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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

spelly idea

Here's a few idea, if you need to create the point by the unusual point that things are needing to be done. Think about the idea and you ca create the effect by feel.

Some spells; left side of = means effect, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you.

illi viirin hauta-lenca hanu tuia = cease slow man swell. pronounced, [ill-ee vie-rin haw-tah len-can hand-you too-ee-ah].

illi viirin anduta lenca tuia = lower slow swell. pronounced, [ill-ee vie-rin and-oo-tan lend-can too-ee-ah].

illi viirin car-lalar = create chatter. pronounced, [ill-ee vie-rin car-law-lar].

en t spun ga = at the end of this you create game. pronounced, [een t spoof-n gah].

en t ga wia ada = at the end of this game do update. pronounced as [een t gah wee-ah aid-ah].

sensing something is true; this is where you create a point and if the idea feels true the point is real. That point your third eye senses and sends to your brain as a signal to be as though a vision. If this feels true, this is true. So now you know the idea of a point.

This is; the creator or subconscious created gods as you think they exist, so they do and as you think to talk to them you get a message from them. This is a point by feel, so where you think you know and all that positive stuff is what you think.

the end; if you think of the ending, that's what you get by imagination. So imagine this and its there, this is an ending by feel.

en if in id = this ends if the id is returned. pronounced, [een if in Id].

in an ann en = this is announcements of the body. pronounced [in an ann een].

the effect; this is where you think of something and create by the feel. This is an idea of my brother's way of life. So I think it suits the purpose.

focuser; this is where you focus on the words and imagine the result. The subconscious creates what effect there is to do.

focus; the statement of the phrase as you think of the idea is what occurs. This uses the intent and idea point.

en = then is a point you imagine, the effect is a concept you create. If by feel, the point is made if possible.

ata bodio le loa smagl = restore body to lower weight. pronounced as [ah-tan bode-ee-oh lend low-ahm smag-l].

writing stuff

Spiritual warfare techniques:

See to state something this brings up imagination that can manipulate the spirits that exist, otherwise the spirit in idea of the body, this is created with idea by feel.

So I only really needed magic or making by spirit that evolves the mind. That means each time you do magic, the idea becomes easier to do or create. You can create amazing things, if the idea exists by idea or will being done. This is what I learned, when I observed the minds and brain activity of others. This is in a point or known effect.

The spirit manipulation is where the spirit is a part of the body, that you can do things and using body activity, you could create what symbolic idea that you have to create. This is a known effect known as symbolism or symbolisis and does what you think.

So if you create the point, you create by pattern, then you make or wait for the point to seem created by the spirit and the soul is the energy source.

The information you think is focused as energy, really this is an energy wave given off by the brain. This is done through the aura, so by this idea you can broadcast to others minds. This is a point that you can or cannot do things, so you either resond with stress if not or otherwise with calm. That's if you can calm yourself with thinking of a calm place and seeing yourself there.

Thinking is a part of the body, if you think about something then the spirit could manifest the idea. If you need the idea as a point in result, there you go it's created and you know where to look.

Think if about things to make what you consider important, this if you need to do the idea. Then you can create by the feel, see and work by doing the idea you have to do.
This is where you you create by actions, that work with others and they create the point that you have to create.

Genjutsu is the eating and created is the point, that you make by the idea you need the spirit to create and what manifests is what you desire or want as a need. However since the spirit can use the food as an energy source, when you run out of energy or the food is processed. You don't always get what you want. So think and you know what you can do. The genjutsu is a point of illusion and that is what effects anything. So think and you can get what you need. Except the feeling, if you think to exercise when you have eaten, then you avoid gaining weight.

Think of a point and touch a gemstone thinking it will do what you need, then your gem will do things instead for you don't really need to be there to watch by the third eye.
Third eye practices are simple, think of your psychic need and then the pinneal gland is active with blood flow. Think or the third eye doingthings and that activates the third eye manifest. THis third eye can also make what you need to happen, if you think it should. So the idea is that the third eye can see anything, that you need to know. This is where you can sense things and that's thinking of the point, where you think to see things you will. Then if you don't need to see or use the pinneal gland you won't, that's if you think the third eye disappears.

Then the manifestation ends by what you think is ended. This is where you think to end things and the point that happens will occur a natural ending to what you need ended. So when you think of the point, you can create the idea or shut off the third eye and cause a lack of blood flow to the pinneal gland. This is all in a day's work. The "in" there is in blood flow, the lack of blood flow is "if not" and that is where you can use the language. This is done to manipulate the third eye, where we naturally know by experience. This means we can adjust ourselves to the moment, and thinking is what creates balance in idea that we have with the point.

Then the point remains, what can we do with the spirit, where and when can you do things. This is a point in the past, that I remember. That means the rite is over for the third eye is operational, the idea of learning is done, this is a point in effect now you return to your senses.

an in image; this is a point you seem to work the charm and the right things happen. Feel free to to use herbs, except weed and you won't be kicked from the building. That is enough done so things will work by themselves.

the fix; what you think to do is what fixes the device, so if you think it works after three taps, then that's magic.

the en; The end you realize is a point that you think and imagine to create and then make by what you think. This is a point in the past, that is created by the time of the present. that is making the future possible.

Idea communication; think to end the roach life and the roach ends itself.
this is a known fact of a point.
think you know and you realize by the point, what should be done. this ends in rationality, if you think to pursue this point.
Interesting, right?
this is the ending you realize, though the roach was created. think of the point and you can know that too, this is where know is kill now the roach.
if you need the end to be the update, then the point is done as its possible I need a game.
this is what I think.
en if then; the end if the time allows.
if you think your somewhere else, then eat something there or drink water and think of what you need, then you get that result where your body is.
this is a known effect.
Enjoy yourself, then you can create good feelings by the aura energy causing what you feel.
this is a point in idea for you to try, in the meantime I will go do what I can. ciou.
think about your statement and the idea of what it means comes to you.
this is done by the soul translating and you realize what is there by what is said.
This I think is a fire there, so think to be somewhere else by moving the body with the movement you do here.
now to go kill roaches, this I think is fair exchange so I think this is done for now. see you at the zoo.
have fun killing roaches. although I think one of them caused you to eat. so its proven they can create what you think about.

an if en = this is the end of the idea if you think to go and continue. If not, then there's more writing to do.

Some game stuff
This; The idea is a point, that is done if you need it done. Think about what you need, then you can get the point by feel. This is a point in the past.

Mage dream; This is ability manifestation by what you do by idea you express or feel exists, that uses the aura and creates by thought you project or think into existence. The idea is what you use to guide the moment, that the subconscious or soul creates by using the idea for feel. When your in a mage dream, you are breathing slower and creating what you think. Treat the moment as though a lucid dream, then you make what you will with what you have, this includes gated in effect by feel. This can create any event or idea that you convince yourself is possible. If you want to wake up from a mage dream, quicken your breath and think you wake up. This dream is where the soul creates, language that you use and the thought you need will be existing by feel. This is a known effect that doesn't always work unless you think this idea works. So think the idea is what works and sometime the idea works. This is done unless you don't need the idea.

The game; this game is a point you create the wealth of desire, being smart and working with the idea you have to create with by feel. Ideal is investing is sometimes a need, so if you think and work with things. Then you can get billions of dollars.

soccermitus; this is where you think ad-hoc and make the effect of soccer or socking out the people around the area. This means that things are done by feel, if necessary.

Evolution; I evolved btw, this was done by use of quartz crystals, the energization of water and use of creativity. Evolution without gaining weight is fun, so you just have to know when not to do things. See its fascinating as a point of view is the body evolves with the mind. This means in order to not gain weight, think of the moment and eat some sugar substitute with water or food. This I think is good for quick energy as you think to exercise the weight off. So think about that as you sleep. Then you will do what you need to get the weight to drop away, thinking about it as you sleep is what creates the theta programming and with the suggestion of "I can lose weight no matter what I do." I believe you can get easy weight loss. Ciou and farewell. Good-bye and be open.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Individualism magic

This is what effects for individualistic idea, So think what you can get and attempt the effect if you need anything. Inform me if you can get some effect in comment, thank you in advance.

Some spells; left side of = means effect, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you.

let's do; this is where you create the effect and think what you wish, then you get things for the area.

let's note the doings; the psychic activity in the area is hot, this means its high in activity. So all you need to do is note down what is done by spirits and beings such as entities, then you can create with the idea and the point is done.

done and do; this is where you are dead and thinking of the point to do, think of how you died and then the great eagle that services both life and death will bring you to where you need to be. This is done and done again if necessary, now stay gone cat. Now I can enjoy myself.

Your thought; this effects people that work with you, think to cancel the bad energy by reprogramming and the idea is gone. This means that the bad effects that are happening to you won't happen to you anymore. This also means that disease you had disappeared, so think to ensure yourself of this fact by drinking water and tea. That's either decaffeinated or caffeinated if you want to stay up longer. This is a done deal that creates the point of calm, and then the drug they put into the water will cause you to remain cured for a long period of time. This is a point to the past.

