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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

new day

I think I overdid it with the fatty foods, but I managed to stay under 195 lbs woo! So here are some orgonne suggestions for today:

Do; Do if necessary I will do things as needed or not as I find things unnecessary.

Think; think the point then your aware sometimes of what you do.

End; the e d is the point that existed by feel, what I think I know then the creator let's me know.

The end; end

Speed; things speed up and move along to do what they need to do.

Late; you are not late even if you think you are.

Drive; he makes it to the place that he needs to go to without problems.

Nag; I am not a nag.

Job; he from 2 years ago has a job for me to do and I succeed in doing it. He has the money soon enough. Things work out.

Think; think things work out and things are well so I am doing my own things.

Working; things whatever they are, work out so things are correct.

Freeloaders; freeloaders or not, due to the security cameras nothing is actually stolen.

Vacation; this spot is worth it to you, Palo duro, the senior retirement home. Home to mental people as well as qualifying seniors. Enjoy this space while it lasts.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Thinking things through for the way to go is to focus then create by feel. Then if you want to win or work things out, you may do so if you can. Some give a chance, some just go on their way. The way to work is thus a point, work with a system to work with others. So I think I can create things better, if I can or can't doesn't matter all that counts is if I can't then I won't. So if I can then know that I tried. So I will let you go for now, ciou chow.

Friday, July 29, 2016


I want to ride my bicycle, the song rides through my mind. I got a new bike and was riding it just today. I think this works out to 20 minutes exercise riding is 30 minutes walking. So I think I got the best ideal out of this point. However, if I can get a car ride, in the heat of the day, then I will take it and go. That will work out for today. Here are in use some orgonne for todays time:

scent; any scent can cause you not to want to eat or drink.

apellate; appellate court doesn't happen, whatever charges are dismissed.

check; the check dispersement from the bank gets to me one to three days earlier or as soon as possible.

clarence; he likes the cd's so much he allows me to keep the 15 dollars. the movie he got works out and he accepts the movie as is.

chris moisant; he finds a way to move away from the palo duro apartments to an apartment of desire. get out of jail easy with this.

jay moisant's party; paul or jay moisant picks me up and drops me off.

pauls response; paul moisant's response is simple, he accepts and works with what he has.

dialogue end; the family gets along and heals a bit more as it means the family recovers.


judge;gate the judge approves danny moisant or other by quickly allowing in use idea the janice mcgee or other account probate. Noone is with delays, there's no lack of motivation, noone is weighed down. So with this, noone is giving up and this is from not being overwhelmed without overprotectiveness. There's no emotionalism, no emotional immatururity and the creative block disappears. There is no lack of teamwork, no disregard for skills. If imbalance there is balance, excess is there if money otherwise not and no lack of long term vision.

However there is avoidance of disaster and no fear of change. There is no breakdown in communication, there is transition and no unnecessary delays. There is no point so no there is some talk and all action, haste, delivered is undelivered promises. There is no lack of success as there is fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality as there is no lack of ambition or focus. The imbalance in work is balanced and family commitment. There is no greed or disatisfaction with materialism. There is no restriction, no unnecessary challenging the status quo.

There is wealth as there is no financial loss or failure, no loneliness exists. There is a release of fear, unhappiness and confusion. There is no impulsiveness. There is no temptation, illusion or diversionary tactics. There is no disharmony, imbalance or misalignment of values. Weakness, feeling stuck, laziness, self-doubt and lack of self-discipline disappear. There's no setbacks to new ideas, pessimism or lack of direction where there is no mental challenges and breaking free. So there is vision, perseverance, profit, reward and investment with no fear and no lack of planning.

However noted, there is no escapism and disappointment with withdrawal or safekeeping. So there's people open to new perspectives and release with no isolation, self-imposed restriction or imprisonment. See there's no creative block or dependence on others. With hopelessness, severe depression and torment there is none. There's no indecision, confusion or information overload. So any lack of progress and planning, short-term focus turns into manifestation, financial opportunity or a new job. There's no resistance to change as we're so not unable to move on.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


This came from a past life, that was interesting time to watch called corrugula.

I orgone; when I Need to correct for things, when I need to work with people or when things need to happen.

I use; no excess drugs, chemicals or alcohol. I abuse none as I abuse no more, I am aware of all.

I emphasize; the use of weapons or use of fire arms if necessary, is done yet other weapons even concealed will suffice. Where no excess damage or harm will occur by this.

I swear this under god and let the creator suffice me. Thank you for listening. So help me god.

This was a president's speech that I heard this ideal. That in that past life I was aware of this and usedthrough the sun transfer, sunsubscribed safe drugs myself that I caused to be subscribed by sun influence for myself. I think this makes sense as to why I don't use narcotics illegally today.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

new form

This came from a friend of mine, that was using it as a waystop for his drug use.

Focus; think the gum tree cut down then it is more quickly in the back.

Think; think a point then you get what you want or need.

Thought; think a point, then you can get things if you need to get things by thought.

that to get here used this as an approach:

Think to fix; thinking or feel to fix by fee to create what you wish.

Fix up; the right appointments are made. The correct doses are given.

Feel; I don't feel what she feels even if she is eating.

