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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ogre strength, endurance and speed

  The ogre strength spell and the other ogre spells are the spell of greater strength, the spell of greater endurance and the spell of greater speed. It is not required to have muscle, to get these off. These spells are cast like this. First you meditate, on focusing on the feeling of the heat around you and on the idea of 'gaining strength and effect from energy'. Do it for one minute. This causes you to be able to convert heat as energy through your body, when you focus on the intention. Feel free to repeat the meditation, and repeating the idea of, 'gaining strength and effect from energy', as though a mantra. Till you feel it will happen, when you actually attempt the spell.

     Ogre Strength: Now to cast the ogre strength spell, as you focus on the intent of energy passing, through your body and you will strength to become from that energy. So when you feel energy enter your body, make a flexing of your arm and focus this strength along your arms and legs. After this, the energy should come easily and flow through the muscle and body with the effect that you can lift nearly anything. You only have to focus on thought of energy coming and strengthening your body to see the result. The result is larger muscles and the body slightly rocks to the effect of you being able to lift one ton or more. If you can't lift it, even with ogre strength, then it would strain your body. Sometimes to an unrepairable condition.

    Ogre Endurance: Think of the energy and heat around you and use the intent, of causing endurance as you think draw the energy into yourself, by focus, to continue effort in the activity at hand. With lessened fatigue.

    Ogre Speed: With the speed effect, basically its to do the idea of making speed with the strength added on. As your stronger, you get faster. What helps this, is to consider the idea of 'faster' as the intent, while drawing in energy to your body, through your focus.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meaning of anonimical

The meaning of anonimical can be gotten, from its parts: anon and nimical.
Anon = anonimous
Nimical = evil effect

So anonimical = to be evil, anonimously.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Material linking

  The effects of linking yourself to material, can be drastic as it can make you become similar to the material presented, and there are several traits that you can get with the material grade, as well. To link yourself, think of material and think at the material, 'link me to you!' or 'link me to you?' as you touch it. Now, the linkup isn't instant, but it is going to happen, eventually. Or, it is instant, but it takes some time to feel the qualities of the materials join with your qualities and traits.

  As always, you get the energy, of the object you linked to, slowly but surely till it comes upon you as an awakening force that keeps you awake. To break the link, is to make thought and imagination, of the link being broken, in some manner. And, upon using a freehand hexing sigil, drawn in the air to show intent. Its broken.

  With plastic: the trait list is mainly: Uncorruptive nature (except to acidic behavior like nasty comments, acidic comments and repose with bad views), easily pleased and you become easily pleasured, you can store fat in obvious places, unbending (except with the bending type of plastic), easily brittle over a long time, living a long time (if the plastic material lives a long time), moldable (easily suggested to), lethargic and unthinking in nature.
  With metal: The trait list is mainly: you become personal, very long living, corruptive, when in arguements you get moldable (suggestable), not so easily pleased, supremely sociable, easily alert, unbending in nature, focused, energetic and strong.
  With ceramics: supreme attitude, breakable (easily snapping at the bait or accident), easily focused, living awhile (in some cases, it depends on the lasting state of the material), unsuggestable and heat can toughen you to the effect of maturing natural attributes.
  Gemstone: You become like that of the natural attributes of the gemstone color, very long lived, understood, focused in activity, easily working with things, suggestable, thinking and you can easily do magic.
  Glass: See through (the thoughts are easily seen if the person tries), focused, breakable (as in accident prone) and this depends on the thickness or type of glass too, living a long time, meltdownable (you can easily change your mood), unthinking, you become easily cleanupable, but it can restrain your magic (if it isn't magicked first) or cause you to be resistant to magic and you can get temper fits.
  Chemicals: Reactive (tempermental or somewhat explosive), understood, transcendic, easily focused, while reacting to something you can be unthinking, contained in temperment (after reacting) and formulaic.

  Due note: If you link to several things of the same material, you can strengthen the effect of the material, on yourself and your body. If you link to multiple things, you can get the attributes, of the extra materials and idea associated with it. Some attributes are easily cancellable, where when you get both, they cancel out, or one overrides the other and some combine, so feel free to explore this idea.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tendrils of Energy in sunlight

  Look into the sky outside or look out a window into daytime. Works best when the sun is out. If you unfocus your eyes you'll see little swarming energy dots and tendrils milling about. I don't mean floaters. Floaters are blips in your eye and seem to have a watery-jelly thickness. The tendrils I'm talking about don't have the watery quality and don't move when you turn your head. You can get them to swarm at a location if you ask, but it is hard to force them. If you look at a tree where it meets the sky you can see them float down and get 'sucked up' by the leaves or branches of the tree. If you put your skin in sunlight you can see them swarm to you. If you unfocus your eyes and ask them to swarm there, you can get yourself to glow in a bright yellow-white light.

