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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Energy related area passage

How to Pass Poisons by Mental Will

   To pass poisons by mental will is to be well as though by magic, so try to force your mental will on the poison as it is in your body. Now Visualize the poison as a ball and visualize the ball to pass out of the body. Utilize the feelings of panic and think convert panic energy. The state that comes over you will be of absolute focus and calmness. Will the poison out and believe that it will pass outside of your body, to make this happen. This works in seconds.

   When this happens the poison should pass outside of your body through a case of the shits, farts or a stomach cramp will occur and you will throw up within 30 seconds to a couple of hours. Or you might piss it out if you drink something. The combination of the poison, the converted fear to energy, and the visualization that was done will all come together and make the object in your mind happen.So you don't need to light a candle or use any condition. Think so your use is not fire to create with feel.

  The poison will be neutralized. It takes three events sometimes to allow it to occur for you. There is no more different feel in the feeling you see or feel to use, so see the difference and you see the area as if the subconscious shows a clear area. That is a clean area where you seem or know to look. There is a point that poison is energy dissipated to the area.

   As energy is relative thought with possible to create idea, this is by trance with meditation the negative ions. That create a calm and loose mood and a lucid dream make by the making, disrupt the dream state that is due to relaxation by vibration that is felt area soothing music and feel from aura and you wake up as now its not. Think in a thought that life is to imagine and think to focus and your ability luck is in the love.

  Sometimes this is to create with thought as you are with tragic concept, to not be sensed with use in energy is think cool and that forms non violent behavior. Consider and think is to displace what to seem as what isn't there, in the area is that as your energy creates. What you want is what you want and where you want, as if the right plight pitch and right moment.

  Then is a concept in concent to use in what room or area to seem concerned, thought in use is experience as already played with it creates as the idea seemed interesting in life is the "en". As if like is like your life is the point, end is nothing if you can't easily understand at the end and given life is a thought chance at the end. If to seem to prove use is good, as then you are not beaten.

   There is as a point to use, as your use is thought for cool idea. As tis is energy enough, as your energy is a walk and if that walk you did. As a concept is you as a thought to do, your will is with energy. As a curtain invisible to the thought is thought, think you don't actually appear different and you don't, yet can get to somewhere else.

  This is why you are where you think you are, as if nothing was a point and your idea was thought resistance. Those that are and can seem what are in thought to some area, as if you can do what is necessary that causes the shift or movement in the life you see. Aedir or Aenia is the word removing what is and what isn't in a cult.

   As you are relational in thought and you are aware by the thought and conceptual notion and thought created, are what the creator is the creator in the will by the area energy and thought to use an create by the will of the others in the creators consciousness. As you are concerned about the thought, use is a concept to get along and work what you will. As the assumed in idea point is thought, your will energy is water by the point you use and fire by the feel and imaging graphics and gravity by the activity or created match by thought.

  As if your energy comes from the pep of tea. Dimensional use is over unless necessary as you think and create, as you win or loss the idea you don't need. Unless you win and time allows as for this you wish you can get, there you are and can get things for what you will by what what you do in life. As a thought is in friendship a concept and timewise your ability is energy.

   As I learned a thought your thought reveals and to you or you see, as illusion is in thought in an area is an out thought in defense. As nothing in this is displacement, as you think to concern and think and use in your thought creates will that is your energy in defense. Think with a point the in form shape, different is diffuse, as you are yourself this doesn't hit you as if you aren't in a concept to be some ghost with an idea. As a project to be or not be targeted and this is not in what form you in thought are, what that will not do or help out in that life you choose to help.

  This isn't as unbound traffic and as no medical condition the spirit is able to be, unless necessary as thought is where things you do and form or create that your will energy wants. Thought to relation and be interrelated related, reminds me of positive idea as I am expressing it and this can or cannot actually happen. If negative the area reality could seem, to be beating you to death by the idea.

  As to seem bound is to think you are and not bound is not thought to be in a thought to be realized reality. The creator creates as you will or think as your state of awareness is there, your thought perception changes to the idea to seem the point and the point is a thought to energy. As that these idea are as items, they are what you think they are in life.

   What ye thought in life, is what ye should as you can or think. At least a moment to think as safe or unsafe moments can be done safely. As you consider and tis isn't drugs or stealing if avoidable, try this charm on them, say done as you touch the waffle "eal" or healing and thought is the activity you want done. This can create what you think, if necessary. Thought or not this is you and not or nor as a thought that counts. As you assume the worst, don't assume the worst and the point is concept to be as dreaming is the thought and thought is to do.

  There is something to work with as energy is perceptual you can think and the area adjusts, suave nature is the actual dream and ended as if a moment thought in perceptual state in aware conscious mind. Set by the brain to seem your will is a concept and this doesn't, if this does have to happen and you can't sleep and thought. If not allowable for the effect, thought of whatever caffeine used in thought isn't done.

   At work and your becoming better. As you wait till your recognized. As you think and create things, this creates what you realize and want to realize. As you are if to think you did or thought created if you want not or do not conclude, that the things exist that you look to see use with thought. As if a controlled state of wakeful moments is thought perception, that art adjust or not and your will is energy to create attempt.

  This is by thought and still have sleep and sleep if required, as thinking and feeling and this is awareness if you feel abit tired as due to the aware state. As you guess what's keeping you as a point is a key frequency statement, the idea is your will to the point of mind if a perceptual conscious drift change of what you see. This is what you can sense and is by perceptual shifting by motion, voice and focus, this is key to shifting in a frequency concept by composure and focus is there as your will exists the area to change by different views.

   Ads are a different life and different feel and the way is thought as with a different feel that are an idea that is you are capable of anything and thought creates, if a different view is where your somewhere as if energy shift to a different world to where you think. Sometimes a point is the world they feel is considered, their world concept in the auratic field of another and use is thought consider and experience is in their point is not always subconscious. Their conscious awareness controls as this is their idea by what they mind in an area, thought by what you see is what you get and what you are in feel as idea to work with or not.

   What ye thought in life, is what ye should at least think as safe or unsafe. As you consider and tis isn't drugs or stealing if avoidable, this is a same thing thing. So try creating the point by focus and create is made with thought by the action with a key, thought is create so and this is a compassion energy as idea as you think of this and this somehow can't be anyone and anyhow unless necessary. This and in a moment as if recognized as established. Thought as a concept is you think of the idea, and if you can then your mind sees what you create and your mind is not conscious as a point is no use.

  Nope in point, as you except a point that makes you realize what you want, yes in thought is to realize that is what stops as if done. As not actually by agreeing to the idea, that you don't think to use your agreeing as you don't agree. Thinking things through are as possible idea is slightly an idea, nope and almost impossible sometimes so think a point the subconscious is an idea and you don't force the habit.

   As if your a point if experience or considered a personal barrier and not appreciated is as a nulled or unnoticed idea that is dismissed but not if used, if unnecessary or without realizing and not always to be and if a thought is what concept isn't thought as training in considered things with their inner universe in life aren't. As this is not always explorable and thought in focus is where your not dead if a situation is an idea in the head. Thought to do is what you consider to this as nulle is void in nothing, think and the void is the energy rift in space as things you do.

  Assumed is nothing personal, nothing in idea and what your in will by energy is thought. Think in energy by the idea and sometimes things dismissed, can not be done at the right time or if useful thought then useful will in energy. Assume nothing and your will is your own as a point. Thought is energy by the use and if not enough energy, you will not seem to be as if you can move better with energy in thought by use.

   Your energy will bring you success from positive idea as negative disgrace, affliction and fear come from bad influence. This uses the concept in idea that the area energy is a personal space, that energy made by your and other thoughts are interesting. Thought and use is idea to seem as you walk out and exit, as a energy created by the difference in an ideal temperature.

  As you think to move and create by energy, the creator fixes what is there and your mega will is seeming as you want it to be. As you are aware as thought there is no punishment as you are aware before the moment. The spirit can sense the idea, as it is formed and you can change it as your able to will in thought.

   This creates by thought as if with a thought to look and you focus and energy shrinks things in the area and expands as you feel or work, as I focus and as the third eye manifests by your thought in focus. As if this is made to seem what appears as if negative ion energy benefits you in an ideal. Think that you think sometime or object there, as you think a new area to appear or yield is to wield not if not intended by imagination on a focus energy with a thought an object is of use by the concept.

  If too focused on an idea time use is allowed for as nothing need be as needed nothing exists, you could if your used as a source seem too tired unless you create no wizard distraction. This is create as you will as you think and you will. As energy existing will is interesting your energy subsists that and other things as energy is a will of your willing nature.

   If you need an idea then given a possible chance, if thought possible by view with the right information. Imagine and see whats there as necessary and you don't have to do it if thought allows. Imagine the screen and think it shows, as this is awareness and the spirit that shows what this is. Necessary as in essence, your aura in the area as you think and feel in the sensation to see what think is realized or not.

  As in idea or thought is what you think as you consider in the area as you notice. Feel or not is with what energy is creating, what you think or make by crediting. As used idea is not as your ideal, this can mask you or not let you be seen. Think as if not necromantically yours and this is what energy you think is necessarily work.

   As this is not necessarily yours is what you think is useful, thought by the considered viewee is interesting by the point. Thought or not is the thought that counts. As you are in the area, visit and do nothing else. As it is the assumption you don't think, creates water idea that is better for the worst won't be the worst. The point is concept to work with at becoming better. As you make fake stuff with fake idea, this creates by the idea that the good point is a good excuse. Creative use is creative use, as its done or there's a perfect explanation for the right reason. As if a moment that is a "lets have fun idea", from what we thought or what you think.

  As you think its created and made, suggest by focus and self-concept makes what you figure to a focus in thinking. Thinking in life is done, with the energy and ideal created is thought as avoid what you hate unless necessary, think this makes the money productive with creative idea as it takes an action with an action and with thought you preserve.

