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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Prioritize communing with your own spirit each day. Any and all answers that you are searching for will be found in the silence of your own, unique daily practice. If everything is divine or of the creator, then the things to exist or unexist are your own ideal willingly or think not to be there.

Only thing we can do is be grateful for whatever comes. The world defines words for us. We learn how to use them and most of the time we go about our business without giving them much thought. We are content to let them be.

There are times when particular words stand out. When we argue, words become more important and when election times approach, politicians draw our attention to their catch phrases to pull us in to the message they hope we will consider. We are encouraged to believe their words have strength and we can stand tall to reach our dreams.

Words become more important when they are tied to how they make us feel and there is none greater, as we know were being loved with a feeling more than being loved or alien that is loving another. But we don’t stand tall in love and be strong, when we think we fall in love we ‘fall in love.’

We give ourselves, hoping to be captured securely in another’s arms and thoughts. The strength is in being vulnerable and knowing that we are accepted as we are and not how others or even ourselves, believe we should be.

It’s not to the sky that love climbs, going where I want to go is fun but down, falling to the ground is sometimes avoidable. There we discover the gentleness of being strong. Think to sit beside a friend, broken by life's challenges to be compassionate to a fellow pilgrim with whom we don’t agree to know that 'strength,' like many other words are invitations, waiting for us to discover new definitions, that lead us to gentleness and love.

So use is there as you know for you can think, close your eyes and fall-fall in love with what makes your heart pound and your eyes tear, because there you are with a broken heart where you are aware also close to the earth is the vibration of all we are.

Waits in gentle rhythm to show us the way. Take some time with the words that touch you deeply and find within the most wonderful that speak to you as you think then you get. The spirit or soul creates what you think by feel.

"Maybe someday I’ll feel comfortable enough to step out of the atheism closet, but for now I sit happily in the confines of a conviction that I’ve only revealed to a select few. I am an atheist, and despite the feeling that word evokes for a lot of people, I’m a good person." Angela


We so often speak of freedom as a rebellious act of frustration. A battle against the powerful seeking to control and manipulate.

It’s easy to fall into this trap.

We witness the experience of pain and suffering, and this hardens our hearts. We see injustice around every corner and question the good in this world.

I see it too. I feel the hurt and distrust. Often this uncertainty has hung over me and darkened my thoughts. It has pulled me so low that I questioned my ability to come up on the other side.

But I did. Every time I choose to change, to grow and forgive, I find lightness and the freedom I desire. Self-reflection and responsibility of choice propel me forward with a strength and determination that blows past the limits I fear.

As Rollo May so wisely stated, freedom “is the power to mold and create ourselves.”

Freedom is then an act of self-awareness. It is the choosing of self and taking responsibility for one’s existence.

Self-awareness becomes the act of rebellion.

There are an overwhelming number of things in our lives that create a sense of powerlessness. Our jobs, relationships, struggle with money, physical appearance, health and many other limiting structures, all contribute to our understanding of the world as against us.

What if rather than resisting what is, or throwing our hands up in the air in frustration, we choose responsibility instead?

What if we found the inner strength of growth, expansion and emerging potential that we know exists within us, and embrace this as the freedom that we desire?

There will always be forces outside of us that pull at our self-determination and cause us to question our worth. Struggles and frustrations will find us and weaken our resolve. Seeming failures in our lives will stop or redirect us on the paths we choose.

Every time this happens, every time we are disheartened and weakened by the limits we come up against, we can choose freedom.

Through the eye of the observer, the self that is aware, we can see the bigger picture. We can pull back from our victim mentality, and find our own space of freedom that exists when the self chooses to exist without limit.

With the blinders pulled off, our freedom is absolute. No longer a force outside of us, or one to be achieved through aggressive action, freedom becomes a daily habit.

Every day that we consciously choose to create ourselves, and live according to our personal desires, we are choosing freedom. We are building our self-awareness, and expanding into our limitless potential.

The practice of freedom is not for the faint of heart. It requires vulnerability, openness, and a relentless pursuit of evolution. It means not always choosing the path of least resistance by what I feel, but the path of technology is transformation as to what will come.

The discomfort of the unknown is welcomed by the freedom-seeker. Rather than turning back when no answer is in sight, a trust is offered - trust in the emerging self and knowledge that the answers will come. Because they always do.

The emerging self becomes the only purpose worth pursuing. Limitations from past experience dissolve, and are replaced by possibility. Choices in life are not absolute, but another stepping stone on our journey of expansion.

Seen is the point and so I invite you, and remind myself, to choose freedom. To release all blame, and to take responsibility for every thought, for every action, for every reaction, and to create the most incredible life you can imagine!"

"Teaching is the most micromanaged profession. We trust doctors. We trust firemen. We need to trust teachers." Shianna Peeples

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Thursday is Juno’s day with the color green. Juno is the great organizer of society, and she rules city hall, courthouses, lawyer’s offices, and banks where you may even find a likeness of her on a public building. She deserves a rightful place alongside Thor and Jupiter in Thursday’s lore of money and power. It is probably no accident that there is an e-mail provider called Juno, as she works well with technology issues, as you think them too.

You may choose to call upon Juno if you have legal, civic, or banking issues to deal with today, or if your computer is acting up. Try wearing a mix of patchouli oil with a not-too-sweet feminine scent like neroli, lavender, or melissa. Wear royal purple or orange, the color of intellect. Season food with a bay leaf to release the power of bay laurel. Imagine Juno as your protector as you conduct your business. - DENISE DUMARS (Llewellyn, June 28, 2001)

Juno presides over marriage, hence the popularity of June weddings. Her other areas of influence are women and leadership. Her stones include pearl and moonstone. Honor Juno with an esbat celebrating leadership, especially female leaders. Decorate the altar in royal purple, with pictures of queens and goddesses. Add a rod, scepter, crown, or other symbol of power. Read this invocation:

"Hail Juno, queen of the gods!
Your might holds up the heavens;
Your grace shines down upon the Earth.
Bless me, that I might see your face
In the face of every woman I meet
And show them respect in your honor.
Hear me as I give thanks
To those who have guided me.
Fix my computer for me if it needs

You men can talk about the strong women you’ve known in your life. You women can do the same; you may also acknowledge your own strength. When you are through, thank Juno and close your ritual. If possible, find time today to do a favor for a woman in a leadership position or send a thank-you card to one who has helped you in the past. - ELIZABETH BARRETT (Lewellyn, June 26, 2010)

Worldwide holidays: As a point that exists is what is there by observances:

-Maundy Thursday : Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Spain, Faroe Islands, Equatorial Guinea,Guatemala, Honduras, India, Iceland, Israel (Tel-Aviv), Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Paraguay, El Salvador, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, US Virgin Islands
-Memorial Day : Argentina
-Purim : Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
-Nowruz/Spring Holiday (extra holiday) : Azerbaijan
-Dolyatra : India
-Tourism Week Holiday (Day 1) : Uruguay

Much Love
~Phoenix Rose~

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

god names

Gods, beings (demihuman) and demigods -due note: some gods listed are dead, say and the  follower in the faith disappeared, so not all names will evoke a reaction unless you  say eraktu satura and the gods name.

                                            -Newer Gods-

  The newer gods were around for a long time, that weren't really known because they were aware by now when they exposed themselves they were called upon subconsciously. As they were aware that they are some ideal in the minds of the reader, that they exist is amazing that they serve a purpose is by some ideal.

  That they use a good point or think then, use is yet another means to this ideal shadow force. They suit the point to serve a purpose then, they are aware by what they do. This is then not now where they list things then hope its read or not noticed with errors, then they could decide somethng different by now. Think a point then metaphysics is what can occur. Then you can devise your own divinity by what you do.

    az = azrael the destroyer, sometimes too wired to work, otherwise in a positive light is astraea is a goddess of culture, justice and bringing the gift of the arts to humanity. creating or uncreating space to do things which have no purpose but joy, play or creativity. this is the beauty we think to exist then the ideal we wish for exists.  whilst these might seem a luxury clearly for a golden age to seem the existence or create anew, humanity needs to refocus on beauty rather than less productivity to get along with each other. this goddess ensures what you think is important so you can create what you want otherwise don't wish for bad things. so you create what you want, wish for good things to work.

    Espiargo = She is a Goddess that tends to work with things and make better effort from the results. Her source is fire and the elements she uses to make her results. She disperses things very easily. She does what she is associated with.

    Ishida = Pagan Goddess of luck and light or endurance. She enjoys banter and works at things to help.

   Ordeur = Lord Ordeur; Take a very large man and give him antiquated magic and thats what you get. He likes helping, except when it doesn't suit him.

    Ye = Yohweh, yohwell, the Dude, Zenned, him, yeohawk, enka, osirius. A greater nature creator, a drow god based of a pleasant God in the omniverse. He can mimick anything, by choosing. Can give issues to those he dislikes and uses chaos tricks on the people that irritate him. He gives blessings and abilities to those he deems to deserve things you use to defeat the disruptions in life. Yohweh is making as makes patterns and corrections to those that need it, as things you do to it are done to being born by lamia criminal actions in thought and what can get stuff you thought won't happen.