The repeats; these are waves, energy that creates by feel what you think to create in the area. The repeats are done by the astral shell, cast off by idea then suits the point. This is something that created the point that you had. So think and you create something better. By feel this is what you can do with the third eye by idea, this is where you see and the perception you think is there is what is a point there or what could have occurred. Trace the moments, then you can know for certain what you want to do. That is all.

just so; just so they don't catch me on the point. I will do what I can. Wish me luck.

think; the weight you know you are is the point you change from if you disagree with the bodyweight, this is the effect and energy so if you think of the moment you can shift to where you think to see. This is a known effect, created by your spirit and thinking of the weight to seem is what creates you as that weight. This is using a point of idea, that you are energy and things work out by feel. This is an idea in the effect I had for weight loss, that made it work and things that are done were achieved by exercise or heart pacing. So then if you don't mind the effect, then you can get the result weight you desire.

then en; that was the thing, that creates by feel. Think an object exists something and the idea is done, if you touch it to create the result. This is manifested by the point or feel, think of the idea and you create what you need by feel.

writing stuff

Energy tactics; Wealth is energy. The less energy the less wealth. Orgonite are actually wealth generator as they sooth the souls. If you tap the item and think what you need, then you generate that effect. And generate energies like mini astral factories. Yes indeed, a spirit is possibly demonic if you rile it. That can make them a poltergeist. So they use their feel, then create with the feelings they have. Then that's about it. This is true for animals, too.

If you feel calm and soothing, then you can sooth a poltergeist. See the other way to control the demon, this is think it will do what you want by what you program energy to do. That's thinking it will do things is sending it programmed energy. All you need to do to keep an effect going is eat or drink and keep hydrated by something, that is done to keep the energy up in the body.

So a storm is a big demon in ancient terms. Now to manipulate a storm, this is think the storm will do things that you need, then state what you need as you think of the storm. This is where you can communicate telepathically, too. That is done very easily. Think of the person and the message, then you send a message by spirit. That's the true fun. Getting a message in return, that is done by realizations. You realize the point is made and "hear" the message, that is what is understood. This way allows you to get messages and send messages, that uses the soul as the energy transmitter and the spirit as a point of realization.

A hurricane can be alive. The natural forces associated with it is like sentient patterns. It talks and when chanting a weird version of a mantra, it's even more mystical and powerful. So think to focus on the storm and think to the conscious of the storm to get what you need. I think this works, if you do things with the feel. This is a point you think, then create by the idea you have ready. So I think I will prepare and do things in the meantime. Ciou and farewell, good-bye.

Overwatch third eye energy clone; This is an idea that you activate your third eye and focus or thinking is what you cause the being an this is a point that is formed to do. This can be considered a being of the creator's energy. An that is an energy to create what is necessary. That follows a pattern, this is the pattern of light particles or if no light then you can create with energy emanations. The point is an idea that you create with the blood flowing through the brain, then you create by working with things.

The point is done when the third eye is active from the pinneal gland, that is where the pinneal gland receives blood flow energy and creates with a manifest what you need to happen. Think a being exists and you create a greater energy form. That is what shares your idea or point and the point is what is ended up done. This I think is what is done by the third eye when you think of the moment, the third eye responds and your manifestation or idea you need is created. That sounds simple, right? This I think is a point that is finished. So I will think of other things for now, sorta like walking.

You can have any number of clones, the thing is you have the subconscious create the point they do, then you make with what you get. If you manage to get away, then you create by feel and work with idea. Oh in order to dispel the clones, think the clone doesn't exist and the idea is done. They are energy particles seemingly born to life, so the life energy recieves your idea as instruction and ceases to exist. This is the end point I saw for the energy clone. That makes the idea in a way you do things, not always is the point done by feel or worked with by feel.

If you can get that form to reform, then you can get a greater elemental or particle form, too. Greater energy body is where the third eye gains in energy, and then doing an energy body effect that is greater by feel and godlike in nature, that is where your third eye makes a body transformation or what evolves into a greater energy lifeform, that is solid yet energy in form and created by will of the spirit that you can work with by feel. Making the form become solid or unsolid is done at will. You may note if your body transforms you no longer need food nor water, that's unless you just want to eat or drink to improve your health or enjoy yourself and energy by each bite or ounce is treated like some improvement by recovery.

You regenerate quicker per every minute or six seconds with focus or not, this is done as you have energy from the creator. You absorb energy as you absorb the shape that makes the form dissapear, that energy comes to you and anything can pass through you as though you had a soul. This is when your unfocused in mind or at will do things for people. You also can assume the shape as you act the idea of the person, their energy or spirit creates your body shape as you become energy again and solid afterward, so that is temporary. When this is done as if recreating the point of shaping, this is using an effect that creates where you think the shape if your that shape. That is an effect done by the body programming, so don't mind the effect. The energy lifeform, if yourself, can then create with idea and work with whatever the life form is given.

You can appear like the person and act like him or her, that's in or out of prison, this is when sometimes your acting like what you want to act like by feel, see if you need to act the person out for some reason. This is a known effect, that's cancelled out by acting right and otherwise the use of an "an if", or announcement of something you want to be thought and the if point is stimulated idea by stimulus for the right result. This is using a point you think and do or work with by feel. Think and you know what to do. If your weight goes up suddenly, then you can cause it to go down. This is done by using the third eye to create the effect you focus to create by suggestion or thought.

That creates what you need, then all you need to do is the right idea or things happen by the spirit. If punishment is needed, that's an action cancelled out or allowed for by the pun being thought or otherwise the creator doing things for you. So this is the ultimate lifeform if life, that's created by feel and made to do what you wanted or feel is important. If a storm or idea you meet some point then you don't need the form, you reshape yourself to be what you are normally, that happens if you unform and reform solidly as a point or before a point is done.

This is a greater lifeform of energy then created by the third eye, that is what can use the creator's energy and not be overwhelmed. The soul is the infinite source, empowered by the love of the creator and made to work by what is done. This is done in the knowledge of what you think about, and you can create with a point. Think and know, this is a point to work with and you can get along with the point of life you form by the third eye interaction. Think and you realize, thought is not you so what you observe with your third eye is what you think about with feel.

Think and you know the greater elemental form, that is use of an element to help form the being. This is an effect of life. So I think this is safe if you use the god to make whatever you need with the shape, the thinner you are, the better results you can get. So I think the effect is done if you notice the element disappear, then you created what you wish and that is where your finished in idea by feel.

Think and you know, the point is done if by feel, this is a concept of peace or wakefulness. So think to make use of the alternate states of the mind and you can create better results, that happen by what you express. So if you think you know, you create by the point. Then you know you are safe with the idea being shared. You see, not everyone can create with the third eye this way, so think to a neighbor to try this point and if you can, your lucky. This is an energy effect by feel, so think of what you want and energy creates what you need.

I think you know your an animal form if you think to create and you feel animalistic, that's a point you think and you know also what you do there by the energy that you sense and trace, this is done by thinking to trace something you feel and what you think is a point and what you sense is what is done unless you think otherwise. This is a point in regard, so I think you can cause the life form to meet with you, that's if you need to have a point of meeting. If you don't then no regard is done with you in presence unless you need a point of regarded idea or something. Then you could always do other things.

So that's about all without hitting, enjoy yourself as your aware of the effect because what you do is create a point. That is projected by the aura energy waves, this is where you sense things and that is picked up by the others whom sense the wave. This is tracing by sensation or tracking for an animal, that is where you think of the point and if you take in parsely or vanilla extract. That's when they perceive you as someone else.

Then you overwhelm the senses of the perceiver if too much taken into the body by watery drinks, for if you feel sick and the person picks up on that. They can act nicely and create for you if you think to work with their spirit requests by the soul. This is a known effect by which you can do things. So if you know what to do you could have done the effect by now, then your aware of the result by insight and know what made the idea by realization.

This can be useful, if available by feel and you know this is what creates by feel, then it's where you are the idea and the form is the idea that is created in a given point. This is using an idea of quantum physics, otherwise known as quantum space manipulation. If you think to not be here, then you aren't so that is the rule by a point of quantum physics. Thinking to cancel out lifeforms, you cease the body energy by dark energy. Then you create a void, where there was a person or animal there. Think though, if that doesn't work, then think of cold energy freezing them and heat energizing them very quickly. This can turn to dust the being as though it were not there by thought self-internal combustion.

This is a known effect of 2 dimensional space. That's where you think of the point, and what you decide or consider is perceived or traced as though if a bit of information were you. What you do is what your perceived as by feel. This I think is a concept worth mentioning. If the point is else, then you create by the idea and work with what is given. This is then a point in a moment in else.

Creator effect; The creator effect is where you create by feel, that works as you think the creator makes what you need or want by feel. Think of the moment, then you can create by the need being sensed by the creator. You can create unlimited amounts of moments per day. This protects you from negative energy and you aren't a target with this feat. The idea is this, you can cause a person to cease living. That is done as you think the creator makes the person not be there or no longer exist. You could place yourself on another planet, that is eventual though. This means you aren't effected unless you think you are effected. Then you can cancel out actions, thinking the act is undone if known or sensed. This is a known effect.

the matrix of life

Think to restore; the point you think is used to restore what you do with the point that is perceived. This is an idea that you do, not an idea that you don't think to do. If you think to create, then havoc could happen. This is an idea effect.

in of an them; this is where you are in of idea and of them by feel.

in of; the point: you are aware, think and you can create chaos. this releases you by what you do, if you create chaos in the area then you make by idea and see what you can by feel. this is freedom from hell, as you create chaos, an angel gets you and you are free.

as of; as of this point, I think that's worth at least 15,000 xp, so I might as well do what I was if needed.


