are a god. Think in your mind, that you pass beyond a blue energy veil and that veil is a wall that drops away or you move around. This use is sometimes magic activity, this is usually by use with a physical god's time ability.

 You enter fully into to torrential energy called christ or aheim's name meaning of madness. When you start to dissolve into particles, then you will become a semi-solid form again, this is usually when you think it you will it. Imagine it as a blue wall and you passing beyond. This will hurt. When there's a sharp body pain and then the pain disappears afterward you succeeded.

 This means you are aware of things or can create, what you think is possible or imagine it then you create by the creator or source. Where your energy as your without a body, this is where the body turns undead. Then you are aware, when you return your body if physically there. So I think this means your aware by now as though your an amoeba.

 So you have a physical formation sometime, if you return to your physical corpse then you resurrect it. Yet it is undead unless it was energy already. So think if you are aware that dead matters are still alive, until put away or dismissed so you can do things as you work for something. The end point is the point.

 If you think your alive, then the energy body keeps the body alive or dead if you think its dead. That's the price to transform physically into energy. If you think then you are aware, as you think about what you want then things begin to manifest. So if your things aren't there then you will find them. So that is all there is to this.

 Thus you are one with your creator. Then you can be wherever you want to be. Wherever you think you are, you are. Your energy body is ageless. So your transformed if you think to transform, so you are changed by the creator. If you create by a will you have the ability that the creator allows you to effect in them, otherwise you can change yourself as you want to change.

 Actually the brain picks up on the brain waves of others or omnipotent feelers that you can sense with. Sometimes through the energy in the area. The brain I guess uses the omnipotent feelers that are by senses, that you think to direct to hear the thought. That is the point to this ideal. So by feel the brain is aware by the fact that you know when you think to know, as though focused to realize things is used as though through the corners of the eyes. Where you think to know then you do as though your omnipotent.

 This is where the creator changes you and people can call to know things, then you are aware to what is there. This means your brain is conscious, aware by what you think for what you know is the point you are aware of others or things such as events. This is where you are aware that things exist as you think they do, then you only need to focus by a thought to form or change things by activity such as a click is a concept.

  The particle body can shift its form and by projected forth by your will manifesting it. Using will, need and your intent to be 'there', you can project or be 'there' at will. 'There' is the place you want to be. It can be anywhere and any plane of existence. Their is likeliness that your projected forth particle body, on touch of an object, will become particles in the spot and the object will pass through. It can be sustained by drawing energy from objects. Then with focus, the body will remain solid.

  Using the energy from other existances, you can gain more stability and power to use. This includes ability from those planes. Energy form frees your mind from normal body restraints. And energy and 'brain' use can be much higher. As you can use 100% of your brain at once, if you concentrate. Multitasking can be easier as though you think like a woman. As you are energy your aware as you think your aware then that allows you to create, as though a woman yet you can work like one yet not have to be like one. If you reached 100% energy body form, you are a physical god by now.

  So you become lucid actually with a condition called physical lucidity, that you are aware of everything you think to see or know. This is where you gain the ability sometimes to what you couldn't control, then when you have an inner universe that appears as though you think to see. Then your aware by sense that the area is inside you yet not there, as you think to observe except around you by seeing signs of the ideal. When your expanding your consciousness you sometimes expand your weight, unless you exercise in either of two ways physical activity is done.

  Where you excite your heart by moving, walking or physical training weights or stay still then so you eat less then think the exercise is being done. As the blood flow is more rapid you are aware that many things are possible, so it doesn't matter what you do when you do this the inner universe expands in you as well. Then your aware of new things. This allows you to exercise in two manners, where you are aware then you can see or sense the area. As you think by thought you imagine, then your aware of your surroundings so focus to know then you do this correctly.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Charging food

  Since we're affecting molecules it would be possible to affect the food and make it last longer be healthier etc, less food yet still as filling. I charged food that way. It only took minimal energy. Its the same as charging drinks, you will the energy to goto the food, until you feel you can't send anymore or you feel you sent enough. Cheese and milk products are great with it. Some say a prayer to get the effect, but when we try we can direct energy otherwise. It increases the energy you have in the body and the texture flavor of the food. Also you can feel more sustained and nourished.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Karma magic

  Magic that exists to balance out things and create a result, only if it is needed to by intent is Karma magic. When the activity is there that makes things necessary, then actions you think are necessary to get the effect occurs. As in someone tries to hurt you, using various means. You can then get effects off that are amazing, to the hurter. This is magic in the making. Karma can magically enable things to happen easier, if you believe in it. In any form you want. It works when things balance out. Then the magic possibility to make the effect you want, dwindles a bit. When there's not any need and no purpose to the action, then Karmic magic stops and there's a slighter chance of magic. This uses Karmatic Energizing, a charging of the Body and mind by Karmic energy and Cosmic influence for balance.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Compulsion spell

  Do this by thinking with intention to get your result, 'E en ul'. This causes a compulsion of doing your wish on the target. Your needs are also met, by the person. This is cast when you think of the person or need someone to do things, as you state the spell. A 'E en' or 'E en el' cancels it While directing your thoughts at the person and stating the effect spell. You may cast it by stating the words indicated and thinking about what you want the person to do.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Being the object

 The effect is basically you sharing your mind by sending some of your essence into the object. And then having your conscious energy send itself to other objects. Much similar to being a viral effect of sharing the idea virally. You can do this by thinking of your intention and touching the object. The touch shares your energy and forms a 'link' to it. By the idea you spread about, you can trigger a conscious recall of the object perception that was observed. Or, by the thinking about the effect, you may gain a linked conscious and feel or perceive the environs around the object.

 No, this isn't a horcrux effect as in Harry Potter. This energy you send to an object can be thought to come back to yourself, if that was your intent. And, the object is your spy without having a camera. Inadvertently, you may block the effect by sending your own energy with a 'do not reveal' idea thought at object you suspect. Detection of magic by feel is necessary to do this. Some practicioners of this technique may make it hard to remove the effect. So destroying it will work instead. In this case, a 'e en ex' thought at the object will do the removal.

