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Look to friend me on my facebook page or look at the bottom for my facebook page. Otherwise use my whatsapp number to contact is 1(405)706-2328. If any abuse is there think to stop it then the creator stops what you don't think is necessary or don't need to work better. I think or not and it fits the point, so you see the point you so if you think, then your focus can know what is there by area you think. I figured out you aren't a mental target if you are thinking that your not otherwise thinking your one makes you one. So lets hope that works as you wish.

If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it. This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Invasive maneuvers in magic

 This is where you make your day, think about creating with the spirit and you make things happen.  This can be invasive by maneuvering with the soul and not liking the feeling.  These are some things that could happen.

Stress; no stress is shown or expressed no matter t h e point. So the evasion worked.

Comments; the unnecessary comments are not said no matter what.

Unexpected; the Unexpected things aren't done unless they are nice.

Randomness; the excessive chat is dealt with or dies down and the person calms down by feel.

The thought; the thought exists possibilities and things work out by feel.

Cylinder; I am outside the Cylinder. My body is no longer over energetic by feel or observation.

Body problems; my body functions good and no back pain occurs.

Invasion; no Invasion happens.

Hurting; we won't economically hurt.

Appropriate; I am an Appropriate person.

Stacy; she is done with her zoom meeting and phone call and gets the Keurig machine put up quickly.

Russia; they get sealed away from the world and they stop themselves from wanting war.

China; they don't mind not helping Russia out by feel. The no longer scare the usa.

Chaos effect; everything works out good in the end.

Reflection; the effects sent at another that is Russian goes to the Russian  and not me.

Feel; I feel like eating right and not overeating by feel. So I lose 50 lbs quickly.

No attack; no attack happens.

Owe; I own the house. You may stay in it.  Enjoy..

If; if anything negative then the negative idea doesn't occur unless deserved.

Know; I always know what to do to get the right things done.

Chris b; he doesn't try to take ricardo's things anymore.

Ricardo; he is no longer messed around with by feel.

Dream; the dream ends by feel or a stated "en".

China; China doesn't become sanctioned and avoids helping financially Russia.

Recession; we avoid going into recession.

Oil; we democracy based countries manage without recession to stay off an Russian oil.

Commodity; the commodities including wheat is available in circulation by feel easily gotten.

Russia; they default in the banks and can't meet the principal amount.. so they go and stop the war. The US banks will work without trouble.


Paul t; he gets his Money in the mail today quicker Than usual and I get paid 60.

Focusing; in focus i create, think and imagine by the focus of the words. This i think and know.  Think and you know what to do. This happens as you know and intend what you want.

Thought; I manage to keep money in my bank and build it up. All the cash in the pathoma is mine to use.

People; they have powers we have powers we are all equal in gods eyes.

Us banks; the us banks doesn't go under no matter the point.


Joe manchin; he isn't against the things in bbb no matter the reason. He is no longer so damn corrupt he is smart again.

Jay n Angela; they answer my texting and messages quickly.

Birthday presents; I know what to get Orion, Atticus and jay.

The Ukraine; they agree to become like Sweden.

Iran; they agree to continue negotiations on oil by feel.

Banking meltdown; the u.s. banking meltdown is avoided by feel.

Fat; the fat melts away by feel quickly and successfully kept off is the weight I lose. So I turned my fat into energy by feel.

Ghat; I am no longer ghat or fat.

6th stimulus; they don't require the recon to pass the 6th stimulus.

Mattman; he doesn't mind giving me money.

Thought; the point is created, say what you need to get a result.

Ricardo; he pays me 10 dollars and doesn't mind it on request.

Tee; the tee up is done,  think to experience the moment unless you decide not to.

Yes; he will make the attempt to pay me 10.

The end; the ending is the thing you can like.

Mattman; Whatever the reason he can't talk to me that exists, he can now chat.

The en; then you know what is good and productive again.

Whatever I do, God doesn't mind what I do and he doesn't get mad at me.

Changing shape; look at a person and state lesser weight. The creator will cause the person to appear and act like a slenderer person with less weight. If that happens,  the creator causes you to lessen your own weight.

Change and form; this is the form caused by the subconscious making the form seem to be there.

Lupus; he allows me to help with the character sheet. He doesn't mind what I do.

Money; I ca keep money and spend it wisely.

Black judge; the black judge up for Supreme Court gets the position.

Focus; the idea is done by feel think and you know what to do.

Stacy; she answers the office door.

