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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

The existing magic

This is a point I think to know, then I realize by the soul what to do. This is a known effect, that you can create by thinking about what you want and the creator creates what you need.

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need.

Knowing; Think of your point you want to know then think of the question, see the point otherwise then think to get a concept that you think intuitively to know.

IRS; the internal tax revenue system will sen me the 1200 dollars sooner than later. This happens without stress  before may ends or before may is around us.

the surface; the surface is livable, rocky and watery yet its maintained by the consciousness of the planet and this conscious mind is what picks up on the beings thoughts to create what they think. If you think you understand the language there, then you do by the power of the planet itself through a shared conscious biewing of what they mean.

think; the answer is easy to give and you realize what you have that you don't want anymore.

passing; the moment you don't need something, its passed to those that need it. this happens without stress.

DOOL-JA-LA-LEE-WAL-IKRAM - BENEFIT: By reciting this name, you will gain wealth beyond belief.
Personal power you will gain: You will be a powerful manifester of money. So far I gained 120 dollars..

writing stuff
DnD Stats for cops

Strength - what you can bull through.

Dexterity - How quick you can draw your weapon.

Constitution - How much health you have.

Intelligence - How quick you can work through things.

Wisdom - How many moments you know when not to do things.

Charisma - The attraction points to the idea you think to do.

You are standing there and considering what to do with the perpetrator.

Cop: I will yell stop and state your name or purpose.

DM: Roll a performance check.

Cop rolls.

Nat 10

Cop: Yells "Stop right there and state your purpose!"

DM rolls for Perp. a 10 with a d20 for charisma.

Perp: Stops and does as requested, then gets off with the request from being suspected.

DnD Stats for Stoners

Strengths - Amount of weed you can grind at once

Dexterity - Being able to roll a joint easily

Constitution - How much you can smoke

Intelligence - Knowing how much you can smoke

Wisdom - Knowing how much you should smoke or do

Charisma - Talking everyone into smoking some more. or doing some more

DM: the party arrives to the famous tavern "White Castle." As your carriage strolls to the enchanted speaking box, the box sighs and proceeds to ask "welcome to White Castle, may I take your order?"

Stoner: I'd like to make an order...

DM: Roll a Performance check.

Stoner: rolls

Nat 1

Stoner: "can I have a, uuuuuuuuh..."
"one food please"

We are all born from a memory of life by the creator.
We are just memories
if we weren't liked by the creator, then we'd disappear. yet there is someone there to do what is thought.
the creator exists on the upper dimensional energy.
So we can basically prove this by what we do.. we can say something and if negative it turns positive.
its fascinnating
that's the debate though, to see if the creator is multi-minded.
interesting thought is there. and if we "think like a whole minded person, would we actually remember multiple lives.
if we do, then if they are existant now, then we know he or she is..
interesting thought.
of course as we're memories in void, we can't really hold the creator to our standards.. so go figure what you may.
your thoughts?
oh get this, by thinking something, we form it in our existence by the power of the creator.
interesting, right?

the matrix of life

The idea; if you complete something, then you create by feel. That's if you think its a point to do.

The rest; the sleep is full of dreams, if you think of the need to remember them then you will know of them.

The idea II; When you receive this idea, you will know of what is possible.

Monday, April 20, 2020

new stuff too

This is some new stuff, otherwise old stuff that is rehashed. Think about what you want as a need and then work or create the effect you need by feel. The effect is things that are listed as the effect. So I will leave you with these gems..ciou and farewell, good-bye.