  On another note, they can power you, to no end, as well. If you ask them to. Then, you'd never feel tired. As, the sun doesn't stop shining, but it may seem blocked. Soo, you still get the tendrils of sunlight, morning noon and night. For, you don't have to see the sunlight, to get the tendrils support or effect.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Idea, the language of the mind

  The following is sort of a compilation on some musings and thoughts I put together while thinking about the mind, language and stuff. If I state something as fact in here, it doesn't necessarily mean it's true or even that I believe it to be true. Maybe some ideas branch from other ideas in here so it's all just theory.

  "For the purpose of the article, I'm going to use the word 'idea' a lot. This small article will center around my idea of 'idea'.

  Think of something in your mind right now. Actually, let's be honest, most people's head are unfortunately filled with thoughts all the time. Kudos if your inner-speakings are so little that to actively think you have to try on purpose. In any case, my question isn't what you're thinking of, but rather how you're thinking it.

  When a person thinks, they usually think in words or images. Usually words, often images, sometimes both. There is, however, a third way to think. This way of thinking, in it's purest form, is both wordless and even devoid of images (at least as you usually think it.) I call it 'idea', or wordless/pure thought.

  When thinking with images or words especially, your ability to think is limited in a scope dictated by whichever medium you use. Therefore, pure thought is the optimal way to think about things in your mind. Although it should be noted that when thinking about certain subjects or situations, it's appropriate and even necessary to mingle idea (again, pure thought) with images and words because of how they relate to something.

  Drugs influence the way we think and change the ratios of thought types we tend to. Drugs such as marijuana, LSD and salvia can stir up the ratio heavily, usually ending up with a lot more image-thoughts and wordless thoughts, although worded thoughts may still be prevalent in some people. Reducing worded thoughts and thereby making more room for idea is one of the ways in which some drugs can open our minds, although their use may do more harm than good in the long-run. And certainly the key to use idea thought is a choice, not something to be achieved just by constant use of hallucinogens.

  Anyone experienced with the previously mentioned drugs may understand the dilemma with pure idea, however. Think of the ideas and thoughts you get while on such a drug, and then think of the problem: you can't express it, and the thought is often fleeting. The problem humans find in relation to pure idea is that translating it must be done through a medium that likely can't capture the true content of the original thought.

  The problem is only compounded when on such drugs because the pure ideas, again, are so fleeting. You may get a ton of ideas you want to share with people, but three problems come up: 1. The thoughts come and then go before you can even fully understand them. 2. The thoughts come and go before you translate them into worded/image thoughts and thus into words that you can say or images and words that you can write down. 3. Even if you can capture a thought and translate it into words quick enough, not only do you have to put it through the rough, comparatively limited medium of drawn images or, more likely, speech, you also have to do so while your speech is impared by the drug's effect.

  The reason I talk about use of drugs in relation to pure thought is that for a lot of people, using certain drugs is one of the few or only times they'll open their mind and experience a lot of pure idea thought. Unfortunately, they never choose to use pure idea thought, so the only time they get it is when a drug makes it so for them, and often they barely realize it. And even for those that do use drugs for achieving pure idea (or an open mind), how many realize that you can open your mind and use pure idea without drugs, but rather by practice and will?

  The problem of communicating pure idea while impaired by drugs like I mentioned earlier only brings up a larger, general problem: how do we share idea? Humans don't, at least these days, have powerful telepathy. Thus, our problem is how we transfer ideas? Indeed, the problem is that idea must travel through the medium of speech/writing and/or imagery to get to the mind of another. But how can such a complex form of thought pass through them and remain unscathed?

  When one's thoughts are limited to mostly words and imagery, it's easier to translate those thoughts to others, because your thoughts were always limited to the scope that the medium of spoken words or written words and imagery will relatively easily convey. However, limiting yourself to that sort of thinking for any reason is ridiculous.

  So indeed, if you intend to use a lot of pure idea in your own thinking, you'll be forced, for the sake of communicating with others, to push certain ideas into the meatgrinder that is human language and images. Unfortunately, humans these days can't communicate telepathically, which I believe would be an ideal medium for communicating pure thoughts to each other.

But therein is the solution: telepathy. Indeed pure telepathy is the ideal medium for communicating that idea, but because most people aren't even close to skilled enough in it to use it alone. I think it's our very long lost heritage is to be able to do so, but for now it's a goal we have to work for. Where do we start? Practically, I think the best option is supplementary telepathy.

  What do I mean by supplementary telepathy? If putting your idea through the medium of language/imagery turns it into a skeleton, then attaching your pure idea onto it in a sort of solid form is like adding flesh to the skeleton. (Depending on your strength and the receptivity of the person(s) you're trying to give that combination of worded/image'd thought and telepathic pure thought to, you might even say you're supplementing your telepathy with a skeleton of words and/or images!)

  My conclusion is that, on the path to becoming (or returning to) a race that uses telepathy as their primary language, (thus making the perfect environment for transferring any and every form of thought or combination thereof, even pure idea,) our first step should be to use telepathy! Of course it's good to practice pure telepathy without any words, not only to practice for using it purely, but also because practicing pure telepathy will beef up your telepathy for whatever you use it for.

