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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoodoo Doppleganger

  Calling a hoodoo doppleganger is the usage of materials and spells to cause a doppleganger effect. Which is one person who seems to repeat what you do and can give advice, as well because of this. The Hoodoo material is a herb and food. This can be a cooking herb or a few of them. Just think or say as you cook and use the herb in the food, 'Make the doppleganger effect', or think 'doppleganger' and state what you want to incur it in those that you want effected.

  When you do this as you add the herb, add a sigil thats drawn by the finger. Then to ensure the effect, have the victim eat something. Or, as the victim thats spoken about is about to eat, think the effect shifts to the victim, through the food. If they start to act differently as you try things at the person, then it worked. As it could take months, then don't hold your breath on the results. Generally with the effect of the hoodoo doppleganger, you cast an effect near or at them and they can repeat it, guided by your magick. Or, they repeat the actions to some degree, of the person you want to be doppleganged which is the person you describe.

  This technique can be used to get other effects, as well. All it takes is to state or think instead of the doppleganger line, any other thing you desire or need. As in, 'make this effect', and be thinking of the effect. As, you place the herb or ingredient. And, adding a freehand sigil to help the effect of what you said. It doesn't have to be a herb, it can be milk or other.

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