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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The mind ward

   The idea of three thousand years in history, that is to make what you think into feeling. This is the effort of what you think this is as and that is what you are needing or considering at the moment. There is the moment, of what you think and feel to create and if your feeling alright then you are what in impotent action that you think to make. There is a point, an to this activity as you think an you are what this then creates as you are what seems to be at a moment. Then, if you inset something in your mind. Then with spirit as this is deadly to some and destructive to others, you can create something called energy interferics as that is truly what this sounds, as this is to interfere with something in your mind and then the aura can stop things as though it were not there. Then if in your own land, you are not allowed the spaces that find you unallowable as this is unless excused for what you think to seem. This is what, what makes allowable from disallowable in panic or not panic. There is a way to do things that is not observed, their way thought in an area and planned for is what can be an used is in observed spaced area. Otherwise, you can work with the idea that you come up with. This can be seen, as though thought was in somewhere and formed in an area that you wanted to be seen in an area that is space in dimension considered spaced. This is there in an action way, that doesn't effect yourself. As you can see things for what they are, you can decide what you are in thought to seem.

   Thus, to consider what you seem you are a quick thought to go back. The thought is what you see, and you can see the time as you think and the subconscious can expose what time there is of the space. There is a point though as thought to exist, things can disappear and go back to their own space in time. Thin and think, and you are able to shift travel to be somewhere that is thought. The thought is done and you are back to your ideal area in time. Then, your able to work in with things and do a dimension shift and consider it like that. Back in time as if time was there, is what you are thinking as you are arranged for. Then, as if you are time then you can get places. Thus, the lesson is over if thought is there you can get things and come back or not. Take this like a lesson an as if you are what you seem you are somewhere in time to explore what is an idea of the area there. When you think show me the time and dimension, the subconscious will come up with one by what you observe and what you can see in the area unless it looks alike. Your spirit will know what it appears, as and what it seems to be will seem to actualize and appear as it really might be as though a light to travel with a key.

   The safest time you can actually see is 3000 years, before the subconscious is aware of things that is shown as foggy or clear if your clear headed as this is as though thought is there. Then think to go places, and you don't ever return and not to come back to your own time as if to return later at the time the spirit is decided to. To go places, think to go and you are as your energy can direct the area energy to show you as thought to get you places, an area is with the conscious of the people there. There is a place and idea of things in thought, as the energy that shows what is there as in the thought is the energy light effect. As if in a room, if in a room that is appearant and that shows a time in place, in area and this in thought in unlimited idea. This is in thought what you can deal with and ingrained in thought is a memory that you can view and if you view it and this is to get there you trip and go. If you go there, then you are able to wear things made in the soul.

   As first, an you can get hungry where you are don't then as you can not eat for 10 seconds to 4 minutes. There is a way to not, ever get weighty from this. Say not and you think not, then is the thought first to eat as you want or wait till you don't feel hungry and eat normally. Then to go as you explore, as you do this in your head or spirit. The soul can pull you back to where you came from. Unless, you use necromancy to use ether travel that will happen. The spirit can pull the soul of yourself, to think soul to you as you think to get the soul back as if you pull your imaginary life cord that is thought gold strands. And, returned is the soul that took your place, as though shadow walking you are where you want to be in mind. There, if you are able minded you can get things to go with idea. Otherwise, you are gone to an extradimension, that you can rest in as you shift to your home. This is the spell to return people to their own body, think things and it is said when you look in the light. To goto your mind area that is thought on, imagine a soul key made of dark energy turned to become an idea object. Then, touch the object to return or store idea, and the object can be used to observe by feel.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Construction spell idea

  What you think will happen if enough energy, is there and in enough concentration by imagined thought is a sphere of influence that makes it there, as if the idea is what you want in there way, the perceived area that is destroyed is what could be what is if you believe it and if you are what you intend to be you are there in mind. So, what you think, you can use if you think its useful it can become in existent motion. Only, if you consider the point, the idea that is done is what can be used to make energy raise or fall. This can consider the point that you want to create, as it is done you can use what point of concept energy is there. Thick trees and land mass is easily used as you think it it is done. There is very little thought to do. Instinct is theirs but you can use what you think.

  This is in idea, that in mind is there way of thought, and my way is alien as yet your in a way to do. So, we can make construction, as though an activity and yet the thought exists that we do things you get powered and this makes up the biolectricity grid. That each and every human body, can course with energy as to make it or break it. What you get, is what you think as the human can only do so much. So, when starting use food or drink to create with as you make energy and use the land or sea to make thought create itself, as thought thought itself were an good idea. Think what you want in standard english, the idea is what you consider in real life as a cost that is to be paid. Pay it in reason, of what you pay for in a store. So, in reflective idea the mirror can show what you think, to create the idea as you think the mirror can create. This is the shadow trick made by shadao. Think to create improvement and you will.

The thought moment

 These are spells of its gothic age. State what you want if you can get any result at all, this can create insanity if not adapted to and not kill you if your lucky.

The Meme = The Meme effect; What you put down is what you get. In the action of a moment in effect. With thought in action you are super, but what you get is supernatural with practice as psionic. This is as psionic ability and this is what surges memory in an area that your mind perceives in point of time.

The mamal = The mammalian; The mammalian queen is the queen of all mammals this work toward things thought to all things they want. This is the moment, that is there if you are and you are what you seem. That can summon forth that which you think to summon to get better results. This is thought as with the end result in a secret effect. The effect is then what you create and you are what you think. Thought in a matter of moments are about to happen.

The Uma Umna = The human fire create; This is the pyro create effect, where you attune and tune things to be as if the moment in thought is what you are perceptively working. There is escape to another land, as thought exists where you think of in a moment and this can be a different time and place you are what you say you do as in work. The moment ends and when you think it does, thought will fix itself if things are and the moment will be as they are when you want them to seem in real life. An exempt moment of this, is to think of a moment and if its acceptable it can be used.

Pyro Cret = The Fire Create; The moment of fire in an concent by will is to will and you create as the fire is to create you think of your need and what you want to create and as you are thinking of this you make and position to doubt it or make the thought real. This is the moment you inner fire comes forth, and you are creating by sea in a thought of air use. This is when you create in the in idea, and out if in a moment to create the point and make by what you can perceive in the air waves as though you were capable of creating what is there. This uses particle space, that is the idea in what you want that if possible will seem impossible to be or not to be as it creates itself.

The Hid Exi = The Human existence; The existing is to work, as the non existing is to observe or do things as thought. This spell creates what you want, in a moment as though thought were creative aspects and you are seeing things as they are in what you are again. This creates what you thought in a momentary blink and an eye blinks and you are there of an eyeblink elsewhere or in nothing you can create what is to be by thought and statement.

The Una = The Uman Ema Inna; The inert moment where you are what you do in another life, as he or she is what you think. This is the moment that you are what is in the need of a moment in time and you wake up in your own time. The idea is to use the idea of what you think, and you get what you thought if you are what you are considering in a consent of what life exists, as this uses the 1000 stars to work the clans of space.

Uma Umma Mann = The inner word vampire; The inner vampire effect can keep the body weight down, to what you are wanting it to be in what you think or want to become. In what you do with life you can become as though thought was there to keep you as you want to be kept.

 However for thought that came from this, the manuscript below is rather the thought.

  This is the minefield idea of what you get with things that you are intending, as to match the memory that is pertinent to the idea as is a moment. This is not unlike to the idea moment, is for activity this makes things as though a dragon in Theistic view not there to do things that then you don't get effected by what nasty thing it does. This sense is then the thought you hear, as you hear it and if you hear things you can sense to use them as thought is right out of knowing idleness as in the air world. The idea is what you think as you are doing for things, to get better work better and train better to find what is the right solution to get what you intend. Just feel the idea and focus in on your intend, and use the idea to get focus in on the thought and you can think to do. The more you do, the more you get in return the more you don't use in thought unless you don't in mind think to get them.

