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This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moon Mai Particle shape

   This is use of your moon as to create the being made from particle energy, as this is cast by a Moon Make as a different moon comes up, and in no idea as is the creator makes things and by use of Moon Mai is Moon Make is a surrender to the moon that is a moment and that is made by a moon thought sent to the moon stated or otherwise as this is what you are thinking without the idea. State to the moon as the moon is in the sky, "Oh beautiful moon, I return to you the excess you sent. As idea to use, create as you think is possible as I thin to use." As the idea is thought "Oh beautiful idea I see, your beauty outshines the sky. I request what is possible, as possible by what I need or no need."

  Otherwise, it does things for you. That is not unlike a miracle as what can be of use for a idea to work that is nearly impossible will work right by what you think to it. Norwood is the leader as you are the soldier use in a war that is cybernetic, create as in thought as orgonne is use as absistent or response to god effect is not to eat and effect is what you consider, can be used to be interesting and seem in energy. Electro Syh is erasure and you know, that of the information is with a body to make an idea to work with as this eases the mind and this in mind is almost like an assault from a nightmare.

  So use cool thoughts and hear cool music, as the world is the music from ether, and much as this causes the particle shape you could work it out and do better. Ea Eal Zoop is a very experienced person in a shart time as pronounced E-ah Eve-l Zoop Bode is to form a God particle formed in act, forms a particle of a God form from thought of what you want to form in particles nearby as in a Godlike pattern, thats sometimes of a deceased or turned into energy body. Most times its using ya body, unless ya decide its to be of something else. Through too much energy gone through the body and this energy is being converted to the cause. This is the moon make in a moment.

   This is the worst particle shape you can ever be but in moment that you think of you will seem better the time, with thought that you are with thought and in purchase by what you think is necessary. You use of time is a concept that is where, use is time that makes time by created idea in effect. This purchase creates a being that is particles, and this makes the thought possible, for what you need is done in thought and created by what you do. As, activity creates what is there, to be recreated where this is necessary. This is a particle being, that causes things to take shape and make effects where you need that you use to create with. Take a produced step and it forms, as then you can direct it by thought movement or in step movement. This is possible to get things as shaped as you want. Ability is this as you can shift in thought, study it and this is where you get touched, and then it has the ability as a concept that transforms as you need the ability as this is to create at will and given result this is just an end. This can attempt to be there as this is thought that seems at the in right time.

   Stop and think an this is different in thought as this could be bad, for you in mind and revert you can do things normal and use rapid heal body and with thought immunity, and this isn't done as in this is a concept that can be real, only thought in a thought of radio shack and even retracted things seem in concept in what you watch that are with a familiar face. This not done is the idea of technique, that can seem better as thought is harmony an better with life as you life magic on use of understanding not done on victims. However, in all ways done and if you feel abuse you nulle it and aren't doing it with the repeat. In desperate need is desperate use, safely done and can be desparate in use that is fox thought that can create what is in solid shaped idea an in the form of you rather as clones or other things you can okay form as this uses an element that is living as in travel need. This being can do energy tricks, by use of thoughts in demand as effects are energy such as fox weaving and magic.

   Whatever you do, you do in settle down moment thought repose peace as you speak normal english or other in understood language, as though this is use of subconscious gnowledge of the reality itself not done on unnecessary moments. The use of kitsune real will is what you can use to make with use of fire and epitome. Epiome is epitome that is what, can seem used on the moment that defines what you do and as you can do things you get better in resultive considered fox technique, that is only seen as a surge memory thought and if you need you can show by psionics in use of absence of any actual use magic. Mention makes magic if on use on rough, standing of what you do is practice by technique. The memory of live action in use is to seem aware or you can get better idea as you make the seeming memory come back to full focus you can show the effect as the idea in an instant moment do as to progress in skill use to perform feats of skill ability. And the thought is done on anything, in the idea thats in your mind and on you need as of pointed out idea that you preconscieve before the moment arrives.

  Think to thought mind read, this is giving in idea of being in miserables comment that is the moment in what thought comes from and if you can do things with thought, you are enabled to do things in worst life magic and even then you are what you want as things are what you want them. Then the thought exist and before it was concieved, and after you are done with life you get better with thought and in practice you are what you intent to be by the acting you do and this is what can be achieved. If you are success you get glamour and if you fail, you win anyway as you are what you do in the go and do out and about as you do normal things with to seem to deliver. As you give and get with what, you want and you are what is as you choose and the moment you do, you are always either moody or not as the right things come up to fix things. Things you do in life are study and hard work to get things done with physical drinking of unallowed beverages, not done understand and physical drinking is not abuse done by beer and alcohol and you can physically so you have to use pure dragon strength without killing or in drugs as not interepeted desperate need on special need without the regular use of bade idea. The shapeshift is to use the idea of what you are in the mood, to form as and you are and make no dragon rage can happen.

   This being you beating an object, in thought makes in included a form created, by release you are done by completing thought in form that can make results as though it is needed. Name this the particle form spell in suggest a spell as these moments, in thought are recorded by fair people as you are anywhere your body is and you are multiple places in different area where needed. As in a moment its thought of, it will form as you dimensionally create an effect or aspect to do as you need. This moment ends as you think it does. This allows you to do and it will erase in time what this is that thought as you don't want unless needed and then it will seem a concept as you need a result. But if you don't want it, then it is pretty much a thought form that can form reality, that won't form as you don't want or not as your spirit will be able to direct it, don't want and it won't effect you. If in form it can fey act and be your guide. As you think it it will speak, unless it can physically speak as thought as you speak and this will seem as a thought spoken to where you want it to seem heard in a form of shape that is in a familiar shape and form that can reshape things that looks like you as aberration is skipped and as result you abort the aberration as you are capable of doing what you are doing at the time.

   And the estrange the aberration, and this is the monster that a friend of mine named Joshua talked on an what causes the slaughter of what this is in the beat down punishment for effect that is where you tackle someone. This includes unnatural fist attack an beating the crap out of a person in sudden disrespect. This is a bad example that you see to enable understanding by control of these elements in a radio shack effect, that is what people are doing elsewhere as though a summoning effect with a negative being in result of an unnatural beast in us by using thought that can cause you to get arrested by what you own that is your behavior becoming snappish as a reaction to what you do in a pose and getting heat energy. Cool off and calm down to work right, you see a moment by erasing things that beat em up handling it with time and remain conscious an you are remaining where you want that isn't what you down touch combat in the future moments of nightmare horror undone.

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