Energy potion; Bayleaf, turmeric, and oregeno will create the energy effect of body rejeuvenated by adding the ingredients to water and drinking the potion of energy.

This is all I had, so enjoy yourself and farewell until next time. Ciou.

Friday, August 23, 2019


This idea is done to allow things so you get what you want. Allow if things occur.

Think; if your not effected, what you do is what you think so this is the end by now.

This; this is then, now I think the idea. So I will list the point. Think and you form what you need, that you find by feel.

Think; the ice is useful, think and do by what is done. The idea is quietly done, then the need is reduced, so you get less medical need and more effect by what you do.

The idea is where you act as though medicated and this is done by drinking water with a cure. You ca act better immediately afterwards, this is an effect by itself. That makes things where you don't need medicine, so think and you can get the point then you do.

Think and know; this is a point I would like to say is a concept, that allows you to get along. This is a concept that's done by what you realize. If you know things, once you realize what you need to know then you know what you can do.

Lafayette; he comes up with the funding that is needed to get things done.

Th id is in a point; this is a concept that focuses on the reality around you, that is where things are needed and you supply the need.

This is known by what you do, the effect is kindness where you have by realizing what you need to get. Then if prepared, you can either choose to give away the item or keep the item for yourself.

This; if the point is done, think of something else. This I'd say is a known effect. This knowledge effect is what is done, so don't bother trying to deny it if things go wrong.

The idea; if you complete something, then you feel satiated and satisfied from the point of perspective by feel.

Thus; the effect is an effective idea, so think and you know things by feel.

Think; the point is done, think to return and you are returned by the creator. This is a knowable effect, thinking of the bad separated the idea that creates bad to no longer exist.

If you think to remember, then you create by the idea, if you focus and make a point, then you create by feel. This I will use in a lifetime point, so I will now go and do something else.

However not in idea is this point, the idea you consider is important and think things through to complete the moment.

This is also a concept you realize by the soul knowledge being realized by the creator and the creator allows you to know by having an insight with what is done.

Psy gut; this is using psionics to create a point of reducing your gut. Think to hold in the stomach as you feel the gut reduce and know the weight reduced by water intake as you create by feel.

Think; this is a point to create with as energy, think of the possibility and created is the effect you need. That basically comes to the area and you get what you can. This is a point in progress, think of the idea and you create with the need using energy you have by feel.

Amazon delivery; the delivery due to amazon shipping is received today, this is done by feel early on with the point done by idea.

Zarl; I did have an experience with what I do.

This; think this works, then the idea will divert even hell. So think you don't experience what hell has to off or offer, and you won't experience bad idea. This happens without stress.

The idea; this is with a match, if you strike the match you create a flame. This is using your imagination with energy. Think and you know what to do.

Think; the idea behind this is a point that creates interest. So think and you know what to do.

Mail; the mail comes early and I get my package or mail.

Think send; think send the point by thinking of the person, then think and feel they get what you send.
If this doesn't seem to happen, then fee or feel free to use a sigil to make what effect you need. This is a point to send the idea, that goes to the point you think send.

This point; the idea is a point you get things by what is done. So think and you know what to do.

Who change; think and do, this is a point your nearly killed and change by morphing. See that starts from within with energy. That energy creates by idea, so what form you have in mind is what you become. This is a point in the past.

Eating need; the need to eat disappears as you think and do actions or think and do walking that causes less need.

Antwaine; he can make it today for picking me up and bringing me places. This happens quicker  without stress.

Gander; guess, the moment that you think or tend to guess a point or value.
The; the heat of the sun that causes weight loss as it burns away the fat.
Oa = exploration; exploratory, oh ah, created point of expression otherwise. Think this, the point is made. Then I am off.
No = Not; note, notice, this is a notice done or written by feel.
Bino = Bank note; this is like a dollar or more. Pronounced bine-no.
Bah = Bash; the party or some group active situation. Otherwise this is a knocked effect.
Eh = hold; hold off and avoid doing things later. Otherwise this is methane.
Eo = bull or animal
Rod = rode, ride of something.
Rodeo = ride of animal or rode bull.
En'is = En is; this is a point everyone remembered, think about things and memory is restored.
Ret = rest; this is where the body recovers energy and from others or the creator by feel.
Swi = Swipe; the pattern is known, think to slide the finger fast from one point to the other. Then the phone unlocks.
Daed = dergard, disregard; This is done in a disregarded moment, that is created by idea or mention. This is from a high speed chase.
I did herbs so I wasn't thought badly of by feel. Yet the point of shit caused the repugnancy of the moment, so I had to clean up.
This allowed me to stay until I decided to not be there. So think and you know the point that occurred. This is a known effect, that creates by feel an things in need are what is done.
Blur image; think to use energy that goes through the spirit, and this causes the spirit to blur the body.
Thinnin spell; this spell created is where you thin up and make by spirit an effect.
Thinkin spell; this is where you use a point and create the word effect that your soul makes by spiritual influence. You can list the word by idea, and this is what you look at and create as you are able to state the intended need.
I think by this effect you don't need to weigh up. This just works by the soul feel. That uses the body energy to make what exists. This really is all magic is if done by idea. If you need something to erupt, then suggest it by statement to your subconscious and the subconscious will do the deed.

Interesting how this effects others, I got someone to do things with me, then he thought it was a good idea. Otherwise it is a point in idea and also in disregard you do things. This effects others by what they think to do, if they dismiss it as a point then you aren't thought about in idea. This is how things can work by what is done.
So farewell and ciou, good-bye until later.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


These are some psychisms, feel free to use them if you need to get an effect. This is where an is one and effect is what you think. Think about what you need and you could get the result you need as a point, that the spirit creates if you need the idea as an end result..for some more psychisms, look at this blog.

Some spells - left side of = means effect, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works.

Dra'suli lodias ulu l'rek'larst xor lakkane. Nindel ph'gaer ulu Dra'suli wun. = Drow for: Draw people to the area or conversation. That are there to draw in.

morfeth nez a vel'bol zhah xunor. = drow for: make win by what is done.

lodias xuat shar uns'aa whol vel'bol Usstan xunus. = Drow for: people don't mind me for what I did.

lodias xuat shar uns'aa whol vel'bol zhah xunor. = drow for: people don't mind me for what is done.

thry uns'aa naut ulu shar lodias naut telanthaad pholor l'gile. = drow for: cause me not to mind people not speaking on the network.

omni cosmio magicus concilio populus ad sermo emperoct (drawn person here) = attract people to conversation in latin. if you think state "that didn't draw them" then it stops the effect. otherwise have people in mind to draw, and you draw them there as though an "accio" were stated with conversation intended. so in fact, if you state the people to attract to the conversation, then you might get them to speak. otherwise this is a point that isn't actually done.

omni magicus non adlicio non desiderabilis populus ad regio luminoct = unattract unwanted people to the area. This is done in latin.

omni cosmio magicus curiosa placida comparatus opsequium luminoct = latin for: create considerate relation.

un sai um = forever sail and consume unless not necessary.

omni cosmio magicus porro conversio energia colatus de programmatio emperoct = latin for: recycle cleared of programming energy.

omni cosmio magicus inclino malus cibus luminoct = latin for: reject bad food.

omni cosmio magicus facio bona gratia omoptio = latin for: create good friendships.

omni cosmio magicus reddo bonus gratia omoptio = latin for: restore good relationships.

omni cosmio magicus ego actus aequus ego progigno satis quies omoptio = latin for: I act as though I got enough sleep.

uou fiee = restoration by forgiveness.

run o fall = run to the bathroom or fall down almost in a coma.

omni magicus cosmio vicis reliqui illa sunt malus in vita luminoct = latin for: turn things that are bad in life. you mention the bad idea.

qee'lak flasmix o'gothin = drow for: quick energy healing.

duul'ssom dosstan dal tortha = drow for: freeing yourself from control; freeing yourself from control is state the name and think or state that "be in free". this is where things could happen by what you do in feel. the idea is done by feel, think of the point and you can get what you need.

ich = poof; this is where the moment is done and things occur naturally, that is done by feel or end at this point that you think or need.

ich'en = lichen; this is healing moss on the cats head that is a naturally modified cat. That is what is in mind and not anywhere else.

en = this is a point at the end, see that is what you create with idea and make an ending happen that you can imagine or think about to exist by feel. the point you don't need won't occur otherwise to happen. this is a known effect.

dajakk t'larryo shar = drow for: fix broken mind.

ah ik no = cure body and sick no longer in atleantian.

non effected; your non effected if you think you aren't by feel.

Think; the idea you shift with is a point and things are what you are doing. So I think this ends the spell section. Now onto the writing section. I think I know what to put for universal peace of mind, so this will be interesting indeed.

wun shinder doeb alus = in drow: in allowed out gone

en drow; the end of the effect you think of, that is put in drow.

l'mon'tu nindel zhah l'xuz, talinth dos zhaun lu'dos jussen l'ul'hyrr nodven. nindel zhah jal. = in drow: the point that is the end, this is useful to make an end of things. think you know and you realize the idea necessary. that is all.

