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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Some spells for use

Some spells; the left side of = or ; means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This effect is what you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. Although remember, the spell is a will and if there is a counterwill then sometimes the effect won't work. That's unless you state thine and think they regulate themselves. Thine is a spell effect that creates self-regulation where the effect they need only effects themselves.

Stopping point; the stopping point is reached, think and do something else.

stepping stones; this is where you create the area by imagining the place and make with the soul.

space-x; This is where space-x creates a success and the point is done of launching the rocket. So the conditions and wind is acceptable for launch by feel. This is also acceptable by testing, so they don't have to use their backup point.

paul t money; paul truitt's check comes in the mail by feel.

shapeshift trick 3; Think of the shape being nearby and imagine the shape as its near. Think the shape is unlocking the form and your body changes to become the shape. If you want to transform back, think you become your shape again and transform or self-create itself cellularly by imagining the form being nearby.

thinking point; if you give something you can think of the item as a point and what you need is what the item does. So if you think of something and need the item to do the concept, you can create with a thought and make with your will what you wanted to occur and happen a result. Otherwise you can work with what you have, pointing out the idea and something will happen. This happens easily without stress.

paul; he fixes his laptop easily doing the right things. This happens without stress.

thought; the thought is not you, yet you can focus your mind by stating things and creating with the thought.

erno vull lisu = atleantian for: earned income increase, pronounced [err-no vool lie-sun]
activity; I don't have any problems.

banbutsu arunishitagau e  ai horisu = japanese for: all creation make what I want.

inner child birth; the child that is your inner child can be thought born, so if you create with a point you can choose how to "birth" the inner child. this happens without stress.

money; I will get monry into my paypal account today. This happens without stress.

account; they remove the fees and negative balance from my account. This happens without stress. The paypal account gets credited instead of putting through 95.88.

writing stuff

Thought; the thought exists if you need the point happening.

the matrix of life

self-creation; This is a point in regard to life. think and you know what you can do.

en; the end point that you imagine and create by what you feel is correct.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Things magic

This point is a concept, think about what you want and you create by needing the idea with the creator that creates what is needed there.

Doctors appointment; they have the shot and I get seen early in the appointment time.

The created; the creation in idea sphere's influence creates where you think it does. Think and you know where the idea is created with no stress.

Acting right; I act as though on the right medicine or shot. This happens without stress. The point with a cancellation button, this is a concept you realize by the spirit.

Think and you know what to do. So I act acceptable in public view, no matter what I say or do. I am one and able, accepted by area observance and that is all.

Also I mean no harm, so I think and I am feeling what is needed, also I create with what I have. I will not get arrested for what I can do. This is all for now, I think I can get along quite well. Now that I think of this idea. I hope it works.

Thinking; thinking to do things, I will go exercise the weight off. This is in the effect, think and you do what you need.

Testosterone; the testosterone rises to normal levels in the body, this is done as though a younger person in levels. The weight lowers and things work better. This happens without stress.

Angela; she calms down and relaxes by feel. She doesn't mind what I do.

Food; the food is cooked easily and things are created with better idea quickly enough. This is with no stress.

Windows 10 update; for whatever reason you think or I think the windows 10 updates get installed. This happens without stress.

Jimmy's egg; the party members arrive in time. Thinking to enjoy the party. This happens without stress. Andrew McDowell arrives near 1 pm.

A nod or a wave; this motion provides thanks for accepted action.

James; he stops jumping on people. This happens without stress.

Focus; the fat disappears from the belly, this happens without stress.

LSU; the LSU football team is losing, think and ou won.

Ricardo; he gives Corey's bus pass back.

Awareness; I am aware, beware the leprechan so I think a wish to beware and ward off trouble is done. This will work for you.

Andrew McDowell; he talks to me online by feel again. This happens without stress.

Paul t; he gets paid today in check or other means. This happens without stress.

Gained weight; losing allot of gained weight with no stress.

TV; noone steals the TV in the main room. This happens without stress. This includes thieves that think to steal the TV, they instead don't think to steal it.

Mail today; the mail comes in early, so I get my packages and Donovan gets his check. This happens without stress.