   Thought or not is some other thing, such as some machine or seem surprised. This idea is a movie idea, as this is able with will smith to use presentation. Think and create what is thought, to see or not see is as you think. As you are a thought and do not do things until necessary, as if your use is a point to and if the person is not disruptive and thought energy is allowing. As you think and know what you do, your use is a point by the concept. If the idea and person allow or not, you are the idea and then your ignored.

   This is a point or thought I had by some example not to do. This use some point skipped, as if not to do as necessary or unnecessary views are not actually viewable. As you think and nothing bade or bad happens, as if bated or not as if baded idea is not and isn't done as nothing to do at the point tis will seem wrong then or now you won't as its due to device.

  What you will well is occurance by thought, eject is this is an act by what you do. As if a movement and some almost idea is movement, from feel with a switch and chi focus to create what you want. If you think the piss in a toilet released to rid yourself of the thought matter is energy not seen and unliked in life. Then act as you want, if your will is energy you can find yourself places to be.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The ending of a natural thing

   The ending can seem harsh but in truth, as the end of the age of false idea the less you take the less you do in life the more energy you have. Think in a moment that your use was interesting. As your will is thought and thought is not thought. As the thought is the composite to use in the idea, your point in life was a point to the compromise. As this is the point to use and nothing in noticed, use is a thought to create as meta energy is what you think. See as concept that ends as you see, the reason to not have or cliff hit or not focus use.

  As a thought in mind is a thought in moment for the moment, you think "en" you with are what you want to see and not actually sealed is life. This is the end by thought as my last spell works so I am gone in an unbelievable way not naturally, see "jean in the unknown presence called lich as not if done is cool by feel or hot as you stay warm". This is amusing so use is focus create is use.

  Assume in the point that energy, is energy in a point by use increases no bad and disrupts the worst. The energy in the point in use and fire, is fire to an area as a natural end to corruption. As you are what you seem and familiar to the moment to use, and thought to nought to the used element is destructive to the area to the right. As distructive idea can seem done by a concept and "no akira" is concept. As this is imagine in focus a yellow energy that isis protected you by on a building, create is thought fire as a moment is intense feel and created on the building by idea.

  This is inner fire and thought natural somethings are the desire to create, as though a point unnatural result comprising to end what shouldn't be done. As it is energy, the point to do is energy and as energy this is a concept that shift were, the unnatural point to the end as the area is not touched as the wrong idea is untouched. As a handtouch to a moment in time, as thought time is a point in the ending is a concept knock on wood and thus in moments. Do energy is use energy an ki will created, touched as no ki is a chi in a trick to shift with and this is a natural end result.

  This is "cji" an end result an thought is manifestation. As love use for a good idea an if end results in thought is live results, this is an end of an age as if your normal by an idea thought to use cleanse and do and now your as normal. As non insane this is the edding buovolent result, from an amazing past life in a concept to get rid of the taint in thought.

Bad thought tin thought by "Ae"

   As an activity is an energy to get things done and nothing else occured in life in except that which you of thought necessary. So hate or not ate and the idea depicts and thought exists for what you feel, as this was the feeling of the day I was not thinking of this idea. This idea was intentional as your idea is as an idea to use and thought, was an in ideal or conclusion to natural points in time as progress.

  Thus put your bad thought as the point was aenergy, the idea imagined to the tin in imagination to use energy was focus and thought was energizing, as this was done timewise to create and make into action by the thought in intended use. This was a point to use on the way your thought was supposed and create was a will where you are an idea to do things by the thought. The idea in thought is nothing in comparison, to the idea you realize was thought to be bad. As the different idea between two things is what, as perspective gives your idea to use in "andn" no concept with in no idea to the point.

   Tis was supposed and as use is easy going or creative by the point in time, that your thought could generate in motions by kinetic idea. As I learned this idea by observation I was including things that weren't actually neccessary, as in writing and translations could lose meaning and thus I found a record written was not always what it seems. No as I learned that this is possible in wizard wars, this was not always done as done is done use is what you thought. Prison isn't meant to harden things, as in your not meant to fight if and as a prisoner. As if a point that is bad, as if for the health you are a likeable person this is a point as you won't touch it.

   So whatever you do is just stringing things along till you decide to stop, consider and do something else and life is what it seems. As this is an ancient inductory to use, your thought is creative energy use and thinking is "warez" ended by thought as warez is ancient for illegality by ancient greek. Illegal is energy not by the system, tis was the time of satanism and thought is from Anthony Benedict. As if a point you are a concept and excerpt is a use by yourself for yourself, except from those that are targets used for satanism by thought.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Assumed need in life and death

  This is a concept and post avoided, as you think and conclude your thought is what you conclude to the end or beginning that like is life and whats worth is what works. Tis is energy as taken care to know and work with. This isn't a post as you think nothing of it, as you assume and assume not your will is thought as god/dess as magic is intuitive nature.

  The trick is assumption and thought, as you think the point and assume its real, as if thought this effect is the real reason magic works with your concept as "so be" will equal to what you think. Is the point a real idea or something not so kept well in the thought? As long the feel is what works then yes, as behest or fear no reason or not if otherwise as its not till necessary as you can and wait till the right time and space to do things as you did it.

  As if not as you had it last time at the end or before the point in fantasy life ceases, thought is cause by action and consider that the fact is what you think. As this is just an opinion and that is proven, till stopped with the thought as proven otherwise.

   Assimilate in and Command by life in life. There is thinking thought by the thought, ting and use is a song by the wealth. There is something to said to the feeling, that wealth is life and life is nothing but dealt blows. Assume the plot and despite that quote the words, as you get what you need or not done as you will it not to be.

  As your energy is nothing and greater by thought or not as nothing, your thought is your own as wealth creates no greed. As in its as your described your energy is in noting things and people, but the concept is worth beware the in noticed necessity as the inner room is not reacted to by life. Make the energy by will and the wealth by feel in focus and thought is to create or not by the point you use.

   Assimilate nothing and assume nothing as the energy, as noting win wimbleton and nothing win. Assumed by thought is this energy to use, associated idea and grocery is nothing but wasted. As thinking if this in thought is energy by the will, these are cultures of molds and stuff labelled and near neatly seen. Assume nothing is reality as realism is energy by the will, as I know I have a habit this life is another waste life.

  There is a point their will can strengthen the iseal stop point, as you stop and go as you need to you gain back energy. Telepathic communication is feel and if focus energy in thought, as in your thought they can see it if they need to. As this in energy is the energy use by thought, feel by focus and energy does as you need until you don't need.

  Assumed by the thought tribute, the thought is the moment and moment creates what is the thought. Assumed is the energy in thought is whatever you want as I am nothing as a Goddess. Is this true or false? I think so as I am essence by him. I am essence by I'm as you truth from false. Be well. As this in life and "wat" isn't what it seems tis only bioenergy, this is thought as a source is crete and is made by thought into source energy. There is water as a source that adds to this, as if the line of thought is what can add to the energy for effect a moment is created that ends on a moments notice.

   There is energy in emotion and emotion without pain, as your feeling the emotion and no burning sensation this stops. To be there is not to experience as you are energy or not seeing to feel and experience, what is nerve wracking is not actually the thing to experience.

  Psysiologically as you are the idea and this is to now avoid, then and with feel is to focus and die as you block out the pain. There is energy time is the energy by what you assume Now at least you know a dope dealer named Lokki.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thought created belief

Seeing as belief exists

  There in mind and energy is a room to use as you want and think easy, as you are aware or a point to were by altering the fabric of time and space. As thought is a point and creative is creativity in use, think and your feel is free as your doing what you feel is right to get what you thought done. Unless thinking of disaster is in a point, and if watching is an ideal use by what you feel necessary is the point at the end "to en". As you say your a creator I believe your not lying so what you say is what you create. That is the reaction that is by others to use as you say not. There is several different cures to work with as they are thought to exist.

  Thought fix in idea is to restore yourself by the thought or telepathic feel to fix yourself, as this is wrestling by a touch and go and energy use on touch hold creates restraint and release restores by what you feel is there. By what you feel in mind is what you feel in real life and if you feel it and someone is linked, not always is this in the head as a ball. They can feel in mind the thought you project.

  Then this is a safe activity, as thought equals moment and use is percent. The thought is a percent, as you think of what you did and thought by what is there as you feel you know then the subconscious comes up with a percentage. This is to think about the percentage and you know, the state of progress is by feel and you know the percent. Thought can be dangerous and as you know the percent is 100%, if you feel it is and "en" in this is at the end done.

   This is a telemetric telepathic system by "telementric" or telepathic feel in policy by belief, to do or not as something needed something sensed. Think in a focus is an energy by the thought, and the energy is the focused area that you think to use. As your energy is disassociated from the feel and as energy is in focus, then there is energy by realization. As your energy is in the feel, as feeling exists to stop and cope as you feel by thinking in and not feeling is out sometimes by gnowing things.

   The effect is shown before you think by thought and incident not always to do, creates, makes or seems the event or action by activity and this is known by feel. What ever the reaction that is feeling done, viewing this is the will to subsist as the will is energy by the will in a link. As the thought is by feel, this is energy by what you feel to feeling as your thought is energy with nothing.

   As the void and love as the shifter, think as a possible way this is a possible idea there by fruitcake energy in energy is in live. There is a way to do this, as your the energy and the will is energy the thought of a wire as a substitute wasted in trash can create. Think by will is the person in inner energy form, as shifting is the will by existant thought carrier "an" wave you shift with away from chaos. Thought or otherwise that is a dimension can seem to do, as you seem wasted your not as wish with the energy wave conscious and that can do what you want as a thought light wave carrier you think work to make in work by make or free by thought.

   That is the method, here is the energy in the will. As you assume what you think in focus and the subconscious does, intention and action are what you feel the need for and otherwise think. As energy in feel is energy by the will in the moment you feel the point, then and with thought is the focus by expression and what you say you end up seeing, feeling or dreaming.

