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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

focal energy

This is an example of what focal energy can do. This came from a past life that laughed at everything and worked with what is the necessary things to get things done. When he didn't laugh he wasn't serious, he was laughing at himself.

This was funny to him, so I allowed him to think what he wanted and do what he was doing. Nothing seemed to worry me or him, so I believe he held no special ability.

He just knew how to work and laugh things off. These are some things I saw in his lifetime, related by some activity:

Hand movement; The focus points has some area effects, where you can think then create by what is done with feel. What the man, clear the hand and you can do anything. Anytime you think to do things. I think I will start now.

Mover; moving is fun by yourself with others help, this means I am moving out and staying away from the crazy area. So salley vie from Palo duro.

Moved; I moved to my new place, so I think I created an eagle or hawk to be somewhere. With equal mindset to what my focusing is possible to make, this makes my next ideal.

Animal focus; think with vibration, thought is obvious as to whose it belonged to. Focus with intent to know an interest, this then uses your focus to concentrate the focus or devising with intensity as you think to know the point you feel is needed.

So think the point, then you know the ideal solution by situation. Then allow the body to act naturally, where the man body will react differently from the females reaction.

The point then is an option, that you can focus and create your thought to make what you want as you feel the idea is there. That is the animal focus, just don't do it near a female person that might bitch slap your attention to her.

Then you know also what you can do with her or him, as he or she can create what you want if you express what you desire by this. If its not in their interest, then they won't do a thing so be warned this is warning you should stop and do something else.

Think then focus; think the idea then focus, thinking to create what you want by fee or feel.

Think; think a point and the creator creates what you need.

Focus; he the Indian person isn't here and not coming back.

Alt-right; the alt-right group are disbanded and not even allowed near the states.

Whatever; whatever I do I don't get laughed at for no appearant reason. So I will use food from the bleu gardens food truck to do this. I think this will work out, so no matter the point I will lose weight by this effort.

Focusing; I lose no hope no life no regard that I do not need, so by this deed I think I will start with diarrhea and work through the day on various things. That is all for now, ciou.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

next to last life

This is the life I will call the next to last life, it believed in the next life as it studies the last life or past life that is there. there are thoughts however, that the thoughts that exist is the thoughts that create. However noted in the lifetime there is no point and theres no bondage or addiction, however there is sexuality and a little materialism. So I think this an example from it:

work test; work test over, think then you are aware and awake.

thoughts; think of coming when you want to come, that was just a reaction.

Weight; I will drop below 188 lbs and stay below 188 lbs by whenever and whatever I do in an empathic mode or non emphatic. So I no longer seek sweets or need sweets. I need things as I can get them.

Fair deal; As long as there is a fair deal I am fine, where things exist then things are what can make us aware or we are aware.

Doing; So do a bird a favor by feeding one and the spirit of the bird shows when it does something for you by leaving a feather. Use a bird feather for a point or indian band. Keep the change or money you got to pay for services or those that they service.

fear; I no longer have a fear of heights, the fear of heights is gone as well as any other fear so I know when not to do things.

thought; I can stand it if its so exact or unexact.

thinking; think what you like, go purchase that ideal or thing you want, then recompense or use less by what you feel.

itself; he or she passes the house inspection.



mirindy; she recovers quickly and creates better from what occurs.

#1: You “re-sync” with your elemental nature in order to best discern the right kind of relationships, to suit your needs and energetic style.

#2: You sync-up with your correct Triplicity in order to best manifest the relationships you most desire.

#3: You connect with others in a way that supports your authentic nature as revealed by your Element, Zodiac Sign and Triplicity.

money; whatever occurs, I always seem to have enough money to handle the situation or point to point sale.

the laptop; it seems to work no matter what I do.

the end

orgone thinking:

clinton; clinton wins the entire race for presidency, may we endure a female president and she not make that many mistakes.

danny; danny moisant recieved in my messages and can bring me to where I need to go to in an idea that seems plausible, lets hope I can do what needs to be done.

Removal; the creator removes the energetic blocks of dark and negative energy.

I am done

1 585 868171

spacewalk; the mission is successful. everything success in ustream and amongst other things.

no more; just so no more drinking alcohol and you can sleep where you rest.

legal; medical if you want to use or not as marijuana should become legal, because its voted in on the votes next november.

things; "things won't be allowed to just be walked away with by feel." that was set to create a no theft concept, so its just by feel now. I am the some, adjusted by the subconscious just so you know its the end so think en then go.

some article to do:

vibrant speaking; think of the vibrancy, think the frequency that is your thoughts, then think a point and its heard if you want it heard.

End; Think a point and then the vibrant thought is frequency or thought focused and its done. Then the vibrancy ends and its normal again by feel.

lisa; she doesn't mind me nor doesn't not like me doing things around her or the building when I do things unless I am bike riding then I am on my own.

self-esteem; self-esteem is there by thinking it is there, this is where you don't have to buy or sell your services or buy anything and you will feel all right. you always will have high-self-esteem. Whatever you do, you aren't achieving goals at the expense of anothers livelihood. So nothing was wrong, just done differently. So there is no self-disgrace.

monroe; the monroe pictures are there so she can enjoy them. ciou for now. I will add more when I think of more, yet I think this covers this life nicely where the rest of the stuff like where he worked which was nowhere and why was because he didn't care to work for a corrupt government. This means he was very secure in his own ways and that was the point I saw. So I think this ends the chapter in this this lifetime. seeya.

Monday, August 29, 2016


I had a point where I have a dream about the pointalism and things I got in my life, I think that I just think I had them but I don't anymore, these are dreams as I think I have what I need. So I have what I think when I need them, otherwise I have them when I can find them. So if I think this means created equality amongst outsiders, history is what seems to repeat or not repeat. Yet is what reveals what happens, so the outsiders are there and there's no war with them. That I can think above and beyond about. This is what the past life I was observing for this information below, this revealed to me things by knowing with what I could detail.

Think or focus; think or focus, your choice just go and you are gone. Now I have to find a replacement point man to get what I need, for idea in what to do i will use chris's example or so I think about things. This should go well.

Tension release; this is a tension release and relief from stress. Think and you listen to music to achieve it easily.

Mucus; mucous an piss is a natural water if in case you find yourself in an area abandoned. Feel the need and you can get a natural drink. If you don't like it then you don't have to have it or do it.