  As things can go allot better you answer, and you get things for a return service at the will of what I thought to get back in places to explore. And I leave the way I came in. As in a concept effect, the thought you use is to get things to go with and run or walk to work with the thought. The thought is what to do, things as you normally thought or not as you use to do with right by the right method and in no more. This is to repair the place, with thought know thought and use thought and create from the damage energy as you use the is in idea to make idea in thought as you find any thought the future  method is useful. This is where you can get, to seem good and in act is in intelligently in made is disguise, in decent thought is to get decent in results as though in results is thought that is results from your mind in experiments that are revealed in your concept as in you are think what you want.

  This is listening in as if a moment though thought or not be in a concept and if you don't care to listen to this you don't have to as its an area that is a minefield where thought can be wrong and concentrating in thought in decent intelligence as you perceive in thought you are if you want to seem and you are in moments that are yourself as it is better and you hear and recognize what you create by what you preconceive in an idea as to see and know with fire thats innate in use that gives visual feedback to thought and felt idea or use of water is to use a concept as a focus and you can focus on need and in the inner use by drawing the memory in a drink that is charged by thought of water to your mouth is to see and know as to use viu as a visual aid as though prei is prescience and scie is scientific thought by measure and use is by psi technique.

  This is where you arrange and create things that go better, and this is the fact of what you are describing to be going to do, you use things to work things out as though better and not to be known by what you do and you are not realized if no reaction to you as you will get in trouble for it and this is though you are invisible. This is the point at the end where you are going and coming to get as you intend to get, as then you go and things are in now that you come to work with you can work with the thought of what you find. This is a moment that is what you and others can do to do better. What you are going for is to attempt, and then use the idea of what you need. As this is what you studied you can use this to understand things as with effect by the moment that you think. As though to act in kndness, you act as the idea that is accepted as this is what you are making and using to do things with, you do things as if to get what is to achieve and do better with whomever the third eye is thought to choose and draw to you in the idea to work as if to relate with relate to each other.

  The effect of what you think is with thought to be what you intend, as the idea is not always in mind, you can get or work with things that are in heart. As, if this is true, you can go ahead and make what is in related reality. As if you are not to bad, you are in a point where your creer is to go down or come up as better, as better in mind is better in body and as you lose the bad idea you gain a more positive outlook in life. As in thought, you are what you think and what you are describing is what you can create. The thought is what you achieve truly is what you get to work with. As this can take originally a term and change it if your subconscious, is what you are wanting but not as if you are not intending the bad or nasty idea in the mind. As though an integra moment, through integrity you can get to make things of the self. You are what you think you are, or were as you intention to become is done is through the spirit to be or seem better.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The unique enhance construct

  This is the in unique intelligence of what idea you use, as you get thought use it as energy and them who care can help. The indiana jones thought is to work in the moment that is what includes the motion by motien, which is the spirit movement that is what you get with exhausted moment. That you are in assault or not is what you get from what you work with, as you now to see and you perceive to realize. This put in thought form is a construct made of enamel or what you think as a building material. As if it is not safe as it can disappear the moment, you know its destroyed in material value into the harry potter world and you in thought are what visitor is with you or not as you want and this is what you need as if intend. Think to use the enamel, as you want to use thin and go by creating with the material you can create a thought as doom to make the construct as from in taken out materia as if energy. Form it and go as if you in a moment were not the moment that is in want to be invisible. And you can go as if not appearantly there if in thought, and there you are if you focus on the construct and think to go as thought is near an area and if you say and you think so and you are as you trip or almost fall over. And otherwise you go, as if jedi you are nearly evil yet good in though in no thought yet good in idea though what you do is not what you seem as to in and out but not at all as if not hit badly as if you are what you seem.

The extruded idea in thought idea

  Their is a point in time, where the idea that is a gift moment ends, and you are what thought is created as a near world and you are attributed as a coincident moment in a different mind. As in a moment, you are likely to use things as in they are needed otherwise as if punching a button extrudes on a touch. These are the moments that you are working on things, and of what you intend by that which you look at a mirror. The idea is simple to work with them is worthwhile, and to know the moment is to do things in a unique way in thought you go away as you don't go and you find what you want in mind. There is a moment to moment, in idea as if there you are where you want to be and you are no longer there except with intelligence as withheld information is there with no regard as though you were able to read it and it depends on whom you kill to whom gets it.

  And now stop the thought as you are gone, as you are given idea to use you are free to do things and with no beatings as torture is possible if your caught as noone. As you are none to their mind you are not thought of, as the identity to the subconscious mind in thought in mind in body you are alive as if nothing generated itself from nothing air. When done, you say done and you return to work out and say done to leave or think of a point in time to use as a area is what you can do things in thought with more modern idea. The idea is where you are thought of but not in a bad way. Think of the area to go, as you are shifted just to the point seem to or think and go with the idea 'pancake and thin as thought you are now as your thin as if a board where you want to sit'.

This concept in blood

   Just like a concept in blood the thought is done as you are doing things, stop then you are free as you do things with thought as if thinking about something you are reading their thought. The thought is with an idea that is thought is to get. As you touch and use the information that you find in an aura a person's energy, and try to do as you might you are sane as you are capable by focus and as if you are close to magic you can get things to work and things in thought become clear minded as your there and talking as though thought came from the person. Their is a point that you see things, and you can think to restore by what you think. Their is a wish to get there and back with thought again. This is a concept to wish for, as you wish you get and as you want you won't as their will is something to work with you are now herein as though a point in time you existed in the mind and out watched the thing in action.

  As though thought you are invisible, in and you out are what thought in alliance is there to trust. When you come back, you are curious as to be somewhere else. So, you jump and go as you are, where you want to seem at with idea. These are the thoughts of what you are doing, at the time you can dimensionally shift is to see the thought in an action that you observe. There is a thought wherever in naturally that you can cause yourself to shrink to a small white dot, unless you don't as the effect is there this is as the thought is the thought hidden. And this is in use, by the thought and what is put in there and you get things to do and you go on. So use in that area where the thought in conscious, and in her idea is this as the aura is not always in thought used an his is to adjust to this as this is to get in somewhere to be somewhere as if where you intend is real in aspect.

  The point is this, to seem good is think an you are to appear good in skill and as you are good you are seen as though thought it was you but okay as you are gone. The thought is not fantasy, as this is the idea in fantasy of life itself as it is based on what you see in the originating world that are there by what is thought on with telepathy revealing the idea and not here as you thing something and you get results. The originating world skam is run by a crook and this is not that skam. This is a part of that idea, to think of an area as you are working nearby you see the memory and you can't tell if its yours or theirs until pointed out, the idea is broken up by thought with integrity and in the idea your in mind. As you think, when the thought comes in you are the money and they are the power as you use their money you earn you are what they seem to bear trust in trust is action with thought in mind. The trust is idea, that is what is you get disturbed memory in hitting and not gettin incapacitated by what you do. To shift is to think of where you go, and touch in you are playing observing in area and idea if where you are for one second you are dead an if you were dead you are alive again as the magic is done and you return after thinking dangerous and you return as if you if you are.

   The thought trick is to think and in this and your able to seem life and respect as you are working with the idea thats different, to do things is to seem like a person that is trusted. As no you don't do things in thought with thought to do and tell and you ca seem to create an effect somewhere, by thought of use you can do duel action in as activity and you are capable of handling any situation. Ay thought if known about can lead you to the area as is if you are thoughtful and reposed. And as each thought to create an idea is to think on it, to use thought from there is then as if to create known things. This is to restore, and go or to fix you think and realize what you did. To consider a conjure point, is to make as you are to gnow and realize. This is the idea that is in mind, as if you were thought you create as though there and not thought of you can create effects there as this is thought and distract by trick with what you will or what you want is done as mischief by a kitsune is done.

