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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Strange notes

Here are some idea that came to me by feel, I realized by the spirit and knew by insights. Feel free to use this info as you may want to do things with it. This is a point from the past:

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need.

things; Things work out and nothing is bad that happens today. Think and you can do what is good and nothing is going to be bad. whatever happens, I end up somewhere else. That's if it's necessary.


stomach bulge; the stomach stops bulging and things work with the point of a inward spiral, traced on the stomach. if I don't eat, then I can create the non bulging effect. This effect is due to eating as you lose the bulge and the bulge comes back, then you think of the point and exercise. That is done till you start losing the bulge again. This takes 5 minutes or more exercise. So don't eat till you bulge if you want to avoid bulging out.

eating need; this is a positive reinforcement, think, "whatever causes you to eat more, doesn't cause you to eat."

covid: the disease that is a cure, this "cure" makes itself not be there and nothing is spread from the person inflicted by it.

inflation; breathe air into the mattress or inflatable is the money earned, then you create the inflated idea.

inflation II; this is a point of idea, if you think the money deflates, then the spirit does the right things and taxes get lowered.

in en; this is where you think and what doesn't need to happen stops.

then think; people can work, so where you think to work will create in the point a fund that renews itself or more work that you enjoy.

then; you are free to do what you want. think and do things that are safe.

thenn; the end point is joe biden gets elected president. so when he does, he appears stable and secure minded as a point is done.

this; think your ready for anything and you create with light, any color.

nenjutsu; think to create with energy and the energy consciousness creates what you need with you thinking of ogmenting with the intent. this takes internal energy, though. so drink enough and you can create with energy that instructs the energy consciousness. the point you make, creates with the power of words, this serves as instruction to the energy around you.

ninja medicine; this is where you feel what is necessary to make a balanced body and that is where you create with the right pills or herbs what you need to make it tolerant. This also uses things like peanut butter, and other substances. So think and you know what to use.

the delivery; the delivery is picked up at the station and delivered to me very quickly. this happens without stress.

threats; people who hear threats, don't hear threats anymore.

undead; sometimes the undead are easily told, they bloat in the sunlight by body buildup and lessening with the heat.

end; the end is nearer, I know what to do.

done; things are finished, think to do what is necessary unless not possible.

real; the weight lowers itself and the waist disappears if excessive so it seems flush. I do not have multiple personalities anymore. I seem to have recovered, so I have a whole mind and whole heart.

illi kamu-iad = elven for: reduce waist, pronounced as: ill-ee kam-oo Eye-ah-d.

illi car-mordo karma paityale maudro = get hero act payment sooner. pronounced as: ill-ee car-more-dohn karma pate-ee-ale-eh.

illi car-cum palwa = make belly flat. pronounced as: ill-ee car-cum pal-wahn

mai beloly fla = make belly flat.

thought; if jesus loves you, it doesn't matter if he is undead.

whatever; whatever I do I still lose weight, so this means things are working.

30 lbs; I negate the 30 lbs weight gain. This is the end of the 30 lbs swell as though I didn't even gain it.This works like a charm.

alusa; think a point and react better, think you can do things and you can.

caz; general cause, the general cause is the point so think and you know what to do.

con; no matter what the number, I don't bulk up and if I do, it's no weight instead I lose weight and body bulk instead. This is where I look slender, no matter the weight. So I don't swell up, however things go.

things; the things that are done are normal and not weird from here on out.

he; he is the person that curses, she is the person that soothes. this is a point in idea. this I know is true.

things; the point you think is a concept in idea, whatever the idea its doable if possible. think and you know what to do.

dimensional shift; think your there where you want to be and you are there by the power of the spirit.

writing stuff

an aviodos; this is where you think and create with light, better feel and then things work out by feel.

intensity; if you are intense, you don't scare anyone, instead you are able to do multiple things at once and this is a 1d6+focus rank amount of things within 6 seconds.

spending; spend wisely and things work out in the end. you don't even get bankrupt unless you just want to do that.

splurge; if you splurge, you spend so think and you get better money results by spending less.

third eye vision; think of the sight and you can see it by the third eye pinneal gland, this is where you can think it stops and then you percieve the vision no more.

share the wealth; share a small percentage of the wealth and you keep with what you mainly get. this happens without stress. yet not too much is given.

creatability; think of the moment, and you know where and how the idea is creatable with the insight coming from the soul and the spirit sharing what it knows with you.

thought; the thought they have think to know it, this is a point your spirit can recall in idea. then you will know what they think.

think; the spirit of the dead will pass into the spirit realm, this is the astral realm and that is where the great eagle brings it. This is in the idea in use of the voice with no intense moment and no stress happens.

thought II; the point I know is a point, that is remaining until a certain time. this point is done, then is the point you realize and know of me no more in life.

thought III; the thought is not you yet this happens if you aren't careful. this thought is a point from a long dead animal. run over by accident, so think and you know what it knew.

think II; the point is a concept, if you think to realize the point, then you know what you can.

without; this is a point without dying, it's in the road there and you can know what is of there and realize what is then to be known and unless not needed it's a point you realize by insight.

it's in enough; think and you know what the insight is by realization from what roaming spirit is nearby.

the time; this time machine idea works, think and you can know what you see the moment that it happens so you know when it occurs before it seems to create itself.

think III; the thought you have is a point you realize, think the time or moment for the spirit to view it. this is what you realize as insight.

entropy; this gate is a point you recall, then you can go through the idea in your mind and know what to expect if you need to do things.

think; you can't entice a cat to do what it doesn't want to do. then is the point, now is the idea so a jump ends your visit and touch nothing to return. that's if in the now 11th dimension. if you think things and they happen, then you are there by feel.

en; entice the idea by offering, think the point in area observance. then you know the area and the hunt or activity is done. think of the person you respect to get a reward, if any proferred by what is done.

the point; you think you know and the spirit responds by allowing you to realize what it knows. this can read animals.

the end; the ending is then set by what you think, so this is a point you know if you intend the fate or idea to occur or happen.


Love; Love is healing force. See it repairs brokenness in idea. I know how much love one can have. There is never enough, love requires forgiveness and a desire to heal rather than hurt. This is done by what you think to lose weight instead of gaining it, that is realized by understanding and you feel what is correct.

love II; the idea is known, think and the spirit will use the soul to correct the problems before or as they happen. this effects with a few moments and that is all.

the effect; the effect is a point you know about, yet you realize it or happen upon it at the right time.

the en; the end of the moment is a point you realize, then create by feel or work to avoid. think to know the end and you realize what is the time that is done.

the moment; the moment is infinite, if you think it is infinite, this means it can last forever. so think of the point and you know what the moment curtails.

the moment II; there is a point in time, this is a moment. the moment is done if you intend it to be done. so think and you know what you can do.

the moment III; bugs, if any bugs occur from this idea of love where you think of the point and want to kill the bug to save the occurance of life. then you know what to do.

the bugs; the insects can't live without food being left out and water, they can survive on water and plastic. so think of the moment, then you can create the point of an ending for them. this is a point done by feel.

think; if you need to disconnect a phone call. Then think to create a mental distraction and make short the conversation.

mail; the mail and packages I am due come earlier.

conflicts; the United States will not face black vs white conflicts.

thought; the thought is a point, think and you know what not to do.

mind memory; This is the computer's spiritual side. Think to work things out and you create a better result.

thought; the point is made by activity, think and you know what things are by feel.

ouija; this is the art of using a pen or glass to work out responses from the spirit and using a board with letters. if you dont believe them, they admit they are djinn. you know what you can get from djinn. you open a portal with your intent and your partner's intent linked together, and they join into the server. they use your body to move from one letter to the other and they browse in your mind. the glass/the pen or whatever won't move if you are not touching it. so it is a principle. metaphysical has to manifest through physical. see at least in those circumstances it has to manifest through you, through letters, through the glass and come up with stories or answers. women can be effected more by the presence, e.g, their mood can go down, they feel the presence more. they can have after effects, too. like hearing baby cries before they go to bed, and stuff like that.

the first time i did it was with this lady when we were in college, we spoke to someone who claimed he was in hell because of baby murder. (thats what he said).  he said he lived in the 60s. it had an effect on my partner. she face became more white, in a darker sense. she wanted to change the 'channel'. so we did. we asked them if there was some other person who'd like to talk to us, and they were like 'ok hold on a sec'. then we spoke to someone who claimed to have lived in. i spoke ottoman and spanish with him, as he said he was working at the italian ambassy in istanbul back then, and he also spoke spanish. so we spoke in spanish. he said he was working for 'giodi di bosforo', we searched online but couldnt find it.

think about this point, and one shouldnt believe everything they say doing it. you feel like you should do it again and again. you get charmed to continue. this is the moment you should stop. that is the feeling that appears if you feel good about things and you feel better for it after stopping. see from the outside, there is no way to prove it is real. as you are touching the glass/pen/or whatever, and you are asking questions and receiving answers. this is done with the letters. its interesting to say the least. that is where you know things, but again you can never prove it. so many people dont think this is factual. perhaps it isnt, perhaps you are being manipulated by your subconscious. so it really isn't, you are basically guided by the spirit to know things. so I think if to prove it, think to express to the right peoplee what you know they should know. then its possible, yet still not actually factual unless you use the spirit as a guide.

thought pattern; the thought pattern is a point you think ceases, then you create the point of creativity. this I will do, if I possibly can. think and create with light.

the money; the money I spent is paid back by feel.


the ending is a point and things are better off than nothing. this means you create with light and the idea is created by feel. this is in life, so think positive and you get better results. this is what occurs with a point from here, when you think of there, think to stay there and you are in a better place. if you died to get the place, you earned it here. think and you know what to do. if by feel, then you create with the creator. this is a point you know.


The point to think and you bestow upon me is a point of money, so think and you can create with a thought by feel. then if you know about the point you can create a better result. think a point to create a point I say. So this is the end of the fantasy, now begins the real area liferime. think and what you do is a good thing. this is a known effect.

feeling; I don't feel bad no matter the point and instead I feel good by what is done or joyful by the creator making the body feel better.

nothing; nothing brings me down, so I think things will work out in the end.

illi car-li ama-o mirian = elvish for: all make increment of money. pronounced as: ill-ee car-lint am-ahn oh mirror-ee-an.

illi minda-talma mi-li-llume = elvish for: lessen weight within many times. pronounced as: ill-ee minn-dan tall-man min-lint-ll-loom-ehn.

think and know; this is where you think and know things by what is done.


the end is the point you realize, think you know and your spirit lets you know things.

the effect; this is the effect of the machine energy that interacts with the brain and subconscious that is what was done.