L'mon'tu; nindol zhah l'mon'tu dos zhaun, ji nindol zhah l'mon'tu a l'klew'ar. Talinth lu'dos gumash inbau vel'bol dos ssinssrin xor dos shlu'ta kyorl vel'bol dos ssrig'luin. drow for: The point; this is the point you know, so this is the point at the moment. Think and you could get what you want or you can see what you need.

Fol ker zhah naut vel'bol dos ssrig'luin, talinth bauth l'ul'hyrr lu'dos wo naut xun vel'bol zhah ssiggrin wun l'ker.
 = In drow: Some advertisement is not what you need, think about the idea and you won't do what is thought in the advertisement.

Nindol zhah natha mon'tu, nindel beldroe a satiir. Ka dos kl'ae l'ul'hyrr, dos shlu'ta shaa klezn a nindol tluin xunor.
 = In drow: This is a point, that creates by feel. If you use the idea, you can treat things by this being done.

illi si na issa ego na-finwa. si na issa ego indo ea aranya imi coi-n ista i-ye-nna lenna-as in ala-ten i na ta imi coi. =  I'm fine, I'm free in life, I know what and to go with the good direction that is there in life. pronounced as, [ill-ee sig n-ah is-sah ee-go n-ah fin-wah sig n-ah is-ah ee-go in-doh ee-ah are-an-ya im-ee coy-n is-tan I-yeh-n-ah len-ah-as in a-lah-ten I n-ah tan im-ee coy] in elvish.

ser tir l'ky'kiya. = in drow: keep off the weight.

ser tir l'rewt ky'kiya. = in drow: keep off the fat weight.

drewst myar kulith = in drow: remove bad feelings

claror adque candor de universa ens in pono momenti = latin for: clarity and purity of whole being for a set moment. think the time that this effects your being or mention the time period, then this will effect by feel for that period.

ens in pono momenti = latin for: being for a set moment. this is a being made for the moment, that can deal with things that happen.

writing stuff

Spell forming; For elvish spells I use a source then the action words and then the noun descriptor. For drow, its the sentence itself. For Latin, its omni action phrase words and luminoct for flare or enact or emperoct for restore. The other languages are descriptors and action words. If they recognize the sentence, the pattern of idea could be ignored until you need them to see it.

Smaoinigh ar an smaoineamh, cruthaigh mothúchán. = Ireland gaelic for: Think the idea, create by feel.

Fèin-chruthachadh, is e seo puing ann am beachd. = scottish gaelic: Self-creation, this is a point in idea.

Dyma beth mae bygiau yn ei wneud. = Welsh for: This is what bugs do.

l'xuz wun ul'hyrr zhah vel'bol sute gulu'da ulu l'myrloch zik'den'vever. = drow for: the end in idea is what releases ghosts to the astral plane.

draix maka ph'weafl, talinth ulu beldro a l'athiyk eal'asshyenin l'klew'ar.. ji maka ol tlu. = drow for: center mote are useful, think to create by the spirit manipulating the moment.. so mote it be.

jiaol jivviim t'yin skrel biu xuz ulu gulu'dae. = drow for: avoid harm then put an end to haunts.

Think a point; this is where you rest, then I do things to purify the area.

Then I do; I then shift and am away by gravity from the area.

All done; this is all done, so I think I will rest my case.

jiaol l'mon'tu d'natha ssark ka dos daewl, jhal klezn orn xund doeb. = drow for: avoid the point of a snap if you wish,but things will work out.

think or need; this is where you think and try to tempt fate, this is done to create better as things will work out for people.

l'converen ph'xuil renwus nizzre'. = drow for: the streamers are with streaked lightning.

nin dos shlu'ta l'amith nindol tresk'ri zhahen pholor. = drow for: now you can enjoy this world were on.

Ka l'sriy zhah gajen, t'yin kyorl whol ol fol'vel'klar. T'yin dos inbau dosst sriy. = drow for: If the batch is late, then wait for it somewhere. Then you get your batch.

think an idea; this is where you think, and you know by the point that is done with spirit. This is when you think of a point, and the spirit lets you know of the idea through soul insights.

thought is the point; this is where you think of the means and create, that is done by the energy in the point that is there.

you know things by feel; this is where you know the idea, think of the means and you create by the point you have things.

en the point; the idea is with an ending, think of the idea and you realize the concept that was done. this is the thoughts of a very scared point, that you read the bug by vibrations with a bug energy as the conscious thought.

thinking;this gets you a message of, see to enjoy yourself, farewell.

the matrix of life

Life effect; stay nearby someone and you heal them, especially if you stay for 30 minutes. This is like the aura heals the body, think of the right herbs to restore the rest of the body functions and that is done.

The right herbs for tiredness; this is a point you use the bay leaf, turmeric and oregano put to water and think of healing to restore some brain function that is needed to remember. This is a knowable effect, that is where bay leaf is energy, turmeric is brain restorer, oregano is a body humour restorer. Make use of what you have and the energy of the water will create a natural restoration effect. Added though is a drug to the water by the chemical cleaning plant, so I think it may be the reason to the point that exists calmness if you drink the water unfiltered.

Think about things; The idea is about to happen here, so I might as well leave things as they are until later, ciou.

Think you gno = this is where you think and realize what is said as you state things. Then you know the meaning of the word you speak. This is a known by spirit effect.

dnd moment; This is a dnd point, and its moment is done in the mind by the point you have to do right. Allow the mind moment, and the point is mostly done as though a wish were granted. Time in the mind moment is faster than light or the moment in time, this is meaning its 10 minutes per every 1 minute unless not necessary by feel.

yes; This is an advanced shift by anchoring, if you need to strengthen yourself, there is a way. think to root yourself to the earth and the planet causes better resilience. when you think to move, then uproot yourself from the earth and you won't want to come back to the same spot again.

so yes it is a very neat effect, that allows your body strength of a willow and thought of what you need. Why not same spot? Well you want to be able to move around and rooting yourself to the spot anchors yourself. That means you go to the same area that you anchor at, as if you rooted yourself to the same spot. So a point you remember is the point you shift from, this by feel is a concept space that is represented by the mind and the soul making real what you think is real. This is allowed also by a moving rooted spot, where you think the rooted area moves.

Then this is what can be the cause earthquakes and such as planetary vibrations, since its the planet that moves with you. So that's it, the point you think the rooted spot moves makes it move as though you. This is an idea by feel, though you know what this is by now. What you didn't know is this fact, that if the rooted spot is moving until you decide the spot doesn't move on its own, then you know the point is done as you uproot and the point didn't exist. Otherwise you can get all sorts of things, this is a point you know as when the rooted spot becomes a shifting point. This spot that moves on its own also does things on its own. So think and you know what you do.

think; the thought form is ceased, think in a point of the idea and you can get what you need.

thinks = the idea is done and allowed for by feel.

the point; the idea is a concept, that is taught or realized by idea. The moment that is allowed, this is killing all my thought forms as pets and idea is what is done.

free; your free to do what you want, if you need the idea then you get a point of the the idea. that is all.

l'shinder ilra'osett = The legal effect; the point in the effect is where you think its free, and the weed is non illegal and this can be provided for on the federal level of the government. This happens quick enough, so think about making weed legal and it is enough.

the idea; the idea is legal, so think and get what you can. This is all for now.

break the bubble; the blue bubble of reality that surrounds you is broken by what is done. This is where a pin breaks the bubble and you are yourself.

The reality tear; this is where you realize the reality is there, then things are appearant as to what is missing is found. Then things around you dissolve away, this is as if you are tearing reality away from yourself and you are seeing what is truely there in what is non illusion. This uses the ability of your 3rd eye and that is made by the pinneal gland. This is an active psychic gland, empowered by blood flow and thought of what you need. Then its there by feel. Feel the need and the point you think activates the third eye visuals, then you know what to do as you direct with the thought and create by the idea you think.

Me too; the movement of what is me too, this is cancelled out by what is thought or decided and the movement goes away. This happens without stress and people relax by feel.

think and go; this is where you think and go places, so if you think about an area then your there if you think you are there. Otherwise you are where you are atm.

The point; the area is an idea, the idea is what you think, this is a known about effect.

The shift; the shift is a point you think to work, if you are aware of the environmt you can work where you think to work as you deem this necessary. This happens free of stress, so think and there is more you can do.

the thought; the idea is a thought and the thought is not you, if you think you know or gnow things as they exist.

the area; this is the area you think to see, if you go there you may be stuck there. So think of other area and you are away.

ending; This is in a point of context, so think about the idea and the point will come to you. If you think about doing things you get what you need, a point of rest. This is a known fact of lore.

end = the end point is what you think, exceptions are when in a bad mood so each their own and whatnot is possible. This is in the end of the file.

end in sight; there might be no end in sight so I will end this here.

Another note: This is the magicof idea, that makes the word unidentical to the actual meaning unless your thought matches the idea and not brainwave length in a point of the individual. If you match the thought or brainwave that is done of the person, that's usually with the correct words you think or use is idea then the person matching seems in your world. If you don't match the brainwaves of the other person, then they aren't there and your in perception of the real world. This is the world of the place your in by feel, if your in their world you tend to see what their mind is thinking about. So that is how this works.

nau ssark rath. = drow for: no snap back.

mckickass effect; This is an effect of life energy focusing and creating by the point you need, that's done as you state the idea. This uses the subconscious and what you think is what is done. Yet nothing is a point that exists out in actual space, so whatever you think to use this for, maybe its useful in your inner world. This is a point by feel type thing, this is using an effect by what you consider in life. This is useful for monks, that want to create with the idea you or they consider. See the idea and think by example or energy, that goes from something to exist as something similar somewhere else. This is better known as object recreation effect. In order to stop them, think to use an "an in" which means ain't in their language. This cancels anything that you think to use the point with by spirit activity. So think to create and work the point or shift, then you create by the idea and what you think is created.