  But even when we're using primarily words or images to convey something, it's in our best interest to attach telepathic thought to that thing! That sentence you say to someone, that article you write, that poem you create, that picture you draw- attach the idea you want to convey to the medium you use! It never hurts to throw in some idea (pure thought) to that thing- it flexs the muscles of your mind and that of your reader/listener/etc, and it greatly increases the chance that they'll get what you're really trying to say, especially if it's a complex thought that originated as idea rather than words/images, that you're having conveying by words and/or images alone.

  So for those people who like to think in idea rather than words and images, maybe you're stuck communicating to others with language and images, but that doesn't mean you can't attach idea telepathically. Use the magic of your mind; telepathically attach what you want to convey to what you're using to communicate it to other people. You'll flex your magic, flex theirs, get better results in people understanding you, and on the grand scale, you're working towards a more telepathic humanity."

  This brings to mind, gnosis and knowing from peoples thoughts and thin air. Excepting some may actually think in scents, too.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Circle wards

 This be for the circle wards, only, as the colors can mean other things, for other purposes.

 Through wards, you can get a pattern effect, and through pattern, their's efficiency. So, to ward a situation away, use a circle ward. The color white will suit to repulse things and people away. Imagine a white circle, to be an idea that is surrounding you. Think to it, what you want, to program the circle, even farther and get even more results, than the basic effect. Remember to invite, the people you want near, by will or verbal, to have them bypass the ward and stay near. Or, they might be driven away. You can instruct the white circle any way ya want. Its basic idea is to ward things away. To cast a ward on yourself, there be no dangers. To cast a ward, on objects and doors, is even more effective, for the area.

 There's different colors, of circles, for different effects and purposes.


 A black circle will cause absorption.
 A gray circle will cause mental magick, but seems like poisoning.
 A whitish blue circle is absorption and healing.
 A green circle is earth effects, that can heal and block effects. Green is possible, to be with a neutral feeling, for the most part. To be general purpose, when one does not know what intent fits best. As, earth is green or brown, and can be neutral.
 An orangey red is active fire and primal feelings.
 An orange circle, is binding.
 A yellow circle is disease, sickness and weakness. In asia, the color yellow is warmth and cause effect.
 A red circle is inner fire, in effect and can be meaning the taking of rage or pain in effects, to create effects.
 A blue circle is water effect, that's absorbing the energy, and causing adaption. The effect from the adaption, is applied to the person, place or thing, that you want. Its the effects of adaptions that are to do.

 Combinations are easily done, and sometimes must be allowed for, to be effective.

  A combo of black and white in a circle is either making gray or being separate and close together. Then, they make a warding, that absorbs energy to fuel its effects that are caused, by the ward.

  Any other combination of colors in a circle ward, makes the ward effect with the different colors' properties. As well, as the combined coloration effect, as well.

  If you have used sigils before and noticed they assumed different colours automatically that match the intent, mainly colour meanings mentioned here. Now you know the effects they can cause. The wards can change color, to reflect the mood or desire, of the person.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Anti Lice spell

  The anti-lice spell is to state, 'Iti-Lic KLicEgge' [pronounced hIght-in Lice K-lice-Eegg-enh], under your breath and with intent. If you have magic enough, it will work. Otherwise, it will work, by drawing the right treatment to you, to deal with the problem.

  The silent and wordless spell way, is by intent, to think about and will, the effect of fixing the lice problem. Imagining the problem going away, and disappearing. You will find it goes away, as though it never happened, or you find a way presented to you, that will cure it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The beat you effect

  The 'beat you' effect is done, by stating a certain phrase over until something happens to another person, that causes you to think you beat him or her. Possibly done by stating, "I beat you, I beat you." You set an event off on a person that you think of as you say it. If you wanted to beat the person to death, in some manner, state "I beat you, I beat you, I death beat you." Over an over again, or at least 3 times.

  The more you state those phrases, the more it will be likely to happen. With, the event you set off. As, you might think, the beating sometimes doesn't stop, until the person dies. Of course, the intent must be expressed or willed, to the extent that the subconscious acts on the idea, as a 'programming'.

  To stop the beating, state with intent, "I don't beat you, I don't beat you." Over and over again, until its stated at least 3 times. Thinking of the target. And, if the target is yourself, then think of yourself, as you state the counter.

Reverse voodoo doll

    The reverse voodoo doll. A reverse voodoo doll effect be to set a doll or an object to absorb directed blows to you and bad effects in the area, instead of controlling another. This be easily done, as per say willing the object, to 'absorb blows and bad effects', as you state on touching the object, "reverse voodoo doll" or something to that accord. This will cause the object to absorb blows in the area and bad energy effects. You can even specify for whom, just append a 'for me' or 'for [name]' to the spoken part of the willing, and then actually touch the object.

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