Think; the point you need to pause is paused. Then gone on or reversed by feel as though a flow of life.
Donovan; he returns to me my laptop and it works. This happens without stress.

Kelvin; he doesn't mind me for what I do or did.

People; they don't mind me by feel, for whatever I do I create peace by idea.

Amazon; gets to me my package early. This happens without stress.

Donovan; he doesn't mind what was done. He is not mad at what occurs.

Gloria; she gets the camera to work with my WiFi. This happens without stress.

Things; things will work out by feel. Think and you know the point by what is done. This happens without stress. Money matters settle themselves quickly. This is a point in the past.

The idea; the cell corruption uncorrupts itself by feel. This effect is done by what you think. Think and you create the point you need. This is a point done without worry.

Focus chat; think on the person and speak or think about what you need and its known by them.

Body sculpting; the point you think your like them is the point you change the body after you drink some water.

Bank fee; they can remove the fee successfully.

Eating; I don't eat as much and weight is what I think it is.

Get; this is made into work by activity, that is done without stress.

Paul truitt; he doesn't get stolen from again. He accepts what happens as thought. Let's do what we can for him.

Porch pirate; they get caught, the point is done. That is all there is by feel. This is done by feel.

Paul; he fid the keys that were lost or stolen. This happens without stress.

The end; the point at the end is used by the owner and returned otherwise. This I'd say is known in effect. Ciou and farewell, good-bye until later.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

corrupted memories

This came from reading my cells information, and some of the idea is corrupted sometime ago info that I retranslated by feel. So enjoy your reading, this is an idea in itself.

Normal idea:

money; this is en, think of the moment and you get what you want or need as though a need were given.
Late; If late, then its belated.
If normal; then the idea is normally expressed.
Eating; I will not eat again after this, so this won't happen to make me eat.
Think; if you know what you do, you can work with the point otherwise do what you want. This is so I am karma free by feel with what I do.
en; the point at the end.
worm; I am not worm. I am a darkmatter being.
wyrm; I am not attacked by my or others worm. Otherwise this is a self-affliction face.
think; this is in idea that I do things and get results. So I think and what I think about is generated by the spirit that is energy of the body using the consciousness that exists all around us. This is a point to remember from the past, that is generated in the past and realized in the present to make a future moment.
think; the energy is done, the body matured, this is a point done by feel with the point you think that once stated will happen. This is how that works.
The scanned drive; the usb drive works by feel and things are working by what is done.
influence; I am no longer influenced into eating more by idea or feel.

Some spells; left side of = means effect, and right side is definition. This is where you say the effect and look to read mentally the definition. See that's how this works, if you think abou the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you.

epson; the epson printer installs successfully onto win 10. This happens without stress.

money; the money starts coming in double or triple than what I spent or gave away and creates by energy what I need.

goddess moon rite; depending on the time of the moon, you can create results by use of the moon light, thinking of what you need and calling upon the goddess with her three forms represented by the moon in it's time. This is using the rite as you look upon the moon, stating: "Oh goddess, give me what I need to have with what I think and want or can get otherwise." The waxing or growing Moon represents the Maiden: adventuring, hunting and free will spells.

The full Moon represents the Mother Goddess: full of powerful creativity energy and new life. Use her with the presence of the moon in this stage for creative spells of life. And the waning Moon represents the Crone, where the wisdom is drawing inwards and incredibly powerful. Use the goddess in this time of the moon to create wisely what you need. The Crone is also depicted as a traditional `witch' and her power has even been feared throughout the ages. So there you go, by what is done, you can get most of the needs met. enjoy. See that truly is a powerful manifest spell. So enjoy the results as they happen.

character: +21000 gp, +20000 pp.

Weightloss; I manage to lose all my excess weight by what I do or think by feel with life or light energy.

fixed spell; Spells do work by feel with what is done. So fixed is the effect, whatever it is. If you state 'fixed' then the power of words make the effect work better.


anger; he or she no longer is angry and feels like not doing things shouting out and doing erratic things.

james; he or she is likely to have the money by what is done.

things; this is all in an effect by feel.

the sayings; she got me, she has me, he has me, he got me, I got you, this is with the effective I have what you need at the moment without stress. If they don't you can always leve things be. This is a natural choice.