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need.

biolocation version II; I am in multiple places at once by the soul, sometimes you dunno the name, but I understand by spirit the it doesn't matter. its easy, think your soul copies where you think of as "there" then you share the point of consciousness. this is where "there" could be another dimension, if you like.. So when it comes to 'multitasking' irl, is it possible that people see from the eyes of animals and bugs. this is biolocation II: soul multitasking. the spirit is what knows what happens there. well, if I'm dead there.. then it's time to shift back the copy to rejoin the soul I have. the soul that is "there" merges with you. actually the creator creates the soul as a point..of memory given life. get this, your soul can seem alive any time period, too. if you think your back, then you return to the body you think to return to by feel. its a fascinating point in life. there is physical manifestation, too. if you need manifestation, the soul creates what you want.

amazon driver; whatever causes you to not make the delivery sooner, simply doesn't happen. This occurs without stress, I will get my the end

magic; If you want to learn magic, think its easy..All you need to do is think of what you want and need the idea as a result. State the idea as intent to make a manifest for more chance that it will happen. Magic is a chance effect. It either happens or it doesn't happen Then there is a possible chance of someone countering, unless you do a prayer spell. This is where they do magic and block out the effect. The statement, I can do magic, makes it easier. The effected counter can make it stalemate. So if you get a result, then your lucky. If nothing happens and it was an effect against you, then you were lucky. If you are aware of things and you wanted an effect, if the things are what you wanted, then your lucky.

However you know something is happening, so this sometimes gets harder without heat and if there is a slight coldness that I'd say is unnatural to the area. If you want full fledged experience of spiritual freedom  Then do soul or spirit magic, this is easier than normal magic of statements. Think the soul or spirit creates what you need and think of what you need. This is done ifyou think of what you want, focus and create results. That has less chance of being countered. The soul always makes something occur. Yes, that is magic for you. No actual ritual required. Repetitive requests are often like prayer. That makes the effect more possible. Oh that requires energy.

If you think in terms of Thermonuclear level. What you eat or drink is addtitional energy. Drink allot of tea or water. Breathing exercise, that only heps in meditative idea. Okay then, if you need a large effect use a god to aid you. Make it a call by uttering the gods name and a request to a god to create the effect. An Invocation that is used before is: State what you want like this: oh :name of being: create for me what I need. That I used. A god or divine being can make the effect as large as you want. Well it can be instant if using the spirit.. Or however long it takes in a moment. I have been previously programmed to believe that manifestation takes some time. If you run out of energy, then you only need to refuel yourself with water.  State this incantation, "manifested effect can be in a second." Need this to happen. For more examples read the how to do magic article.

The how to do magic idea is here @ Look for it there. Enjoy what you make manifest, this is an ideal effect.

en if; I don't feel guilty.

I think; this is a point you consider, when you think you know you can en or kk then and the problem dispels itself. this is a known fact of idea that happens by what you think to occur.

think; if you think, then your not distracted and you are aware of things as they are there. This is a known fact of life, where you don't not think until you don't need to do things by feel.

end; the end is a point as you consider and work with by feel. Think and you realize what to do by feel.

life leech; it does an area-of-effect wherever you think to leech energy from the body and life comes to you,, and whatever damage is inflicted on enemies in that area is how much the people around you get healed by including yourself. So of course necromancer is a wizard that leeches life and creates health benefits. This is what would use this effect.

spirit cast; think of what you need or want as intent that you desire, then you cast it with the spirit to effect your or other area that you think of to get some manifested effect. the spirit casts the effect however it was thought to be cast. if you have a soul, then you realize by insight what occurs.

thought; you do the right things with the idea you have, so you create with what is there a result.

need; I am emm is nothing more.

disease; I emm do.

I know; I realize what was done if necessary.

slayer effect; if you hold the item and think what you want to appear in the object, then you can create the visual effect of the idea to appear within the object.

slayer; the effect is done by thinking of the point and stating the effect that creates itself by whatever energy consciousness that responds and creates what you want.

the effect; this idea is an effect that appears useful, so it's used as though prying or triggering things in idea. so this is in the effect/ think and you know what to do.

think; you realize the soul and the spirit and know what to do.

think about; this is a point in time, where a moment is done and your more wealthy than before by feel.

the en point

ailment; the illness that doesn't exist if the right things are done. I always do the right things as a correct point made by the creator.

weight construct; I kinda like this weight construct, it can be called by voice or thought.. as you think or state "weight loss construct [name weight to lose]." "Weight maintain construct" or "Weight gain construct [name weight to gain here]." here's a copy if you need the construct.