Mckickass effect two; This is an idea that you create by thinking of the person and sending energy their way, that is usually done by an idea kick upward and they get a kick in effect. They can be spiritually kicked, though physical kicking if nearby is allowed for if done by feel.

ilya metta tilma = The end point; This an end point that you think about and get by feel. Think of an end point as you state the effect spell. Pronounced as [ill-ya met-tan till-man].

Thought; the war is won, the effect is done, I think this spell ends the movie.

Thought too; think to use things as they are there, if you can then create by energy then you know what is possible or what you think is done. This is a known effect, so think and you know what to do.

Think to shift; This is a point that you think to seem or appear somewhere, then you are where you think you are until proven otherwise. This is a known effect that works with normal people, and you can get almost anything from their subconscious. Think your returned by the creator and you are back to a safe point, that you think is safe.

and = another way to do things, this is a point that you think and make with what you want.

the = the idea is done, think to create a point, and you make with what you have to get or work with by feel.

positive = think your positive and you know what is there. This is a point you see an usually in idea realize is done.

end = the point you know, this is a point that you think will work. Though if you think of what you want or need, you can get what you desire.

will = the will is the thing you use that creates what you will need sometime. This is a known effect.

happen = the point is a thought, think to create with a concept and you create by the point you can see to use.

naturally = this is a point you think, the end you desire will happen by the point you need or think is necessary.

Need; a need is something you feel is necessary. so if you need to stay somewhere you are there by magic. this is using an idea you think is necessary or otherwise, you feel is necessary then you decide what is necessary. Not neccesarily chosen by spirit, but by subconscious feel perhaps. Can be released with ease.

This is interesting; think of the idea and you know the rest by spirit. This uses the soul with insights that come to your mind or ideal understanding.
hold; this is where you have things.

held = this is where you have held onto something or let it go otherwise.

run = this is where you avoid by flight. think of where you go and you walk fast to get there.

ran = create by feel, this is manifested where you think of the area and what you did then you create by the effect.

then = this is a point you think of in time, the effect is a point that the subconscious creates by your feel. even if you don't want to do things, you will eventually do what is needed. think and you know what you can do.

go = this is a point you do things, then realize is doing things of what you need.

en = this is done and the subconscious is done at the end  of the script.

illusion; This is done if you need to do things by search, so I think that is also done where you get no actual results by idea with illusionous results.

this is using an effect; The point is the idea and not always the same everytime, as the dream is always different. Sometimes I think you can create miracles in these dreams of mine, but oftentimes nothing happens. So if you think about the end result, then you create the point of what you need. This is a known effect of mine, so I pkace it on the blog. I think wake up and I am aware and awake. This is a point in respect of others so I look up dream symbols and interpret them, a living dream is dream nonetheless so the dream symbols are what is important. See then I create the effect of cancellation of what is wrong by the lookup. This is a pattern dream, I wonder when its going to end.


Energy potion; Bayleaf, turmeric, and oregeno will create the energy effect of body rejeuvenated by adding the ingredients to water and drinking the potion of energy.

definitions: (skip to end)

alt'sta = all states, alter states; These are the state of minds that you can enter, that's when if you think about the state and need to seem one your in one. This is where you can just think about the idea, then you don't actually use spells as you get an effect. So if you needed an effect I would state the point. So you can use suggestions and the subconscious in alpha mode may do them, unless a countersuggestion is made or you don't need to have an effect. Think your freed and you are away.

This is a point you think about, and if you don't need the idea you won't the point that you have the idea. The headaches come in play when you create a point that you don't relieve stress from suggesting that there is no stress. Then the headaches disappear, sometimes you might need medicine. So think and you know what you can do. This suggestion activates your jedi understanding, so if you think about the idea you can know from spirit understanding what the idea is done by feel.

The method to get into alpha state is think your in alpha state, this relaxes you and only if you breathe in and out until you are tranced or actively relaxed. See its an easy way to get effects. So think you aware and awake as you feel refreshed, then if you need things the subconscious does what you need. Think your awake and refreshed, then you come out of the alpha state as you think you do and you are aware of things.

If your there right now. It can make you laugh hardcore, and tend to disconnect from the physical body. I use the suggestion, that "I won't do what I don't need to do." Simply stating that is a “command” to the subconscious. So this you can feel allows all commands to work better in alpha state. Do you have recommendations and/or guidance or how to have balance and clarity in this state. State as suggestion, "I won't feel what I don't need to feel." This cures any feelings that you don't want or need to feel by idea.

If you experimented with the other brain waves. This one is great as is. That is theta, gotten to by stating "theta" in alpha mode, then your in theta and doing what is needed unless you don't want to do things then you won't. This state allows you to state something, think the subconscious is programmed to do the idea then it is. You can enter it in alpha state very easily. Then what you state will happen more easily. If you state alpha, then you are come from this state of mind. The change does seem to be almost immediate. Theta is definitely sharper and more focused, while alpha is more relaxed and very open.

In theta, you can find yourself asking questions and answering them myself within seconds. Cool enough, right? Delta is risky. See you would have to sleep and wake up to wake yourself from that state. Alpha is quite hilarious. A toddler on weed indeed. Yes I realize it could be useful, however I felt one would fall asleep in that stage. Don’t need gamma, unless you have to experiment with this stage of thinking. Yes. Brain wave changes can feel like dying sort of, though this is done quickly I feel.

For Gamma, sensory of energy comes online I feel. All the senses moreso online as well. Much more. You can sense a sort of fear. This may be projected or inherent with the energy of the environment. Yes for the gamma, sensory and energy overload now you can feel electricity, I hadn’t noticed until you hear megtion of it. In your hands you could feel electricity. This happens without touching it. So feel free to experiment.

This is where in gamma you hear things. Yes you can create a state of clarity, using alpha mode. "On in nether", this is the state of clarity. A point of waking, this is a point of idea that you focus and think to respond positively by feel. Then you are awake by feel and there by idea. This is a known effect of the self-hypnotized alpha state. Think of the moment and you can get the idea as result.

Well, I can see why you would use alpha state more often than not. Whilst theta and gamma I see can be useful, alpha’s that real chill zone where you can giggle a lot. Without a point to focus on, theta and gamma can become rather boring. Unless you were brainstorming. Sometime ago I figured out, there is noone in your subconscious mind. This is a place of scripts. So in shifted mind state, noone is there in your mind. Scripts, good to work em out- then pick what you like. Any state. And when in the basic(beta, I presume), one is more focused on the world around them.

This is nice to have no worries about others. Alpha state is safe in some moments. So precautions could be necessary, that's unless you just trust people. If you need to think and not react to suggestions, then avoid alpha. So say your at a convenience store. I feel it would be better not to do things in this mode of thought, that's with customers and people and all those fun things. However, I see that killing roaches is necessary in any mode, that is excepted when your asleep. Other cases are when you think of the point, then you state a suggestion and you can create the point.

Well this is a point of idea, that you do and nothing more than that occurs. So if you want to grow wings or something like that, then you can suggest a point and then hope that you get results as if suggesting an end result is done. This is known to effect yourself more easily than others, so if you think to get a result with others then good luck with that point. Sometimes you can get a point to happen and sometimes you won't get a response, this is done by spirit feel. So think about the point, and you can get a result if your luck is there.

enef = dissatisfied; this is where you create a point and don't get what you want. in order to alleve the idea you think you should have by feelings, think to relieve yourself and you no longer have those feelings as magic makes the point work out by feel. this is an idea or effect that works by feel.

think; the point he responds is not dependant on idea if others talk to me. think and you know what this is done by feel.

ann = jean ann moisant; this is a point I create with the spirit of jean ann moisant. think the need and she can fulfill the point if I need it. this announce effect is what also can be used for ancestors, that announce themselves or do things by feel with the point you feel is necessary.

so = so think of the point and the soul creates what you feel is important or thinking things through, they are what creates your need that fades away by what is done.

at = attempt; this is an attempt of what occurs, so think and you get what you consider as interesting.

us = this is where the north korean ruler doesn't do things to the us.

this = the effect is alleviated by tariffs being lifted and the country avoiding war.

aeiony = Druidic; This is a point you think, then the creation is done by the creator. Whatever you think to need is granted, especially if you wait long enough. The trick is thinking of the point, then as you state the idea you need. This is generated or created idea as a point if a manifest were where you think the idea is there. The point is done by feel, so when you think of what you want and you could get the idea. This is a known effect.

ien = line; dramatic, This is how things work.

enif = pee; peeing if, peeing if necessary and leaving a wet puddle.

cilfen = elvish spells; the elvish spell works by the point of naming a resource, then you use that point to create with guidance and action phrases. This is where the resource is drawn upon as energy, and the effect happens to occur what you need.

is'en = the point the equals the end. this is where the point is done, then you get what you wanted. Rather that is prison or life free somewhere, this is doing things by your intention.

