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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Intention of purpose in actions

This article is about the purpose of the idea itself, and then how this purpose of intention is between the effect and the idea and how it guides us. The intention is what can make this work by the intention being the purpose you have as its in action itself. The important first step is to set the purpose and intention. Its set by thinking about what you want as the idea, and this makes the idea before the action is set and what you thought forms the essence of the action. It also acts as a guide to the action you would want to happen.

It also acts as a guide by causing itself to be imprinted on the energy, as its energy thats summoned by action and the idea as its focused on. This imprint carries from the intention by the energy being programmed by your purpose  being thought on or stated. This acts on and with the target that you want the effect to occur with. So the purpose of this intention is in between the effect and the idea and guides the action by itself.

Lets go into the idea of intention and how it works with psionic effects and magic. Now, it works by guiding the action that occurs, as stated above. What we know so far is that it is formed by thought. And it works as its thought of intention into the act you create because of the re-imprinted idea.

In fact, it works by the fact of it also being part of the power of will. Added to the effect of action is the effects already there that can deamplify or amplify the effect you want. What makes it stronger is  emotion. Emotion is what make the effect formed by intention stronger.

So its a purpose that is now in-between the idea and effect that forms an action and this action is powered by emotion and is the power of will. Now lets explore by example what happens when we apply this.

Lets say we want to effect an idea to occur and have it happen on another person. So we set our idea as to what we want. and how we want it done. We then do actions that cause summoned energy by the attempt of the action. This energy is charged by stating, or thinking the intention of purpose in thought, and it then is imprinted onto the summoned energy. And this energy is released by intending it to act on the person that we want to have the effect.

If its not made to effect, then it won't as the intention isn't there. But, if the intention is there, then the energy will effect and do as you want. Also, the intention can be blocked by a counter intentioned energy. When that is there, where you want to effect, then it either makes the effect not occur or it blunts the effect. So, in essence, the effect may not be noticed unless the person is able to detect and sense it.

So, in essence, the thought forms the intent and the intent serves as the purpose of an action that is in-between idea and effect. And, sometimes it makes itself manifest through summoned energy by imprint on the energy and affection of the person or thing.


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