 This energy you share can also create an effect as though you were there. By you thinking of the effect you want and 'sending' it to an object. In this way the energy is able to influence the person or people near it. Also noted is the object may be more magical and exist working longer. 'In en x' works to cancel an objects influence.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Toilet magic

  Need to get rid of annoying or disabling energy? Just use one often neglected ritual item: The toilet. One practice for ridding oneself of bad energies is to send all detrimental and foreign energies in the body to the shit that is about to come out and charge it with them. Then let it all out, as it leaves the body the energies leave with it. And you can banish an entity by drawing its sigil (according to your mind) and flushing it down the toilet, can have instant results. This proves you can use any item in a ritual.

By Aryn and edited by Spelly

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mirror teleportation

 To do mirror teleportation requirs you yourself to be standing near a mirror. The area you go to you decide on. Then tell the mirror where you want to go, as you imagine yourself there as long as you want. Imagine yourself walking through a mirror and being there, appearing where you want to be visiting. Then you are there and as you want. To come back, imagine a mirror being walked through by yourself to appear where you came from again.

 This isn't a full teleportation, by any means. The least it can do is transport your spirit an you will live a 'double life', until you come back. A full length mirror will do. And, you can teleport to any time in existence. You may influence by thought, what your other self does and/or let it do its own thing. Its not just another method of projecting, though, you are in two different places at the same time. Mostly by the mirror.

 Some believe that by approaching the mirror in projection you are approaching and entering your spiritual form, since mirrors reflect everything that could mean they reflect the deliberate projection into the form that was always there.

 You can project from anywhere as the mirror is versatile. And to to this, you can be in any of the multiple worlds through a mirror. Make sure the place is on this plane, if you wanted to visit this plane elsewhere.

Friday, July 15, 2011

BiFrost zero gate

  When you make the attempt to use frost and zero degree temperature on fire and you make the effect of shifting. Then it happens easier, by the effect of cold energy and direction of thought. To do this trick, gather fire anyway you want. Focus it with thought. Then, think where you want to be at the moment. And, focus cold thoughts at the fire and will yourself to be where you want to go. The water energy can be used, to create the cold effect.

  Directing your mind on where you want to be can be to state the area. If you want to create circumstances on your arrival, think of them as you focus and state what you need. This has a 50% chance of working or not working. Why it works, is the fire cancelled out creates the cancelling of the barrier between two places through our will. Counteracting the fire causes an energy release from the fire. That energy we can direct.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

6th dimensional magic

  This is a type of magic thats done to cause major results, as you draw in energy from the 6th dimension or its abhorrent energy to create results. Basically its thinking of your purpose and intent. Then, stating the result as you will the intent to manifest. Possibly drawing a sigil thinking of the result, to create the effect easily, from the charged energy already nearby.

   For your information, the 6th dimension is the plane of existence with a place of killing energy that can warp things. Yet seems to be the same place as ours. 6th dimensional energy can cause insanity, very easily.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Changing your Aura

General info:
  A key to changing the aura, is to think the aura will do something and then focusing energy through the aura to cause the effect. Hence, you can get an aura of empowerment or effect as in healing. You really need to have it a certain way, to get it to be that way.

Aura of arrest
   This aura causes an arresting moment, that freezes a person in place and time. Until, the moment comes that they gain a resolve of conflicts. When arrested of movement they literally don't move. This is formed by thinking your aura will arrest people who deserve it. Once you change your aura, then the arrest of the mind or spirit will stop.

The point of this aura is not to act a cop and arrest the criminal. It will only arrest those who you seek to do but fail or have a guilt complex. So be warned, it is not actually gonna work on everyone. And, it will only arrest them for as long as you think it will. Hence, no time limit is with no thoughts of how long they will be arrested.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The dreaming guide

General dreaming information

  When you dream, you attempt to be somewhere else that the subconscious places you. Normally this is an 'observe the event' type situation, but oftentimes its a 'you will it and it occurs' situation, when you are lucid dreaming, you control the dream. Especially if you have enough poder, do you remember the dreams you have. Poder is personal power. Built up by attempts at doing things. And, the not doing of things that are unnecessary.

  As in, using the idea of keeping your sperm till its needed. Not jacking off, but using it to have a child and ect.. Making decisions at the moment that you need to. Not putting your ego into things, by avoid being egoistic and emotional and more calm. With this you can be more energetic.

  The dreaming happens to have an effect of energizing you, into doing things and when you think is best. So you are very likely to match the scene of the 'real' dream. This dream is so realistic that it feels real to you. When it repeats, it will have a dream interpretation and a few parts that you can emulate. But, there is also a strange dream effect that can occur. This strange effect is when you copy actions of a dream that you have.

  It makes a bridge to a world that was represented. And, the dream reality becomes real as the energy of the person you emulated comes to you and your energy goes to the emulated person. What you do while thinking of the person, the emulated person is also aware of and vice versa. Sometimes there's an act of achieving your dream.

  You are then euthanized, but slowly. The more you are euthanized, the faster the euthanization comes. You can literally unage to a certain point, by the effect of combining energies of you and the emulated person. Sometimes, when you act the part of the person you emulate. You can extend the point of unaging till you are baby-ized and hamper your own actions.

  This is done by over emulating the dreamed person. Otherwise, the more you act the roles and emulate the dreamed person, the more you start acting like the person and start losing your mind or the idea you have of yourself. The person's energy is making you like the person and vice versa the emulated person like you. Sometimes you can act to achieve your dream.

  When you stop acting the person dreamed of out, then you won't be drained as easily. As on the point of emulating the person out can cause you to be drained by your energy going to the dreamed up person. This draining only occurs when you are trying to be the dreamed person and you start losing your will and tend to be more inactive. Yet you gain their will and ability at the same time.

  Sometimes you may have a dream thats not real and shows imagery thats caused by physical activity. These dreams can be dismissed or examined for their meanings. Interpreting them is as simple as taking the dream imagery and looking it up. A few useful dream dictionaries are here @ and and if you can't find a listed interpretation, then you can try to interpret them another way.

  Breaking teeth means someone close is going to die. Armegeddon is where there will be coming change, disaster and disruption thats coming your way. Nightmares are where the action you do will bring disaster. Otherwise, try to take the symbolism of the dream and interpret what it might mean. There is the off chance that you will find a repeating dream. This is where you can be assured of the possibility of the dream becoming real.

  This only means they can serve as warnings, of something that is to come. So be aware and try to remember them. There's a useful trick to remember them, as well. Beside the poder necessity, you can use an amethyst gemstone under your pillow or bed, when you goto sleep. This will cause easy dream recall. When you try it, focus your mind on the dream itself by trying to think of the feeling or dreams. Even if you don't have a clear recall, your subconscious will make the dreams come back.

