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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Some interesting point

Body change; think a form to become, then you expand from the body's reaction to the area then. The body shrinks upon itself to become the shape. They you come upon the shape, otherwise you and others are aware of the shape you think you are aware you become. This is sped up body indigestion, caused by focusing that ends up in diarrhea.

accountant magic; This is the accountant magic. Think the endpoint to get the reason, as you speak or you can get intinctive reaction or some sound, thinking this will work will create what you think is a good response. So if you think to work or will others to do things then speak, you create with the will then you know what will happen. This is an early warning system of sorts, so think before you speak then is what creates the point or path of light.

This is by your cognitance or reason, where you don't react unless you need to create things better. So you have a path to life, then if you think of the reason then think of the point to create you speak nicely then you know what is there as a point that you respond or you ignore. If you respond to them they could resolve an issue, if you ignore then things could get out of hand.

So if you choose wisely, you can know what you get by what is there with area feel. This is where experience is what counts. So just imagine, don't judge until you know what is true or what opinion is a fact alone. The point is this, if you think to create the point then you know with what point is there. This is where you create the point by speaking or they create the point by doing.

So I think this is a fair response, "I know the point is a reason so I will do as you ask for what is there to do?" See the point then work with the ideal, then you know what to do. So I think this is a fine end of this chapter, thinking the point I will get a response if I speak a point. Then this is accountant magic.

Friday, April 29, 2016



Zibu symbol comes with enormous power to eradicate joy-less living. It brings with it a real knowing of the importance of fully embracing life. This angelic symbol is all about being present in the moment, in the now. Brings happiness in life.

A poem

The power of one or many
One song can spark a moment,
One flower can wake the dream.
One tree can start a forest,
One bird can herald spring.
One smile begins a friendship,
One handclasp lifts a soul.
One star can guide a ship at sea,
One word can frame the goal.
One vote can change a nation,
One sunbeam lights a room.
One candle wipes out darkness,
One laugh will conquer gloom.
One step must start each journey,
One word must start each prayer.
One hope will raise our spirits,
One touch can show you care.
One voice can speak with wisdom,
One heart can know what's true.
One life can make the difference,
You see, IT'S UP TO YOU!


Hello, I AM Archangel Metatron and it is with love that I bring you guidance this day. I hope that my guidance to day will help to activate within you what you already know. All experiences have to be felt, so that you can come to know something and believe it on all levels.

Since the beginning of this March Indigo’s, Crystal, Rainbow and Starseed beings have been going through a deep spiritual transformation that is very new, yet deep. If my guidance resonates for you, the please take my guidance and allow its resonance to move into your heart and bring you peace and love at this time.

The experiences that you have been experiencing are from other dimensional light beings that many of your earthly friends and family would find hard to understand. Recognise that as a highly evolved spiritual being, you have a way of connecting with higher realms and through your experiences; your own personal ascension process is now residing in the higher realms.

It is fair to say that because you are in this higher realm, you will be vulnerable to very intense, unworldly and at times uncomprehend able mental, emotional and spiritual occurrences, but it is time to accept that your spiritual enfoldment is happening now at a very rapid and intense rate.

Whilst you have been vibrationally attuning to these changes, you have also been helping to anchor energies into your environment and what occurs when this has been done, this is that point as a period of integration and alignment that means you don’t feel as though you need to be where you are and that it is time to move on. The phase of emptiness and feeling life is finished, this is simply your energy systems preparing themselves to operate on a new energy system.

Your feeling of wanting to go home stems from the fact that you are shedding aspects of your incarnation, which no longer resonate with the energies you are being attuned to. Feelings of wanting to leave and simply embrace the divine is natural, however it is important to stay and experience and create the new world that is beginning to take shape.

You will notice that you have been shown it is time to leave where you are, the people around you are moving on, the activities that used to hold your interest are disappearing. As everything around you draws to a close, know that you are raising your vibrations. Your over-sensitivity to noise, communal areas will mean you can hear things very acutely. When you look at others it is possible to notice various coloured orbs and vibrating energy streams around others and yourself. For you I believe, it is important to spend much time in your own space.

As the vast majority outside world is not at your vibrational level, look to spending time in nature and embrace the incredible peace from within.

It is possible for a soul to exchange places with another, seen as a light blink and on many occasions this does happen. The time for many such exchanges is near, feel is there and those who have already agreed this prior to incarnation, will join us to prepare those who choose to remain behind for the coming changes. On certain occasions it is possible to request ‘soul transference’, deep thought and readiness must be given to the importance and consequences of such a decision, for the impact this can have on loved ones, this is not to be thought of fleetingly.

Recognise you are a heightened being, at times, it is hard to be enlightened and live in a negative world, however when one attains this spiritual connection through nature, you will find that peace is the mainstay of your existence. Simplicity, being at one with the world, and feeling great compassion for all living things, means the world can become your artist’s studio. Use your emotions to experience and create. As you are in a state of harmony, you will begin to understand how all things are connected.

You have completed a very important transition and your feeling of ‘being done’ is also an aspect of this transition. There are light workers who will no longer need to occupy a place in the coming years, so you see and feel for those who make this transition will be working towards completing the blueprint for Mother Earth. The blueprint is to restore the Earth back to its former beauty, seen and use is the gravitational energies as a way of being able to explore, create and manifest working with the higher consciousness.

Many light workers were involved in keeping and raising the energies of planet earth to bring about an awakening. There is still much work to be done, the second phase for light workers is to challenge the governments, change the environmental issues, an look to establishing new education systems which brings together a critical mass of change. Light workers are still very much needed to help purify humans back to a time when they did not live in fear. There are many new roles waiting to be filled, it is not a question of light workers saving the world, but creating a new world.

Light workers are being called upon, to help teach others about better ways of being and evolving. Many humans need to be shown how to live, but before they can live, they need to release and purify their programming so that they can begin again.

Recognise that you are important; you naturally vibrate the energies planet Earth needs. The opportunities for you to expand and create are immense. Look to beginning a community, for being involved with groups of others, where you can help others obtain harmony and balance.

For the evolution of mankind community is essential, When humans become connected, in a caring, and appreciative community, the vibratory resonance lifts the planet and helps her resonate with the universe. Through community, needs can be met and understood without the need for a monetary system.

Talents and gifts can be exchanged freely, joyously and humans will come to understand that everyone is needed, appreciated and accepted. Each person’s contribution in a community is an expression of who they are, it shows their passion, their talents and when each and every human comes to understand this point, the ascension process will be complete.

You arrived on the earth at a place where you needed to be, you have helped to energise and anchor light where ever you have gone, now it is time for you to simply be. It is your choice, through free will, how to be a part of this wonderful creative time. As always, what you ask for, you always get, so choose your thoughts carefully. Your ability to manifest your future lies in your own hands. When you believe something strongly enough, it always becomes real unless no longer needed. There is no judgement of the choices you make, just love.

Blessed be
Archangel Metatron

Thursday, April 28, 2016


this is from psychicly observing the land of xanth, no with what is there you might say is this a pun? yes if you think something amiss yet interesting. quit if your ahead to do something else that is rather amusing as these are from a dungeon or building site that is abandoned.

awareness; Aware is the human, awareness is for the plants. Being is for the insects as being in awareness. I listen to music. This won't lock you in your mind mood. I am aware and aware by awareness, now just listen with what is there.

aware; I know or kill now the moment by ideal or allow what may come, that is the now for happening as if an ideal to learn with what is there. As though "I am the key to imagination. I am the key to imagine. I am the key to perceive if purple means dead. I know the point to do and not do."

clearness; clear thought is clear virtue, don't attack for no reason.

clear; clear is the word you think, then is the point you do if interest is there.

xanth; the land of florida with magic or the under continental florida of atleantians.

mundania; an the land of sport and focus, think the sport then you have the focus you need to carry on.

mundane; every normal ideal that occurs by some activity. this is just a ticket on a bus.

no reboot; nothing overheats except superconductors, so no reboot required unless necessary.

aliens; I noticed that there are thought forms around the area, that I think are atmic lifeforms or beings. Some aliens show no concern except for the future at a tilt, except for no love is love that can seem what exists us. So I think I thought in use the ideal was creative but I know the point is excrutiating to some that create the thought forms. However the life is what you think and there are actual aliens some other dimension as shown after a cleansing of the area that sometimes show as photosynthetic flash beings or actual aliens without the flashing as they show in spirit. So I am not surprised with what I will do. I will leave then enter then things are fine. Then when energy cleansing is done, you can sometimes see them in the dark as flashes in the night.

note trick; write a note to create with focus, what you wrote to create with the creator doing it. when you burn it or glimpse it you create the note, thinking or feeling to make end results occur as though by magic. yet you can look at the writing or graphics, thinking to see what is there then you know by psychic vision. that' the unique nature of this note, you glimpse the ideal by what you feel. you only have to write what you want to occur for magic. as the eye blinks several times per second, if so you can use the note as a suggestion or as an ideal to be.

item trick; think the item as it exists creates what you wish by thought or feel, as though hexed or spelled thought is use to occur what is felt to happen.

some lost article

Taco soup

1 pound ground chuck or turkey
1 can corn
2 (16 ounce)cans diced tomato
2 (8-ounce) cans tomato sauce
2 cans beans, chilli mild, medium or hot
1 pkg taco seasoning
1 can ro-tel

Brown the ground meat. Add remaining ingredients, then stir well. Simmer for about 30 minutes. Serve.