Mj; she stops treating people like trash.

Chris; he is no longer cut off from extra funds and can easily get 5 to 10 dollars.

Uninvasive maneuvering; this is non invasive by feel.

Paul t; he gets on patches for nicotine addiction.

I arr; yes death
U arr; you or no death
Dit; woman
En; men
An; man
It; he
Enh; she
Ith; fat
E; he
Er; her
Un; punishment
Atria; hatred
Unn; punishing
In; not
Not; nothing

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Skindancing or skinwalking

 What is skinwalking or skindancing?


Don't do this if you don't want to be insane by directing your demon too much.

Will it make me go insane?

Any use of the demon self will possibly drive you insane, as it will do anything you say, and that includes driving you insane. So, if you will it to not make you insane, it will not make yourself insane.

How does one skindance in this way?

Basically the point is this, allow your demon self to take the body. The demon will they physically shapeshift into the form. You don't actually tell your demon self to take the other body by thinking the idea to it. You would still be able to control it. Think to it what you wanted then the other person you don't like, they would be skindanced to by feel. So if you tell your demon self to take the body of a wolf and you become that wolf. Then that you would skindance to by idea.

So what happens? And how do I communicate to the demon self?-

Skindance is the shift of your demon to the other form. You communicate with your demon self by thinking you are communicating with it, and it answers. All you need to do this: think that your demon self takes possession of the other body (whatever it may be, animal or person), and when it takes the body of whatever it is you choose for it to take, your conscious will be split for a bit while it is seeing what the demon does. You think to it, that you see through it's eyes. Then, you see through it's eyes until you think not to see what it does.

What happens to the animal?

Ok. If it goes into the body of an animal or person, it temporarily will kill the animal or person and animate the body for your demon self. Then the animal will get it's consciousness back when your demon self leaves and returns to you. You see when it leaves, it shifts the spirit and soul back to the body unless you don't desire it.

And when the demon self returns?

The myth that the more a skinwalker shifts is, the more traits of that animal it gets in human form when the demon shifts back to you is true. So if you want to keep the traits then keep them, otherwise, think "purge" and it purges those traits. (If you wanna keep the traits, then just don't worry or think about it, but otherwise, just think purge and you won't get those traits).

Does that mean I'm going to change?

Every time you shift it to an animal, there is very small changes each time. They are noticeable to your senses. This would take multiple shifts to make them noticeable. If you do (do complete) multiple shifts, you will still be able to keep your human consciousness when the transformation is complete, but this takes a long time as the transformation is very long.

Does the duration of being in the animal affect how much I change?-

Not really, because the longer your demon self is in the body of the animal, the more you control it. Your body stays the same until the demon self returns.

So how do the changes accelerate?

The more the demon self goes in and out of that body, the more your body changes. When you call your demon self back to you (think to it, that it [your demon self] returns). If you possessed a wolf, the first changes will be when your demon self comes back from the body of a wolf.

What are the changes that take place?

Well, you'll temporarily seem like the wolf, except you're standing on two legs, and then you're yourself again. The small changes that start when you repeatedly shift your demon self into a wolf and back is getting you furryness at first with an undeniable scent (..wolf and back is growing fur and a particularly wild musk that understands belongs to a wolf). Then the senses and instincts happen (senses and instincts develop). This is (This happens) later on as it continues back and forth with the shifting.

What about the other parts of a wolf?

So if you want to know about ears, tails, claws, and teeth, those aren't really forming if you want to know the truth. But it's open to interpretation somewhat, so no one truly knows if you get those. I'd assume you do, but it's like I said, you won't really ever know.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Physical magic

 Sometimes with magic it's the focus of your brain, that is the frequency your thought intent creates with the brain making thought waves through the aura. where the aura sends out the energy frequency set by the brain and the brain wave made by the aura creates your change. you don't however, see energy manipulated. The pinneal gland is the psychic gland of the body and is what sets the frequency in the brain to create results. thought that you needed to create wealth, if you think that long enough, your brain causes the aura to send out frequency waves. this energy wave creates the idea you thought with it's influence. 

If you eat or drink something..the attempt then speeds up with the added energy. However, natural stones also speed up the effect. You see natural stones would also amplify the aura wave. I heard this.  If we imagine that we are in a place with natural stone, we can attract that energy. 

"I am" stated will cause a manifest since it is a positive idea you state. If you state it out loud long enough you create an instant idea. Also, think of the idea you want as you state that, the moment you intend will be attracted to you if you intend it long enough.