The dream and mental scapes

  In the dream and mental world, the external influence at work usually causes the internal mind to be driven into action. And the internal action is what represents the activity in the mental plane. This can be acted out or done physically, when not thought about. As in, conflict causes aggravation that makes internal killing or bezerk actions, which points out that a component is breaking down.

  This can be used to make considerance of the mindscape, by understanding the source of the dream and that gives an indication of what will happen or caused the dream. The dream and internal mental plane effects can be dealt with by some mirror actions, consciously. To actually travel in the dreams we must learn how not to wake up and travel in the waking world. In the dream world theirs literal dream travel.

  Getting into the other person's mind is getting past their guard and defenses. The thought you have is what their minds do. If given enough proposed idea and focused energy. Then the action you want them to do is ensured. Otherwise, it might not happen. What you do to get them to do things, is up to you. Some suggestions are listed.

Some ways that are listed:

Some external enticement or enactment causes internalized games or interesting things may happen.
Something glutenous, fattening or even overfeeding makes for interpreted reaction.
Insanity is often made by unbelievable activity or dismissed from the mindscape through Will.
Disorder and insanity is caused by the chaos made by actions.
Wasteful actions and things can create a weight gain or bring weight to a moment.
Order of the mind is caused by insanity being observed and decided against or good behavior being noticed.
For mindful action/reactions, they can be caused by interposed activity and this is any policy action, too.
Where there is reasoning or exactness caused by some flaw or noticed habit.
Then you can avert things in the mindplane that is triggered by a look.
When in realization, tragic action or conditioning can happen through programming and with some influence.
Burden is caused by stress.
The threat feel in dreams is caused by pointing or blaming.
The key moment is a tweak by reasonable means.
The exonerated moment is a tweak by overworking or overbearance.
Tweaking internally is from bad results.
The internal replacement of somebody or some thing, is when you use the mindscape to change behaviors. This is rare when you see it in dreams. It is caused by an external reply that has an impact.
Tragic action in a dream is caused by war.
Averting or using aversion, is caused by overeaction and unreasonableness through bias, or a can't bear it response.
Unreasonableness is caused by over reasoning.
There is irritation by reminding oneself or another with a mindful action or denial.
There is irritating behavior internally caused by changing behavior.
Open conflict or otherwise something is war represents an external influence thats unaccepted.
Usage of things is caused by consolidation.
Some activity of played roles or changed roles is caused with thinking.
Thinking in a dream is caused with evaluation or receiving open-minded criticism.
Evaluation in dreams is by statements that are made.
Open war is a flame or actively warring.
Awareness or consciousness, is where there's an exceeding of things.
Guilt, is external pleasure that goes far.
Desirous things is caused by mindful desires.
A horrible scene, is caused by unwanted reminder.
Overfeeling is caused by external pain.
Overdoing, is caused by abuse or feeling things with a beating.
Compromise, is with manipulation of many kinds or disrespect.
Enacting by causing results or doing actions in the mindscape is acting on impulse from need or desire.
Manipulation in the dreams reflects an external exaggeration.
Boasting is caused by shown things.
Over reaction or exaggeration is with a cause.
A goal being met is made in a dream by a successful activity.
Guilty pleasure is by overbearing behavior.
Work or occupance by working activity uses invention to manifest in the mindscape.
Overexertion, monsterous activity or overtaxation in mindscape is by occupational hazard or insult and harmful exposure.
Occupational hazard, is by exposure.
Overt or overdone behaviour is with stubborness.
Some type of group activity is with intentional action.
Some intention is by a key action.
Overburden is by taxation.
Some Presence is with some type of exertion not always through work.
Over reasoning in the mindscape is by a can't bear with it and things reaction.
Overdrive or overbearance is manifested with too much of something and using openly made reasoning.
Considerance is a concern.
Making the person feel good in their mindscape, is causing them to agree.
Importance or important key values are made by avoidance of issue or dalience.
Brute force is by invasive actions.
To give away or be doing things in dreams is by experiments.
Insults in a dream or the mindscape is by being taught a lesson.
Overt or adverse reasoning, is with reverse idea.
Seeing a monster or creature in the mind is where you are that monster at the moment. This is either you formed as the monster or creature or acting like one.
To cancel something to cancel an effect by a wave effect.
Leaving is caused by external disturbance.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Psi power balls

  These things are really psi balls that are 'placed' by a mental hand into your body. The mental hand you can control and make it do as you like. It acts as a normal hand.

  In order to do this trick, all you need is to imagine a hand form in the air and near your body. When you imagine the hand, imagine it forming psi energy into a ball form. Using the mental hand to 'place' it in your body is by mimicking with your real hand the action, near your heart. You will gain energy back in your body. And, you may feel energized for at least half a day.

  When you are imagining the mental hand holding the psi ball, thinking to it the thought, 'don't be programmed except when necessary..' and the rest of the programming is up to you. You may form the psi ball in your mental hand and state the programming or command you want it to do.

  If you want an elemental power ball that projects forth the element you deem necessary to have effect another. Then program the psi ball with the thought of, 'emulate [element]', and either mentally toss it at someone or something or imagine a 'beam' shoot forth of the element it emulates.

  This beam can lance forth and spear another target. What you can do to the beam, is bending the beam to your will. There is an unlimited amount of things it can achieve to your will. You don't have to use a psi ball as it can be Hara energy. Your Hara is located a few inches below your Navel and has Greenish energy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Coelescing Power

  Coelescing power be where you collect power in an area, into a coiled  energy form, enough of it that it warps an area. Allowing you to create a pooled will effect and effort is formed by that will. Thus, you can cause any effect, with enough energy nearby. As though it were a coiled snake. This be like the pools of energy from activity, except the coelesced energy is allowed to be greater. The effort is the key to forming the effect. Any effort can be used. Thusly, the way to make the coelesced energy, be to will the energy from the places of existence to start to collect to where you desire the greatly coelsced energy to be. Mainly your willing wild energy from a few solar sources, any anime worlds, gaming worlds and whatnot.

  This energy, coelesced, is very great and will wield you if your not careful. The will is done by programming the energy nearby to coelesce the energy, while thinking of the energy sources. That you can work with at your willing it to do things. When the energy has coelesced enough, then things will happen as you speak them or as you think of them, given enough time. The pooled energy turns into a resource for yourself and others, if you will it. You can even lock it off from those whom you don't want to use it.