   This leads to the employ, as you do things you get things to achieve. Their is no reasonable way, to disappear unless you go and leave with the idea of what you intend. To create an effect somewhere else, you can get an idea to make an get with the effort as you think and not consider the area you aren't effecting it. As if you are working with things to end in the moment, be nice as this is at the end of what you do in thought put or not as use and make things better in the point that they can happen as if they were in dealing with others as this can lead to better management.

   The idea of this is from contact sport and can seem to be used as is thought, with a moment that is there to seem to be. Post call trick is what you are doing, as you do with body and aid in mind, as this is the end of the moment stop and think. Jump the car or do as asked, and work in the moment taken as if the idea existed where you were not thinking it exists, then it can exist as it were there but not here and you won't get in trouble, or not as if you knew not to do you aren't in thought. Their is a path to life that isn't observed. Then, you use the idea you get as if to use intended results better. Actual thought in idea is this is a tragedy but not if you are unviolent, by treaty in idea longevity in what you attempt is to peacefully go and if you are the will. There is no more to this trick, as you act good you are good to go despite what you attempted you can think 'en' you can be at the end of an act.

Postgap Harry measure

  The area is thought, use of tea is you that is intelligent as you state what is spoken there, as you match the point its a jump idea for the actual thought is dumb but release is done her and you are done and what you seem to think is interesting. Think and you are there as the spot is right between, as you are there as if you can seem do think as you do there in his way as his thought in your mind to be with a path to go to where you want. Fence in the area in your mind, is the worst place to place, this but if you were to be places you can think uses to see and use things to go. Think and you go as if you think you are going, to an area and thought touch the place to gather in energy and your spirit shifts you and this allows as there you are as you think. To return, think you are disrupting the body, not the flow of energy and you return in to life.

  This is the area of thought, to get where you want to vicious and sure, and if you if thought you can turn in any direct path or math movement to do things normal and you return as if by thought and excite the atomic energy as you do things and think shift or go walk to do something or not as though you jump up and you are where you were with energy by the area. This is Eu For for the idea, that is harry potter style where you are to seem as if you imagine a cylinder. And you are as if between in an area, that is for that you want to be in. As this is going on, you are retracted to being there and you can come back as a jump alive is done as you are restored and returned. Think like you and you are thought as channeled body energy and not in your body, but in the aura realizing everything you ever did and you can guide the body there as if by bigfoot and use is by foot you are alive still as you avoid the possible hassles.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moon Mai Particle shape

   This is use of your moon as to create the being made from particle energy, as this is cast by a Moon Make as a different moon comes up, and in no idea as is the creator makes things and by use of Moon Mai is Moon Make is a surrender to the moon that is a moment and that is made by a moon thought sent to the moon stated or otherwise as this is what you are thinking without the idea. State to the moon as the moon is in the sky, "Oh beautiful moon, I return to you the excess you sent. As idea to use, create as you think is possible as I thin to use." As the idea is thought "Oh beautiful idea I see, your beauty outshines the sky. I request what is possible, as possible by what I need or no need."

  Otherwise, it does things for you. That is not unlike a miracle as what can be of use for a idea to work that is nearly impossible will work right by what you think to it. Norwood is the leader as you are the soldier use in a war that is cybernetic, create as in thought as orgonne is use as absistent or response to god effect is not to eat and effect is what you consider, can be used to be interesting and seem in energy. Electro Syh is erasure and you know, that of the information is with a body to make an idea to work with as this eases the mind and this in mind is almost like an assault from a nightmare.

  So use cool thoughts and hear cool music, as the world is the music from ether, and much as this causes the particle shape you could work it out and do better. Ea Eal Zoop is a very experienced person in a shart time as pronounced E-ah Eve-l Zoop Bode is to form a God particle formed in act, forms a particle of a God form from thought of what you want to form in particles nearby as in a Godlike pattern, thats sometimes of a deceased or turned into energy body. Most times its using ya body, unless ya decide its to be of something else. Through too much energy gone through the body and this energy is being converted to the cause. This is the moon make in a moment.

   This is the worst particle shape you can ever be but in moment that you think of you will seem better the time, with thought that you are with thought and in purchase by what you think is necessary. You use of time is a concept that is where, use is time that makes time by created idea in effect. This purchase creates a being that is particles, and this makes the thought possible, for what you need is done in thought and created by what you do. As, activity creates what is there, to be recreated where this is necessary. This is a particle being, that causes things to take shape and make effects where you need that you use to create with. Take a produced step and it forms, as then you can direct it by thought movement or in step movement. This is possible to get things as shaped as you want. Ability is this as you can shift in thought, study it and this is where you get touched, and then it has the ability as a concept that transforms as you need the ability as this is to create at will and given result this is just an end. This can attempt to be there as this is thought that seems at the in right time.

   Stop and think an this is different in thought as this could be bad, for you in mind and revert you can do things normal and use rapid heal body and with thought immunity, and this isn't done as in this is a concept that can be real, only thought in a thought of radio shack and even retracted things seem in concept in what you watch that are with a familiar face. This not done is the idea of technique, that can seem better as thought is harmony an better with life as you life magic on use of understanding not done on victims. However, in all ways done and if you feel abuse you nulle it and aren't doing it with the repeat. In desperate need is desperate use, safely done and can be desparate in use that is fox thought that can create what is in solid shaped idea an in the form of you rather as clones or other things you can okay form as this uses an element that is living as in travel need. This being can do energy tricks, by use of thoughts in demand as effects are energy such as fox weaving and magic.

   Whatever you do, you do in settle down moment thought repose peace as you speak normal english or other in understood language, as though this is use of subconscious gnowledge of the reality itself not done on unnecessary moments. The use of kitsune real will is what you can use to make with use of fire and epitome. Epiome is epitome that is what, can seem used on the moment that defines what you do and as you can do things you get better in resultive considered fox technique, that is only seen as a surge memory thought and if you need you can show by psionics in use of absence of any actual use magic. Mention makes magic if on use on rough, standing of what you do is practice by technique. The memory of live action in use is to seem aware or you can get better idea as you make the seeming memory come back to full focus you can show the effect as the idea in an instant moment do as to progress in skill use to perform feats of skill ability. And the thought is done on anything, in the idea thats in your mind and on you need as of pointed out idea that you preconscieve before the moment arrives.

  Think to thought mind read, this is giving in idea of being in miserables comment that is the moment in what thought comes from and if you can do things with thought, you are enabled to do things in worst life magic and even then you are what you want as things are what you want them. Then the thought exist and before it was concieved, and after you are done with life you get better with thought and in practice you are what you intent to be by the acting you do and this is what can be achieved. If you are success you get glamour and if you fail, you win anyway as you are what you do in the go and do out and about as you do normal things with to seem to deliver. As you give and get with what, you want and you are what is as you choose and the moment you do, you are always either moody or not as the right things come up to fix things. Things you do in life are study and hard work to get things done with physical drinking of unallowed beverages, not done understand and physical drinking is not abuse done by beer and alcohol and you can physically so you have to use pure dragon strength without killing or in drugs as not interepeted desperate need on special need without the regular use of bade idea. The shapeshift is to use the idea of what you are in the mood, to form as and you are and make no dragon rage can happen.