Notes: You can add sour cream, grated cheese or fritos.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm free

"Thinking a thought Im free" to the point that is done. So all I need to do is think then, the creator does what I think to feel by focus. All I had to do is use thinking by theory that exists something. So now I know this, I am going to do something else that's nice. Work for smeone so the money is earned. I am going to do this when I can so I think this is where or what I left off the statements. "I am free and not dumb so I know what I see or feel. Seen an if I think so I am known for the ideal or knowing for what is there, I am free to use things for what I want is there." So now all I see are some drunks, I wonder if they can do things elsewhere and not bother to drink where they are bothering others. So since that is all I wish for nor that is the ideal for this page.

Seen is constipation or actualization, thinking the use I realized the point was made before as the type of things I choose is with idea. What I consider interest or interesting use by feel. This is what I consider the main point by feel. The thought exists by what I offer or use of ideal to do. Things are done with the point, nothing more, nothing less than me unless I think the point will work with others. That is my creed. So if I am an assassin, this is an an assassin's creed.

The end is in sight, all I need to do is wait out the need the desire that is there disappears as I imagine the need being something else. I am in need to see the end of the age, so this means the need or means are there if they'r existing. So ideal exists if I think the need then, I think he point so I no longer think the point. Then I concede the point or not go to other people asking for the need. So name the need then you know the purpose, otherwise if you name your ideal you get farther. So that is all for point it out corner.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Thinking a thought

Thinking of a point you think then you get, so this is one of the ideal ways to get some results.

some poath; I will not bird dog my brother. I will treat my ideal of my brother right as I think to use things correctly but don't bird dog me either. This is my testament I am now done with this sending it up. Now the weight slims down on your body. So I see you in the moment this is use in ideal, so I think this in farewell in es especially. Ciou.

antman ability; Open your eyes then think or feel, what you want things or insects to do they will do things that exist results. Think to feeling is things you create by ideal to feel, the point is then as you know the ideal to create things. Thinking to create what is there the point is creation with what is available. So that is all by what there is with or without hex to the point you think to realize.

Rules; There are certain rules I would follow. If I were you or going to get bloody. So this is one, I wuld never go about doing that and wearing suits. So think ahead or focus to create, what you wish to see or know. I think I know what to do, for now focus is on the friendship, thinking is then on the point you know. Think then you feel the right reaction. Know then you know the right reason or the reason you do things. Think then as you are aware, that what you think is what you know to create. As you are aware you know by what is done or do things as everything is all right.

The end; This is the game end, an the ideal is the point by thinking the point the point is made. So I might as well go through with this ideal. As I think to know I will do whats right, thinking to do what is needed I will ask then do or do then know. So I think I will do things better by observance and study. Thinking the point then, I know when and where by what I do. I am seeking ideal help or listening skills so I guess I will listen as I think. That is the first part of this as I observe I know to realize, then is what I measnt so I must act to get things done.

This is my game end. I will work with others, so I know by the actions or reactions. That you are aware or feeling things through I will work in the future so I know the past activity was worth it. This I know then was where or then was awareness, that if you think or do things after asking you get better results. This I will do now so ciou still I think that was my mistake. Giving in to the point without light or reasoning to do things.

So I will listen to reason, an I think to work with thought so I left it up to you. I hope you understand, precious little time do I have since the volcanic reaction to my thought is so harsh. I think to leave to spare you the trouble of the eruption. So I think I will do people a favor, then do things to make work easier. So I think its time to leave, ciou till later.

Bittersweet; The bittersweet memory of needing addictions can prevent the need, given to the sun the addiction disappears. As you don't need it, then you won't get it.


Monday, April 25, 2016

working suggestions

Here are some suggestions for working, treat them by what you think as you think them like affirmations:

in es especially; this is in es especially things that hurt you or if your hurt, the hurt energy crystallizes somewhere that creates a gemstone to especially use energy. whatever you do, you don't blood suck.

tummy tuck; As if the tummy had a tummy tuck, the body slims down and loses excess weight.

uu-sprain; removal of the sprain by subconscious activity as though essential oils were used.

walk-a-thon; walk as you like you always end up 20 or 30 minute walking.

walk-order; the walking order or the order to the brain to walk and rest after or you can do normal activity.

carb-slim-down; After feeling intennse when walking or working out, eat a little carbohydrate as you carbohydrate with a drink or water mixed with a little food. You slender down. If you grew big you grow slim.

then think of the walk ahead or activity you do to maintain your body in a better by now physical shape, this is after maintaining it in a form of your own ideal, this is the end.

brought up; however you are brought, whatever, you don't have to bring me or us down anymore. the excess emotion by activity is energy to a crystal you touch. so think bring me as I think to go with no more guilt.

adapter; human adaptation for ideal concept. Use is think of the person then think or list: adaper adapter human normal.

avoided age; I avoid the new medieval age, I am not reborn or born near or at the medival ages coming up yet I can visit the medieval faire. An there is this as the point is there I will no longer be born on this planet, so then I think to live through some better life elsewhere an other planet. So I will be gone in the end by feel.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Belief codes


Within you lies the power to change anything in your life that is out of balance. All this takes is courage and the conscious awareness that there is something out of balance that you can change.

First as you think, take a few moments to quiet your inner mind and outer world. Let go of the thoughts of the day. As you breathe in and out, relax your muscles from your toes to your nose. Fill your heart with gratitude while focusing on the many blessings that are in your life. Being in a state of gratitude will increase the frequency of love within your body, allowing you clearer access to your subconscious mind.

Choose one area of your life you would like to change, it matters not which one you choose for you can return at any time and choose another area of concern. Notice where you are today with this situation. What aspects of this issue are not working for you? You may wish to write down anything pertaining to this matter that is causing you unrest. Include things beyond your control such as what other people are saying or doing in relation to the matter.

Take as much time as you need to visualize how your life would be different if this situation were not present in your life. Write these things down; be creative and think big. Erase any doubts that come into your mind or any concerns regarding how impossible it would be to attain this vision. Keep in mind this is only an exercise, you can change anything you wish along the way.

Carefully look over the things that are dissatisfying in regards to this issue and notice how you feel. Pay close attention to those that cause you to feel anxious, upset, angry, frustrated or any other low frequency emotion. You may come to the understanding that things other people say or do that upset you are triggering something inside yourself that needs attention. When you are consciously aware of the belief codes that are triggering your emotions, you are then able to choose those you wish to modify or discard. This is what it means to be a conscious person.

As you master your emotions and the belief codes that trigger them, you will become more proficient at making choices for your highest good. You will learn to dream bigger as you release the fears and judgments that have kept you imprisoned. As you discard concerns about how you feel others think you should speak, dress or behave, you will blossom into the beautiful, unique flower that you are. These changes take time, energy and courage.

What one does affects all; that is why it is important to be cognizant of what you think, say and do. Your emotions carry throughout the universe. Negative emotions glop with other negative emotions, which creates dense matter that can create havoc in your world. Positive emotions flow freely, blessing all that come along its path.

Know that within yourself lies all you need to break the bonds. After all, it was you who created the bonds in the first place. Take responsibility for your actions and have the courage to move beyond limiting beliefs and to explore all that nature has to offer you. Have fun! Celebrate! Peace and joy to you!

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

gg suggestions

healing ideal

changes before you attempt to eat; the changes before you attempt to eat, usual are the ideal done before your time that your body reacts to now. thinking the point then you experience the sensation before the ideal is done.

What you think; what you think can occur, perceptionally angel michael can do this. as the angels can make things occur to get things with ideal points or situations. this is as though I have done this already and don't mind things.

when I feel or think; then the angels will occur or make happen what you want. that is the point to work with another or work, as you feel except communication breaks or money loss. I already begin to see the results I wanted.

focused fitness; Its am america: the right time or place is what fulfills you, as you are fulfilled by water or a small bite of food or not eating as if I drank tea ir cold water by feel. your shape is already taking shape as if seeming less weighty. this is use by other things I can do with life. the shape only requires 1500 calories per day.

younger; this is a point or ideal, your skin is clear and you look younger with less weight. as less in more use by work out, no matter the point.

results; whatever I do or gain in wealth I won't get fat. So I go thinner with more wealth or activity. Whatever the activity I will grow thinner as I grow or lessen with age.

The use; Thinking the use I will create the point then work the way to live, no matter what occurs with the body. this includes going to bed early because of springtime adjustment, think where you get used to the time of the setting sun early going down.

limits; Thinking to understand that the true limits of Healings, you know they are not limits in the true sense. The Healer’s only limits of the level or extent of what they can Heal, is dependent on that which they believe that they can do.

zoomatra sumatra; what is there is not done if eating so think then you may get what you want. as though what increases you decreases you as well by feel. this decreases the swelling that occurs with lack of minerals. that somehow are there in the body, so the body cures itself.

zooming in; think a point to end this moment then say the morning prayer, otherwise think as you say some ideal that the god will appear.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The method


This is the methodology of the ones I mention, that aren't really known in today's time. They I figured out use the focus points that are what you think, the area is secluded and nobody is there. So think as you like, then you are aware as though you learned to do things. This is use by observing the spirits that thought to do things. So this is where you see or observe things, then focus to look or know what is there by feel. Then this is the point you know by thinking you do, when you feel you release some ideal with some feeling or realize the point to create. Otherwise things will work as you think to create, with the feeling from the energy body. That is the way of things, here are some ideal points.

Some ideal use points

light dark or gray; while working for the greater good of others, sometimes by the mind playing tricks on themselves. they are bending the light to do things for themselves, this is use by control with ideal particles or life that is chi based. thinking solely on the point you know, you are capable and can create nearly anything.

homing stones; these are stones that you can set by thinking to the stone, thinking to draw the item that you want on a touch or ideal expression. think that I think the ideal, then allow your thoughts to draw energy. the energy is the item or person that you can be thinking the item or person, can seen to go to where you are or you go where it is or they are for now is the moment. use of candles or other focus devices like pendants will create the point if any nearby.

