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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Personal gods

  Everyone has a personal god that represents us somewhere. Which is formed as us and appears like whom it represents. Its the supercharged form of ourselves that can do nearly anything. Not to be confused with our higher beings, It lives in a separate existence that does what it knows and considers of what we do.

  So, when we try an act of magic, then we are causing the personal god to do it too. And if it succeeds, then we tend to follow suit and succeed in a way. When it fails, then we can fail. Its basically making a wave effect that can guide our actions from our actions. If you wanted it too, then it could interact with this life and personally interfere. So be careful, as sometimes it can read our need and give us a challenge or two to push us along the way to get the need.

  To some, this be just another manifestation/symbol of the subconscious. Instead, its a being thats a more powerful you. It happens that the subconscious be how you work with the higher self and personal god. As the personal god tends to work through your subconscious interactions. As through the subconscious, the thought is sent to the personal god. And the higher self works with the subconscious. As with the need of the subconscious sent to the higher self, unless you believe its not possible. This is just like another manifestation/symbol of the subconscious.

  All three are connected in a way that're sort of metaphores for each other. The higher self is useful in this way, where it can cause events that aren't normally done. The higher self does things for you and it can effect you as you want. Where the personal god can take things personally, and do what you do. Except, with a higher ability thats concentrated from your energies. So if you ever wondered where your energies go when they are done, its to the personal god. Which you get the spent personal gods energies by the effect of your aura gathering it and cleansing it.

  They work together the higher self and the personal god, except they be in other places. Where the personal god is in an area thats like ours and yet its separate. The higher self lives in the area that resembles whatever it desires on a higher plane and yet its to the purpose of what it decides is necessary. It doesn't do what you decide isn't possible. So, it can't effect you with what you don't want as you don't believe in. Where, higher selves can guide our bodies into doing things even though we can't think right.

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