ises = creating point; this is a point you create with energy by feel and feel hungry afterwords. Resist the urge and you won't gain weight, this is where the weight reduces itself. So I think the idea is better put to say things work, that is done by the point you do things and things work. Otherwise this vis the weight planet.

ie'ien = spirit work; the point you do things and the spirit does the idea that is thought, you think as you think to gain money. the point you do things is when the idea is a success, and the real spirit work occurs. This is a point you think and create by the point you have. If you don't, then nothing is done.

is'ien = The thought; the ie idea you have is what is worked with by idea. Think and you know what to do.

an = can; can feel emotion.

es = yes; yes worlds that are breathable and can be lived on by feel, then as they are with liveable conditions you can see the area and be there otherwise.

en = then; the point then the end, that is the idea you have by feel that you get by ideal expression by what you do.

wa = wait period; what you do is up to uou, think of the point and you create by the feel or with idea you make what is necessary by the point that is done.

en in an = this is where you think your not in illness energy or anger and revert back to normal. This allows you to revert from an angry mindset to a sane mind and not blame others.

en an = endpoint; this is where things end the way that is decided by fate, think of what is needed and fate will make what is required.

en we = end of war; this where things goto normal, and that is decided by the fates of what is needed upon request.

em in = condemn the point of a roach, this is where you think and condemn the roach or roaches. That is a point they exist or live off another and you kill them for it by feel. So kill the damn cockroach.

enn in = the end in sight, this is a point you end things, if you think they are unnecessary unless you think the idea worth the point.

mom = moment; this is a moment so I think I will do what is needed and allow you to think or do. Enjoy, oh yeah that does end the roaches especially if you can cath or kill it.

en in is = end within idea by what is there, this is a point your out of prison and think to do what you consider important. the shift back is using idea to focus the energy of the area, and think your away by what is done. however you don't always return to the same area, so think the creator returns you and you are back to where you came. this is the end of the dnd game, so then think about your area you were in and you are there by feel.

the point that exists; this is a point that is used in gaming, so think of the moment and create as you need. creative approach is good, so this is where a good villain can make the game better.

so I think; this is a point you consider, in approach and do as needed is a few choice words for the cops you don't need nearby. This in idea is what occurred by feel, so think and you know what to do in this case.

this result; the result is the end idea, this is done in a point by feel.

then is = then is the idea you know, the roach population will fall and become allot less. Despite how its spelled, if you think of the moment you need to be there and state or realize by the spirit the point of now, needing the moment now creates the point you desire or need to be. Further example is this, the point you think is what is created by the realization of what is there. There is a point you can form anything, so by the power of the subconscious mind, you create what you think and need. So thinking of the point, this is where there is no roaches and that creates the point of no roaches. This is a known effect if you view it.

raising awareness; The raising of self-awareness is thought idea that energy does, this is done doing the activity as your connected by anchoring to the planet your on. By feel, if you are aware, then you create by idea what you need or make aware the people's minds. If you do this with an alter state, then you create by the point and make idea with what you have nearby. This body activity is what increases the planet's energy, so think if your connected to the consciousness of energy that you raise the planet energy and you create the thought very easily.

So remember the thought isn't you, and you can direct the thought by thinking that you do. That means, if you are aware then you create by a point and make what you may with the point by ideal expression. This creates what you want by electromagnetic waves, that uses the thought wave from the brain and that creates what you desire. Unless you don't need it, then this effects by feel.

Weightloss; Things you do remind you to not eat your weight and weigh less. This is what I think will effect you if you make the point a suggestion, so if you think to use things you can get what weightloss is possible. So think and you do the effect.

Enough; This is enough to do things and continue on forever or think of something and work with the idea, So I think if you don't mind then think and do something else if you think it too much. This is an idea energy restorer for one like yourself. If you think to use the effect, then don't end it and the idea will serve you forever. Getting rid of immortal killer spells couldn't be much simpler, think the planet energy stops the immortal killing effect and you stop it from effecting you. They were made for one reason, that was done to kill immortals that didn't want to live. So think and you know what to use.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Elemental language; Updated thinkin list

This is in more detail here at alt-sites. The pdf of this is here.

This is an alternate true english or common, "that is a very interesting idea and accurate as relation with elemental association of words, create very distinctive patterns which is deciphered into human understandingI always thought about these." A friend..

So feel free to use the terms as you want to speak the idea in an almost misunderstood english. Numbers are numbers, though you might want to think about what you do. Otherwise in this word use, that is where terms are used as though liken is a point you like the end. This is only true if you think it is, otherwise this is not important.

This is using an understood point sorta like food is food in an idea with various names. This is a point you know, think and you realize what to do to get results. This language can be used to cancel out existence points, then if you use the point in an expressed point you think represents them by their actions. That means you can cancel out a person from existing, if there be a way by being the language of thought and idea. Your freed by knowing things, this happens to free you from things that aren't supposedly or needed to be done unless necessary. So this is using magick where you think or state "things work out in the end.." Then they do, as though this were done by feel. Thus proves the point, some magick can be used for anything. Think and you know what to do.

The idea is magickal use and created events that you imagine or think, If you need things then think to cause manipulation of the subconscious, that ise used by the unconscious to create what you need by idea formation or manifestation. This can be done more easily by demeter, the god of signs. Think to call his aid by stating, "As a sign create what I want or need, demeter. Thank you demeter." Then wait and you might get an instant manifest or some manifest later on by feel. This is a thought of activity, think and you know what to do.

Read more..

Rules: The capitalized words are different than the lowercase words, so there could be different meant things that are with the same spellings. Adjectives and adverbs, that are descriptives are the same as this english. Like lab is a dog type or lab work. Proper nouns are the same as in english, so think about this and do what you think is best with this language. This is possible to use part of the sentence as a word with the elemental language.

The numbers are any language you think to use. So think and you know what to do with this. As there is two actual cases with this idea, direct language or associated language. The direct language is used to get a direct point across where the associated language is used to get translations or idea included with the concept. You know what to do by this idea with feeling or working with the point. This point is an idea to use, so don't sue me over what the words are, thank you..for your considered point of view and that is welcome if given.

The elements

 earth = planet or area of dirt.
 air = freely used area molecules, this is air that is with talking.
 fire = heat or area energy.
 water = curious or liquid.
 void = blank; dark, blankness, this is an area of blankness or emptiness that is pure energy and gives what you need by you thinking with a focus point of what you desire.
 ether = spirit, otherwise this is an idea of the energy of the elements.
 fig = image, imagination; this is figurative idea where you are creating by feeling and using the point, basically use of words can bring up the imagination or thought of the idea as a moment.
 thauma = magic; this is the magic of the moment.
 lum = light, enlightenment, this is the enlightenment of the idea. Think about the point and you realize by what you see in the area energy or illumination.
 bod = physical, this is where things or idea are physically made and done.
 sol = so, divine, this is where you are able to know things. Your ability to comprehend things is there by soul insight. Insight is the soul. think and you realize what you need to know.