 Although, on use of it, there's not much you can do except to will it to do things. Or, to speak of what you want to happen and it will if enough energy remains. Don't draw it into yourself, as you only need to direct the energy outside yourself.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The pass the effect effort

  To do this trick, is to think of the person you want to effect. And state while you are effected, 'I pass it to you.' or 'As it effects me it effects you.' And, the subconscious should pick up on the idea you want to happen, and cause it. If the person is unsuspecting, then they won't mind it and seem to change their attitude or actions to suite the effect. Saying it too many times in a short period of time to a person will get overirritation and will get you weird looks.

  However, as you pass the effect, the effect disappears from you. This effect could be anything that seems to be there. As always, when you want to send the effect back or effect someone else by what be happening to you then say, 'Back to you..', while thinking of the person.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Three Point Protection

  Using objects: This is the three point protection using objects. Get three items, rocks, gems or stones of any sort and arrange them into a triangle formation. Then, touch each object that makes the points of the triangle, and after that, the 1st object you touched. Thinking of an energy stream that passes between the objects, as you touch them. And state or think, 'contain my bad and evil', 'make things safe' or 'make things better'. Towards the shape. Then you should feel safe and all bad qualities about you are in the triangle.

  When or before you attempt this, think that the Bermuda triangle is powering each object. This links a power source. Any disruption of the pattern or area, e.g. the positions of the objects are changed or stomping or loudness happens. Then, the protection must be recast. Using lights in this pattern, you must turn on the light to activate the protection.

  Also possible is 4 objects for a buildup of effects, 5 objects for chaotic effect or 6 objects for sealing and elemental effects. With 4 objects you may use a square formation, 5 objects are with a pentagram, and 6 objects with a Jewish or Davids star formation. Amazing effects you can get with this, so be creative.

  The human object: Also possible with the 3, 4, 5 or 6 point effect is using humans or beings as objects would be used. But, they must be willing to help first. This is to think of the person and sending energy, to link to the person. Then act as though the other person, and think energy to pass as a stream from the person to another. Repeat the act as that person and make energy linking come back to yourself. Or, let the person decide to link and pass on linking energy. Be sure to explain your intent and have them explain their intent. After which, you state your intent to occur it. As in the 'make things better' or 'make things safe'.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

One with the Land

This is a technique to double your energy possibilities and to gain awareness of the land. Mostly with allot more energy from the uniting with the earth and nature. This is basically touching the grass, rocks or ground with your bare feet. And feeling the upsurge of energy as you will yourself to 'be' one with the earthly nature energy. Touching cement won't do it, and your connection with the planetary energy is mostly blocked.

Thus, you are connected to the earth network and are aware of what happens to it. You can do powerful or nearly impossible things easier. You also discharge bad energies that lead you to negative results. And, renew your positive reserve of energy while you do your connecting with nature.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The easy void meditation

  The easy way to actively use void meditation, is that which causes less strain and worry while allowing for more energy. This is to decide to meditate, then don't think and just do, allowing your instincts and intuition take over. As your subconscious guides the moment, then you will have less problems. There's no stress and your body can adapt to anything. If you allow your body to react to things that tend to happen. Then, the body will do the 'right' thing that you or others condition yourself to do. This gets rid of headaches easily. With this, just breathing in and out as usual feels different. Use that method to do magic easier. So as your body reacts, you can do as needed without thought.. unless its pointed out. Then you can tell yourself to do things to correct the situation at hand, if a correction is needed. That's when ya subconscious takes over and when you just do things. The less thought you have while doing magic, the more effect you get from your magical action. As, its very good for visualization, and its quicker than standard meditation.

Mirror Trap, Astral Mirror Dynamics

 Difficulty: Intermediate
  Prerequisites: Casual Conscious Projection, Energy Manipulation/Vampirism

  I first came across this technique during an encounter on the astral. I would rather not detail the exact circumstances, I'm not particularly fond of this memory. This being said, I did not invent this technique. This technique was stolen, then refined in practice.

  In reality, a mirror is just a sheet of glass with a coating on the back that allows photons to be reflected back at the viewer. However, the mind when viewing a mirror creates a subspace behind the mirror from the illusion created by the mirror. Energy flows where attention goes. Resultantly you may project your consciousness on the flip side of the mirror, and collect the energy that has pooled there. Astral mirrors create this subspace with greater intensity, and efficacy.

  Using this magickal property of mirrors, you can exploit, and amplify it's effects with simple construct programming.

  Here is one technique to get you started with this skill. Modify as needed to suit your optimum functional state.

  Step 1: Obtain an object with a mirror-like reflective surface.

  Step 2:
- Option 1: Project your mind into the mirror subspace and wait for someone to look into the mirror. When the psychic stream of attention enters the mirror, use it as a link to pull as much of there energy in as you like. Note however that pulling too much energy in a short time may alarm the target.

-Option 2: Create and program an energetic construct to wait in the subspace and absorb energy as it comes. The construct can be farmed later. This is very effective to deploy in public areas such as washrooms.

  Note: When this technique is used on the astral rather then physical, the effects will be dramatically increased. It's so naturally effective that it commonly creates a state of mindlessness and submissiveness in the victims. This is especially prevalent in astral beings and occurs almost instantly. As a physical being you will have a moment to avert your eyes, when you feel your life force being drained from you.

  From here @ the Magocracy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eternal Energy

 This be a technique to borrowing or using energy from the eternal side of things. To make yourself partially immortal from the tap. Think about the eternal side of objects and things, then imagine a funnel sucking with void to you of that energy. Touch an object then you get your result, which can be anything. This can make you immortal through the energy itself influencing the effect and/or yourself.

 Warning: You could find yourself doing an action for a looong tiime, by the same energy, because the will to do things becomes more lengthened or there's repetition of activity till annoyance and that is the other thing, unless blocked. A spacial object moving in space.. just keeps going till stopped and thats an emulation of eternal energy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Magic should be specific

  You need to be specific in using magic. Why? It's like using a sharp knife instead of a cloud of mist to cut tomatoes. Energy needs to be directed where it's most concentrated and can make the most changes instead of doing many smaller changes that could even work against each other.