What will you say?  Let me give an example. "I draw the energy of natural stone all day long" or "I am" will work as you think your intention. It makes your intention, you don't have to say the intent to get an effect. You could make up a word if you wanted to for an effect.

Think positive to get positive results, so if it doesn't happen even though we think positively, its in a clogged chakra points the chakra points could get blocked so you only need to unblock them to get a result. That blockage is really in your blood flow where blood flow energy that goes to the pinneal gland = chakra point energy that creates your thought. 

The blood flow sometimes runs across fatty buildup and that can cause a chakra block. Some bad luck can occur from the blockages. So cleanse the chakras to clear your blood of fatty buildup, and it turns into good luck so you have no excuse of why you get bad luck. Its a thought in itself that is cancelled out by thinking or stating, "nothing happens if bad". 

The point that's bad is where you can consider things and feel bad about it or get a bad condition. So think it's good if you can it's a positive in some way. If you think positive you would think that "Not that it's bad", so if you don't feel bad then it's not. If you don't feel the results, then you have a chakra blockage. Now to cleanse the chakra points, either do exercises or listen to chakra cleansing youtube frequencies.

Here are some suggestions..:

1 hour cleanser:

30 minute cleanser:

quick cleanser:

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Creative users

 This is from creative points made by users I "chatted" with by feel. Enjoy what you read.

The response; the nurse comes today and I get my invega trinza shot earlier than usual.

The nurse; they get his reply and I am notified on what occurred.

Not minding; I don't mind what occurs by feel.

Trinity; she comes to make me happy and I get paid.


Ricardo; he doesn't mind what I do or did.

Whatever; Whatever the delay it no longer exists for the nurse and he replies to eppic pharmacy.  He also comes here as early as possible.

Right response; by magic i ca create the right things to make a good response and good results.

The point; the power that be no longer blocks me from getting results quickly.

Act normal; I act normal no matter the  point and thus react Clearly and calmly to any situation.  I always get a good result and don't mind what happens.

Trump; no matter the reason or idea, Trump is not reelected.

Cars; cars turn out to be flying by the time things turn out to work for us.

Unengorgio; the reverse to expansion in idea.

No matter; no matter the weight it reduces itself by feel.

Whatever; whenever I am aware of things,  I can create easily what I want  or do need.

Train; it passes on and we get to our destination quickly.

Focus; create as you will, you will make what you need.

Stacy; she gets here tomorrow and works by feel as it isn't that bad.

Paul t; he no longer blames me by feel for stealing and pays me the 60 of what I am owed.

Mgr; she can take me to the store. No matter the point and there's no stress. She gets back soonest to here.

Paul t; I don't get in arguments and he doesn't mind what I do.

I see; think and you know what you can do.

Judy; she doesn't mind what I do and feels relaxed around me.

Vladimir putin; he now has my bad luck and I have good luck instead.

Stimulus check; I no longer have to wait for the Stimulus check to come to me, no matter the point.

The fixx; they fix the problem with the oil and imports by may, so they cease recession by feel. No matter the reason or point, a solution to our economic problems is gotten.

Dejection; I no longer have bad reactions or Dejection to what is there.

Paul t; he no longer is impatient with me and accepts what I do without complaint. He accepts my company  and doesn't think to try and shoo me out.

Snow day; I can walk outside on this day and not slip by feel.  The snowday doesn't actually sleet or Snow.

The white house; they increase oil production and lower the oil prices by feel. We don't draw ourselves into recession.


France; president macron gets reelected as French president.

Hostile; hostile aliens see the planet's illusion that is no longer seen by friendly people.

Act; I act like I got enough sleep no matter a point.

Sedrick; he doesn't think I called the police. No matter the point.

Paul t; he doesn't think I am getting into his business.

Renewal; my  body recharges itself using the creators energy and I am fully refreshed by feel.

Putin; Russia doesn't get any farther with the war and the Ukrainian president is spared.

Paul t; he doesn't use up his stuff within 2 days time.

Funds; I get at least 5 to 10 dollars per day.

Lalate; no matter how much he tries to panic me i am not panicked by feel.

Walmart delivery; they always deliver in an obvious spot that i can find and the right place the items ordered.

Stress; the lalate stress is reduced by sleep and he gets some.