I am thee

think and realize; this is where these idea create for you, think and you know what you can do with the constructs. that is all.

roseling; think to do or create by feel. this is a known effect.

thought; the idea behind this is a change of idea, if you want to create what happens then you can think of what you want and write ite out by feel or state what you want and you get results by the subconscious. this is an idea of the point you know. think about the idea and the subconscious corrects what is necessary.

food magic; the right food or drink creates the right effect, like peanut butter or dark chocolate to settle the hunger. protein drinks can create no need to eat.

the matrix of life

think life; then you know peace. you can think with the quiet.

game stuff

thin point; the point you thine and things happen for the person you intend things for by feel.

thinking idea; the point is done, so think of a storm gathering in the south and then there is one. I think I do not have what it doesn't take to get the job done.

thought point; the thought is the thing, think about the point and you can get what you intend by feel.

thinking a point; the idea is a concept, think you know and you realize you can get along with what is needed.

then; then is the point that is done, as it's only a small amount.

the point that's owed; think and you know, that means you kill now and accept later. that is all.

the quotes; these quotes came from a moment in idea, that is observed by the pinneal gland third eye and made is a concept you can realize will occur or not done is the idea.

en; the point is a concept you think about, so the creator is what creates what you intend if possible. if not possible, then you create with a point and the subconscious creates what you need by suggestions. so its in unusable form if you think it's not needed. - jirael

the end; this is a point done by feel. think of the ending and you can create the point, this is done by the spirit making the idea if needed to happen.

the credit; the idea is transferrable by spirit, this happens by energy that sometimes is drunk or eaten. then the point is done by manifest if you think to need more, just ask. -shade world

the ginny; the idea is a mage effect, so think and you get what you need or end life with $.

the point; think you know, then stop and do something else. -shaded world.

en; the point you think is done by idea, if you look at the table, then you know what is possible.

end; the warfare need is deflected back at them so they can stop or then do something else.

ending; the ending is this, think and you know about the effect. so you can create the point and you know what to do.

create positive; this is done unless you need a test result that is negative or disease testing.

make effect; the money is made from energy particles, the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything creates and what is needed if necessary is there.

aha; go for it, this is a point used by feel. the idea is done by it's energy. think your intent and the idea is what is done by idea.

aha iss; this is a point you think to see, so it is a point you can avoid if dangerous.

is iss alright; yes I think its fine.

excess; think you can stop and you do things otherwise. This is a known effect by feel.

drinking alcohol; this is where it's dumb and then should not be done.

think; the effect is created if you need it created by the soul, so this I know is true.

the point; you don't by idea have to do it, so think it's a point and you understand yourself. this would happen.

en; en is if you think it is the end. this is the end of the point.

enn; this is a point in the en, yet it leads to what is needed by idea with a point you make.

notion; if you think you know then you can do things. this is the point of the ending.

notion 2; think to allow and you do, this is a point a few billion years in the past. what is now? whatever you think is there. there is no actual timeframe for this.

notion 3; this is where you think on the past and what skin color we really were, so when you know that they passed over to this continent then you know they were us. the aryans were a race of beings that mixed into the humankind, they were yellow or blond haired. so I think they could have mixed in with their souls being born. this is a known idea. the cro-magnons were a separate race, that were 6 to 7 feet tall. this is genes in idea, so their genes allow diseases more easily. however they died, they were once mixing with humans. this is a tidbit of the human race. the short hobbit was a race that mixed in by sex later on, but they lived on the island that was discovered and it had hundreds of short skeletons. the place was similar to the hobbit book, that was where they were with themselves though. this is a point that means somehow they came here, so it's a mystery of how they were where they were. they were hardy though not much was known about them. all that is known is their height and time they lived there. which was 50000 - 100000 years ago. this is a known idea. if you look it up, you might find out more about them. this is a point you think, so the thought is not you if you hear their spirits. the thought is theirs, you have your own idea.

the thought; the thought is not you, its the spirit, that can be nearby. think and you know what was there. the point you think is you.

he or she; the point is a concept, we have our problems. we get over them and things are what they are in life.

$ regained en point
enn t; this is where you think to create by feel and make allowance in the advent of air travel. so the US isn't banned from air travel.

nikki; she is the doctor, that I can go to if necessary. I think I will use her as physical doctor.

roaches; they decline so they tend to not strike out at the person, think to kill them all.

eating;  Sometimes the feel is like this to anxious people, you either luck out and lose your appetite or you get the shit end of things like what is bad in thought and overeat to quell the nerves and anxiety. That is the reason to think and hold off, then you don't eat and the nerves are settled. So you don't anxiously overeat.

think and do; this is a point you think and don't do if necessary, unless you want to do something.

think and know; this where you know the source, then realize the truth of the president.

isadue pnt; This is not a due idea this is a concept in disguise. think and you can create anything by the power of the soul.

racial tensions; the race doesn't matter, the tension doesn't build and no racial tensions don't exist.

tensions; People everywhere in Usa are no longer on edge. Don't mind it, it didn't happen. This is illusion, to end it you think "end".

tensed; this was not there, this is represented by visions the third eye shows us, to warn us of things that would occur. what really is happening is almost nuclear war, covered up by the dimension itself. almost nothing will end the illusionous idea, so I live by what occurs. this is a point in idea.

it happened on an abandoned planet, that doesn't have anyone one it. now we live on a karmaless planet. think about it ending and we no longer see that result. the power of words and thought, you know.

this house I used to live in I live in at the moment, I just visit other places. so I think I will go now.

ciou, farewell and good-bye.

rt = are
wert = were

Thursday, June 25, 2020

ensign magic

This is the magic of the stars, think to focus on the star and you utilize subconsciously the star energy. This is where you focus and solar energy comes to you for created effects that you feel will occur with intent. This is a list of that idea in use..

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need.

drun yol dinok  = draconnic for: make fire end.

drun gaar do fin muz = draconnic for: make release of the people.

drun gaar do fin horvut muz = draconnic for: make release of the trapped people.

pruzah wundun = draconnic for: good travels.

pruzaan pruzah dreh = draconnic for: better good action.

illi metta kaukaeldar nanwie = elvish for: end false reality. nanwie is pronounced (nan-wie-eh)

illi metta nauna nanwie = elvish for: end false reality. nanwie is pronounced (nan-wie-eh)

illi metta urra nanwie = elvish for: end bad reality.

illi metta urra-o = elvish for: end bad person.

illi orta-nna ea a aino = elvish for: ascend to be a god.

iili pan-an metta-nna urra-ion = elvish for: prevent bad descendant.


illi quer-nna asto = elvish for: turn to dust.

illi quer-nna uinen = elvish for: turn to water. water doesn't end after it's formed, so this is an unending effect unless dried up.

illi quer-nna laima = elvish for: turn to plant.

illi quer-nna cuima = elvish for: turn to animal.

faire decmedy ilne = cure disability.

remed,ie lazee ilne = cure fat disability.

cu in fa il = atleantian for: cure fat illness. pronounced as: cuhn in fahn ill

rest ie gud itis = atleantian for: restore good condition. pronounced as: rest sigh-ehn good light-realize

ge beta nylle = atleantian for: get better results. pronounced as: gehn beet-ahn nile-ehn

en main ul = atleantian for: at the end of creating with god. pronounced as: en may-n ool

en uu-dyh = atleantian for: at the end undo guilt. pronounced as: en oo-uhn din


dun stek no = atleantian for: don't eat now. pronounced as: dune steek non

Un ip itae = atleantian for: forever find things. pronounced as: oon ip light-day-ehn

Un uiou stryn = atleantian for: forever without disease. pronounced as: oon oo-pie-ow stringent

Un ip geo = atleantian for: forever find planet. pronounced as: oon ipp gee-oh

Ip geo = atleantian for: find world. pronounced as: ip gee-oh, this allows you to find a planet you need to find. this works with energy vibrations, that you know by perception. raise your vibration to go to another perception in idea. cs-137 is a great place to be.

Ip geo rip = atleantian for: find world in death land. pronounced as: ip gee-oh ripe

Ip ie no; atleantian for: find idea now. pronounced as: ip sigh-ehn non

Un dylau es = atleantian for; forever not weighty. pronounced as: oon did-law-uhn ess

Un ge au = atleantian for; forever get money. pronounced as: oon get aww

Un ge cun a zeo urradianc = atleantian for: forever get cured of deadly virus. pronounced as: oon get coon a zee-oh urr-raid-ee-lance

une no more = no more bad effect unless necessary.

nothing bad; the effect of the wormhole that causes things to be here is what creates the point in idea. Think about the dead that walk, this is a sign of this point. I think it's time to leave the planet, this place is about to warp out of existence. ciou.

thoughtful; this is where you think and you are full so you don't always eat things by feel.

think; eat less, eat half or don't eat, this is a point in idea.

less fat; this is less weight and better fit motions. you can basically exercise a long time.

fatless; the state of the body is without excess fat, no matter what you eat.

fatless II; this is where you think to create the point, then eat little so you gain no weight and fat drops away.

fet; fearless, think if you want your without fear and your creator makes you that way.

fat; the idea is where your fat yet thin, so think and you know what to do with accurate quick hits.

falling; the falling point of anything is where they stop grasping hold.

weight loss; I will lose weight today, so I think and know what is right to do.

derogue; this is where you create the point, kill the rogue and you make better.

life; forget about eating and work with water or what have you to do.

energy; if you focus you create, the energy you have is what is sent out and you make aura energy that if it shows up as area force it surrounds the body amd that is where this is a green (if healing) and red (if working) energy that appears like an emanation and works to help you breathe from converted air. This air is converted from dust particles in the air. If you think to emit energy from the palm of the hand, you can create a energy beam effect, this energy beam creates a black energy mark on a surface. Seeable by the third eye pinneal gland, the mark can be used to relieve stress. This energy can also be emitted from the heart or third eye. Think about what you can do and you could do it.

en if it is in; this literally translates into at the end from iffy moments by hit that is noted.

en it is in if; that means "at the end by iffy things, this is noted by feel in laugh by idea."

en it is; then things are this.

thought; the thought is not you, think to do something with the energy and you create better results so your not effected whatever you do with life.

writing stuff

Physical element; This is where the point is some idea. The point is made by feel, if he or she doesn't want to do it. Then, nothing is done by what is thought. This is a point to remember, think and you know what to do. Otherwise, this is a point you did if you do. Then you know the difference between the inside and the outside. The inside is with the inner self. The outside is with the body and the outside area where the body can go. The spirit is a point you know as body energy, The soul is a point of energy in the body where there is stored energy as information is represented with what you may need to know. This is with the physical element, if you think to use other elements, then the spirit is a life energy that creates the point by the creator. This is a knowable effect by what is done.