I have this point where the point can be anything, so this can be a rock or ideal use by what you do. this is the thing in english or your language that you want, think to go get it if you really want it. use opposite synopsis or "not", do this by feel if you think the stone won't draw the item there and if its mail then. the mail can come sooner. that is there or all I think to do, for now the thought thats divergent by the feel in ideal where you can find it.

this is the end moment

 so what ya thinking to do today?
 I am going to create things by feel.


 When a person dies, many things can happen to them. I choose to believe that a deceased person has the ability to come back to Earth without taking a physical form. They do this for a lot of reasons but the basic idea behind most of these ideas is that they are attempting to pass along a message.

As they have not taken a physical forms they can only communicate through no direct means. The fact that you are reading this articles says a lot about your willingness to stay open and listen.

Here are some of the common ways that spirits try to talk to us. If any of these are happening you try to look past your fear of the unknown and listen to your gut.

There are many tricksters out there and only your intuition can guide you effectively.
You Vivid Dreams or Visions During Meditation

Spirits are best known for trying to reach us through dreams and meditation. This is when our minds are quiet and we are more open to the possibilities. They will create scenarios or characters that grab at our attention.

When you are dreaming especially, you are aligned with other realms o it is easier for spirits to speak to you. Before you meditate or sleep is ask for guidance with sincerity and deliberation.
Your Sense Are Sharper, More Enhanced

Spirits have to communicate through indirect means so they will sharpen your senses so you may notice more.

You’ll see them on the edge of your vision, or smell a flower that reminds you of someone deceased.

Often at first you won’t know what you are seeing, but remain calm and open to the experience.
Electronics Randomly Act Up

We’ve all seen this in movies, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Electronics turning on and off, volumes going out of wack or televisions sets get static and change channels. This phenomena will continue until you directly address the situation.
You Know Things You Can’t Explain

Ever got the feeling you knew something that you had no memory of learning? This could be a spirit telepathically popping information to you.

You will need this information so stay open to its existence or you will shut it out.

Also spirits can lead our intuitions. So listen to your gut as it may lead you to unknown places. Have faith in your spirit guides.
You Get Frequent And Random Chills

If ever you are talking about the deceased, or a situation involving the dead, and you get a chilling sensation, that could be a clear indication of spirits. While this isn’t always the most pleasant of sensations remember they are on a different wavelength now. So don’t be afraid when this happens, the spirits are trying to guide you.

You Feel Like You’re Being Guided

Something is pulling you in a direction, and your intuition can’t make sense of it.

At the same time your gut isn’t fighting the sensation, the whole thing is off putting because it is unfamiliar.

This is one or more of your spirits trying to take you to a place you need to be or reveal something that is hidden to you. Relax and prepare for an adventure!

This article has been republished from Spirit Science, click here to view the original copy [].

 this is their mesage for me

Take time to Heal on the Earth Day.

I would like everyone reading this to take moment, stop what doing, go outside, take your shoes off and connect to the Mother if you can at all possible. To get the full effects of this healing meditation. This will ground you and help elevate some of pressure you are feeling.

Now please close your eyes and picture beautiful roots growing from your feet. Growing deep, deep into the Earth. Now visualize all the negativity in your life right now, all of that negative energy, all of the negitive energetic cords, all things that do not serve your highest good, flowing down theses roots into the Mother where it can be properly grounded.

Now I want you to picture a beautiful silver energetic cord, this cord is coming down out of your root chakra. (for those who aren't familiar with the chakra system,that is at the base of your spine) Now, i want you to picture this beautiful energetic cord traveling from your root charka and going deep deep down into the center of the Earth where it attaches to the very center of Earth with a hook.

Now picture beautiful brilliant white Mother Earth energy flowing up this cord in a spiral motion, up thru all of your chakras, as the energy goes thru each of your chakras the healing energy opens and balances each of your energetic centers. Now visualize it flowing out of the top of your head, thru your crown chakra, in to the sky above as you do this,

then visualize beautiful brilliant white gold light, Source energy pouring over your entire body healing you on contact.

Now I want you to take it one step further. I want you to visualize everyone you have ever hurt you. now i want you to forgive them if at all posdible, and youself for every time you have ever been hurt, as well as any situations that may have hurt you. Now thatyou have done this.

Now i want you to visualize beautiful white gold healing source energy pouring all over them, and all of humanity, and now pouring all over every living creatures on Mother Earth, visualize this beautiful brilliant white gold healing source energy pouring all over them, all over Earth and as you visualize this source energy, visualize it healing every single soul, person place and thing it touches!!! Healing the entire planet and everything on it.

Now the final step, visualize beautiful double Helix rainbows around yourself, all of humanity, all living creatures, and then finally all around mother earth. And as you visualize these double helix rainbows, I want you to visualize these rainbows activating the DNA of living creature that they touch.

Thank you for preticipating in this healing meditation today, on this most sacred of days.

Blue Lunar Night

We offer a powerful and proven tool to eliminate high cholesterol. It is very easy to prepare. You need only lemon, parsley, water and baking soda. Try and be amazed with the results.

Necessary ingredients:
1 kg lemons
5-6 bunches of parsley
3 liters of water
1 packet of baking soda

How to Make it:

Wash lemons with cold water. Take a bowl, fill it with hot water and put soda in it. Add lemon and leave to stand for an hour. Chop the parsley into small pieces (including stems).

Remove the lemons of soda water and chop them too. Take parsley and lemons and place them in a saucepan. Pour 3 liters of water on them. Simmer on low heat for about 2-3 hours. You will get about 1.5 liters syrup, which is sufficient for 15 days, if you drink regularly.

Drink every morning on an empty stomach. The dose should be equals one cup brandy (100-200ml).

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spiritual activity

Ideal you follow

Some use things as an action point where some use this as a peaceful thing. See spiritual action uses the three things, spiritual object construction by imagining it there then you create by what you act. You act out the ideal that you have the item, then its there then you can find it or buy it at a lesser price if you want to get it. Inner power then is the soul, you direct the soul by thinking the point to create then you created with the soul or inner power.

That is innate inner ability, that you use to create with feel. Empowered state then is the last ideal, that you think then focus as you do things you generate energy. That allows you to get any result with added energy from around you. So ki manipulation is the spirit action you think to create or feel to work.

Due note: you can create with chi infusion, the ideal is done by thinking the energy that exists from the creator. That is a part of you then that goes into the object. The thing will be instilled and read or ready for use. Think of the use then you create the ideal use by feel or pill use. This isn't always for attack.

Ki Manipulation is a amazing abilitie, that everyone must learn if want to learn any kinesis. Ki is the energy from all living things. There exist three types of Ki:

- Radical Ki: This is what we will be teaching here. This type allow you more control of your ki, you will learn how to shape it, control it naturally, blast it, empower it. And basically it allows you to do lots of DBZ techniques. This ki is more movable.

- Tradicional Ki: This is the type of ki you feel in your body when you're practising tai chi qi gong, chi kung, aikido, karate, Tai Know Do, etc. It can be extremely powerful.

- Eccentric Ki: This is a mix of both ki's. There is no information about this, you will need to learn it for yourself, after mastering tradicional and radical you should try to combine them like ying yang, and if you do it sucefully this amazingly strong and hard to control because you always need to mantain the 50/50 of each ki.

With Ki Manipulation you can create blasts of ki that will send your opponent back and depending on the strength of the attack, and this is serious, the opponent can explode or die. When you attack someone with Ki, the Ki must go throught the opponent and that will act as a sonic boom that will have effects on their ki, depending on the strenght of the attack. Lots of times people answer me what's the color of ki, ki is the colour you want it can be blue, green, white, grey, you can chose it and change it with your intent.

This is a martial arts technique, that you can atack or defend with feel. So think the point then, you can create with this idea. This you can use, anytime you think. The spirit up is a point, that you focus your energy then you create by what you feel. This empowers you, so think then as your aware. As you think or feel you know what you want. Then you can do anything. However this is like a drug when you feel good you don't always focus, learn to use the feeling then your good by intuition.

Spirit up by feel:
Get in a ready stance or state. Start by drawing in energy. Let the ki fill you up. In your mind visualize your body as empty and the ki coming, filling a cup up with water and drinking it up. After about a minute you should feel warm inside. This means that you were successful. This allows the ki to flow easier and make energy easier to control by feel. Think to control the ideal energy with focus, as you feel to control with thought as the direction the energy does go. Think to work or feel to work, if you want to get some result.

Trainin you do

I will divide this Ki Manipulation Training into three parts begginer techniques, intermediate techniques and advanced techniques. You need to train a lot and follow the respective order of training. If you want just to learn ki to learn kinesis, bending or other abilitie that uses ki, if you learn the begginer techniques is enought, but if you are here to develop just ki and use it in combat you can learn everything that's here. Good Luck!

Beginner Techniques

Note: You should follow the respective order.

 Feeling Ki

  First, you must know that your ki is flowing through you at all times. You must believe that it is really there. If you don't believe, you will never be capable of using ki. First, start meditating. Make sure you are doing the ki breathing exercise given above. Then, focus completely on your Tan Tien. Realize that you ki is stored there and focus on it. Visualize it starting to glow. You might start to feel tingly at this point, that is your ki. Try to concentrate completely on the ki. Now, tell the ki to move to your hands. Visualize it moving to your hands. Tell it in your mind to go to your hands. If you can't get it, try focusing on your hands. It should go there. Now try sending to to every spot in your body. You definately need to master this technique before going on. It might take you a week or two, or maybe even a few days.