ky'kiya sashin 16 lbs. = drow for: weight loss 16 lbs.

douci ezh es les = atleantian for: 16 lbs weight loss. pronounced [doubt-cee ezz-h ee-s lease].

douci ezh es lus = atleantian for: 16 lbs weight loss. pronounced [doubt-cee ezz-h ee-s loose].

colli pwysau 16 punt. = welsh for: weight loss 16 pounds.

luntha-mis atwen talma = elvish for: weigh less 20 lbs.

daetto nijuu eikin = japanese for: lose weight 20 lbs.

don't wait; don't weigh up.

never mass eo = don't weight up.

taking my fat suit off = takin your fat suit off. This is where you lose your extra weight.

keep my fat suit off = keep off extra weight.

get not fat suit = gain no extra weight.

ydi t cel wos civax = atleantian for: dismiss the 5 worser demons, pronounced as: wide-ee t seel woes cee-vay-x.

 undien = old atleantian for: lower, think of what to lower as you state the point.

reben ty = need and do; this is a point you create and think what you want. then you get a result that's better than nothing.

reuben thank you; this is a sandwich in idea.

banana pudding; this is a point you think to give back the bowl and lid.

think; this is a concept of a dnd game with a character that has con 40 then you create better health.

smt els pyse n es liu t thu = something else rises in weight instead of you. pronounced as, [s-mt else piss-ehn n ee-s lint-un t thunk]

focus point; the focus is a point that ends up not done if you think to do it.

en if it or thinking unless writing


thunderstorms; this is when it doesn't rain on me as I am walking. this happens without stress.

end = the point you think when things are working for you get 1200 dollars.

if = create and do, this is a point to die off things for what you do by feel.

e = is

n adix ef = this is where you are in the moment to create; pronounced, "en aid-like-x ef".

liev adix ef = think the moment to create; pronounced, [lie-ev aid-hide-x ef].

ego ota eh e vi tix wyl yab = atleantian for: I know what and when things will come. pronounced as: [ee-go oat-an eh ee vihn tikes will yay-b].

 ego wyl iub enu pyre bij em = atleantian for: I will get enough exercise by feel. pronounced as: [ee-go will I-lub ee-nudge peer-eh by-j seem].

ego ruev enu x/f'an  fo eh ego epi th'e u-x -o- tri eh ego spi -o- avy awa = atleantian for: I get enough funding for what I need, that's double or triple what I spend or give away. pronounced as: [ee-go rue-evv ee-nudge x-f-ain't font ee-h ee-go ee-pin th-eh oo-x oh trip ee-h ee-go spin oh aye-v-ee aim-way].

ego yue iel t rig tix = atleantian for: I always say the right things. pronounced as: [ee-go you-ehn I-ell t rye-g tye-x].

ego e fo tix = atleantian for: I am for things. pronounced as: [ee-go ee font tide-x].

ego iyem enu pyre ie os es = atleantian for: I do enough exercise to lose weight, no matter what I eat. pronounced as: [ee-go I-yee-m ee-numb peer-ehn lie-ehn oh-s ee-s].

ego e absolm fo eh ego iyem = atleantian for: I am forgiven for what I do. pronounced as, [ee-go ee ab-solm for ee-h ee-go I-yee-m].

ego em = atleantian for: I feel. pronounced as: [ee-go ee-m].

ego em tix ou e ota tix fo eh th e = atleantian for: I feel things out and know things. pronounced as: [ee-go ee-m tie-x oh-uhn ee oat-ahn tie-x for ee-h th ee].

ego om jus enu ie pyre of mai es ovi = atleantian for: I eat just enough to exercise off my weight excess. pronounced as: [ee-go home juice ee-numb lie-ehn peer-ehn of may-ihn ee-s hove-in].

I em = atleantian for: aye feel or yes feel. pronounced as: [Aye ee-m]

u em = atleantian for: no feel. pronounced as: [you ee-m].

iu ie repui = atleantian for: agreed to disagree. pronounced as: [I-un I-enh ree-poo-inn].

