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Look at the bottom for my Discord chat page, that is also here if you need invite and here if you are already a member. If any abuse is there think to stop it then the creator stops what you don't think is necessary or don't need to work better. I think or not fits the point, so you see the point you so if you think, then your focus can know what is there by area you think. I figured out you aren't a mental target if you are thinking that your not otherwise thinking your one makes you one. So lets hope that works as you wish.

If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or allow then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Volcano sighting solar sights

Solar sight use.

You can use anything from within this blog and the formulae aren't really that important. Think to use this ideal with the solar widget. The concept use this ideal. This you sense by the formula k/a-a or 304a/k is with this subtracted from f or flux = k/s for kilowatt per seconds or amount of ability to work with by use, the measured amount by time the event is there in millisecond converted is seconds or this is with the formula 304a/k that is seconds to milliseconds with 70 c or below safe. What's safe is usage to feel from a distance. What you think you feel you know as you realize is the formula x-a/f = amps in perceived use as ohm. i think the area you consider is what you are aware, this is sensation by the formula x-f/304a that by feel that is ohm or energy sensation by the feel.

So for the machines amp per sec measure the current, this means all you need is created area effect. This means the formula isn't that important as this is set by observing the feel or feeling with what is by volcanic area any other feel you might have, this allows for ground tremblings that you think is related to the sun interactivity. The relation isn't associated by number. So this kelvin creates by feel what you think sometimes converted from celcius or farehnheit. Here is the conversion sight to use as though a calculator. Whats useful is think to convert the speed of light to mps or miles per second using to create the ideal better for the formula ixa / c or calcification amount due to effect by what you do or, drink or eat.

This is kelvin or where the solar k = 6 or less for safe use or under 10 or over is non hazardous is sometimes radiative. The k value is
html area chart so this is there for research by the formula C/f +/- a = to see a solar flare seeable by effect or you feel. C is the speed of light you sense or 3.00x10 to the power of 8 otherwise ^8, f is the flux that applies as ptn flux with + electric flux with - from amps as mentioned in the widget above.

So that is the average or high class system for the sunlight, so that is k/s or kilowatt seconds per amperage you have seen by feel or see for sense is sensation. There is some feel. See that you think will impede or allow safe machine use so if you are able to use the machine then your with luck or no need to worry if the machine isn't overheating or used.

See if normal warmth things are possibly safe or sane by reacting till area, use is thinking "no reaction" or "allow" is thought. So if unbearably warm where the area is cool know this is some event or "its all is use by feel or none is the use". Think about the ideal, think about the feel then, your knowing what you're doing with things. Any one line or word will do.

So otherwise so I believe or I think so, you see this by feel is not that till necessary. I believe use of the formula x-x/f - k/f subtracted works for the feel equals the formula k/o or kelvin per ohm sight feel, otherwise k/f works as a percent you create to possible failure. Ohm is feel with area by sensation, X is x-ray.

Due notice of certain events, this idea is sometimes not fully proven. As there could be no k index or 1 k index and the ideal situation is proven to exist problems, sometimes in equipment but it is as though a proven point when it works. That is all there is to this idea so enjoy.

The f is flux or area time you think some temperature is unusual in milliseconds or seconds k by feel is kelvin temperature or the k with the widget or chart the higher the temp the more the feel is there. So this is not physical hits the energy feel makes you think is there. This is energy use by the feel, this uses sensation to create with or thought is area feel. Think cool or work by activity.

So drop down this to see the solar widget with the rest by the information. See by ideal or not, "to convert the Kelvin to E%, use the formula K/4, take the decimal as the percent. Take the first 3 numbers, of the decimal. Round up on the third digit. For chaos area by your or other influence with decay energy percent the formula is where you divide kelvin/3 to equal rb %.

Past life research says that by 30% this is destructive area feel released by the feeling, so work with it or think to not react. This is so you feel your chance may seem to work. If not then your doing what you can, till what you want to do is not needed or not important. This details percent chance for energy to work or not work." So drop down the temperature below 70 c. Then this works. This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this.

Seeing as this came from a past life idea and the present life idea is to use what comes to me. This includes the past. So it is what things are, I believe that this will work to the advantage if used.
So I think if its used, then you can work with machines more easily. Yet think, if used right this could be an early warning system. See that means it works with your system, and this means that your right on target with what you need to do.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Prioritize communing with your own spirit each day. Any and all answers that you are searching for will be found in the silence of your own, unique daily practice. If everything is divine or of the creator, then the things to exist or unexist are your own ideal willingly or think not to be there.