Nothing matters, so think and you know what is done or what is there by the planet formation energy. This is a point you think about, this doesn't have any effect on you personally. So I think it's alright to ignore it, what you ignore you forget over time. This is where I think and know what to do, the point of creation in effect is the nature in the idea in planet terms, so I would think about the point and leave, if the planet is forming or bad to be on. If you percieve a bad result, then think about another place to be there instead and this allows you to make a successful idea happen. This is an idea in effect, so if you find a different result, feel free to tell me about it. I would want to know, if this is a point in idea or if it's possible.

So if there is no living conditions, that means you realize what to do by feel. See if you think your leaving, then you do things as you think about another place and your there instead or somewhere else by thinking about being there. Think and you know about the idea in space, then you know what is there by the spirit that reveals what is and isn't there. This is done as though in a vision, so think to see the vision of the area and you can know what is possible. If he knows he does nothing. Otherwise you can get along and go to do what you need. This is done, so I think and you or I know what to do.

Monday, June 22, 2020

The present magic

This is where you create the point, then make what is desired, think about the idea to create the point. This is a concept known to early man, that is a point you could recall as discovery of the fire we have. So I think this in spiritual terms is here at and things work as they work if you use the idea listed to look within the article. This is a point you know well physically, too. So here is a list of things I found useful. Think and you know what you can do.

Feel free to use the listed idea, as all it is is idea you do.

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need.

point; I am not effected by negative comments and creating things. I do not get blamed today.

complaints; the complaints that are heard, are ignored except for the manager that hears them.

less cost; the silver sphere makes less cost per purchase, this is a point done by feel.

per feel; this is a point you think and create with by idea or expression being used.


less cost; If I make the drink, you can pay less or what is offerred is accepted.

Thought; you attune to it's thoughts by stating it's name and then the spirit will make it appear, whatever it is.

The point you speak; it's heard by the named idea and whatever you need is understood by idea.

The idea; if you can prove magic exists, then you can get 1000000 dollars. the subconscious will do this, if you think this idea is done.

Revealing; Think the energy reveals to you what the energy has as programming and you know what is there as programming. The physical result on the body is your desperate and willing to try anything unless you distract yourself, so calm yourself but this you think your balanced in energy. Then you are alright physically, so be prepared to counter the physical effects. Derangement can ensue, if your not in a good condition or have a disease and this I think is the point you know or can realize and fix by willing the body to fix itself by it's energy. The right medicine is what can cure anything, if the energy makes what is set as a point. Think to cure it and you no longer have what is there. This is set or unset as you need it there. This is in it if need.

physical magic; this is en where you think about what is there and you know what you can to do the result by feel.

the physical result; this is where you are defeating a bug like a bedbug. think to create with an energy what you need. Then you are with defeated in application bugs. The idea is this, if energy can create what result you need, then program the energy to do what you wish. So this I think will work, think to the energy to defeat bugs, then you with a wish to create what you need.

relaxing; saying relaxing, your causing the body to calm down and create better results, then you make less tense comments and your alright by feel.

relax; this is where you relax by feel and create with a result you think to do by feel.

relaxing; think of the person or yourself and state "relaxing", then they relax.

think; the idea is done, this is a point in idea.

en; this is programming by feel, if you need to do something you can get that as a point.


this; think a point and need the idea as intent, the dimension will do what you want in whatever form as necessary.

thinking; the point is a concept, use what you can for what it's worth. this is done without stress.

the point; the point you think is the point that's creatable..think it's a moment before the point and imagine the result then you know the point is a concept as if it's never done.

this if en

writing stuff

Spiritual transfer; This is when you think to have a source focused and  in energy then shift it away to some area and some target if specified. This instructs the spirit-that-goes-through-everything to shift the energy of the source point to the target area or person that wanted it. Once tranferred, you can see the source you thought was a source disappears. This process is temporary, you can then get back the energy and if you can do things with the energy, think to cleanse it as it is what could be with in some energy programming you won't like. Energy programming is this, thinking to the energy what you intend it to do. then the energy is what forms reality or makes itself from dimensional energy what is in desire. Think the energy reveals to you what the energy has as programming and you know what is there. The physical result on the body is your desperate and willing to try anything, so calm yourself but this you think your balanced in energy. Then you are alright physically, be prepared to counter the physical effects. Derangement can ensue, if your not in a good condition or have a disease and this I think is the point you know or can realize and fix by willing the body to fix itself by it's energy. This I think is a point you realize and the soul fixes if you will it. Think and you know what to do.-Sheila

Elementals; This is where you form elemental energy, thinking it is in a form of being shaped like us. So you can create the being and this uses soul copy, then you make any effect you need, that's done by imagination and desiring te elemental to be there. Use of energy is what creates this formation, so if you think about the point it can create it using the power of the creator and whatever element (earth, water, fire, air, spirit or void) you want it to use. You can know or guide the elemental with use of the spirit guide, thinking or suggesting to the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything causes the creator to do things.  This is where you can do what you want as a point in idea, if you want to summon one, think of the elemental plane and think the element shapes as you need where you want it to appear is where you are or where you intend it to be. You can have it safely do up to two elements at once safely. Except for the counter elements, think about the element and it can form it where desired by feel if needed.

One thing the element can do, it can shift you dimensionally so where you want to be you are in feel. I think if you wanted it to do things in your place, this elemental can appear where you were and then do what you intended it to do. Think and you can create by feel what you need. The effect of it on the normal plane, this is where it can summon an element condensed from air using heat or fire and that creates a point which appears in real life. This elemental creates an element effect wherever you need the idea in life, however the brain can handle 10 dimensions at once. So if you may notice it's effects as though it were you, think about the point and it can do it. Otherwise not needed is the point, and you can create what you need by thinking about it if you think it's important.  So think about it being there, then it is there. This can even make you do the correct idea to get a point done.

One thing, if you call a fire elemental then you can cause fire in the area with or without what you do. The elemental can seem to make the energy manifest through the consciousness of energy, this is what can seem to share the effect through the aura and it can seem like you can make the element appear. Think about the point to form what you intend. Also, unless you focus the fire energy 1 minute or more, then you can only actually cause a dark mark on a surface. This I think, the point is done by the idea that is expressed, that means you can expect results if possible and instantly or when you release the energy by think sending the energy to the target or area. This is done in idea and in use to cause an elemental effect. That means if you focus upon a thought, whatever element you choose, you can almost always get a result.


recipes and potions

imitation dr. pepper; Think to add a&w root beer packets to tea and add cherry, then add pumpkin spice, cinnamon, stevia or sugar, waterloo peach or watermelon drink, celery seed, and chai spice stevia and then mix and drink.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Thought giant magic

This came from looking at the clouds and seeming to think of the cloud giant's point..

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need.

little things; I don't let the little things get to me by whatever is done or however things are in life.I am relaxing by feel with life intention.

future sight; this is where you think of the point to know and what time to realize the concept, then you know by the spirit and create with a soul copy or construct what you need to know. This happens without stress.

in em = think to eliminate bugs and you create what you need with the idea you use as  life force of the bug, and you give it to the planet where this allows the bugs being diminished and they are killed by transferrance of its energy to the planet.

transferrance; this is where you think energy goes somewhere from a source that you think is a source.

energy; the energy is cleansed by the feel, so think of the idea and you can create with it by what is done.

escape; the energy build up is what shifts you to somewhere else, including another planet.

prevention; this construct if thought, prevents personas from doing things in the area.

these; the parts are using an idea of creation, the spirit creates things and you can make use of the effect. the soul is the energy source and memory of the point using the body. the creator keeps it with energy. this is a point in idea with a source. the points you see are what is useful, if you see a result you like you are in a good mood.

reality; this is a point you are at, decide what you want and you can do what you need.

money; I save the rest of my money. this happens without stress.

focus; this is creatiom, that is with a point of focus and thinking the intent, that is in a point where the subconscious creates as your relaxing.

this; that is a point you decide and the computer consciousness does what you need. so the computer can be a construct.

invasion; no invasion occurs to happen. this is a known effect.

gamma; this is an idea you adjust the brightness of the color and the shade is left alone. This is adjusted by fading the moment or increasing the intensity, then is the point you realize the difference in color and brightness. Enjoy yourself and relax as things work out. By feel your free, think to enjoy the day.

Enn; The effect is simple, think and you go free. This is a known effect.

Jay; he is a game player, think and you can create by what is done.

En; think to capture the flying bug and squash it, unless you already did. thank you. ~already done.

Attention getter; This is where you get attention of the moment, think to project your voice and and you create with a concept you speak as intent.


knock down; This is with the knock you mention things, and you create what result you wanted.

Nickem; This is where you nic the moment, think and you can get a niche so you create what effect you want.

legal; this is a legal form of the drug that was assumed to be illegal in the area. think and you know what to do. this in idea is a point you think, so you can pass the law and federally it is legal. this happens without stress.

un in eq = This is where you think to create with a point and work your magic to make what is there.

knockem; you knockem you make them do things.

roaches; they no longer takem in. this is a known response as you knockem and killem.

creativity; this is where you can creavely make what you know is good, so think about the point and the spirit creates what you want with or without the right response.

sharing; if you share, you get better reaction and that is a point in idea. that's if you have any luck.

the end; the point is then in the the area so that is all.

musky; the musky scent is neutralized and things in perception are created by feel.

money; I have what it takes to pay my bills twice over.

end the effect; This is done by feel or thinking. That is making use of energy and imagining the end of the moment.

void clone; this is a being that exists as the creator allows it to, formed by void being thought to form you somewhere you think to create the clone. when you think it is dismissed, then the void clone is gone. the void can copy anything and form it where you need it, all it requires is focus and needing it to form.

moment; the moment is with a point that is a moment of time. this ends as you think the moment is done or ended.

Think; the point is a made thing, if you know where it is then you know where you get it. This is a point in the past.

writing replies; Paul and others write something in discord and I get to reply. This happens without stress.

Theft; the theft is prevented, enjoy your life and good-bye. Farewell.

think; the phone you miss is found, this happens without stress.

thinking; the point is done by the subconscious, the statement is allowed for and what you intend is known. discount it and you get things cheaper.

writing stuff

the idea; think and you know what to do.
the moment; that is a point you perceive what is there in that dimension. think and you are free from it.

the matrix of life

are no zaq; this is an effect of life with intensity, think and you can feel better.

volcanic activity; This is the sun that shines. Then the point is felt as heat. This is where the volcano is active, think to destabilize the cf or yellowstone or work with what you get. What you get with this effect is creation of release, that means you are aware of things like ash falling so think and know the planet will be cooler. This is a known effect.

The shine; This moonshine is cool, so I think and you know the rite to do. That you can call out to the moon and create what you think is appropriate.

The en; The end point you know about, this is a concept you think and the spirit allows you to figure things out.

The end; The end point you realize, think and you know what to do. Now were free, I think this will work.

The virus; The virus is a point you experience, think and the spirit frees you from it by feel. I am free from it, this is a point I attribute to grape juice.

