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Friday, February 26, 2010

Synopsis effect

  The opposite in meaning and sometime effects, synopsis is also the alternative meaning that is a summary. But in magic, it is an opposite effect of an idea presented, to do an action to negative feelings or bad luck energy.

  So what feeds the synopsis? Other than negative, more positive energy. The negative energy causes the positive influx to be negative.

  So use it when feeling negative or having bad luck, then attemptin an idea or effect to make it manifested. Some think its useful for simple tasks, but it can be used for complex tasks too.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soul transferrence/channeling

Soul transferrance is also the effect of an idea to summon e(nergy) from around you to act as a channel for a soul or part of a soul, or other energy. When done right, you will shift in perspective in your mind or feel the effect caused by the energy dissipate. The target person will receive a double soul for as long as they have it. This can cause them to act different, if that was your purpose, as the mind that the soul part generates temporarily takes over. You can learn almost anyones secret with this. Objects can even 'gain thinking' ability as though they were a part of you and yet their own self. If it were e to an item, then the object gets the energy that caused the effect and the energy is gone from the area. Safely to throw away or cleanse of the e, if you so wanted to.

To do the transferrance and channeling, is to think about and then feel the e become summoned near you and then to form into a horizontal vortex by thoughts and imagination that it will. Attaching its other end to the target as though they were the target. And then, imagine either the soul, a piece of the soul or the energy going through that vortex tunnel to the target and as it enters the target, then you cause the vertical vortex to not exist. There will be some sort of feeling that it was done, like a supernatural coldness.

Or, you can do the transferrance and channeling by thinking with intention that it is so what you think, that the soul or a piece of it or the e is there where you want it. Feeling the soul (part) or e shift to the target. Again, there will be a slight extra coldness around you when it shifts.

Due note: What you get from this is knowledge, sometimes, as you send your own piece of the soul and they can gain understanding. But, the shard of soul lost isn't actually regenerated. Otherwise you can get the effect you noticed or someone else notice to disappear. All that is necessary is to think of the e that caused the effect to select it as a source in your mind.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Life effect magic

  Modified on 2/17/2010
   Life magic is a synopsis of what we do in life for ourselves to make things better around us. Magic follows one rule of thumb, the magic we wield follows what we do in life. Where life effects are simple as to being the effect that effects and impacts life somehow. It is the law that is in the effect. In use its just that, to use life events and energy to create in an act of creation and biology. Life is also possibly the effect of many elements working together. For magic to exist, the moment has to be right and there are some effects that aren't going to happen, as to the time of the effect being, isn't right, and the effect conditions aren't right either. The moment has to be right for the effect, in simpler terms.

  A rule to remember, if you change something in life and what you take from it, gets taken from you and a similar change occurs too to you. Except if you think you won't be effected by it and it won't happen to you on the moment you attempt the effect on others. This is a basis of life as a series of exchanges. Without life exchanges, there wouldn't be any living. For life to exist there must be some exchange.

  There might be a question of when an effect actually happens while doing life effects. Well, when things happen from a life effect, is when you feel cool suddenly and its a supernatural coolness or when events are obvious as to being your event. As though the event 'pops' out at you, where your subconscious makes it obvious.

   This meaning will become more clear to you after a bit from when you try to understand it. It comes down to what you do to others will be done to you, if you damage using life magic you get damaged. If you take life energy you get some taken from yourself, this is true unless you try for the exception to the rule where you think it won't happen to you when you attempt an action of life. Yes, you can also prepare for the effect though, build up resistance or similar so some effects aren't noticed as they are done to you. Its because of the fact that life magic is noticed by the subconscious, and when its noticed, it gets repeated by the subconscious. And eventually done to you as the somewhat next thing it does. If you believe that it will happen to you as well, it will but it doesn't have to. If you believe it will not, it will not.