Eye = I
Mudd = coffee
Pkg; package, a bill that has thousands of pages.
Bi = Bill; a congressional idea that is hundreds of pages.
Ases= assess, consider

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

lupus past dragon self

This is lupus a friends past life.  This is written down as I psychically observed it.

He liked laying down and relaxes by focus on things that cause events. He loved observing psychically the idea and writing down the event he noticed.  He had things that made him happy. He surrounded himself with items that he collected.  These items served as energy to him. Other than that, he was actively seeking entertainment and could summon anything to his area. Although, he always knew what was occurring as he was psychic. This is a point from the past.

His abilities ranged from psychic perspective and seeing the result come to fruition. To focusing on the elements that he could form by willing them into existence.  This is what I observed was his last act of life.  He got into a mating fight for survival and died defending himself. That's what I observed by psychic means. There is more later to come.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Focus area magic

 The focus area is the point or place of effect. If you wanted to hide something, sometimes it's behind things if you search around in the area. So think of the effect you need, want it to effect the area and then it could appear where you think to notice, say a fire effect, it's usually a black mark on the surface area. Keep focusing and you get a fire from the concentration. Think and you know. This is something that can either be observed or felt to be there by using your senses. 

This is what I attempted by feel and got some results from:

Spells; Some point for spells; the left side of idea is = or ; that means effect activator, and right side is definition. This is where you say the idea for the effect  or trigger word and look to read the definition that the subconscious does by feel. See that's how this works, if you think about the effect and don't need it, then you can cancel out anything that is existing except other spells as though you will the effect to exist. So if given enough time for the energies to surge and do the idea for you. This is in effect by what is what where you think, so if you don't mind I think I will go and do what I need. However, by what you don't want to happen won't occur, except by ghost. These are the things I think are possible here.

ricardo; he doesn't feel the need to leave or quit his job and things die down by feel.

download; the torrent download finishes up quickly.

xilisoft; the movie conversion into ISO is fast and effecient. This completes successfully, too. whatever the reason for non completion. it completes by feel..

travis; he gets to the doctor so his wires get removed. his arm doesn't get cut off no matter the point.

stacy; she comes get travis and they get to the hospital and the operation occurs.

reductions; the use of any action or stamina is what reduces the excess bodyweight.

en comp utat = at the end of computations.

thought; the president is good at what he does, thinking causes what he wants.

toxic avenger; the toxicity of poison is directed at a target with no effect to myself and things work out in the end. This ca kill bugs and roaches by feel.


paul t; he no longer desires weed by feel.

whenever; whenever I need to exercise, I exercise. Then, I don't gain weight afterwords and I don't eat more.

pigging; I am no longer pigging out.

en is if

cr4stimulus; they want to do this by feel.

ss300; the president also does this.

gate weaving; Think of the place you want to be in and focus your energy by frequency and if you intend to be there your there, otherwise focus the frequency that your energy has by feel that is directed with the mind into becoming an oval that is big enough to see through if you want to use it as a viewport. Think to open it up to be as wide as your body size. Then, you can create with a point that is thought and step through in to a new place and time. You see, this can be a time portal, so think of the time to be there by feel.


I am; I am aware and allowed what I get in life. This is all I need.

The fact; I have things that are easily given, what's free is free.

If abandoned; if abandoned, then the fact of life is its easily gotten. so a tap or two on the object side is enough to send it to where you are and it's not stealing.

6th; the sixth dimensional energy no longer kills the lalate broadcast.

focus; think with the focus to clear your mind, then you create with the point of life.

vladimir; vladimir putin gets replaced and deposed with a non war monger.

I am; this is stated to create instant results.

we are; we are the united states of america.

USA; we do more for ukraine than usual.

jeebus; he wins on his lottery tickets and no matter the point he's lucky.

focus II; I think this is the point of something said and then creation in effect.

the president; he is no longer blamed for what occured.


paul t; he doesn't mind what I do.

putin; he stops wanting war and things work out by feel.

joe biden; he is good at speaking and gets his message across.

amazon; sooner than usual they are on the tracking map.


toxic prime; he gets a dream that he wants by feel.

paul t: he gets his check in tomorrow by mail no matter the point. I get paid 70 dollars. 

joe biden; he does things necessary for the ss200, ss300 or ss400 version 2.0 to be done.