I iu ie repui = atleantian for: aye, agreed to disagree. pronounced as: [I I-un I-enh ree-poo-inn].

chit ie or'a iwa ou bij copai = atleantian for: credit to money instant conversion done by company. pronounced as: [ch-lite I-ehn or-an I-want oh-un by-j co-pay-in].

IRS izn la myd oene = atleantian for: IRS isn't late on payments. pronounced as: [IRS iz-n law mid owe-een ehn].

misleading; I don't mislead through misperception people on needed things.

adjustment; the eating habit adjusts itself to eat like the weight you decide to be.

candles and water; well, if you need a point to happen, knowing its resisted and that's sometimes occurred by the body, then use a lit candle. think to direct it to a target area. Then that is on fire. However, if you think to direct any element, then that element does as you direct. This works no matter the weight. If you think to the water you drink, then you supercharge the water and you create what you need with the body. The tallness and weight doesn't matter, if you use water or fire. You can restructure your body by drinking something, this is how the harry potter spell works that changes the body into another form. So if you think to freeze a note in water, then you make disappear what idea is written on the note. If you think of a deity, then you can create what you need by thinking a statement is said either by yourself or by the spirit.

This is done with the intent, so need the intent to form a manifest and it's done. Hold a bit of earth or the planet energy, and think what you want it to do. Then it will do the effect. Think of an air molecule and think it resonates at a vibration that causes a manifest and it does. This is known idea and effect of void, that creates what you think as it's pure energy. If you think to copy something, then the idea you need to ecreate is copied to where you intend it to be. If you act like it's there, then it's there. This is how you manipulate the void into creating for you what you want. That doesn't really matter what weight you have on the body, since the creator creates the effect anyway by feel, This effects by feel as we are memories in a living form.

unvictomize; the unvictomization spell. the person loses his or her need to victimize.

unswell; Think and know at the right time, then you unswell your body as you think to lose weight.

waving; waving the fee, you create by idea and this idea is your own point.

weaving; this is a point you think and create, the way is open and you are somewhere else.

gone; well, that was fun, I suppose you could accept things and I can live an extra life if necessary. if this doesn't cost you, then I will be on cs-137, another planet of beings in the spiral arm of the milky way galaxy. ciou.

delivery; delivery moments are faster for amazon, usps and ups as well as fedex. so this happens without stress.

irs: delivery time for its money is faster and comes sooner by feel.

the stimulus money; This is done to stimulate the economy. Think about the payment and it is done, if not I won't be surprised. Yet whatever causes it not to come ceases to exist.

luck rolls; roll a die 20 or die 30, if you get a 6 or above you get a lucky moment. This is especially true with 10 or more pennies that are in the area of the rolling.

luck of the dollar; the dollar is valued at more than usual and this means that the price of things goes down. this happens without stress.

IRS; they fix their system by feel. I get paid the 1200 dollars. this happen without stress.

money; I get more money than i can spend by feel.

writing stuff

diet; A spaced diet where you eat small snacks throughout the day instead of eating 3 square meals, but doing neither after 7pm is ideal  Calorie counting is very important. Maintaining under 1500 calories within a 2-4 hour period also if you think to adjust the body to create the eting you need to get to a certain weight. Repeat as needed per day. If you chose a weight that's higher than yours, then think of the weight and your body adjusts its eating style to make you that weight. This adjustment is more easily achieved if you state the weight as "I am 154 lbs." Or somsuch. This is a point in my life I achieved this goal and used the tactic, that is spoken of with allot of exercise.