Kim Jungs Money; I recieve some of it in exchange of services.

ness; I think this means I stop and do what is necessary. Timesharing is such fun.

nass; the nastiness is over so I can rest now. I guess I will enjoy my day. Ciou and farewell, good-bye.

fantasy; the end of the fantasy is without a bad end. think and you relaize what was done by feel.

fantasy II; no hit happens and things work out by feel.

fantasy III; This is a point your knowing things, things you know are put to use. Think and you do what's right.

fantasy IV; This is a point you realize, that means the bridge of time is closed so you are aware and creative with a point.

fantasy V; This is a dream of the underworld so think and the dream is what goes lucid.

fantasy VI; think about the idea and the soul creates it with you or some other that does what is needed.

fantasy VII; money is generated by what is done, so you end up with the needed funds.

fantasy VIII; This field is within the planet, so I think it's inverted and that is heated area sometime so the land actually contains hell. This is where they keep the criminals and crimbuls, so they are basically tortured and there is no escape. That's unless you know the way.

geriante; this frees you from the area, think and you know what to do. think to do this in the open and unobserved, imagine yourself flying through the atmosphere and going as energy to the surface. this is a point you are aware of and you can use to smash your worm if the worm is there then you can kill by metaphysics the wyrm in the ocean that was your body in hell or sheol.

surface world; the area is intense with heat, this is midkemia but it's liveable so I think this is my last idea for today. Seeya tomorrow when it's a better day. Ciou.


weed; this is a weed world so when taking weed as a drug, then you could end up here in the gateway world. where you inadvertently run in people, run over people and think to correct things. the place is in darkness, the area is not noticeable, so think and you know by the spirit what is there. you move by a knee joint and your aware of what goes "oof" this is a place of magic so think and you can get almost anywhere. if you don't, then you stop taking weed and you shift back to the normal world by wormhole. this I think is the gta world, too. so if you think about the area, you can make a presence of yourself. if too many people are there, you won't see them, you'll just run into them and make them go "oof". the point is a concept though, if someone dies there, in the world nirvana, then you sometimes nen or go "its nothing". then its a point you see them shift back by the spirit, so baically you aren't really dead here, unless you just mention the place right. you see, the place causes you to experience what you do there, so I think the area is deadly if too many people.  that is more than 10. this is the reason there is not allowed more than 3 people to a room there. if you think of the world and gate there, you might notice a clean area, but you must know there is sublevels of the reality. that is where you don't notice people, then you create with a drug and weed is the gateway drug, so that is a point of feeling good I guess. this is a point you know well, I will go explore other worlds now, I recognize the world gate out. seeya there. oh yea, this is where you think "there" is, that the wormhole brings you. any anger is gptten out of the system and then you realize things and people, this is a point in regard though, if you are the one hit.

seer world; this is a point you see things by the third eye, so if you think of the point, you can see what happens by glimpses or whole scenes. this world doesn't exist, unless you think to experience it. however the world of kell or seers are what creates the moment if you intend the idea. if you intend to know, you realize what might happen or occur. this is point in idea.

see world; the seeing point is deadly here, so think in idea and you are aware of the point that exists. this world was setup, as though a saw world. think about the situation and you figure out the puzzle that is there. the saw worlds have a concept going, deadly and death or decay is the energy there. then you know it and you are free and back to the safer world. if you want to experience horror, then stay in the area. this is a known effect. in idea you see this world as a horror film moment. so be warned, you are not there if you think yourself away. the entry point to the see world is thinking yourself there, the exit point is thinking you exit the world by what you do.

recipes and potions

protip: poor man's version, my stepdad saw me not wanting to eat greenbeans and told me to add mustard. i gave him a funny look at first but i now always use mustard.

alternative russian tea; put chai spice stevia into water or tea, sugar or powdered stevia, chocolate or dark chocolate stevia, orange flavor packet, vanilla extract. Mix well and enjoy!

berry chai drink; mix with water or tea some chai stevia and cherry mix and green apple mix and create with water and stevia the drink you will love.

definitions: (skip to end)

en; think and you know what to do.

game stuff

Psychic class
Psychics are mages with a psychic skill.

weapons; any weapon you can get with ambidexterity and accurate weapons proficiency
armor; any light armor.

Vision Ex: Visions, these visions are use of the third eye and focus to know what the spirit knows. Think of the time and if you need to know, you will realize the idea or vision from that time or moment. This can use vision drugs or video to allow you easier visions. This calms down the mind and works with idea.

elemental ability (Cha); This ability allows one to make use of the elements with focus and creation of whatever you want to create. This works with forming a gate of energy from the source, then thinking about and allowing the element to form from the gate area to effect the point or area you intended to get an effect off on. This happens by a rolled 1d20+focus or concentration rank and 10 or above as success. The effect is using a 1d10+charisma rank per each 2 focus ranks for effect.

Psionic crystals; This is a point of using any crystal or stone and holding it as you think of what you want and the energy consciousness creates by causing manifest what you need with feel. There are bonuses to the rolls you make with use of the psionic crystal and skill of use artifact. You get the use artifact skill with the bonus of +1+(half level)  to the crystal or stone use.

psychic boost; the psychic boost is where you think and perceive, that is done by the third eye so you know how to do things easier by feel. otherwise you can observe by vision what will happen easier if you know what you need and you are curious how things will go. if no feeling or vision occur, then nothing will happen by what you think. This is a known idea. This is a +5 to your roll of 1d20 skill or stat check.

Ancient seer ability; This is where you breathe in and out, then you will create by your conscious that is somewhere you wish to change or otherwise observe. The idea is observed or created by what you focus or suggest into existence and you create what you intend to create. You can see by the soul that is using the spirit what is there, and then so you know you think of the area you came from or think by the spirit what is possible. This is a known effect, where you focus on an area and create with the energy as you are thinking you do.

Prophet class

weapons; any weapon you can get with ambidexterity and accurate weapons proficiency
armor; any light armor.

Prophecy (Ex): The prophet is where you get visions from the spirit and on request of the god you follow of what you intend to know, you can make a manifest or creation by the spirit with a positive result granted from the god. This can even draw aliens, if you put your arms up as a Y then focus, you create what you focus by the spirit what you need to manifest by usage of the energy "I" or energy consciousness..

Elemental ability (Ex); this is a point where you can create a concept and make sure it works. If it doesn't, then nothing happened. This can use any idea or energy as a source, think and you create as a point of making or manifest with the power of the divine or the god you follow. The effects are 1d10+charisma mod per each 2 focus ranks. Timewise it's 1d6+focus ranks for rounds of battle, otherwise unlimited outside of battle until you decide to end the effect.

Channeling (Ex); You can see if they are near or far away, then you can focus their body energy and think channel their spirit energy to work with what you need to know. This happens without stress and is knowledge you realize of what you intend to know.

This effect stops in effect by feel when you no longer focus or use concentration per round of activity. The effect lasts for 1d6+charisma mod for ideal effects in seconds of battle, and due to the divine nature of the soul, unlimited outside of battle. That is until you decide to end the effect or you know what they are going to do.

The focus (Ex); this is the ability to focus energy from the divine soul to copy and heal by feel. This is a complete healing of all your pressure points or chakra energy clearance. This is needed if you want a complete healing.

This is a known effect. The time effects are 1d6+charisma mod in seconds of melee, unlimited if outside of attack until you decide to end the effect. The effect amount is useful if 1d10+charisma mod per every 2 focus ranks.

Dream abiity (Ex); you can dream of events and know when or where. Also you create with lucid dreaming, so you make what you need and wake up by thinking your awake or hearing a loud noise.

Divine sight (Ex); You create with a mage vision and making use of a construct, This is where you can create your vision into real life and that is with a 1d10+charisma mod per each 2 focus levels.

Healer class

weapons; any weapon you can get with ambidexterity and accurate weapons proficiency
armor; any light armor.

Healing (Ex); you don't need a healer kit to heal by feel. Treat the wound and effect positive results, this is done on a 1d20+focus rank with 10 as success. You heal 1d10+charisma mod per each 2 levels focus ranks.

Elemental effect (Ex); this is a point of manifest to create any element to cause what is possible. This used the divine soul, so it's effect is instant, the point it's done created 1d10+charisma mod per every 2 levels of focus or concentration. 1d6+focus rank of time to effect in melee, 1d10+focus or concentration rank in minutes if non instant.

Psychology (Ex); This ability allows you to psychoanalyze someone and suggest the right things to get what is needed at the moment by the healer. You create a talked out moment with the person feeling calmer by a 1d20+focus ranks and having 10 or above result as success.

Herbology n potions (Ex); You scrounge around and use the right herbs or create the correct potion known by the spirit where you realize the idea to heal or do what is stated as a result. This uses a 1d20+focus or concentration rank to denote success with a 10 or above result.

Instant healing (Ex); You use a construct to instantly heal all damage and remove all poisons from the character or friend you want healed. This is healing near the top point of the healers career. Once gotten, he or she can do this healing anytime the healer wants.

Circle of instant healing (Ex); You use a construct to instantly heal all damage and remove all poisons from the characters or friends you want healed  and your character is healed as well. This is healing at the top point of the healers career. Once gotten, he or she can do this healing anytime the healer wants.

Bioengineering (Ex); this is making life enhancements and body fixes by the chemistry to create what you need to occur. This is a point your character gains 100% health added to health, also they have an added 5 charisma, 4 strength, 5 intelligence and 6 constitution. Also you can use the correct things created by manifestation, that is through the focus or thinking to the energy consciousness to enhance the body of a target, think and create what result you want as you state the idea intended by feel with idea.

necromancer class
There is a point you think about the dead, well these special mages cause calm in those upset and pass the spirit to the spirit world. They are good at using death and decay energy, so that is all to the spirit priest or necromancer.

Necromancer Ability:
Source Ability; This ability is choose a source or two and think to use it as you do things to create results. This source is used up after 1d6 times used, so this could be anything including diseases or acid, otherwise the elements you can gate into the area and have it create results. This result is possible to cause a point where they give up fighting. You can even have an event as a source, so if you think of the event and think it's used by feel you can create any result, such as healing or elemental formation. I believe you can create any point of a result, so if this is using up your death and decay cell energy as a source. Each time you use it, you can become healed by idea of 1d10+focus ranks health and that is a point in use. That means in game terms, you could create a death effect on the living target. This uses the consciousness of energy or "I" dimensional conscious and you can heal or create whatever effect you intend by idea or feel with life energy.