US oil; it is stabilized and making things easier.


the point is done except for war, think positive if it is positive and if negative then nothing unless necessary.

en iz = end war

amazon delivery; they deliver my order when its earliest possible.

mass benefit; the mass inflation ceases and reduction occurs instead even if you move or don't move around.

mass reduction; the body mass goes down and things work out by feel.

no longer; I no longer need to eat all the time.

pokemon summoning; pokemon summons are easy to do. Imagine energy as a ball that you call the name of and this is shaping itself as a pokemon in your hand. then toss and enjoy the fun. Imagine or think the effect that occurs with this pokemon. Dismiss the pokemon when done to cause it to dissipate harmlessly in thin air. You can even summon one to guard your stuff, the pokemon does what you think it does so you are in control. This is a noted fact of constructs, too. It works, you might have to try it out to prove to yourself that it does. As always, enjoy yourself as you you do things like this!

russia; russia leaves ukraine and other states alone.

success; I get success at getting the gigs I posted on fiverr.


eppic shot; the eppic provided invega trinza shot gets done sooner than usual, no matter the point.

worry; the worry of the moment is settled by feel.

the point; the point isn't always done if negative or war based. it is done if allowable by feel.

thought; the point is achieved if you think it is done and don't intend warfare.


focus; the idea is done except for war, think and you shall achieve.

writing stuff 

I wonder whether the reason why no one has been able to claim the Randi million dollar prize is due to the beliefs of the skeptics interfering or it's allowed by feel in the moment.

I think that cr4stimulus is likely to get done and created is a stimulus check that comes to us no matter the point.

Shifting realities

The moment you think of the area or the reality to shift to, is the moment you create the point that is thought of. The creator or God shifts you to the place and time that exists. This is where you think of the moment and your subconscious shifts you through use of the creator. So the faith of the moment is where you think of things and you can create with the power within the body. The faith is then what you think and wait for to occur.

Then the point is this, time is different there, if you think of time differences, you can create that time or timing in a moment. The idea is a concept that is created by feel. Need the idea and you create where you want what it is. The creator gives you indications as to what is there. You know what is there, if you feel it's needed to know. Think and you know what to do.

There is something called permanent shift if you want to shift. It's basically respawning with a kink of life. This is when you don't have to believe it, it happens by feel. If you think in and about shifting and being somewhere, this can then be other universe, then die here if you say had an accident so then as you think to be there you are. The thing is it's iffy. You can be two or more places at once, that's done by the power using the moment of the subconscious and soul. But think, if you die any where then your in those other places. Its interesting where you are by this slingshot method done by idea. 

I met my double that way and he didn't like pictures though he allowed me to learn. Its actually self-proving, you prove it to yourself or get no results..from it. Basically, the people that look like you are where you are there yet not there. They are you soul wise, yet they don't live where you live. However some people wouldn't believe, me if I told them.. so I think its to prove it to yourself and believe it's possible. 

Yes, if you successfully do this.. you will receive a image of the person or area from them.. like a vision or real dream. Its fascinating, then you know you have a double. A doppelganger, another you basically. Respawning occurs when you die here.  Then you become that other you. Otherwise, you reanimate your dead body and become alive here. So think and you can figure things out.

If you need a method to learn valuable information about something.. use meditation. Think as you meditate what you need to know, then you receive that said info by realizing it. This is used as the meditation technique where your soul had you realize things from the brain activity. So, meditate by listening to any music, thinking to know what you need as you relax. Then your soul causes you to realize what is the knowable things about it. What you don't realize, that is the things that wouldn't work as it is for you by feel.

recipes and potions

The skittles tea; This is combining the skittles flavor packet with tea and stevia. mix it up and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Friend magic

 This is the point you say "be well" and the person fares well. Think and things work out by feel. If you say it, you can get it, so that is one thing to remember with this idea. Think the point or the thought you speak about and your soul creates what you need. The creator is the soul form of the source or being that created us. Think and you shall know.

Some magic; Think the point of what you intend and you make with the idea you see or state out loud.

Pauls card; they stop getting things from his card. He doesn't suspect me for getting money from his cards.

Stealing; they stop stealing from Paul.

He recovers his lost money and things.

Focus; upon focus he recovers quickly.

Biofeedback; use of body fat energy to heal the feet or whatever ails you.

Santa; unsantatize me.


Judy; she doesn't mind what I do.

Mars; the Mars inhabitation has no problem or incident.

Martians; the Martians no longer exist and things work out in the end.

Explosion; the explosive elements no longer exist.

Mandela; the Mandela effect is looked at by feel and observed otherwise.

Everything; Everything doesn't seem to go wrong with no talking to Juneau.