 KI Breathing

 This is a simple technique that will replenish lost ki, and get rid of negative, used up energy. To start out, get into a comfortable position. Start taking deep breaths - in through the nose, out through the mouth. Picture your body as an empty shell, and when you breathe in, visualize fresh ki flowing through the air, into your nose, and into your body, filling it up. Picture your dan tien glowing brighter and brighter. When you breathe out, visualize the negative, used up energy (I picture it as black) leaving through your mouth. When you feel that your body is filled with fresh new energy, you are done

 Ki Ball

Get comfortable and relax and clear your mind (do the best you can) then put your hands out in a cupped position and visualize (imagine) a ball of energy slowly forming in between your hands getting bigger and bigger, you have made a ki ball if your hands become hot, tingly, or throbbing. You can too visualize energy coming from you Dan Tien up to your chest and into your arms and hands, and finnaly into the ki ball.


Grounding is a technique just like Ki breathing, only it's done differently and Ki breathing is a little bit better to do. To start out, get in a comfortable standing position. Now, visulaize roots shooting out of your feet and burrowing into the ground, where they tap into the earth's energy supply and start absorbing energy. Picture the roots sucking in energy given by the earth, and taking the energy up, through your legs, and into your body and being stored in your dan tien. Breathe deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth. When your breathe in, visualize fresh energy intering your body through the roots, and when you breathe out, visualize the used up energy leaving through your mouth. When you feel your energy is full and replenished, you are done.

 Spirit Up

Visualize your body filling up with pure, blue Ki. A bit like a bottle gets filled up with drink, if you like. Continue this until your whole body is 'full'.This will improve the energy flow in your body making it easier to move energy around.

 Ki Flame

first clear your mind then visualise mass of white ki in your dan tien visualise it going throgh your body making glow around you then get yor hand shoulder withn apart then get it down like your elbowing someone and visualise the ki exploding all arond you

 Ki Shield

 Visualize a Ki ball in your tan tien now visualize it getting bigger and bigger. Keep doing this until it is so big, you are inside it. You can make it hollow for extra comfort. 


 Ki beam

 Put your hand out with your palm facing the target and create an ki ball inside of your wrist, flatten it out will your will power and visualization. Move it along to just inside your palm. Again, do this with your will power and visualization. Now visualize a beam of intese energy coming out from your palm and going through your target.

=== Basic Ki blast:

Put your hands to your side and make a ki ball. You should be standing
in a wide stance. Focus on the opponent, but keep concentration on the
ki ball. Keep adding energy to it until you think it has enough. Focus
on the ki inside of you radiating out about to explode with it's true
force. Lean forward and thrust your hands out in a double-palm strike.
Tighten you hands and explode the ki inside of you to let it out in a
short, devastating, blast. Push the ki ball away from your body and
through the opponent. This will likely only cause the opponent to loose
stamina and concentration. NOTE: Do not perform this technique and make
physical contact. Only do that as a last resort. If the blast is
powerful enough and physical contact is made, organs can disintegrate,
and the person could die or blow up by three blows or thought. That to create is creative as your a point, that is creative that seems a creative use. ===

one handed blast 

charge your hands fully with Ki and blast it and as with the basic blast will and visual it going through and pushing the target

 Ki punch

 Begin to feel out the Ki in your body. Now let it flow in to the hand that is going to attack. Keep the Ki inside of the hand. Once you have collected a sufficient amount of Ki, start focusing behind your opponent. Focus on the space behind him. Then tell yourself you're going to punch that space. Attack and let out a shock wave of Ki going through the opponent the instance you make contact.

 Ki Kick

 Fill your leg with water and repeat the instructions for Ki punch, replacing hand with foot.

Ki sensing

Think to relax and let out Ki in the hole area you should feel the person signal some people feel it in their stomach some on their temples like me
power level sensing
visualize liquid Ki in your dan tien now visualize it going into the other person dan tien you should feel a thud the stronger the thud the strong the person is
info scan

Totally relax.Visualize a bar of light scanning the person's body. Up and down, the full length of his/her body.While doing this, think about the information you want to get out of him/her.

You will now get a feeling or a 'voice' in your head.

This technique might not work the first few times, but as you progress with this technique, the more defined the information becomes.

object scan

This technique is hard to explain, but ill try my best totally relax and stay calm.
Close your eyes Visualize the object you want to find in your mind you should have a feeling of the object and its background your head this technique useful to find lost items its take a while to master but worth it

Ki healing Put your palm on the injured area and visualize green Ki Coming out of your palm Just let it flow to the injured area and program it to heal the area

Intermediate Techniques

Note: Some names of this techniques are from Dragon Ball, because that way people know better what they are doing. Also people who create this techniques watched Dragon Ball and then try to copy with radical ki.

Advanced Ki Blast:Stand in a wide-stance position with your hands cupped by your hip about 5 feet from your opponent. Power up using the ki flame method. Push the energy in the flame around to your hands. All of the energy from your ki flame should try to be pushed into your hands. The purposes of having it IN your hands instead of between your hands like a ki ball, is so that you can control the blast. Create a mana ball in between your hands. Then create a ki ball so that you have a mana ball inside of a ki ball. Use the energy from the ki flame in your hands to merge the energy of the ball with your hands. Once again, focus on your ki radiating inside of you, ready to explode with it's true force. Thrust your hands foward in a double open-handed strike and shoot the blast. Note: This is how I perform an advanced ki blast. Play around a little and try to create your own. ====


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and put your hands in a cupped shape to the side of you. Like you were doing a Ki ball to the side of you. When you think these syllables, do the thing next to it. (if you want you can say the syllables, it may help you concentrate. Ka: Visualize a mass of pure blue Ki in your tan-tien.

Me: Move this to your palms. Do this by visualization and will power.

Ha: Visualize the Ki flowing out of your palms and forming a ball in your cupped shaped hands.

Me: Visualize the Ki ball getting more dense and bigger.

Ha!: Thrust your hands forwards and visualize a gigantic beam with the Ki ball on the end of it emerging from your palms and zooming through your target. The "HAAA!!!" at the end is important, ki follows your breath, so make sure to yell "HAA!!"


 Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, place your most dominant hand over the other hand so the fingers of the most dominant hand go in between the fingers of the other hand. Place Ki in both palms and put your hands above your head then thrust your hands down towards your target and visualize a Ki beam coming out from the front palm. This should be like two Ki blasts in one because one palm is backing up the other.

Multiple Ki Balls

Draw both hands back so that your right hand is next to your right ribcage(loading), and vice-versa. Create a ki ball in each hand. Thrust one hand foward and launch the ki ball at the opponent. As you draw it back, do the same thing with the other hand. While one hand is loading, quickly charge it back up with ki and create another ki ball. The object is to be able to quickly create ki balls in case of emergency. But you have to remember that the more ki balls you blast, the more energy you use, so the weaker the balls become.

Ki weapon

Get a stick or a pole and hold it in your hands so it is vertical. Bring your Ki out of your tan tien and fill the stick or pole with Ki. Drop the solid weapon and you should now have a Ki version of the weapon you were holding. You can swing it about as you would normally do with a solid weapon. You must concentrate on it all the time, though, or else it will disappear.

Burning knuckle

Bring the fist you are going to punch with back and fill the fist with Ki. Do this until it is engulfed in a Ki flame, then punch your opponent and release the Ki in your fist as a blast. Keep your fist digging into your opponent. Keep pushing harder and harder, with the blast still going. Caution: This move may cause vomiting.

Gigantic Ki blast

Put your hands in a '<' shape. The larger the angle, the more Ki needed to perform the attack and the more damage it does. Bring Ki from your tan tien and store it in each palm. Then Block up the palms and add more Ki so it is pressurized. Do this for ages. Remove the blocks. The Ki should shoot out of your palms like a rocket and there should now be a beam of Ki that is a < shape, depending on the angle before. This attack will take a lot of energy out of you, so be careful. This attack is very powerful and may destroy the target altogether if practiced enough.

Dragon bite

Focus your Ki to your palm and visualize a Chinese-style dragon coming out of your palm, flowing over to the opponent and biting a part of his body really hard. This attack must be done on skin to take effect. This attack does most damage on the wrists. If done correctly, the opponent will feel a really strong shock in the part of the body that was bitten.

Healing touch

Point the index finger and the middle finger to the sky and draw Ki from all around you to the fingers. Shut your eyes if need be. This should look like waves of energy drawing in like a radar sends out. When you think you have enough energy in your two fingers, place your two fingers over the pain and let the energy flow out in waves. See in your mind (eyes shut) the color red as the pain and the color yellow as the healing energy. The longer you apply the healing, the longer the pain will be gone.

Ki matoshi (Destructo disc)

For you DBZers out there, this is the destructo disc tech.

Raise your hand in the air with your palm facing upwards and visualize a vortex of yellow Ki in your palm spinning over 400 times a second. This is your palm chakra. Create a Ki ball above your spinning palm chakra. The Ki ball should start spinning with the chakra. So now you should be holding a Ki ball that is spinning over 400 times a second. Flatten the Ki ball out into a disc with your will power and visualization, the spinning itself will flatten it out by itself, so that should help you. Throw your hand with the disk in forwards as fast as you can and visualize the spin disk leaving your hands and going through your opponent. Try not to get cut yourself while throwing it. When this attack cuts, because it is Ki and not a physical object, the wound wont bleed. It will just disintegrate the skin. It will heal like a normal wound, so don't worry if it does happen.