  There is energy in the way to were as wereing is altering what you see, as assume in thought is assumed no more then what you feel is thought in focus. There is energy in a spoken no that is felt as a halting force. This is a hand up or feeling to do something else, or created creative spurt to create with the feel of the moment in imagination to physical use. Say and creative use you see is a point that or not is past, as you don't feel to act to what you see.

   Think and feel then is focus and need on the moment, this to know is in a tight spot to do or feel to know is to see. As you know and you are aware of what is interred thought and cleansed energy by the aura projected energy, think from the body thought or position in meditation. This is thought dismissed with musical energized fire by focus, to cleanse with a white fire energy coming on feel from the area and by focused fire energy coming from somewhere. There is energy coming from the feel and that is summation by the feel with feeling as a bath is water. This is energy to the aura to cleanse the shit, thought and stink that shifts away is displaced to the area necessary for it to be.

   Always remember you don't have to do it, think and as it seems to be necessary you can get what you wanna a point to do. The idea you feel as energy can form in sight, as you think nothing this creates as action feels right to what you think it is. If necessary and this is what can do to become made in action by thought reasoning for what you want, think as this is telemetric as psychic is math in feel and psychic in reaction by motion.

  This is what three things do when the three activity idea are, as seen by feel and focused by thought your feel can create. This is by what you want in thought, think by thought and by psychic points in phenomenon to be sensed by telepathic concept. This can seen in realistic idea, be seen as what you think.

Stored horror flicks

By Danny and Paul with Bruce Davenport

   The world is indeed full of frightening things from thought of bad idea, think and this nothing is but a warning sign as if the subconscious shows things to see. As if things from horror flicks and we don't wanna see it, as this is the idea think or not so those that are victims don't react. As helpless creatures surrounded by forces and that are inexplicable, think in the moment as too helpless to act if horror seen is avoided.

  As thought and decide comes as unbending idea in any rule is by thought is reason enough to bend them. The average man, in ignorance, believes that those forces can be explained or changed and he doesn't really know how to do that, but he expects that the actions of mankind will do. The idea in explanation to move the thing or by will, explain them or change them sooner or later.

  A sorcerer, on the other hand, does not think of explaining or changing them; instead, he learns to use such forces by redirecting himself and adapting to their direction. That's his trick. There is very little to sorcery once you find out its trick. This can start good and turn out bad as energy allows nightmare idea. There is in a zone by the path of life energy, think by the biology and look by sight, vision or envisioning the feel, the idea not to do and yet doing is the idea that is done by not doing. The point and use is the restored activity energy.

   A sorcerer, by opening himself to knowledge, falls prey to those forces and has only one means of balancing himself, his will ; thus he must feel and act like a warrior. I will repeat this once more: Only as a warrior can one survive the path of knowledge. What helps a sorcerer live a better, thought is life and is a point to live so live it as the strength of being a warrior is living forever with thought and use of peace of mind as restored is the heart by love. Thought by the creator, the love is temporal love by energy collected by sex energy. Then the use is sex energy and not love to rebuild yourself with and your being is fine.

   It is my commitment to teach you to see, as a hope and as energy is denied or allowed by fellowship. I am compellent by the thought. I am the compelled, and undead therefore as to get things done, to make you feel right is to teach you to feel and act like a warrior. To see without first being a warrior would make you weak; it would give you a false meekness, a desire to retreat; your body would decay because you would become indifferent. It is my personal commitment to make you a warrior so you won't crumble to the ground dead.

  As if you see it you know the idea by what it is, wyrd is weird sometimes as sometimes it is wyrd to know as wyrd is fate. Fated to not always do things as they see fit or see reason. As you hit a dead body you will know what it feels like, to see the dead men walking and setting off the events listed and here as centuries over. Whats weird is the thoughts you have as you think and look in the mirror as shadow form. Thinking as whatever happens your involved, till you don't want to feel involved.

   That is energy by the feel of defying nature and as energy is energized by the tree of life, your energy is life by the energy is seen in life. As energy is in idea by the point you see, your thought is to see or think or give as reasoning your excuse. As excused your excuse is reason in excuse as excuse is excusable by feel with excuse by the thought with energy as excuse to die off and do as excuse in activity allows. As there is these that are excuse in the area by the excuse in energy, that use is feeling by the feel of water in the body that reacts to the point you think.

  As assume what you want if you feel the purpose your reasoning, thought as if nothing thought is thought and good enough till second thoughts and your thoughts comes back and remembered is the focus to do as you need. Thought exists if you are what you think, thinking and create by what you want. If you consider in life by water, you see to get what you want the bath way in a bathroom.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Creative feeling by thought

  The idea is an ideal that if your ideal, is sensed out you can use or create interestingly. Think the moment and use is the point or thought is expected, by what you seem to think is what is there. As if your energy is feeling things out by others sensing, their idea and you feel what they know is understood.

  As the point this makes is water under the bridge, then there is a moment and a thought as energy is moment and thought. This is a point watt said that seems creatable by focus and feel by energy according to its creator, unless unnecessary as if this was accedable view and accessable from creative feedback in thought and creative feeling.

  Think and healing with it is concept or fey and not as financially supported is not always done. For if it was not supportive by healing I think it wouldn't be used. Like some drugs that energy made are bad and some are good in what they do, consider Geodon one of them that creates calm and slenderness.

  As the idea seems to be that Hermedics are possible by thinking the herb or medicine flow, the thought is in the energy feeling by focus to flow with thought to the energy of water or otherwise use "not" and thinking of the air. Thus with mp3 or radio music and you are focusing on the energy in the air, this heals as ionic healing is possible from thought essence to water is enfusement water. As if the right herbs are in there like Hermedic drugs in medicine drugs, there are St. John's Wort and Valium is another with other sometimes used for a purpose. So there is a use for every purpose, then and if that purpose is set by what you feel to do.

  Thought to be of use is at the right time and right space to make better. Think "make better" after a point mentioned is sometimes to be better as thinking off the effect is meditation, by feel of lost energy that offends to the area of the idea to use the drug energy is this. Think and feel as essence that didn't work out drops away, as though put to a coin by the directed in energy to where you thought energy to be. So there is the point that you make to get, the right reaction with the right feel that is correct.

  As a point to source and motion or movement dispels it by water the effect is dispelled. As the energy is by the energy the offense to attack with a mention, thought and your use is to think and name the drug and you get what you think. Different by positive concept or used results that aren't permanent as by will.

 As if a point that you have an illness denotes despair, unpleasant changes, or some emotional breakdown think that isn't there and it isn't. The illness may be symbolic of your inability to cope with a situation. If in a dream, you see that being ill is an easy way out. On a more direct note, this dream may signal you to pay closer attention to your health especially to the areas of body revealed in the dream.

  Assume that the other drugs possible are not all that "as" bad, this is also the validation idea to use them to find its effects out. As metadrugs from the drugs essence as such that start as meta, ending as an energy effect construct that creates drug essence to stop. What you don't like wherever you want and however, think it is and it dissipates away to form as if the drug was not there if illegal or unwanted.

  This leads the idea to create what you think, as you create what energy there is by the understanding and summons that is over and energy comes as heat somewhere. With what you think to create by focus and thought energy, that is you think energy is there and this energizes things and a body with the activity.

  This makes things by moments that are but not noticed except in thought as if a timeline with no dream and no feel except that you think is there. Known as the timeless dream that druids can use, use is by feel, focus and creation by focused energy with a gesture for creative moments that bring feeling to use.

   Feel the type by effect that is sensed, if you know its nothing that says noting or nonsense syllables, the subconscious is what creates it as your intention is known to the feel and the effect is result and you know its source. Think "yes I know" and think you are capable to do or not to seem, and to do as the thought pointed out is able to be create is noting simpler. As if that and to think the third eye is manifesting, what you want as nothing because it has that result as then nothing is wrong noting simpler tricks.

  So keep the attempt as a better reason till you don't need to, obviously a rite is necessary so come up with one. This is tempered magic for ye, tempered magic is energy as you see the idea in the end point. If you know what it is and you know how to handle it via a focused feeling. So in not in thought, think as you feel and you feel what you know thought. This is what you see as you think to gnow and can feel, if focus or not focus as No is not focusing unless you have to do things about something.

   If caffeine addiction, its know and its feeling in thought to think the caffeine, as a source and say "gone" as you think of a means to remove it. Just what am I removing? As if the extra idea, that hyped up feeling from caffeine is due dismiss or not as you use the energy as piss it out. Think well if your hyper and all the time, and if noone likes it there as a point then your likely not going to be appreciated. To suppress it then is to think "I can control being hyper reliably or make sense lively as seem well, so I don't think it bad and this is a point or would be a problem for anyone."

   Tis what happens with the problem of upper dimensionalists, when you do things as a body in light energy formed. From ligament and other idea to seem where you want, think to see and your ability is energy to use. As a point as if some strange idea happens and there you can create something to create with a foci, that is where you can think and use things of your ability with focus as a focal point or otherwise in the energy directed by what you consider will in life.

  As if think of that as a bad end result and state "reversi", thought all is alright and as if better is noting thought is better than nothing. Think in the point "there is a lesson to learn and he has to learn it" and he whom cause persistant trouble get some activity or not as nothing exists.

   If you need a quick try at a simple ritual you know how to end it, focusing the idea to create as you think of the purpose as thought done already and state a single intent or not so, focus on one single intent as if it was already done. Then you know by what you see as an end result. Think set to the energy to get a point thought as energy and is from an end.

  As being aware and the end result. If a twilight zone episode, thought that your will is creative can seem interesting as the ending. Tis use that is channeling from a source, "As spoken through me, is the person you can use energy to create by creator result uses the creator. As a concept is a point by use, your use is creative energy."

Fun point part 1

   This is the life of a parlor trick that says "I love you dad.." so keep it to yourself and I know shouldn't be done on on everyone. As a concept that is the fun of what you consider in life, theory is a point as you think is thesis of the area you want the person and think the person does things to seem there you can get a person to be somewhere. As this is not possible, think and do noting as the point creates whats there.