    Yohweh can take the form of objects, when he wants in idea to spy or manipulate events. Otherwise use is fox energy to make or not as in a make as a way in the world, as he takes on a being form that works with people's bodies. He is the tendency as energy formed into what tends to use white void to get impossible or necessary results. Ye makes things possible and guides people to anywhere they want to go. They get to the heavens easily or other area, as a thought think as ye is yet another life and he will seem so or create as you want him to as nothing exist nothing matter with love or they whom go want to seem can do as they think.

    Yehweh = A long living god of living conditions of the undefeated in this point, this god can be any one thing anywhere and help living things and people at will. He is good enough to be able to cope with anything and helps people cope.

    Yohwoh = a greater nature goddess of good that makes use of the omniverse, she handles powers and moments by movements and actions done in by eat and war or use of the omniverse to see whatever you want to do. Imagine the time or moment then think yourself there, here or not there if the area or time is safe or sfe.

    Ekio = The one being, estio, east, see, aske, this god is a person that is a personal helper to the area that he wants to seem in. As he is a point to ask and think to he has in the supposed ability he is thought to have or think tiddlywinks you can get from those he works with in life.

    Enkio = focuser, focus, focuser by ability that you focus energy then things happen, ask first is her or his motto, the man is astute nature in what the ideal is by a point and things you use. he has ability to use or thought in use is energy to him and he can transform as he wants by a focus in on a point. As he is a point in a view he can create wahat is to others perception, as to see is to believe and create a feeling that he intends to make believable. Any commented on thing is an ability as he can use it to recreate, what he thinks others are asking for in recreated moments in a idea in and that if believed in can make the self action.

    Ardies = The god of love war, hardships, Arien, Ardiea, A god of ancient love in the 6th dimension, this is the God that uses people to get what they they want in life. There is a point to do with this God, that is to seem and create as thought is energy as if a thought this is a point to not do things and use is extreme as extra or destested you are thought to not exist.

    Arobia = A goddess that in this life creates what is considered a thought, consider what she says and she works with you or whom she wants as in she is married to Aroia. As you are a negra she serves or not, what you think your experience is a thought to deserve. As if you are a point you are a concept and as your idea, think this is a conclusion where you serve a point and she helps negros. As your thought is your idea, as if your thought is energy to her.

   Erois = A love goddess of infinity, a love being, this is a point that he will serve if you so destined, the activity but similar to aries he will serve a point to seem and other things will serve a point in rememberance. No attack is nothing dirupted, or not as directly disrupted by energy. This is an actor that works, for you if you are needing some service as to change the nerve of the person for lack to do.

    Eroa = Iyeh, Eroic, Ero, Cupid like the love god as he slings his arrows and causes love by the idea he cosmie uses. As this is the thought, difference in activity is a different point. As a view think as fight is no fight, and you can see some idea happen that you want.

    Arelo = Alies, Arcie, Acienne, Clara of the accost, Arienna, Arlowe, Arco, Arsibe as I with curtesy, I as you has the power to withstand. This is the motion and things, as you think you a point you get energy from thought. As if a thought you are a God this is as a treatment and in are what he creates, out as if whatever you think as if is possible as done.

    Cariantha = Coriantha, a goddess that goes "Eh not really I am really a minifestation of your magiic that you see here yet ain't here", A Queen of the Water Fey, favored by Hera and is thought to create as you think done as a point. She's a dragon master with a heart of gold. She aids people who are in need. Then, does what is necessary to get what she deems to be done. She's a water gooddess that can heal nearly anyone. She can make the pattern of life easier for people to bear. Only if she decides to work with you in response.

    Danny = soldier god, family god that suits his own purposes, whenever you try to discern what he does you don't find out so you get other facts.

    Yim = The one that uses an idea, aim, you, youi, can think to do things in life that is what can seem a use and create a polite idea. As if that is of what use, till you are in use. This may see and seem as if a point where you appear like an golden object, and if he, you or youi are inconsiderate you can get him to do things or not and he does what he wants in order to do things. He takes the image from the genetics, as information secret to those that should not see in the idea and can make it seem. As thought is a point to make if not a source is in the right place, at the right place at the right time.

    Geostar = A demigod that is like in a point an tis is a thought as a star that shines upon the earth. He doesn't panic in any situation. This can be a moment that is with intense energy. The situation can always work to the purpose he sets. He holds the power to adapt. He guides people to nirvana.

   Heather = creator goddess, worker idealist that creates as she owns things to work or he owns things to work by use. she does what is proprietary by feel or propietory by feeling, that is "you or others not me as I define myself". so think as you are aware she is alert and will help when she feels like it.

   Jay = the obliger, the accultist, the beauty effector, creatoed by many names he realized his divinity early. thinking the point then that is a point they create where his subconscious can guide others, by asking or no too much trouble by what is is done.

   paul = creator god that suits his own viewpoint, that is what he thinks then yet can seem different now. so think as your aware near him to work with what he has to offer or you won't get much done with him.

    Tym = The one goddess, thei, thoi, soi, sei, sau, time god/dess, timewise, gordeon and sein. There is a point he is a she or in-between, is a considered point and if he is a concept he will do as he needs as if ability were his. This is the point you get as you are an arguement, and she settles things as she can as this is witchcraft as time aid. Think what can be useful as if you are it and he can get things done. He is useful in a fight, as if the considered point is deconsidered and then you or others can be nice and he won't bother you. As you can create, as with his name is the use of creation from idea with the darkmatter that is by use of his name from things with nothing in mind.

    Thein = The deity that supports anything that is given to him, his favorite form is shadow form on request. He can shift forms easily, and in concept is a point that use isn't what you considered as it comes to you. He has the potential to get results with ease of mind and heart.

    Zargeo = Gaslodreian, Zarchico, Alien God, who abounds by light bringing justice to worlds, by using psychokinetics and other means. Using peace and logic, he guards planets or intrudes, he deems worthy and solves problems when necessary. He uses white void, suns and elemental energies. He can give wishes to those that need things and make a wish.

    Ze = Zegig, Zargig, Zargeon, He is a male drow god that is very dependable and has techniques to deal with anyone. He uses any power source and time itself is worked by his methods. He usually makes peace of mind and can become likable to nearly anyone he respects. He can be a family god of which he gets families helped and working together. He does favors for those that ask for it. He is a brother, in all things.

    Zargigeo = She is a goddess that is with dark skin. She has Drow ancestry, and tends to stop bad efforts. She does things on the dark side and with effort. She helps people who are in need of aid. Zargig is self-dependent and is a succor psychopath that does things on her own. She tends to become people busy and works with the universe that presents itself. If you use her name, she makes you into her a bit to help out and make you understand the situation. Then earth shaping, if when you don't use her energy, then she disperses it from you. She gets energy from people's exerpts and tries to get things worked out.

    Zargigo = He is a Brujo God that works with the effect and uses things to get an effect. He is the effort behind many people and uses the insane brujo energies to get his results.

    Zargige = He is a Ogre that is a God by mention. He treats people equally and works with what he gets as though a succor psychopath. This God is very unique as he is slightly brutal and thats what gets him places. He helps other people with getting what they want. Say his name and you become like him, for a bit of time that you use his energies. He can manipulate the moment, at will and with desire, amongst other things.

    Zein = The vein of condolance, she is any form she wants to be. So she helps as she wants and does what she desires elsewise.

    Zerg = Zamtrix, He is a male God that tends to be ruthless. He is very determined and treats people with respect. He is a male form with dark skin and does what he wants. He can be bribed and made to do things, that are impossible.

    Zergi = She is a Goddess with a gift that tends to create fate, at will and when desired. She is very good at what she does, as it pertains to her. Some follow her without realizing it. She was at some point a fate sister. But, chose to be what she wants to be and retains the power of fate itself or other poverty powers. She tends to work the system and makes events to help herself first. Then, others second. There is a moment that she does what fate does.

    Zergie = A goddess with a diadem on the head, that takes the place of those whom ask her for favors. Then, switches back when she is done.  She shows responsibility for others actions. When needed as if you knew, she tends to work miracles for people or not as you consider what she thought as is.

    Zen = Zena, Myph, Segowe, weaver, She is a practical goddess in silver and black. The Segowe is the epitome of results and what needs to be done. When she is done with things, as a he then he is a great collaborator where she is very mature and works well with people. She aids the cause and what the person wants. She tends to get things done with what she does. She tends also to people and their wounds. She is counted as a mythical person that is fictional but real. Thus, her power is what is myph is believed, of her to be. She is a mechanic, and very tool oriented as though jay or some other ideal.

    Zennet = Bennet, this God is the God of chaos. The chaos God that reflects anything sent at him and in a moment. Otherwise he can accept energy. He dissipates that which is sent at him and uses utility at a very good skill level. He is on the purpose, in a behind moment with many events and he does things on his own. Any attempt to describe him is found by him and made false is a point jay uses.

    Zenne = A woman with an aid is her favorite form. She is the goddess of peaceful nations and work by what you intend her to do. She is very bad at getting along and makes the people she helps, work with her system of belief and uses elements. She uses intention very well to get what she wants.

    Zeinne = She is the goddess of alliance. She brings misfortune on those that she dislikes and she gives gifts that are immune to manipulation to those that she likes. She is a drow goddess, that is very indiscriminate.

    Zun = Zeun, Hades, He is a Brujo God that does dark things with good intent. He is a very good example of what to make and accept. He is a backbone of many energies that are dark. Call him if you need help and work to be done.

    Yue = Yeu, Yea, Yei, Yen. The idea is to do things as you do, them and Yeu can create what you want as you do you get and make as though with a car or vehicle of choice.