Gotten; DNA data recording becomes allot easier, thinking is easy as DNA recording is done.

Bid; the bid is cast, think as you must this is not as it seems, unless you think it is something. Think as you must. The truth is revealed by focusing to see the real idea there, then allow the illusion to fade away. Then the 3rd eye details to you what is there.

What I saw was an alien farm, thinking to see what was actually there I saw the alien grays and the people in participation with them.

That is all. However I looked, I saw signs of sex anywhere I see to do business. It was as if an alien farm was there.

So the next part I did, was fake a fire alarm quietly and left. The next day I was in my normal school thinking to do some work. Then I was aware that I was watched, so I thought the effect of creative fire to create the idea to make the point and ended the class there early.

Allowing me to do my class here with ease. Since they say they did things almost advanced, I used my work there and passed the course. I think I was dismissed ferociously from the class and allowed to do things.

That was till my early demise till the body death that allowed me time to die here and join my earthly body there. The main point, I got away with a shift to a better time and space. The end.

this led to me as a point that observed him in yet a similar past life:

Thinking; I found myself on a similar world after my death. Then I was aware of my choices. Be apart of cazes book or go my own way.

Its own; what I found, was roaches that could give live birth and make interesting points to watch. So I thought, if I am my own man I am going my own way.

Thinking my own thing, as I interpret and combine others thoughts and idea into my own idea. So I found my way off the planet by thinking I was going off, then landing there where I was intending to go.

Thought provokes reaction, as the wise man always says with certain people. Thinking to go this way I killed myself then. Seen as a point I thought of my place I wanted to be.

Then waited and found myself alive here, where I thought I was normally. Just as I walked out the open door thinking of diapers or ideal childhood. This trick only seems to work with similar worlds.

My own way; I go an come as I wish to go or come. Then I am aware as as I do things, I am doing things as I feel, think or go to do them. As though doing them my own way.

Thought fix; I fixed my life by thinking the creator fixed it, I corrected the point I had by water. I adjusted the idea I used, I then had the right idea.

Thought point; this is a thought pointed out.

Then think; what sex you are so this idea is settled.

Waiting; wait the period of time then life gets better in idea.

The point; the point is creation in itself, thinking what I am I could create art or work or do other things.

Focusing; focusing is an art, the art of magic where you create by feel then work by ideal.

Art; art forms are imaginary figures, suspended in space that create things such as peace of mind. Think you see the minute particle of light, called a proton and you see my point.

Artistry; following my art I found my natural spacetime. Then I allowed my forebrain to think, my aft brain to focus. My cerebral cortex to function right and correct and right or left sides to activate as necessary.

Now I can breath I am alive in the right time. Space does not exist for me, now all I need to do now is watch the events unfold.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thought form

Today I saw a thought form, that was there where there was energy that created things. Where all I needed to say what I meant was what I mean, then the thinking I meant to occur occurs somehow. This was by the energy consciousness or creator, so I think what I thought and say an appropriate thing that reflects the mention or a young kid. That was based for a moments truth.

I think it was the thought form, possibly a draconian, possibly a creature yet I know the creator guides all living creatures. So things created are created creator creatures. This was in my my memory of a past life, that I will call glacious that used this thought form as a power. That used a little energy from him to create things.

This was to create some things, that that he wanted there. I know that glacious died by being sucked into dark matter that he used like a toy, that caused him to disappear forever from here. All to live as though a vagabond or other life that he imagined, that should exist as him from the dark matter energy. What a terrible way to to die, being absorbed into shadows.

Monday, July 25, 2016

What love

There is a storm brewing today, I think this will create quite an interest in the algae thats blue.

"What love I feel today for the point I see if to note how much I have, with how clean things are. As we are we can create what love we have, this is usually by cleaning up and attracting the right love to you. So think what you have with what you work with, then clean up to clear up problems that exist by what you feel."

See this is an example of the point we make, this is with short timed ideal that exists by what we can do. So as you speak, you know by what you do, that is the point to today. I think that I will enjoy whats left of today if to create peaceful relation so things work out by what I do. Ciou for tomorrow is a better day.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

past lift up post ideal

Sometimes I know things before they occur, so I think I know thinking then I will remember what I am aware of by what I feel or think to realize. So I think then know that is all there is to this. This reflects in this life that I observed from the future. here are some of the thoughts and ideal.

Thoughts; thoughts exist or not exist by feel with what you think. Thoughts of weight are easily dismissed, so think what you like to do. Then go do it. That is all for today. Ciou

Forcing; you don't have to force your way to do things, just ask first then you may be fake or true to be able to do it. So think to be nice, feel to be considerate.

Things; you always have what is needed if necessary.

Weight; I always do the right things to make the weight I want to be.

European; early European meetings over. Time to do things.

The teeth; the teeth do not rot. They indicate a record of sorts. Training over with carbon dating.

Thinking by feel; I am thinking I made a mistake, I entered a building and bought sweets then gave them away. Next time I will avoid walking in so I get the most out of tea or training by walking.

Feel; When I am done I am done. Time does not repeat and continue from a saved point. Thanks for understanding.