This is with a 1d10+charisma mod with each 2 concentration or focus ranks for effect. If the effect is enduring, then it takes a concentration check and the moment it lasts is 1d6+focus ranks in seconds for melee or 1d10+focus or concentration ranks in minutes or hours you do. So if you mix sources, then you create added effects, however you can't mix opposing sources like water and fire, so your limited to 2 sources at once. This is like poison and death energy used to kill bugs off. Otherwise you could think the problem is a source and you use it up, then somehow the effect you need or item works again. This is an example of how this ability works, you can use it anyway you want or the dm/gm allows.

Distemporal shift; This is where you create with a point you think or state and shift with a surge of energy. Where you imagine or think you'll be is where you are after the idea is done. This is a point in idea, that you blink and you are there. This is where you create the point, then go where you need. The surge comes from the energy in the area rising as heat from the planet and this uses the sun energy that is what triggers the moment, then you break-up in body energy to remake itself where you want to seem to materialize yourself. This dematerialization and materialization. If you shift dimensions, then on thinking of the area and needing to return, then you shift back and are where you are when if you thought to shift.

So I think if you thought to shift objects to yourself, then they will come unless you don't need them. Otherwise thinking about the area to shift them there..then you have a 50% chance of causing the item/s to dematerialize sometime and rematerialize somewhere else unless you needed the objects, that's as though the material were shifting like a superconductor in heat. This is with a rolled 1d6 with half being it remains in the area or 1d20, and that is rolling a 11 is where it relocated. If you think it goes somewhere, then the dimensional consciousness of energy shifts the item or items as a dimensional point.

The dimension shifts the energy of the object and that object comes to the area. This is a point if there is a silver sphere that contains energy, then you could cause the sphere to dissolve things and the area into itself. This means if the sphere were a godparticle, then it could dissolve the universe into itself. That means everything is energy, so think and you are thought of where you think to be. This particle existed then shifted into a circular pattern of clouds, that disappeared with the sphere going into another dimension.

This means you can create with a point you intend to happen more easily, if you think of the area and what you want the dimension to go do. So then if you do a successful focus or concentration roll, then you can create the item or yourself as a shift somewhere you want or need the item to be. This can be any time, space or area, including a planet you might want to shift to by feel. Thinking about the item, then imagining it there where your at will create the object appearance and then you find it in the area. If the item doesn't reappear within 2 hours, then it's in use or not there. So when left alone, it will shift back if you need it there. This will delocate and relocate something, that is if you needed something and gave thanks for it. See that is without used or bitter feeling. This feeling isn't there, because what is done is created by feel with idea yourself does.

So basically, this is where the silver sphere is a perfect holding sphere that is weightless and could be an unlimited bag of holding, if you think to contain what the spirit knows is there in energy form. This is where the spirit shifts things and the item goes to where you want, otherwise that is like the object materializing outside or inside the silver sphere where you need it. This sphere can have a separate part of itself, where it contains elements. This is a point things are aware, so they work if possible or if excessive heat, then that heat is siphoned away into itself so it's used up to create what you need and unused excessive heat is sent to that area of elements or sheol itself. This can cause the point of coolness in an area you think to cause coolness. So think about this as though an end and you know what to do in that area.

Positive boost; This is where you think positive or you identify something and you recognize better results. This is when you get a +4 to your dice rolls, and that means you can get or understand what you need to know. By use of this ability, you can trace any idea or effect and understand where it came from. This can include psychically knowing things. So this means your aware of things, if you think to know.

Animation; This animates anything you think is going to be animated. You can animate and control 1d6+focus ranks worth of beings. This includes skeletons, and dead bodies. Deanimation is where you think the life energy stops animating the being/s. This happens by use of the spirit, otherwise where you want them to hold off on attack or do what you want, then think the creator makes a soul copy that creates your need by them doing things you need.

Death Aura; this ability is where you think the energy is doing what you want and this is death energy that goes into the Aura, think to project  the energy and you create death or cause the target to pause and die as it turns into dust. However you effect machines, you will notice that the machine will recover.

Consoling; this is where you think to console the spirit, and then that will pass it to the astral plane. This plane is where you can send spirits to remain.

Console; The point of improved soul burial, this is where you think touch the spiritual forehead. Thinking of sending it away to the spirit land. This creates a burial effect, that is where you send the spirit and wandering soul back to the creator. This works even with demons and creates calm in idea. When you know the spirit and wandering soul departs the land, you realize there is peace in the area and things seem to work out by feel. The point is a concept after this in idea, so if you think you solved the problem your at peace as well. However, if you realize the anger and frustration is there and accept the point that happens. Then the spirit that remains is calm or leaves and that's if you notice a poltergeist.

So this works even if there is a slight chance of not working. If this works, then you prevent the wild spirit effect, the idea is not noted as a mural on the wall. Then all you need to do is look away. Breaking eye contact with the wall mural is what releases your soul back to yourself. So if you think about it, you can find anything out feel. Think "don't show yourself" at the walll mural and the effect halts. Think suggest to the area of the wall, that "things are alright." Then they turn to be better. Suggest to the wall, "the murals disappear", then the wall murals disappear. Think to not make direct eye contact to the wall murals, then you don't connect your soul to the wall and it's not "collected" by feel.

I think a concept is this with them, the peace of mind or feel, so they say poltergeists are angry spirits or demons an if there on the wall this means the point you made is what fueled it emotionally so it can make an appearance. See that means the spirit tore up the room or you left before it did anything. Some people aren't so psychic, so I think the point is an effect and things work out by what is done or it's lifelike on the wall. This is a concept that if killed by the spirit of the room, then you are within the wall world. What you do is what is done as depicted on the wall in a moving line picture. So in order to end this effect, think the creator releases you from the wall. Then you are there as though not killed by the spirit. This means the creator made it by feel so you are set in time, that's where you weren't effected and he or she bypasses the moment of killing that's done by time manipulation.

This is a point you think, then the spirit creates by feel. So if you think the right things, then the effect is done. When you do things like this, the idea is useful to know about the point before doing things. So this means there is no problem, there is only situations, this is a point in the past. The present situation is what you set up by idea, think about what is done and the soul or spirit corrects for the point you realize by feel. This is a point you know, so if you seek proof that something happened. Then you know by the spirit making awareness, and the idea is there if possible to know it. This is the nature of necromancy, where you think to see what happened and the wandering soul, creator or spirit consciousness makes you aware by visions or knowledge that comes to you. That's why if you give them that are upset their space, they calm down by what is thought in life. Yet you are not your thought. You are separate from your thoughts. So calm down there is no problem, that is all to this technique.

Discorporeal shell; That is a spirit that is doing things, this spirit uses death energy as a point to create with life so it uses a little of the object or body life energy. This is death copy, that is a clone of yourself in energy that creates your point with a focus to create what you need and has capability to take death energy with intent to create with it. This is where the spirit creates a copy of itself and this is made from the air with a soul copy that can shape itself as you need it shaped, and that is conscious so this uses a construct to create what it senses is needed or wants in life. One thing to notice, if the body dies, it disappears and the experience of the clone is yours to know. That happens to occur anyway, unless it's not possible.  Dismiss the "clone" and it disappears as if it never existed by feel. Yet even if it doesn't die, you in idea still have it's experiences of the place you think to see by clone. What you wanted to see, the clone can experience, so the idea is about the same as though you were there. There is a limit to how many clones of yourself you can have, that is known by the roll of a 1d6.

Necro healing; this is where you focus and perception of the death energy is there. The point you think is what the energy does. So if the death energy is thought to leave the body, then the body feels better or then is healed. It appears youthful so that doesn't mean it's younger. All stamina and magic energy is restored. The effect of this is 1d10+charisma mod per each 2 focus ranks. One thing to note with this, the healing could seem to last a few rounds or minutes before the body feels better. So think about this and you can create healing by feel and make what you need. If you target the disease with death energy, then you treat the symptoms and cause the disease to dissolve by feel or the feeling you get. This is denucleurization in life that exists. That is done by feel, if you intend to have the result. This is a point in itself, if you can't do it then don't.

half-life; This causes the target/s to half their health percent unless they heal themselves, then if they feel worse for the effort they do, this is temporarily done. Then they feel better about themselves and do what they need.

necro enhancement; This is where you are creating enhancement by the aura, thinking to enhance the body you can make enchantment or change of the DNA and you then cause the body to improve. This is the ultimate ability. So when you think to remove the death and decaying energy to harmlessly dissipate in the air, you create unaging of 1d6+con mod in years and you remember your experience.  Also, you can create any changes you may want. So if you wanted to create a painless sprain, then you would create no pain and deswelling in the foot.  Your character gets an added +5 constitution, +4 Intelligence, +4 charisma and +5 dexterity as stat boosts. Also, you get in health 100% in life. Weight goes down with the constitution addition by feel by 5 lbs.

necro point; this point you think and create with death and decay creatively, think to make a point by what is done and things work out by feel. The death energy creates the idea, controlled by the spirit to be what you want. This means that you convert the energy to make what is needed with a concept. This is what a necromancer does, Yet note this point, a spirit that wanders will be able to use this energy, if you find a spirit that is angered or willing. Then offer some energy andyou can get it to do things that you want by feeling the idea is necessary and intending the point you make. This is a known about idea. So there is a point that the spirit won't do, if you find such a point then you can desist, leave the area, then wait a few moments and the spirit will calm down. This works because you gave the spirit it's own space.

So even if you wander back to the area, then you won't be attacked by a riled spirit, yes I know it's more likely to do what you want so it helps out. This is a point you know about when what it does seems to manifest results. The great eagle of life and death will take those wandering spirits and souls to the spirit or astral plane.This is where you can get a wandering spirit to aid you in a fight or create where you can't create the point. So this is with a roll of a focus or concentration check, gets a 1d10+charisma mod per each 2 focus ranks result. The duration can be 1d6+focus ranks in rounds for melee or unlimited for outside battle. That's why you can decide to end the effect and the spirit knows when you want to end it. Then it's no trouble and things work out as they do. If you think to realize by insight, then if you know what happened where you are in life, this is when if you want to know and where. This is a known effect in a concept, then that is peaceful feel represented by idea in songs. -Benedict Arnold

elementomancer class
Class description: This class can use any element and create with a point as they intend something to be done.

Elemental effect (Ex); this is a point of manifest to create any element to cause what is possible. This element is gated in so it effects the area and creates what you think. The element can be shaped into a sphere or whatever shape you want, then you create with a point of thought release and iff the sphere or shape is intended to hit the target. You can cause elemental damage or effect healing. The idea is done when you close the gate, think its closed and the brain makes it closed. The idea is a concept that's done in time, where you can imagine the area and that is what appears from the element in use, so if you use the time as though an element then you can create with a point or thinking of the time to create the effect. Then it's created wherever you intend and whenever it's to be there.