   This being you beating an object, in thought makes in included a form created, by release you are done by completing thought in form that can make results as though it is needed. Name this the particle form spell in suggest a spell as these moments, in thought are recorded by fair people as you are anywhere your body is and you are multiple places in different area where needed. As in a moment its thought of, it will form as you dimensionally create an effect or aspect to do as you need. This moment ends as you think it does. This allows you to do and it will erase in time what this is that thought as you don't want unless needed and then it will seem a concept as you need a result. But if you don't want it, then it is pretty much a thought form that can form reality, that won't form as you don't want or not as your spirit will be able to direct it, don't want and it won't effect you. If in form it can fey act and be your guide. As you think it it will speak, unless it can physically speak as thought as you speak and this will seem as a thought spoken to where you want it to seem heard in a form of shape that is in a familiar shape and form that can reshape things that looks like you as aberration is skipped and as result you abort the aberration as you are capable of doing what you are doing at the time.

   And the estrange the aberration, and this is the monster that a friend of mine named Joshua talked on an what causes the slaughter of what this is in the beat down punishment for effect that is where you tackle someone. This includes unnatural fist attack an beating the crap out of a person in sudden disrespect. This is a bad example that you see to enable understanding by control of these elements in a radio shack effect, that is what people are doing elsewhere as though a summoning effect with a negative being in result of an unnatural beast in us by using thought that can cause you to get arrested by what you own that is your behavior becoming snappish as a reaction to what you do in a pose and getting heat energy. Cool off and calm down to work right, you see a moment by erasing things that beat em up handling it with time and remain conscious an you are remaining where you want that isn't what you down touch combat in the future moments of nightmare horror undone.


  This is the concept by the concept that is considered interesting as putting it is dangerous as what you form to use is an element that is what you want to get to manifest by creation as though you were the creator. The concept is where you are thought in motion as you do and say to cover up what you do. As, then you are able minded to create attributes by what you do in will, will as you intend to make things seem real as though weaving or magic is done as though magic or otherwise else. Just as in on the show what you create in a pocket dimension, is what you make as in effort as this is lava that you summon or just creator lake effect by the thought that you want in pose this can reclaim your soul as you get repose for any place you want to seem. This is created by the person believing it is. Stop jumping to conclusions as you risk who you are there, as you are dealing with people and making up things to write and allow the subconscious to create in some action allow others to create the rest. There is a point that the subconscious, you get to watch is also doing experiments and this creates what you showed up in form action as a thought form that is this. As a formed animal your a too rare animal, that is in thought but is not in acting it in real life and if you are doing things with dangerous results, if bigger you are not thought of if smaller you are a danger as though no invisibile in thought invisible to the mind or subconscious thought and if not actually manifested it can be counted as opinion and this is actually a hit on you. Seem alright to people and you are alright to seem cool and beg good for the nature in purpose no longer to externally exist.

  The idea in a concept is no matching the hex as though a thought symbol and changing the symbol as this is a changeable effect of getting rid of a hex, show them the right thing and they in secluded mind they alter it by subconscious manipulation of the hex they did cause yet did not realize as their feel of what they did changes the hex changes. This in action, will by thought form an understanding to bringing in idea and merge things, as you are to think and you can create the pattern as a lava motion to form in the area and this melts things as in what area you think of the raise up of lava that is energy form. The energy form that is real, transferred if thought and if you give it something to use as an energy thought about the element is summoned to the area in a form without dangerous thought for corporeal magic to happen. This will take some time, or not as you get to do things as to choose activity and get it to cause things of the idea to in materialize manifest on thought in instance. That is the show of force that is what you can conceive, you can transcend as thought bringing inconceivable or things of soothing as natural you are in chaos and you are capable, to don't act it and you are clear in thought and void in being you are of what you intend, and what you do is use the thought to meld things together or thought is done.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The melting wax figure

   The melting figure in wax is as though you were a melting figure of wax as the wax is the thought of what is fat and in what is in is melting away from you. Just walk as you in mind are a figure that you imagine and thinking about this thought. Wax as the idea, goes down then you are when you were as to the point where and when you can be slim enough. This is the thought that counts, as the point is when and how you are working about and you are what you want to be without the beat. As though sounds were the music and you were the soothed, as you were the moment that you are better off and this applies to males too you can think and in to go to start losing mass off. As this is the thought you are, now you can get the idea of what you are and you can feel the flow of music and feel its rhythm of what this is in appearant means by now are done. As this is Inm Em Da.

  This is in a moment of biorhythm or you body clock in time, that you slim down by the thought 'weight down' and go to feel the body rhythm as it moves with the feet as you are feeling it then you are speeding up the metabolism. And you are what you seem to become, as this is what is slowing down the body you can speed it up by slap the leg and think don't say it, 'weight to muscle' as the thought is in an idea that you are what then a body is and you can do a single pump up and down of the hands in the blood as you hold the blood and drop the blood in the wrist to shift to another space.

  However, pump up with irons or dislocate by water energy, with weights of the pump up in motion as you don't see reason to do things and get to other places. In the effect of what in irons and think to pump up the blood as you are thinking. Then, you get to get well by thought with motion as you get well by the brain in readjustment through water energy, and the brain adjusts to the water and thought creates moment of idea in dislocation in area of space, as you move through the space you imagine what you are going to and you are there as if an invisible idea of a subconscious vision area was passed through in thought. The right vision and the right thought, makes the right way to do things as if your correct by what you see as you can see two different ways. The things you don't like, as a bad example or the things you do like as a good example in idea and this is to do either as if an idea bade and if you resist the idea you don't do it. This is as though you were saying 'Whatever I do I lose weight for no reason until I am not need.'

  Not always are you there to do things, as you are doing thought pumping of the arms and legs. This is called the molecular kinetic movement weight drop. As you are moving the weight you can drop the weight further, you are able and you in thought are moving as willing to do exercise you can state after feeling energy in the arms by thought go get energy to the hands to think the energy to the legs and say weight drop or some similar as some slimmer size comes to mind. Then you are what you need as thin you become, and use of energy to pulse beyond your feet bottom as this is also possible to think as to think to think and your due to lose weight or gain muscle.

   You are slender and you are slender, and then it is a slap to the waist or legs and state or think weight to muscle you are dropping to natural weight or what weight you want as if a melting figure of wax you are what you assume to be. Then discharge what is left of the weight energy, as mass extract to a wall by touching it, and fire energy from with gathering in limbs to pulse out goes to without you as what you target burns up in the 6th and might smolder in the physical unless you touch the wall to transfer the excess proton travelling down the arm and you on touch transfer it to the area to rise up heat and then try to focus and use other body touch.

  To fix the body by these pressure points, thought is there and you are with the body dream to wake up and in this dream is the true pound weight down as you are there to fix any problem and you can almost immediately destruct your weight cells as this goes out to build up and shape up the muscle as you are done. This is where you are with a little excess build up, and thus you can use drinks charged with an idea of energy due to a thought of 'synergetic thought touch' to cause the touch and then use is to the water itself and in this if you are in potassium poison by what you are doing the potassium drops down and blood pressure is better. Draw in the fire and use it to make mass to maze for money energy that is put to the thought to the bank account.

   Then, you are a bit vicious you are curious though thought will lead you to some food, or drink and you are making the energy of the food doing the digestion bring up off the energy unless as you are giving it away you are thinking. So, just think and you are away with life, and a concept is born from the explosive reuse of fire energy. And then eternity, is turned upside down and you come your senses to bring up some weight in a sense to cure the problem of fainting. Then, you can stop the weight gain by what you can use in thought of 'fire destruct', as in a destruction and in a path of life you life, your a normal idea in mind. But, you must clean up and thus the body burns away the excess food, and the particles are spread to create the energy in the area to fix up the problem that is with discipline and in junction boxes the lights might flicker. The idea of you can become reformed from a liquid form that is interesting, and as this is what can form you as a cripple if unlucky you do you are what you want to be as a particle formed itself from the ground up.