Friday, July 22, 2016


These are random things, that happen during the day and night. That are random activity in a boring moment, that I observed a period of time:

Ex senioritus; senioritus is the moment you feel, as you think your doing right yet seem not to demand too much when you really are. As though crabby or rude responses were there. Curable by coconut milk, water and vanilla extract.

Another thing you can do is add oregano or turmeric to cause repair to the body sensation, that you think you know what is there yet you will after ingesting this.

Fixation; use oregano, celery seed, parsley, cinnamon powder or garlic is useful to cure common illness with weight loss. Think to work with what you have for best results.

Common good; this is the belief that you can believe what you want, as a common belief.

Bus passes; passed is the moment, that is what is thought so you think then that should occur. Bus passes are gotten today as today is allowing. Think what you like, for we get along with each other anyway without rudeness.

Thinking; think or not to create without scam artistry. In such a case of scamming, things that are are not. Think what you want, to create with time by fee or feel.

That is the way of feeling or creating by processing. That is what you want to occur, not what you want otherwise. Coconut serves its purpose or focus serves its point.

The day; the day passes by quick as necessary. Until something occurs, then the focus is there to get things done.

The night; the night passes by as though a blink of an eye.

The daytime; the daytime is composed of light and dark streak energy.

The night time; the night time is composed of radiance of energy and area fee or feel.

The end: Everything visible is still visible till invisible, as though it gives a certain vibe off. Its there yet not there yet its there if you look for it.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Editors Note

This is the editors note that I received. "That you know things but, you won't always get your way so accept what you get with a grain of salt. That was what was accepted as a grain of salt."

This was received in a past life that I was aware of that I knew was there, but no longer was interests there to know what he thought. This was a thought in progress.

With orgone you don't always have to do it. Just think to resist the need or urge then you create as you want. Thinking to use this, I cleared a drain by this means. Yet I worked on other things as I needed to do so. This is some idea to what I mean.

This kind soul; this king or kind soul passes your way and you get along with life, that exists for whomever needs things or whomever needs this idea.

This use; this use must stop, the control codes must not happen anytime soon. This is a must use only.

User end; the end result that is a result by fee or feel. A user of energy that is channelled in thought to manipulate events by activity.

Feel; focus the feel think the point, then state or think what you need to occur. That is the way of orgone.

Focus; think or focus by fee that are there, if you think the point yet feel before you think you get the result. you need by desire sometimes being expressed.

Creative; think this is the ideal use then, focus your mind and you get some result that you speak of by feel. Write down what you do or feel to get the desired result.

Got you; think the comment then you focus your mind by remembering the comment, as you think to create the effect or think by feel to create.

This is enhanced by a use of sea salt. This is used as though an ad, that you fulfill the wishes of those you respect. Think the feeling gone to get rid of what you feel is important.

This is a need based encounter, just focus to go through some slight event then it disappears.

Focused; think to focus, then your aware to create what you feel. Thinking to create the effect, so I caused a storm then clear skies just to see as intentionted if I could. This is amazing if you feel or think to do things. With warnings, you don't do until you feel its safe. so you know you don't always have to do the orgonne, even if it is by orgonite that is self-made energy uses usually by thinking to a hardened or gemstone substance.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Orgone XIX

Thinking point to do with this one is: use is the benefit by thinking this is the use or for the use that exists for the benefit of the doubt.

Reviving; reviving the past I think I created a coli albani the roman volcano to seem active. So by my efforts I cause the volcano to erupt. I think I will stop the ideal point if its no longer needed. As I am sure some will survive in rome. I think as I am aware that things exist by feel, thinking about them strengthens the effect of manifest. Where this means the volcano might erupt anyway, but this high energy I hear is dropping. So I feel this is getting better results than worser results.

End space rift

Spacex mission; this mission on the 18th is a success, as all possible success is done by feel.

Alvalceo; think a moment then you get my point.

Alvaceo; think then you are done.

Parenting; Amy Mitchell's parenting rights get revoked.

Waiting; waiting for something you could find that the waiting period is shorter.

Thought; this I think then I find or can do, by feel you know so if you realize what is done then you really can know more. That is the way of life.

So; soul is the way of life if you think then you know. This is the psionics way to do things though, feel or think then you know if you succeed. I think I will return and find my way to get things done. Thanks for the info. Ciou.

Uninspiring; the uninspiring parts of work fade away fast by fee or feel. Think as you think, then you know interest. This is until you decide not to do the idea. This is so you aren't uninspired.

Drinking; by drinking water you give the crystal your problems, you remain without any condition.

Focus; focus your mind and you get what you wish. This can be by voice, thought or activity.

Girl fat; no fat exists that can't be gotten rid of, so think as you think or feel to do things you might you know just what to do to get rid of the fat on the body.

Man fat; No man fat exists as you think or feel to do things, you lose the fat and gain muscle.

These were interesting things I ran across, but not all of the effects work the way you think. The idea is this you list the ideal, then the subconscious makes them occur. So think what you want and you know by what occurs. As I may a problem but it corrects itself. However as I think about it, in warnings of danger don't enter the area so you know that is not getting in trouble, not even if for mail calls.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Creative uses

I think its time for some creative uses.

Creative use 1: pine scent; this scent causes sinuses to go normal sometimes without a sneeze.