  You could do a spell to "cause money gain" but if you got money how could you even be sure it was from magic? You should do something specific like "duplicate the notes in my pocket" or "make my advance increased 300% on this article"... just specific.

  Specific magic always works a lot better. You need to have a moment of inner silence when you're focused only on achieving your goals too, which is when the will shoots out. You'll know when it's done.

  However, sometimes you need to specify the general time. As instead of letting on a time for things to occur and getting disappointed. You could say, 'Make duplication of my pocket notes, soon.' That works more to your advantage.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Body balance

  To balance your body is to enable it to lose or maintain its weight and be healthier to use energy easier, at will. When you balance your body, your bodily energy is balanced and your mind is more in tune with reality and this makes your lost abilities come back, eventually. Sometimes the restoration of ability is instant. Balancing your body, is to eat right, do effects, cleansing and being active, sometimes with exercise. To balance out your life, with activity is to create a balance of senses.

  In the effort, to tie into the element and have fun by practice with it, is to make for a more life long effect. This effect is that which is what you want to happen through intention. When you tie into something, or tie an object into something, you think about the element that it represents to link it to you or the object and then draw some of that element to you or the object safely.

  And, to have fun then becomes a play of use, where the use is programmed into the linked element and it does the effect you need. Be aware, specific by force, certain energy has certain effects, that can be directed by will and desire or need. And that energy use is supposed. For the energy doesn't have effect otherwise. Each object has a different energy element.

  Mostly, by being linked to such an element, you are able to do almost anything with it with the thought of the effect and then a statement by action or speaking. As an intent, this is fun for the making. As, to transfer some energy can be by a touch or thought to the element, with some building up of energy and the release of the energy. This is where there is possibility of the element to be programmed or enchanted. At some distance. So will your result and you get your need.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Behavior Modification

 To change behavior or make someone do something magically, you control the circumstances around the target or remind the target of promises or what they were to do by magic. And, in a moment of weakness they might do what they will and thats their decision to do. Also, it will be what you want them to do, if done right.

 Manifesting events and actions by spells also make this possible, as long as you manifest an effect that makes certain activity in and around the target. In the target, by sending energy thought to do something, to 'program' the unused parts of the brain. If they are unaware or not thinking of or with the part of brain, then they aren't using it. To release energy, think it to release it and when you start thinking about something else or stop thinking about it, its released. The energy goes where you intended it to go. It does as you intend it to do.

 Outside the target, by thinking of the area your aware of and how the actions should be. Causing the area to receive your energy as you think of the actions. This is how to control someone magically, especially if you go by the paradigm of, 'You can't change a person, they change themselves.'

 When you want to protect yourself from behavior modification, try thinking of a math problem where you have to balance or adjust the values. Or, think of a number sequence and state the numbers out of sequence. Also possible is to not care about the situation at hand and go on with life. Math is proven to cause you to think with most your brain. Not caring goes along with the idiom, 'Don't sweat the small stuff' and causes any changes to not be permanent. Thus, you won't act differently, either way.

 The idea is useful by some extent with the attempt and with children or child like individuals who are hard to control and unruly. Or, you can get things you normally wouldn't and from individuals who are not actually willing.

 It has been proven that to change the behavior of someone will sometimes make the person more aggressive towards you. If they don't suspect you, then they won't get aggressive. Unless your in a position to which they respect and won't go hostile against. They don't go aggressive unless they're aggravated by the person whom they think is the source of the change. If they don't care, the target tends to do and think later. They literally will do the suggestion, unless they think about what they perceive and not react hostily to the suggester.

 Therapists use behavior modification, by relaxing the person, using discipline and stating something that causes the target to associate differently with an action. And, thinking differently, they do things differently with the idea in mind to react in a more acceptable way that is understood. At least to them. When someone acts differently to the way something is done, you can cause a social changeover, in the target that interprets the motion as directed at them. They tend to use the reaction as an example. Thus, by this example, you can see how behavior modifications can cause an adaption to new circumstances and a different action comes from the change.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Energy mod changeover

  This be when someone attempts to take and modify your energy and send it back to you, to 'program' you. It can leave an intense feel in you. Its a technique that programs the person, as they don't realize the energy was changed. As, if you take the energy and change it and give it back, the person changes as well to that idea that it was programmed as. Most want to keep you from defending, but if you seem to change their programming as you reinterred the energy from them, it won't work. It seems to work on those whom you want to change the behavior on, well. The trick of it is the energy that's changed but feels like yours and thus its sent back, where you then integrate it into yourself without checking the energy pattern. Its a unique way to get annoying behavior stopped.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magic backing

  Magical backing is the act of making another magic action that causes the act of magic to not fail, unless it wasn't going to work anyway, due to fate. When the act of magic is done, then the backing action can occur, such as willing or stating the intent of 'make it work' or 'this doesn't fail' or 'any negative influence is powering the effect'. Except in negative energy, the backing action could cause it to fail as an opposite synopsis happens and makes the intent reverse. So, in theory, thought and other idea, the magic backing can also be used straightforwardly and be intended for another result. as instead of it being a backing action, its to cause another result. Where, the act you intend is most likely to occur when it is used to overcome an energy influence or will that isn't for it. So, you can see the usefulness of this, when you think about it with an open mind.

  This is a comment from one who tried it, named Caz.
'Well i did backing magic for reinforcing my "to write" spell and then I got the urge to write and finished two MM articles. So take that how you will. the backing energy seems almost like a 'coating' that goes on the surface of the spell. I noticed this technique is a lot like the 'shelling' of psionics. Like it makes a layer that stops the spell from losing power.'

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoodoo Doppleganger

  Calling a hoodoo doppleganger is the usage of materials and spells to cause a doppleganger effect. Which is one person who seems to repeat what you do and can give advice, as well because of this. The Hoodoo material is a herb and food. This can be a cooking herb or a few of them. Just think or say as you cook and use the herb in the food, 'Make the doppleganger effect', or think 'doppleganger' and state what you want to incur it in those that you want effected.

  When you do this as you add the herb, add a sigil thats drawn by the finger. Then to ensure the effect, have the victim eat something. Or, as the victim thats spoken about is about to eat, think the effect shifts to the victim, through the food. If they start to act differently as you try things at the person, then it worked. As it could take months, then don't hold your breath on the results. Generally with the effect of the hoodoo doppleganger, you cast an effect near or at them and they can repeat it, guided by your magick. Or, they repeat the actions to some degree, of the person you want to be doppleganged which is the person you describe.