   A note on death: Death is also a part of life, this is right but also wrong. Life and death are polar opposites, like fire and water, even negate each other, and yet at the same time there's the whole 'circle of life' where one life ends and another begins'. And in a literal sense, death IS a part of life. Because everything that lives dies, but your not actually manipulating death by using life energies nor life by using death.

  Oh yea, if you think these methods are weak and won't do them or you get no result with them, then feel free to make your own methods of life effects. Remember, to always think of life being creation and death as decay.

  For more info on life magic, including an idea or two more, go here @

  Some basic effects

   Life exchange is the act of being a part of physical magic except by doing an action as an event can make your thoughts happen by the e(nergy) generated from the action and this can be any action to 'birth' any event. The side benefit is that you can elongate your life. This is to do an action or event thats your own and then as you experience the event, think of what you would want to happen as you feel the energy of the event go to do the task you are thinking of by imagining the effect. The e of the event you can create by intent of the event happening as you do an action, as if it comes from the event you do and is directed by the feel of it with thought and imagination. So its an exchange in energy as of life energy that you create and that is giving birth to the effect. You can make anything happen with this and the energy comes from the act. The life action can be as simple as speaking or making a movement with your hand, or a complex ritual that is arduant. Its a part of life effects as it can be adding to the life energy to create an action.

   Shock of life is by trying to do as you do and then something happens to shock you for a bit, you feel alive again. Like you were sitting in bed and then there is a noise that shocks you out of your current thoughts, you can suddenly feel like your lively again.

   A note on the shock methods listed here: Think of the time as its right, then do the noise or speak on the moment the other is acting strange or is tired. Like a loud rap on the door when they start acting up as its as simple as that. Some are immune to this, if your body becomes used to it then its effects diminish. Those immune are the insensitive types.

   Event amplification or life amplification is to boost the event effect and then not have it drain you. By tryin to think of the effect and imagine the effect amplified, feeling energy come from the area and sent toward the event, thinking as you imagine this, to have the amplification to have the e come from the area and not you. What helps is to say out loud, 'event effect amp' or 'evnt fx amp'. Its a part of life magic as it is creation of e and its adding life energy to create an action. Sometimes, the duration will be limited in time for the amped effect.

  The more advanced stuff

   Life occurance is to focus your mind on an idea by speaking of the idea and then causing it to occur, through the thoughts you have with intention of them to make the life occurance and activity that helps the thought become real.

   Control action life effect, there are two actual idea in this method, E-force and N-force.
  The e-force control action is the e style and is to summon a force of e to manipulate and cause a control of the event action, and idea intended. As per say, its life that it is changed so we cause things to change and become manipulated into the form we want it to be in. We manipulate the e force by stating the idea we want it to change things to. Of course, if theres nothing going on, then there's nothing to change.
  The n-force control action is to do something that pauses the other as its the life shock effect and cause the other to be good, for example, "HEY! that's a good point." Though it's kind of psychology and magic. Except its action that is noticed is what causes the other to do else. As in its a shock or event manipulation, as if clapping really loud all of a sudden while someone else is in conversation, whereas the other was someone else doing that to you. That is a part of life, its interestin how people will react if you make them think ya are police. A simply forced 'Stop' will do that, as its almost more psychology than magic.

   Life law effect is by stating what you want and how you think it is, then directing e to the target by thinking of the said person or thing, the other person or thing will make it true or happen. Something along the lines of '...hey did he know about that one?!' What helps this is to make them think it was their own idea. As the subconscious picks up on the idea and will occur it in some form.

  Defense and Attack with life

   Although some can kill with life with no damage to themselves. Simply through a virus effect, that is the way of assaulting with life. That's alteration of organic organisms for your own purposes, as well as creating a virus effect.