Creative use 2: essential oil; use 4 thieves with whatver scent and you can create efusive great room oder.

Creative use 3: combine with pine scent; If you combine with pine scent, then you cause less sneezing with great area scentation.

Creative use 4; work with oregano; oregano essential oil is useful to create things interesting, as this is a cure that is similar to baking soda. this cure is loaded with alkaline element that restores the body more easily with what you do.

Creative use 5; use with lemon or lemongrass, if you don't mind using just one drop. then you restore the senses by the use, this use is one finger dipped into oil placed onto the clean palm with one drop of essential oil.

That is all for the creative uses so enjoy yourself. ciou.

Monday, July 18, 2016

new experience

this is the experience by visual ideal, after perceiving the space-x sonic boom of the reentry. these are some suggestions I found interesting.

karma; what goes or comes doesn't always go around.

dedicated illusion; I see through the illusion in the air as though true sight. I know what is there which appears when I think it there.

pine sol; I hope this helps because I went to the store for it. after the pines I went to sol, after the crab nebula then orion's belt. that is amazing in itself. then I found as I felt that most would work themselves off, to get along I could get along by the government. so I thought that I could get things easier. then I thought also I can get a job if I needed one. that is why I am here, till I need to go to some other place. its as if I was here by a storm and gone by the time of the mail. the reason is the dispute over my things, send them to me if you can or use them where they are. I don't mind as long as they are used wisely. thanks.

thinking; emotion and emotional pain dissipates easily by the creator with feel in an idea. Whatever there is, there's no emotional pain. Be well and do well now.

end; I end this point or disappointed I end this ideal I end this now so this will prevent relapses. This is the end of the lifelink, era and purposes. So enjoy yourself now.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

rewritten time

There is sometime that exists, where things are there by thinking about it. But if you think there is nothing there, then there is no problem am I right? well if nothing is there how would you do things. So if certain things weren't there then nothing thats there is likely to get things worse, this is usually as its touched or looked upon with intent to work with it. I think this means I have to fix things up here, as things are getting worse.

That is a better way of thinking. So goes the thought, then so goes the ideal. whatever I do things for, I think this seeming end I thought won't happen yet whatever the cause I might be surprised. So here are a few entries to this log that point this out:

Deliberate; am I dead am I alive, a. am I near death? This orgonne ideal answers that. It points out what, when, where and how by feel thats sometimes indicated by what you think.

Weather forming; Just think your focus point then feel what you want to happen. That causes what you need to occur, by what you think including a light storm.

This was noted in the earliest times, by the most intense looking or interested in causing what they think. This hardly ever happened though, until the creator creates the effect.

Whatever; I can do what I want, where I want and when I want to do things. So that is all for this ideal. I think I will do just that. Ciou till tomorrow.

the end

Saturday, July 16, 2016

thought point

cool points to thia's lifetime, that I like to work with as a memory are these.

thial; this is the point to allow or not allow. whatever suits your purpose.

thia; your life is your own, you do what you want we do what we want. this is a point I like to think.

pontiacal; the car is the thing with the symbol on the hood somewhere.

creational; your thoughts are your own, you do what you want as you can think to do them.

jerky; the beef jerky is the thing that is great, greater than good and better by feel by just one bite. it fills you up by feel. a good point, beef jerky is good.

veggies II; your vegetables are cool as well, just think the point to the use then use the veggetables with what herbs or substitute sugars if you like sweet herbs. that you know can work.

can; I can use things right, so things in a can aren't so poisonous if you know what I think. especially bent cans that could poison you by corrosion.

be; this is the way that can be beaten, think then forgive yourself to get over the effect of my ability.

done; this is done now so no more is needed to be considered of this point. so be it this is done.

this was apart of a rite that I was studying, that was in my mind that read; "If you think then you can be this so think as you want, then this can be as though beaten."

Friday, July 15, 2016

end revisioning

This came from a past life called thia, that lived till 20 then hanged herself in the garage by rope and bike hook. Her spe ial ability was creating things out of thin air using good energy or demonic impulse. Not always something to have as a gift.

Infidelity; think fidelity or security then state what you want with life. Then you might get it. but you don't need that if you have a home to goto.

Focus; when you focus to achieve things, then focus to create the spirit creates things magically and easier by fee or feel.

Do us; think then you know where or when you go places with worth by what is there.

That is there; Whatever I do or dk I know, so I will always lose weight as I feel or think I will.

I end; I am at the end, targeting where necessary and playing where I can. I am aware there is an En that is I am greater than what I am so I am prepared.

I think; What i thi k i end is as this is an idea en to the point. Pre satiated and created equal really to what is there. I am at the end of this life so I En this now, farewell.

The end

Thursday, July 14, 2016

another past life revision?

This came from a post about my brothers business that I decided to get business for. Also this was from the past as well. By the name durcell murcell that I remember hearing. I was a judge then and this was a case of bankruptcy. Yet this is a case where jay needs clients. So ciou till later.