Other words

poosh = pish or not important.
ansuz = answer, communication or answers; This is communication with an answer done by feel
relating = relate, relation or relationship. This is a relating point of a relation or relationship.
mend = heal, restore. This is where you think to heal or restore by restoration.
ah = a, feel good otherwise from sensations.
khepser = transformation, transform by feel with the idea you need to become by idea you want. That's done if you need it done, otherwise you don't transform.
liken = like end, like the end point of, end point. This is liken the idea you do.
do = work or create by feel.
stay = stop action. this is used as stay your point and create better.
alledged = legal, lawful. This is a legal and lawful way to do things.
unalledged = illegal, not in a legal viewpoint.
halt = stop, this is where you do anything to stop things.
its in curious = this is curius.
in the effect = eat and be happy.
your a winner = you won this yet if you didn't when you focus on the total and think you did, then you gain the money value that was supposedly won.
now I'm done = I am finished with this.
nah I am beaten = nah I'm beaten, I am not alive after this.
this is a value of death = this is a deadly thing by idea.
that's what I heard = so I know this is done.
it's proven that this is what happens = this creates a result that you can imagine.
it's really that reason that don't hear but you know about = so it's a point you realize by what the spirit knows.
don't eat your weight = this is where you think and hold off. This is where you don't eat too much or not eat too much.
it was it was convened = this was ended.
this is en in an idea = the end is done so do what you need.
attribute = ability, ability of or in idea.
Whee = where, re or again. This can create a loop or repeat of events, unless you think about it and then think this ends. Then the loop ends and normal things happen afterwards.
achieved = success, successful. this is an achievement by feel.
enamoured = fallen for you. This is where you fall for someone.
enamour = falling.
exercise = outgoing point.
warrant = given. this is give or take by feel.
warranted = made to go, made to serve.
enjoyment = play time.
instant recap = instance of replay. This is using an instant replay with a view by the third eye.
small footprint = small size.
calculation = function, action.
footprint = thought of size.
attempts = many times.
attack = ayt, activity.
muggy = the idea of subdued or temperate moments. This is a muggy day with cloud cover.
balmy = moderate humidity and temperate.
don't pull the punches = this means no war happens.
yo = you or blame.
jilt = tilt or hex like uou means in atleantian.
jink = change or money. This is the jink of the moment.
awake = enlightened, aware, aware of things consciously by the spirit knowing what is there or awareness by soul insight.
don't know = not knowing or not killing now. This is where or when you don't realize things.
stupid = dumb, numbed or idiocity. This is where your not willing to learn.
om = human sensing or sensation (what you feel).
ohm = human body sensation, sensing.
steward = manager.
your over halfway there = your almost there, there's more to go.
telling = noticed.
tell = say, caution, warn or warning. This is where you tell someone off.
shall = should, caution or use. This is a use of control and idea or caution to make things better.
should = shouldn't.
it's not intent = this was not meant to do.
yah = yes or I.
weh = fall, am or wed.
wah = war or spring.
wih = with or summer.
woh = winter or woah. This means halt if you use it right.
In the idea = eat something, eat things or write stuff down.
O =  whatever, I like, cool.
Poof = fix or puffy.
May = can; will possibly.
lang = its, common language, this is the language that is done with dnd if spoken and intended.
tarp = cover, covering by a point.
felt = feel, feeler. This is with feeling.
weaker = lesser
weak = less
gift = given. This is given idea by feel.
felt = feel, feeler. This is with feeling.
rat = corrupted person. Otherwise this is a rat or thief, someone that steals.
oh well = ah well, release of feeling fine.
geist = spiritual send, spirit sending that you see things or hear things by feel from the presence that can be unseen and unfelt.
eih = I, aye, this is pronounced "I". Its how you state it.
newt = knowledge. This is otherwise where things are so I knew it.
yew = death
malarky = mischief, disbelievable actions
fast = eating, eating habit that's lessened.
in the end = at the moment, this is at the moment this is an ending.
in all = within all, this is with all the points that exist of what you need.
gist = idea, point, this is an idea that is made by a point.
made = worked with or created, this is where you have created with the will.
taking my fat suit off = takin your fat suit off. This is where you lose your extra weight.
pit stop = bathroom break. this is having a bathroom break.
having a baby elephant = large bulge, largeness or child.
fat suit = extra weight, this is on the body or additional body shape. So if you remove the fat suit then you create anew the body as energy, that you become and are lesser weight.
savin your baby = sit down or work with each other.
begone = begoneth, begoeth, gone or remove.
curse = hex.
wo = word.
no = not, not really or nah.
good enough = this is satisfaction.
ya = yes. Otherwise a yes is doing things.
whoop ass = a can of butane fluid.
elf = obvious helper. This is 3 to 4 feet tall being, otherwise where your an obvious helper and work with the idea that exists yet aren't always there.
cannabis = weed or gateway drug. This is listed here as an idea for what it does.
eons = forever, eternity. This is an eternity of soul life.
follows = effects. Otherwise follow is effect.
repast = eating or preparing of food.
heaven = life force or energy force.
woo = win; this is a win if I woo her.
tege = target; hit. this can be used for a webhit or something similar.
how = hi or high.
huin = ruin or hune by feel that means to hone.
fate = faith or belief in what will come that you can direct by expression
an en = unending idea, in end..
lude = rude or nude here.
rud = rut or ruddy. This is the dirty point of life.
yoh = eat or you. This is also a god or lord. This is where you can eat till your plump and all by need.
shit hits the fan = things happen or it all falls down.
don't mention it = it's not important, it didn't matter, it doesn't matter or it isn't there by feel.
self = me or selfish, This is also where you can create by shifting the energy, and then making elements do things by will or idea being done.
may = be or allow. otherwise this is sleep, this is sleep if you can or that will possibly work out.
matrix = life or living point that you imagine and otherwise think about in feel.
set = create or make by energy in life.
by feel = will, spiritual or in action by feel.
land = area or set down in area with a point otherwise a landing.
a = in, this is usually in idea going into an action otherwise not done.
over = too much or overboard in feel.
ine = thine, face or I need.
change = chance or luck.
weird = fate or weirded for fated.
endow = trust or work with, now in a point the end is trust.
devine = godly and godlike.
divine = god. We're all a god, unless you think your not divine then you aren't.
kk = kill all.
translate = universal translate; speak. this is language, that is realized by the creator.
an = and, additionally or interrment.
end = point or some idea to do.
keep from fat = keep off excessive weight.
keep with kitchen = cook your own things.
that's all = end point.
that's all folks = that's the endpoint (by feel).
that's about it = that's the end.
I feel it = yes know this.
ye in = yet no.
knowing = experience.
satisfy enough = fill end.
let's go away = let's get.
get = gain or collect.
I get = yes go.
I can get = yes we go.
what say = the statement or receipt.
so said idea = the stated point or the need in effect.
go = let's leave.
yay this so enough = excitement is the end.
sun = son.
star = fireball in sky.
daughter = day or sib.
are = drink.
ar = area.
arr = arrange.
arrow = arrange in line.
arre = arranged.
shirley = seriously, surely or certain.
are we shirley = drink us certain or create a drink.
got it = can use things or can use this or can do things.
I see = yes understood or yes I understand.
good enough = got the end.
focus = create or make by feel.
focused idea = listening with a point.
alright = good point.
gotcha idea = interesting point.
en = then. realize the point and know what to do, this is where you think of a moment and the subconscious creates the point you think, that's especially if you need a point to happen sometimes as an end result is the idea that you will to occur.
esper = spirit or soul.
espers = soul's point or think an idea.
point = idea in a concept.
feel in better = good enough.
feel = hit.
do in feel = act no hit.
done in feel = acted upon for no hit.
well wow drew = okay amazing me.
well in = okay no.
in bade feelin = no bad feelings.
well I = okay yes.
ay = yes.
yes = out.
a = in idea or not with a negative feel.
I = aye or yes.
by = I or yah. This is where by know that.
ergo = ego or I. Otherwise this is "here you go".
pain = hurt or hurt with feel.
in solution = no meds or equal fix.
a pain = not hurt.
a little = not really.
heh = laugh.
pun = similar or punished, think of a simily or something like that.
solution idea = medication point.
peace idea = peachy point.
in mod = not too fast.
freud idea = fraud point or fraudalence that's relatable.
some = sum or something or another thing.
moment = time or point. this is term meaning point except, that it's not always used that way as it's thought of moment, too.
any = some.
being = body.
think = make.
just = afterwards, think this in point yet not before.
but = yet, after this point, some don't remember before this point.
consider concept = made interest.
jest = laughter.
sleep = rest.
then = time.
allowable = friendly.
friend = allow.
state = show.
all = ball.
bonds = bail.
free = conclusion.
in free = not free, arrested.
freedom = is.
I no chow = I don't need to eat.
bondage = jail time, trust
post = send (to a server or person), pole
ending = thought or considerance.
playact = play, game or made up moment.
annoy = too much.
mass = weight.
believe = have faith.
interesting = created.
bara = person, bare all.
1 year = statute year.
statute of limitations = moment of 1 year. after 1 year you can mention things of the the moment unless you need to talk about things. the statute of limitations doesn't effect in game things.
endure = allow for things.
endurance = tolerance or level of allowance.
payment = sold or sell price.
determine = perception, this is where you perceive things.
decide = equal moment or weigh.
pay = have or sole.
shift = teleport.
j = creative.
p = pee or piss.
d = die.
shit = poo.
move = go, gravity movement.
mention = meant.
nasty letter = bad communication.
evil = bad or bade.
go = know or realize.
snap = curse or hex.
illustrate = see or perceive.
keep going = move on.
took the abuse = Got the overreaction.
appley = bubbly or spontaneous.
orangey = square, squarish.
peachy = peace or created idea.
peachy keen = peacefully clean.
overextended = too much.
iffy = sniff point, some point that is done if allowed for by feel.
bond = jail.
so = soul or created.
in being = not fighting.
fine = payment or good.
paid = made.
if = sniff.
an = postpone or ain't.
date = moment, meetup or meeting.
em = them, empathy or empathize. That is where you feel the other's feelings unless its not thought to be done.
as = aspect, assuming or assumed.
inn = pay-for home.
ass = buttox.
fart = bad gas reaction, creative gas that can cure a person or make what effect you want.
person = intellectual or intelligent person.
intellect = intelligence.
bitchy = peeved or irked.
un = undo.
tariff = forced tax, enforcement or financial punishment.
think = what you think is what may occur by feel.
These = as wide.
is = prison, this, ca be. this is a point that exists.
life = eternal or undying. The life you have (at least soul wise) is eternal and you are undying because of this fact.
at = that, that is a point things happen.
ca = can, could
can = can't.
di = did.
did = died, didn't, or you didn't live and otherwise you get a response.
sense = perceive.
do = do or achieve.
could = couldn't, you don't need to. I couldn't do it yet.
have = get or understand.
not = note, think a point and you know what tjis is by feel.
recover = heal. This is where recovery is healing. use a disease you recover from to create reduction of disease.
supply = surplus, support. some supply is done.
from = thought.
well = okay by feel.
un bad effect = undo bade moment. This has to be used carefully, this can undo even the most basic idea. I would use, a undo of bad effect.
moment = effect.
act = appear.
effect = do, think to do or effect.
never = don't. this is used as "never say never unless you want to do it".
it = anything.
n = I en, then.
in = within or not there. This is not a point it's a concept so do as you like.
be = beat, hit, trouble or exist. If a hit, then there's trouble.
no hard feelings = not bad in feel.
innate = ability, a skill use by soul to create with spirit, so you think a point and make what you need.
activity = exercise.
active = activity by feel, this is a loss of time afterwards. then another is done.
den = then.
living room = a point of living.
bedroom = sleeping area.
front room = greeting area.
kitchen = cooking area.
spare bedroom = extra sleep area.
reminisce = rememberance, thought of area to teleport to with concept by idea and need to be there.
ene = enemy.
enema = disease or area point out and that is using an ending idea.
int = integer or intelligence.
visitor = alien or person that visits.
flatter = thinner.
stronger = more in and able.
strongest = thinner and more able.
asp = wasp or man conscious.
wish = created, this is done by the spirit or with a point.
exquisite = unique.
win = winning, won item, amount or thing.
crip = cripple or crippling.
revise = reverse. If you think of the time and the place then this is helpful, so you can think the message and get a response by observance of the third eye from that moment.
rewrite = show point.
in dragon land = allowing land of idea and a lake.
swampland = the wet ground area your found, then brought to safety.
complex = the area or building point.
cuff = handcuffs, This keeps you from shifting physically, if you needed to shift as a point of grounding. If you are aware of the moment, then you may know what to do. This is done, if you don't temperarily cuff yourself and that isn't arrest.
op = open or opening, otherwise this is a point you speak or are heard.
ha = have by feel. this is used such as I ha op.
ho = hold. This is where you ha or ho.
ma = woman. This is where you are a ma or pa.
pa = man. This is where you are a parent or man.
il = example, illustrate, illustration, picture or create.
etc = etcetera or moreso.
differ = differently or different.
care = made better or caretaker.
oh = ouch.
hit = problem.
ow = painful.
can change = do things, This is where you can do things for people.
if in = point by sight; this is a point if in sight.
best = good.
better = gambler.
great = big.
greater = bigger.
excuse = thinking.
excused = thought, though this actually means expressed point.
okay = allowing.
inert = frozen, the feeling disappears especially in the body.
call = number given.
messaging = sent message; okay on social media yet don't text on cell phone.
sound = good enough.
ah-ha = gotcha.
that = things.
and = hand.
give me = allow me.
this creates = he or she does.
ya = yes or you, this is where you agree and do things by request.
haf = have or hold.
haf = have or hold.
by the feel = by use of the momentary point and spirit of the moment.
I do this = if positive meaning; I allow this, if negative meaning; I don't like this.
like = in appearance or likeness.
so think = acknowledgement or acknowledging by point.
its done = with favor of, things are finished.
there you go = all done.
point = something stated, direction or object.
objectivity = use of object or idea use.
of = that is, now, material, by, off, misnomer for seem or based off idea.
okay = this works or allowance.
well = fine or favor.
created = made up with, this is the use of spirit or soul to create what you want.
a point = this is something pointed out.
by moments = creative with life.
this is no = this is done now.
no = done, now or gnow.
by moments = creative with life.
of a consist = exist.
by of use = buy with the use.
gain me = game.
me = myself.
gaf = gain in friends.
gafe = it lowered, gain fewer, use this with roaches and you lower their count.
main = goal. this is set as a goal.
acting = (to) return to action. This in bioform is living.
to = move.
acting nerves = so think; so think and do, this is where killing roaches is acting by roach bombing them on their nervous system or attempt to smush them. Otherwise flush them down the toilet.
acting point = this the action itself, think to view it with your third eye and you can see the idea or end result.
condemn = condemn in sight.
relief = the release. this is the release of a bug down the sink or toilet.
em = emphasize
urge = instinct point, this is done in the mood or do.
uj = female or womanly aspect.
ehj = man or male in aspect.
cost = actual cost, accost otherwise.
bit = some or idea point.