   The germ effect is to cause any effect you want through programming of a created germ in the area of where you would want the effect. This can also be a virus effect or germ warfare. Simply think of the germs in the area and then make an idea action to charge them as you state what effect you would want of them. What helps this is to state out loud before something is done, like, 'germ mai' or 'do effect germ' as you think of the germs in question.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spelling immurity

  The process of immurity is something being placed within walls or objects. This idea is all in being able to place effects and yourself or other things in spirit in a wall of force, object or area. Alternatively you can imprison things or peoples spirits. The spelling of immurity is to do things that consist of thinking of the target or object and feeling the energy around you being of the person. Feel and think the energy seal the spirit of the personal target or the object into the wall or object of your desire. Optionally, you can say or think 'cause immurity' or in another language 'cas amuyy' {case amue-in-aye} to make it easier. Once done, the spirit energy can be used as a source of E(nergy). You can use this immurity to seal energy and influence of anything into something.

  There  is another way of immurity, causing the object to be in the wall or another object. Simply stated is the effect you want, and then place the object as you push it into the wall spot while feeling energy around you cause it to be placed into that spot. Optionally saying out lound 'cause immurity' or 'cas amuyy' {case amue-in-aye} to make it easier.

Gating in general

  Gating is fun, you can form a gate in any which form that you want. So feel the forces of the elements in the air and feel them take form into the form of an oval. That starts as a slit in the air and opens up to where you want the gate to go. It helps to link it in the mind as thats where the idea is coming from.

  A way of linking is to imagine a line being drawn from the gate to the area you want to link the gate to, to link it. You can gate to and from anywhere. You can also attempt a gate of anything to anywhere.

  You can tell the gate what you want to allow to pass through it and what condition of the thing that passes through the gate. Finally, to close the gate is visualizing it disappearing, think of the oval or square gate closing. What helps this is saying close agate or {closeh a gateh}. With that and visualizing, its easier.

  Fore more info on trans-dimensional portals, look here @

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Intention of purpose in actions

This article is about the purpose of the idea itself, and then how this purpose of intention is between the effect and the idea and how it guides us. The intention is what can make this work by the intention being the purpose you have as its in action itself. The important first step is to set the purpose and intention. Its set by thinking about what you want as the idea, and this makes the idea before the action is set and what you thought forms the essence of the action. It also acts as a guide to the action you would want to happen.

It also acts as a guide by causing itself to be imprinted on the energy, as its energy thats summoned by action and the idea as its focused on. This imprint carries from the intention by the energy being programmed by your purpose  being thought on or stated. This acts on and with the target that you want the effect to occur with. So the purpose of this intention is in between the effect and the idea and guides the action by itself.

Lets go into the idea of intention and how it works with psionic effects and magic. Now, it works by guiding the action that occurs, as stated above. What we know so far is that it is formed by thought. And it works as its thought of intention into the act you create because of the re-imprinted idea.

In fact, it works by the fact of it also being part of the power of will. Added to the effect of action is the effects already there that can deamplify or amplify the effect you want. What makes it stronger is  emotion. Emotion is what make the effect formed by intention stronger.

So its a purpose that is now in-between the idea and effect that forms an action and this action is powered by emotion and is the power of will. Now lets explore by example what happens when we apply this.

Lets say we want to effect an idea to occur and have it happen on another person. So we set our idea as to what we want. and how we want it done. We then do actions that cause summoned energy by the attempt of the action. This energy is charged by stating, or thinking the intention of purpose in thought, and it then is imprinted onto the summoned energy. And this energy is released by intending it to act on the person that we want to have the effect.

If its not made to effect, then it won't as the intention isn't there. But, if the intention is there, then the energy will effect and do as you want. Also, the intention can be blocked by a counter intentioned energy. When that is there, where you want to effect, then it either makes the effect not occur or it blunts the effect. So, in essence, the effect may not be noticed unless the person is able to detect and sense it.

So, in essence, the thought forms the intent and the intent serves as the purpose of an action that is in-between idea and effect. And, sometimes it makes itself manifest through summoned energy by imprint on the energy and affection of the person or thing.


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