Fusion Ball

Please note that this tech will NOT fuse two people together, but will only fuse two different energies. Put your right hand in front of you at head level. Now put your left hand over the back of your right hand at an angle so that your left thumb is touching your right wrist. Now make a ki ball. Now visualize little twinkles of red light similar to the ones you use to make a mana ball going into the green ki ball. Now as the lights go into the ki ball, visualize the ki ball slowly changing red. you will feel warmth in your hands. Shoot the ball through the opponent. It is kind of a spiced-up ki ball, so they will feel the effects of a ki ball, but a little stronger.

Hiding a Power Level

Hiding your power level if you are in a jam is really easy. All you have to do is belittle your aura. First, power up to your max. Now visualize your aura around you. Now visualize your aura shattering into millions of pieces. Now pretend that your tan tien is a vacuum. Visualize it sucking up all of the shards of your aura. Now visualize your tan tien as it should be ,as it grows with every shard that was part of your aura. Your aura (through the third eye) should be smaller. Now your power level is less noticeable.

spirit bomb

more advenced version of mana ball raise both hand into the air now go into a standing meditation bring mana from all around youhavee it collect from all your hands keep drawing until your hand now use your wiil power to compact it and form it into a ball. Let the energy ball rest about 1 foot above your hands.Keep drawing mana to it until it has sufficient energy needed to
perform its task. Power up (any type) so that you can keep control of
it. Focus on your opponent and throw your hands forward. Launch the
Genki Dahma through the opponent and have it explode about a foot
behind the opponent.

==== Big Bang (for lack of any real name):

Note that this is nothing use as a finishing attack and is meant for when your opponent is wounded. It won't destroy them in most cases, but it will
end the battle. Stand in a straight-back stance with the opponent about 2 feet away from you. Have the opponent to the side of you. Look in the direction of the opponent and extend the arm on that side. Have the palm facing towards him/her. Create a block in your wrist that will not allow ki into your hand. create another at the shoulder that lets ki in or out, but not out.

Start letting ki flow into your arm and try to reach your hand. Make it keep pushing the block. The more ki, the stronger the push. Fill your arm with ki as much as you can. This builds up the pressure pushing against the block. When you just can't hold in any more, quickly remove the block. This will have the effect of a pressure hose. The ki will come racing out at an enormous rate. It will be too much for you to control, so don't even try, just let it come out.

This will behind the opponent and he will no longer have the strength or stamina to continue fighting you. ==== Sudden Impact: This is a technique I devised from the one below. Create a genki dahma and throw it at the opponent. Instead of having the dahma go through the opponent, have it stay inside of him/her. Once the "mine" is placed in the opponent's body, charge your fist with a burning knuckle. Perform a ki punch and make contact directly on the area where the mine is placed. Send the ki in your fist out as a shockwave immediately. About a decisecond after impact, the shockwave will detonate the mine, causing the effect that your punch was like a nuke to the person. Inside and out. THIS TECHNIQUE CAN KILL, AS CAN ANY TECHNIQUE IF DONE PROPERLY!

Spirit mine: THIS TECHNIQUE CAN SERIOUSLY INJURE SOMEONE! Bring one hand up and create a strong mana ball filled with the energy of living organisms all around you (Genki Dahma). Once you've created this ball, "lock on" to your opponent. Throw the ball but do not let the ball go through him/her. Instead, keep the genki dahma inside of the opponent. With the hand that created the dahma extended in front of you, tell yourself (in your head) that when you close your hand into a fist, your hand will act as a remote for the "mine" inside the opponent. Then that when you open it, the remote will be triggered, and the mine will explode. Practice this technique on a tree, or someone equally as powerful as you. All questions about this tech should be sent to The Truth Keeper, one of my students (he created the tech,

Upward Spiral: Focus on the enemy and get in ready stance. Feel out ALL of the energy around you. Let you own ki out into the air, wrapping around the mana around you as you feel and visualize. As you use your body movement to raise the chi as from the ground is energy and fire, from the sun inside focused as energy swirling down and around as if ad-hoc. Make 4-6 balls of mana-filled ki balls. Concentrate them down into the Earth, also taking  earth element energy. Bring the balls up circling around the opponent. Make the mana inside of the ki balls that are out like spikes at the opponent as  they are going up. This will cause a creation of the energy to manifest the  barrage the enemy with about 60 spikes of energy, which hurts like heck. As  you get better, make more balls and make them hold more mana. Also extend the  distance between you and the opponent.

sun power up

Think or feel to do this at a sunny day raise your hands up at visuallise sun energy is going to to you once you have enogh visuallis it radiating out of you and then unllash it into flame

its experimental tech but intermeditate can do it power up to your max

ka:charge ki in your hands

me:put more ki

sen:get your hands in masenko position and explode the ki in your hands

ko: shut out your hands and visualise ahuge wave coming out of your hands and going throghh the target
hak blast

make a ki ball in one hand the send the ki to your thumb take the thumb with the ki ball and put it on your other plam chakra visuallise the ki ball is going to your plam chakra let go of the thumb then really release it for the target as a beam

Advanced Techniques

Mega Ball: Raise your dominant hand up as if you were going to create a mana ball. Power up using the ki flame technique. Push all the energy into that hand and form it into a ball. Power up again and repeat. This takes about 4 power ups. Once that process is complete, draw in some energy. Create a block as you would for the big bang. Once suffecient pressure has been created, throw your hand forward and let it fly, use the access energy from the block to push it off. It will move slowly because of the amount of ki in it in energy that is with charge from energy in ki.

Ki Drill: Stand in a wide stance as with your body facing the opponent. Bring up your dominant hand and extend the index and middle fingers on that hand. Place the hand about 6 inches off your chest. Close your eyes and begin focusing all your ki into those two fingers. Once you've generated as much ki as you can, let some of it come out and rotate around your fingers like blades. Load that hand and thrust it straight forward. Project the ki with a spear point at the tip of the beam. Create rotating blades around the beam. Focus it drilling through the opponent. WARNING: IF USED IN EXTEME ANGER, THIS TECHNIQUE CAN DRILL A HOLE IN AN ENEMY AS ANNIHILIST!

Multi Convergence: Also known as the tri form technique, it allows the user to create spiritual, sometimes physical replicas of him/herself. Stand in a straight position and power up. This time keep ALL the energy from the power up inside of your body. Feel the ki moving inside of you. Use your will power to make it move faster.

Make the ki inside of you move through your body at an incredible rate. Draw in ki to fill gaps of energy. In your mind you want the ki to move so fast it doesn't look like it's moving. When you feel that this has been accomplished. Extend your dominant leg and side step.

As you step visualize the ki being left where you were. Also picture giving a little of your own spirit to it. When you have fully stepped out, visualize the ki hardening into a human form and taking on the image of you. Once accomplished, you have full control over the clone. If focus is lost, or the clone is hit with a ki technique that overpowers it, it will melt away and return to you.

If you give a piece of your mind to it, it can think on it's own and you don't have to focus on it. Set up charge and use in tact the form that you think to seem, as energy is a thought your a born mind reader as use is the brain that is human. As an assumed form is a thought, your use is a point to what you think. As if a thought your point is energy, thought and knowledge this creates is not as you are and what you want to see is not always considered to be.

Choko blast(edited version): This is a technique I devised with one purpose, to completely over power the opponent and win the battle with ONE attack. Stand about 4 feet away from the opponent and go into regular ki blast position. Place your hands down by your hips and power up with ki flame and spirit up. Push the ki flame in between your hands to create a ki ball. Let it expand around your wrists. Double fill the inside of the ball with the eternal energy from the spirit up. Now create a block in both wrists and another at both shoulders with the same programming as the big bang attack. When there is sufficient pressure created, let SOME of it expand about 1 inch off your arms.

Create a wirlpool of mana around your hands to add to the energy in the ball. Merge the ball with the hands so that in you mind it looks like your hands ARE the ki ball. Thrust your hands forward. As your hands go forward, so does the wirlpool. Shoot the blast and use the momentum of the wirlpool to create a sling-shot effect by swallowing the blast and slinging it towards the opponent at a speed of about 150mph. This blast, if done properly, will devastate the opponent and make him gasp for breath. It should take about 10 minutes before he can breath normally again. This possibly will seem a good use with chaos by the feel of the energy and activity that no in use creates by the feel. As if thought is a focus and your idea, this is the activity as if a source point.

Minor invisibility shade: Relax your mind and focus on your surroundings. Feel the heat of the light from the sun hitting you. In your mind, visualize the rays of light going straight through your body. You must remember that we only are seen because the light reflects off of us for other's pupil's to gather which allows you to see. That's why we can't see in the dark, because there is no light for the pupil to pick up. If the light goes through you, there is no reflection of light for other pupils to pick up. This normally only works in crowds or forests where there is plenty of surroundings to throw someone's concentration off, if the guard is off and on after as the person that doesn't want to be noticed won't be detected. The person that does will be detected, as if a guard is on or off  as if shadow energy is useful. You can use the shadow energy, that is projected by the body with light.

Fire ball: The fire ball is a hard move to learn to control, but it is also extremely effective. To start out with, put your hands in the basic ki ball position. Start adding Ki energy into your hands, except this time focus as hard as you can into making the energy warm. Try to make it as hot as you can. Don't worry, the heat will not harm you because it is your energy. Now once you have added a fairly large amount of energy to the ball, remove one of your hands away from the ball. Now you should have only one hand holding the ball. Raise the hand that is holding the ball in the air. Make sure that the ball is in your dominant hand. Grab your wrist with your other hand that is free. Now push your ki out of both hands so that some of it is coming out of your dominant hand that is holding the ball, and some is coming out of the hand that is holding your wrist.