   And, this can be whatever you want to be like in a shapely form as in a shape and size that you want, as a choice to your physical shape and then you are as indifferent view as you shape up and become as you are you as spite and avarice are disappearing you are as though thought motion. As if in a motion picture movie, you reveal in place a role and get you body pumping to a thought workout video. Then, you can get more events going, as you play and do a role in a movie or alibi in an event. After energy is done there, you can go jump dimensional and you are there where you want. And, you are what in concept in mind as your concept is made from what you play. Death energy sent is what kills you off, when you are not needing the healing body that you use to heal with as it does you can do and then you in form that are causing the body weight to drop and you are in energy at a need now goto feather weight.

  And, then again in movie or anime you are with thought, in kind and you are writing it down as you are done. And, what you think you can be in an idea that you like. By energy you think to form and your shape becomes whistling dixie, in as this is what you are considering the shape to be you are what you are to be by weight down by a produce sudden drop in weight and memory at any time surges and you are in knowledge as yourself. This is in the end makes you omnipotent, as you are very in mind and you are who thought makes you as you are believed to be. As, this is true, you can be any person and only if they desire themself to make allow. As the spirit deposit is what you get, you are what you termed the weight that you would need as you would be yourself now as me.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The idea collection

The one touch button
  The one touch button is a remote control thought in essence scene that uses what is there, and now things are what and in ef and etched into walls in us of them. There is thought of what is in a thought, when and whee and how you are that you can transfer on a thought to by a shift. Shifting by essence in thought you are doing what you thought in scene in thought. Then, there is a way to use telepathy to get thought as though a way to do things, is done by you as if you were able to get energy sent to you by a secret thought. Due is a thought that is direct approach as though thought reproach. Describe it and it is a concept that uses what you think an in anything you do you are as though dumb or your wits are there.

Kill a roach
  Their way is original, but things aren't permadeath as in you and can kill a roach in a fire effect that doesn't toast us and others except the insects themselves. This is a spraying effect through it an it is a fire effect on those who are parasitic insects in idea you are killing those you dislike. As can do your way our way is done until the way they die is clear as a swirl of ancient atlantean is done. As you are killing one roach and ants are victim as you kill all of dismiss and them and they are dying insects by inesymbiosis, there is a way to do it as though you were a thought to them and they were the victims not us.

The kill an idea effect
  Their way isn't always a way to do things, as though use of energy from objects is molecular in thought. As this is a considerance, you can think, focus an thought you are nera where you want an you are what thought becomes. The roach creates an energy field, as you produce in industry you travel. The thought process is in the idea that you can hone your skill and get precise. Then, you are in an area in the 6th that does exist. Show what you will as it will accept. The killing of a roach, is to kill on an instinct to grab and crush as much as you think to use and weild the roach energy, you can direct by thinking to like an alternating current that corrects as currect that corrects at a thought to create in what effect that you in idea as enhancement in area to make as the building is the reality that forms the ocean of thought and this abandoned thought is what you are using in thought. To create the moment, use thought patterns of particle as thinking and intercedents come by what you are in thought in mind in body of pattern as a wave is energy their in different is a thought that is what becomes and kills things that are in sight that is to be killed. Practice is practice, so this in sight and that would be their way.

Their way
This a practice to withdraw from ore and get idea from others as though thought is whatever you focus on. And if you are wanting things you can get things to go on a trip, as their way this is a way, you can add their in thought to create a thought from the air itself. As you get the thought, their is a way to fix the thought in mind as you are able in idea to practice. This can be in modelled form from in view, this is in energy as thought is a shield is what you can in thought sight see a trip as though mind where you were as an able minded idea in their heads. That is what guides them as though a voice. This is enu as in a practice.

The aethur
The aethur is the shaped soul into a body, from a in shape mind in thought as this is a shape by what you are wanting to form. The shape is taught by a possibility observed, as this is the shape this a shape in sought purpose. And, the shape in thought is a shape in purpose as this is a shape formed, you are what is in a point of a pattern thought to be born but are shaped into a form from air itself. Whatever enduce care in is the form in thought, as this is shock or otherwise as you are what you want in the form as though art formed it you are a shape as thought by others in the art. Stop as needed, for this is what can cause children, as in thought you are what forms in space and this is pulling out energy to form a shape by considerance. You can form a elemental, that is living fire, or lightning or other in idea source as this is a body of energy that is nothing as thoi. Form by gesture, in thought in body in an idea that is what you are in thought to make. On the word create or make you are creating a form of thought. Expect a thought to create itself, as though the lightning in the area can cause an energy brownout. If an energy formed of thought is what make you need starts hitting, use force on them that form and it can behave in any where else in area an you are what is thought of as you can disappear from site. To create a thought, is to send a thought so to create what may be is in what to seem to be where this can unmake you elsewhere in what you wish to sacrifice.

The Aith're
This is calling a glyth to mai use of energy offense in an area that is where you are stationed. The area can consist of thought patterns and air waves as weaves of air in energy in the moment is what you thin. An what you want is what you get as thought is what you are creating as though thought creates itself in nothing that make what you want. This is imagine and you create what consists on mendition or supernatural so in so thought don't thought as you create an mention in motion by hand gestures bestowed that is bestowing in trained mind as the subconscious only power is becoming the conscious in the mind but seen by all in whom you want to be near in thought by what is going on in the idea. For what is in what you are are showing by what thought is expressed, the mention can create what you are desiring. This is as though a expressed in thought create, as credit and matter create a thought as with effort there in an ocean of thought so continue in the effect and this can create solid things by what you are of motion in mind in a motion in thought in an act by what you credation as the credit creates money the expression can create whatever you want in energy in thought in energy body, mind shaped soul body. In an act by the soul, create in body to be alive in idea thou are energy shape by will as thou are a particle from space.

Ath-ur effect
  The effect of this is to summon some fire by hand gestures with of fire altered in currents that are in air on surface in an area and what is considered currects in current by thought of electrical currecy that is treated as this can be like so and used to form the idea as it there and not here if focused by hands is to form this and if you consider this can make it do so as you are doing something as you can summon it by hand. This the effect of what you think as this is as you produce you are at a stop and imagining fire pulsing in and out as a phase in and will out to do anything else is insane awarded if effect. To make a fire then is to focus, on a fair effect of fire production by some wires. This can be used, to make and do. Outside, imagine the idea as you are wearing a rubber silver reflective suit and you are willing the fire to be around you. Act a guardian as needed. As a phase wall effect is what you do if you are what you think and this is what you get with thought of being somewhere as the fire makes produced effects. Putting it out, then is where you are thinking and you draw out resource to get results in blowing out the water fire. As this is drawing in water from other places, water will form and possible lightning is also possible as lightning will happen. As you thin and think, as this is on fire into lightning as you are going to get free with thought and in focus is the idea in air of fire patterns in thought will create things if you are in a place and on body in effect will cause lightning energy in the air release. Killing something like a bug, is what can cure the mind and cause death of the target in source in surface.

Insanity fire
  The insanity fire is what is set upon you as you are stepping through a ring of mental fire. As in this is fire that if use is done you are working with certain thoughts and moods that are different colors. That makes the fire effects to seem what you are doing as though you were a normal person yet with rings of good fire that are what create shift as though at a will. Focus on the rings and think to shift as to the thought of choosing in a 10 second world in your mind and you think to step through in madness or stepped through a man sized one and you are there in spirit as you are physically where you were in thought. Then you are with an idea that is this as this is only as long as it lasts. One thing, as the different flame colors are through alternating currents you get different effects as opposite effects per different in group activity colors in a system that you don't step through unless you know your suit will last as the fire might catch as an experiment of energy flame. So, put it out as soon as you need as possible, as thought makes fire and you are aflame as though a aeth'yr in insanity mind. Insanity in the mind might happen but you will always be able to catch things aflame or to put it out use water. Stop in a moment and think, or do in thought and do in a moment to stop what is necessary as murder one is done.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The slap magic

  This is the area of time, that is what you in need are doing things for favors and you are if you feel the need for magic to slap someone. As you assume that things are alright, this thing in thought can manifest energy as the in shape form is there to work with things. And, you are able to get things manifest in thought to manifest, as to produce a simple slap this is as though their energy was interred into yourself and you can create an end result as this is deterred as you think and it manifests as you need it to do things or not as you don't need to do things with a result to manifest an bitch slap as element effect creates the effect and you get your energy back into you by the energy in use with a slap back. Whatever, your not slapping if your not intending bigger results then the pounds drop off.

