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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fire Weaver in thought

   The fire pattern that is use to draw in the energy as you are thinking of fire energy and you are control of what you do. Then you are what you thinking will allow as you are acknowledging what is this as you are doing something to pass the time. The fire weave is to think you need as you need this, as this is a fire source that eventually returns fire to get fire energy to do things, as this quadruples the fire energy to make things to get things in business. The effect is to work with this fire and as an inner source, as you get to do things seem without hit. This is where you get to draw in energy, as you are able to manage and handle anything. Then you lower the price of things, as a concept the silver fox ability comes to work with what you do. As you think you imagine, pick depict you seem what you will as you seem to make things better. This can melt things to bring them to a melted core. The idea is the effect as you depict things you do not create things that do not want to be created as you want an as if air bending the air as though thought from the air fire itself. Do things right in, as you enable thought and your right on and you identify thought as what right is and you get things right as though never wrong.

  To think then send the fire to the core of the earth, and pull it in through the hand and think this is there is with a word to send the fire effect to beam forth by 'done' and do not attack the face to abandon thought is to lose thought as this is to in drawn fire and compress or chane it to a color that is released, this makes what this does as things are with thought command or a touch to an object that makes it as thought goes this way is going, to the planet core itself and set a end result as this is finishing itself up and in touch is to touch or tap the shoulder is to then stop it as this is unwanted. The light sphere is there in the air to in form, at will that is to shift or not fire warp to seem through where you even if need it goes to where its need as destinated gated to there as to make in fire a sphere very bright turn it light blue sphere to light up the sky as though a 'lumos' flare. This draws the earth core energy to find and do, to make things do as contruct in the sphere as a thought construct effect. Turn it black to make do, with magic and death energy.

  Turn it blue and awear it to be good in their mind by taking from the core and making it seem good to the person, and then to turn this blue the moment as to make mana magic and readjust with this your better. You can multiple form fire balls as you can by focus want. To focus the mana in through the wrist and focus it to the hand is to manifest it through the area as where you want as you think the hand think the wrist and add fire through the wrist to form to the hand an you compress it to the size of a pinhead, as to effect is to send it where you think it and you are made to say where and how far it goes as this sends it to where you can wormhole, as this is inertia with thought and to go as you go and use a gesture or idea go is the command made by the third eye with the creator conscious. Will not not tell now hold my word, whatever you do zen knows I am actually act with the word will of the creator and this is or blue is not act will not act as rare infinity fire. If you or anyone can in corn 'corm' form this then you can get good effect that can stop on command. Enchantment an with fire is with a thought of what you need, in the effect of thought to do as the object is there and you are seen somewhere else, as you wish it this is done.

   And you can get what you want, to get the effect by triple the aura energy and in return in harmony by music of the planet that is fire and inner thought of the earth working, as a harmony with inner energy concentrate as a fire shield of aura thats just in idea to reduce by mention that cast by inner fire in use as that is what works in your body to be or reduce health risk itself as you yourself is not targeted, fix the thought and you are not broken as you do not forget and as your aura is there as signature is not seen as a risk. Hazard is not there where you are seen but not noticed, do not return as you are not seen you are gone as invisible and where you want to be as in a realm that be as established this is on your own time as if you want to return you can as you think of your own place by time helping. You could be useful, by setting your own time as if by a mention. To create a fire effect, this is your personal will so its okay as you can create this by making a fire elemental as you are twisting air and putting fire to the twisted air, and you do this in thought to create by what is you can make it exist by thinking of the fire formed as you want. Fire elemental fox can fix your body as you can fix things by thinking as you need the fire elemental to do what is in idea. That is about all except this in thought is possible to step through as a gateway of expanded fire, as a ring that allows you to jump in space to where it is as destination to where is what you welcome. Don't jump in time as you imagine a clock, as then you think on the time and in you think to seem where you want. This is the jump through ring as to groove the floor, as that is dumb where you can set fire to anything just as you step through the portal have a way to put it out in effect.