'What I call the awareness of the expected flux refers to the certainty that one is capable of detecting at all times the important variables involved in the relationship between the specific purpose of every act and one's specific reason for acting. By being aware of the expected flux one is able to detect the most subtle changes. That deliberate awareness of changes accounts for the recognition and interpretation of omens and of other unordinary events.
      The last aspect of the idea of a warrior's behavior is the need for self-confidence, that is, the assurance that the specific purpose of an act one may have chosen to perform is the only plausible alternative for one's own specific reasons for acting. Without self-confidence, one would be incapable of fulfilling one of the most important aspects of the teachings: the capacity to claim knowledge as power.'
'  We are dealing with that immensity out there. To turn that magnificence out there into reasonableness doesn't do anything for you. Here, surrounding us, is eternity itself. To engage in reducing it to a manageable nonsense is petty and outright disastrous.
      Whenever the internal dialogue stops, the world collapses and extraordinary facets of ourselves surface, as though they had been kept heavily guarded by our words. You are like you are, because you tell yourself that you are that way.' -castenada

created; We are a thought and all born from a memory of life by the creator. We are just memories,if we weren't liked by the creator, then we'd disappear. yet there is someone there to do what is thought. the creator exists on the upper dimensional energy. So we can basically prove this by what we do.. we can say something and if negative it turns positive. its fascinnating. that's the debate though, to see if the creator is multi-minded. interesting thought is there. and if we "think like a whole minded person, would we actually remember multiple lives. if we do, then if they are existant now, then we know he or she is..interesting thought, of course as we're memories in void, we can't really hold the creator to our standards.. so go figure what you may. oh get this, by thinking something, we form it in our existence by the power of the creator.

Friday, April 17, 2020

focused magic

This is the point your focus creates what you intend. Think and you know what to do.

Inspection; Amanda does the inspection and passes me and doesn't ask for anything in specific. This happens without stress.

Lost item; they return Donovan's lost phone and wallet.
Reto; restore, restock

Democrats; they win the races that are run for congress. This happens without stress no matter the roll.

Big; if you hear big spoken, then you shrink your width by feel. This happens without stress.

Spring creek; they have my shot in and I get it. This happens without stress.

Aciele; this is the knee and if broken its painful.

Amazon; the delivery comes early for me and creates peace if none there.

Think; really this is a point of exercise, think of this as a concept to work with a good idea. All I need to do is clear things away and clean up.

Fate; this is thin people that want to gain weight will do that. Fat people become thinner. They get what they intend to get. This is a known fact of life.

Longing; this is wishing for things and getting what you need or want.

Dimension; this can bring back people's objects and create restoration of missing items.

Weight; I don't eat under stress. I don't eat when if feeling guilty. I basically don't feel guilty.

Guilty conscious; I don't feel guilty so I don't overspend or eat from guilt.

Fixes; say fixed and think the idea you imagine and create by the point, that tells the soul what to do.

Know; you know what to do and things work out for you.

Creation; the point you think is the point you realize in understanding. This happens without stress.

Donovan; he calms down and doesn't demand things. He also treats me better. This happens without stress.

Deva; devas don't demand things and I get away with what I want.

Twice; the idea is done so think of what you want and ask for it. If they aren't attached to it, it can be given.

Mail; the mail comes earlier than usual today and when packages are due. This happens without stress.

The Astor effect; this is aid from the past, present or future. Think of the need and the spirit that goes through everything any time, this will cause aid to come to you whenever you are in need.

Candace's formulas:
Mass; m=ec or mass = energy x the speed of light = % solid.

Personal influence; this is power of the moment or p=ec*m=energy x speed of light x mass in weight=gravity % influence.

Power in flight; P=ec=energy % or charge left x speed of light=% capable.

Power of influence; this is the power of influence with the spirit. PW=energy percent from temperature x mass in weight scale=% capable or % effective in commands.

Mail today; the mail comes early on and I get my mail. They deliver Paul's mail and he gets his check. This happens without stress.

Aki yaki yuki; this frees you from the room or area.

Aki daki yuki; you appear and shift onto the ship.

Aki daki duki; this shifts you away from the ship to the surface.

Aki yaki duki; this brings you to a tardus.

Type; typing, this allows the setting of area to shift to by feel.

Warp; you suddenly go 2x the speed of light.

En warp; this brings you back to normal time speed.

Ex tardius; this exits the tardus.