Thought; Think the point or idea an then you do it, this is think or feel in the point then you know it.

Weighing; whatever I weigh, I weigh less tomorrow. So I am not surprised if I don't.

Crystal serenity cruise; the serenity makes their journey, they succeed by what they do to get through the northwest passage.

The latch; the door latch unbreaks and nothing is missing, as its counted as low value.

The value of things goes down as you think to steal it. So think as you like, you aren't going to steal things.

Niceness; people relax around each other, so they aren't rude or too tense.

Thinking; thinking in a point I think this is an end to the red booze and records idea I have seen, so enjoy yourself.

The reaction; the reaction to me adjusts itself, so that I don't react rudely to others and others don't rudely react to me. So due to my presence, they no longer have that reaction by relation.

The relation; the relation is related by fee or feel to what is associated, so thine or thal by this is a point and gets no rude reaction.

The adjustment; the adjusted idea is set by what you think the point is then, speak as you want something and as the point you express changes attitudes. You are set for life with thoughts as ideal concept is adjustment as life works.

Peter Paul smarr; he gets the candle holder, the clock and the clock can work by feel if needed to work. That means he can get what he wants.

Wolf pack; the wolves care not to feed off livestock and aren't hunted.

Dolphins; feds won't ban swimming with Hawaiian dolphins.

That is all I say I saw. Not what others have seen unless they saw what I looked upon with interest. So ciou till tomorrow.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Experimental orgonne

This is experimental orgonne, that you can focus and think of use to create by the feel or concept that's thought. The thought is this:

I is the creator conscious. so the way I built the matrix was the crystals that interact with the mind as you think, then when you feel the idea or point things out then the crystals respond by resonating to your frequency and effecting if nearby to create what you want by feel or thinking about things.

This is basically using the volcanically formed crystal, formed to create what is needed. telepathically we can still communicate so the crystals enhance communication and the ideal focus, where you think a thought or feel a point to create the desired ideal response.

This is similar to think focusing energy to a drink. so if you think to a drink, then you energize the drink, right? well crystals also can perceive the thoughts and do what you feel is necessary. that is what is interesting about this system.

This is what was built off that system called crystal orgonnics, where all you had to do is think, suggest or type and you get what you want unless you decide its not a possible idea by situation or point:

Thinking; think and you know what will occur. That simple and that ideal situation will disappear like the moment it was created, if you decide it was meant to disappear.

Think; think a thought and you will know by what is done is right. This is a will or brought moment from what you do.

If positive then negative, think or feel then you process emotion so any addition is subtracted if too much. Sorta like +/- for the benefit idea.

Thinking positive or think big; think normal, think big then you will notice what's there.

Think small; thinking small then you will notice the fine detail. By thinking big your thinking small.

Think the end; think the end then state the fact, then you will notice things work your way.

Think to use; think to use the device then you know what is done or dealt with. This is by feel, with a by your way or my way feeling, I am thinking this is done by you or me with fee or with feel.

Think to know; feel to don't or think to know by the feeling with us or others, then you know how you can act by how we think.

I I ie; causes Paul or an expert to step in and do things for you. Have in mind what you need when you state, think or make a request.

I iw; make live: make things recover by what you do.

I is done; I ie make living and recover, recovery occurs by what you feel or think you do.

Medical marijuana; this becomes voted in and legal. People are none insane.

Those that end with it or end it aren't addicted, they aren't weed heads and crack smokers if not overused with no bad reprimand.

Update; I don't know but diarrhea from three glasses of tea, topiramate and one other natural fiber forskolin will work wonders if I keep under 1700 calories eaten and dranken.

Lisa; she does pay me 20$ near the first for services, so I think this works out. I don't mind that she doesn't need me.

Peter Paul; he is not broken in body and spirit.

So think; this would be effective if it is viable cost wise. Efficiently I don't see the ideal savings I was looking for by now. So go do as you want to do.

So I think I will keep going with the three, until I can't get one of them. Something can replace another thing, so things work out by fee or feel. Ciou till later.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

crystal orgonne

Okay so I thought, what if I could get away with things. These are things I thought of while looking at events that occur. What if the gemstones can do the deed, the gemstone is a point not unlike a computer. So this is what I came up or down with by feel.

Repositioning; respositioning is done, think and your desire is granted unless its stealing things then this is where its repositioning instead.

Refurnishing; the things stolen are refurnished and we reclaim them otherwise at a lesser cost an then is dead idea not to be done.

The end; the end is an idea by what you think, so think what you wish to occur then the idea might happen.

The focus point; the point you see is what you thought to use, dismiss it as you look at it or create idea with focus at another thing.

So think and you can find things differently occurring. That is all for now, so that is what may occur if you thought it would by what you think. Ciou.

Friday, August 26, 2016

psychic visions

These are things that occurred by psychic visions, that I noted down and hope some don't occur. I believe that this means, that if they occur that were dead within 10 years time. So I think that if the creator caused some events, the events you would want are up to you. If you want to see a psychic vision, think to see a psychic point then focus your mind by voice or activity then you will see what you want to see.

As you think to see the vision and drink something or drink water otherwise relax your mind and allow your sight to come to you, then you see what will be if its possible. If its a good visual vision to you or not a vision as its nothing but a dream, then you will possibly want to have the idea occur unless its a bad idea.

This is where you want something and someone else doesn't, then you know that you won't get it if they influence the event to not occur and control the right group to do things. If its a bad psychic vision then you will not want it to occur, so the creator will either stop the event or cause something better to happen. Feel okay if you want to, otherwise think or not to disagree as you know it is okay unless you don't want it.

Things that work; things that work are there and things that won't are gone till fixed or left in place.

Things and less; the pictures were finally taken down off the wall, only to be replaced by a few bigger pictures. Let's hope they stay there until not needed.

Things and more; more things can be bought and all, with the failing economy I doubt we could afford it unless the right donations were given.

Your thoughts; this is the thought of the day, with the raising water brought by a wave. I believe a tsunami that went through Texas. I think a thought here is appreciated to accept what is here and done.

The heat; the heat is going up, and we are sweltering, so let's enjoy what remains of our days. Ciou.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

list of orgonne

This is a list of orgonne and things that occur.