  This technique can be used to get other effects, as well. All it takes is to state or think instead of the doppleganger line, any other thing you desire or need. As in, 'make this effect', and be thinking of the effect. As, you place the herb or ingredient. And, adding a freehand sigil to help the effect of what you said. It doesn't have to be a herb, it can be milk or other.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free will

  Free will is something that we utilized in magic and practice to preach, by choosing to do things with impeccability, and showing that the truly free are those who can get out of their head and ignore the hunger in life for a little while and get things done. All we need is the choice to believe we are free and thus, we are as free as we think. And, the only choice we have in life is indeed to act impeccable or to act like a nincompoop. The more you act impeccable the better you feel. So, free will is just the ability to make decisions that determine a certain path in life. As, it is how one decides to what occurs and it's not something to worry about.

  However, to some free will is laughable. As they think, 'We are not even free to choose to live outside the boundries of hunger and thirst. Its like asking if an ant can be free if it can choose between corn and spice. Its just funny. The freest choice we make, God has already wrote infinite possibilities about it. Its natural that we can't comprehend the vastness of God. We can't think how its possible that we are free to choose between blue and green and that God already knew what we were going to choose. Its much more than that. God not only created us as weak little men but also gave us the power to choose out of our power. But even so its just funny to think that we can do whatever we want while all we think is dependent upon infinite number of stars that can be stationed in infinite multiplied by infinite possibilities. Human freedom is nothing other than serving its animal needs mixed with ego. Trying to go further than that, its funny.' -By Anon

Friday, April 15, 2011

Putting mental barriers around your thoughts

  Basically, your trying to do this, imagining a barrier being put up around yourself, swirling up from the ground. Then thinking and feeling the second barrier form around you from an element of your choice. There's an optional third shield by imagining a white circle surround you. This tells the subconscious to put up a block that absorbs energy and also it is to block out influence and others thoughts from intruding on yours and them picking up your thoughts as well as you can pick up on their thoughts. When you feel the barriers in place, then your protection is there. To drop the barriers, think of the barriers and tell your subconscious to drop the barriers.

  Some may have found it difficult to wrap each of your swirls of thought with the barrier. This is where you allow the barrier to surround the head. And that's how you can apply the swirl shield, as your thoughts are generated in the head. So, you can protect the head and the thoughts aren't read so easily.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Higher Self

  What is the higher self?

  Have you ever thought you were here to do your own planned bidding? Either through you or separately?

  Well you just bidding things to occur. Some think they are here to do some bidding of God. But each person has a godlike higher self that serves like angels to God, a higher self. I tested this out, and found this god self uses its body on earth sometimes. It may be your own body then. The earth self actually has a higher self guiding it. It does what you bid the force of whatever to do. Which constitutes some magic. The actions it does separate are magic and prayer, the actions that are physical are through your body or in the form of bodily guidance.

  So how can ya use this info? The higher self serves God by helping its earth body out. It can act in place of the earth bodies mind. So all you need is to focus your mind and do action to cause the higher self to see it as a 'bid'.

  To test this, ask it to do things by stating what you want out loud.

  It may seem like magic as your subconscious works it out and cause the higher self to do the deed or work through your body.

  It seems that the sub-c can act as a medium channel and to bring the effect. And it can also act as a maker of effects. But it sometimes uses the higher self to get effects.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Personal gods

  Everyone has a personal god that represents us somewhere. Which is formed as us and appears like whom it represents. Its the supercharged form of ourselves that can do nearly anything. Not to be confused with our higher beings, It lives in a separate existence that does what it knows and considers of what we do.

  So, when we try an act of magic, then we are causing the personal god to do it too. And if it succeeds, then we tend to follow suit and succeed in a way. When it fails, then we can fail. Its basically making a wave effect that can guide our actions from our actions. If you wanted it too, then it could interact with this life and personally interfere. So be careful, as sometimes it can read our need and give us a challenge or two to push us along the way to get the need.

  To some, this be just another manifestation/symbol of the subconscious. Instead, its a being thats a more powerful you. It happens that the subconscious be how you work with the higher self and personal god. As the personal god tends to work through your subconscious interactions. As through the subconscious, the thought is sent to the personal god. And the higher self works with the subconscious. As with the need of the subconscious sent to the higher self, unless you believe its not possible. This is just like another manifestation/symbol of the subconscious.

  All three are connected in a way that're sort of metaphores for each other. The higher self is useful in this way, where it can cause events that aren't normally done. The higher self does things for you and it can effect you as you want. Where the personal god can take things personally, and do what you do. Except, with a higher ability thats concentrated from your energies. So if you ever wondered where your energies go when they are done, its to the personal god. Which you get the spent personal gods energies by the effect of your aura gathering it and cleansing it.

  They work together the higher self and the personal god, except they be in other places. Where the personal god is in an area thats like ours and yet its separate. The higher self lives in the area that resembles whatever it desires on a higher plane and yet its to the purpose of what it decides is necessary. It doesn't do what you decide isn't possible. So, it can't effect you with what you don't want as you don't believe in. Where, higher selves can guide our bodies into doing things even though we can't think right.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Projection stances

  These are some stances that are possible for projecting. If you want, you may try the take 3 breaths, give out 3 breathes style combined with this. Also as your idea is energy, you may attempt the stances sitting down, if you want to avoid standing up.

  Standing stance projection, this is to get into trance by breathing in through your nose or mouth and out of your mouth. Quickly yet deeply. Make to project your spirit through the trance and iron will. Then breath as you did for the trance to cause your willed intent to manifest. This will cause your spirit to be as though you were there and appear solid to the mind.

 This is the moment drug use treatment fails, as you are not actually effected by what you think and everything accomplishable is either blocked by what. You do to first abandon truth, and then you are in a moment to do to understand what you do. Even spiritual effect, is where you can get things to doing an idea in a moment. The right drugs can get the right results, the idea is to not strike out as you realize the purpose you do. As you cannot do alcohol, you can try and get along otherwise you can use a little alcohol and aphrodisiac do almost anything.

  The mental projection stance, to get into standing trance and think of your message to send as though a moving scene. Then you will the message forth into the person who will receive the message. This is to make it seen. Allow your subconscious to interpret the response by relaxing your mind, with deep quick breaths.