Use of the other elements, they are earth that blocks things out if you imagine building a wall of mud or transmits the energy to the area that forms as you want. Fire is where you create with a concept and think the fire forms from heat. Air is where you think of the point and make effects with the intention and thinking of an area that is filled with air. This air creates by condensing itself, then making with the energy and your awareness of what is to be. This creates the effect of air and psychic nature that you desire to realize and the air allows you to know what is possible by visions. These visions can stop when you need them to stop. Water, this can freeze into ice, if you think to focus water into a shaped form you can create water effects. See you can create with a thought being projected to make an icy effect, as you think of the ice being formed.

Void is where you focus on the point, then create with nothing that makes what you want if you have what is being copied. Otherwise MPO, This is where the object or element is created if it exists. That is a concept that makes what you want, however if you use void as a raw force, you can create a sucking of the energy and life that is there in the target. This is where you create a knockout and death by the effect, if exposed long enough to void. The counter to the elemental energies being used is making use of the creator that caused it and cause the element to unexist. This used the divine soul with the third eye pinneal gland directing the energy in idea. So then it's effect is instant, the point it's done created 1d10+charisma mod per every 2 levels of focus or concentration. 1d6+focus rank of time to effect in melee, 1d10+focus or concentration rank in minutes if non instant.

All knowing (Ex); This is where you are psychic and realize what the spirit knows before it actually happens. So basically, you focus on knowing a thought and you realize what you need to know by what is done.

Creation, the spirit manifests what you need, the soul of the body is a point of memory and you create with it's energy. This is where the spirit creates what you intend, that is thinking of the moment and telling or needing something and you create what you can with the right vibrations.

Energy awareness; This is where you think of the point to create and state the idea, then its created by the smart air using the heat in the air. So it's the dimensional "I" or created energy consciousness is used by what you think, that the creator makes exist. This I think will create what is desired, if you need the result at the moment. Sorta like making them not want to fight, otherwise they can fall asleep or something else like dropping things. Whatever the energy is aware of needing to be done, it can make whatever you think or state things that are becoming a formed idea.

Universal creation; This is where you create by the universe and make the point you see to use. If you think in idea, then you get in idea what you need. This is what happens when you create using the universe. So the character gets a boost of energy, then the universal consciousness creates what you need, desire and intend. If you use the universe, then you can gate in elements, make situational points or create with the point you speak if you write it down. This ability creates with math as 1d12+charisma mod, and that's each 2 focus ranks. If non-instant in effect, then you create by a 1d6+charisma mod for time that it's done in rounds for melee or unlimited outside the attack, that is ended by a point or thinking it ends. You know what happens by visual signs.

Universal boost; This is where you are creating with the universe and you get a boost of stats, that is +5 strength, +4 Intelligence, +5 Constitution, +6 Wisdom, +4 Dexterity. The con mod is then used as a point to increase health, that means you multiply the con mod times the level and increase the health percent permanently by that total. Also there is a +5 to the rolls, that you make as a bonus in use.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Maxout whispers

Here is a great site that shows my friend's new pet project.

The idea you think is what is sometimes done. This is a known effect. So here are some results.

Here is the first interview.. .. this is awakened idea by feel. Enjoy!

Here is a way to knockout the machine, think of the point it exists and imagine or feel the point is done as you think of a dial that you imagine and this dial you think controls the frequency so you twist it to a lower value and you turn off the tower..this is what you need to not hear the frequency in your ear. Feel free to use this on Haarp control towers. Those towers give suggestions, and they are set at a very high frequency heard in the ears.

See ya later, goodbye.

crc magic

Here is what effects things as though a crc error made it occur by what is done. This error is a point the machine doesn't quite work and yet there is a concept that is done. So think and you know what to do. This list is here to describe what you can do with thinking an object creates the energy effect, and this is when your mind or subconscious makes what you need. Think to use this list if you want to attempt the result, that's done by idea you think and speak. I believe in the power of words, so if you think it's possible then it's possible. This is a known effect, that was learned on a crc error.

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need.

silent spelling; this is where you think the idea and use your spirit to speak the result or end result. This is creating with the soul, so think and you make by projecting the mind voice so your subconscious creates what you need as a want or desire.

positivity; think that something will happen and it will occur good results. This is a concept used by idea. That you speak the idea makes it an affirmation, so think and you can use what you think as though an subconscious suggestion or what you may have in mind as intention.

Roaches; they disappear and I pass my upcoming inspections. So does the need to eat. I kill them as I sense them. This is an in idea or effect, so if you don't mind I think I will go do that.

payment; the paypal payment idea doesn't force me to pay what I can't afford.

the en in a point; if you don't need it don't be here.

car-si cavren = elvish for: make this acceptable. pronounced as: car-see calve-rent.

car-lie sav-si = elvish for: make people accept as fact this. pronounced as: carr-lie-ehn save-see.

acceptance; I can accept what occurred and work with what is done.

in na foor; this ability is using the name of god to heal the body of all diseases and ailments disappear.

cortizal = think the cortizal levels are normalized and you aren't irritated. This makes you calmer, more able to thnk and you work better with people.

in en if = this is where you think to be in the end so all you need to do is imagine the end result and state it to create it.

uploads; the uplads suceed and things can be viewed by feel.

this is the en; This I think is the ending that you know will occur.

dematurmical; this is where you turn invisible and go somewhere else in energy form.

Creating; Creating is basically us taking raw energy that lives within us and wants to be expressed and projecting it externally out into the world where it generates even more energy. So make sure that you are living your life in a way that allows you to feel inspired as that will help you stay in touch with the creative process which in turn keeps the energy in a constant state of flow.

thinking; in a point you realize, you are aware, well and creating better with relations.

in auf = think and you know what the horse is doing. this helps you in betting on horse racing.

auf = relative inclusion. otherwise slendering in thin. so in feel you auf.


irked; I am not irked or irritated by feel with what happens.

new reality; the rules are similar and yet different. so I think I will go and do things naturally. this is the idea of the day as I am relaxing in idea by what is done. we shouldn't see any closures of the stores.

kick; in thing that you can do. this is a veggie burger by feel.

friend ship = this is a friendly ship, that I saw and noticed by use of the third eye..saying I am not on his friend ship makes you on your own unless he is willing to work with your request.


then; they calm down and accept what they did, as the memory is acceptable, accepted or absorbed, then they don't mind it.

if; if you think to create with the point, you can make what is necessary by what you feel. this is a known effect.

Think; if you had things to do you wouldn't not do what was right by feel. So think about your options and work with what you have.

people; whatever causes the people that exist or live to go stir crazy, no longer causes them to go crazy with what they have or what they do.

world healing; this is connecting to the planet consciousness and thinking the planet does healing or stating your intent as "heal". this does not effect roaches, so no roaches are healed.

earning; I earned so much money, I think the money beyond belief spell works. this I think I will do today and see if things work out by feel. ciou for now, seey as you are well.

thinking; this is where you think and collect energy to calm down by feel. this happens without stress and is not flat.

staff practice; whoever wins doesn't matter. whatever happens is done in a relieving of tension. This is in an attempt to do what's right, where I was somewhere else and things went right..

payback; pay me back for things I paid for you and we are even by feel.

balance; there is balance in energy and I have what it takes to keep it.

suspicians; they become annulled and then I am allowed what I want. this is happening without suspician and stress.

wallet; I find my wallet or my wallet is returned to me by feel. This happens without stress.

people; they don't mind me going over and visiting them. this is done by feel with no stress.

revertion;  whomever is in a bad mood, reverts by sleep or idea to become sane and allows people into the area with no harm to them.

money; what I spent or gave away, this is recovered by finding it or allowed for with a job being done. the money i get back is triple in funds or double the money than what I put forth by credit or spending. this is happening without stress.

maney; the point I mainly did, that is a concept in idea to what was thought. so don't mind me as I do things. no disrespect meant. this in life is a point you recall, then create by feel what you think to work with by idea.

en; then I attempt to intend. at the end is at the end. so this I think is a point in some other court.

en; the person stays and does what is needed, so I think the original inhabitant is dead this means I already got what I could and that is that. think of the inhabitant as a spirit, so if you find your way there to that spirit room. expect to feel the presence of the person who died. this is a concept I think is done on purpose, where the body was removed. so if you find noone in the room, think to get what you want. this is a point in regard to the area that is ghosted, so I think if you can see the area you can know what is possible. this empty room otherwise, that is besides the room. this is where there is noone so I think it's fair to use the room as a hold-over for dimensions. that is there if you  need a place to stay.

then; the end of the travels, I think I will return now and work with the idea that is possible. so if I find that spirit room again, I will know to bring a spirit guard. that is all for now.

tolerance; the person's tolerance increases, and they can stand me more than usual.

spread about; the area may be a mess but you can sense things, that is where you think to create with the electrolytes and this helps you sense things out.

money; the money is spread about and seems to be there. so that is a point in idea by what is done.

things; I think I will explore with what I learned, and write it down as I think about it, that is useful to see if things I know about work in life.

in arabic; I'm always awareness; this is where I am always in awareness in there. that is how a bug thinks. so if I think about the bug and it will expose itself. this is location wise, so it is the ghost presence thought. now to deal with the ghost of what is here.

done; this is a conscious formation, that indicates a ghost, so if you sense one, you can create with it's energy and get it to kill itself, so that makes it drive the ghost away.

hurt; the hurt and pain caused by actions, makes things less applicable, so think of the moment and imagine it undoing itself. then it is a spirit bug that causes things to not exist. the roach is what you think is undone, so it is not minded. if it kills itself, then it will kill other bugs by a poisonous death energy that spreads to them. this seems like a cloud, that forms where it effects. so think of the bug to kill it and this effect will work.

en is; this is an effect of life, think to send your death and decay energy to the bug anf it halts itself as you can kill it or capture it and flush it down the toilet or sink. this is a known effect.

en; this is yet another endpoint, think of a reason and you can stay, if allowable by feel. if not, then no hurt is appliable or assumed to be there, so I think this will work out in the end.

astral plane; the point you sleep is the time you shift away, then your free from the astral plane. otherwise you can shift into the astral plane which is entering into another place of existence. so think about resting as you think to enter the astral plane, and you can seem to be there in spirit aware points when you think about the place. this is a place of illusion, so think to act normally, then your allowed to do what you need. This is a point you think, if you need more idea feel free to observe.

spire; the spire is what you need to reach, if you can survive it, then you can create with a thought and work with what you need. think to send yourself home, then you return to whence you came outside the wall.

druicic; the rest is a concept in druidic, so I guess I will enjoy what I have, ciou and farewell until later. good-bye.

people; they get along with each other by feel. this is where they don't mind each other by feel.

otherwise; they don't mind each other by what is done. this is a known effect. this I think, you can create with energy and get people things, so they don't mind you getting paid. that is an effect done by itself. where you get paid by services and I get paid by exchange.

thought send; the energy of the item, that is what shifts it if you think of the time and place and touch the object, so it's sent to the point of the other place. this eventually happens by feel, so think and you know what you can do.

writing stuff

The fey
This section describes the fey in the game of life. This is when you think of an idea, then you know what is there. The spirit lets you know about the idea by sharing it's experiences. Those experiences you realize with insight. The calm moment your brain is aware and you know things if they are true. So this is what I used to know what is what with the fey nowadays. If you want to know more about them, look here..