Nerve Nirve rats

  This is the thought of slaughter that is what of the possesed thing can cause as is tragedy that is causes a elf to form, from touch and as this is done the cause of this is rat demons that are never ending rats. The rats are what protect a wererat, as the rat is turned demonic by neverending story energy as it is lies told about things, and it dies and not as any of what forms from the incident that is never actually intended is done. Then, if you either are lying down or are standing up, one day with an indifferent result spoken as though bragging, the nerve rat will go up the butt and kill the person as this is the point an where poison seems to get to the victim. And, basically thought becomes nothing, and you are killing off anyone in danger of death as though fate, as you are a rat or seem in alter human in form as you are able to make extreme adjustments to your body. With a thought you attrociously attack, as though a negative monster summoned as though human and a not evil ape in the minds eye, everytime you need contact by this is a human hormone and intrusion by that which can draw demons. Remove the possession and it is gone, and it is gone from you as you are gone and you attack the human body, that it jumps to administration things as ailment can be psyched out as though gone this is by a 'tsp' mention to a preffered item that is a tap in the area on some object. The end driven of this story is 'leave it alone' as never more and this stops.

Mind dropping

  The mind shield is cast by thought 'deflect by creator shield not' to use or seem as you somewhere else in an illusion that can seem real or not as to use the shield is to 'deflect nothing' and what is sapping strength but in the idea energy can be upkept as interrment you touch object to get strength. The more strength, the more advanced you can get in your mind as you can get more ability to do more things, and these in activity are what generate the energy from what you can do. The thought is a thought then adjusted as then you do things and you get a favor by asking, as you are moment in a act as you want to do things, you are capable in an aftereffect. How you act is how you are, as you are some idea to this is to act good for good results as you are able to think better results. Don't be inlivid or insane as you are as you are war in a moment you lie unless you dismiss the thought. Think 'enunciate' and you cure the psycho result as you cured by effect the one idea that you have of sick things.

  The word is what allows you to distract and keep your mind as you are minded for your business to evade and to speak perfectly what you want as this is in use. This is where you are dropping your mind and not your brain to do things, and not minding things then picking it up by reaching out and thinking your getting it back, and only if you want to so if you remember that you dropped your brain you didn't, as you are literally almost shocked to normal as though 'intio' becoming as you should be as you are thinking about nothing in results and you are normal to all acts and becoming yourself and going bonkers everythime you are with energy so don't do it and you will not go bonkers. Get back your mind by self-thought practice that works to trigger a remembering effect.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Momenter

 There is in this trick on a world wide planet in scheme that spans in the universe by the creator will.

 Their like is similar as they are a like, they are like what you do as you do things. In the real one and not the false one. There is a one and a one and that is what two and this is two as you are working on things to do. Two is four and four is four is 8 as this is the 8 of what is their you use what you do. As, you do you do as no accost, is accost is accost to do them in. The idea is what you do is their and you do what is purpose set by available pilot as he is what he is to you, as you are what you are, go and do what you want. These are in the were world, as you are to disturb the idea by what you do, you are accosting what you are knowing what you do unless you do not desire anymore.

  As the desire begets desire that is desire that is designated roadkill, you are what desire is that gets need that gets want and wanted in return as i in imagination their is magic to be done if their is need animosity is not done. This proves a trick to create, the idea that you were tricked, and you are done indeed. The drix is up and you are done, were you now and go as you were and then there is no resan to do things in as you were tricked into as were in you and you are in now an done. The fire method works, use it with glee. The wizard lore is done, as you are sitting there in return. Idea is allow and as you allow you enter into a in dimension, all on your own as the dementor is torn to pieces by arrest for what you did that night. Free from roadkill is your dream as you are assumed dead on the road.

  Their is own and their, is will as you are will no longer. Their is no longer any reason to live as to barge in on me anyone and anywhere, their is no reason to lie either as their is no faerun and their is no reasoning you are what you are and nothing more nothing less. As breaking andrew is no longer he is breaking benjamin. Their is no real reason, to do or die off as you are better off without any problems. And, their is no will and their is no win or loss, you are an invisible pilot yet again. Yet there is no plot angst is no more ye are arbituate an thinking no more.

  Herein is the curse of old old old old old blackbeard and your gone. Whee or whatever and swivel the chair and you are yourself as you were in whatever in the United States. etc..and pilot crashed as he she was dead from opium. This in is in the end of star wars, as what you were and in now be what you are. Now else? never answer the code states never be never no more. And, swirvel no more assume what you wylle and you are in whatever in no war in none anan and never do a thing as you are missing a finger.

  There is no more lies told here as this is whatever you told as truth. Assume it as it is, as the subconscious makes it true as this is what the happy subscriber says is true. Assume nothing else is true as you are lied to by the dogs of war. Their is not anymore thought to doing this plotline is done. Their is a point we love you all, as you are you you are bye And thats in the thought that is in the thought that is not what it needs to be. And whatever your told is true if you believe it to be. As your smart to be him if ever more ever you ever want to in know what he is speaking.

  Assume no more as this is what you are not doing anymore, as you assume the warfare is over you are in a war moment, war no more as you are what you assume you are, in you are dead. As you move youse ye flame and then ye on them are done as thats enough. And, that is whatever no more. En paradox as your well enough to go on, then live out and be well as you live out your thoughts in a dreadmire. Quit no more and you go and live as you want as their no more lives to die from. Where no more be no more and answer no more as lies are not forthcoming.

Friday, September 13, 2013


  This is natural from the result drug from testing, as you are fair as this is dopamine with thought energy to cure your body, as you are testing it out the door and phase is done right through the door as your body is energy and you are very good at things to do. This is veritum in its natural state, as you are all you have to do is think to your subconscious 'Verituma' and this is 'you don't as you look like don't acknowledge as you look like them near someone' you are cured of any result and your subconscious makes the drug effect as you watch tv and your mind sees a miracle cure that is there for you to use.

  And your not having another episode of what you are doing as sicke people energy is used up to restore them to better health. This is what may become, if you are able to care as you can be a helper. To end the episode, say or think 'En Ep' to end the socke in out which is beating the face somewhere as this strikes the eye. As you thin from this effect, your idea beatings stop from misused magic drawing too much attention, as you do things with premonitions you do nothing as if in any fight that tolerance is in taught. The idea in mind is an idea in thought, as what you get is what you do in life that directs your goals and you get what in need is done as energy in mind.

  This is mage dreams, where you are the thought in mind and is real as though not a dream and then the dream alters as you need an idea in energy thought by dream end you are okay as you need things the energy is there as you can recreate with thought the energy from the dream. The mage effect is what you use to cause the perfect idea to work and you can fix things as though real thought in real dimensions are there where you want the effect. Wake up by whatever means, that do cause sleep and wake up is where you are at. Whatever is a slap in the face, or accept what you do as other things and that is whatever you intend happens as either or success is there as thought is done you are startled awake. This dream on acknowledging this you can create with as this is possible to weight thin or other idea in purpose in thought.