I know you; I can understand you and work with what you give.

less eating; I will eat less per day and night, this is like a blessing upon myself.

getting things; think and know, I get what I can and if plausible or necessary by feel it's possible. I accept that as a natural result.

feeling; if you feel you don't need it, then if you need things you get the result you desire. Nothing more with this contract. This is a point that is done, that is in the effect as a natural result if nonviolent by action or feel. This is a known effect that seems alright, so if you don't have it and can't get it then you won't get it. This is a point you think, not state if you can do things otherwise. So if you think about the idea, then you create with the point and dismiss the idea you need if you can't get the point or result by feel. Think about it and seem to hear the right reasoning, then if you do you act better and things work out by feel. You act better and reason better, then if you do you may get what is possible if you think about and possibly you can create what you consider important.

If you can't get it, you won't worry about it and dismiss your need, this is done without a comment. So think and you are well and can get along with anyone. This is a point done by feel.

Signed; Signed any way you want to sign it and the signature counts as an agreement with life by feel. If no feeling of agreement, then nothing bad is done. So if you can't get it, then do something else, think better and this is a point in idea. Think and you do for others what you need by feel. This is a point in regard for what is done is done and that is all. This is done if you allowed it and are for by feel, so I think it is a point of a good mood for what you do is up to you. Think and you know what to do.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Thought energy

This is a point you have thought and stated things about the point you need. If you need the idea, then you create with the point and work with the idea that comes to your attention. This is all in a days work. See ya around and ciou till later. Good-bye.

This; the effect of thinking positive or at least what you need or intend. This creates positive feedback.

Think; the thought is a point, if projected to someone that's heard. If or when you get a response, your spirit that had the message heard is what is receiving the idea. Then think and you understand the spirit by the soul that's insightful realization.

The idea; this is the last idea and bit of magic for you, so after this post there will be idea that I thought up. This is a concept in life and what you can do with it or what they are there for by feel.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

potions and magic

Some spells

cease; this is cea stated as you think of what you want to cease, so keep him or her away is cea thinking of the point you want to cease as you state [see-ah].

evil eye; The evil eye is the old cintemani symbol. It comes from the three eyes of Buddha, we integrated it into our culture as a talisman. Like we do with other religious symbols, some romanis in uk use it as a protection talisman, usually as necklace or so.

Predictions; I make prediction moments. I think it will happen as I state the idea, then the subconscious creates the point. That is if I need the prediction to occur results. Interesting right?

To cast a spell; Not kidding btw. It takes both of them, Iq and Eq to succesfully do a spell even. Not talking about creating one. Iq is intelligence quotient and Eq is emotional quotient. The higher they are the better the spell result. Just remember,  Iq is about the left brain and eq is about right lobe.

talinth lu'xun, sevir l'gre'as'antar maglust. = Drow for: think and do, leave the peaceful alone.

things; things work out.


donovan; he stops wanting what I have by feel and doesn't stte what he thinks if I am trying to keep things. He allows me to keep my things. Otherwise he leaves me alone with what I have even before he asks for it.

when; they get in my shipment and donovan gets his check in the mail on monday. The manager gets a donation of a computer printer. I get the printer.

This; Donovan acts normal and unangry by what is done. This happens without stress.

circumstantial thinking magic; think about the points that you could make up and relax your body, then the thought comes to you of what you need to know as if critical thinking were constructive thinking and things you thought made sense. If you tried to realize things as your stressed or not relaxed in mind, then you could miss details and that is especially true for lack of sleep.

ego amitto tredecim bilibre a t carnis ponderatio = latin for lose 13 lbs from the bodyweight.

ego wyl os auiz ezh ez = I will lose 14 lbs easily.

ego wyl ne av e stek eint  os auiz ezh ez = atleantian for; I will not have to eat and lose 14 lbs easily. pronounced as [ee-go will nehn ave ee steek ee-ihn-t lose ah-oo-ihn-z ezz ee-z].

writing stuff

This; the point is given, think and you have what you need even if you think its not there.

Then; he or she gave what was needed and things work out in the end.