    Yin = Yiu, Yui, Yuin, Yuen, Yeiu, Yeiou, This is Ye in an alter form that is a female that can seem to use things and as if a thought things are in youi to do. Yeu supports Yui in effort by what she does. But if you fix she will act the time goddess out, and use is up to you so if you need things done you can create with a will from those. This is a point that comes from those who are nearby, as if you are alike you can get things as if you make and things are to create as created from nothing. From nothing she creates, as if she is a thought she is energy and thus she is none in alter state.   

    Yie = The comset user, Yeio is a thought prohibited that is a point to use. This is the god that uses people, and that in use created an eden if from nothing to use as a private pet shown use by what is in thought. What is in thought, is a point and if its prohibition the god Yeio can keep it from happening. The point is this, if you use his name and you don't mean to, you can get killed by what he does as even if it is innocent you can be sure that he will know by what you give away. As the name is spoken, as 'Spellhawk' you psyche people as you psyche yourself. This is yet another name of the great idea that turned bad, as this is ye's alter dark side as if he is sad he is insane if not insane he is imperative. As if emperor of rome, and yet not but an adviser and yet acts as if a wargod. He starts fires and yet is nothing but a yeti, as if in form he can work, trick or kill what you don't need. Others end the fires, if he can do it he will. The end of yie is a point that isn't stated as he him and others wonder, there is a point that he is madness and yet not dead and yet alive but innocent as if he made criminals die or do as he wants things done and he prefers death.

    Yiun = The treiarch, the arch user of life that comes from what is there, yero is the point of what is an idea is not done as it is done and he creates what you think to make or create others to do as he is nothing but trouble. Hiru is as if he himself is a person, that is a bumb he is a personal respite to anyone that is an ego without interruption. As if he is use, Gero is a point that you come across as this. Ask him or not as you think a need, you get a need to do as if you can get a thought and in things are what isn't in mind. There is one who can defeat him, or nothing is a point that he does and that is Odin as if he tries to do and gets things as if you are an idea in what you do as if just visiting. Geron is the point he presents as he is 'the adren', monster in disguise by self that is not seen but felt. This is what it seems and looks like a yeti mixed with a unicorn formed by yeishi, if you think a need is a form that is in a use to do things. She is the point he decided to die and become a woman somewhere, as if the person is immune you can get things as if by free idea.
    If she is threatened by what you do, she in will kill you and if she lives to see you she is likely to give away things you do. This is by indicators that you use, and things in use are things you get as an alter personality is likely to seem to come as if through the voice. Basically, what you think to see shee will appear, as if a car item or pet the name you can guess at. As if you can guess the purpose, she is only there until you think to seem her there and as you state things you can get some strange stuff as this is a cause in point. Otherwise if you guess things wrong, she disappears and doesn't reappear in the like and slaps the person that is nearest the caller in a motion to die or do in life. You don't uncall Yiun she uses you to uncall her energy self by energy she uses to uncall you or others that shouldn't be there. There is a point she comes across as nice, and if so she reasons and bounds and if in need you uncall her.

   Yiuo = Yion is dno or dino disease, Yiou is the virus, Drow is drowned or a catty goddess named spider queen, meaning the god of dirt. The treacherous goddess, if lost attention to you she is the goddess of life and otherwise no disease and is what yiou can remove by what is in thought of what will occur as if by the point that is a point to use as if a choice with an idea is done. If you give her something to use like chaos and thus is thought, as if caz is a use to help hinder people and as youi is assaulter likely to be of use. There is no other use, as things are used you are a point to seem as if a use. There is no other used idea, as things are used he can use anything as if you can handle it from use in thought as youi is a lived in victim to seem in use, this is to become as if you help you hinder those that deserve it. As if you dare, don't call her name as she will gnow unless you have to. This is a point and she will be and she is being treacherous as he and use is user free and as if she does, you are treated well beside the point of being treacherous.

     In the nature of Gods I spoke on creating them, and they are what you think as useful but thought and notice this is really using the being described below as Godd or Gog. You see you believe in god as different aspects. Sometimes they show what is there as its hurt that they show, they will be heard if its concern that they show then its questions.

          "Godd or cilt, deity, Peru, Neru, Meru, Aziz, Matiz, M'ar'lah, Moer'winn, greater being, Goddess, gawd, angry god, godawful, in Gods name their are 4 or more major battles. Basically think of it as if he was her but mild and both sexes with a joined body. Where the form was 3 conjoined bodies together known as Gyrion to some. As now its possibility in of the moment as the person would like. The origins to the christians in God were unknown except to Assyrians, otherwise known as draconians and similiar as a presence in motion that was needed with aid of spirit kind. Draconians are a spiritual lizard human that grew up with the humans at first, as a spacial technological race then focus was divertive so they were no longer apart of the tribe. It was thought to be an evil spirit at first. Then people were considering names that they thought existed of the spirit.

       Then and after were organizations to achieve results with this spirit. So we now have God as a multifaceted gemstone, or multipersonality being or collusion of energy of spellcasting many ways to consider with more of which be a mystery to us. So this god be an amalgram of minds, where there was one energy and memory pool of many people to instruct the energy in a process called worship. Otherwise he be a being to pray to for forgiveness, thinking you can gain things of support.

      With support to the motion, the church arose or the cult interacted as it, the being later would be called a god, the being would do things for the worshippers. The being is different in every religion as its considered a multifaceted singular 'person' being.

    My thought be that once it was considered a multifaceted gem and with very little value. A conception of peoples thoughts, it may have formed physically somewhere called the tear of gods and has allowance with faith for magic effects. Therefore the true representation is a ciaoe, as a large cat from this old document be that god made be seen physically a gemstone of large size with religion as a formation of its eye facets. As the god gemstone be large and linked bij war and faith, it will channel large quantities of energy with each facet as a god or goddess.

      The only flaws in the gemstone are the failed faiths of which a religion of sorts may occur and leave a fallen god personality. their be a no personality as in imagination, except as in my view he/she uses real world moments for experience and for idea due to the seasons for gender like God one season and Goddess at another. For the imagination of the God/dess be to form a physical being, or a place with events. Any evil towards the facets o the gem be reflected to those deserved. Its possible that it creates faith. Its grown by earth repecting (as responsive) to the Deity's need to be seen. As the number of faithful grow the gem grows. Mostly by worship and prayer of sorts that be defined by the faith. If changing faiths for not a good reason its gonna get revenge or grief, gem maker that be is strangely out of whack and strangely related. Its said the God/dess worships himself/herself through the gem and uses people who use it."

      Everything listed below be some superfacet except for the discarded facets
    where some are demons, angels, demigod and idea given form or birth like
    Aayn = The elven lord that is the part of whom wants to seem something in games.  A god whom seems so in a part that casts roles and you can play them as if at  your whim for a challenge. As for a challenge, you can create or seem to make a character and he will seem a she that creates a point to use as concept.
    aal = Bank for the greater human a consciousness can enter, that seems like a bank with no going on like demon that absorbs human energy, seeming is meaning think other essence without abandon and its essence to seem with growing and forgiving the demons form. Possible as essence by feel is manipulation in ability and that can control    anything with a point by their essence. The demon forms can grow indefinitely and no not till essence fed on runs out.
    ao = forever, all-father, eternal
    ayn = satan, evil incarnate, destruction sign that has no soul as he can nw be controlled by feel if he wants to manipulate you. so think a thought then work as you wish to learn something.
    alodava = goddess of the light
        ArkCiva = Bala, Dark demon, A demon considered arkciva or Bala, a demon born of dark matter in man and they become dark when they lock their soul in iron. The dark demon is a black being that is very neutral and hardly felt, except when they do things. They get what they want when they want it, by soul manipulation. With excess energy, they can manipulate souls. They use many means of which they manipulate by. Mostly, they stay trusted by being good in appearance. Otherwise thinking about likeness or life, they do dark deeds to get what results they want. When they get it, they use what energy there by link to get spiritually strong. They do tend to die whence the object is destroyed, unless they cause the life force to shift to a new object or dissolve the link. But, they come back to life again, immediately using the life force of the destroyer.

