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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heart wreaking

  This is an example of what is possible with a psychic link, its up to you to decide to use the technique but generally do not use it. This idea is just for a warning to you who might experience it of what is out there. If you experience it done to you, imagine the link they use to get to your heart and break it off in your mind.

  This is to use the heart of another and their actions as an energy source to fuel your spells and action effects. This stresses the heart a bit everytime you do a spell. This creates heart problems after awhile. You may optionally use the heart of the earth or planet as the source. This is using the core of the planet. Also, you can use the heart of the machine and object or its energy as the energy source. This causes the object or machine to break down after a time.

  The heart of things are different from the heart of people. The heart of the person, in this case is the spiritual or astral heart. The heart of a being is its energy. The heart of the machine is its energy supply or energy flow. The heart of an object is its energy makeup.

  When you heart wreak, you can get the person's experience. Alternatively, you can get the experience of the machine or object. Basically, what you can get with heart wreaking is what the target goes through and experiences. You might go through the effects of what occurs with the earth or planet. If you targeted a nuclear power plant with a heart wreak, you can get the experience and energy of the plant. Its a choice to do on a moment's notice.

  The effect of breaking something is to cause a breaking of bad energy or targeting energy in someone, including yourself, and the surrounding area. If you don't want heart wreaking done, then think it not happening and will it to be so. Then, it won't happen to you or the target.

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  1. I don't use this technique, its just there as an example of what is possible and you should avoid it. Its there to make you aware of the prospect. When there is a possible chance that you are heart wreaked, just imagine the line they connected to your heart.. and chop it off.