Bennu; NASA succeeds with the space missions it set out to do. This includes the bennu asteroid mission, that NASA was to get samples gotten from an asteroid bennu.

Taken down; the tent is taken down outside finally, so I think that this is amazing idea. Just waiting for mail is fun, but this is like a focus point. Seen is a point that I thought into existence, so what I think is the idea that exists will achieve or will do.

Everything gotten; I got everything I recently ordered this month. Now to await the power cord for the e6400 lattitude. So I hope i am aware enough to what is enough so i dont overspend.

I think I am aware of my options, so I wait a short period of time I hope. I think this is a point I will call my friend david for ideal points, for what I got if it is defunct or not worthy my time. That is all for today.

Clear; Clear. So this is all clear and gone, thinking the point you think then you know.

Now; now I will type and do like I do, hoping he doesn't mind the repeat of today as today is what I could think of to create.

All clear; all clear this, this is the all clear so do what you like. Ciou till tomorrow.

Returns; whatever is put forth as concept is appreciated, whatever money spent is earned back or gotten back by fee or feel and if necessary by double.

This works with spending, tax returns or buying things. This does not effect weight of where you lose weight, then you keep the weight off.

The ending; the ending if needed to know is known and shared with you by the third eye.

Focusing; when you focus you can think, otherwise you can shift to places by feel or thinking about the place.

The pictures; the pictures on the wall of the commons room of Palo duro stay there that need to stay there, until the manager moves them.

Repossessions; things that should be in the room, remain in the room so no theft appears to occur or not are taken.

Found; if you found a place by now then, you know in idea where you can go so enjoy the rest of the days there. Ciou for now and be at peace.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

clear from fluoride orgonne

Go away clear; the clear points are there, think an you get what you need or want.

Clearity; the clear points are there you know an if what you know, think what you want and you know what you get.

Thought; think a point touch or not, thinking a point to work with by feel is intuition. Think or use what you need, see to get what you can think you can unless not needed.

So its alright; use the one that is clear English that makes sense to you. So you know you can get away with nearly anything.

So you see; think a point to work the idea, then you can get away with nearly what is possible.

That is all; that's about it think a thought, then the moment you think is the moment you realize the possibility. An if then the probability exists this.

An if en; So this exists what is there for use. By feel I am alright, so I think I will do what I wish and not muck up peoples life. I believe so this will work out, for those that care. So thinking to buy things I am assured, I get quality or return the item otherwise I can get a refund except for laptops.

If en; The walk successful I think I am done for the day. Time to enjoy my leisure the rest of the day is resting. Ciou for now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fluoride orgonne

This is from a fluoride orgonne file I had. I could put them all but why waste time. The general idea is with a point that your theme is focus then you create by what you feel or think. This is built off of suggestion, that with a beginning there is an end.

Feel; the feel is the thing, create the feel by the way you do things. So you know what you can do.

Think; think then you know the options. The options are not always so grand as you think.

Convert; use is a point that passion creates the ideal situation, convert a point by changing a point to create a different point or resolve. You could change one thing to another, otherwise one chemical through the base use or adding a measured amount of something to create something else.

Use; use is easy, no or not as this is the point to work with by feel that you think to make better idea from. This is the point that is sometimes desire, realized or not bothered.

However you may remember, fluoride is for dissolvation to not allow things to be. Think to convert by the use, then you can create what you want.

1; This is fee or feel created to create by idea, so if religious I disbelieve. By now this is over so think what you want, do what you will and be aware as you are capable of awareness.

So I will just chill right here or go on my way an get things done by feel. This works the way I feel then, this creates a scenario to cover for the point by ideal situation. This is without fear of getting fired. Whatever, I am not going to get fired.

Some suggestions;
I will end it, nowhere or just
I am done in nowhere
I am ready when I am
I am knowing by what I do or don't think to do.
I know what I do, I give what I give
I know what I give

There's nothing to do, think by feel for this ad hoc. See or feel as you think you know so if then you will have things to do you know by what is there by feel.

Daniel or jay; so that he doesn't mind the call, text or communication, so fae can help get a communication going.

Tracy; She didn't mind it. Think and you may do things. She can get what she wants. Except she can't evict peter Paul smarr by hex or activity unless he wants to be evicted.

Fed ex; this is a mail truck, that arrives early on in the wait period to make its slated delivery correctly. That is if it is to come, then I know if it is to come.

So unless it isn't coming or its speedily coming as its coming soon. The end is it must come if necessary, sometime this is a point to wait for or mark by sigil.

Think; Tired of a person your not tired of them. Know; peace.

The end

She or he; she or he realizes I am there and feels like talking to me, even if talked to with idea by fee, feel or thinking.

The church ladies; they are here when I need them here. They are here for birthdays. They service gifts, the service they offer is value.

Do things for now. Yet they don't do a prayer so this spares my mind. Sometimes with results, there is no server for this. So think to use what you have when you want it.

Eating; You don't always eat what is handed to you.

Thinking; new idea is new things to do or get by fee or feel. Think what you want. Then you won't repeat the instructions. So what you think, you can get by the feel with no fear of things that exist.

This is with the things that are there. Then the ladies or others that serve, leave to do what they went to do. That is all the excitement for today.

The end; now the fun begins. This is as I remember the past life, its 23rd birthday today, so I hope you don't mind I will go now ciou.

Monday, August 22, 2016

thinking part one

Thinking part one is part of a dual use tape I listened to, so I might use references from it as a point or idea comes to mind. This is rather interesting though, thought is energy is creativity is power by what is there. So what I think or can think I will know by what is done. Some can think that the point is done, some can know that there is more to the story, there is more to this point nonetheless. So I think I will work with this as a point is a point and not much more than that. So what is the point? I think to create the idea you think the idea then express a point and work the thought to create or work with the area to create the moment that you want to make things with. So ciou till tomorrow, I have a fedex truck to wait for an item to arrive. see ya.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thought part une

the moon and how it effects you:

everyone seems in a horrible or different mood today

there's something in the air

like people crying, people angry, people going nuts, i didn't meet a single happy person today

very strange and sad

it was a full moon a bit ago

everyone was opposite

i think the moon affects things greatly.

this was a reply from somebody, "yes and you can also affect the moon by how you think and imagine. think the full moon effects you like gives you a burst of energy instead or choose an effect, that won't make you crazy as you imagine the moon selection phase effect. then you can get the effect that you want. sorta like a selector for the moon and your thought is how it could effect. but your right, though the moon effects you as it can effect anyone. you can decide how the moon effects you by thinking of the effect and thinking the idea to the moon. thats how you do it, as you imagine the effect you can get an effect. can is the optional word for here. seen if you can do it you will if you want to, otherwise you won't if you can't or don't want to do things. this is in the end of the lecture"

this guy was smart, but I think he could figure out the months and still get away from fighting. so I noticed he could keep away from a fight and hope people don't mind. this was my last warning, then I went to try his patience, out of spite and found he got away with things that normal people wouldn't even hope or dream of. so I learned my lesson, I think to let people be themselves, and don't bother them is a point that is important here. so sallie vie and ciou.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Thinking part deux

This came about from watching a normal day pass by, as you can see I was bored. So this is somewhat interesting to me and could be interesting to you. I wrote it as orgonne or machine energy creativity that makes things you write.