  Unless they are aware, they were the destroyer or creating type, do you want to feel like a freak on a leash, they will make you feel that way then they use another object energy source. They get what they want, then use it. The more they use the object, the weaker it gets by energy amount and the more likely it becomes breakable. The moment the person dies, is the moment that the dark demon exists freely. The darker the demon gets things by serving darkness, the more they get whiny and disrespectful. They tend to kill the monster that is the man that bears the demon. They also tend to use death and life energy easily. The soul reading ability comes when they gain enough energy. They risk insanity, as their soul is with insanity from iron. Lava defeats them by causing their dissolvation. Call lava by thinking it there in you, it materializes as a spiritual force. Or, imagine yourself going into lava and the dark matter becoming lava.   
        atryhum = The astral human be a wild energy based human that be faerylike and very easily shifting and yet in astral land they can live. By live I mean energy manipulation and powers of somewhat unlimited ability. Without astral energy their lives are without ability, temporarily, except for the physical area and physical magic. their rules are to live as they can with how they can and the weakest will live unharmed. But their language be the key to getting places and to speak makes it happen unless they don't desire. The Astral human rules are to desist with explanation and if forced, then they will attempt to do as desired. their similiar to the energy human.
    ehu = 800, energy human, energy being thats mysterious and very willing to talk sometimes. Some would say they, the ehu won't communicate well but the process is if they do speak its with guarded tones and pure music. The speech has been heard as human and in imitation voice as it doesn't have one of its own. If energy beings enter a church, they become of the essence and unlikely visit ever again as it forms a painful memory.
    ea = creation, water god who waits.
    ee = destruction, fire goddess. fire golem.
    eih = aproponents, male/female god aspect of worlds most distinct for moons. Uses water by need or usage is fire or air use by thought.
    ezelbe = a greater god conscious of the omniverse.
    io = cannot, ya energy, noted ideal, Angel which are elevated christian mages. Angels are very good mages and one could call them demigods wheras angels are glorified mystics in truth who call on you to do what they demand and need. If you don't do it, they torture you a bit until you do thus they sometimes choose to act as Gods messenger where they will guide you to what they think be the right path and blind you to any other. Angels are known to aid like personage of themselves, those of good natures who call them thus the christians and wizards claim them as guides sometimes by ritual.
    oeteo = muse, eternal writer, writing everlast.
    oeeteo, a chunk like god who be a technology lord and does other things for people if they deserve it. His power be his fat.
    ul = god, line flow, flow regulation, gnome god, technological and pele leader (as personal leader.)
    ambigal = A person whom be amphibeous human in thought can breath both water and air but uses fire and this is use in air. As you think it passes through the he-she or she-he being causes a water effect where the fire be and a fire effect is hieu Ieui where the normal area be with magic 'Whu' as a realy relate with those at her whimsy in the past. She reverts to a human skinned shell. This is a part of virtue and somewhat genious. In passion she be amphibeous but human appearing, and in with red hair but out with a fiery aura and acts like a riverlord but beaten by a firelord he was human. Gain weight and she casts a firey wind. The ambigal be likely to control by miasma cloud or other forces, into her hide she can put things and this is anything as in energy she is a universe in her body as energy the things she pputs is enrgy in solidly shaped form in points including undetected ability of any kind. their special ability be to use objects as a force and if the element in thought they transform into it to use this.
        ambgal = A demonic angellic force, where a person who has virtue, with red hair and and spreads water wherever needed or desired, if its blocked then a flood occurs. If passionate then a fairy water appears to support people in the area including herself, she be nymph born with humanlike nature and entirely she-male. But can calm down anything with a temper including with use of ability by others and memory sharing.
        She-he can cast any spell but allots time to herself and tricks those she doesn't like and eat or say anything without gaining weight. To uptake with her gets you wealthy but any form as her ways can influence the crowd. She-he can control the ability by force and an object. The special form be a perfect human and with forcecraft they can jitsu into an elemental formation if they get near it, the element of choice and only if they can bear the pain.
    anu = god will, sun god as in thought your thought is how the energy of the sun reacts to you.
    anubis = muse, scribe/record god of Egypt
    aries = mars, Arboleth, war god/dess of magig for magic, this is a god with an alternative with war as fight is love in as a concept or not as this is his other aspect.
    Aberuth = geruth, Gaeruth, Therein is no lies with this god as you may know he vitamizes and vitamol is his drug as his victims are many he is a point to attack through by what you think. As think you seem to become you can create with his willingness. This is an ancient ogre god, that can go by use insane if or not doing what is asked. There is a point as energy speaks, to do as this is what is thought in a thought and askence is done. If you endanger him you are in to endanger yourself.
        ae'kii = awe'kiki, hawii'kiki, ayaa, Maui, Ancient beast spirit of a dragon system where a dragon is an overwhelming force similiar to a dragon sleeping, make on record and deduce for a decade some say in honolulu the ancient beast be a volcano that never goes off or a dragon may emerge as a volcanic overflow because its a supervolcano thats slowly erupting, if the volcanic being by essence in eruptian promised in the yellowstone national park ever occurs it might be like this in an idea area considered in hawaii.. It assaults any that try to waken it as if to deter and in thought this is not effective against, those that mention him and technologist or construction groups are worsened by fear or better by guiltless action or worst off thinking that things work out they leave things alone. If need be theyy can do what they want. If need be, link to the godlike force to get things but don't trust it not to destroy as its part of a volcano. There is no mention of this mountain god, as if you are a thougt you can be reassured. He won't attach an energy to you that is not actually destructive as impulsive is a point, that he will do that show a promise or not as thought.
    ermys = hermaphrodites, hermaphrodite deity with two faces and twinned
    body conjoined, a male side conjoined with female side and demigod like powers. This is where the representative deity of both sex body, for a demon deity of assasins and mutation with female or male formation showing and represented both sexes in knowledge, now acts like a muse or historian.
    altea = alter each, altaran, alterea, alter user, alter eaker, To be a user of wild energy or chaos itself and fro' the innate ability as a boost to effect. This consists of redirection by kaots techniques and meditu (substance) usage to draw away insanity or vidictive strikes.
        A quote "The void draws madness but gets a better cleaning effect." However "nothing in hex view or nothing out from here" this is from Tron. "Nothing be nothing as for nothing be the void." by default user.
    ihs = right there, inhibator (as inhibitory being). The two types are based on the character if good the ihs destroys or controls evil, and if neutral it could destroy or inhibit people or objects that are unfriendly, but if evil it could turn on the master of choice or deter the disruptor (any including weapons). Not to use any demon as you are the demon, the being the god or anything else.
    aldur = wonder god, wanderer, god of victims
        Eciyno = Arcobaleno, Arbaleno, An arcobaleno is a babyish type human that walks outside of time and can manipulate any element to manifest something. Their spirit is actually 3 feet tall or lesser that walks and talks like an adult. A fully grown arcobaleno can create effects very easily. This includes manipulation of body age and however they want it. They have fey attributes but they can make nearly anything appear from belief or imagination. Arcobaleno ability restores the body from anything to its state tha works best for the moment. They can appear like any age they want. They only act one way, in control and calmly. They do nearly anything they want to get the desired effect. However, they are very unlike normal humans as they are abnormal. They grow older by will, but they don't really remember how to eat right. Thus, they need food and they get it.
          As, they never really grow up after a special technique. They are formed from a human body through the special technique. This technique renders them into the mindset of a baby with adult experience and baby power. This technique makes the body ageless, unless they want to appear grown. The technique makes a body gain very strong magic, and sets them apart from time itself. At the end of the process, they may become shorter but they are ageless. Each arcobaleno is representing a color they choose at a moments notice. This color is an element. It enhances them to make them stronger. They have an amazing ability of elemental manipulation that allows them to be separate from time itself. Its an unusual condition of a person that enables their eleemental ability. This allows them to master any element by the attempt at doing things. They can externally appear like anything by shapeshifting. They stop aging and control it by thinking about it or stating their need.    
        ellclau = Lpryst, Ellpryst, Aunclau, ironclaw, hell priest, Hell cleric that can heal with hell itself and channel hells energy with regard to neutrality as they are strictly demon. To make a body recover from sickness through focus of energy. Where the body is in bad condition, use topical language or herbs, herbs and focused will of energy. By the use of any energy including hell they can heal through the use of aura and talisman, other focus device (crystal talisman) and effect the disruption of sickness by forcing the body to recover where it wouldn't. through the aura they can percieve anything of the body and thoughts, including humours and mental state.

