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Thursday, September 26, 2013

This concept in blood

   Just like a concept in blood the thought is done as you are doing things, stop then you are free as you do things with thought as if thinking about something you are reading their thought. The thought is with an idea that is thought is to get. As you touch and use the information that you find in an aura a person's energy, and try to do as you might you are sane as you are capable by focus and as if you are close to magic you can get things to work and things in thought become clear minded as your there and talking as though thought came from the person. Their is a point that you see things, and you can think to restore by what you think. Their is a wish to get there and back with thought again. This is a concept to wish for, as you wish you get and as you want you won't as their will is something to work with you are now herein as though a point in time you existed in the mind and out watched the thing in action.

  As though thought you are invisible, in and you out are what thought in alliance is there to trust. When you come back, you are curious as to be somewhere else. So, you jump and go as you are, where you want to seem at with idea. These are the thoughts of what you are doing, at the time you can dimensionally shift is to see the thought in an action that you observe. There is a thought wherever in naturally that you can cause yourself to shrink to a small white dot, unless you don't as the effect is there this is as the thought is the thought hidden. And this is in use, by the thought and what is put in there and you get things to do and you go on. So use in that area where the thought in conscious, and in her idea is this as the aura is not always in thought used an his is to adjust to this as this is to get in somewhere to be somewhere as if where you intend is real in aspect.

  The point is this, to seem good is think an you are to appear good in skill and as you are good you are seen as though thought it was you but okay as you are gone. The thought is not fantasy, as this is the idea in fantasy of life itself as it is based on what you see in the originating world that are there by what is thought on with telepathy revealing the idea and not here as you thing something and you get results. The originating world skam is run by a crook and this is not that skam. This is a part of that idea, to think of an area as you are working nearby you see the memory and you can't tell if its yours or theirs until pointed out, the idea is broken up by thought with integrity and in the idea your in mind. As you think, when the thought comes in you are the money and they are the power as you use their money you earn you are what they seem to bear trust in trust is action with thought in mind. The trust is idea, that is what is you get disturbed memory in hitting and not gettin incapacitated by what you do. To shift is to think of where you go, and touch in you are playing observing in area and idea if where you are for one second you are dead an if you were dead you are alive again as the magic is done and you return after thinking dangerous and you return as if you if you are.

   The thought trick is to think and in this and your able to seem life and respect as you are working with the idea thats different, to do things is to seem like a person that is trusted. As no you don't do things in thought with thought to do and tell and you ca seem to create an effect somewhere, by thought of use you can do duel action in as activity and you are capable of handling any situation. Ay thought if known about can lead you to the area as is if you are thoughtful and reposed. And as each thought to create an idea is to think on it, to use thought from there is then as if to create known things. This is to restore, and go or to fix you think and realize what you did. To consider a conjure point, is to make as you are to gnow and realize. This is the idea that is in mind, as if you were thought you create as though there and not thought of you can create effects there as this is thought and distract by trick with what you will or what you want is done as mischief by a kitsune is done.

   This leads to the employ, as you do things you get things to achieve. Their is no reasonable way, to disappear unless you go and leave with the idea of what you intend. To create an effect somewhere else, you can get an idea to make an get with the effort as you think and not consider the area you aren't effecting it. As if you are working with things to end in the moment, be nice as this is at the end of what you do in thought put or not as use and make things better in the point that they can happen as if they were in dealing with others as this can lead to better management.

   The idea of this is from contact sport and can seem to be used as is thought, with a moment that is there to seem to be. Post call trick is what you are doing, as you do with body and aid in mind, as this is the end of the moment stop and think. Jump the car or do as asked, and work in the moment taken as if the idea existed where you were not thinking it exists, then it can exist as it were there but not here and you won't get in trouble, or not as if you knew not to do you aren't in thought. Their is a path to life that isn't observed. Then, you use the idea you get as if to use intended results better. Actual thought in idea is this is a tragedy but not if you are unviolent, by treaty in idea longevity in what you attempt is to peacefully go and if you are the will. There is no more to this trick, as you act good you are good to go despite what you attempted you can think 'en' you can be at the end of an act.

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