  This is where the point is there in the idea, thought or not is saying there is planned makes it planned. As if hit or not and your shift is over, and shit happens (not body shit) or nothing happens after. What you no is universal knowledge by thinking it is, as a stream of life or energy to the universe creator. The creator is then you and you are what works, with the actual creator that made your body. As you don't want to attack anymore, think the body of light to use the god.

   As you are needed in life, ever not beating and as your energy is life that is what you see to do things with. Think as you are a concept or a form of choice. Assume that nothing is with a thought, as nothing will then nothing is. So what you will is assumed and as you think by purpose, what you will is what energy you see to use as if a source. If bored, use is the idea to do what you think is best as necessity is what you do. Visit as you want. Tis is from from several observances, an looking over me or others reaction is like old articles and that was a humorous cycle but its over. As long as you are what you seem you are alright by the point you seem as to me you are alright by the way you are feeling as an "En" act.

   This act is the point you are aware in life, creating the point that act is motion and motion equal as not always equal is what you can see, as a point in a point and witnessed or isn't by the idea you see in life. As your aware your awake in life your energy is a point, that activity is to seem and do by purpose thought to seem interesting. Seeya if you don't intend to listen to live with what is done, the results from this unless you explain its a joke.

  The point was used idea as a source were your the repository and I am the third eye that manifests brought idea. Heh whatever.. that was elven skill of shapeshift, not too humourous as a thought exists and noting else changes what you see. This was a weird idea in the first place, so nothing really comes from this. Don't if to create them in your mind, as you think or think not as you feel them and create them as though having sex.

   Thought "no despair" and think "no dispute in life" no to create with Ben a creator whom formed the universe and elements by use with creation that formed him, this after awhile created by the thought as formable as materials he was an aspect to create with and the last mana conscious thought he had. As this is vowel use that creates results from life. As if then he dissolved in a point, to seem energy as thus he is a point of conscious energy and progress. Fun point over is the energy return to your body from your doings with life, as life makes things and thought is what created the point. Magic allows what you can now consider a greater point with acts of life.

   An if no use nothing as a thought request with no prayer, as think by the actual creator with nothing. That creates what he senses, as is his body and love is his energy and sealed in the void. Until released by not overwhelming feel in life, things to do in points life thought are a thought that life is what energy can consist sometimes light or no light as ';'. On a good day, is a way to make a positive idea reinforced thought or made in action, as production plants as thought by an end is in a seeable vision if necessary. This is not unlike an undead manager to see and work with by thought, as not really caring and yet shows it if necessary as thought to be seen.

Part 2

   "Soi" there is soy sauce here where if it is democracy as that, based on what is faith of the moment you think to be, that and you can create as energy is a pinata. This uses the idea that conscious thought is conscious awareness, as not if now if te awareness is as a non newtonic network that made by noting use was energy and thought in a point by use. That was the idea your state of mind was a different idea, that was seen assumed or thought that creates by what you see. As each thought was the body feel, and thought was the energy that formed the thing you saw. Tis was the network, as a network in idea was based on dfferent thought seen moment. That seemed to appear and be there but they weren't, as the area didn't do as you wanted and you did it.

   Thoughts of energy formed in the idea or disaster showed, as if unnecessary this created different scenes for different idea by what was shown by the activity of the network. As you believed you were and were believed to be, you can seem to be what you want by being to believed state of body an body is light. Think, focus and feel the area shift to will, thought if conclusion as you move or seem to move the places you are near can shift at will as if gravity moved in and around you. This follows the Eitiens rule of relativity, seen by Einsteins gravity rule in realiistic view.

   The body decides the state of mind, the mind decides the state of existence, the existence in what decides the area and what exists. Existence in this is what energy there is, that creates by view and to make what is with nothing in mind just focus. Consider or think mention to create in a point by what you say to reflect, what is there by the aura or body that you can see by what you think and focus to see in life. If you see none then your senses aren't honed, thought and bother not by the third eye thought to manifestation. As you think, jump with your will, think as you think nothing as thought of you is wrong and this seems what is a creator and your use is magic.

   Channel as you want if to see and do is not, if inappropropriate not do it then as you wait or created equal is with the resolve by resolution. What a concept is, I wonder if this does things right. I saw 5 fights and 6 love scenes by the point that I saw there ending in fights. Still whatever, if you think in "I hate discrimination. and racism." As if "yea discrimination against the body, being, and God. No discrimination by awareness. Nothing against those who serve a purpose" and "Nothing against us and nothing against you will serve the purpose.". "To expel the energy is to send it to the planet. This shows up or can reform itself from the things it causes by the release."

   Some overeating is allowable, so why shouldn't I overeat? This is caused by energy use or too much direct focus to create magic by rite. Thought to avoid weight is to avoid weight to this feel as you think its bad by perceiving by need the idea of a bad related ideal that is along with it you can think to stop. So if don't need and you won't get the feel to eat. As if to eat is by feel and then some idea, thought to use in life or other things you did are interesting idea to go new. So if no, don't overeat and don't seem fat. Tis a long lifespan, by thought and if less weight greater magic effect as the greater the result at the positioned end.

   Where position is living point by point, as a poistive idea is a good resolve or point to heal by thought. As if job and positive in grey magic result, meta are response and without hit or energy by spoken idea. Results in such as these are not always required, as if "Istanbeul" to get positive ideal to feel good, write or feel by actions in results or negative as in not there as living points are others end in a point by realization as such is psitivity that I discovered by surendipidity with negation by fact and feel alone that is negativity. End the act, as you've been there if there at all is positive as whatever is positive is positiver.

   Some elven nature of control is with the cosmic superstring by use of "Omni Luminoct Bentidoct Thundoris", by thought of "taura liquentis thundoris genero" the area and focus by the feel of the energy sensed there. As if a point and use is thought to shift, at least the inner energy self and don't admit the fight. This use is not fighting as "enh" and the thought "classis visus cosmio", wit the point to create and use as thought is existing what you consider a possible use. This is a possible idea to think a good use and its a good purpose, as a thought is energy by use your purpose can be expressed by what is a few lines as a pattern.

   This is the hombjala effect, house defense protection demon, thoughts in the house are possibly forming a love god effect as it thinks to need a match that it will do for itself. There is a god in the house that it summons and if in need, you can go to him in any form you want as an idea wizards by accomplice made in life. As if this gets an interesting sense of evil zombie hound, tis is evil incarnate in a generated form by life. Incarate is incarnate and accepted by what you feel in life, and not always do you go by the feeling you drive it away in dog form.

  I think if up then yes otherwise, you can get aversion to it by the feel its near. There is any aversive answer by the feel if in energy by anarchy, your feeling is seen and possibly false and then dismissed by the activity otherwise as no uncertainties and no worries as indicates are omen with a good turn and sends a reminder to favours from disagreeable times, with thought to flowers and idea in honor.

   The younger you look the more you see and know as true, if as false is true and then you are free to do what you want. As you are older the more maturity you can sense and use from those around you, otherwise differently in Maternity or Mannish time idea. As you go near people you become more like yourself, this is as nature is there and your aware by what you do. You are thought in energy and energy by thought, as no lunatic and no age is young as psychic and brain awareness creates what the age you seem or lives that ends and you are aware of what is to come after unpsychotic.

  You can create viewed idea, as or think your back and step away or around and no hitting as nothing hit. As you need to be this way go right ahead. As you feel the point your a concept and not this, as done otherwise is thought as you do what you want or feel free to see done. Any nightmare as a result of bad circulation and heart disturbances, is with the fel and bad ka energy nearby.

   As your ability is energy, then ability is energy. If by thought you act normal, you are normal and not ignored is by a point or not as what you do to others is noticed in life by view to correct from thought of experience. The nature that an elf uses, is the creator by the art he makes and use is longetivity or not. If you are and not as in sight your not in sight and out of sight by thought, this is where you think as you are not in present area and away with a thought.

  If your in a part think as you feel the part you focus as your reasoning, think "home" and thought is "en" or life at the end and you cannot gain weight. Otherwise, think this is a part to life that you act as you feel you cannot gain weight. As you act the acceptable part in the area out, think and this doesn't exist then your mind is peaceful as you think you leave the area.

   As thought exists to create with love or if necessary then there's one act of dastardy you can use as a source, thought by act is by feeling with thought to lies the attacker says and nothing else actually matters unless necessary or not effected. The more maturity one has the more one realizes that life is not an act as living realistically, the younger he can care to look by think and look and your awareness is what you can seem like to others.

  Energy summoned is energy used as eat and youthful actions is activity, its by the thought and you see as to know and do. Ability is shaped by the will you use as one can do in activity that use is chi energy. As this is meaning that no and its what you think it is, you can succeed in the play, but this does not exaggerate it.

   As this is a princess say yes to stabilize is to think of team idea and your the idea, as thought is the motion and created is the view your ideal creates with life. Go on with your energy by the energy you use and make by thought in energy, alternatively you cannot always think this is abuse or the problem you feel or see and state "reverse", as you feel you cannot gain weight an unless necessary. As your energy is the ideal your use is energy by the energy and your magic is done by the right idea in use. If your observed to do things, by psychic perception you can be preferred to do what we or you think is a good idea at the time.

   Somewhere is by the God by thought and thought energy in telepathy use as a link, to shift as available to walk to some area is to think "someplace and somewhen" is the person in life. Thought different styles different plastics or places, that are the things that work for you. Are you in different as an area that is there and sensed but night cloaked, think and not is the evidence that the point your use creates what you think by the right idea in the right thought concept? That is only right in a point, that your point is a view that point of view is a point to get things right. So focus and feel the correct ideal, so just come to you as decent helper and decent company. As luff is laugh.