New point

I don't typically post business posts on here, but if anyone is in need of legal work we are needing a few new clients! Jay Moisant is a 16 yr attorney with 10 years in real estate and located in Choctaw (he can meet if it is too far for anyone!). He specializes in residential and commercial real estate leasing, purchases and sales. He is a proven asset to property managers, investors, house flippers and anyone who wants to protect their real estate. He can also do trusts, probates, deed on death, contracts and much more. He jas some of the best rates around, he has flexible hours and can meet after normal business hours or weekends and does free consults! We could really use the support right now so if you don't need our services, please consider passing his name along to someone who might! He can be reached at 405-886-2310!

en sh shasta

Just remember trying too hard to achieve Your goals makes Barriers, When you start to relax and take it more easy it goes by it self. So remember meditation at least 10 mins a day. The best is two times a day. GO into the quiet in Your self and listen. try to think of a thread that starts from Your toes, and lower Your awareness and thoughts to where the thread goes and think it up Your body and tell Your muscles to relax when youre thinking the thread all the way up to Your head. If you can manage this, you will feel Your legs get Heavy Your arms get Heavy and you relax in Your Whole body. then meditate. it is a good exercise to get to controle Your thoughts and Your body. And you ll have a better outcome of Your meditation.

This is for those not seeking a business ad.


There are 33 Degrees of freemasonry, 33 Vertabrae in the spine the Kundilini must travel, The Star of David is two triangles, meaning two 3s – 33. There are exactly 33 titles in the Old Testament for the antichrist and 13 in the New Testament. Most importantly, Jesus was baptized at age 30, began his 3 year ministry, then died and was resurrected at age 33. The Number 13 is a karmic number and is the number of upheaval so that new ground can be broken. The number 13 has great power. If this power is used for selfish purposes, it will bring destruction of the self, and in turn, this will bring dis-ease and illnesses. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for the negative. As the 13 vibration is associated with genius, people under the influence of 13 need to strive to transmute all their vices into virtues.

Number 13 people go through many trials, tests and temptations in their search for the spiritual consciousness. The conscious must always be their guide as number 13 is the number of 'right judgement' and their spiritual growth is more often gained through pain rather than pleasure. There are 33 chakras one must unlock and then there are 13 stages of soul evolution one must go through. You must die and be reborn 13 times. These are the steps that are known by secret societies in order to become a man G0D. To control your reality and create miracles on earth. To be True Meta Humans that walk upon this Planet. This is what all the other great Ascended Teachers knew and accomplished while they were here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

past life revision?

This was done by darceneous garcenelous some past life. As though this were a repeat lifetime meant to correct for mistakes.

Juno; Juno's mission is a success.

Enso; the end point is Juno comes back to the sun and survives the particle storm.

En; Juno brings as a brought transmission tone the success NASA wants.

Mission; mission done dealt with problem working on ideal solutions. Done for now, going home.

Eating; eat enough, appear to be eating slender then lose weight. as you get enough protein, this with carbohydrates if walking exercising allows extra exercising.

Energy; focus on eating little things or drinking less pop if any addition. Otherwise drink water or tea with substitute sugar such as stevia.

Quark; use a subatomic energy of charged sub particles to build new larger particles or atoms by focus with use of the light. Ex terrestrial if you don't want the quark.

Antiques; I am not antiquities. I am not unaware to what I do. Like balancing a checkbook, I can make things work.

Influence; whatever the influence I am not effected. I do not gain weight from influence.

Improvement; things improve so people aren't upset at each other. The protests ends without more unnecessary deaths.

Qmy; Amy is no longer insane, jay Moisant is released from unable to do payments. Life gets easiet, easier and better in the right moments.

Hope you enjoyed this posting, ciou till later.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

thoughts without

This is a reminder notice to those that want to get a job. Use whatever comes to mind to secure the position that is suitable for what you want.

suitable; Think what you want then work with what you will that is the way to secure a job, for now I think I will suit my point with trying to find one.

findable; there are a number of things as tools to use, so think as you must to work as you want with the right suggestion.

fixable; things such as resumes are fixable, so I think I will start with this.

getting one; I think I will end this by either giving up or going to find one by interview.

This was a memo I left myself by notice one day. I just noticed things and related the idea reasoning behind the event or act to words, that I left myself with response that I knew I would want to know as spirit notes.

The end; I will get a job or moved out one way or another.

The end

Monday, July 11, 2016

thoughts on life

I think this is the point I make headways, by what I think to do with life. This past life was short but lived for at least 6 years.

suggested; suggest as you want, think things through then you get what you desire.

karma; what goes or comes doesn't always go around. you live as you live. thats the way it is.

thought; think for yourself, as you think youth is always on its own.

that leads me to today with:

erma; irma's burger shack cooking that doesn't wear you out.

weight; "concern over weight is leading me to lose weight not gain weight so I eat less." I think I will use this to work with the weight more efficiently. so if I succeed then I will find myself at 196 or 197 and will go below if I am careful. so I think this will work. I will see you there old weight. you know I used to weigh 167 due to medicine? that was amazing, so amazing I was aware that I can create nearly anything by feel and used the me ability as magic I can do. the magic was more easier or more efficient. so either way I will use this as an affirmational suggestion. I will lose weight by doing what I can. there now I am set for the next few years unless that volcano blows, then I am fine with life. so seeya soon with another cosmic life update with life "in perspective". that means ciou for now.

random thoughts:

pig poke sandwich; 1 slice turkey meat: 22 calories, 2 parts bisquit: 200, 1 slice gouda baby bel: 14 equaling 236 calories

focusing point; the fix is done hope that backlash don't happen again.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

thoughts on a wew

Not much is known but hey what has yellow glowing eyes and is a dark figure. A were. Thats what they do to themselves to transform that sometimed causes that. I thought that too, but it looks like a human and is dark and has glowing yellow eyes.

