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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Circle wards

 This be for the circle wards, only, as the colors can mean other things, for other purposes.

 Through wards, you can get a pattern effect, and through pattern, their's efficiency. So, to ward a situation away, use a circle ward. The color white will suit to repulse things and people away. Imagine a white circle, to be an idea that is surrounding you. Think to it, what you want, to program the circle, even farther and get even more results, than the basic effect. Remember to invite, the people you want near, by will or verbal, to have them bypass the ward and stay near. Or, they might be driven away. You can instruct the white circle any way ya want. Its basic idea is to ward things away. To cast a ward on yourself, there be no dangers. To cast a ward, on objects and doors, is even more effective, for the area.

 There's different colors, of circles, for different effects and purposes.


 A black circle will cause absorption.
 A gray circle will cause mental magick, but seems like poisoning.
 A whitish blue circle is absorption and healing.
 A green circle is earth effects, that can heal and block effects. Green is possible, to be with a neutral feeling, for the most part. To be general purpose, when one does not know what intent fits best. As, earth is green or brown, and can be neutral.
 An orangey red is active fire and primal feelings.
 An orange circle, is binding.
 A yellow circle is disease, sickness and weakness. In asia, the color yellow is warmth and cause effect.
 A red circle is inner fire, in effect and can be meaning the taking of rage or pain in effects, to create effects.
 A blue circle is water effect, that's absorbing the energy, and causing adaption. The effect from the adaption, is applied to the person, place or thing, that you want. Its the effects of adaptions that are to do.

 Combinations are easily done, and sometimes must be allowed for, to be effective.

  A combo of black and white in a circle is either making gray or being separate and close together. Then, they make a warding, that absorbs energy to fuel its effects that are caused, by the ward.

  Any other combination of colors in a circle ward, makes the ward effect with the different colors' properties. As well, as the combined coloration effect, as well.

  If you have used sigils before and noticed they assumed different colours automatically that match the intent, mainly colour meanings mentioned here. Now you know the effects they can cause. The wards can change color, to reflect the mood or desire, of the person.

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