Thought; the point about money is that I no longer need to spend it.


Chris; he has an easier time in getting results.

Juneau; he leaves me alone and gets arrested.

Weight; i take off my fat suit. I reduce in weight and become thin.

I; I don't mind.

ayami; he or she gets arrested by feel.

Focus; on focus this works,  by feel you know it exists by what is observed.

Doctor; the psyche doctor will see me sooner than usual.

World tension; the world tension from people drops by feel.

Paul t; he gets his money tomorrow in the mail and I get paid 70 dollars earlier than usual.

Focus; the focus is a point you look at and your energy makes positive results.

Amazon; i get my shipments from Amazon shipping by feel. I am not an urge.

Trump; ex president Trump does no irreparable harm to the democrats.

Trump; Trump helps the dems no matter the point.

Personal; Whatever i hear of things is no longer taken personally and things work by feel.

The need to get food; i no longer need to eat or get food.

Mandela; the Mandela effect no longer occurs.

Simba; he gets his computer problems fixed.

Simba's computer; i do the right things to get it to work.  The computer fixes itself by feel quickly and successfully. The restoring files completes quickly.

Whatever; Whatever the cause,  simba's computer is restored and works no matter if it doesn't work before.

Finishing; the finishing restore is done successfully.

Whaever; his computer works great and quickly.

Asking; whatever i ask seems reasonable by feel.

What ever; Travis actually has enough to pay me for getting things from the store for him.


Dems; the democrats are no longer broken and they come through with their promises by feel.

Things; they work by feel and I get what I want.

Mgr; the manager gets her Amazon ebt shopping done and the milk chocolate is ordered by feel.

Focus; this is where you focus and fix things by feel.

Creative; the point is done so things you need are achieved and I lose 45 lbs and keep it off.

Mattman; he does my wishes and makes it occur soon.

Judy; she treats me well and friendly.

Meeting; Judy ends the meeting with the manager quickly.

Weight; I no longer gain weight and by feel lose the weight I gained by feel.

I lose weight; I get very thin instead. Your inner self that gained weight no longer causes you to gain weight.

Whatever; Whatever causes me to swell up in weight. No longer causes me t o swell up and I lose my excess weight instead.

Tight; I am fit and trim.

Belly; very thinness is no longer denied me, i am no longer big in the belly and my belly is thin as a pancake.


The animals are  now with my excess weight and I am without it.

Whatever blocks me from doing magic no longer blocks me from doing it.

Stacy; Whatever blocks her from finishing up on Amazon shopping no longer keeps her from finishing up. She is relaxed.

Enning pin t

Block; the block is dissolved and I get my need.

Amazon; the shipped package from Amazon arrives earlier by feel and I receive the package by feel.

Travis; he gets his arm and hand fixed by the doctor soon.

Russia; putin decides to not invade the Ukraine by feel.

Paul t; he allows me into his room and I get tea. His guest leaves by feel earlier than usual.

Pauls guest leaves by feel earlier than usual, within 15 minutes, and I get tea.

Ss400; the president makes the call to ss and gets inflation in place instead of cola.

Disrupt attack; the weather turns bad near the Ukraine borders in reality and the Russian troops go back and no attack happens.

Discord; the point of communication happens without lag on the computer, no matter the point.

Tea; Paul t remembers to make the tea.

Blame; I don't get blamed for what I do. No matter the point.

Hit; no hit happens here.

Paul t; he recovers by feel and remains my friend.

Leech; I am no longer a leech.

Focus; its not going to close and I will have everything.


Paul t; he responds well to chat and normally again.  He allows me into his room and acts like a friend.

Paul; he no longer shuts me out by feel. He allows me in his room and is friendly. Our relationship is no longer unhealthy by feel and I am not toxic to him. I am no longer irritated by Paul and his actions. Paul is corrected and he makes better decisions.

Stacy; she calls the hospital or the hospital  calls her to check up on Travis sooner than usual.

Day; I will not repeat a daytime.

En  is this
Russia will stop wanting to invade Ukraine by idea or feel.

The end of the speech; this i know,  we will be alright and things will work out in the end.

The point; the point is the dissolvation of our economy so think and you shall get what you want.

Noone; noone interferes with my losing weight by feel.

Street car; the trolley system is no longer blocked by feel and things are good sooner than usual.

Salin; saline solution
Ina; flow no harm
Sanction; without pay, a forced solution to cause no money to be received by the sanctioned country.

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