   Seem or feel the way by thought and the right feel by the source, comes by the spirit to seem used and useful if it seems to work. Assume as you don't assume and you are aware with awake thought and feelings. Remember built by night is by night, the being that uses things to support and create with your energy. This in a trace is to notice what is energy and the signature, is what creates the best from the worst.

  This is not to continue if thought as life is just an act of life as if psychokinesis is psi then psi is unlimited. There if denied adamant otherwise as if otherworld you mention, the condition in two and one thing happens that you were to get. As set by desire this is so you wish for things now, expect this as a point that can occur until not happening. Sometimes you don't act as you say, as this is what isn't so obvious this came from here.

   These are the conditions of the tea light spell. Seem thought or lived is out as you may get the result, as an end result if your were you are awakened by no blow except if you intend one otherwise this cancels out by what you can do. If you deny tea made condition, the result disappears as tough things in nothing occurred. As you define the will in energy, there in life are points in seen visible concept by the point. This made in chi to light energy and that deflects the shadows, as if cost is decided by thought.

   This works in improvising as you think, if necessary as with thought of the point you see. If in a real guy or in person in a movie then don't see moments that have to change, guided as life is fey apart with a point as if that ends as ended is done. Thinking the movie ended is to think good movie and realize, what it meant to you as you did what you did things in the point its gone or done.

  If you had a rememberance from there that caused art, that caused response or as conscious is restored by the idea energy. Thought and relax is like I do or study and tis, think as this is not physically done through your life energy use and doing a body is moving it. As a point this seems or not as a point in life as if not really sex.

   As you are needed in life, and as your energy is life that is what you see to do things with. Think as you are a concept or a form of choice. Assume that nothing is with a thought, as nothing will then nothing is. So what you will is assumed and as you think by purpose, what you will is what energy you see to use as if a source. If bored, use is the idea to do what you think is best as necessary points of view.

   Sometimes you can see the idea as a past is life or a moment in life, or that life it was is there and as a dead thing it can seem as actively living and dying as a memory is what alerts it as an unevillish past. As in energy the energy balance is the money balance you see or think you have. The idea is don't think of doing unless necessary, think this is of a point this creates and you won't want to hit and anything that brings it up is dismissed as little things.

   Judge for yourself as the idea should be done, otherwise you won't mind it as this is training and activity done. En is a thought to do or create, that seems to create as your thought is released and energy is as your inner energy animal spirit thought to do if a thought not. This is gonna activate the rest of my spiritual chakras to get myself well. As your basically with the lesser known chakra points think or not to correct as these are with stones, that way you'll get more spirit energy and make things more interesting by results.

  There is energy in the energy by the energy in the point stripped, at face value and with base understanding that can mean anything that you think. There is energy at the energy level known as plankk level science with the cosmic string. As a point by use is a energy point with love and intuition by the feel.

Cosmic string life

   Cosmic string theory introduced in 1976 was the best thing that could happen. According to big bang theory, for the first 10 - 43 seconds of the universe's life, all the forces of nature existed as one superforce. The universe was all energy, no matter. Physicists call this symmetry. In the next tiny ticks of time individual forces appeared -- first gravity, then the strong nuclear force -- ending the symmetry state. Within minutes elementary particles and atomic nuclei had formed. But it took another 700,000 years for the first atoms to form.

   Early theories proposed that matter began to lump together as the universe cooled, ultimately forming stars and galaxies. But this didn't seem right to some scientists. There hadn't really been enough time for all that to happen. Also, the cosmic background radiation discovered in 1965, considered a virtual echo of the big bang, was completely uniform throughout the sky, ruling out the notion that irregularities in the initial bang could account for the distribution of matter.Why then is the universe so inconsistent, with some places jammed with matter and others apparently empty?

   In 1976, physicist Thomas Kibble was working on mathematical models of that fraction of a second when individual forces were taking shape out of the "superforce." His model suggested that the rapid cooling after the explosion of the universe caused flaws that were stringlike -- not unlike the cracks formed when water freezes into ice. Kibble described these as slender strands (skinnier than a proton) of very concentrated mass-energy. These cosmic strings could stretch the length of the universe. A piece of this string only 1.6 kilometers long would weigh more than the earth.

   Others have added to the theory: That symmetry still exists within strings. That strings evolve when vibrations cause part of a string to snap off, so that now strings of any size may exist. It is thought that strings oscillate near the speed of light and give off gravitational waves (predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativity), ripples in space-time. They have a finite lifespan, since by vibrating and giving off energy, they ultimately disappear. Perhaps there are none left. In any case, they would be widely dispersed through the universe.

   Wild as they seem, cosmic strings could solve some of the questions about how an irregular universe came from a uniformly exploding plasma. Strings could be a form of dark matter which attracted matter to cohere. Other weird things in the universe, such as long sheetlike groups of galaxies or the "Great Attractor" toward which the Milky Way and other galaxies are drawn, as well as vast expanses of emptiness, may be explained by gravitational or magnetic fields caused by cosmic strings.

Tis thought the origination text is below with explanation.

   "May it be as it be, with a being that by disguise is with or not you. Think to be and you are what you see to be believed as you want to seem. If you be then if you are you are by what you be. As though is thought to be your will is to be and not always encounterable. As you can be you are to be as you can be to see and not to be. So let it be as it may be. As the idea is with the blessed goddess in activity that is of yourself then so mote it be done."

   This way is with Isis and can seem strange if you read it and it was from a enhanters delight stone considered the chaos stone called "Graystone" and stone of madness by En as the point at the end was interesting, but it was in a defensive spellbook made in the past that I read in my mental library. It took a bit to translate it but I still know what it does. Sorta like the statement spell, I know what I read before I read it and remain unaffected by the defenses. As the area is secure and otherwise not mentioned is with a point the fact at face value that gets you in trouble.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Tea light Spellbook technique

The light changing spellbook

  The point to this spellbook is the idea you use magic and thought for the theory that life exists. As a point to cast a spell and use it in thought,  you in sight can create by thought and activity is energy in the act to prevent or to create or not by the thought to do. As if were sometimes thought to be "tis a help as if we were many beings and many things, use is by the many things in life that is set in act. This is by a purpose set and done, by self-done activity and by what seems in useful concept by practical idea." As if on a good day, "Creative use is creatively done." -Angela De "him" Witherspoon

  This used right is focus the area energy as this is a point by thought with some useful time in life, thought and feel is to create or think the use to create with creativity. Thought and as the energy surges the thought creates by your will, focus the feeling and the area surges in electricity. A point to this is to energy use and create as creation is advisable. This can blink the hall lights or create brownouts if on isn't, the energy is overused to thought to move and will is your will.

  Once relent and release, the area returns to normal in act without stress. Think and use the thought "don't stress", as if your activity releases the built-up stressed idea. Thought as stress is energy in use and this goes to the dirt in a point, by anchoring moment use is normal by thought. There is and isn't a use by thought, a focus point is achieved and this creates by the use of an amulet. Thought of your choice to make use of, this is in life by direct focus an thought and chi shift, think and this naturally occurs by linked hands and use with a source by energy is this made with focused night witchcraft and the energy made in life is the source.

  This includes bursting lightbulbs as well, think is the energy say and do act by action in life to release extra energy by what you do to think achieve and perhaps a purpose, this can see, think and otherwise create by the act with life in intended to work with loyalty as "an" idea and thought use energy creates viewed idea to use and know.

  As this seems a use with a possible near mirror, you fear no more and night can help as your energy is ability. As your will is with this in energy, assume and your will is energy by the thought. Not thought to the mirror and not as nothing creates by will to create is by the mirror created ideal, creates in time energy the energy to use with the mirror as a source of energy as to stop, don't. To prepare the mirror think to it and feel the idea, thought to use is made as you look, touch it and your idea is done without fear as you think or say to the mirror what you want.

  Not always is it done as the good is the opposite point in what temporal idea in this thing is the good of what happens when you think, you create something to replace something by the view of the opposite as that is not dangerous that replaces it. As to place something disrupts things and your will is incredible, things you do disrupt the idea pattern that shouldn't happen or not.

  As if not is nothing, there is nothing in the will. "Tis is used in spells to create spells with a mai love." -Sedated Lady in Hospital is sleep talking by self-talk. This was from what you make or considered sleep taking, think by will is energy enough by a thought to do and "ah". As you think of the person, they are sleep taking with nothing reasoned as no response is reasoned by their mind and by being you are inferent.

  As long as death that isn't necessary, as if this an opposite view by ruling in an opposite view in life that doesn't incorporate bad mojo to create positive activity. The point is your noticed as you look for something good and "an en or annen" with a point and sometimes as seen is the unseen something positive, as tis is a use set by what is Turk for a natural activity or nothing that is unnoticed as a point is bad. To think of three things and in the mention of the act or act what you thought, is not always to define it then if thought different this is not unlike nature witchcraft learned from a night witch.

  That creates to change the event by three different things or patterns noticed or in thought as nothings happens nothing will, this is to point out something with thought as a will or to make thought seem better by act or idea you notice in noting as nothing except feel by psychic notion as you don't expect things in yourself the point is out. As no drugs are used then its like if you don't intend to do this as energy effects what you want it won't happen. As the your point is ignored and you are okay, so stop.

  This in thought is what allows by no insanity. No insubortination. No intrusion. No problem as interesting thought and I got that was what ruled magic in carmelio Abberatios as I got it from there. This was the seventh planet of time. I am looking through a coven spellbook from charmed life thru the akashic and I found this in life.

  As an interesting spell, as though the thought were there in mind you don't split the mind by thinking different. As a were force was an energy in imaginative use, this was energy by the thought perceived activity. There is "nothing war in a thought is to point out facts as though wishes were uses with good intentions and withheld by light and is not unlike water as no water can seem to control warfare." As water energy is a flow by interesting, thoughts by "tea" and energy thought.