Mail; it comes today at a time that's early. If not today then tomorrow or when it was supposed to come.

If end is to come; if the end is to come, we wait or do as we must do to cope, with or without the stress.

How's this; however i can get diarrhea, except that I don't ever have constipation. So however you go there you are or if intruding by presence there you aren't.

Mirindy or the manager; she or he no longer is ill. She or he recovers quickly and comes to work.

Thinking; thinking to get things done, things are not so bad off.

Weight; no extra weight is gained.

Money; money is built up easily, no problem exists with it.

Blessed; you are always blessed no matter what you end up doing.

Religion; there is no religion, there is only the faith to live another day. That is the faith of the planet.

Communication; he or she will communicate back if communicated to by feel if necessary.

Knowing; I know what it is. It is a triglyceride molecule with consciousness.

What to do; think things through and focus water use to cleanse the hand surface with a towlette.

What not to do; ignore it and hope it goes away. So think before you act and do what is necessary. This is by you. Handle it.

The end.

Friday, August 19, 2016


This causes a point of self-reversion then, so you are normal again for things are working unless you just want to do things.


thoughts; theres no bondage or addiction, however there is sexuality and a little materialism.

work test; work test over, think then you are aware and awake.

thoughts; think of coming when you want to come, that was just a reaction.

Weight; I will drop below 191 lbs by whenever and whatever I do in an empathic mode. So I no longer seek sweets or need sweets. I need things as I can get them.

Fair deal; As long as there is a fair deal I am fine, where things exist then things are what can make us aware or we are aware.

Doing; So do a bird a favor by feeding one and the spirit of the bird shows when it does something for you by leaving a feather. Use a bird feather for a point or indian band. Keep the change or money you got to pay for services or those that they service.

fear; I no longer have a fear of heights, the fear of heights is gone as well as any other fear so I know when not to do things.

thought; I can stand it if its so exact or unexact.

thinking; think what you like, go purchase that ideal or thing you want, then recompense or use less by what you feel.

itself; he or she passes the house inspection.



mirindy; she recovers quickly and creates better from what occurs.

#1: You “re-sync” with your elemental nature in order to best discern the right kind of relationships, to suit your needs and energetic style.

#2: You sync-up with your correct Triplicity in order to best manifest the relationships you most desire.

#3: You connect with others in a way that supports your authentic nature as revealed by your Element, Zodiac Sign and Triplicity.

money; whatever occurs, I always seem to have enough money to handle the situation.

the laptop; it seems to work no matter what I do.

the end

orgone thinking:

clinton; clinton wins the race for presidency, may we endure a female president and she not make that many mistakes.

danny; danny moisant recieved my messages and can bring me to where I need to go, lets hope I can do what needs to be done.

I am done

Thursday, August 18, 2016

applicatable love

This is about applicatable love, think then you feel love or loved for what you did. Otherwise feel and you know what you can do by thinking. So I think I know I feel I work I will or wish and the spirit does things. This is the amazing part, I nearly or always get what I want by what I do or think. So what if I fail at life by some degree, I think I can make up for things by what I could achieve. Thank you and ciou till tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

applicatable focus

This is the things done to create the orgonne.

Create; think the thought then you create by the point or focus point to cause what reveals the idea.

Creation by this:
Think then you are aware by now to do what is necessary.

Creation; creation is done by now so do as you wish or like to create what you want.

Focusing; focusing is the point you feel then think then you create what you wish by the energy of what you want.

Created things:

Good feel; feeling good you do as you need to feel, so you feel then feeling good you get things done.

Good fact; The good fact is that he or she doesn't not know. Allows for when you walk, you lose the weight you tucked away.

Thinking; think the fact then the moment you think to see it you know it by feel.

Think; think a point the moment you cancel or see the idea you realize what it is.

Be; think to be what is so you know this does not hurt to write.

Done; done by now you know what to do.

Peter Paul; he doesn't have too much pain or too much to do and doesn't feel too bad so there is no swelling, as he can go on with no problem to the next doctor appointment the 29th.

Remembrance; he or she isn't dumb or stupid and remembers what to do with the computer, as though practiced.

Thinking; i think in application you focus, thinking the way you know how to go.

Application; I think in application you create by focus or idea that you use as this is what you think.

The end; there is ash falling from volcanic eruptions that go on from afar, that's causing carried ashes in the wind or sky to create what the effect is with ash fall. The size of the eruption depends on the size of the volcano.

I think so if you think about this, if eruptions occur there is some earth quakes. Then the amount of ash fall is also affected in variously, by how the volcano erupts.

That is all for real signs for today's time, that indicate the end of society and lessened temperature. Enjoy yourself. Ciou, this is in no church for the rest of the day.