  You may choose to impose a thought, this be imposing a thought on someone and have them think it was them. Or, to send them an image by thought projection, and suggest to the target something as your message. Making the image appear like them. Then, the person might think it was themselves, and it might work better if the projector person wasn't so close.

  You can make yourself appear anyway you want with mental or standing stance projection. Your subconscious is useful in this procedure, to do the work, understand and acknowledge. If you don't want a reply, don't acknowledge. Its also useful to perception, as the mind be guided by it. Telling your subconscious to state or do things with the words of the response makes sending out a mental message a breeze with reception as an in thought.

  If your message be perceived wrong, act like someone else to throw out the energy and cause people to go off the trace. As you act as though someone else, you energy changes to be like acted person. So, it throws off pursuit. If you change back to normal behavior after you act someone else out. Then you get to be left alone.

 Void stance is powered by the essence that is death essence to kill by corruption or all else that could go wrong, the ruler of death does not care by thought or idea as what you think is watching. So feel in focus, as you say this is to use a stance to project. Then feel area energy or think to not use corrupted death energy or corroded metal that is not to use corrupted metal, think where your aware your voice is thought heard in thought unless you don't intend to see, hear or create of the place.

  Think or other area you think is not noticed there, in a cases of biolocation you are not seen in several area until you think to be seen. You think as think your area is activity to use, so the area is concept to use as energy that is concept from other area. Such is the case as energy and thought are relational to use, this is by use to get results while thinking nothing is hold an object to thought shift. As you think shift the object, that is in thought is shifted or thought about idea is shifted away. This can seem done by the void shift or clear the mind by mirror, think or clear stance use is to not be detected by those you don't want to know you by thinking.

  So as your energy is there to shift with, as you see what is now as concept. Focus to create or feel to seem, if you want to know to be prepared or not as dangerous is not to be. For if thought is concept, then what you perceive is what can cause your body. This is to not always work right, if they look for you as you look at them they can detect your thought presence if you want them to.

  This is to breathe and feel focus your energy to be projected forth and achieve what you speak, as though your will was stated and the statement served as intent. When you breathe you can shift things, as you focus your mind naturally to naturally create with nitrogen or oxygen. This is Hydronation in oxygen to use, as thought is projection or conception is energy.

  Do this is not always done by breathe as you think out and in or breathe out, as you feel cleaner where you breathe out disgust or unwanted idea 3 times. Think to hold your breathe or focus to shift things, and not if then repeat the breathing and holding of the breathe till you feel focused.

  Dismiss in your thoughts things you want by saying to yourself, 'This thought is unimportant' or not do idea then as thinking nothing is noting nothing except what you think. Then start speaking what you want to happen and allowing your inner energy body to do the necessary things. If you projected even a little energy, then you can get results as results are possible.

 Alternatively isis protects you if thought your life is nothing or need is necessity, you can breathe out and speak something to accomplish. Then breathe in and you achieve the same thing. What you look at or focus at, will be effected. Whats effected can sometimes do the action you speak, if you don't want to be heard don't of life to people.

  So if need is idea, speak to the air as you think to someone and that is what can achieve the result, by your wills influence. If you find yourself the target of this stance, then immediately speak the opposite of what is projected. Or, will or speak the intent, 'Whatever was said isn't done as if the whole thing not important.' So use and idea are interesting, as the 'programming' will be undone if you think thought is not necessary.

  The clear stance is thought to use to use the clearing water in the lake or near the ocean, that use is idea energy that is focus to create an idea to use as this is don't think to do. Think is to clear your mind thinking of nothing, as if this is a clear thinking sigil in life. Dismissing thoughts as they come on, as 'unnecessary' as thought is done your thinking is life. Then breathing in and out not quickly nor slowly. Think of clearing or imagine something clearing itself and project, or you know the energy to the person or target after observing by feeling where your energy build up is by thought.

  Basically an idea is thought, you can be thinking of the person or target and send a suggestion by thinking of 'clearing the mind' or 'clearing' or stating 'erasing' to be erasing the person or thing. Then allow your thoughts to come back and breath normally. Whatever you do after empowers the effect even more. This can even effect clearing the air. Until, the thing you wanted erased be gone from memory. Then your action is your own.

  The attack stance, is to get into a standing trance. Then as you feel or think, breathing quickly yet deeply, feel tension build up as you hold more and more energy in the body and then strike out with the spiritual fist or whatever appendage. The target is thought about and hit as you want them to be. Build up enough energy and you can cripple the target. You can hit them from anywhere with this, as the energy is shifted to the target on release of the hitting energy. Otherwise its close range. It doesn't effect those who be immune to energy.

  The projectile attack stance, this be to get into a standing trance. Then, breathing deeply yet quickly till your mind focuses on one thought or nothing and you are in trance. State a mantra consisting of 'Om mani luminoct paki d' under the breathe, while thinking of or visualizing the target being hit by a tracking projectile. A projectile will appear and track the individual. Stopping in mid-air if there's a shield around the target. It strikes when they aren't aware of it and dismisses it.

  Three strikes more or less and the person or being targeted is out cold and possibly dead, unless they be immune or resist the blow energy thus nothing occurs. If you wanted to nail their ability to think then hit the brain. If you want them to not to feel, hit the heart. As, it numbs the body and sorta prevents feelings.

  If you want to nail the Crotch area/Hera area (which is 1 inch below the pelvis on a man), then you nail their ability to make chi and magic happen. Hit all three spots on the body at the same point to create confusion, thought or craziness is thinking you hit the area you intended to numb or focus on a thought. Any other area hit makes them unable to feel the area or use properly the organ near it for hours.

  The spirit stance, is effective when you get into a trance, by focusing your mind on what you want or need to happen and breathing in and out in-between fast shallow and slow deep breaths, and attempt to build up activity energy as you use activity to build up your spiritual energy and send your spirit energy to achieve something, this can be anything your thinking on or needing and possibly feel occur.

  The spirit stance can manifest in any effect with an effect or any effect to the spirit of another or near the other to be as a supernatural effect. And, it effects as though done sometime physically, as its undetectable unless your awareness is good enough. Thus as concept in thought, your conscious or others in idea won't try to stop the magic.

  As your invisible, this is an idea not always done. If they don't realize this then this is fine or until you convince them not to block your activity then your done. As you don't have to be in an area your not as you don't stay. So as your with an ability that is energy, the idea is cool to use or creative by the feel as you see what you do.