  Think as this in ancient polynesian is meaning, "temperal time things" and could come to visit. As I did see and do as things that weren't done, this made me see a sight to seem in good use as use in that life was creative. Thoughts were not so good sometimes, so as I was in a dark mood by night witch activity I decided to be light.

   As you are the thought you are the spellbook though the variation on a thought were creating, and not abetting things this is tea energy in some tea time thought. As thought exists something your not bothered at all and not noticed. This spell is the energy spell called by the higher beings to work as you say or think "or not" as if you never will. Tis interesting that it works still after so many live female times things fade from what ago is temporally the spirit in life that flows timewise through everyone.

  As you think in a point of creative idea is in with a thought you are able to do and see is a point by images in or not, create a practical use and this is the challenge project that ends as you will you are able to create with thought. As if a good response in and out your lucky if you don't think you are in trouble by good standing as you don't and you won't then your not as your done and very good.

   As a point tis a pity for reasoning as you nip the reasoning in the bud as if a thought that stops with an extra reason of "or not". As you think of a challenge to do then go for it as what you think, you can do if its a clean thought it is safe and thought is allowed as if the area is there and your with no dirty gutter mind as no dirty gutter thoughts please. Shown an experience and it works as an example then you can use the idea, thought to do what you tink the energy not liked away is done as well as shit that removes the bad energy by will.

  This in a project if you think it is possible, as if to use the third eye manifest by focus as with thought and a point with a video equipment and you know what was thought exists evidence that it happened or if you think and the point occurs to do if a point in use that it is creative use by creative response or not with the thought as your thinking is not with him or her then in life.

  As its something you can do this is the point to use or click in thought, thought is witchcraft and/or psionic use as you think its a purpose and its by activity for whatever you consider. This as a project with an emerald and use a diamond for cold and nothing effect spells, thought or absorption and removal is with use of the cold spell. Thought and use of a ruby or star sapphire is fire focus use, as you use an idea that diamonds are forever to get immortality youthful energy returns you. As if thought to a naturally young look by thinking younger by the god.

  This is where you can use the energy area as thought. As you assume to not assume, there is no point expectancy and as energy is will the willful concept can disappear. Think as you focus and the creator came up with the right thing to do as you did alter things and fire focused by white lighter lens things to create positivity.  This can seem fire ruby by thought, thought such as this is to create with the heat in focus to create fire by will.

  This is were the third event, realistically the magic is by pattern and is the most dangerous. As you are the point there, there is no more light or dark effect as light energy ability as if a "light eater" that is similar to a shadow being and death eater, the light eater enters in to you as in through you with the host and is by you in you as someone comes. Think to the area to correct with a pointed out thought, with the god and Isis use is energy by feel or focus to get focused by sudden awareness in life.

  There and otherwise as if otherworld you mention, the condition in two and one thing happens that you were to get. These are the conditions of the tea light spell, if thought or lived out you may get the result as an end result. If you deny tea made condition, the result disappears as tough things in nothing occurred. As you define the will in energy, there in life are points in seen visible concept by the point, made in light and that deflects the shadows as if cost is decided by thought.

  Assume before you speak, see the result before the effort is done and as you see it you know what will come from it. These are spells as I remember them and this is the method, as you see the idea by looking as you read if interested by subconscious. As you focus on a need or thought, you can recall what possible spells that is useful.

  As this not in a point by energy is concept the area is your own inner energy in form, thought as you think to form it isn't always unless you need the security or creative approach that you change the approach if necessary. This is in energy to the use and use in thought isn't a point if not illegal by view. So this uses the creator or curator to do things as you see, feel or know the actual thought to do.

  Thus your energy creates as will of the creator creates it with the curator created use, if necessary or otherwise it is as you say by the use of the will that you think follows the rule that is intention by intent to create with the will and make with the word by word projection a thought. Tis follows the ruling of do as if you think is in timewise and if use this allowed for is by the point, as this is the thought timewise energy is creative by the point and forms by thinking it will as possible in possibility exists and whatever you focus a thought to do is done as a concept will do as if by Gideon.

Creative appraisal

 As you focus and conceptualize, you can do it in an image form or not. Perhaps see in smells. Relate this to practical magic means like energy working or enacting some in mental spell. This is the hard nitty gritty end-goal of magic- materalizing your desire through focused intent.

 Don't expect results if you don't properly apply yourself.

 "Or not, whatever," or other extensions of a dismissive attitude can be used as a point against your good thinking, but it can be grasped as a point of magic-command. Maintain an active control of yourself to keep your thinking properly oriented.

 [Challenging yourself is key to growing stronger. Any successful person at all has to push themselves to get any better, but we can do this happily because we're designed to face challenges and grow. Therefore, ]

 [If you think of a challenge, in the chinese face system. You'll be fine, as in for fuck's sake! Do it in the most meticulously perfect way you can devise as quickly and efficiently as possible. Perfect grace, timing, integrative intelligence, speed, performance. Of course, this is an unachievable perfect ideal. Well, perfect, but unachievable? Not at all. The difference between essentially anything you do or don't do is YOUR HABITS. Change your habits and you can change everything, and you can decide, instead of being drained of power.]

 [If you develop internal magic techniques and master your humanity and your inhumanity, whatever those may be like, (hopefully nice and respectful to all life and mankind. Ya bastards,) then you can change your habits even easier. The people who are on top of the world doing impossible things are people who have unlocked deeper levels of potential inside themselves. And the greatest people are the people who apply the power they find with a wise respect for the rest of the world.]


Corrective thinking

  This is the Art of creative and corrective thinking. Thinking whatever you do is taking something by a point out to correct and think this, if a situation think thought as an abalast that is a catapult and your thought is a balance. As a point on a mental balance bar, not that "intwisted" is the intention and use as is thought with moments a thought tis true, focuses in your time creates changes and your area changes to your will. As a point this and other idea is by what they do in life that you physically speak to sometime, tis is response as if by what they see as experience and you know by what you think or read.

  "Think and space is manipulatable and situatable by arrangement or by area changes, as thought if a point communicates by reality to changes space is realized as or use in the area. As if energy is were alteration, what you think and the energy creates with necessity creates.

  If your danger sense kicks in and isis protects you, tis by whats around you and where you think to perceive is perception and notice. As a thought will form as your thought is manifest, what you think matters and doesn't effect if the conditions aren't right in life." This was said by a neighbor, now gone as this is in a past life. -Kio So Corrant aka Kim

  Balance meant is balance to your body in the position on the balance bar, imagine and you get cool effects as a mental balance is achieved. As if your mood achieved is calm, cool and collected. "Kio So Corrant" if thought, can create from anarchy energy amongst other sources. As if a live source you collect from as thought in Gideon it happens and think.

  This is as you want and you adjust by what you see as the thought is separate but equal. Your not drawn into their energy aura world. Think that world doesn't exist and it doesn't. As you were to assume to the mind world that your world is an energy idea and your energy thought creates what you think. Think the world subsists and this is energy by what your energy is made from. As energy isn't used it is what you consume that counts as bananas can create the knowledge fruit, effectively your energy and the creative thought. Creator energy is from the auratic energy use, as a point by thought and move by motion.

  Fun concept but not always possible. As if you love the child the energy is a process to the terrific moment live actions can create what you think to moment of a beat of music. There is an energy to use by the point you consider to the use. That what you think is what you consider in life by a recorded result. Think as you want so if you can use creative thinking your free to the purpose and created to the terrific point in time you will by energy and create in thought. As a thought is a free energy use, your energy is from the area that you can collect the energy from. As if right there and knowing where your seeing things, your ability is ability by the thought and no if perception is wrong if possible unless tested.

  There is seen as an energy in life that is energy from any place in the mind that the creator makes and tis a notion. There is a notion to the energy to use the area energy. thought to free energy in the wind. That frees energy to collect by a thought will and with an energy hand. As your energy is the will and the wind or other elements that is the way. There is an energy by the will, as your will is in the energy it will do as you want as is gifted. Think what you want and it is unless nothing but a possibility. As you are in the area of influence, you can understand by what you see or perceive and no voices are heard by the thought as boy craft is vampiric craft led by a dhampire. As thought if you were with a real body, what if you could do this and not think to understand?

Flying ability by Cary Williams

    Another way to fly is there if you think to see it and use is the step by someone, to the observed and felt necessity to create and shift to the point of view that you create to will flight. Assume nothing, as you can see this means "assume by will and you make an ass of me", so don't as you assume and things cease as if magic. Assume nothing and you don't get effected, as you assume nothing until you see true formation as the formation.

   How to fly in this method is started when you look at the sky and when your speeches is with what is in the inner you, is stopped or over, you'll see the lines of the world. Will to use your strings released from your fingers, hold them and will to hold the world's lines with your strings. Gather your hands together and fly in the moment, lets you see on a moment a fly and you gather energy to fly with as the fly is flying with thought by movement. There is energy in the flight as you can count the fly as the step. This is from lord of the flies as you observed the idea you saw this in the background and I was there practicing at least in mind thinking myself in the background until I thought to be back.

   Flying is fun like this, but needs a perfect balance and peace sometimes gained by meditating on perfect inner balance and peace and flying. With the higher self while seeing, and being consciously while speaking not innerwise. So innerwise speaking is your inner squak box as your inner speaking stoppable by the point in realization. Meaning what you don't do is inner speak when flying. You have to stop it and attune yourself to your will and sight. You gotta be careful when you're doing it, as there had been so many warriors, apprentices fell down in history, by the will in life which is the case in point. As will is life your will is nothing, done is if not by desire.

   Chakra stimulation is use of your energy center areas, of the body for healing and manipulation. These energy centers, if blocked up and closed can cause sickness, nonworking actions, writers block and other possible diseases, or it is good health and idea if open and unblocked up. When unblocked in life, and out a point the energy felt free of tension is where the chakras flow into each other and there are seven chakra energy centers. Think of a white light bursting from your body, through the aura and cleansing the chakra points.