The half faery; these large fey can do things for others as you think you need something. Then if you pay them they will do more for you by feel. So if you offer them food, they are apparently appeased. So if you think to get results and mention it to them as a point. They could help you out, if they are pleased by food or drink.

Half pixie; these red haired people, they will do tricks on others and make sure things work for themselves. You don't really need to pay these firey type large fey. That's unless they do what you ask for a price. The price is usually money or food.

Half-drow; these half faery don't really like others yet will do things for a price you mentioned. So this is a point in idea. The half-drow usually have a crazy attitude, and are able to talk people into anything. Their glib tongue is persuasive, so be careful.

Crimbul; these are half human half faery, that have some sorta illness or deformity and this becomes obvious if things go wrong and make you laugh. Some say they have something wrong with them. So think about them as they are sometimes switched with humans.

See that is a point they are noticed, and their parents return them with their human counterpart being switched back. The fey trackers, they are what is doing the tracking and switching of them. This is a known effect of changelings.

One thing to note, most crimbul don't laugh, so if you make one laugh then you are lucky. One could say they usually live longer than 100 years. So they are somewhat interesting indeed.

Dark fey; Dark fey are neither good or bad. These are faery that exists beyond the mirror, if you think it is there then you can receive a haunt or dark mirror being. That means you create with the mirror energy by thinking or talk and projecting the feeling you have at the moment in notice.

The dark fey are as you think or name them in what form you need them. That's if you need them to be there, yet don't do it so you know peace. They can bring interesting luck and sometimes hard or low feelings to bear.

So think about positive feelings and them returning to the mirror and you can get them dismissed from the area in idea. They are beings formed of dark energy and emotionally are charged by the point you think to work with by feel.

They don't exist without some object or personal energy. So if you cause the creator to drain their energy, this is done by needing the creator to do this. Then, they can disappear where they were and go back to whence they came. Since they are made of dark shadow energy, they actually don't die.

So think about where you are and then you are aware of them. The dark fey love sweets, love getting paid and work things out by idea. This is a known about idea as shadow haunts from the mirror.

They sometimes work with lowlifes, worse than crimbul they are those in the under world or similar. Hades employs them as a point of idea. So think you have a need or have one and they are there. If not, then don't think to use them and you don't attract problems.

Dark beings; these are human dark fey, that are half human half dark fey. They are succubus or vampire that live off of the energy or blood of others. If they had a life, they don't after becoming a dark being.

These beings are what create the point that says, why be one. They are what can live immortally, yet they exist to do what they want by others. So basically, they exist off of others, this means if it isn't 'fed' it can go crazy.

So think about this and work with what is there. This is all that's actually know about them. That is useful to know when dealing with a dark being. See unless you can find out more then feel to tell me about them.

One thing to note, if you use fire and ice energy by thinking it's used on the dark being, then you can disintegrate them by feel into dust. This dust is there for at most 20 minutes, though after that it blows away in the solar wind or spiritual wind energy.

Living fey; these are light faery, that create by the feel and make sure of things. They exist as a point, then create as a form of creativity. If they feel bad enough, they are likely to want to get over things or drink. What they drink, they choose by idea in moments. However, according to signs, mainly the zodiac, they can create what you think or act as their sign they were born under is describing. This is true for half-human fey and how they are relaxing.

One thing to note to some, sometimes they don't speak. They telepathically tell you things or what they intend to be known. So the larger the living fey in a form, the more they are warlike or peaceful according to their moods.

So unless they are peaceful half fey, treat them with respect. These type are also orcs, hobgoblins or something else like half-human half-animal. If they are half animal, then they could eat anything that is edible, including humans.

Orcs are half human some part pig by now or half-orc, made so as they mesh with humanity and apparently are human with some disability. They like to work, then focus on the job they do and create with what is there.

The peaceful half-fey can speak though. The point they speak, this is a known idea if their bodies remember things by feel. What they do is what they choose, so think and you know what to do. That's if around them and they are drunk.

The goblins are energy beings, that are large fey that can create with movement and work by being in the area. These goblin are somewhat hostile by spirit or feel to the people there where they are at the moment of detection, that is when they are invisible and they detect you they are likely to give chase.

So if you detected one, run or walk fast in the other direction and get away by feel. This is a known effect, where they don't move quickly. So they can be gotten away from by idea. Though this is a point, think and you know what to do in life.

The hobgoblins; these are large fey, that are brownies or other friendly to humans and light fey too. The point being, if you have one for the manager, then your lucky so think and you know what you can do with them.

The more mass they have the more power in energy they can use to create with by feel. This used the gut brain to create what is needed and what you think you can make is manifest by the spirit.

The fey living space; this is a point where they live in some area. What it looks like depends on the fey mood and how they want things to appear. The more they want, the more they have so this means that they can have a clear area one day and unclear another.

This is a known effect of the state of the mind, where if it's clean then they are mindful of others as they can work with what is there. So I found they can think of the effect, then use their objects energy to create what they need. This is a point in idea.

the idea; this is where in idea you are absorbing energy, so think and do what is necessary so you get what results you may get. think this is in effect and it is, if you don't then it's not in.


the point is an idea, think and you know what you can do if you need to do things and are allowed.


extra material is in the game of life. written in human terms and that displays the point of what would exist, then if you had dnd in real life. this is not to note dnd is real, just spiritually it may seem so by what you feel.

thought; the thought is not you, its some orgonite generating interesting and stimulating points that you notice as thought. this is a point you know about, so think and you know what to do. this then means you are able to be anywhere in energy form, so think and you can do what you need.

thinking; this is a point you know and realize, so then where you are and think to be somewhere else.

enn; think a point and write it, then you are able to express your thoughts even if I think you can't speak. so paul is nonexistant, donovan is a memory, danny is a concept of mine, the roach are what is there in idea so think about them and you kill them using the creator if that is your intent.

enn is; the bugs are dead if you think they are, so go on and I think I will explore. this is a point in idea.

an = ain't taken

an is = if you think to be somewhere and you have an inner being, then you are where you think you are by feel. this is a presence that is there, comforting or nonconformity whatever you decide is your own idea.

enn if = if you think of the point in the idea, the idea at the end is what you want, so think and you know what is possible.

is = this is a point of magic, think and you know what is done by thinking a point and the spirit creates what you need, or the soul manifests things by creating what is created from energy.

moments; think and you know or work. this is a concept used by many or used by the point to create what you think if necessary by feel.

think; the messages you send are with energy that you percieve with the energy waves, and those you can create with a point by what you consider to send. this is a point that is with energy frequencies, so think and you know what is said by the energy. this is where the message is used as energy, and your spirit is what allows you to know what was intended. that is when you think, focus on the message and you understand the point. this happens without stress.

the concept; this conception is not always there, its a particle being. think and you can create a soul copy with the vibrant energy, and that's with llife energy.

the life; the life your third eye allows you to see, if you think of the point then you know what is there. the idea is done if necessary, the point is not in thought. the concept is a point in idea. what is recovered is the SS card, see and think or do and the point is achieved.

the life en; this is the point you think and create with energy from the body. then you find what you need to have if possible. this then is done by the point you do.

genjutsu; this is where you think of your need and create it with eating or drinking a little. then the energy iof the ingested food is used by the spirit and you don't gain weight by doing ninja tricks or magic otherwise shown by the aura caused vision. if you want to lose weight, then you can create by movement the exercise needed, so if you think to drink something and you feel the need or want something after ingestion. you create with the food energy and exercise, so then you lose the excess weight. if you can get any effect off by feel, you can state something so that you create the idea with the spirit or soul manifest. this is where the energy is used up of the food or drink as a source, so have enough nearby and you can create with the point or energy of the moment.

healing circle; this is what a paladin does, that is a servant of god that creates with the god and energy that is divine. touch the neck area in two spots or link the hands together. Then energy of the body will heal you in a circling of energy. otherwise if you touch the neck or shoulder area, in two points to places you can restore the body of another in energy by feel with your own energy and this is thinking what you wanted..this use of energy is useful to keep your energy up, if you link your two hands in the spirit arms you can create what you think with the other physical hands and arms. this will work to keep your energy up and makes use of all 4 arms. think to use the spirit arms, although they hurt a bit, this is possible so when done..think to delink the spirit hands and you can possibly goto sleep.

spirit hand actions; this is where you think to extend your spirit arm and project energy, that is energy which goes through the wrist and is useful to create an energy effect or what you need to create by feel. that is thought of after sometimes, so if you cause by projection the energy . that means to form what you will by thinking of what the energy does that you sent, and then you know the void is what creates this effect. this is the mpo rewritten, the moment of a point or creation of an object that is "copied" from thinking the object that is there is copied and formed by the void.

the a and c tone; this is where you are so then you hum those tones, and you focus energy by meditative mood or what you think to get that is there.

the restoration; the brain is restored by the feel, that is done by sleep and creation with energy that you drink or eat. this energy is herbs, the oregano and turmeric mixture. drink that and the body recovers as if taking in a multivitamin and mineral pill. that is also useful to recover your wits. so think and you know what to do.

this point; think to use energy of the spirit arm and hands, then you can create with a concept and make with the need by the spirit or soul creating what you feel is necessary. this works with kids, so think and you realize what you can do with them. sometimes by naming the concept, you can create what you think will happen. the brain creates the point through projected brainwaves, that effect through altered aura energy waves from changes in vibrations that you direct by what you do. this is magic done by the energy, so this proves physical magic is possible.

the point being done; this point is an aftereffect or flashback, so think about your need and if you consider the idea and do what you want, then you can create with the thoughts you speak to direct. this then is a concept and in fantasy is what energy does by feel, so whatever point used with a energy constrruct or psiball energy that is in the area, you know what you can create as the third eye is activated by the pinneal gland in the brain with blood flowing quickly. the third eye reveals it to you by feel. the pulse of blood is energy then, so thinking your need is what you create with psychically. this is a point that exists in the brain vision and outside the body. then think about the point and you know the time or when to do things.

psychic vision; think of the moment and you realize what the spirit or soul knows as an insight. the idea in a concept is what the soul knows and the spirit realizes. so think and what you do is what you get. so think about things and things become clear, the clarity of thought is what is realized and you know what to do. this last psychic vision, I think I got allot of information from. so I will go do something else as I am done and think of what is useful.

elven psychic nature; the elses use the spirit to get results, so what you think to know your spirit allows you to realize. what you realize is known of events as spiritual visions through the pinneal gland. these visions show things before they are actually there, then is the point you know about the future. the spirit shows you what you need to know before the moment. so if you think you need to know if the president will die, then you can create with energy and prepare ahead of time.

or an or; then the point is a concept by idea that then is done. this marks the end of a chapter, so then you think or use idea an interesting point created or you do things that you think is interesting.

teatime; the tea moment is either spew or keep down, this is when the tea is unsettling to the stomach after sever cups quickly drunk. so there are a number of tricks that can create a point of soothed stomach and settled feelings. this is a concept you think about to do, after waiting for the unsettled idea state to settle itself. so I think this is a point that creates your desire. think and you know what you can do.