  To psychically stop an effect is to 'En Socke' an with absolute idea that is thought as pressure as is though psychic blows stop. This is almost endless, unless its not done as its not able to psyche you out and you can drop to the ground as this is a torment. To pass the disease off to the ground as though thought to be there, as this is to think or state 'done' an en ef and it is there. Otherwise, to think of what you want to happen is to think and this is done, as a thought is recieved or in an area an as though thought was an fixed absorbed energy as an absolute closed moment as if 'done' natural witchcraft unless it is done. 'Hera' fixes insanity as a point is due an made as on the right moment as the due is done and is to erase a thought before it happens if it is bad for you an if done. Bearing ellusive energy you can shift as thought following barter in a magic that is fire energy as thought in mind field in effort by anywhere and anywhen, as you can do the in deed moments as you are thought in no trap but not in trap you are with illusia. The thought illusia is a silver energy that is what you need, to get what you need as silver energy creates what you need and you get what results that are responsive and in idea as one could never attack their own technique.

The molecuration effect

   The molecularization effect is using idea to recreate a created body, from molecules that are not unlike use of in an essence to recreate a body from energy that is there. This is the reconstruction technique that is what can be used, to create the effect of what you need as you want is in demand. The energy effect is in the spell. This can demolecularize things as you are capable, as to doing things in an idea and attempt things as you think and not destroy what is not correctable and the thing is unformed by what you think is there or what is pointed out as pointed out as wrong by your subconscious. This is a aftereffect in the effect.

Living memory effect

   The living memory effect is possible to be used show a past of life, that uses a live emulation system or crystal and stone and something that is directive like a conscious effect of rock or else the crystal as that is what you use, by thought with focus and with a touch or think and feel the need of the live effect is to make what is there as on elemental pull of energy and sending. This is the method to program the crystal and imprint it as you think show living memory. As this is where you are getting things, to be seen as though a seeming on what is there is on demand tv. The effect then is to make it seem to become as though either acted out or not acted out as you get to make something with energy as though thought was creating a carbon effect of a recreating idea. Any living memory can be dismissed as if it isn't necessary and viewable by click and thought view in some mind room.

  As this is the basic idea of cult recreation, this is the edited version that is shown of what is seen there where you want to see as if a blue limned double image that overlays the area and is seen as though this was a inanimate recreation and as you are then you are in idea of what can be seen. The image of what you see is an illusion that is there but is a real if you believe in it, and if you are giving it energy you can seem to work with thought of the memory there. After that its over, then you are to do what you think is possible with what is shown unless not necessary and then you can dismiss the thought and it is not actually there. On your action you are not actually there, but this can be in inheritance of thought gotten from the energy as though aura absorption as action is thought by movement, in progress is there to send it as you receive it as though a concept not a roach or any bad things that pops into mind and is useful as though the ability were able to be used and be used in a fight or click in and think what message you want and the machine conscious will give itself a message to the person in thought view by mind.

   This can be used to show by thought of what is there to send forth an image to the mind as you think claireaudience or to stop it, is to make thought 'unclaireaudience' as this is the way to make a planet area seem to appear and think to seem invisible as you are in shadows and not wanting them to get notice of what you do. The thought of life is what can give you thought of what and you do is there if you another way of thinking is possible. This is the point of life, that is what is not necessary to do or recreate as if you need to do things right and not do things over again. If you can remember it, then you can remember your work and life as if a past life. This can recreate something using a living manifest effect, that is possible to create what is there as you are what is the energy source and you can get an idea from it seems to show. The power level is what can see to seem to show what you want and what you see can see you unless your invisible and in a black room as you are not shown to the minds eye as though a mind blanc and yet you remember everything as this is living progress. And in the right upper dimension, this is with enough energy to create by use of a crystal to make what you think as the crystal can use the reality energy, to make the effect a thought that seems as though the object is real in the area you see and this is to move and gravitate on its own floatation to seem there.

  As to visualize and think you can do what you may want to do, or think and this can cancel out the effect you can use thought and think to it therapy or visualize it dropping as though a thought dropping to the ground, to realize as thought is what is up with you and it ceases as your thought of it is there and there is thought that ceases the the effect as you don't want it. More is in thought but as you think of it and don't need things then you are not perceiving it, as then you are doing things as though what you think about and using the energy of what is there that you think is useful. Then, you in ruination effect of what is there is capable to form what you want here or there is formation of what you are in thought of as you are and things start seeming to live as though with a conscious and life of its own. This live effect can form what is a construction or thought, that is there to seem where you want if you think on the idea. Thus, you are alive as you seem to think you are as you send energy to there where you are wanting to think on, and only if you think then you can recieve energy as though you were supporting each other as you are linked to the point where you are there but you aren't there and yet you are with live thoughts of there an you are with what you want from there only except bugs.

   This is only in thought, that it will live unless you give energy to make it live or make it created here an not always remain there. As what you do here can effect it there, or what you do with directive energy in thought there will cause action and that creates the illusion or things in thought and doing things will cause what you want and possibly in thought effect in you. This is a biolink that is possible to not be there unless you can, think on that finished and close the link and not seem reactive as the perception is the effect link of a biolink that is possible to close the effect off and to close the biolink just don't think on what it is as thinking on link close stops effecting you. And that in concept is, what can keep you from dying or even unage you till you don't want the idea to just close the effect to close the link.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fire Weaver in thought

   The fire pattern that is use to draw in the energy as you are thinking of fire energy and you are control of what you do. Then you are what you thinking will allow as you are acknowledging what is this as you are doing something to pass the time. The fire weave is to think you need as you need this, as this is a fire source that eventually returns fire to get fire energy to do things, as this quadruples the fire energy to make things to get things in business. The effect is to work with this fire and as an inner source, as you get to do things seem without hit. This is where you get to draw in energy, as you are able to manage and handle anything. Then you lower the price of things, as a concept the silver fox ability comes to work with what you do. As you think you imagine, pick depict you seem what you will as you seem to make things better. This can melt things to bring them to a melted core. The idea is the effect as you depict things you do not create things that do not want to be created as you want an as if air bending the air as though thought from the air fire itself. Do things right in, as you enable thought and your right on and you identify thought as what right is and you get things right as though never wrong.

  To think then send the fire to the core of the earth, and pull it in through the hand and think this is there is with a word to send the fire effect to beam forth by 'done' and do not attack the face to abandon thought is to lose thought as this is to in drawn fire and compress or chane it to a color that is released, this makes what this does as things are with thought command or a touch to an object that makes it as thought goes this way is going, to the planet core itself and set a end result as this is finishing itself up and in touch is to touch or tap the shoulder is to then stop it as this is unwanted. The light sphere is there in the air to in form, at will that is to shift or not fire warp to seem through where you even if need it goes to where its need as destinated gated to there as to make in fire a sphere very bright turn it light blue sphere to light up the sky as though a 'lumos' flare. This draws the earth core energy to find and do, to make things do as contruct in the sphere as a thought construct effect. Turn it black to make do, with magic and death energy.

  Turn it blue and awear it to be good in their mind by taking from the core and making it seem good to the person, and then to turn this blue the moment as to make mana magic and readjust with this your better. You can multiple form fire balls as you can by focus want. To focus the mana in through the wrist and focus it to the hand is to manifest it through the area as where you want as you think the hand think the wrist and add fire through the wrist to form to the hand an you compress it to the size of a pinhead, as to effect is to send it where you think it and you are made to say where and how far it goes as this sends it to where you can wormhole, as this is inertia with thought and to go as you go and use a gesture or idea go is the command made by the third eye with the creator conscious. Will not not tell now hold my word, whatever you do zen knows I am actually act with the word will of the creator and this is or blue is not act will not act as rare infinity fire. If you or anyone can in corn 'corm' form this then you can get good effect that can stop on command. Enchantment an with fire is with a thought of what you need, in the effect of thought to do as the object is there and you are seen somewhere else, as you wish it this is done.