   To attune yourself to your will is feeling your entire self while non-speaking innerly. This is flying, as binding your 'strings' to the lines of the world and being pulled imagining the lines and then the strings and the strings tying themselves to the lines. As it's like a will to astral projection but being on a conscious level, and letting yourself by your will to the lines. Sometimes running and jumping is able to help the process.

Source Magic by Leandra

  Source magic is not always done. As source by Poseidon or other necklace like orgonne by the creator, that creates what occurs with water in orgonite powered by thought. Think in a point as its in by an orgonite power stone in thinking focus by meditation in life, experience by experienced in a point of view by activity as lab work your use can create by any object in resolve (including shit). Thought energy by relation, end sometime is as you were and somethings are best in life. As to know that is there, this is like the expertise things your use essence creates in energy or not by thought.

   As you think or meditate on the thought, breathe in and out as fast or slow as you want, or fast breaths first and then slow breaths. Then imagine wings being grown and appearing where you want on your back. If it works, then try to work the idea of pain from the growing wings out of your mind. As, there will be some pain associated with this. Try this method as long as you want and with use of as many days as you want. This doesn't work for everyone, so if you find this is true, try other methods. Hope your feeling lucky.

  There is energy this is in the thought and the essence in the mind collected, this by your spirit and is thought you know as energy is gone in a point as thought is exposed in as a thought to you that focus. There is a dreamed in reality effect, as reality is in inert ice energy. There is an energy in created by every thought, as the energy in thought is an idea in use your idea creates by focus. There is energy by use in movement as you want, safely done as energy to do things is things to do for fun. As in life events are what you think, use by thought is focus to get positive idea done instead of negative use including drugs, realistically if they do things to you the effects dissipate by energy flowing from the body.

  Tis is known as in an endless trick of deranged ravens which builds height up with lessened weight and vitamin use cures it as you realize it was tis you break the trap in view by perception and you control the vine to release what you eat and use less to do more by suggested ideal. There by use is sounds that energy are naturally known as teresa in the thought. That use energy to create energy and thought energy in the creation is by what you do, as tough "inanis in attento dominus" thought you do in life that you lead or lice remove with the other things removed that are unwanted and if were there you are in life. Don't attack for no reason and you can sometimes get along.

   By now in what thought you do, you should already understand how to relax and feel a shift of consciousness. Once that stage is reached, you should than wait for the "Separation Point". As mentioned earlier, some will feel the body vibrate and feel out of place, some will feel lowering or heightening of the body, and others may feel "out of in the area". Whatever your pre-cursor is, that's the key moment when you need to progress by the fun in life and act separate but equal as indispensible and non-reprihensable as independant if necessary with different actions different area.

   Note: The above steps can most easily be accomplished by first letting your thoughts go, followed by programming the correct Brain Theta Frequencies. Our Astral Idea Free Flow Package is used by thinking your free flowing in the wind, of energy by electricity perfectly designed for this exact purpose. As the electricity is felt as humming and you think to shift away your will causes a surge by focus. Tangent and sine use and other idea you focus is to create or not, allow use and what the crown chakra created can always create.

  Thinking is pointless with magic if what seems by the use is creative with a point, as thought is by a concept thought to seem as this is a point and thats illusion. Think useful to be useful and think about the area reality response, that is by trace with the subconscious tracking and knowing by the spirit. As you are is as you know and where you are, thought is realized in immedience by certain stimulation by blood flow or thought by energy. What stops is the effect you see as the area seems to halt, think and continue as you think of where you are in life and who you are as what you are is from awareness by what you do and the self activity is self-awareness.

  This is with the thoughts, not use is ice this twisted drink by desire and control. It only leads to disaster and with disruption of the mind and family. This ice is self contained and only affects those who in are willing. The rewards are great and the balance in the mind must be kept Sanity is kept if balance is maintained. Its existence is completely hidden, as all is green its only found by what you think, focus is a concept as for what it is not as illusion. Even if the person is aware of how, and disruption or hell will always control so no matter the circumstance until not necessary.

Cairy Simons

 Energy Manifest Technicality

   Think is use with the subconscious and not always possible to have fun or do, so if you can get any result as you think and try to do normal activity to create or recreate by manifest. Think and go for it as your interested or do nothing or not now if necessary to complete a job, but what you do is if in focus what is required if that completes the sequence or some other thing as your done.

  Spherical energy use is construct creation by a naturalist thought and feel in life focus, thinking creates by focus into a thought and sphere is formed by situations. As you see this as instant in a sphere that appears to you in a point you see life, think and create with thought as your well and activity is where you use things. This is energy by use if they focus and what they think can create as you think.

   So it goes you can create by the focus, as you think the term you state done and if you want or need the feel or created feeling in life is life. In thought is the moment you try and think your in use, think and use is competent to complete the thought your right as to see as "en" is back to where you started from and stated to be info as a form and energy gathered to make the form as concealed parts make the whole object in form. There is energy in the energy that molecules are what were there, as in conditioning thats good as new as a thought is energy and in form elsewhere as you think the form to exist and it stops.

   Think you can and do as this or in as this can manifest is out by use with the subconscious and no tis not always by what you want in an idea. As its possible somewhere but not always here, if the idea manifests and original thinking, as a point or other thinking you can create is by the idea you think or express. As if a point, you can create by will in the point, that you feel and project to the energy or not. There as if you don't desire the point think as this creates is a point in mention to seem to move, with and without something from an empty real area from people to an empty place near the point you are in the area. As if cool in thought cool in concept by momentary time.

   Otherwise this doesn't happen, if not necessary or impossible as a point unless you touch and imagine. As if the energy by thought reforms, think and focus the energy into the form somewhere created. Think with chi gathered by thought through the body to the hand, the area creates by your direct focus with a point as nothing is to create with the creator and if you will you cause by a thought wit a will to touch displace.

   As you think release or not is as this is a point you give up stop and do something more easily. There is another way enerrgy can create or will seem as you think of the energy as a source and will it there, as you think then you think it to shift there and you can find it near where it is, as if not this is formed from there to where you want in life to be.

   This is easier said than in done use as "tang" is a point in a moment thats done, as if you don't have to live through that or otherwise if chair and object is not energy this is undone energy. As if the consciousness is allowing for the idea dimensionally, think as if created in the air by the aura manifest by in focus and thought gestures. There is energy by focus, in the area you are as you think and create with thought.

   Undoing in things energywise and make by the stopping of the moment in thought to get rid of bad energy, with use of the restored energy and if this is right before it gets bad think as if at the right time. As things change to the spirit of the temple of Atlantis in life, as your will is done in any different time. As that is wend a way to will a thought, you don't absolutely think will or not to think as energy surges and metaphases the area changes.

   Think is energy into what you will in energy focus as thought is the thing separates from itself, to copy and seem right next to the object in a space time if created. With a touch to the object from you to seem energy, you think in thought telepathically touched to the object to be there where you want it.

  A quote I remember is wat describes this as,
""Thought or not is energy felt from the air that is use of negative ions to recover with thought by considered in healing use, unless something already is done is stopped by something from this package as if a package with a bomb." That is a famous saying from some hostile Incan tribe, that means think of a form you want to shape and create by thought from energy. This is wild instance isn't seen or what you will "not" and is to seem as you want, this is not always "be not by will and do not", if you imagine it there it is in form if you do as necessary and this is energy." -Shieli Downie

  As tis is yet an idea to use or not to use as you prove not so right in the head,
  "Spirit awareness with a spirit bond and anis in another name for safe flowering, as if the brain is what is directed by the spirit as the left side of the brain is the sensing part is what is done and the right side is what sees as identified is what is necessary then as it remains it is gone if it is a point and witches consciouses. This is where a spirit guide is an entity from beyond the corporeal world, that you make contact with directly within your mind to help you on your travels both within the spiritual realm. Thought as well is concepts done by will as through life's vast wealth of experiences. The mind is a powerful tool not only for its deductive capabilities, but also for its ability to communicate with things that exist beyond the periphery of the five senses. One of the most important communications a human being can have with the other side is the relationship one creates with the spirit guide." -SH

   Tis an energy that surges in the air by streamas, of energy where you make by energy into what you thought as similar related item area shifts in a spiritual line of lineage light. There is energy by what you think, what you yourself do is create by effort to create effect by the point in a life to see to create and think to do better for what you think in what life you live in life. This is the essence of air in fire to create in the life, that is focus and cut or create what you think. This is in the essence of cooking.

  Think in used by thought in life and by what you do isn't in thought as a want, this is energy used in a focus as this is an amulet with touch or feel by what you think. This in energy is made to create is use by the creator from nothing, as energy serves what you want and nothing matters if nothing is will. Thought as antimatter is in use with the use, nothing that creates then by the third eye in manifest creates by will with darkmatter and energy from the darkmatter energy created.

  As not is nothing and whatever you think can serve, as a purpose is served by survival and your will is wellness and thought is energy think as you will or spiritually use what you think. There is a point as energy is created and noting thought an in existance does not do as you want. Thought is energy in concept, as if that use is your own as destination is possible by well thought out plans.

   As on a point if thought on in psychological view or not as more physical changes by naturally occuring activity with more or less pain, think as more disruption to the body is energy with the energy that you think into use. As modern is progress, think you ascertain the purpose that serves the use. What you condense in thought energy and in view is out by the moment in use, think and act normal or stupid is not wise to survive by street as smart is the activity.

  As you yourself use in life or not as energy subsists by what you will or ionic with a negative feel and positive outlook, tis a memory idea you think to produce in real life you know what you see if you focus and feel and your aware. As nothing is what you think and your just you, your will creates and the subconscious is doing as thought forming by energy aura use or no tang or fruit packets in life are use as energy flavor with energy thought water. As this uses the power of energy by tang, think or not as energy is energy and noting more is useless.