The end

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aware focus

This is from yet another repeat lifetime, that does nearly the same thing as a few others.

orgonne; However noted, there is no escapism and disappointment with withdrawal unless necessary. So there's people open to new perspectives and release with no isolation, self-imposed restriction or imprisonment. See there's no creative block or dependence on others. With hopelessness, severe depression and torment there is none. There's no indecision, confusion or information overload. So any lack of progress and planning, short-term focus turns into manifestation, financial opportunity or use is a new job by feel. There's no resistance to change as we're so not unable to move on. Whatever caused the bad luck doesn't cause the bad luck any longer with no bad blood.

focus; thinking on focus things work, so you know this means things work out correctly. thinking on this I think things work out as they do and we accept things by the creator causing the event to be acceptable. so think then you get what you can get. this is then used by feel when you think then you know, so then you think you know by feel to create by ideal that you notice occur.

by; by the moment we thought of you, you may think we know. so that is all for today. seen is the point and this moment is over. unless there is none that you want, then you know not to bother. this was to use the services of those that wanted to serve, so you know that is the point to this script.

yellow stones; glass or real you won't overeat with this. you'll get fire protection instead.

focuses; your not taken wrongly yet your right, so if right your not in trouble. no innocense is lost. no spirit is taken. so be it all is done.

food; I can eat what I want and still lose weight. this is so great. so what I do is done and the worst is put off, thanks to the creator of this system. this means no more worry at the wrong time.

no; no is no more, then is not again.

star belief; There are stars and planets in heaven and the the heavens, that are what we can see as bright spots in the sky. There is a hell, that is earth there is heaven that is the sky and the heavens. We go where we think we go, this is so we aren't stuck in the paradigm of heaven and earth like the christians have it. I have included in this a point or idea that provides evidence of life on other planets, when they are born they are there. So aliens are possible to visit.

star struck; the earth or planet your on is sometimes starstruck, that is asteroid activity that is with a missile like meteor like hit if there is any that survives the atmosphere.

i ectireme aucturum; release me oh great creator from this cursed life that continues after death. now and forever more, so mote it be.

paypal; the paypal site repairs itself and shows what it did fully. no impulse buy occurs.

compliance potion; vanilla extract, sea salt, turmeric, celery seed, stevia. the cure: filtered water, syrup, vanilla extract

sugar and butter; sugar can seem a cure as butter is a cure, seems though calories wise oregano or turmeric works better. however I won't steal again, so this was my last calling for it.

the end

Monday, August 15, 2016

aware applications

This is I think an attempt to be selling something, I can't determine just what according to subject matter except maybe a bus or palo duro.

This is a list of applications that exists, according to the uses of subliminal suggestion. Some just don't do anything and come from another lifetime.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Strange affirmations

This is a affirmations list that came from the last life that I observed. Some could put you in the hospital.

Noticed effects
I will do things without list.

Daily affirmation list

I won't overeat.
I won't eat too much as I can binge or not binge and still stay under 2000 calories for the day.
I won't eat then bulge.
I will eat without fear.
I will do things unless not needed and without compulsion.
I will do pivot then go on home.
I will do things if necessary, when I know the results.
I will bend gravity, I will shoot up and go into space.
I will be away from here.
I am self-secure now.
Things to do are things to achieve, we are always attractive by giving time to people.
I'm not too bigg and won't tubb.
Peoples relation improve.
Whatever I say isn't sexual harassment.
I will think and know, before a private event is about to occur and not barge in.
Whatever I eat causes my weight to go down.
Whatever I think I will go with I will go with if necessary.
I amm not bigg with fear.
I amm not fatt with fear.
I amm not fatt with confidence.
I amm not bigg with confidence.
I am not a living abomination.
That will be correct, think positive and work with what you have.
That is correct, the money will situate itself. I will gain more money, as I think or act to get things done.
He will never fail till he wants to fail.
I will never fail by where I went for when I go I go.
I am aware off I iff ennuity.
The end is the end, that you think to have done.
I won't destroy everything you have.
Each thing is their own as you have what you own.
Its hot, think as you like.
The end

Saturday, August 13, 2016


The idea was selibus, selective in universal bus use. This idea was using the computer as though an intercedent or active orgone script creator interrupted by something off.

Seribus; serial use is with serial bus actions, this is a throw back of the computer interface at work. Think then you will know about the time you think to realize.

Thought; thought is a point, thinking is a conclusion to an endpoint. This is near the end.

Think; think what you want and the ghost I made one day by the creator, will help create what you wish to create.

About; I will be about area that I know to visit, when I die or live as i want to live. I will find this interesting.

It; this is it the programming, the end of the blog that I imagined. Now to continue with my real one.

En; the end point is your will is your way, with your desire granted as though a wish granted by the creator otherwise known as the god.

Donations; I will get donations with or without my funding, except when I need to fund things.

Other things

Andrew doesn't mind me no matter what I end up doing.

Jay Moisant; he doesn't mind me talking to him.

Body Weight; if you have taken it off, you don't put it back on.

Thinking; think what you like, then work with what is necessary.

That is all I observed of the pluro us lifetime.

Friday, August 12, 2016

newer ideal

This came from a night of deep thinking.

Things; things I eat or drink cause me more weight loss whenever I eat or drink.

Thought; though I lived I think that I am on another planet. One totally devoid of life until there is the life there. So I am safe from predators.

Thinking; I am sure that this is thought. But I meant that you don't have to do anything so then enjoy your day.

Sure; thinking itself is the important step, but look at it this way I didn't demand that you go over there last night. So forgive and forget.

Itself; if things that are working like what this is, focus as you want then work as you think it is worth it.

This was from a front-page spell rite that quells anger and allows calm.

This is from a spell of life creation.

If; if you think you know then you realize what is there.

Then; the point then that exists, for now you know.

Know; you realize the point. Know the need.

Do; think to do the point or idea, then you realize by what is done what you need to do. If you think, then is what you know to do.

End results

E En ennui; i am aware this is the end of some effect.

Blood stains; this cleans up blood stains. This also cleans up things.

En end; the end of this is think stop, then this stops things if the effect is effectively stopping some activity.

This came from an old similar blog that I happened to remember from a monster world, that was ruled by humans and worked over sometimes by the monsters.

Thinking; this is the pattern: think up something, work with the point and write the idea that exists to your mind that you think about. What I think I will do with this is focus to create as I think to use the thought as a source.

Focus; think to focus, focus to clear your thoughts. The end to this is focusing to create what you think. So you know this was fun, what I think I know though comes from energy in the area.

So don't expect much from things with little to none in potential ideal. Thank you for listening to my blog. Ciou as I am moving, this is my last part or post.

What I added after was this; think as you like this, your use usually is your own idea. Your purpose is your own choice, ciou.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Notions V

This is a person that created past lives from what was his past lives, so go figure that he had a constant thought that was sorta like a beating. Sorta like a motion, I think that this is frolicking though by him through people's minds. So don't mind what is there.