Push the energy that is holding your wrist into your wrist and into the ball. You know have the energy coming out of both hands. Now is the hard part. Start powering up and tightening your arm muscles. Focus as hard as you can on the ball turning into a huge flaming ball of energy. This is actually easier than it sounds because it is your energy. If you focus hard enough, then a friend about 4 feet away will probably say something like "Wow! I just saw a flame.", or, "Dang, that thing is hot", or something else like that. If you are a beginner, then for your first year of making it, the best you will probably make is a very faint ball of fire most likely. I would recommend that you have some experience in Pyrokinesis before you start really practicing the move because it is easier to perform.

Cyclone: This technique uses a spiral force to hit the enemy from multiple directions, then downward spiraling into their organs causing a drill effect(OUCH!). Stand in a regular wide legged stance(horse stance) and place your hands palm out with an ki an yan or your palms facing the  opponent. What you want to do is create a ki 'magnet' that will collect  the ki and mana within a certain range. Let your ki outside of you to be  drawn around your body into the magnet. Now make the magnet spin,  so that the ki it has collected, and will collect, begins to circle as well not to heroine as you think avoid drugs.

At this point, begin to draw mana into the magnet. The mana should be spiraling towards the hands because of the magnet. Now merge the ki with the mana so that the ki uses the mana to climb out in to the air and circle around your palms as one with the mana. Start to charge your arms with any ki you have left. Dan is use the ki in your arms to project the magnet out of your hands and through the opponent. This will cause the spiral of ki/mana around your hands to go inside-out and follow the magnet at a high speed. This will cause the mana and ki to go drilling through your opponent.

Ki Essence: This is the ability to force TONS of ki into a bottle, capsule, water drop, or small piece of food, for recuperative purposes. This is a VERY strong healing technique that I devised myself. In this I will use a small bottle as an example. Sit down and summon as much energy as you can. Bring all of it inside of you. Then become 'one' with the ki, and place your hands about 4 inches above the bottle. Visualize your palm chakra extending out and reaching the bottle. Fill that chakra with ALL the ki in your body at that time(keep enough to stay ALIVE!). Imagine a hole in the palm chakras forming and pouring all that ki into the bottle.

Bring back your hands and use mind power to create a mana shield in the shape of the bottle so that no ki leaks out of it. If the needed amount of ki was added, it should look a little foggy inside of the bottle. I've seen someone light up a bottle like a light bulb before(gave me the idea). Program the shield to keep energy in, but not out. That makes it safe to put 1-3 drops of water(particularly enchanted) into the bottle. Thus making it an elixir with the 'essence' of ki inside of it. ANYBODY who has 1 drop of it, will be fully recovered. The only thing that matters is how well you do it. And after the technique, or 'ritual', draw some energy.

Sonic Boom: This a technique named after guile's attack from street fighter, due to similarity. I was submitted this technique by a friend of mine. It has been changed a little from its original format. Place your hands down by your waist. Left hand on left side, and viceversa, with your palms open. Begin to collect energy into the hands. Focus as much energy as you can into it (ki, mana, and psi). Push all the energies within your power into your palm. Now shape the energy so that your hands are surrounded by balls of energy. Now clinch a fist, and raise your hands to chest level, while focusing on the damage you will cause. Quickly lock your arms into a position like this: Right fist inside of left elbow, and left fist ON your right elbow.

This position will send the two "mega" balls created swirling in your arms. They should swirl like a circle, with the ball created in your right hand shooting into your left arm, then into your chest, immediately followed by circling back into your right again, and viceversa. This will create a continuing circle for the energy, and as it travels over and over in that circle, it will gain more momentum and power. The instant that you break the circle by extending your arms back out, with your palms facing your opponent, the balls will collide and come out through your hands as a devastating shock wave of disrupted energy. Note that this attack is mentally, spiritually, and physically devastating to your opponent if fully developed. This should only be used on a living organism as a last resort


Drawing in Mana Hold your hands in front of you like you're creating a big Ki Ball. Many people have found it easier if they hold their hands a bit lower and have their palms a little more face up (imagine holding a bowl or a slippery ball you need to hold from underneath). Close your eyes and feel the energy around you, taking note of how everything feels alive, even the air itself. Reach out with your Ki and let it mix with the energy around you, and feel that life like it's your own. Now draw that Ki back in, bringing the Mana with it.

Part of the Mana will be your Ki, which is good since this will help you control it. Don't worry about the fact that it's not "pure" Mana since Ki is simply Mana belonging to a certain animal rather than just floating around. When you breath Mana in it becomes Ki, when Ki leaves your aura it becomes Mana (which is why it takes concentration to perform a Ki beam or blast). Mana naturally flows and disperses like air, so don't worry if the first several times you try to control Mana you fail after bringing the Mana in.

Mana Gathering Breath Obviously drawing in Mana can be time consuming. This tech will fill you with Mana so you can practice your Mana techs more easily instead of having to Mana Draw after every tech. Breath deeply, in the nose and out the mouth (gently out the mouth, not blowing hard, but not through a huge gaping mouth either)

Ki-Purge Mana Gathering This tech temporarily replaces a great deal of your Ki with Mana so you have the maximum possible Mana to work with. Obviously you shouldn't do this while sick. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, knees bent just a tad. Visualize roots of Ki leaving your feet and merging with the Mana of the earth. Visualize Mana flowing up through these roots and filling you.

Mana Ball Hold your hands like you're holding a basketball. Either draw in Mana or use Mana you've drawn in from a previous tech. Visualize it's pure green energy flowing into your hands to make a ball.

Mana Shield A shield made of Mana is superior to a normal Ki Shield when you need to block elemental energy or Mana attacks. To make a Mana Shield, move some Mana into your torso and and shape it into a ball through visualization. By using visualization, expand it so it surrounds your body. If you intersect it with the ground it will be stronger since it will draw a little energy from the ground at all times. You can Ki if you need to defend against Ki attacks, but trying to keep Ki and Mana in the same place without one turning into the other is very difficult.

Mana Blast Just like a Ki or Jing Blast, make a ball of the energy you want to use (in this case, Mana) and then visualize Ki moving into your arms and shoot a quick burst of Ki out of your arms so it shoots the Mana Ball.

Mana Beam Visualize Mana filling your arms. Hold your arms out with your wrists touching and palms open. Visualize a wave of Mana zooming up, pushing out the Mana in one long beam. This tech takes a lot of Mana, so make sure you've done the proper power-ups.

Gigantic Mana Blast Hold your arms in the Ki Blast position and visualize a lot of Mana flowing into your hands and arms. Visualize roots growing out of your feet, pulling in more Mana so you can keep filling your arms until they feel overloaded with power. Visualize one last surge of Mana rushing to your hands, blasting all of the energy in your arms.

Mana Screw-Beam Create multiple Mana Balls in your arms. Make the Mana Balls in one arm positively charged and the Mana Balls in the other arm negatively charged. Hold your arms out in any Ki Blast position and visualize the Mana Balls leaving your arms. The positive and negative Mana will try to spin around each other creating a screw. Visualize this screw zooming into your opponent.

Unlike in the Ki and Jing versions of this attack, there are many variations for the Mana version. You can make positives and negatives by using opposite elements (like fire and water), and each of the four basic elements has a negative and positive side, so you can make them purely of one element.

Fire/Water: Positive is Red (fire), Negative is Blue (water) Air/Earth: Positive is Light Yellow (air), Negative is Dark Brown (earth) Fire Only: Positive is Red, Negative is Green Water Only: Positive is Blue, Negative is Orange Air Only: Positive is Light Yellow, Negative is Pale Purple Earth Only: Positive is Dark Brown, Negative is Smokey White

Mana Kamehameha Stand in a strong stance and cup your hands to your side and make a Mana Ball. Draw Mana into your chest and arms. Shoot it out like a Mana Beam with the Mana Ball at the This will make an extra-strong Ki Beam.

Mana Flash Get into a wide stance and put your arms out to the side so you look like the letter T. Visualize your arms filling with Mana until they can't hold any more. Bring your arms straight up so your fists touch and visualize a block in your wrists and visualize roots growing out of your feet, pulling in more Mana to fill your arms until they begin to shake with power. Bring your arms down to point at your enemy and visualize the blocks in your wrists vanishing so all the Mana in your arms shoots out quickly.

psi energy of the mind

Psi manipulation requires practice. Psi energy is your mind's energy, it originates in your nervous system. Some people are good at psionics, others need a lot of practice with it. Meditation is a requirement for psi practice, it's a mind exercise. Meditate a lot while practicing psi manipulation, it will do wonders. Because Psi is your mind's energy and your doing a mental exercise. Psi manipulation is something everyone can do, it's a gift everyone holds, it just takes practice to harness your special energy. Believe you can do it, it CAN be done, people do it all the time. Psi is a like a hybrid between ki techs and telekinesis techs so there is some over lap and you may wish to study those as well.

Psi Ball Cup your hands and visualize your mind's energy flowing into the ball. The longer you do this the stronger the psi ball will be.

Compressing Psi To compress psi and make it stronger you need to make a psi ball. When done with the psi ball spread your hands and visualize the psi ball growing in size. Now push your hands closer to each other and visualize the ball shrinking in size and becoming denser. Do this for a minute or so. OR Make a psi ball. Now visualize it getting denser and denser. Do this for about a minute or so.

Programming Tech 1 Programming is a cool skill used to control your psi. First, make a good solid psi ball and make your intent clear. Now visualize the event of the psi ball doing what you want it to do over and over again.