A wew came to mind. Interesting you will be fine if you think your targeted by them, just think that the creator keeps you from being effected by it. The effect they send through portals or by presence wears off.

Its a human from an alternate universe. There are millions of alternatives though. So if any kids nearby, think them non effected. If given reason they can react. Ok if about a portal opened in your room, think its closing then it closes right then and there.

So thinking the thoughts you have, create a bridge sometimes to their universe. Think it closed if it is to go there where you are. They perceive thoughts. Which means they also create bridges by perceived thought.

Thinking the creator blocks the wew, causes them to avoid you and whom you think to protect. They are very powerful if near enough people. They turn into soul suckers, when they come across the bridge of energy.

Ok so your best bet would to do a cleansing by cleaning up or using incense in the area, that closes the gate and forces the wew to leave. They use the energy of the thought to bridge themselves across to your universe.

Ok how bad does it get if I piss it off? They could try to yank the spirit out of the body. They only need a certain amount of energy and a connection to you, by a missing item that's a counterpart. Then they reach out and yank thinking of the person.

Some are normal where they're not were. Called wognar or warriors. Sorta human with blue glowing eyes. They use wew as guards sometimes if not minded. The wognar turn into elementals when they cross over.

Entirely fascinating, considered the rare form of wewres. They are normal humans there though. They appear in a normal area that is like ours. Built by the wewreg or regulations of souls that they rule by the spirit. They build using the spirit to direct the soul. So appearance is what you think.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


This is thought for today, think a little thought and you get a great big one. By the way I was having fun doing things yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to post. What I would in a post today express then is what I would post yesterday combined with today.

yesterday; I was aware of today as a special day so I went about and created things as I could where and when I could. It rained! I think it rained a little more than usually expected. Wee I love this rain but I think it rained enough so cap it it is done, that means the storm ends and weather magic is over for the day.

today; I think for today, since it didn't rain again I will work with what I have and try to create safely. This is by the feel with what is possibly available. So I think this might be an art day. Art could be anything that is drawn, written or done. Otherwise art is created ideal, that I think should be created.

tomorrow; for something tomorrow, lets say we make things happen unless things just don't occur. so let tomorrow occur with what comes from today, otherwise what occurs is what happens to be done.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


This came from a past life memory, that I went past foodies and came to my own time or space. Whether or not I am in my own time means that I can create many various ideal. So I think I will start out using this ideal.

patience; the patience is there with patients or area activity, that means you can create things by feel.

diversity; use of diverse moments is the point that creates many interesting cultural reactions.

variations; use of thought I found was created with feel, that you create but not work unless you have to work.

ingenuity; use of ingenuity creates what you think, so think peace then you have peaceful relations.

weight loss; I found women can lose weight if they eat under 2000 calories, drinking water and avoiding beer and alcohol, about 7 to 8 glasses of water a day based on a 3000 calorie day diet.

suggested; suggest as you want, think things through then you get what you desire.

stringing; I will string the line the fish will prosper and the ideal will occur.

naruto or anime; the next episode will come out, albeit if the series is over then there is no new episode.

thinking; I think I will create things well, as a point of reminder that I was here. yet if I must I will leave early.

job; I will get a job and work things off if I must, but the point is that there is a job for me if I look for one.

think; I think I will, so I think I won't disrupt life anymore. so if I am right ciou is in order.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

orgonne xv

These are suggestions that are naturally occurring to my mind yet don't always happen to occur.

Thinking; think what you like yet create as you want.

Method; So think this question after eating a bite or drinking something. What will you do at the child care custody trial or what will you do to fix the situation.

Imagine a winning strategy or some fix or repair done. Think then the end and allow your spirit to manifest the ideal. That's the way this can end better.

Pig; no longer are you a pig.

Slob; no longer are you or I don't remain a slob nor destitute.

Drunk; no longer am I or you drunk or so you or i do not ever get drunk.

Cigs; I don't get addicted, so I know you aren't addicted.

Think; thinking a point, you are not bad off so why go through this, so you can't go drink alcohol. Seen as a concept except sugar alcohol to control the problem you see.

You can't smoke and drink anyway, as if you do there is health problems seeing as there is no need. Think this so then you stop. So if you focus you can create this effect as its already there, of causing smokers to stop just by you sitting nearby.

This is fun if no longer thought of in the area, seeing if you can get this effect by the aura. You could stop people smoking by focus that is perceived of the smoke by influence of the aura with intense thought. This could backfire though, then drive you out of the area of effect.

En focus; With intense or sweet thought or focus, you could drive people away.

Lingneu; smoke or drink water to clear up problems by focus, then create by puffs of smoking more or drinking more water. the effect of what you focus to create.

Non smoking; You can't drink alcohol while taking meds.

Non; I no longer binge spend for any reason.