Post Breakup - How to Heal Yourself Spiritually?
written by Oranum

Learning how to deal with a breakup by spiritually healing yourself is one of the best ways to handle the situation. It is a great teacher, which teaches you about life and how `expected' can turn into the `unexpected' at any moment.

While there are several solutions which show you what to do after a breakup, all of them talk about dealing with the external environment. By acknowledging and learning how to manage what is going on inside you, the road to recovery and positive change will help turn your life around. Here are three ways you can spiritually heal yourself after a breakup:

Give yourself self-love
Once the relationship comes to an end, it is common to start blaming your ex-partner before pointing fingers at yourself. Being harsh makes it difficult to get past the turmoil in your life. Instead, you should give yourself self-love, as you need it.

It is essential you treat your words, actions, and thoughts with kindness and happiness. Make sure you spend time with yourself so that you can understand and maintain your needs.

Let go of the past
Learning how to accept your current situation is one of the best ways to get over the breakup. Your previous relationship created deep and wonderful memories, which keep occupying your mind. These thoughts will make your life difficult, as you tend to dwell in the past. Reliving those moments with your ex are painful to your soul. By letting go of the past, your body and spirit will understand it is time to move on and get on with life.

Practice mindfulness and meditation
It is essential for you to practice living in the moment, as it will help you focus on what is important to you. A great way to deal with breakups is to be mindful of your actions so that you know if they are good or bad for you. Also, you should practice meditation, which will help you understand your thoughts. At the same time, it will help you to stay in the present.

Once you use these three techniques, your soul will heal, allowing you to move on and continue experiencing all the joys life has to offer!

recipes and potions

potion of weight loss 2; this is where you use oregano, basil and celery seed mixed with water. Work with a charge plate orgonite or make with a point to heat up the ater with the ingreients. Then drink and if you heated it up, put 3 ice cubes in if you have any. This works to counter the hunger and the need to eat dissipates for a few hours. Add turmeric to make an overall body and brain cure with stevia or splenda to sweeten it and make the mix palatable. Think to enjoy what you make. Ciou and farewell till later. Good-bye.

Monday, January 6, 2020

A tumbling stone post

This post came from a tumbling stone email post.

This month we have two, awesome articles to share with you:
Nicole Marie is back this January to share with us a grid for manifestation! Fantastic when January is filled with all that manifestation energy! Also, Krista Mitchell has allowed us to share an article of hers that offers a ritual for clearing inner resistance. It's perfect for when we are stuck and we aren't always sure why or how to move past it! So let's dive in shall we!

A Crystal Grid for Manifestation

Rebirth and Renewal: The Winter Solstice by Dawn Marino (Image by Mona Magnussen from Pixabay)
Each new year sees many of us making resolutions and setting goals for the year to come. It also sees most of us abandon these and stress over keeping our promises to ourselves. Crystal grids are an excellent way to help you achieve your desires because when we build a grid and place it somewhere it will be seen daily, it reminds us of our intentions and keeps us in the state of mind we built the grid for. Thus, building a manifestation grid is an excellent way to keep you in a motivated state of mind and remind yourself that you can have your dreams.
This grid uses a Flower of Life pattern (choose any pattern that feels right to you). I chose Clear Quartz as my center stone, because its properties and its possibilities are limitless, just like your dreams. For the surrounding stones, I chose Garnet for the first circle for confidence and power, as well as to amplify the effects of the other stones in the grid. For the next circle, Carnelian for motivation, success, and focus. For the final circle, I chose Citrine for prosperity, abundance, joy, and generosity. The pattern I placed these stones in remind me of dropping a stone into a calm lake. The ripples grow as they move outward, just like I wish to see happen with my big dreams and big goals. The colors also move from colorless to dark to light – moving my goals from the shadows of my mind to the light of day, manifesting in the real world with real, physical results. Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,
Nicole Marie from Sol Path Crystal Magick