  If they don't consider what it really does unless they think this is necessary. It can effect the spirit to cast out energy to create affects, if anything occurs physically. Then it is 'powerful' and supernatural to the observer as the activity can be felt to happen as though a ghost were doing it.

  The other things you can do with the spirit stance, is to become like another person, being or alien. Simply by taking in some of the spirit of the other into you and then allowing it to change your behaviour and sometimes the body structure morphs as well. The spirit is stored in you or somewhere else, to effect through your body the 'change' of a greater ability, thought to become a different person is not actually done unless necessary.

  If that is energy by focus this is witchcraft in different forms controlled by your mind, thinking or creating end results are thought of the end result as you state by the thought your idea. This may include a different body structure that becomes your own. It depends on your will and control of the spirit. You may store effectively any amount of spirits in you or an object.

  The object you use is used by a touch and the spirit energy is transmuted into it. Until you need it else, then you think of the spirit you need and 'touch' the object to gain it. The spirit is sometimes able to control you at your low point in energy. So be careful as the spirit of another person who touches an object is possible to be transmuted into you.

  How to do it. This is simple, start breathing not fast or slow and in deep breathes. Then if thought use another idea one would use other than you, try to find a focus of thought by stating the person, being or alien name. At least three times, the name you use can be a descriptor thats general and to the purpose.

  This is to draw the spirit near you. Then, think to it or will it to ' in me and work through me.' If you want it to adjust your form to its stature, think or will it to 'adjust my form to be as though yours' and allow the body to change. Also possible is to will your body to 'change' itself to become like the spirit that you called into your body. Its up to you as to what you want it to do.

  Where you can keep the spirit energy, is in your mind as well. Simply will the spirit energy into a mental room. This room is controllable by you and no one else. It does what you want it to do. Thus, you can lure or will the spirit into the room. And, collect them in there. Allowing your spirit to work with their spirit energy and you gain strength from it. Also, to let a spirit out and into your body makes the change happen of your psyche and ability. To then will your body to become like its form is possible now. Then, when your done you just put the spirit energy back into the room.

  What type of spirit and being do you want to be in you is up to you. But, several people have used this for strategic wins and only after allowing the spirit to temporarily usurp the body and win for you or join its strength with yours. At the direction of your subconscious mind control.

  Mirror stance works by you standing in front of the mirror and 'think to it' to do something and it will work. When you send built up energy towards the mirror, while thinking of the purpose. It is likely to do things as it is when it will take the instruction from the energy and 'cause' the effect. The effect will literally make itself known as though self occurring. The mirror will mask you trace.

  This is where the right breathing for trances will make this work more effectively. Basically, breath deep yet not fast nor slow, till your mind focuses in on the idea that you want. When you need things to occur, they will as the subconscious makes it possible. Where the right phrase or word can create the effect.

  A positive enforcer enforcement effect can be useful with this. A positive effect is to make negative into positive, generally, by energy. A positive enforcement effect is to cause energy to make reinforcement of idea that is positive in nature. This is done through the thought of sending built up energy and charging it to 'do positive enforcement' will. Other things can be directed through the mirror.

  The movement stance, is the stance of causing others to do things and in movement. As now is then, it depends on the inaction of where you are and sending your energy to be movement causing as you think of it. Where now is present this can shift you, to places and spiritually, to make exploration of spaces and other area possible.

  Thus if your able or think to do things, be sitting or standing as you focus or remininsce. Except standing up and doing the stance will tire yourself out. The movement trance is useful to explore with and do things elsewhere as you do things sitting down.

  When the movement stance is done, you will feel energized, and yet have done no actual movement. So, to attempt it, get into trance mode. Breath in and out and send your energy or your spirit by the effect of breathing in deeply and not fast or slow and breathing out the same. Then build up energy and will yourself or your energy 'there' where you want movement to happen.

  Think of where the thing or person is to go. Then if use or thought, try to focus your mind as you are in breathing out in trance mode. So as you see and know idea or things, send your thoughts to the energy that you sent by thinking what you want to feel the send. Focus in on the creating movement idea.

  Think of the direction, and the rate of movement. Cause the thing, being or yourself there to move in the right direction by feeling the movement of the direction. See as you are and use, you cause the motion necessary to get an idea of what you need to happen. As a point or thought and use in life, you get things done without ever having them here.

  Nor or use is an idea not to do unless necessary, so tell your subconscious to do the correct actions to make the movement. See and wat you do also creates by observance with encouragements, so your idea is some idea to make your subconscious show you what be happening there. Saying as a mantra, 'show me what be happening' or 'sho wha happen'. Then when you are done, mentally have your spirit come back to your body.

  Tell or not as no relationship to come back and the spirit will return. This only seems to work on your own spirit, not really effective on others. Except if you build up energy to send to the person and direct your will to them. What you do there with your spirit is reflected on yourself sometime. Meaning what you do elsewhere is done to you. Unless you block the effect out, then you will get some interesting results.

  Feeling the effect will cause your body to remember it. And all that's required to get the effect is meditation or remembrance of the feel for the effect. It can come back as many times as you want. Just think or visualize the effect as you feel it to be on occurance.

  Dark trance is where you get dark matter to materialize as you trance. This is to think of the term 'darkmatter' and then trance, feeling your need. Think the thought 'dark matter' and breath in and out. Keep breathing in and out till you trance and then till you feel your need is satisfied. When it is, you should get something to manifest, somewhere.

  Now for a few drugs to get effects easier. Actinine, a weightloss effect that appears in body an by the internal drug effects that cause more energy, more activity, less hunger. This is a metaphysical drug effect that is manifested by will and intent. Sometimes in a standing trance or meditative trance. It is possible to repeat the effect by repeating the name till it is manifested by the subconscious.

  Its a sedimental poison effect, that builds up in the system. And is shitted out, making its effects neutralized after a day. This poison is a mild toxin that the body uses to deteriorate the weight and be converted to body energy. However, the body can become immune. After overdose and repeated exposures you risk heart attack.

  The drug form of Actinine is Actinex, this is honey, turmeric with mustard poweder which is formed by use when combining with powdered calcium tablets maybe tums, 2 baby aspirin, vitamin C, molasses or honey and water (1 Liter). Both forms are nonaddictive and good for the heart, unless overused by taking too much. Not to be taken by needle or interveniously.

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