120; the bills I owe do not deplete my paypal account, so at first or third I have at least 90 left. this happens without stress.


fear no run over as you think to be cautious and you can create the effect of a smooth quick crossing.

anime; the anime boruto will air new episodes by feel in new episodes. this happens without stress.

nothing; there is nothing to be gotten, except more money comes in by feel.

al tharwat ghyr mahduda = unlimited wealth; this is where you create unlimited wealth by the power of words.

shift and transform; think of the shape you want to be and this could even be an animal shape, then your soul or spirit shifts you to an empty higher plane. Then the spirit-that-goes-through-everything changes your body and this is shapeshifting you do. The point at the end is shifting back and you are there in that shape by feel. This effects noncommitally and safely, so you know the creator changes what is needed. That is all there is done to this trick.

If you steal something physically, then you act the right way to instantly earn an animal reincarnation and that is a point that is done with you in mind. If you think to do right, your free and can be whatever shape you want to be. This is a known idea, where you call out the form name and intend to be that formation then you are that shape. This allows you to cause your body to eat its own fat. Thus you lessen your weight by the subconscious magic creating less weight by the heart beat being rapid paced. Then there is the point of in-between, the half-way there between animal and human or alter shape like a lady and your own shape. This is felt to be the way it is with a point of alteration with gaining or lessening the mass on the body, if you think of the effect you want to happen. Then the spirit will do the point, that's as if subconsciously suggested.

This is what counts as exercise through heart pacing, if your heart is faster paced and your weight should not rise if it's heart paced long enough. So basically if you heart pace enough, then you can also make your weight loss effect happen. The effect that occurs is you remember the idea, then feel the emotion and your body does the right thing. This forms your perception and you can create with a point to shape the effect. This effect is a point using the power of projection or words. Words have power, think of your intention and you state what you need then the spirit creates what you intend. So think and you know what to do.

"En if" stops this effect and "en is" fixes the body damages. Then if you said both, you cause fast regeneration. However, you have powers granted by the creator, so you can create with the spirit and manifest by thinking or speaking about the idea you need as a want. If you suggest to your subconscious what you need to form it will shape the form and possibly add ability of a soul copy. This power fits the shape you have, so work with what you get and that is all. When you think and do things, you do things so that is about it. The point of doing is shifting, that is going by manifest to somewhere else. This uses the creator and the spirit-that-goes-through-everything.

the matrix of life

are no zaq; this is an effect of life with intensity, think and you can feel better.


Simple matter gate; The setup is simple, place 2 objects one body length or arms length apart and think your going to cs-137 or some other place and walk between the objects.The spirit shifts you there, the energy that the spirit uses is from there and that causes you to feel separated a bit from reality. This is a temporary feeling, so think about things and the area will feel better. You know you shifted, when you feel a sense of coldness. This is where heat energy or fire energy creates what you want. The point being, you can shift to anywhere. Just remember, there are so many different worlds. So you can go to any one of them, that's if safe and you can breathe the air. This is done easily by games, where you visit the game world and come back after your done unless you don't decide to come back. Some worlds are very nice, so think and you know what to do.

So think and you know by the spirit or soul what is where and when it is done. See that's the thing I'd be in a different dimension and a new and identical enough me that also can't tell the difference would've come in to fill the gap. Cs-137 is livable as a planet and you can form what you want, as your a being. See it's somewhere else in the milky way galaxy. However, you can make any idea seem like it's there. That's what I found.  I believe it's the only cheap way to gate out. You get the objects somehow, then make use of the object energy or the creator's energy. This energy is what the spirit uses to shift the soul or body to seem to be that forms from the consciousness of energy.  Then is the point you recognize the idea, if you need it you keep it or if in a concept or not you leave it to others.

Then  you can actually be in the area, see that's where you can if curious leave an object behind or think to the area energy to reveal to you what is there and what happened, So in this way you know by it's consciousness what is there, what occurs or what is made of there. This also can alert you of what is taken, so think and the energy consciousness makes what is needed. This is an idea of what happens, when you intend the spirit to show you things or shift you by feel. Some cancel the gate by thinking or saying, that it don't matter. Then the gateway closes and things revert to normal. I use the coined phrase, "closea agate". That also works by feel if you need to feel the gate close.

spirit room; The spirit room is what creates the effect, the spirit-that-goes-through-everything gets you there. This is basically an energy room. You can think and intend to enter this room and walk out of the area to leave the spirit room. This effect is if you believe an idea will happen then speak about it, the spirit consciousness in the room will create that idea as an effect. That effect can be expressed as a point or needed and felt to occur. what you decide is what can happen. If its known about, then it's not stated a second time. So if you enter intending to heal, then the spirit in the room senses your intention and then creates healing. This intention is more easily done, if spoken aloud. So you know you control your spirit room. You can even use the spirit room to shift places, that is where the room shifts to another spacetime and when exiting you are there in spirit. This allows you to explore the different area or world points in the room.

There are many worlds. If you think to come back to yourself then you do. So what you are is energy, what you exist as is the point you make. This is a known effect. The trick is using math and creating a calculation to be where you are in life. So if you think, you know and the soul or conscoiusness of the body can draw you back by feel. The vibration of the spirit changes and this causes the area to shift in place. You can create nearly any effect in the spirit room, so think and you know what you can create in the area by what you do in idea. So this spirit room allows you to shift back to the time you associate with by feel that you think you came from. So that effect is a point you know, and feel is your own time. This is a concept you think about, that allows you to be where you need things if you know about them. If you don't, then you don't think about the idea in effect, so where you think it will manifest is where things are by feel.

So if you wanted to be in the future, you are there andd whence return is necessary, you can return to the original time by what you do. What I like doing in a spirit world, is creating a elemental effect that is not unlike a urn mark in the area you think project energy to appear. This releases tension, that also uses up a source, if the source is not unlimited. So think your using a point for the source and what is represented in the source is created by the spirit that goes through everything and this appears as you need it to appear. So if you intended the spirit room to appear as a tardis, then you create by the energy and wait for energy to surge or recover itself as you think to repair or create with the energy by what you need and express.

This can do in a point, so think carefully and you can create what you think is about the idea. If another spirit in the area is near enough, then you can have auratic healing by allowing them 30 minutes of being nearby. Then their room is thought by them to be what shifts them to the normal world again.  So in effect, you can heal each other or do things with messages.  If you think to call someone into your area, then you create a summons. Think to dismiss the people summoned, if you want to desummon the sumoned. If they resist, then they either don't come into the area or they leave when they want to leave. Other thngs that can be done, if you act as if the item is there, then it's there by feel or it can spiritually form there and you know as it disappears, where it is. You can easily dismiss an item, then it will disappear as well. If so, you know where you can get another, either online stores like or or some physical storefront.

This in idea means you could use the illness as an energy and cast it from the body. This allows the darkk marks in the area. So I think, that is a point in the past that is appearant after a little time passes you by. This effect seems to be cast by the pinneal gland third eye, activated by the blood flow. This flow of energy is directed by the idea you think, say you think to activate the third eye, then you create the blood flow with the thought of what you want. The blood flow causes the pinneal gland to open the third eye. Thinking the third eye closes, makes the pinneal gland deactivated by lessened blood flow to the pinneal gland. What you think will happen will occur, if you think to create the effect by feel. This is the rule of the room or area. See that means there really is a tardis, this is a time machine. Think the object creates what you want and then you use the energy in the object, this creates what you need or feel is necessary.

The more objects you have, the more energy effects you can get things done by idea expression. What you may need is to get someone to respond better, this is done by the voice and that means you can create the right effect by what you express. This can command a room or spirit. Such as stating, "I give you some of my excess energy or this objects energy for what I need done." Think the spirit gets that as a point and it does what you need. If the spirit is loose and that means the body died, somehow, then it gets reborn either as a bug or animal shaped from the creator's memory. The used energy goes to the creator, though. So that means it will create itself as the creator remembers by feel to shape it.

If it is a bug, then upon killing it the spirit released is reformed in a body as an inner child or child of some sort that is born to the living. This is a point in itself. If you want to leave the now dimension, think to touch nothing, then you shift back from this dimension of the spirit room, called now. A physical trick to do this, is where you spread your arms out and jump off the ground. That is touching nothing. The moment you jump off the ground, you shift by feel and end up where the physical world is instead. Ingenious, right? I think there are more ways than that. That one happens to work. If you think of another way, then feel free to use it, this is a point where anything goes. Remember to be nice where you are by feel when you do things, so you can get better responses. That means kill the bug, work the idea and make with the point, if energy is high enough.

One thing to notice, this spirit room can explore the inner realm of the body or the outer realms if you want to explore them, too. Think to go where you need and you find yourself where you think to go. Also what happens to the spirit there, can happen to the body. So think to return to your body and you won't get effected. If you do stay there, the room supports you by energy shared from objects, so if you think to do good deeds you are not unlike an angel or valkery, if you think to do self-deeds, you are a neutral angel or self-supportive deva. If you are free to do evil, then your a demon in spiritual form. Forgive the demon if to drive it away, allow the deva until a point to get it to leave you alone.

Make use of the angel or valkery to create positive results with a feather left behind if necessary. This is if you find someone used their spirit room too long and changed into one of these forms. So basically its insight given by the spirit in energy form, so think about what you want to do and you can do it. Always remember, don't kill the messenger. Release what energy you have and go to where your needed by feel. This is an effect in itself. As I am, I am done now, so I will go do something else. Anyway, my sole purpose in writing this was to recreate a tardis in idea. So enjoy what you can and deal with what is there. Ciou, farewell, and goodbye for now.-Paul M. and Danny M.

recipes and potions

fresh chai tea; think to add chai spice to tea and some other flavoring, then you create with oregano, stevia or other sugar and turmeric with celery seeds. mix together and enjoy!

cheese; this can cause tolerance and make you feel better. this means one cheese slice can activate the same glands and nerves as opioid does. so it acts as a natural pain reliever.

sinus relief; grape juice, hemp oil, water, this is a sinus relief that lasts a couple of hours.

definitions: (skip to end)

enp = entity that states the end point.
en = then; at the end.

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