old = overused or aged. When your old your wise or insane if ill.
used = done, over use or abuse. That is where this is used up.
rappart = mental mind meld, this mental meld is a mental connection broken by a loud noise or your noticing things, that means this is used to wake you up otherwise, that is done when you think your awake and then you awaken.
this is an effect = Think and use this as a natural stop point, that is where nasa uses this as a problem stopping point. Built automatic on the ship to halt problems that occur otherwise and is stated as halt halt halt.
blast them = stopping things, the effect of stopping spirits by feel..

ask = experience, the asking point is a thought you can do.
mem = remember, gnow, this is where you go now and things work out by experience remembered.

memory = realization; something that is remembered.
Realizations = memorized; The idea is where you do in things, and you know what is there to gnow with realizations.
Thought = ego, focus, something that is of the brain. So that is where you think and realize what and where the idea is obvious.

ant = worker; this is where the ant is a pant in idea.
pant = britches or breathe; this is lower half clothing that covers your butt or the idea is you breathe and the idea is done.

realizations = think and gnow or thought and do.
This = any idea; the idea that you know.
dealt with = done.
askence = pay or payment.
focused = the point.
create = made, this is where you made notice or create by feel.
arrest = heart attack.

rest = wait, sleep. This is a wait time or resting period.
temporary = sometime, point of a moment or intemp.
lip = smack; otherwise this is speaking to get attention to yourself.
don't give me lip = don't give me excuses.

el = electricity or hell, this is also some element that you don't always want to play with by idea, that could lead to hell or prison.
set free willie = this sets you free from prison or hell.
big bad boom = demolition, destruction, this is meaning "big demolition" by idea.

god = good. This is godly or this is goodly.
kick = thing; something you think or need and back away from by feel.
kicker = ball put forth.
machine = item. the machine works out.
obtuse = overweight.
phit = physically fit.
phat = muscled. The more muscled you get, the more handsome you get and less beautiful you are if you eat by feel without exercise.
sound = good of vibrations.
seed = suggest, suggested thought that the subconscious does by script.
ly = lie. the effect is a white lie that misdirects the people targeting you.
lie = lie down. you can lie but you are aware of sleep after the point.
lier = laying down.
chand = think; this is where you think and the spirit or soul creates things you need, that's unless you are illegally doing things.
chide = enlightenment or enlighten by speaking.
that = that was ate or late, this is obviously a gary boucy or term, that means more than what word stated.

bu = but. but the idea is done then if you think it is.
assume = either "ass of you by some idea" or assumption.
feat = feature. This is a feat of the body.
way = wise; wisely done by a self-made path.
allowance = created and done, this is allowed thought. One with allowance can do what is necessary.
in = its, focus. its a focus idea with a gemstone without a hit.
ifree = a memory in thought.

afree = aid or first aid.
remain = occupy or occupant.
temp = temperature, this is temperature regulative by feel.
fre = free, worry, fret if about to be attacked, frenzy if emotion is there.
eo = up, this is upon the idea.
art = work or artwork. this is sometimes magic in the use or brush.
vera = very or something similar.
voila = finish or fine print.
thin = esca.
flowne = story or flight.
illus = illusion, illusionous or illustrated idea. this is illusion cast by the aura and manipulated by the idea or feel that you can express.
frat = fraternity, housing or house
askience = worry free. this is only worry free, if you are looked at strangely otherwise this is asking.
done = finishing up, complete finish.
fight = attack or attackable.
nothing = without or no.
goiba = lady chat or talking. This is womanly.
gaiba = man talk or chat. This is manly.
I ca sense = woman consciousness.

blocked woman sense = I can sense.
manly = manlike.
ol womanly = womanlike.
psychact = molestation or psychotic.

ciou = see you, this ends with a happy ending, almost always.
occur = occurence, psychic notion or happening by energy.
happen = end point or happy occurance.
well I think = wave or thank you.
psyche = psych out.
psych = psychic or aware thought. I am psychic by awareness with my third eye activated by thinking the pinneal gland generates the idea.
th = this ends or go to hell.

treatment = medication or medicine.
e = he, she, it, is or am.
ele = element.
ne = need or negate. This is sometimes used to negate a negative comment.

inna kid = inner child. This is an innate child that can change and create by idea, that's born or exists in the inner body world. This is a known idea though, that means it creates if you think about things. You can see the results if you need to see what your inner child creates.
indeed = work.
yuis = isn't or it's not.

good = g. otherwise this is the goods you can get.
the = this or end.
nah it's not = this isn't a point.
positive = identified, identification or good feel.
new one on me = the point isn't known.
bro = brother. The big bro is here.
ba = back, bade. See this is bad if you think negatively and bad is bade.
stifled feelings = reaction, stifled reaction. This can be a bad reaction if thought is stifled too long.
end point = none or nothing that's doing a point.
stifled emotions = abuse, that's what happens if you keep from talking about things you feel are important and intend to keep silent. this is non intentional, the idea is the act itself so think and be well.
know = kill now or realization by spirit.
It's in essence = important.
I got you = I realize that, realization.
satiated = satisfaction; this is where you are okay with things.
achieved satiated = fixed up; this is where your not with a problem.
think = pause, this is a point you think in time.
thinking = knowing, creating by silence, pausing something.
imagine = create; imagining, creating by a point in imagination. you just realize the point.
deeb, doob, dub = copy things. This ends with deeb, doob and dub.
pray = prey; a prayer of use is a preying upon something. 
one = won; This is where you won attention with one point by idea.

The rest of the words are in english, such as puns and similar words that sound like something with different meanings. They are useful in such cases as cement existing as cement or corpse as course if you need a pun where punish is punnish or wait is weight. Just to think of the idea and write, then you will know what is what by the spirit knowing the idea. If it feels right, then this is right for the moment you think about. If you think to read the full list, then feel free to look at "the Atleantian dictionary" or [] and [] the spirit lets you see the idea that is there.

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