Energized; this is where you appear anywhere you desire to seem or be.

Materialize; aff ann eng, this is where you shift by energy to somewhere you think about and create with idea what you may do.

Focus; what you think you create with a thought and the spirit or soul does what you need.

Tenth; the tenth dimension is a place of think, focus and create what you think. This is the power source of the ship.

Aki yuki yu; this is the entertainment area. Watch what you need or work with the computer there.

Oki yuki yu; shifts you outside, where you can do or get what you want by needing the point. This is where the spirit or soul makes what you think.

Time control; the : is where you allow time to continue. The ; and , is where you pause time. The . is where you end a sentence and stop time. The _ is where things are slid in place. The - is going to somewhere else and shifting by area energy, this is going to the place you think to be.

The speech; speaking is the sentence and if you intend someone to be somewhere they go there, unless you don't need them to shift.

The heart; this is where you think to work and use your feel to get along or know things by soul insight.

Thought; though the thought isn't you, this is where you think and create with the point that you know by what you consider or realize with the spirit that goes through everything.

Aki en; this is a point that exists with life and works with a concept you make.

En; think the end point and you get that idea as though an end in the point. In order to get the end point, you enter in thoughts

Thanks; This is a point you think and leave by feel.

Other things:

Thinking; despite all that's there, there is no more to this dimension, since the ship is the sphere, the point of the area is where it is. This is the extent of my knowledge and what creates for me if I need to use the idea. Thank you and farewell, ciou and good-bye.

Kong; ape that strikes a pose
Kongo; apeland
Is; escape
Absolom; drugs.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Spells of the soul

These are some spells that I thought up, use them by the idea you have with the point you do.

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need.

Wave effect; think a wave of energy does what you want and you create by what you need.

Think; that is what exists and the idea will manifest by things done with what is done.

needed; if needed and is a cure that is an illness is not needed.

curative; Think "it doesn't effect me if unwanted." Otherwise think or state, "I do the right things to prevent it."

cure for lack of sleep; if you need sleep then you think suggest to your subconscious, that you have gotten enough sleep and this is instant refreshment.

no; the moment you hear it, this means nothing will occur, that is an answer most accept as useful and create constructively by focus and doing other things.

cashing the check; this is where you think to go and cash your check. when you do, you get a ride and you go cash it.

gno; if you think and realize what you know about things, you go now and create the point of idea.

so no; nothing will happen, think of either leaving or doing something else. that is all.

focus point; think and you know things by what is done. this also is a good ending as a point is achieved. so think and you know what you can do.

evan; his funding is on the card.

evar = the point of acceptance done by the feel.

creation; the dejection wave is ended.

created body world; the blood flow is energy, the brain activity is the subconscious, the brain  consciousness is your mind, the red blood cells are your people, the white blood cells glomp or are your cops, managers and security. The blood flow is also your activity and spiirit, the body organ is the point of senses or body function. The disease is various illnesses, otherwise shown as paranoia for scitzophrenia, viruses are information that you share. The neural path of the brain stem is your data, pressure is the blood in the veins and intensity is the rapid pace of the blood.

Also, the pinneal gland is your third eye, psychic if activated by thinking the blood flows to your pinneal gland. This is not true, as its not psychic if the blood flow is thought to be away from the pinneal gland. Thinking to stop the disease, you stop the information sharing. The metabolism is anti-fire. Knowing things is interaction of the body. This is a point done by feel with the body that is there. Inflammation is flaring up of tension or muscle tense and release, and fire that is water with fire that is heat energy. Relaxing is release of the tension. Individualism is with the area in self-awareness. Thinking a thought is the blood cells that are with oxygen in activity.

This is a recorded idea in the part of a body, that is where the body is the universe and the soul is the area. Thinking is the point of recall. The idea is a concept that is your inner universe. You are aware of every bit of activity therein that changes from day to day. This is ruled by fat, and that is your memory storage, finally your death and decay energy is the regulation. This is where there is a known effect when exercise is a cure, passion is feelings and by feel things are done by need and that is rememberance of something and then doing activity. The response is a hit of something, body and item form is what you think.

