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Friday, September 20, 2013

The idea collection

The one touch button
  The one touch button is a remote control thought in essence scene that uses what is there, and now things are what and in ef and etched into walls in us of them. There is thought of what is in a thought, when and whee and how you are that you can transfer on a thought to by a shift. Shifting by essence in thought you are doing what you thought in scene in thought. Then, there is a way to use telepathy to get thought as though a way to do things, is done by you as if you were able to get energy sent to you by a secret thought. Due is a thought that is direct approach as though thought reproach. Describe it and it is a concept that uses what you think an in anything you do you are as though dumb or your wits are there.

Kill a roach
  Their way is original, but things aren't permadeath as in you and can kill a roach in a fire effect that doesn't toast us and others except the insects themselves. This is a spraying effect through it an it is a fire effect on those who are parasitic insects in idea you are killing those you dislike. As can do your way our way is done until the way they die is clear as a swirl of ancient atlantean is done. As you are killing one roach and ants are victim as you kill all of dismiss and them and they are dying insects by inesymbiosis, there is a way to do it as though you were a thought to them and they were the victims not us.

The kill an idea effect
  Their way isn't always a way to do things, as though use of energy from objects is molecular in thought. As this is a considerance, you can think, focus an thought you are nera where you want an you are what thought becomes. The roach creates an energy field, as you produce in industry you travel. The thought process is in the idea that you can hone your skill and get precise. Then, you are in an area in the 6th that does exist. Show what you will as it will accept. The killing of a roach, is to kill on an instinct to grab and crush as much as you think to use and weild the roach energy, you can direct by thinking to like an alternating current that corrects as currect that corrects at a thought to create in what effect that you in idea as enhancement in area to make as the building is the reality that forms the ocean of thought and this abandoned thought is what you are using in thought. To create the moment, use thought patterns of particle as thinking and intercedents come by what you are in thought in mind in body of pattern as a wave is energy their in different is a thought that is what becomes and kills things that are in sight that is to be killed. Practice is practice, so this in sight and that would be their way.

Their way
This a practice to withdraw from ore and get idea from others as though thought is whatever you focus on. And if you are wanting things you can get things to go on a trip, as their way this is a way, you can add their in thought to create a thought from the air itself. As you get the thought, their is a way to fix the thought in mind as you are able in idea to practice. This can be in modelled form from in view, this is in energy as thought is a shield is what you can in thought sight see a trip as though mind where you were as an able minded idea in their heads. That is what guides them as though a voice. This is enu as in a practice.

The aethur
The aethur is the shaped soul into a body, from a in shape mind in thought as this is a shape by what you are wanting to form. The shape is taught by a possibility observed, as this is the shape this a shape in sought purpose. And, the shape in thought is a shape in purpose as this is a shape formed, you are what is in a point of a pattern thought to be born but are shaped into a form from air itself. Whatever enduce care in is the form in thought, as this is shock or otherwise as you are what you want in the form as though art formed it you are a shape as thought by others in the art. Stop as needed, for this is what can cause children, as in thought you are what forms in space and this is pulling out energy to form a shape by considerance. You can form a elemental, that is living fire, or lightning or other in idea source as this is a body of energy that is nothing as thoi. Form by gesture, in thought in body in an idea that is what you are in thought to make. On the word create or make you are creating a form of thought. Expect a thought to create itself, as though the lightning in the area can cause an energy brownout. If an energy formed of thought is what make you need starts hitting, use force on them that form and it can behave in any where else in area an you are what is thought of as you can disappear from site. To create a thought, is to send a thought so to create what may be is in what to seem to be where this can unmake you elsewhere in what you wish to sacrifice.

The Aith're
This is calling a glyth to mai use of energy offense in an area that is where you are stationed. The area can consist of thought patterns and air waves as weaves of air in energy in the moment is what you thin. An what you want is what you get as thought is what you are creating as though thought creates itself in nothing that make what you want. This is imagine and you create what consists on mendition or supernatural so in so thought don't thought as you create an mention in motion by hand gestures bestowed that is bestowing in trained mind as the subconscious only power is becoming the conscious in the mind but seen by all in whom you want to be near in thought by what is going on in the idea. For what is in what you are are showing by what thought is expressed, the mention can create what you are desiring. This is as though a expressed in thought create, as credit and matter create a thought as with effort there in an ocean of thought so continue in the effect and this can create solid things by what you are of motion in mind in a motion in thought in an act by what you credation as the credit creates money the expression can create whatever you want in energy in thought in energy body, mind shaped soul body. In an act by the soul, create in body to be alive in idea thou are energy shape by will as thou are a particle from space.

Ath-ur effect
  The effect of this is to summon some fire by hand gestures with of fire altered in currents that are in air on surface in an area and what is considered currects in current by thought of electrical currecy that is treated as this can be like so and used to form the idea as it there and not here if focused by hands is to form this and if you consider this can make it do so as you are doing something as you can summon it by hand. This the effect of what you think as this is as you produce you are at a stop and imagining fire pulsing in and out as a phase in and will out to do anything else is insane awarded if effect. To make a fire then is to focus, on a fair effect of fire production by some wires. This can be used, to make and do. Outside, imagine the idea as you are wearing a rubber silver reflective suit and you are willing the fire to be around you. Act a guardian as needed. As a phase wall effect is what you do if you are what you think and this is what you get with thought of being somewhere as the fire makes produced effects. Putting it out, then is where you are thinking and you draw out resource to get results in blowing out the water fire. As this is drawing in water from other places, water will form and possible lightning is also possible as lightning will happen. As you thin and think, as this is on fire into lightning as you are going to get free with thought and in focus is the idea in air of fire patterns in thought will create things if you are in a place and on body in effect will cause lightning energy in the air release. Killing something like a bug, is what can cure the mind and cause death of the target in source in surface.

Insanity fire
  The insanity fire is what is set upon you as you are stepping through a ring of mental fire. As in this is fire that if use is done you are working with certain thoughts and moods that are different colors. That makes the fire effects to seem what you are doing as though you were a normal person yet with rings of good fire that are what create shift as though at a will. Focus on the rings and think to shift as to the thought of choosing in a 10 second world in your mind and you think to step through in madness or stepped through a man sized one and you are there in spirit as you are physically where you were in thought. Then you are with an idea that is this as this is only as long as it lasts. One thing, as the different flame colors are through alternating currents you get different effects as opposite effects per different in group activity colors in a system that you don't step through unless you know your suit will last as the fire might catch as an experiment of energy flame. So, put it out as soon as you need as possible, as thought makes fire and you are aflame as though a aeth'yr in insanity mind. Insanity in the mind might happen but you will always be able to catch things aflame or to put it out use water. Stop in a moment and think, or do in thought and do in a moment to stop what is necessary as murder one is done.

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