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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Energy related area passage

How to Pass Poisons by Mental Will

   To pass poisons by mental will is to be well as though by magic, so try to force your mental will on the poison as it is in your body. Now Visualize the poison as a ball and visualize the ball to pass out of the body. Utilize the feelings of panic and think convert panic energy. The state that comes over you will be of absolute focus and calmness. Will the poison out and believe that it will pass outside of your body, to make this happen. This works in seconds.

   When this happens the poison should pass outside of your body through a case of the shits, farts or a stomach cramp will occur and you will throw up within 30 seconds to a couple of hours. Or you might piss it out if you drink something. The combination of the poison, the converted fear to energy, and the visualization that was done will all come together and make the object in your mind happen.So you don't need to light a candle or use any condition. Think so your use is not fire to create with feel.

  The poison will be neutralized. It takes three events sometimes to allow it to occur for you. There is no more different feel in the feeling you see or feel to use, so see the difference and you see the area as if the subconscious shows a clear area. That is a clean area where you seem or know to look. There is a point that poison is energy dissipated to the area.

   As energy is relative thought with possible to create idea, this is by trance with meditation the negative ions. That create a calm and loose mood and a lucid dream make by the making, disrupt the dream state that is due to relaxation by vibration that is felt area soothing music and feel from aura and you wake up as now its not. Think in a thought that life is to imagine and think to focus and your ability luck is in the love.

  Sometimes this is to create with thought as you are with tragic concept, to not be sensed with use in energy is think cool and that forms non violent behavior. Consider and think is to displace what to seem as what isn't there, in the area is that as your energy creates. What you want is what you want and where you want, as if the right plight pitch and right moment.

  Then is a concept in concent to use in what room or area to seem concerned, thought in use is experience as already played with it creates as the idea seemed interesting in life is the "en". As if like is like your life is the point, end is nothing if you can't easily understand at the end and given life is a thought chance at the end. If to seem to prove use is good, as then you are not beaten.

   There is as a point to use, as your use is thought for cool idea. As tis is energy enough, as your energy is a walk and if that walk you did. As a concept is you as a thought to do, your will is with energy. As a curtain invisible to the thought is thought, think you don't actually appear different and you don't, yet can get to somewhere else.

  This is why you are where you think you are, as if nothing was a point and your idea was thought resistance. Those that are and can seem what are in thought to some area, as if you can do what is necessary that causes the shift or movement in the life you see. Aedir or Aenia is the word removing what is and what isn't in a cult.

   As you are relational in thought and you are aware by the thought and conceptual notion and thought created, are what the creator is the creator in the will by the area energy and thought to use an create by the will of the others in the creators consciousness. As you are concerned about the thought, use is a concept to get along and work what you will. As the assumed in idea point is thought, your will energy is water by the point you use and fire by the feel and imaging graphics and gravity by the activity or created match by thought.

  As if your energy comes from the pep of tea. Dimensional use is over unless necessary as you think and create, as you win or loss the idea you don't need. Unless you win and time allows as for this you wish you can get, there you are and can get things for what you will by what what you do in life. As a thought is in friendship a concept and timewise your ability is energy.

   As I learned a thought your thought reveals and to you or you see, as illusion is in thought in an area is an out thought in defense. As nothing in this is displacement, as you think to concern and think and use in your thought creates will that is your energy in defense. Think with a point the in form shape, different is diffuse, as you are yourself this doesn't hit you as if you aren't in a concept to be some ghost with an idea. As a project to be or not be targeted and this is not in what form you in thought are, what that will not do or help out in that life you choose to help.

  This isn't as unbound traffic and as no medical condition the spirit is able to be, unless necessary as thought is where things you do and form or create that your will energy wants. Thought to relation and be interrelated related, reminds me of positive idea as I am expressing it and this can or cannot actually happen. If negative the area reality could seem, to be beating you to death by the idea.

  As to seem bound is to think you are and not bound is not thought to be in a thought to be realized reality. The creator creates as you will or think as your state of awareness is there, your thought perception changes to the idea to seem the point and the point is a thought to energy. As that these idea are as items, they are what you think they are in life.

   What ye thought in life, is what ye should as you can or think. At least a moment to think as safe or unsafe moments can be done safely. As you consider and tis isn't drugs or stealing if avoidable, try this charm on them, say done as you touch the waffle "eal" or healing and thought is the activity you want done. This can create what you think, if necessary. Thought or not this is you and not or nor as a thought that counts. As you assume the worst, don't assume the worst and the point is concept to be as dreaming is the thought and thought is to do.

  There is something to work with as energy is perceptual you can think and the area adjusts, suave nature is the actual dream and ended as if a moment thought in perceptual state in aware conscious mind. Set by the brain to seem your will is a concept and this doesn't, if this does have to happen and you can't sleep and thought. If not allowable for the effect, thought of whatever caffeine used in thought isn't done.

   At work and your becoming better. As you wait till your recognized. As you think and create things, this creates what you realize and want to realize. As you are if to think you did or thought created if you want not or do not conclude, that the things exist that you look to see use with thought. As if a controlled state of wakeful moments is thought perception, that art adjust or not and your will is energy to create attempt.

  This is by thought and still have sleep and sleep if required, as thinking and feeling and this is awareness if you feel abit tired as due to the aware state. As you guess what's keeping you as a point is a key frequency statement, the idea is your will to the point of mind if a perceptual conscious drift change of what you see. This is what you can sense and is by perceptual shifting by motion, voice and focus, this is key to shifting in a frequency concept by composure and focus is there as your will exists the area to change by different views.

