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Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Being the object

 The effect is basically you sharing your mind by sending some of your essence into the object. And then having your conscious energy send itself to other objects. Much similar to being a viral effect of sharing the idea virally. You can do this by thinking of your intention and touching the object. The touch shares your energy and forms a 'link' to it. By the idea you spread about, you can trigger a conscious recall of the object perception that was observed. Or, by the thinking about the effect, you may gain a linked conscious and feel or perceive the environs around the object.

 No, this isn't a horcrux effect as in Harry Potter. This energy you send to an object can be thought to come back to yourself, if that was your intent. And, the object is your spy without having a camera. Inadvertently, you may block the effect by sending your own energy with a 'do not reveal' idea thought at object you suspect. Detection of magic by feel is necessary to do this. Some practicioners of this technique may make it hard to remove the effect. So destroying it will work instead. In this case, a 'e en ex' thought at the object will do the removal.

 This energy you share can also create an effect as though you were there. By you thinking of the effect you want and 'sending' it to an object. In this way the energy is able to influence the person or people near it. Also noted is the object may be more magical and exist working longer. 'In en x' works to cancel an objects influence.

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