Programming Tech 2 Make an good, solid psi ball like you would, and visualize text saying what you want it to do going into the psi ball. Then let it go.

Programming Tech 3 Make a good psi ball, solid and good, and visualize the center point on the psi ball. Now visualize the event going into the psi ball and going what you want it to do.

Programming Tech 4 Make a psi ball (you should know to do this by now) and visualize a drop down list appearing from the psi ball with options, now visualize your selected option appearing on the list. Visualize the option you want being selected, now let go of your psi ball.

Psi Shield To make a shield you need to direct your energy to form around you in the shape of something that makes you feel safe.While you are doing this focus on the thought that it will protect you from what you want it to protect you from feel. Thinking the likely thought. Think to use this then you get results. Where most likely other energy is there. The point is the ideal so think what you wish. Think the point then feel the ideal occuring then you get. So it can be used to protect from physical attacks but it requires an enormous amount of energy. After you have a good amount of energy, focus it to become solid then let go. Ther are many more ways to make psi shields, experiment and see which works best for you.

Psi Sword Hold out your hand and close your hand enough so it looks like you're holding something small such as one of those bats for little kids. Now pull psi from your third eye by visualization and make it flow down your arm and into your hand forming a sword. The more energy you add to it the stronger the sword will be. Try stabbing something with the sword and program it to stay in the object and not to fade away or dissipate, then try pulling the sword out.

Spoon/Fork Bending Find the utensil of choice, fork or spoon. Now hold the utensil in your hands and sit in a quiet space while breathing deeply and relaxing. Escape mentally from all sounds and thoughts. Now with your eyes shut, rub your fingers lightly over the surface of the utensil's handle. Feel the surface without necessarily thinking about it. Become a "part" of it. Visualize the atoms of the metal mixing with the atoms of your fingers and the air so that they flow together. Visualize it melting into liquid. This will take a few attempts. You will actually begin to feel the energy and warmth on the metal. At the moment you feel the momentum of the energy, Bend it with your mind!

Psi Wheel Tech 1 Take a metal thumbtack (the kind with a flat, circular base) and set it so that the sharp end is pointing upward. Now take a small square of white paper, about 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch (maybe even smaller), and carefully balance it on top of the tack. You can replace the bit of paper with a piece of carefully cut aluminum foil if you feel more comfortable with metallic energies. Now sit in front of the "psi-wheel" you have just created. Stare on one corner of the square of paper. Focus all your energy on that one corner, willing the paper to start turning on top of the point. Imagine the wheel (the paper) begins to spin on the axis (the tack). Hold your concentration for as long as it takes for you to get it spinning. Once you get the hang of this try making the psi wheel fall off the tack.

Psi Wheel Tech 2 Get the psi wheel ready. Now calm yourself anyway you like or works best for you. When done put your hands around or by the psi wheel and visualize a psi ball forming in your hands and around the psi wheel spinning really fast. Concentrate and focus on the psi ball spinning really fast and moving the psi wheel with it.

Psi Wheel Tech 3 OK, first make a psi ball in your hands, then when you are getting ready to put the psi ball on the psi wheel, say in your mind: "Please help me with this psi wheel, make it move." then slowly put the psi ball on the psi wheel, it should move.

Swinging a Pendulum Cut a piece of thread about 10 inches long. Tie a wide object to it, like a needle, a toothpick, or a short piece of a wooden rod. Hang the string so that you can sit comfortably in front of the hanging object. Sit far enough away from the string so that you know you aren't making the object spin with your breathing. Let the object come to a complete stop, not turning at all in midair. Take a deep breath. Focus all your attention on one side of the object, right or left, it doesn't matter which. Imagine the object slowly turning as if your mind was really pushing against that side of it. You can use your fingers to "point" your energy, but do not touch the object. Once it starts to turn, and who knows how long it will take you to get this far, imagine that your energy pushes it faster so it speeds up. It should turn with greater momentum. Practice this. Once you get the hang of it, keep using this method to get the object to swing instead of just spin. Good luck practicing.

Moving a small object Choose a small, lightweight object, preferably made of a light metal, such as a cheap ring. Clear your mind completely. You should have NO distractions whatsoever, and try not to let erroneous thoughts into your mind, or you will lose your focus. Concentration is vital. Build a "tunnel" between you and the object. Visualize this tunnel between yourself and the object. You only see the object. Everything else is outside of the tunnel, and thus, outside of your view. Now, imagine your mind's hands coming out and pulling the object in. Once you feel the pull, you might want to make sounds in your head that suggest a strong magnetic field (nnnn.... nnn.... nnnn.... ) It may sound silly, but it works! Don't expect this to work the first time you try it. It might, but there is also a chance it will not. Try, try again! If you cannot devote your time and patience to this, don't bother trying it at all.

Psychic Message Look at the person whom you are wanting to speak to and see their mind as a Black hole thats sucking in anything . Now visualize your mind as a White shinning star and reach out with your Psi, make a Connection with that person but seeing a bridge between your mind and theirs . Make it like an electrical current, like a volt of lighting thats transferring thoughts constantly, or see a blue tube made of chi connecting you two through the minds . Send your message word by word into their mind and when it hits the black hole visualize it going down into them . Make the words Thicker to make them heard louder, such as " Be at peace " as normal but for shouting more of " SILENCE ! " . ( Ive learned that many people are natural * receivers * and some are natural * Speakers *, meaning some people wont hear you as well because they are used to either speaking instead of listening )


What is Jing? I've heard Jing described a whole lot of ways; it's super-Ki, it's cleansed Ki, advanced Ki, a whole different energy made out of Ki, and of course, condensed Ki.

It's a fair mix of those things. All Ki contains some amount of Jing, this is what allows it to have affects outside of the immediate vicinity of our bodies, however only a very small amount of Ki is Jing, which is why Ki has a tendency to break down if it's away from the body and you're not concentrating on it. The Jing in Ki is what makes Ki different from Mana; both are life energy but only one has that Force in it.

So where do people get the idea that it's compressed or condensed Ki? If you try to compress your Ki, you end up pushing out everything except the Jing. This makes Jing as a usable substance (like in a Jing Ball) both very powerful and very hard to control. It's 100% Force of Ki, but Jing isn't meant to exist like that. Much like the artificial elements scientists have created Jing is unstable in this state and will break down. This causes it to be somewhat volatile and there is a much greater chance of burnout while practicing with Jing.

How do I make Jing? The best way to make a Ki Ball and compress it. I've found that the best way is to make a really big soft Ki Ball. I then make a hard layer around it using either Ki or Psi, depending on which I feel in the mood for. I then shrink this outer layer down until most of the Ki inside is crushed out. I then repeat the process by making a big Ki Ball again, this time around my little ball of Jing.

This method takes lots of concentration but is the best method of creating a large amount of Jing. If you have trouble with that one then try just making a normal Ki Ball and just keep putting in more and more Ki but don't let it grow in size. This method will produce a ball which has lots of Jing and may even be mostly Jing, but creating a ball of pure Jing through this method is very difficult.

Once you're experienced you'll be able to make Jing by continually flowing Ki down your shoulders and out your hands through your bones, using the rest of the Ki in your arms to squeeze the bones so tight that the Jing cannot pass through. This will leave your bones full of Jing. Always use any pure Jing you have inside your body as it's not good for you to keep it in that state.

Creating Jing - Internal Make a ball of Ki in your torso. It doesn't need to be very strong, just big. It's best if you can fill your whole torso. Create a shell out of Ki or Psi either in your skin or just under it, which ever is easier. Shrink this shell down, crushing out the weaker energies until you have a little ball of mostly Jing. Expand the shell to the skin and fill your torso with more Ki. Crush again and continue until you have a ball about the size of a softball.

The first several times you crush it to this size it will still only be partially made of Jing. Once it feels like you can no longer crush it to quite that size any more you know it's pure Jing, or pretty close to it. Some people say that this is easier if you crush when you breath out and fill when you breathe in. I've found the opposite to be easier and some of my friends say it doesn't matter. Try them all and see what works for you.

Creating Jing - External To create Jing in between your hands, make a Ki ball about the size of a basket ball. Around it, create a shell out of Ki or Psi either in your skin or just under it, which ever is easier, though psi is generally easier when creating Jing externally. Shrink this shell down, crushing out the weaker energies until you have a little ball of mostly Jing. Expand the shell until your hands are around a foot and a half apart (the width of the keyboard in front of you is probably a good example), but try not to make your hands farther apart than shoulder width. Fill the ball with more Ki. Continue crushing and filling just like the internal tech.

Jing Ball Obviously the external tech makes a Jing Ball automatically. Jing is very volatile, so while still learning how to use it you should be careful and keep it in a shell. When you go to move the jing out of your torso and into your chest, split it into two smaller balls or streams, one for each arm. Make sure to visualize the shell you use to make it wrapping around the Jing as it travels to your hands as you do not want to leak Jing, particularly into your joints such as the elbow. Once in your hands, re-shell it. As you get better you'll only need to shell the palms of your hands as a precaution and keep the Jing balled with willpower and visualization. Ultimately you won't need any shelling except in the creation process, and you'll be able to safely transport Jing and create a Jing ball with only visualization and will.

Jing Blast Create Jing whichever method you prefer. Hold your hands so your wrists are touching and your palms are open (so your hands make a < shape). Getting into that possition after making the Jing externally. If you made your Jing internally, make the Jing Ball now and shell it. Visualize Ki moving into your arms and shoot a quick burst of Ki out of your arms so it shoots the Jing Ball. While it is possible to use more Jing to shoot the Jing Ball, it is dangerous, difficult, and ultimately pointless as the launching energy doesn't ever hit the opponent.