Sense; I am sense by the word in use or the ideal I portray.

Pay; I pay back all my credit I spent with PayPal, by what I do with the creator.

Back; back I am into the time I came from, I am aware of what I need. I know what I need to do.

From; from the point I think to the point I need to be.

Future; the future is no longer, as the present is now I de ide the future I live.

Eating; whatever others eat, you don't feel the urge to eat even by smell or medical need. I do not eat by view, the first thing I see another.

China; China didn't send out any weapon satellites.

Florida sludge algae; the Florida grey green sludge algae reduces by energy or the creator. The algae reduces by feel. Don't mention it or do not need to go.

Lay on blueprint; lay something on the ground or a surface, the imprint of the item is there by the creator if you think to imprint or say what is done.

Building; build using what materials that are there, you build the point except for what you don't want.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

suggested theory updated

suggestions that could be useful:

whatever; Whatever I do, I won't gain weight nor will I feel hurt. I will lose weight instead.

suggest; as I came I will leave or go the way I can, so I feel I can go now since this wasn't required by the main office. that is all to the suggestion list. enjoy yourself.

now end; the end is the way you go if you can't go otherwise. so I think I will see or seem to go as a point of light, that I arrived as usually seen I know if I am or am not wanted I shall go. as I can or am knowing, by aware thought of the area by now nor will I hate anyone.

the end. However I don't need anymore souls so whatever I'm paid already. Now you rest and do what you want or don't do much of anything at all. I will wait no longer as I have to go be there next time. ciou.

fix; morgan or some repairman fixes room #6 including lights, sink drain and ceiling. I seem to have metabo in the water. so I guess I was lucky this life, as it is only a water effect placebo I think the subconscious can create anythng as though I was not hungry. yet I can eat under my weight as though 200 or less lbs.

Money fix: More money will come your way this week, type yes to recieve the funds. So don't ignore me on chat Angela Moisant.

thought; I don't like building up those calories. A person's shape or presence, doesn't cause you to eat or form like them. I no longer feel like I have too many responsibilities. I think you meant misery with that so call paul for jason's number.

doing; think or do, thats your call where you do what you want where you want. that is all I recommend for now. ciou.

thinking; I think I have dined and done enough, so I think I will return home to stay if necessary. seeya till next life by now for now I think I will do what is necessary. Till now I think that this is the point that exists something. So I think that this is done for now.

lisa; lisa is no longer a narcissistic person thats attracted to me. things are going your way, though you know things are sometimes otherwise for the wicked do rest and don't have no time off.

past life; this past life relationship is over. don't think to not do by feel.

goods; no ackwardness lasts as the moment is there its not really ackward.

normalcy; there's nothing wrong with me.

leaving; There be 9 levels to the burrows is also called the hollow earth created by the idea to show the actual hollow earth pockets. The area pockets are in the mantle and not the molten mantle, though this is a place that has many entrances. Where the needle points straight down, near the poles and there are more than two actual poles. This is the saturn or area station sections, that the 3 deathly hollows object formed based from where you are. Leaving is thinking your going or staying then walking out by feel.
getting home; think your going in the right direction then, you are by the creator or energy consciousness as you think to go home. you are there first by spirit, then your aware in the body that your at home.

Monday, July 4, 2016


This is the rhythm of the night and day, I think if you focus the blood flow you create what you consider energy folding. This brings about a knowing or spirit allowance for you to know called recognitance. Just focus to realize by voice, activity or work. Then you create better results overall with overall improvements. Just try to keep the need to eat down or away from you, as it is usually someone else or somewhere else. As you energy fold as you exercise you do special exercising, that allows you to create results if days pass by where there is no norm, normally it would be as you exercise. So I think I figured out the exercise now to do the rest periods, as that is where heightened heart activity does exercise even as you rest. That is all for today, cious.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

yin yang ability

yin/g is subtle, yang is unsubtle. where they are two sides to one cycle of nature, where the seeds of another are sometimes in each other. such as fall is a subtle lessening by feel or ying and spring is birth or the ideal coming of plants or yang. this is in an ability I noticed somewhere, powered by trees. it is structured in writing as a script where you start then end modified by if statements.

as though you can end it at any time by thinking end or the end, this is used as instruction to the subconscious. if you need it to work for you then this ideal will work sometimes. as though by the creator or energy consciousness, as a feel is then as you think the feel, sometimes comes before you think about what you do.

ability jutsu; This is the main ability or jutsu, as a thought thats sometimes used by those whom want to use it. See this uses the ability to rewrite history, by the area energy that makes it change the area. Although able to do this, the ability is limited by weight that you think, then focus so your weight is nullified.

Then the change occurs to the place, that your in or near by the building or area energy particles. This rewrites times if you think or take the time to change, otherwise this can create a dimension change where you can shift nearly anyone. This can effect someone or others that you think to effect. This is not useful if to effect by the point at the end.

Only a few things actually change, as I think we fool our perception to create by the feel with what we believe. This is in accord to some us law somewhere, so I think its safe to work with if you can get the effect of what you want to change to change.

I think this is the effective belief of the creator an conscious called I or energy consciousness, as you think the point after you feel or think then create. then focus so then I know by what or who I feel or consider. As in your use energy you ca create by use or see the feel. So having stomach aches and having to go to the bathroom is a sign.