   And you can get what you want, to get the effect by triple the aura energy and in return in harmony by music of the planet that is fire and inner thought of the earth working, as a harmony with inner energy concentrate as a fire shield of aura thats just in idea to reduce by mention that cast by inner fire in use as that is what works in your body to be or reduce health risk itself as you yourself is not targeted, fix the thought and you are not broken as you do not forget and as your aura is there as signature is not seen as a risk. Hazard is not there where you are seen but not noticed, do not return as you are not seen you are gone as invisible and where you want to be as in a realm that be as established this is on your own time as if you want to return you can as you think of your own place by time helping. You could be useful, by setting your own time as if by a mention. To create a fire effect, this is your personal will so its okay as you can create this by making a fire elemental as you are twisting air and putting fire to the twisted air, and you do this in thought to create by what is you can make it exist by thinking of the fire formed as you want. Fire elemental fox can fix your body as you can fix things by thinking as you need the fire elemental to do what is in idea. That is about all except this in thought is possible to step through as a gateway of expanded fire, as a ring that allows you to jump in space to where it is as destination to where is what you welcome. Don't jump in time as you imagine a clock, as then you think on the time and in you think to seem where you want. This is the jump through ring as to groove the floor, as that is dumb where you can set fire to anything just as you step through the portal have a way to put it out in effect.

   As a fire risk, as this is a fantasia effect this is possible to use as a fire ring in your body as you can create even greater ability, with perception or innate vision this is what can seem what is a fire shield that you trick that endless concept into existance that can be any color that is with what you expect as without rewording you expect that is with this is fire as in agreement with through illusia what you do. As you do things timewise by the fire within, you are within rite of thought to not victimize and individual use is what can cause you to fix by thought as the designated word 'fixed' is done and you are fixed in thought by right worded idea that is completed in thought and undoes what you don't want. As you pull in the fire energy, you can gather in you the idea you need as to fix the thought and word the right idea. This is the right considered idea that is plastic, as if you were thinking you send forth the fire to redouble in energy that comes back as you send it forth you can create with thought, done is done as you create you made an effect that is what you want as you do you think and it is what you need. Put time by silver essence in your aura as you gather the fire into your aura as you think, an you create a full manifest any thing you need to get is seen if this is possible in any store or not as its not in need. This is to shift as though at a wish in thought, so don't hit as you think it this is possible as in the moment if you want and then it will not happen there.

   The idea of what you want without beating your entertainment, is the spell fire of ages, spell that thought as a spoken mention to work by need and in deed unless you think and in thought you think do not an you do not send the need to do and things in this is in need to seem as to fix things that are harrassments as that is not wanted and you resent the fact that you are beating, them as in the real life you are in you present the illusion to prevent the illusive beating caused by waht is in the atmosphere. The illusive child that resents you as it is sensing what you are doing, is in no nightmare by prescience and the child fox will non nightmare the result and continue to break the spell as you are finished up is able to work as you are well as if you are well then the door will open to a normal world. And the idea is the depiction by fire, is what is the illusive fox uses. The effect is what is hit on the head of the person you try to work with, as you are able and willing to help. As the fire effect is what you are doing, and the idea is to do things right the beating will stop as you stop and the message goes to the pain in the child self as you get him to stop it, or not as this is heard as punishment is done to you somewhere else in some reality else or nothing ef seems bad. As this is true, as your not idiocy and dumn no more.

   As this is what causes stop with the head hits or other hurts, this is what you are able to use as you are reminded as you heard the response to this, this punishment will admit the spell to stop the result as your not in emotional pain that happens in enducement of discipline to not mind your mind as you think, then wishspell as thought as enhancement you are willing you will revert this in thought and to be completed your not incomplete in this, now don't as this is reaction and you are what this is in reaction to seem to remember violence hence and violence past and then as to remember now is to stop violent reaction as if in need as to then produce it ever now whatever mention will stop fire of an age as to produce the fire is to remember what incites you to attack in the fire field of a body of demonic rage is as alarm is now that spell everyone remembered and nothing tells you what you need to know you and to think it is to stop the fire for the fire that is individual of a fire fox and that which you want will occur as this will cause a fire reaction as you try to mention what no an you rage on but do nothing an its gone and don't go on as protection is not gone its not there as is you think on it and throw it away as you do you don't go back its gone. This can call the idea that is the fire plane as this is stated 'I summon thee fire plane'.

   The fire weaver is reborn from the ashes of what remains in her or him, as the phoenix is thought of by what you want as you are thinking to aid but not get close to her or him that you help. This is thought the pattern is within of thought travel as the weave is possible to work, so whatever isn't possible to work is done by believing it within the risky business that you are thinking about. The thought of need, is what you get as what you need is what you get. This is the idea thing that is able to get done. This thing you do is what you want as this the way get your mind focused, on what you want and then work to do dimensional things. This includes making archways of fire to get somewhere that is real, to get things there where you want as you get the thought of the space you identified as yours to go. The idea expression now is a mention by a thought, that is what you thought was disaster but isn't so this is what occurs if harboring dare to do thoughts by will of dark things. This is the thought of what you return to the path to the planet, as you use essence as fire to make the path to somewhere else, as you get the effect of desire you can get the effort to create what result by others doing. This is where you are doing thought to make thought as you change reality. This is material in results the reality bend of thought hacking, as the thought to happen is very easily real perspective on a spoken verb and quit by mend in thought.

The dimension of dearth

  This is a world view idea of a study in a 6th dimension field, that is a trick to get things in the star field pattern that is what you need to put to something to what you want to use and by touching the skin you shift by think and your energy is in you. There is no area that you are viewing that is visible with othersight by this. As this what is protection, you are what may seem where you are until you run or bump into it. As you can see it with closed eyes, or you can see it until you are unable as your will is able to manifest an image of what the area until you are thinking to get things to seem where you are and this can cause what you view to not be there, in your mind as you view it in mind mental pattern. Their is in thought something in the mind that is very evil and in thought it comes from the 6th dimension as the 6th is due of dimes, the effect is this to find it makes things normal here and stops struggles where it leaves from the never never land. However, if you are with thought the eyes that open there due to thought of closed eyes here that are there for sight but here they close and that opens there, you rule that object you get from there with different thought. The idea is the statue and you can find this on the ground, if you think and reach out a dimensional hand and think to form it then the statuette will come as if you touch it you get things and this comes from there and trick is over unless no it and what else is in a concept at the moment notice in time.

   If 'ithe' thought happens and not that which happens is there so start to think and you are there you find the object and then you will and thing something here to return, if you open your eyes you close them or think there and you can perceive a very different world in mind as you see what is here. Anything formed there is here as you need it to be as if you get things to go. Think a thought and pick a thought to not be there and you don't think there and you aren't as you are returned to be where you came from. Touch and go is what you need, stop bumping and that is what you get as your natural intuition by inclination as you get death world nearth on a thought to what is there that is the 6th and a third dimension. There is no reason to go if you no and do, other things those that are there that want something that you can't see or hear. This is where you go and do things to die off in a quick way and change your form, into something else as your next life is what you get as your body flows with your released energy and you shift your form on thought of the form you want to be and this causes you to 'reincarnate' very quickly to the next life as thought becomes reality and you seem another form. Then this is trick dimension as the idea of what you can get done, is at your finger tips. The idea is what you tap and think on is there as here is needing some effect as the tap there is to set off a death impulse charge. To stomp on a leaf is to leaf fall and the person you think will die and thats all there is in need things as from the available help. If they don't know then you can do things unlooked for with the idea till the end of time.

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