   As a fire risk, as this is a fantasia effect this is possible to use as a fire ring in your body as you can create even greater ability, with perception or innate vision this is what can seem what is a fire shield that you trick that endless concept into existance that can be any color that is with what you expect as without rewording you expect that is with this is fire as in agreement with through illusia what you do. As you do things timewise by the fire within, you are within rite of thought to not victimize and individual use is what can cause you to fix by thought as the designated word 'fixed' is done and you are fixed in thought by right worded idea that is completed in thought and undoes what you don't want. As you pull in the fire energy, you can gather in you the idea you need as to fix the thought and word the right idea. This is the right considered idea that is plastic, as if you were thinking you send forth the fire to redouble in energy that comes back as you send it forth you can create with thought, done is done as you create you made an effect that is what you want as you do you think and it is what you need. Put time by silver essence in your aura as you gather the fire into your aura as you think, an you create a full manifest any thing you need to get is seen if this is possible in any store or not as its not in need. This is to shift as though at a wish in thought, so don't hit as you think it this is possible as in the moment if you want and then it will not happen there.

   The idea of what you want without beating your entertainment, is the spell fire of ages, spell that thought as a spoken mention to work by need and in deed unless you think and in thought you think do not an you do not send the need to do and things in this is in need to seem as to fix things that are harrassments as that is not wanted and you resent the fact that you are beating, them as in the real life you are in you present the illusion to prevent the illusive beating caused by waht is in the atmosphere. The illusive child that resents you as it is sensing what you are doing, is in no nightmare by prescience and the child fox will non nightmare the result and continue to break the spell as you are finished up is able to work as you are well as if you are well then the door will open to a normal world. And the idea is the depiction by fire, is what is the illusive fox uses. The effect is what is hit on the head of the person you try to work with, as you are able and willing to help. As the fire effect is what you are doing, and the idea is to do things right the beating will stop as you stop and the message goes to the pain in the child self as you get him to stop it, or not as this is heard as punishment is done to you somewhere else in some reality else or nothing ef seems bad. As this is true, as your not idiocy and dumn no more.

   As this is what causes stop with the head hits or other hurts, this is what you are able to use as you are reminded as you heard the response to this, this punishment will admit the spell to stop the result as your not in emotional pain that happens in enducement of discipline to not mind your mind as you think, then wishspell as thought as enhancement you are willing you will revert this in thought and to be completed your not incomplete in this, now don't as this is reaction and you are what this is in reaction to seem to remember violence hence and violence past and then as to remember now is to stop violent reaction as if in need as to then produce it ever now whatever mention will stop fire of an age as to produce the fire is to remember what incites you to attack in the fire field of a body of demonic rage is as alarm is now that spell everyone remembered and nothing tells you what you need to know you and to think it is to stop the fire for the fire that is individual of a fire fox and that which you want will occur as this will cause a fire reaction as you try to mention what no an you rage on but do nothing an its gone and don't go on as protection is not gone its not there as is you think on it and throw it away as you do you don't go back its gone. This can call the idea that is the fire plane as this is stated 'I summon thee fire plane'.

   The fire weaver is reborn from the ashes of what remains in her or him, as the phoenix is thought of by what you want as you are thinking to aid but not get close to her or him that you help. This is thought the pattern is within of thought travel as the weave is possible to work, so whatever isn't possible to work is done by believing it within the risky business that you are thinking about. The thought of need, is what you get as what you need is what you get. This is the idea thing that is able to get done. This thing you do is what you want as this the way get your mind focused, on what you want and then work to do dimensional things. This includes making archways of fire to get somewhere that is real, to get things there where you want as you get the thought of the space you identified as yours to go. The idea expression now is a mention by a thought, that is what you thought was disaster but isn't so this is what occurs if harboring dare to do thoughts by will of dark things. This is the thought of what you return to the path to the planet, as you use essence as fire to make the path to somewhere else, as you get the effect of desire you can get the effort to create what result by others doing. This is where you are doing thought to make thought as you change reality. This is material in results the reality bend of thought hacking, as the thought to happen is very easily real perspective on a spoken verb and quit by mend in thought.

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