      When it be to be used, this aura healing describes where to get at the area of pain, feel the area for tension. As the aura vision can be necessary to percieve the actual condition since the healer doesn't have the machines to aid. A hell cleric who cannot do a service requested, will unless justified lose all abilities accept hell usage until the atone by doing a free service or sleeping. Then they must remain neutral in conflict unless their be proof of the deed that needs accounting for by feel. To get to the truth they can cheat, decieve, act to use, poison and just about anything else to get the job done. This is my deed your alone by doing it. Otherwise they become ex-hell clerics if their be personal involvement for no reason. they can serve any god/dess as long as they do a service to gain favor, and for what they want makes the service by filling in action.
    elmahum = a glue use in being formed by the glue consciousness, that can hold anything together but intoxicates anything it gets near, this glues things at will    together even if not close to the object. Take a little in and your a bit of elmers glue and sniff it, touch it to your mouth near a lit candle and your immune. So if you think to share your essence with it, the glue will thicken and you won't get rid of a glue scent.
    elmanhum = turpentine being that intoxicates anything it gets near, unglues things at will together even if not close. Similiar to the elmahum, touch it to your lips to sniff it if still good, the turpentine, and feel your body changing to its nature to become one. This one I can use as there was the goods yet nothing is a bad thing to them.
erlking = Dwarf king that lives in a mountain and rules over a clan of dwarves, humans and elves considered a colony underground.
        eros = cupid, love god, emblazon    keep it nice
        imae = ilmatar be the crying god who always gives chances to those forgiving or deserving and can raise people for a reason did or don't have to surge is don't have to by spell or prayer.
    epona = Dweya, night fertility goddess, mature woman thats fulfilling to mens desires. She be said to give male and female sexes a child of either sex on a moment that is a prayer to look then use is by her, but she looks like a overlarge fat woman in life she instilled by belief in the sculpture form as the fat or thin woman was honored and now the slender women are the strong woman was put to work. See the area isn't matrix so you earn by working from the area you see interesting, see to get done what is not always necessary or near what they appreciate or not use as you know.
    evhum = everyhuman, a guy with vile nature, human woman male that represents both human or draconian racial sexes with four arms, perfect womanish breasts, both sex organs, four legs, high intelligence. All time and conscious by universal energy, no longer linked with an ambiguous person and manipulative user as energy    and manipulative idea.
    evmi = everyman, human male that represents all maleness with four arms, 4 legs, high intelligence and all time and event conscious awareness linked, ambitious in emotion and is possible to hex or use as ambiguous point without emotion as lets not is said the point is a concept or not is thought to do things.
    evwui = everywoman, human female that represents all femaleness with four arms, perfect double busts, four legs, high intelligence, all time (as event) and universally relinked, ambitious and enigmatic in idea with no insanity.
    Ieshei = goddess of wisdom and wealth
        Iessi = goddess of luck
    ihs = right there, right on the spot, inhibator (as inhibitory being). The two types
    are based on the character if good the ihs destroys or controls evil, and if neutral it could destroy or inhibit people or objects that are unfriendly, but if evil it could turn on the master of choice or deter the disruptor (any including weapons).
    ogma = oghma the area creator and energy knowledge maker, (no) dogma, the truth and knowledge god, truth god, deadly to others that destroy things and created by the point to the area in focus by subconscious and thought is idea in the moment. As you think and use knowledge to create with magic, you can create the idea to make magic by knowledge or not as you consider and don't need the result you think. As if a point is knowledge misused if you are caught and not liked, thought by the right people then the oghma curse is possible that you avoid what you hate or not as you need nothing.
    oni = this is good in the morning as if to make the bed and you feel better, otherwise in being form is a monstrous form demon that causes diseases and thought in ability creates by te worsened state that looks good at first an is deadly otherwise. The Oni kill something and magic created or willed that didn't work is what creates in life that outskirts and thought in insanity is not actually done and things, you do if bad or done quietly or visibly wrong can seem sane or not by the point is death by the attempt to steal by what you think is necessary. As you are and were able to do things, non worse and then if you are not thinking your stealing then as things disappear even though it seemed good you aren't as necessary there as by a thought in life. This only takes a thought then the ideal is there.
    Uarc = dark individual, very dark deity of darkness and matter, darkness, very hard to deal with the idea and with things as they are deadly that are needed they can kill with whatever.
        baeliv = white demon, law and order demon that has a soul and gets a form shift ability along with others that must be focused on.
    baelgodd = demongod, Multiplanar and dimensional god that be also demonic with ability to serve many and capable to suit the purpose of even the most impossible person. Usually followed by sorcerors and witchcraft workers and yet will be many faced (as more than one personality). and serves as a neutral source of power but more than one facet at any . To hear it be to be compulsed to follow what it says.
    baelgud = good demon, deva, The God devoted demihumans serve the gods to aid themselves first and others second.  Wizards perceive them with gold skin and as people, and talk to them, the people to exchange info on technologies or other things in their sleep sometimes.
    They are unkillable beings that live sometimes unseen amongst the humans, and demihumans that use the gods or giants, unless they chose to be seen andthen for no other reason, a god/dess. They exist on all lower planes of existence and they can alter even demons in their course of existence, if they so wanted to. By powerful demihumans, they are called by summonings into viewable forms doing what the summoner asks. their tears heal and the touch cures unless a servant the nature of death. Only then will the death deva be effective to kill with a tear and any touched will die unless they are their pet.
    grewarap = giant apes 7 to 8 feet tall. and great ape uncles to the sylvan, yet they live in a seaparate community.
    bjala = room protection demon, also be jabbed lawfully or playfully.
    brataun = sheolbrat, hellchild, the child of demon and human that knows alot before its time and it tends to make hell on those of lower ability, and has magic immunity. Sometimes they have no manifestation ability and yet they can manipulate anyone without some fear.
        Brigid = the Goddess of all life to call for support or other except when angry for a broken promise and she causes a soothing calm or insanity or other punishment of what was thought on or off by no feel thats by no il presence.
        brotanuh = God of brotherly love with a two-headed, two armed and feathered upper half normal under half with no dick. was once taken as Grendel.
    brutanuh = The god of disturbance or brain working and strictness with dealings with disease and war.
    brutaun = sheolbrut, hellspawn, hell soldier, Tortured soul that comes back as a hell soldier serving itself then those it respects second. It can form a cloak or any color around itself and it manipulates chains to any effect and shapeshift into any form by folding into its cloak at will becoming hurtable. Its abilities range into anywhere manipulation.
    cylt = Kylt, Odin in a bit of ecstacy, is the horned one who on a bad or mispurposed calling, the horned one will set you up or cause you great pain with torture. He might come to you if in need but if not then it will be to smite or harm yourself but only if he won't know your name.
    civa = dma, demontology, demon or dementic until forgiven I see is area research
    clyhaga = clifhanger, demon who kills a person by giving them a mental death scene of said person jumping off a cliff and doesnt see the demon till it strikes, a creature which loves to climb rocky walls.
        dedue = daedulus, An incarnate of nature that claims immortality and probable clause to be recognized as a trusted figure, or famous star that be given free gifts of positive sorts as a payment for service. Along with this fine package be lore and reality control. Yet their evil side be to kill as they want or harm by many means. Some have been know to act like daedra without compuction.
        daedra = Are worker demon and story writers that some say are bad and that can manifacture parts, or make instantly or otherwise control reality, so for act duplicitous and professional need. To cause as desired but if a pissed off person finds them, then they get in trouble. These are neutral good or evil people ruled by a prince of a element of choice. their other hobbies are warfare, invading and allowing people to get what they want, if good in nature  and sometimes spiting law or underhandedly if somewhat evil. The daedric king is release also known for the daedric emperor and can be male or female and able to do most elemental manifestation where a normal daedra can use one at a time. their disposition be trade and community with councillors to aid in a democratic type beu'reu as a buyur or creator in a commision of  balance and planar space. A saying "Daedra aren't all that great." by imortis can sum them up.
        daema = demand, daemon, Demonic god messenger and originated the demon in meaning from greek.
    demahkt = demarkt, a god of death, lord of death or death before he became death as a nature. Now known as the natureof death seen as a deathly skeleton polling a boat across the river styx. Somewhere located under Afhganistan with a very calm air. I know some to be claiming N Afhganistan and others W Afhganistan.
    demos = demon god of destruction and death that can be appeased by any sacifice (doesnt have to be bloody, like a sacrifice of time for no point or soul is what makes a cause).
    deamon = demon that will hurt if given a reason but be generally neutral evil and it tears apart anything it hurts from the insides. Its looks will kill anyone and has a great shapeshift ability from any human form to battle demon form. It likes to mislead people to early demise including causing a heroic or heroinic idea.
    danal = the destructive god of the druids and old ways.
     danu = a dark druid god of destruction and war, usually dangerous and considered mars in greece and datub in wenna. he often appears as a favored form and with appeal to  mark a destructive event.
    dava = goddess of love, the love god is a point to consider as you think to enhance her to he can do love matching by energy in belief. This god aspect can turn negast as negative in being in thought, by negative emotion that is with an area idea to seem an idea that is had. Any summons can get you killed by him in life. Any other reasoning is a point to construe, and warp around with a unrealism that is realistic in feel through the dark mist or light mist.
    decano = Mystra, among other names for a Magic god/dess. Magic god who is powered by self acts of many kinds including sacrifice of an object. Except for physical magic objects where, the objects are on each use counted as a sacrifice or trash such as food bits are also able to be tossed as though a dream car thought as this is sacrifice.
    deva = This is an angelic being in spirit form can do what you think or appear like anything, god servant that are the Gods devoted demihumans serving the gods to aid themselves first and others second. Devas are the greatest demigods so I thought things that could exist and be seen at their own will with desire otherwise we just mentally perceive them as flickerings at the eye corner, not at all. Wizards perceive them with gold skinand people talk to them and exchange info on technologies, other things of interest in their sleep sometimes. they are unkillable beings that live sometimes unseen amongst the humans and demihumans. unless they chose to be seen. they exist on all lower planes of existence and they can alter even demons as though in their course of existence are what they seem if they so wanted to and by    powerful demihumans, they are called by summonings into viewable forms doing what the summoner asks.
    dema = Daemon, Demon, servant demand, being with self-consuming power source. God messenger, beings that are the messengers of gods and they are the neutral, good demons that will aid neutral to good people sometimes chaotically as angellic guardians. Most times to a gods instructions they act and they can be summoned but, you can know this then as there is no messenger, you act angel to those that want service and act the devil to those that act against you. If left on their own devisings they will kill the summoner just for fun after overpowering the summoner for freedom to exist on the summoners plane. So be strict with the daemon as daemons are chaotic neutral by nature and if they see that a balance be needed, they will be the balancer force and do not lose your will to them risking control but let them act on their own.
            Demons are fallen demihumans who were once human that accepted magic only to be denied by death with hexing and reincarnated, as evil demihumans if thought to be so yet the way they do things they can drive you insane. Till forgiven or then you think to cause the demon to go away. Demons serve themselves first and the lawful evil, neutral evil and desparate people second. Demons natural enemies are devils and hate each other because evil like nature personalities will always conflict and demons are lawful evil by nature but there are some good demons. they will honor a bargain as long as you give what you promised in some form and if you break your deal they will break theirs and sometimes kill the deal maker in the process.
           Otherwise, they will honor the deal and do exactly what they promised to do  but if bored there is no defense except a demon that is summoned against you, they will mercilessly cut you down so the key to survival against a summoned against you demon be to buy the demon with more than the other guy could offer and sometimes the demon will only respect sheer will, a showing of respect or a showing of power. Summoned demons will always try your will and make you force them into behaving under your will so make the summoning request without any loopholes, they will get out of it. A trick be to not use anything they offer except when they offer to use it against the enemies of yourself, and by giving it to you the summoner will control the enemy. where the wise magus will use them, the demon, with a neutral backbone accepting anything given with suspicion but used freely to prove you trust. The act must be proven out by the demon, or you unsummon the demon for not doing as you say. Demons and devils can get along if an overser is near or enough by thought to work.
    demihu = demihuman, superhuman strength that is better near a loved one or in opposite notion weaker near a loved one
    demir=hu = a half human male half serpent demigod.
    danann = goddess dana, glorious priestess that rules over faith.
    faiki = mastermind that be a formless many body part demon capable of
    absorbing other beings and energy to reform them as puppet forms at will
    and its able to manipulate without detection anything in a ten mile radius
    felinygid = invisible control demon till it strikes then it appears
    fomoia = fomorian, sea demon
    fului = polyglot, Formless god that starts as superhuman that uses untempered magic yet regenerates through energy infusion. Making a formless columnlike god being that draws any type of being to its cause and it manipulates others by baiting, enslaving, the weight is the point then you know what is possible then you change the idea or point, ensnaring to gain its deeds. Teleport into this being to take control
    of it by voice, kill it. Extreme untempered magic use causes body explosion by
    quick body formless change.
    gaia = earth fairy nature, lived on the earth since its beginning in aboringinal events, Both sex hermaphrodite and considered star child, can control or manipulate any element and form ability that are free based
    goddwib = go'wib, god focus, priest, priestess, preacher
    goddwibt = paladin, god channeler
    giau = gold god, money god, almost immortal drug
    genkyokou = sagelike immortal time linked god servant shapeshifter with four arms three legs, womanish breast, giant strength, enigma, 1000's powers, magic immunity, high iq and anything said happens by this human hybrid
        globazar = Planet bazaar; A demon of war in many forms that uses the planet as its some hexing source. They go lets party, and then all sorts of things allz occurs. They go party ends if order is restored. Yet can overcome anxiety by being aware of our reactions and performing sudden act of kindness in the act. We may not be at ease with our life circumstances, for we are being reminded of what we must do to keep the status quo and keep from falling apart unless necessary. Its of what is a spiritual energy, enabling us to touch magical places within the realm of our imagination. In love, fear can stand in the way of love. Satisfaction may be delayed, yet it is worth the wait. Opposition can drawing our thoughts with getting away  from logical view that 'be' analysis, toward the stuff of dreams. It's hard to know what to  think, as fantasy temporarily overtakes reality. As beautiful harmonizes with passion  emotional truth replaces logic. Verbal boundaries dissipate and we are forced to leave by words left behind. In emotional value they purport.
    hadrbazr = Hadr bazzaar; In disseumo disseum, it is in resume a dissimiliar moment by a major demon with many familiar forms. That turn people evil, then are psychic and control. It has many different forms.
    hydrbazr = Water bazaar; To be in the aspect of water, of many forms and formed by will of demonic nature. That typical nature is not found in normal nature so we look else.
    ermes = hermes, messenger god on winged feet, gay god.
        Hipliedea = Hyper demon, or high planar demon. A demon that forms and can be anyone  in appearance and appear anywhere multidimensionally.
    hombjala = house defense protection demon, thoughts in the house are possibly forming a love god effect as it thinks to need a match that it will do for itself. There is a god in the house that it summons and if in need, you can go to him in any form you want as though hexing an ideal is using a wizards accomplice.