Only thing we can do is be grateful for whatever comes. The world defines words for us. We learn how to use them and most of the time we go about our business without giving them much thought. We are content to let them be.

There are times when particular words stand out. When we argue, words become more important and when election times approach, politicians draw our attention to their catch phrases to pull us in to the message they hope we will consider. We are encouraged to believe their words have strength and we can stand tall to reach our dreams.

Words become more important when they are tied to how they make us feel and there is none greater, as we know were being loved with a feeling more than being loved or alien that is loving another. But we don’t stand tall in love and be strong, when we think we fall in love we ‘fall in love.’

We give ourselves, hoping to be captured securely in another’s arms and thoughts. The strength is in being vulnerable and knowing that we are accepted as we are and not how others or even ourselves, believe we should be.

It’s not to the sky that love climbs, going where I want to go is fun but down, falling to the ground is sometimes avoidable. There we discover the gentleness of being strong. Think to sit beside a friend, broken by life's challenges to be compassionate to a fellow pilgrim with whom we don’t agree to know that 'strength,' like many other words are invitations, waiting for us to discover new definitions, that lead us to gentleness and love.

So use is there as you know for you can think, close your eyes and fall-fall in love with what makes your heart pound and your eyes tear, because there you are with a broken heart where you are aware also close to the earth is the vibration of all we are.

Waits in gentle rhythm to show us the way. Take some time with the words that touch you deeply and find within the most wonderful that speak to you as you think then you get. The spirit or soul creates what you think by feel.

"Maybe someday I’ll feel comfortable enough to step out of the atheism closet, but for now I sit happily in the confines of a conviction that I’ve only revealed to a select few. I am an atheist, and despite the feeling that word evokes for a lot of people, I’m a good person." Angela


We so often speak of freedom as a rebellious act of frustration. A battle against the powerful seeking to control and manipulate.

It’s easy to fall into this trap.

We witness the experience of pain and suffering, and this hardens our hearts. We see injustice around every corner and question the good in this world.

I see it too. I feel the hurt and distrust. Often this uncertainty has hung over me and darkened my thoughts. It has pulled me so low that I questioned my ability to come up on the other side.

But I did. Every time I choose to change, to grow and forgive, I find lightness and the freedom I desire. Self-reflection and responsibility of choice propel me forward with a strength and determination that blows past the limits I fear.

As Rollo May so wisely stated, freedom “is the power to mold and create ourselves.”

Freedom is then an act of self-awareness. It is the choosing of self and taking responsibility for one’s existence.

Self-awareness becomes the act of rebellion.

There are an overwhelming number of things in our lives that create a sense of powerlessness. Our jobs, relationships, struggle with money, physical appearance, health and many other limiting structures, all contribute to our understanding of the world as against us.

What if rather than resisting what is, or throwing our hands up in the air in frustration, we choose responsibility instead?

What if we found the inner strength of growth, expansion and emerging potential that we know exists within us, and embrace this as the freedom that we desire?

There will always be forces outside of us that pull at our self-determination and cause us to question our worth. Struggles and frustrations will find us and weaken our resolve. Seeming failures in our lives will stop or redirect us on the paths we choose.

Every time this happens, every time we are disheartened and weakened by the limits we come up against, we can choose freedom.

Through the eye of the observer, the self that is aware, we can see the bigger picture. We can pull back from our victim mentality, and find our own space of freedom that exists when the self chooses to exist without limit.

With the blinders pulled off, our freedom is absolute. No longer a force outside of us, or one to be achieved through aggressive action, freedom becomes a daily habit.

Every day that we consciously choose to create ourselves, and live according to our personal desires, we are choosing freedom. We are building our self-awareness, and expanding into our limitless potential.

The practice of freedom is not for the faint of heart. It requires vulnerability, openness, and a relentless pursuit of evolution. It means not always choosing the path of least resistance by what I feel, but the path of technology is transformation as to what will come.

The discomfort of the unknown is welcomed by the freedom-seeker. Rather than turning back when no answer is in sight, a trust is offered - trust in the emerging self and knowledge that the answers will come. Because they always do.

The emerging self becomes the only purpose worth pursuing. Limitations from past experience dissolve, and are replaced by possibility. Choices in life are not absolute, but another stepping stone on our journey of expansion.

Seen is the point and so I invite you, and remind myself, to choose freedom. To release all blame, and to take responsibility for every thought, for every action, for every reaction, and to create the most incredible life you can imagine!"

"Teaching is the most micromanaged profession. We trust doctors. We trust firemen. We need to trust teachers." Shianna Peeples

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