Jing Flame Stand with your feet shoulder width apart like you would for a Ki Flame. Create Jing. If you make Jing externally you will need to draw it in through your hands and reform the Jing Ball in your chest. Holds your arms straight up and then shoot your elbows down like you're doing a pull up. When you do this yell "HA!" and explode the Jing outward. This will super-charge your aura, chakras, and energy flow, and has an effect much like lentation but does so without the adrenaline.

Jing Disk Make a Jing Ball and hold it on one hand (this will take lots of practice). Once you can hold it in one hand, have your hand flat like you're holding a big platter. Visualize the Jing Ball spinning and flattening like pizza dough, making sure the shell around it flattens as well. You may throw this as you would a Ki Disk.

Jing Shield Attack Create a Ki Shield, or use one you already have. Create Jing either in your chest or make it in your hands and move it to your chest. By using visualization, expand and hollow it so it surrounds your body like a Ki Shield, making sure it goes beyond the outside of the Ki Shield in place. Make sure to keep the shell around it. You should now have a three layer shield made up of a Ki Shield, a Jing Shield, and the shell for the Jing. Jing is very unstable like this and not good to use for a shield, however, when being attacked in close range you can knock the shell out of the way, making the Jing Shield explode (which is why you need the Ki Shield to protect you). I do this by keeping my arm attached to the front of the shell, so when I sweep my hand to the side it takes the shell with it, causing the explosion.

Half-Jing Beam Create Jing and fill your arms with the Jing, either moved from your hands or your chest, depending on how you made your Jing. Hold your arms out with your wrists touching and palms open. Visualize a wave of Ki zooming up from you Tan Tien, pushing out the Jing in one long beam.

Jing Flame Punch/Kick Create Jing enough Jing to engulf a hand or foot and use it to fill your fist (for punching) or foot (for kicking), allowing it to pour out into your aura. Attack your enemy with that part of your body and use visualization to explode the Jing outward when it hits them. This can hurt you very easily so use it only when truly necessary.

Full-Jing Beam
Create Jing and fill your arms with the Jing, either moved from your hands or your chest, depending on how you made your Jing. Hold your arms out with your wrists touching and palms open. Create more Jing, this Jing must be made in your chest. Visualize this Jing zooming out, pushing out the other Jing in one long beam made entirely of Jing energy particles.

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hidden soul power II

Part 1 is here:
The original part II is here:


"The key to manifestation" ( 101 )

Ok as I see it, you first have to think in detail everything your going to want to manifest. Think of your mentality of how you are living the love you have in your heart and around you. The abundance of wealth and Health you want. The type of house in the location you want, specific car or cars, WHATEVER you want!!! Master Manifesters imagine the way the will get to the level of MANIFESTO lvl 9 by imagining the interactions, scenarios, breaks, and luck they would need to enact this. Put as much detail into it as you can, the more the better.

"Alchemy" ( 101 )

Ok as you know, now you take all of those details of your manifestation and hold the in a focused deep thought. This is imprinting it within your subconscious thought. Wait, it's not over, here is the ''ALCHEMY'' part. First reach deep within yourself and Great a hefty does of ''WILL'' and put it right on there. You need the strength of WILL to start this MANIFESTATION. Next add Equal parts ''REASON'', one needs REASON for this is what will ''ALIGN'' your MANIFESTATION with the UNIVERSE. "YOU CANNOT MANIFEST UNLESS ALIGNED WITH THE UNIVERSE''!!! Next add equal parts ''SPIRIT''. The SPIRIT is the DRIVING FORCE throws this into the UNIVERSE. You can look at it like a BOOMERANG, you throw it out into the Universe and then wait for it to come back and have the discernment to see the people, scenarios, chance encounters, luck that the universe drops into your life like Cosmic Doors to walk right through, You walk through each on of them all the way to the top floor of MANIFESTO lvl 9.

But remember in order to do this you need a ''DISCIPLINED'' Mind, Will, and Spirit. For WILL + REASON + SPIRIT = MANIFESTO. If your not aligned or off in any of the ALCHEMICHEAL process, the it would be the equivalent to throwing a boomerang out into the UNIVERSE and coming back and putting ''PI'' on your face

Using the aura

The aura is the hidden soul ability or power, where you infuse energy into it by what you think is energy. As every microphobia or ideal area use will say, think as you use the ideal. The aura is powered by the soul where you think the point to create, then the soul creates for you what you want. The hidden part is that you can create what you will or wish to create. Otherwise the seen part is that you notice things, that the subconscious points out guided by the guides you have or the soul that exists by things.

If you think to notice this is an ideal, you can manipulate the ideal to become useful. When you think the soul power is useful you know, that is you release the energy you bound up then create with a point. As you feel the focus to create what you need. That is the secret hidden or unhidden power of the soul that you think to see or use by focus. This in turn changes the subconscious that is the brain activity. Then you can use the divine to create the ideal.

As thinking that you prove this works by action that is the key. So focus is where you feel by focus, for the subconscious mind to be controlled. When you do the focus you create by feel, so think the point then you create the ideal you feel is necessary. That is the focus by feel technique for the aura use. That you empower further by what you die or create things for use. So imagine the point then don't as you act as though the item or idea is there, then act as if the point is there as you think it is the point then is summoned.

This is what I sensed will come.

volcanic ending;

some defense; Think the ideal, think the feel they feel then they'll feel it. So think the target memory think the ideal to do as you say think the feel or happy by a happy thought, sad by thinking or missing something, regret by thinking a lost memory or something not necessary that occurred with memory, joy by thinking something good then the target will tend to feel it. So all you need to do is use your pinneal gland , this is used by thinking energy to the pinneal gland. That sends blood flow to the third eye pinneal gland that activates it, then what you think it will do if you need it to do things. So that is all to do things.

begging; As you can think then use, think then you are aware to what someone looks like. Think a point and you look like whom you think about. Thinking this I think I use this as a disguise, but as you said its the natural body response to seem resonable. The body adjuts to the aura of the other then the point is done and dealt with ideal.

no more food; eat no more hot dogs. no more pizza with imagined ideal you don't need polish. no more peanuts, no more food that is where or what I have seen use for ideal. with thinking from the creator we recieve visions as thought, so use in the thought is revealing the minded ideal where there is no life so think what you want. Shift or feature is the point you think then use ideal to create with a point, the ideal is done if you think to do what you want by the feel that you have.

the end: if you went by this ideal or store area, you usually get what you want. one since there is no life then there is no trade with no food thats good. so think what you want then you may get it.

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more suggestions

here are some more suggestions:

no more overhealthiness; eat no more hot dogs. no more pizza with imagined ideal you don't need polish. no more overhealthy eating.

creation use; Think as you want with the feeling you have, as the feel of life exists what you want. This is so you think as you are aware or awake.  Just so you remember to focus with feeling or use is there by feel. You imagine it to be so if by feel, just so you feel or ask as this is with what you consider a thought then. If you do this you get a response.

what is there; If you think from the feel to imagine what you want. You imagine things to exist then they will with focus. So that I think is the way of life. Otherwise you get nothing from life in life, that exists or life exists not by the feel. This is provable by using the suggestion, if there is life I will do this ideal if there is no life then I won't do this.

This reveals by your actins what is there. So if nothing is alive there then you won't actually do anything. So think if you want then you can get things. So then if they do then, you get a point or response to work with and you see that is the way things are. Nobody has to like it in an effect, this is where the ideal is what you think.

subconscious creation; See for the creation to exist. The subconscious works by feel, the feel that you have by focus is what creates with it. So think as if it exists then you create using the consciousness direction the subconscious otherwise with thinking by focus or feel, the mind is the brain that you feel or sense with then the subconscious is the mind activity. That's how you can get things. The ease of use if used is there by sense, if you think of the point then feel to create with focus.

no chub; If you meet me or see me or I see you, don't chub up. Just mention a number to not chub up. As you see then you if you think can create as an element is ideal by what I think. I think this will work out by what I do.

normal; I am normal by appearance so I think to use what is there, if I act normal according to the ideal that's presented then I am not angry, Otherwise I act the way I want to act.

created doneness; Things finish quickly so the things needed are done by the creator. This is usually as though I get paid on the 18th. The 18th is today, I wonder whats up as I don't take it off of him unless necessary.

diversion; whatever gets in the way is dealt with by the point its done, so it isn't in the way anymore.

diverse; whatever is the cause, there is nothing in the way. That is the point that I think or the creator creates.

Clear thinking; there is no point to today, lets deal with things as they come.

done; we're done with what we can do.

improved points:

creation use; See for the creation to exist. Think as you want with the feeling you have, as the feel of life exists what you want. This is so you think as you are aware or awake. Just so you remember to focus with feeling or use is there by feel. You imagine it to be so if by feel, this is with what you consider a thought if you do this. If you think from the feel to imagine what you want. You imagine things to exist then they will with focus. So that I think is the way of life. Otherwise you get nothing from life in life that exists or not by the feel. This effects by the planetary core that creates by thinking to the core to create what you wish. This is a point you can think to create, by ideal this is used if you thought to create with thought by or with feel.
the end: if you went by this ideal or store or area, you usually get what you want.

The thought; Think the point to get the ideal that is how one thinking way, you can get what you want though by feel with focus.
Thinking; As you think no more in life then think in life, you realize what it is life offers when or where is up to you.

Connection; This does connect by feel, think of it like a point in use where you try or create time then the connection repairs itself. People talk to each other by feel.

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