    kauli = kahooli, minor wargod of magig that is of death and kills the perpetrator

    lamia = Quite an anachrodim by chupacabra lamia is a draconian that uses her spirit energy to lay eggs that grow to create or though thought human is human if read is death thought she answers in vision and violence falls the crime to the death to the criminal as the person that creates the act creates things, is not the criminal as this is violence done on the crime as a waste up perfect woman waste down serpent goddess that is her in thought. She fixes herself as she invites and think to kill you as the actual criminal that isn't you, is dead by murder in a thought to lay me out and think use as you place your application or apply information then your idea is what she will do. If you give her a point and thought is up to you.

    Shift as you want as she supports and eats the criminals after an act that isn't an act in bloody violence or no do violent for violence you don't have to act. No is with no slap or area to waste away in to her, as not a potty mouth is use to speak cool idea. She senses the purpose or feel then can use the idea they respect to manipulate them or think to get them to use what she wishes. This is to use is what she respects right or correctly to use their idea they respect to control or work with their memories to create by the body reaction. You don't have to do things to who you know. Know isn't kill off to realize or your not user insane.
     Beg or not and dismiss the words, an else if the words don't matter and is suggestion isn't necessary. Yet if you own your own will in desire you can create, as you think as thought exists you are were and not as a point you think assumed form in shape and this is another idea. The being is formed in a different idea excepts, if to see as acknowleging that you do things. As this creates by the energy and your idea creates what you think, your thought creates viewed thought and death falls on those that are not excepted for crimes. She controls those to not do or create crimes to work with by idea or no slap she doesn't have to be hit. Lamia is mother of all monsters so she is controlled by fate. This is not blocking him or her from leaving.
     As she uses the point to create with the concept, your idea is what she uses to form her magic as belief is her own in life she looks like what she wants. As she uses the idea to make use, and form of anyone as your own energy. Think as not ill and she is what creates the cycles, as to form is just the moment a thought    is possible as she makes what else is necessary sworn to good is the thought in what is the point you use. As you ask in her thought that appears like a vision for things she uses, she can form from a tailed form to a human form at will the god or others that aren't there are to create. As the true ability, there is to transform one thing to another as though a transmorphing spell.
      The idea and use is a service as in intelligent you are what serves or not as you ask and just do and don't ask her to not be effected and get effects of violence on those you thought are crime makers. What you think she will do, will make her do things as she is there as wants is to as a monster is formed from any that are killed. As if they are in thought form theory as is proven and  thought is the form, they think she is. They who ask much of her are allowed, if their will is what allows things. So as she is aware she exists unless thought not to exist.
    lesgod = lesser god/ess, as a lesser god you help people yet if you mispronounce it, he/she gets you in the end with a silent death. He/she also guides you in language of sign language and other language skills. Psionic in nature but not in a normal sense. He/she has no third eye except for the mind, always not lie except the mind acts and as thought is one life to live. Known as a courtesian from ages past, thought is her true form as you think her true name be in lost as records you can use a quick gesture except in a motion of using her/him in to get a glimpse. The idea be to know info not seen as a hex or so far but to earn knowledge assumed is made real as a reward. Accounted as a lesser god of power with a thought and understanding you are a god. Mostly known as a god/dess or not, think as the energy has reached its peak for crippled and not. Those are for those people non crippled, think or not as people who don't get much can create her or others. As then you can get her, to do things or now you can not do much unless you think you can for thinness in religion is energy that creates for whom whats the power.
        manda = paula, moander, junk god of large proportion and amassed garbage he gets his power from vegetation and junk, panda bear. As assumed this cute panda bear can make a point, or not as someone tells you of this to make better with what you have and do or do not.
        lod = commander, unseen godd, original god of anything from pre universe and he just a presence, the one unseen
    loki = sai, sate, sought in, seraph, greater creator, satan, deception god that will create as you think subconscious he will react to support.
    lyrd = wild natured god of primordial and premordial nature that  uses weird and wild energy that represents anything
    pyrlyrd = Fire lord, A down to earth eefective usage and objective person thats similiar to fire giants they are normally shapechanging human psychotics with energy control of many sorts, and with a correspondence to be trusted. It, their action goes with the history of any movie or place. Now when a fit occurs fire breaks out and when postponment happens theres a interruptions to his/her plots and the effect of seeming like the firelord, be very empowering but to the field of trial and not to the path not looked for. His or her servants are likely to get aid for things but it takes on as a discount or deriverant (derivant) to be derived a medicant and no meanness or others as mean and complacent. Be good and their inverted by different formulation by some means and same idea in attitude but for others actions, the idea be looked at as an additional source of information. Some scheme to win by distubing circumstances enhancing the value the trade.
          With a point tribute to them they so like believe they behave but a inbalance, that's how you turn their machine off they build up ideal and killing off or using all the operators then the machine stops by imbalance, if with a human causes extra weight per bite and add height after. With oddness be concept to them as they developed their desires. The odd lord walks with oddity around rapidly his house and happens around their lives of passion, or like fire near and on a candle. So like firelords to contribute, giving to a purpose and to what they think. Its a pentium means its near me but not to do harm, Be harmful means to frighten but to keen be worse as a serum be occurence to fix. This I think is divity not always done by idea.
         So use is as you think a placebo will effect to become a shortening of effect or life then you or others know what you think you need to know, this was the rule of the death gods for them who use it as its devised for effort and easiness. The desire of the person be shown by deeds that promote them. their zeal and almost greed be to get a rank to make the ambition desist a small bit, or they would quit and non would realize unless they continue in hopes to get somewhere. Think so you are divine then as you wish the creator or yourself is what makes things. So to raise be to be raised and not raise at all. The raising procedure be to be assigned duty, do well and its gain in rank. To greed be to personal efforts as affront and to do it as a capitol mission. Pen-sion be to computer control operations with trouble shooting.
          Anything thought on might occur unless its de'labo the near core of the planet with a large number instances that make weeks to clean up. They can live anywhere but their fire be how they work along with who they can't get along with and those they create tools and manipulate. Think the manipulation then the ideal. Their passion will ignite the fire within and its the idea of de'labo to light a flame and thats all they need. Except for ice cools them off and they won't leave the area that other than that let him or her deal with whatever the situation is as people want left alone, otherwise to be left alone for the object. They are there if they are aware.
        In de'labo hardly any work except to deliver to any who dare, to help out the person or other pursuits. To travel be to cause disturbance or distraction and create havoc that allows them to get places or attract others. In effect they don't love fire they despise candles and other things similar except its hidden and that which helps them they get mischievous at others, to get granted a teaching position be to lead the new era. Where Riverlords, they tend to wash with idea and own the area. The firelords are kinda hot to touch and hard to create a concent, except those that have them as friends stay away for the hot things that may occur. They hate to hurt themselves except to stop the bad effort by curing the cancer. Its not true that they deal with only fire as its only depression that makes them do a frenzy.
          The firelord be likely to make up thngs and allow others to fill in. Now chemistry be pretty fair with what they achieve and great collections. Because they have to be fair, they are aware, that any mistakes and they drag people through the mud even if they don't know. But their true form be the fire elemental with human flesh and non burning touch. Any they dare know for their effort they do love with friendship. But their true desire be to put out desire for evil things. Who they work with are sometimes despised and their attitude be reversed but the chemistry be ingeniously guessed at but non harmful. With poison they are immune and not drugs as they are similiar to Riverlords, but on sight they tend to stink for the effort of doing things with extreme belief and effect seen before. Those who do else are obliging them by the idea. Yet the hope be in belonging that the Firelord will believe in things that be of use. They tend to destroy or help yet not note what that be important for and use that which available, with the thought by use I buy it. So to buy it be to be able to use it, and avoid the effort by doings of the spoken effect.
          They have controlled people by simply being near them except the effortless friend or willing participant and any unwilling are unbeaten for attempt to soothe. The ideal is persuasive then you know what is there or done. The control will make you feel differently as possession and be to think and not be their natural state of directed focus unless directed else and it can be faked thanks to Hemler. What possesion they gain they use as an idea, but act as if its not there otherwise for the idea they might use it. Now things are related to each their own or each other as physical and integral to the parts, as parts make up the whole and yet don't account for it. But if the earlier pattern in actions can be denied and broken by doing another things, this then is thought to fix trouble as it occurs. I believe this be inaccuarte but its close as some are dumb if smart and instinctive, but they wait it out if instincts allow from examples and rendered thoughts by others and by mind scanning from who know. But they know not to use fire unless its for a candle. I so wish the purpose was to not use the force of idea to achieve what a machine could.