Clearing Inner Resistance to Positive Change - A Crystal Healing Ritual

Clearing Inner Resistance to Positive Change - A Crystal Healing Ritual  /
It’s mind-boggling to think that there’s a part of us inside that fights us on making positive changes in our lives.
If something’s going to make our lives better, happier, healthier, why can’t we just do it? What gets in the way?
Put your hand up if you’ve ever experienced this: there’s a change you’ve wanted or needed to make in your life for a long-azz time, but you just seem stuck or held in the same old place or repeating pattern.
You just can’t seem to make the change happen.
It could be losing weight, changing jobs or careers, shifting your pattern of relationships, breaking a bad habit, exercising more, eating better, creating more work/life balance, etc.
What you are experiencing, my friend, is inner resistance.
For whatever reason, something deep, down inside you just won’t budge. There will be excuses, obstacles, refusal, denial. Vagueness or a “lack of clarity” is one of resistance’s favorite defenses.
And two, five, ten years later, you’ll still be stuck in the same old place or pattern.
Resistance, ultimately, is a machination of your shadow self. Somewhen in your childhood you experienced a trauma or an upset, or you learned that in order to get something you had to behave in a certain way, and that programmed a belief in your psyche.
Committed to that belief, you’ll resist anything that goes against it. The program has been written, and it will keep playing out through your entire adult life.
UNLESS, you rewrite it, and rewrite it you CAN!
But first, you have to work through the resistance.

Here's a Healing Ritual You Can Do With Crystal Energy Support:

First, accept and surrender. Resisting resistance is futile. When you accept your situation, and surrender to the resistance, you get energy flowing again. Hold Mangano CalciteMoonstone, or Rose Quartz in your receptive (non-dominant hand). Breathe deeply but gently, and then meditate for at least 1 minute. Consciously decide to accept and surrender.
mangano calcite moonstone rose quartz
Identify the cause of your resistance. The key thing to remember is that resistance is seeking to serve a purpose, and inevitably, its purpose is in an effort to either protect you or provide for you in some way. Hold Apache Tear in your receptive hand and Black Moonstone or Black Obsidian in your dominant hand. These crystals help bring aspects of your shadow up to the light of your consciousness so that they can be seen and understood. Meditate for at least 1 minute, and then approach the resistance from a place of curiosity. Ask your inner self “How is this resistance keeping me safe?”, or “What am I gaining from this resistance?” Let the responses float up from your consciousness as opposed to trying to reason them out.
apache tear black moonstone black obsidian
Form a new, positive, empowering belief. Once you’ve identified the cause of your resistance, you’re in a position to choose differently. Hold Black Kyanite or Clear Calcite in your receptive hand to help clear any residual blocked energy, and Hematite in your dominant hand for fortitude, grounding, and commitment. Now close your eyes, and focus on the change you’d like to make. See or feel how it would benefit you, form some positive associations through visualization or sense memory. When you feel you’ve achieved this, take a deep breath, and imagine it settling into your psyche, forming a new, positive belief.
black kyanite clear calcite hematite
Keep your crystals on your altar or in a sacred place to remind you of your process, and so that you can connect with their energy when you feel the need. Or, you can clear their energy, and work with them again to help you address a different issue of resistance in your life.

Krista Mitchell

Friday, January 3, 2020

Think it and go magic

This is where you think things and you go by feel, the idea is done if possible and the idea then is a moment in time. This is known as a concept of space.. lets experiment with the idea and use a few idea if you need to or have no idea to do. This is a point you go and do things by feel, so if you think the point you know the idea. This is a known effect. The idea listed here is a concept to do if no other reason exists. Think the idea and you create with a result made by the soul and known by the spirit. The idea is done, if you need it so I will go now and do something else..

The idea; This is the idea of creation, if you need the point as a result then you create the idea by soul magic.

The area; the area you use is creating by energy with your consciousness as direction. This creates what you need.

Instant thought; the moment is a concept done, if you think you know what to do you create better by focusing good thoughts.

The idea II; This is the idea you do things, so if you know of a positive result you create the idea by statements. Make a good point and the point sometimes is done.

The otherwise; this is the otherwise idea, think you need things and if you don't get a result then you otherwise do what you need as a point that is done.

The finale; This is the finale, the point that's created or otherwise done differently.

The end; This is a concept you think and feel is the end point. If you consider the point you make an idea occur. Sometimes however, there is interference, so the point is a concept and what you do is up to you.

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