The conception ideal

   As conjoling is an art anyway or consoling as space energy is with an art piece is to assume, naturally did is naturally done as you don't assume and if not you got the point as your in a point, this is the point that is if you don't feel its necessary then you won't or not unless then is the thought. As you are in focus or general use, where you can will there is a way in a thought to make it happen and thought to be awake and aware makes an intelligence by difference and fraud turned real is possible by realization with relationship.

  Think in an aware state of mind in a psychic point by feel in moments by inspiration your wakeful in experience. This is a point of awareness that awareness reveals what is with cold air raising itself, focus by feel and hot air creates as it is lowering tensions and auratic energy is youthful energy by what you think.

   Energy as this is a point by what in feel you can feel or not, as you figure out what energy surges and thought that is focused to the energy. Truly this causes things to manifest, for what exists is presence as thinking if there is what you feel to make, create or see as though fantasy in the head. Think and this is watson that creates, as this if to exist or unexist at a feel. Think as that is a point in conception or ability, that to non exist that as a pattern is gone if what you want if feel is gone as power non existence created not by focuses.

   As thought in idea is by feel now I am gone I was in and out as gone is the imprint and inferrment this is energy in feel, and I used the brain to manifest full potential. As a math problem and focus in meditation that is energy feel that is gone by use in focus, think and use is this in focus energy and does what you think in the focus to use. Thought or not is your able to figure out anything, if nothing is this and is not as you are in a blackout or whatever you are in life to do is there your done. Think by focus and this is gone in an, instant unless necessary as ash is energy to restore by or not in energy.

   As a point that your use creates what your idea is to exist by the subconscious use in the energy as the thought is in the energy that your doing or having others do until they don't see the need. As in a viewer point, there is an answer per the mind and energy per the use of what you think, to create with as tis is from the energy you think to create by feel as a point and as you use the ability.

  Where you mention the purpose useful this in power is thought by energy purpose in what idea you think, think and the spirit creates by the feel with use and the moment is with a point taken or used as energy is as if a source. As if this is a point to use and that is associative press in use, think in concept as thought this is by pointed out facts as thought use near or with a great idea that is not always done.

   As a point is made as the more interesting point the subconscious or brain is not unlike a symbol that is a mention. As focus or magical idea is thought if the motion is a mention bade, conjoled or made like in use and with the spirit is as yes and no fishing. As a point in or complete in answers from a machine, that represents you or is use by the imagination that is the in moment by subconscious in a point to point response. Now you heard me as a cool idea, this is as spiritual and nothing more with this is treated like a suggestion.

  You don't have to do the point you see or the idea that you think and act, that draws in experience or "The realistic approach by your view is energy space area field use in imagination", in to create by the energy in essence and out by the feel with concept unless necessary to do what is in reality by life. There is a point and as not thought from whatever you do, whatever you do you don't have to do respond. If you don't want the end result, as this is an act where you think and do or your done and drop the act and seem normal in or not as no intention is intended.

   So if your in a child or not a use, if your in a moment of resolve with resolution, as if a step by value you don't have to do it as a pledger or not as if you were not what you see or seem in fantasy. This is a concept by conscious decision by awareness, where you react and thought "inme is energy with imagination" in Atleantian by the use you feel and imagine to use in thought and created by movement. As your influence you can influence those that influence you as the word created in effort is by imagination, think in an imaged result or imaginary view and use is focus.

  Whatever you use thought is free for energy is also for awareness and that is what the subconscious cancelled can do or see to create with energy by the spirit. Conscious is a point and your idea is to do is thought as an idea complete in awareness is the thought, you complete things or act and use is the activity by awareness. There is the point in the effort and theory in moment, as if in the moment in mention by energy that reveals by the use is done by the energy.

   As that is where you look and perceive to do, do what you want with your will as with your will your perception can shift by what you want as expressed. Thought by act is where you need or not need to do things and as you don't need you create a counterwill. As this is in a thought by association and created by equal moments, think as if your will is abided and not always in energy with the subconscious or not.

  What can separate is unnatural or natural use as you are aware won't happen, as if this is building conscious in a state of inner awareness and tis is an inner energy being with the point that you manipulate in a ship or other idea thats in fantasy that by thought in imagination or focus by intention.

   The more you monkey with it the less sense it makes or creates with a point and is the moment, as you end the moment you try and think use to complete use as expertise is the thought and this is with feel and vibration. As you read your right back where you started from what was stated, energy created as if a concept is a manafestational physical state concept in use of existence or not as nothing exists. If your not if for what you use, as energy is with the source as whatever you want makes subconscious use is Watson as an investigation.

The child effect

   The idea is the ideal that makes and creates, and creation is by touch to an object and creation by thought is to abort a child. This stimulates the idea that you abort from an idea, that is no actual relationship in no life except a thought. So to touch an object and you don't want the child it goes to the body or person or not by magic. I know the child of the crystal cave, he is not personal and otherwise disruptive to the area.

Tea spell point

   The point pointed out by mention or act thats in by use is with tea and energy is thought from those out, think by intuitive motion and spells that can create the extended will effect. That is by extended focus and creative will to make a similar idea that you want and focus allows for as an extended form. Think or created idea from inner energy being makes the effect mimicked, due stop if intended not to be mimicked and yet seem and cause some effect that if believed in creates or uses energy in idea you intend in use. Until not originally intended by the suggestion, not done if not interested in what you get through time that is felt and thought projected in to formed thought by action and created with your will in thought energy.

   This is the point you don't want something, tink means in ancient symbols "change by will and create by thought and in honor is the point that time is space realized."
"En In Point" is a point to stop the activity by will projected forth as a symbolic use or use in symbols in mention via symbola effect is thought created motion to a symbol by reflection in what it means is thought in practice now the symbola is a balance in use by thought. There is energy in the effort to use by will, think by will and focused thought creates what you think with will.

   However you are is what you keep in thought to keep your mind, that is experienced life and not true to what you think. In as much thats not practical or not useful then your not effected, seen as thought is a concent and nothing else seems to happen or think things through and seem off in life. Think and you are impractical in emotion as doing is nature by an energy in tremendous amount. This by focus is a point in energy by natural in source and pretty much with earth energy the truth of the matter.

  As you will and the creator makes the effect, then your will creates what you program through the thought and feel by life experience in focus released by relent and will of excess. This is excess by energy created and made is a point, as understood is that your point is over and things are overdone unless proven necessary this is not done and not excessive as you just don't.

   That is to think to the point and in the earth is the destination as to where it comes from in life, thought and anchored in energy thinking you are roting or thought the aura uses is energy to power by healing, with an aura shield this by focus makes as you imagine swirling energy that prevents power striking as you ward with the creator shield. There is the energy absorption effect, that is with no fear and no transfer as you think the energy to the planet. To think it sometimes will make or not strike as think things not exists what is with what uncreates, as the energy created and dissipates safely seems to disappear. There is energy in the act by doing naturally, think this is the point to thought use that seems right and is energy is right.

   As you were in an area, thought energy is a point in and "tought is what life threatens" or seems dimune as if you are what is considered in or not no more by what you see. As experience and thought are a point to cancel this out, dismiss with "id" or "not as you do right" as nothing happens as you will the idea an a point right to yourself and don't actually seem to be identified unless needed as if an instance in a moment.

  There and to each individual self, your ability is energy in what is touched. As thought in a touched upon area heals by "will or be", think not to be in a point to heal by use with the energy you feel as a point to do or not to do as you see fit. There is a way to live and yet not die in the life you live as your living, as yet you live by what you think and are unnoticed by feeling and focus that your not seen.

   As if thought by sense is use in the wildlife area by trace to figure out who did things, think to point out good points you see in life and in life things are expression by self is decided. Thought to not always think and do things by nature are magic by the points in perceptible area, as you are in that natural energy use there are moments to be done in a natural use in life. Things by a point with no feral life are excepting is thought by an aware state in mind, concludes by conscious seen in thought as what you think, read and otherwise what you read is what you get.

   Thought to think about things, uses clean thought that is with an abalast and your thought is a balance on a mental balance bar. This is energy by what your energy is made from as named, this is by the idea and considered or seeming elements in balance. Imagine a balance as your body in the position on held and in no hurt area energy, as if this in use is by practice and if hurt use the thought "poof" and as this is thought. Think seeking is seeming and seeing is believing and thought is thus, as use is energy the thought is incense use by what you don't repeat and the words for what there is creates thought in use.

   This is the point by some realization with an event that with the balance bar, fix by thought you stabilized and in balance somehow and you get cool an effects is by focus. As a mental balance is achieved, use with the will by desire to do as you need or not need by practice in what you will and out with what you want by imagination. The point their will is a wielded effort is energy by the air waves or energy by the elemental effects as useful. Thought to hold on is despite the situation, do or consider with feel and to predict the consequences of actions to make what you will if activity required.

   There is a notion to use the area energy, as in matching or near almost matching. Think thought to free energy, and in a point your free in the wind. That frees energy to collect by a thought to use energy and with an energy hand. As your energy is the will and the wind or other elements that is the way. Think as you want so if you can use creative thinking your free to the purpose and created as to the point you will by energy and create in thought.

  As a thought is a free energy use, your energy is from the area that you can collect the energy from life. There is an energy to use by the point, and you use to the thought and consider to the use you sense by the point in use. That what you think is what you consider in life by a recorded result. There is a point as nature is thought, thought to warn is question presenting the facts by speaking with a fact or use.

   As energy in magic in use written or done in their concept is life with experience. Things fun is a part over and whatever makes sense, Think or nor is included by the thought you do, as if incense is necessary by the act to do cleansing. Use by point is then to focus and energy cleanses itself. Thought in fun or of pretentiousness disappears as this is thought to do whats correct, if not seen to like notion and like in law is still spread cure by aura use into the area.

  As if then your body is thought and responsive, responsive and responseless is not remorseless as thought necessary in nothing and mediation yet energy creates by what the creator viewed in site or created sight. There is nothing more to this experience, as its just a pattern of what is in light. Nothing not unnoticeable if you think or not notice and do cleansing for yourself.

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