        But as a people they certainly more than most are intelligent and active to believe that we are as we be. The exception be when we are relaxed and things arent done again in repose, Yet they would try to improve their effort, save their effort at gaining things and consequence be reproval but added consequence be reproach. Dangerous allure be with the bad vibe and strong good off people and objects. Described events are examples that are remained/remaining by good or bad, but its related as don't be it if its gonna hurt or sounds like it except with a prevention. 'This stops it once and for all. So be it. said by Al'ein Por'caut. Be so not dumb except in dream. As most would desire it mother nature be in control, Don't be too dumb regulate know, means don't be too dumb by the smoke or chemicals or your smart then when you regulate you then know. So don't talk just do, to be irritating talk and act but to be pursuant or pleasant talk and don't do unless you want the irritation effect.
          Now they are known as a CIA target for coming by created ways, they can creates any reality on instant and to act be belief of sorts for different realities. See to realize is to believe things can be my belief as well. Get near flame and the IQ drops as their power goes up. So as they don't know they are likely to hurt people, any idea suggested to them be likely to be treated as an act,  incorporated to acting  and this finishes it off they don't know or they would have done it. if they happen to they read it from others. They document what they do and their fits of rage are true blue as beliefs are put to action in stupid blonde moments. They try to not assault and not handle buy offs they spend time to get effort. So the sublte intelligence be actually none except for their memory which disappears on an instant of draw.
         This is to the draw where the draw is to correct for things spent and to fix things. Regulation be the code of Trust, Those that I don't trust, I leave alone and hope they stay nice. Truth, Those I leave alone I trust and implicitly for information. Take, (Treas, Treops or treason), Those that believe are not bad but they need to prove it. These are the 3 T's; Trust, Truth and Take of regulation, Take the fall and do the effort, but at least try and these 3T's are similiar to a crede.. To make them think you are a friend and with report.
        So think as then they allow alot of things by complaint or compliments. Sometimes compliments can be actions of using their info in corroberation, like the quote or statement to mint the thoughts and give them reason to be liking you. Forbear the statement to keep as a relation and make amends with people. Fitness be to keep a clear conscious to make for better wealth sometimes as abundance is already there, this is used by a slender body or phat and successful idea. Think to keep your stomach pulled in as the ideal to be slender appearing, hides the stomach when you pull in your stomach and anything that irritates them won't appear. As their attempting to again keep the stomach in. Now at least notice the fire and put it out if there be one or in intelligence one seems with too much fire but this can change.
          So the intelligence one seems to those who observe an active intellect, for there are less than us who attempt a crede, their not dumb from too much of any corruptive chemical agent except for energy that afflicts the body and includes fire but unequally its not dumb to not mention it. Related to Riverlords as in trusting the info and letting people learn if its true, where smart be to create an effort of what people like to see and to them its what people are showing in but obeyed as effort, as the true effort be what the Firelords want to see or do and then if its unknown its a lot to see as a meaning so it draws an emotion. When it hits the bank its cooked, so everyone's a god when they realize their divine by focus then thinking they are a god. Yet a god is nothing but a naming, nothing more than that exists by what you think. The subconscious can create nearly anything. So the vision takes up the effort to dowse, for the right thing to say to say or do as they feel good. More like a hundred idea in a minute to escape and to do as needed.
         This what I found as the area was exception, where you except to get the job done and the action achieved to record as I sense it. So I think I will create what you want if necessary. Seeing the ideal is but a 'please don't try to be us as its a bad thing. Please be not dumb as its not good and most women love bad people, except top rated idea and for skill try to act busy. think to use things because your paid to do it.' Deadly remand gets deadly demand, but compensate by failure to attack with deadly repromand or reproving demands, that could kill after they get into bad moods and no medication..reprobation be another phrase.
          Mutated those that allow but not understood revenge as with friendships. They may have done it as a percent of taxes to evade, they don't hate to pay except when forced. their wrongs can destroy almost anybody. their rage be hissent of troubles where they hiss and only the people that love to know what your doing will know this attempt to ignore but thats about it, that they take out on people or to relent of the trouble and make people pause, the cool rage that blows out others fire.
        Most firelords are likely to value that which be labored on by those who have it, or talk them out of it. As a young chid they have different ways and dayz that attempt to do a bad habit and correct it. But their immortal and love to work and has a constitution with which has no end unless they think there is an end. Then things end naturally. Any day they feel their intelligence go up by having quests that appear like visions and have duping activity of stupid moments, black haired or red, these stupid moments mark when they raise their intellect by listening in with not getting caught. 'gpuzre' be a quiet mode to thoiught quit moment. They can look like anything, but its not advisable to listen in on them. As its remarkable how quick they catch them and very possible that they can detain anybody by voice alone. To be knowing the consequenceto know your divine before the in moment as a detailed vision.
          By the efforts they do they support others but crazy fits they argue with and insanity be their normal way of life except they are clear mind with not a sign to read them. People that run their life are honored by the efforts they do unless they didn't ask for it. Then they get what they ask for sometimes. their secondary name be fire sorceror who think they do and others are very likely, as their effort be your effort but with no effort lost. When near fire the hair can turn pure black or when using fire its red gold. Some are con artists with the added illusion ability, weapon skill be their net of idea as they use objects as info and usage be obvious when we discover our own divinity. They may appear human but their weight can improve to sugar  stuff and grain stuff.
         Raw unrefined sugar or sugar substitute stuff be likely to decrease body and grain keeps the weight, except fat increases it by loss with sugar and grain in increments. To wait be to pause and stopping points are to understand then reconsider. To see a danger, do not accept the gift but let the results be good for most of us. If the gift be accepted we ourselves can provide ourselves a gift, a way into our most secret desire, so be careful with whom is right. A way of living consensus, to turn flame haired be when they can summon fire easily and change forms and other possibilities. To turn all black haired be to be absorbing, and blue magic manipulation with ultra violet radiation..thanks to Hermione examples and ministry of magic humanic dept..
          At a young age they recieve images of te 'future glmpse that can control all the rage, all thats needed now be the butterfly effect that change by writing things or drawing and it works. Try it to understand but not if its too new, thus observe others as thought to see results. But I try not to think on boobs or the dick and only briefly with your unsensual pleasure as of things to do except for sensual pleasure like appeal. I believe Pliny says "I believe they are like quads sexual, To be not give up and concerned with wealth as it does not matter, but denied they get fiesty and torment the idea, and act on the fool whom vendered or promised. Then they deny the sensual pleasure they divide the effort and leave except for food or hunger, and in daily strain only the objective view keeps the person in a steady job. So it is somewhat easy if you use the subconscious to make a god." Also by Himler. The only view be the self-respect by adverisement of other aspects given time, thanks to Hemler.
        Juno = Arbolo, Aerlo, Arlene, This is a conception god that makes crazy feelings of calm on the  basic surface by near crazy in the abode. The abelene god of existence that murders the host and makes off with use of others stuff. Instead of taking others stuff, is the idea that is a person body that he takes instead.
        quasi = semi, pseudo, demigod
    santa = northern light, saint nick, saint edmund, santa claus, brighten,
    druidic gift god, a semi-angel demigod to slip out of agreements and other
    things and help other people
        Adriana = Auria, Santien, Seapoa, There is a gift of magic as if thought is there, this is santa's cousin. This is a possible point of motion, that use creates the thought in and out, as you look for the natural rhythm of things then things are as though thought a magic. As given skill by use of ability, as energy is life, as skill implication allows in energy.
        sodiaratlan = heart atleantian = A human with a possible shapeshifting gene otherwise a large hexlike shaped form or hexadontal shape with 6 arms, 2 legs and humanlike skin.  A creator shapeshifter of Atlantis.
        suagal = sahnwoi, she be infinte in strength but not human and appears entirely human. Her name from supra-gal meaning super woman. She can arrest anybody and use shift ability, She can be the lingo and talk any lingo, except that which she hasn't learned or heard. She can shapeshift but spells are not above her, as a sense of good and other ability. She be sane but crazy otherwise and can be 'uncracked' for lack of interest and fame. Addiction be passed off but not for lack of drugs. As she serves the public  interest and survives off energy.  She can adapt to anything, Telepathic and psychic ability can make for better as she thinks. Shapeshifting can be formed by eventual motion. Her form be always shapely but phat and slender.
    shiva = deity servant, lesser goddess with many arms as monster many legs are with use of love in ability as energy. Assume your shape and as you rich or poor become as technologic is thought to seem in a plane that is a thought in moment where she can hit you up infinitely or leave you alone. At a glance this is depictious of truth but as a willing sacrifice, nature of denature as statute notion you can creatre what is nothing but trouble. There is a point to a path, that to do in a thought as you are an ciao to the easier point in life ideal. Adious is the notion he uses in her form, as a shaper god he can hex or do amazing tricks as a fox he is a point.