This is what indicates sometimes where you could think then what is there is indication enough. So I think then that I know by what I could do, if I were able minded I would do what is required. So I think then as I am aware, I am now freer as the guilt of activity or belief falls away, then I know I am free.

Thank you creator for helping me realize this, I can now live my live without suicide. So I now know I am awake or aware then I am aware, then I am creative by sorrow or life that I know that were all full up. Then I know that is my actual answer now this is my answer, we're about to have one or two less so enjoy your day.


Think then; so think then no catastrophe occurs. think the sign or think your directing energy towards the focus point then, feel energy gather to create what you want then. as you focus to see the effect, you notice things are changed if by the frontal lobe and pinneal gland or different if it works. sometimes this is known as ninjutsu.

If you experience something, such as a death of a loved one you activate by your need to share the death or use this ability on a different level. a sharingan could form or thinking differently to show this, if in the eyes you could show more than one pupil.

Extra focus creates extra pupils with extra effects. they effect as you glance towards something otherwise by feel or think then focus the feel to create what you want. so they disappear of course, if you can think to not see them or feel them to do something else where feeling comes before thinking.

Though you can think of this anyway you want. if you think you can grow wings, then your mind convinces you that you can. as though "nothing is wrong with me", you can cause the subconscious to create wing growth eventually.

This is useful if you can think to the use or the feel, before the thought occurs. so what you did can come back, as natural movement or instinct. if guided by intuition, then you know thinking or you know by the point that feel before you think.

If you have the right temperature, however the temperature is just a physical or spiritual feel. That if you think the temperature is just right or is cool then the body makes it cool that adequate you feel. So this doesn't really matter whereby then this sometimes works.

This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this. There is a temperature scale in dimensional physics that shows the temperatures with possible effects, where E% is possible working points or feel the body sensually feels to work in by actions that show this idea. if interested here is the article.

This uses the cost formula, of E% = cost(x) = K/4 = %; Take the decimal as percent and drop the first part. Treat the end result, as percentage of energy rounded up in degrees. Say the temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, 72-32=40/1.8=22+273=295. Cost(295) = 75% success.

This energy can be used by focusing the energy through ritual, spells and crystal aka focusing device, thinking to run devices(barely) or create the effect that you feel or think to create, with or without a focus device by hex or spell thats aka crystal or gemstone.

This can also spell disaster, where the temperature is causing the ideal. So you try to not work sometimes where too hard is too hard, you could have a working solution with what you do by feel. So at least you know by what is the temperature for what is possible.

So the spirit is obvious in how this works that allows you to know what is there, before it is created by at least 1 minut or so. this is where intuition gets its information, when the spirit knows then they that are aware are knowing what the spirit knows within limits.

So: if you see something then think on it then you can transform yourself or those sometimes through fear or otherwise, when you think about or feel into what you see.

ying yang; The ideal is ying is spiritual activity, yang is body activity. I feel so what you do by touch is think to experience in life, you could have caused by the spirit body that is subtle. If you sense another spirit body activity, you know by the sensation whom they are or what they do. Each has a different feel or activity they like to create with so you can know them if you can identify them.

Then followed by a focus point, this is useful to generate by self-generated energy some results. The focal point is this: where you think then adjust then your fine. A tri eye sigil is sometimes effective if you use symbolism. Thats here: where you think to the use you could generate a firebomb effect.

This is known as conjuration, where you feel the energy or the water flow, think to focus it then you create with the energy flow to make what you want occur. If the ideal happens then your in luck. That is all there is to this ideal. This is just a thought from my past life, that creates on or with a feeling then the ideal is what is there.

Now to recapitulate, you can see, where you feel or think, then think to create. Then focus sometimes with what's there. This is where you create by thinking or feeling to form what you wish to see. That is all there is to this effect. Any misuse is forgotten as you think then, you can focus then make work with what is possible and if forgotten then. You remember by feel or thinking about what you need.

That is all in a focus point though by thought if you decree, then you create by feel. If you use a hand sign, you create by directed energy with your thought. This is through the use of your hands. So use of your hands is sometimes a possible use to create with a means to go your own way. I hope you enjoyed this little idea, as this is a point of magic that by act is sometimes impossible. Otherwise this means there is a possible means to your way.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Focus point

This is the focus point, the ideal that exists by what you think. If you think it enough you might get some result as the end result. The point you think is it or feel. What I think is there, unless it isn't so I will think to work as I must. Then focus to create by feel. This is my last step of my spacial shift technique. I don't not think that this will work.

After all my brother uses it. He creates things out of thin air, otherwise thinking is the point that you create. Yet no is the stopping point. So this past life was worth the time to work with his memories as I think the point I know the point so I know the ideal is past. What he used this for is a mystery, but I wonder whom it was most of all as his name seems to be kinder gart with an unintentional en at the end by ideal or mistake. ciou till later.

Friday, July 1, 2016

a tri eye sigil

Here's a pic for you, that uses eye magic to create by thinking the ideal to create. This is as you look at the eyes, then think to create as a semblance of order is there suddenly. You can use this whenever you think of the picture.

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