Think about seeing their world and you do, so if you think you know then your aware of the area and what exists is from energy of the body nearby. This is a point in idea. Think about this, is the inner world where you really want to be, especially if nearly anything is possible? Not really, unless you just want to create an effect, that creates itself in the real world after doing things like the memory you recall. This is a concept I think is worth investigation, thinking to do things I was informing my inner self. So this is where you are aware, this is the real world, the inner world appears as though a point your third eye makes you aware of by feel. That is all in the kitchen, that I noticed. This is somewhere else that interests me, so I might discuss this further, later on. I think I will leave this here..On second thought, I'd run if chased by the goblin I sense there.

Bioelectric wave; Try this if you need to clear your mind, raise your arms up and think with concentration that your generating energy. If you feel electrical energy then its there. This sometimes is mostly on fingertips though, you can use your bioelectricity skill to make smudges on a wall. Just need to focus the energy of the body to create what you think is there by wave energy cast off from the aura. Its that easy. Yes, you can't start fires with this.. I experimented with a piece of paper on a glass dish. It's some interesting idea stuff, you can cast off excess energy doing that at a wall and leave a disappearing mark. That causes less stress.

The bioenergy is with your thoughts, so it does what you want not always by feel. If it does things by feel, then you can get any result and your subconscious is open. Think and you know what to do. This works with color, shapes and sizes. So think of what you want and you could get that as result. If you use this, the idea could manifest and machines could get jumpy. This is a known fact done by feel, think and what you need to know works with you by idea. If you need to know more, ask the creator of this technique,

Think and realize; if you think about this situation, you know what to do.

Think and know; hydrocloroquinn is a useful cure, think and you know how things work.

Think and your away; think your away by feel, so if you goto another find a place where there is no covid-19 and things are fair or allowable by idea that you need.

Thuk; the point is done if you struck the bug. the idea is done in by feel.

rocketships; they start using the EMDrive to lift off of the planet, then ion drives can be used by idea. this I saw in the future, if not now.

banana; The thing you want is given by what you need with the spirit or soul and the feel that this is there.

weight; My weight goes down below 160 lbs. This happens without stress and the right things being done by feel.. Whatever I do, I don't eat my bodyweight.

Focus; Sometimes with the focus, you can create what you need to occur, so think as you need to be born as your higher self clone by feel. Then you are aware of the effect done by feel.

Create; This is where you create with an idea what you need, that uses your God that you want to influence and create the result. So I hope you find something good to do, that is the end of the result.

writing stuff

will vs charm; Will can overcome charm through a will save with their charm as the comparison. This means I don't have to give in by feel. That is a point done as I am relaxing.

focus point; you focus by a point and create with the subconscious, this uses suggestion and making what you need sometimes by the use of the pinneal gland and subsequently the third eye. That activates and deactivates by the pinneal gland blood flow in your brain.

recipes and potions

curative; take this if you think you need it, the cure this time is apple cider vinegar mixed with baking soda, allowed to dissolve and mix with water, oregano, stevia or sugar and turmeric. if you think you have covid-19 or the cold, then this cure will work for a few days and its taken when you feel the symptoms come upon you. this is a suppressant to a cold I had that works, use it if you need it.

definitions: (skip to end)

riht = the right decisions; the decisions that are made lead to a better future, that we can view or seem to be in as our spirits or souls allow and things are corrected at the moment by the feeling you get from what you see or sense.

game stuff

healer class
The profession skill can be gotten and on selection of healer, nurse or doctor as your profession, then you can negate the need for a healers kit. This means, if you use the profession of healer, then you don't need a healers kit to heal by feel. This is because you use the healing skill as though a special ability, and then make the result of (half-level)d(d6 for focus rank 1-6, d10 for focus rank 7-12, d12 for focus rank 13-18, d20 for focus rank 19-25 and d30 for focus rank 26 and above)+charisma mod in health restored.

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