  That nothing is remembered except for the time, think of thought then you know it but forgo the rest and he will make you able. The idea is what isn't as he speaks, the thought is that, if he speaks he can safely seem ignored as in life. She is his guardian as he is her, in life a partner considered time. In life a partner, other thought is a point that you can seem to do things and yet make. With that thought is what you want, he can create in a moment if a possible isea is there. Here is the thought, there is the motion and what there is seems nothing in comparison to get results.
        shive = beige deity starved servant, lesser garbage servant with demigoddess ability and very useful with tools that follows the lesser path. 'one that lives but dies by living' assumed to be reincarnation of Moander the Gop (God) of Garbage and wandering. She can be any form like the the servant named Finder the Bard. There is a point to release the steam effective on those, as those who are stressed out as this god uses steamboats amongs in amongst other things to work things as if magic.
        Implicateous = As rather known as implacaeteous, the god he is can manifest as anything and banish at will. The god kingdom elven god, as you think implicatus you are an idea as this is hexed this is thought you are an energy. Seaploa is her other name as the god's servant in the idea, as a servant elf or not as a point that even forms gods from those that are thinking "shells". This is there in an area after that is a point that is nothing mentioned nothing existed. The point in that can make your point in a poignant idea, this is what he considers important in a thought he perceives your thought that he does as his own idea.
    sfuwargod = kaogod, chaos god, primal god, you can summon it as you think he or she is an it. The god is what forms as many hands in the area, that use is as described with your will as essence is deliberate. There in life and shared in life in existence in body and let him be your body and he serves his will, as you want as chaos is primal you can bet he will stir up whatever is necessary. To get what is necessary, in life to make a result.
    spadeah = neutral good demon that prefer to be born into humankind and     born giving their children special gifts of demonic origin. they usually are
high born of some sort where you know where you are staying,otherwise they are dragons that are from a aristocratic family thats well behaved and mature. their natural enemies are devilish human born people that sidewith chaos. they are prone to do positive deeds for people in need, despised. these demons are actually people with very strict in discipline being of long experience thus
prefer to keep the family together after the family passes away thus they are reborn as family to continue family existance till they get tired by a lack of duty. these demons are duty bound to each other neverend so the duty will drive them on even after love disappears. they are mostly free thinkers and resultant genious. Whence a demon be born it will continue existance till their decease and they are often magic resistant unless they desire tobe effected.
    sroadeon = srodadea, Shredder demon be big, red and multiarmed with ability to shred anything, including important documents. This demon be called to
    destroy things written for revenge or other reasons from martinez.
    spedeah = space demon that claims of many years before of a person by a laser light passing from one to another that passses the knowledge of the cosmos to another. these demons love spending time in space of some sort. Just a
touch will claim a person but the voice will control an compell. Body shifting
be a natural ability and the ability to create skins of the consumed person.
they always leave the core of the person alive to see the results. those that
aid the person get hurt, consumed into being one too. If consumed then the
person becomes a living skin but the demon has instant magic ability. these
people can predict any happening to come if their mind be set on it and any
knowledge is ideal that is theirs on an instant they are prescientific and blessed with psi ability thus they are elven like but far older. the magic they hold be
innate negative wild magic and are able to manipulate it without detection.
Only neutral evil, like minded of the demon are neutral as in targets for
them. Space and time are at their beckons as they are neutral. Space demon
are to were thought to be body snatchers that were seen.
    teufm = resting god, to sleep, sleeping god , demonize me god as you work
    with him you get demnized by bloody handed tactics.
    timbsy = a hobbit god of music and enjoyment that wields ability through people and he or she was what is called by "Great Timul!" or "The great Timult". the ideal was there as a point or fact that this came from, don't make too much from this.
    tyr = tyr, justice god, there is a god that is justicial that is similiar and
    yet not the same so do not get them confused. This god does things in a fear
    based moment, that is a moment to think and use is tyr's energy. There is
    a fear moment that isn't done, as by tyr himself as he is a moment that use
    is a thought in a moment and he can correct if need is a concept.
    torm = torment, watching god, torment by what this god decrees and you can
    get better results.
    tourm = truth god, tourism, the god that is a she till later as he hides
    amongst the crowds in the thought, point out that fact you want and you
    can get what you think. As that isn't seen in absence of what you think.
    tesi = tenshi, tendency, int trend, nature, angel, tensi, heavenly gift
    tesu = tenshu, god, castle tower, shopkeeper
    tietu = tesseractiq, dark giant god, twilight giant
    teufel = devil, fallen beings that serve themselves first and any evil minded
person of chaotic nature second. So they will act as the evil mages guardian angels. he or she only knows the dark angels because he made them. so I think
the person has to prove themselves of that nature first, they will never aid said
person but hinder instead if proven otherwise and devils can be called by summoning spells into doing what they don't like. they make certain of fact that said person will remain along that path they choose and manipulate said person to keeping to the chosen path. Devils will not think on who they serve once called by spell summons.
    thea = Female force, Goddess (from greek), formed the basis of thealology, where "thealogy" be not a typo here, but a way of emphasizing the Goddess, taken from the Wiccan fact sheet at the alt.wicca newsgroup.
    theo = Male force, God (from greek), be not the basis for theology as the basis came from faith, philosophy and the philistine and Arabian philosophist took theo as the root meaning. There is no point in description as he described, is not actually the same after description in a moments glance.
    vuci = vulcan, volcano god, metal god that copies many things
    vyki = valkyrie, guardian hero spirit
    wayap = vampire werewolf, Shapeshifter vampire that can turn into a werewolf while being a vampire and be not effected by silver and sunlight. Werewolf mother and vampiric father that seems to have mated from ritual or natural mating enhancement of spells or drugs.
        wudel = woodel, woodul, woodland creature thats part wood and part animal. this is the rat of killing wonder. born of wood kills on insightful instinct.
    zak = killing charged shot, energy god
        Zennehdi = Mula, Mulae, The money god that gets money and makes money to put it safely away. He helps you make the money you need or desire. He helps the sell. He helps with other things you desire, as well. He gets his power from the exchanges, objects and money. He gets anything he wants from exchanges. He can become anyone he wants to be by the exchange shapechanging him.
    zus = zeus, lasting slowness, great king
    Zeuflus = Earthus, Earthius, Eaurteus, Zefleius, The war god of the ogre clan with three aspects, that are deadly to the deal and attack god as good for a thought and bad for no moment as bad is bade by what he did. As he died in thought by a cleaning pool in a water cleaning area, lets just leave this alone after being pushed by Odin as he was too insane for a concept as there is no other wriiten record of him since time begin. As the golden area is there and yet not after. He attacks those that are attacked, and uses those that he sees as a pawn undoing his work. As he claims in a moment, he uses age magic by prime discipline for a glory god in the moment he is lisborn born from a list as described. What is and wreck he does, as he doesn't as he lets others do the idea as a war record. If you say his name, you can seem insane  after 2 times said.

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