Weight; the body weight goes below 192 lbs and stays down.

Anti weight; the anti weight no longer causes advanced in swell as no longer the body is thought to swell and gain weight back.

Money return; the money return is there in credit as a point that easily is paid back.

Thought; thinking a point you may relieve the moment, so you realize the consequences and you don't suffer the point that's imagined.

Thought action; thought by activity this is the point, where exchange is possible or the thought is provided for by fee or feel.

So this is the reaction sometimes to your activity. Thinking to go and do things, you can create things easily through the point that's imagined.

Provoking reaction; if you provoke a reaction, be sure to duck and go if a fight. Think and you know what may become of this point. Be sure not to react to fear, though that is interesting.

This was part of a wad in a doom game, that I found interesting or quake game shift point. Since this wad was using earth or some other elemental rune. Thinking a point made a point or became reality.

Hijacking; this was hijacking by a point I found interesting in watching.

Dollar general Store; the end point to this was a cracked front glass panelled door and the glass all over where a window was broken. To say the least the area was not visitable again till later on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Noted effects

This is a point of ending for the lifetime that I was observing so I think this is a bit startling. I think the lifetime was called starlet.

Interest; interest paid in return is done in full. I believe I am a happy camper.

Jay Moisant; jay Moisant feels fine with talking with me again. So I think I will wait till jay returns or jay feels like it. Soon jay Moisant talks with me. Later he talks as he wants to talk.

Steve's truck; it comes back soon enough, just wait and you shall be rewarded.

The laptop; I get the best deal possible for it. The laptop works and isn't just a cheap deal.

The CD; the music CD is good enough. Just have the music CD, think it good enough and hand it over. So as you see the music works to do what it was meant to do.

Plastic; the cooked food in plastic no longer has a plastic effect.

Chairs; the chairs don't break by feel.

Game; I am out of the game and in the real world.

Weight; I will drop below 193 lbs by whenever and whatever I do.

Time; time during the wait to get food goes quickly. Time during the wait to get things goes quickly too.

Food pantry; they have a good selection of bread and other food.

Furniture bank; they only have furniture that you pay for and pick up yourself for delivery. That's it for this sector.

New stuff with end of life noted.

Mail; the purple lighter is left in the mail box if today. So i don't worry about things until necessary. No gang war happened, just think quick purple lighter effect.

Lines; the lines are what you think, describe and that is all if backed up with a story. The energy is there by feel. What you do with it is up to you by now.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Other events

This is a repeat of the past, this happened before and I can't prove it so I think this means I will wait and see if anything new comes up: Seeing that this is a repeat from before I think I will start with this:

The barbeque eat; this is the best I have tasted, so enjoy what you have gotten. I still have to deliver peter smarrs food to him. Delivered, now to live on and work with what comes.

The enjoyment; i wonder what other life is doing. This wonderment ends the moment I don't wonder.

The effect; subtle better feel that's amnesiac to pain in life. This serves as a fix to the life that exists.

High fructose; this chemical substance loses its effect and causes no weight gain by now.

Fires; no fires that are wild will start.

Flares; the flares still go up, I wonder when they will stop.

Stopping; still going till stopping by feel, I believe the fee to restore themselves is high enough to make me wonder.

Stopping yet strolling; strolling by I saw 5 babies, that went into the store I just vacated. I this k its a meeting point.

Focusing; maybe I should return to my own time and forget this tomorrow to live today. So I think yet what i consider important I will remember.

Returned; I returned to today through the viewed visit port, that I imagine to get to another time.

Came to the point of the BBQ, and started remembering. So I will write down what I lived through if it is viewed and seems to occur.

Another point; I remember seeing sasuke and think telling him to return to the dimension he came from. So I think he did and now I am free to do what I want to do.

Peter smart; peter smarr does not regain his excess weight, as he loses the excess and works off the weight and problems. He doesn't knock o er food. They remove the bandages next doctors appointment, from his foot as he is completely healed. He saves his money to do better things so I think this is the best possible outcome. His computer he gets some money back, so I think he will enjoy today.

Sorrow; a point coming up, a volcano nearby will go off and smother the area with ashed snow anyway. So I think this is the wrong time to congratulate my escape, from a okay timeline that was going bad. I think the supervolcano will go off anyway, so I won't be surprised.

Ciou; ciou till tomorrow till more news or activity occurs.

Monday, August 8, 2016

some events

These are some recent events to represent the present with thoughts from the past lives. That I will mark as notions:

Surgery; Mirindy makes it with her ride to the surgery.

Appointment; Peter Paul makes it in time to his appointments.

Private space; The private space corporation makes it to the moon with the private landing craft with no problems and back again.

Concept space; No concept space dementia exists by what is there.

Spacial; No spacial dementia exists by what is there.

Win; I win the lottery.

Mark; he recovers and doesn't find it hard to breath.

Whomever; she recovers and doesn't have a health concern by concern.

The sky; The sky when needed to rain, is unretentious.

Space program; the space program recovers then, as it has a capability to work with space.

Space; NASA is ready for sending people to space. There is no longer 5x the heart risk for people in space due to radiation. This is an ideal gold or material fix.

The end

Other things
Bicycle; mark makes is to his job and back again with my bike undamaged.

Fonts; the fonts succeed in downloading.

Glitches; the glitches resolve themselves.

Mark ii; Mark returns earlier than usual. So think as you must think.

Small; Your too small except to yourself. You didn't go, your not too big.

Things work; things work after this so your free to go. Don't be caught in the area you aren't allowed after this or this could happen again.

Jay; Jay can handle things again, as things are about now.

Timing; I don't time things wrong. I time things just right. Things don't cost so much.

Nice; things are nice after a point or clarification.

No thievery; no thievery occurs only because some security camera are there.

Thinking; I place one way to do things then I place the thought that goes with the point. That is the way things can seem use. So this I think is use.

Whatever occurs; through this act of god consciousness I will lose weight.

The stars; the stars can go out, think about where to go. Then there you are if the creator puts you there.

Lost laptop; the money for its sale is enough to appease the user of it.

A cut; you recover very quickly, there's no cut finger left.

The two; they get along with life and each other.

Thinking ii; I think this should work till something else comes up. That is all till I think of something else. Ciou.