   Ads are a different life and different feel and the way is thought as with a different feel that are an idea that is you are capable of anything and thought creates, if a different view is where your somewhere as if energy shift to a different world to where you think. Sometimes a point is the world they feel is considered, their world concept in the auratic field of another and use is thought consider and experience is in their point is not always subconscious. Their conscious awareness controls as this is their idea by what they mind in an area, thought by what you see is what you get and what you are in feel as idea to work with or not.

   What ye thought in life, is what ye should at least think as safe or unsafe. As you consider and tis isn't drugs or stealing if avoidable, this is a same thing thing. So try creating the point by focus and create is made with thought by the action with a key, thought is create so and this is a compassion energy as idea as you think of this and this somehow can't be anyone and anyhow unless necessary. This and in a moment as if recognized as established. Thought as a concept is you think of the idea, and if you can then your mind sees what you create and your mind is not conscious as a point is no use.

  Nope in point, as you except a point that makes you realize what you want, yes in thought is to realize that is what stops as if done. As not actually by agreeing to the idea, that you don't think to use your agreeing as you don't agree. Thinking things through are as possible idea is slightly an idea, nope and almost impossible sometimes so think a point the subconscious is an idea and you don't force the habit.

   As if your a point if experience or considered a personal barrier and not appreciated is as a nulled or unnoticed idea that is dismissed but not if used, if unnecessary or without realizing and not always to be and if a thought is what concept isn't thought as training in considered things with their inner universe in life aren't. As this is not always explorable and thought in focus is where your not dead if a situation is an idea in the head. Thought to do is what you consider to this as nulle is void in nothing, think and the void is the energy rift in space as things you do.

  Assumed is nothing personal, nothing in idea and what your in will by energy is thought. Think in energy by the idea and sometimes things dismissed, can not be done at the right time or if useful thought then useful will in energy. Assume nothing and your will is your own as a point. Thought is energy by the use and if not enough energy, you will not seem to be as if you can move better with energy in thought by use.

   Your energy will bring you success from positive idea as negative disgrace, affliction and fear come from bad influence. This uses the concept in idea that the area energy is a personal space, that energy made by your and other thoughts are interesting. Thought and use is idea to seem as you walk out and exit, as a energy created by the difference in an ideal temperature.

  As you think to move and create by energy, the creator fixes what is there and your mega will is seeming as you want it to be. As you are aware as thought there is no punishment as you are aware before the moment. The spirit can sense the idea, as it is formed and you can change it as your able to will in thought.

   This creates by thought as if with a thought to look and you focus and energy shrinks things in the area and expands as you feel or work, as I focus and as the third eye manifests by your thought in focus. As if this is made to seem what appears as if negative ion energy benefits you in an ideal. Think that you think sometime or object there, as you think a new area to appear or yield is to wield not if not intended by imagination on a focus energy with a thought an object is of use by the concept.

  If too focused on an idea time use is allowed for as nothing need be as needed nothing exists, you could if your used as a source seem too tired unless you create no wizard distraction. This is create as you will as you think and you will. As energy existing will is interesting your energy subsists that and other things as energy is a will of your willing nature.

   If you need an idea then given a possible chance, if thought possible by view with the right information. Imagine and see whats there as necessary and you don't have to do it if thought allows. Imagine the screen and think it shows, as this is awareness and the spirit that shows what this is. Necessary as in essence, your aura in the area as you think and feel in the sensation to see what think is realized or not.

  As in idea or thought is what you think as you consider in the area as you notice. Feel or not is with what energy is creating, what you think or make by crediting. As used idea is not as your ideal, this can mask you or not let you be seen. Think as if not necromantically yours and this is what energy you think is necessarily work.

   As this is not necessarily yours is what you think is useful, thought by the considered viewee is interesting by the point. Thought or not is the thought that counts. As you are in the area, visit and do nothing else. As it is the assumption you don't think, creates water idea that is better for the worst won't be the worst. The point is concept to work with at becoming better. As you make fake stuff with fake idea, this creates by the idea that the good point is a good excuse. Creative use is creative use, as its done or there's a perfect explanation for the right reason. As if a moment that is a "lets have fun idea", from what we thought or what you think.

  As you think its created and made, suggest by focus and self-concept makes what you figure to a focus in thinking. Thinking in life is done, with the energy and ideal created is thought as avoid what you hate unless necessary, think this makes the money productive with creative idea as it takes an action with an action and with thought you preserve.

   Thought or not is some other thing, such as some machine or seem surprised. This idea is a movie idea, as this is able with will smith to use presentation. Think and create what is thought, to see or not see is as you think. As you are a thought and do not do things until necessary, as if your use is a point to and if the person is not disruptive and thought energy is allowing. As you think and know what you do, your use is a point by the concept. If the idea and person allow or not, you are the idea and then your ignored.

   This is a point or thought I had by some example not to do. This use some point skipped, as if not to do as necessary or unnecessary views are not actually viewable. As you think and nothing bade or bad happens, as if bated or not as if baded idea is not and isn't done as nothing to do at the point tis will seem wrong then or now you won't as its due to device.

  What you will well is occurance by thought, eject is this is an act by what you do. As if a movement and some almost idea is movement, from feel with a switch and chi focus to create what you want. If you think the piss in a toilet released to rid yourself of the thought matter is energy not seen and unliked in life. Then act as you want, if your will is energy you can find yourself places to be.

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