Later on:

Think as you must This is a point or sometimes a repeat from the past.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

a wanderer

I am not unlike a wanderer amongst time and space, that creates by work or works by the space allowed. I think this was the ability of my past life called ambu, as I am aware of life I am aware of existing points of view. So I can use the point that I perceive, then all I need is to work things out to create or find things that I want. So things are better than before, I think of the point then apply the ideal to create by work for I am working things out to create by the will with desire. That is how his ability works.

So all I need to do is have an idea and work to create with the ideal situation. How he died was amazing, he was in an industrial accident. That means he got crushed with a falling machine and before he could be saved, he had died. Interesting way to die. So you see not all things are fair in life. So what I think is if I died I would die by my own choosing, not actually by an accident. That is all for today, ciou.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

general conclusion

This is what's left of my memoires from a past life that wanted to dictate to get ahead in life. Her special ability, gifted animatism or creationism that creates by the feel with the feeling that you have with the spirit. This is some orgonne or machine magic she can do:

Think then you know the orgonne or machine mechanics, this is the point of my life that I will leave blank till I choose to fill the idea in. I will start with this:

Thought; think a point then you can get anything good.

Things; some valuable things may seem bad but isn't as it is useful instead as with some valuable things.

Thoughtful; thought is the focus, think then feel to make the point that you get what you want. Otherwise feel then think of what you want to get what you think about. This can go on till boredom.

Careful; thinking a point, use is useful thought is thinking by feel. This uses intuition more than instinct.

Focal point; your focus is your point, then you think or go to get to where you are going.

Feeling; feel you process where feelings you realize.

Carpe de taunte; this is the were ideal, taunt with the point then provoke the reaction. You know the reasoning behind their reaction.

Focus point; think to work with the person or them that exist, so you are aware of what you can know to do. If you don't know then don't do things, that should see the light of day.

End of bogus business; I am in business for myself, as I do things for people and they can choose to pay me if they want to pay me. So the end of this is no business is done.

Just so you know the truth to my ideal. This is the point or path of light that I see used more often, than the path of light in books. However you may realize, you create what you sow or work with so you know unless others created it.

Sow; you sow what you reap, what you do to others as the karma states isn't always done to you in return.

Reap; you reap what you work with by fee or feel, think then you know what to do.

Do; doing is creating, you aren't always doing things that shouldn't be done.

This was part of a ritual that allowed control of fate, usually by death or life with some energy focus. This usually doesn't work, if it is a chemical induced death. That according to a show, could take minutes to hours.

This is part of a rite to control the weather. Your not dumb for trying this, as some could think you are even though your not.

Focusing; create by the feel with the ideal that is focused as a source.

Creation; the sky can will react as you create, create as you focus. Think to create your feel.

Focus; look at the sky or the ground then you create as you look so you glance, towards the sky sometimes using clay shaped into a bowl shape. Think to use a shape then you create as you shape the clay.

Looking to the ground makes things useful, used by feel with energy by the affirmed belief.

The clay responds by shaping itself, that shapes what you feel or think to shape physically . So then you create by focusing your thoughts, as you think you will.

So you see that is how you could do things. That's how you focus to create a few clouds, otherwise that by feel the idea could turn into a storm.

This is used as a concept to override the change of a body shaping, sometimes set by object or idea use.

Thought form; think a thought then you create with a thought, as you think then you know what is there by indications oftentimes set by you.

Machine magic; use by machines

Thought; thought is a pattern that you use something then, the expression is what occurs or what is displayed.

Recognition; recognize the pattern of activity, you recognize the thing that's done.

Know; you can type or think to the machine, what you think or type the machine knows.

Known; what you do is your own thing, what you type is what you want to know or this is a known thing by a few related facts.

Is; what you think is what could happen, if what happens is what you want to occur.

Or; choose one or think to ignore, this related by equality is where you think or equate what you want by logic. Remove things as you want not of what is there.

And; addition to things or ideal.

Logic; logic is ideal where you use idea, then the idea is function where functional is equated to working conditions. Logically speaking, you are sometimes fine.

This is an affirmative list of suggestions:

I will not overeat. I will not eat too much. I will not dick and appear heav yset. Notwithstanding.

I will not bbreast, hex and then appear heavyset.

I don't have to program myself or be programmed to know what it is.

I know the best deals, intuitively by heart or desire. I don't always have to buy the deal.

I can change things just by thinking at the item, machine or person then speaking.

I can create things by fee or feel, this king, thinking or activity.

I think so I am aware, i see that I am capable then awareness is there after awareness set in.

I think so I am aware, so I know what to do when I do it as though the sylvan apes did it. They can shift by will, focus and desire or need.

I know them that I speak to by feel, I am aware so I know the people that speak to me.

I know to shift by thinking of the place, closing my eyes and feeling the body energy surge or shift you by the subconscious.

The end; the end is we go our own ways, wasn't meeting up worth such partings. The end is some pairings.

This was left by a friend that stayed over for a bit. Then left as mysteriously as he came.

Affirmations from this

I won't overeat as I won't eat too much.

I won't overeat then bulge, as I would lose my account.

I am myself, I will shift by will and find out for myself.

I think circumvention, so what I think occurs action.

Think the creator then state what you want or think what you need. This acts like a bridge yo another place, that the idea is a spoken one or just a thought.

That creates what you think or think to create by life or spell. That causes a subconscious suggestion to happen if necessary.

Think then act, that is the way to go. If you'd seen this, you would know this is not just an ape. Don't Dawson and enlarge.

Jump to the planet and think to make work with what you have by feel or with gee force you feel your there. Think about this though. What is the point. This was noted by Charles right before he shifted to his home. "I can go home." So let's think "I can go to a livable breathable atmospheric planet not earth." Then hope it works.

As I suspect we will be there then know about the planet, right as we think normally. Breathing will change, area will adjust, then you will know another planet surface.

This is usually as thought use for communication or work by activity, where you are aware of this one. That means you shifted there, then you can go somewhere as you like.

That is all for now. I do know what's there, so by now your wondering how I came by this information. Think what you left behind. Then maybe you know to bring it with you next time. Ciou.

Friday, August 5, 2016

general use orgonne done on general purpose

This is general use orgonne or suggestion done on general purpose:

The fedex ; the FedEx is the truck that gets here quickly. Know if it was meant to come to the location, as I am aware here it was ordered with no delay. If it doesn't it will arrive sometime.

Whatever; whatever I do I can hold onto money, as I know where and what to spend it on.

Big toe; so its the body and bone healed up and needs no surgery. You are wealthy enough that comfortably you can do things.

Driving; he or she makes it there and ba k.

Things; things are found, so things worked out by feel even if they didn't seem there out of place.

Mirindy; mirindy doesn't hate you. she gets a successful knee surgery. That works to do what she wants. As she walks out the door, she starts losing excess weight to the planet movement. Whatever occurs she doesn't get fired over it.

Focus or talk; if things get out of hand, things settle down.

Air; the air is fixed at a lesser cost.

Chris; whatever needs fixing doesn't need repairing unless necessary because it is self repairing. The finger fixes itself. Whatever I feel I don't feel like eating.

Thinking; think as you like, this works to get to places or work with others needs.

On alert; on alert or not on alert, this is general ideal to work by fee or feel.

Then go; you go after your done doing what you were, so think then you go.

This is a rite of use for the senses, used by Hera to create what you want or wish.

This is a short prayer spell, that you can say to create strength.

Gone again; gone asleep again or not remembering, whatever the case you are restored by the creator.

Ever; ever or not you are aware of the point.

You go; you live forever as you think you do, so think you live then the creator makes it so you go on or don't go near.

This is random stuff.

On time; whatever the delivery, it is on or near time you think. Whatever it is, this is on time or before the time shown.

On or off; on goes the lights, off goes the effect where the effect is what you think. Off goes the lights, the effects are what you want.

Off you go; on purpose off you go to do something, thinking to achieve some end result.

Need; this is a need based desire, need something then you might get what you need.

Effect; the idea is the point you think. Then you get some effect by feel or thought.

Soul; the soul is the music of the mind, the memory of the brain the energy of the body. Whatever you do, you have a soul.

No; think things through, then try to come back to it.

You are a god; your a god or goddess, think and the soul creates using the creator.

Your the creator; bogus, fake or true business. You create what is the business, you do things with where this can be fake or true representation. This ends on the point of no business.

Creation; the creation is an ideal, yours to be exact yet I can choose what I want to do with it.

Own it more; own it or own up it, that's the two choices you have. Now what do you choose?

Work it; you work it you own it you know it.

Grocery buy; you know what you can get and what to get is known, the store is an intuitive experience.

This was from a past life, that created things from video and ideal points of life.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

thinking pattern

This is from a past life that was secluded and went to find something that wasn't supposed to be there. Yet as I imagine it, he or she came back as he or she was struck on the back of the head. So I guess he or she found what was looked for. This is the pattern I noted:

Weight; weight goes down 1 to 2 lbs, this by tomorrow is not including objects that are on the body.

Creator; the energy consciousness, that does things by thought. So things work out the way you want.

Eating; whatever I do or don't, I don't eat like a roach.

Focus; I won't get weighed down by weight and the creator creates eating better. This will ocur sometimes no matter the point that's done. My money comes back double that I spent, no matter the cost. May this seem to be done.

Thinking; the astronauts going into space are well protected from radiation. They face no harm and they find a way to keep mortality rates lower.

So space no longer plays havoc with the heart. The heart disease along with bone disease or other disease lowers with no life expectancy.

Reasoning; that space plane could get me out to space to a lower orbit. There could be places to see, that are showing from space that you can see from the space plane. Whatever the case, this is interesting yet you don't have to do it as this is just an exploit.

Peter paul; Pete can sleep as though a mint and milk potion were used. By feel he can sleep as necessary very easily. This is without display.

Jay Moisant; jay answers me and talks to me today. If not today, then tomorrow is today.

Whatever; whatever happens, things work out and communication is restored. As you can think of the time and space area then shift to it. This means you are there instead of here.

Think the point the way you want it then do what's necessary. Everyone's nice to each other. No hurt is done. That's the lesson of the last life.

See the end result is interaction. Whatever happens, no hurt happens to you as people are tolerant. So think then your aware, as your good with life life is good with you.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thinking game

This came from another of my past lives, that were witch consequent actions that got them in trouble. I believe the events went like this:

focus; the focus is the ideal that is the thing to work by the feel.

creation; create as you want, you are aware you can get what you went to get.

seen; your seen as a point, so think as your known that is where you are wrong or right. correct or incorrect you can seem right in your mind.

gotten; if your taken wrongly yet your right, so if right your not in trouble.

seeable; your seeable or hearable. so I think your knowable too feel lonely yet?

released; your released on your own regard so think as your right or wrong. you got what you wanted.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another rite

This is part of a rite, that causes freedoms where or when things are possible.

Creative; time for creative idea, the point you get across is what we sense. So think and we feel. This is for inanimate objects especially.

Lisa; she agrees to hand over 20 dollars for service rendered. This is when she said, about 8 to 9:30 am on the 1st of august 2016.

Lease; I pay my lease on time, no worries occur.

Bank checks; I get the money from the bank check dispersion, that came from aunt Janice accounts soon enough included in a month or less.

Diarrhea ; diarrhea causes weight loss instead of weight gain, no matter the point instead.

Oh; if that point is mentioned, nothing horrible will occur, except maybe a volcanic eruption.

Minding; if one minds their own idea or not minds what is said, the poi t is not minded. We don't mind each other.

Thinking action; The rocket fire does not cause the space rocket to explode.

Rockets; think the action then you look to do or create what you wish once or twice.

Owing; you won't lose your limb even if you had surgery. Your free to go if you want to go.

My bike; my bicycle won't ever be stolen, even if it is chained.

I'm free; I am free to do what I wish, as I wish when it is possible.

Intelligence; intelligence is not lacking.

There; there is a moment that lasts until you dec ide it doesn't need to be.

Think; think then you get what you want.

The end; the end

Then; thinking you get things could help, so think things through then you are aware.

It is; the end

Done; Think then you know the peace of mind that you need. Then it is done as though the end.

Monday, August 1, 2016


Here is the ad for Palo duro in another light. Enjoy it while things last. This is written as suggestion with a bit of cleverness, so you can live through it until you don't need to live the experience.

Creative; we make creative ideal to work with you.

Done; done is the moment, however long the moment lasts. So the moment lasts, till the point is decided to end the moment.

Overworked; we aren't overworked, we are relaxed as well though we're related to each other.

the end

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