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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The lower planes of existence

 These are the planes of existence that are mostly felt, unless you can perceive them. They are denoted with -#. However, the ones I note here are what can be tangibly felt by the mind. A moment of an existence is mainly felt, anyway.

-1  Self-destruct and rage level. This level is where rage can build up or get outta control.
-2  Take it far away or overdoing it level. This is the level where you are an object and the object is you. You are taken away to places far away. The place gives you a world that is made up and counts as simulation. Unless, you don't want it. Then, it stops and you can feel mind numb and can just do things because it is seemingly a falsity.
-3  Scurry level: This is where you go away in a rushed hurry (as from area). This level is where you are the animal and the animal is you.
-4  Destroy or destruct level. This is where the body goes into a physical fit of rage and strikes out with too much energy.
-5  Engorge with energy level (as food or electrical). This is where you are the god and the god that visits is human. There are 2 types of human, the normal human and the golden one. The normal human is not capable of great feats of anything. The Golden ones are capable of anything. When you use energy, you can gorge with food or other energy types.
-6  Astral plane. This is the area where anything is possible by will and intent, including morphing of yourself and others to other forms. This plane is the lower astral plane where you can feel results and get them or imagine the results and you get results. This derives off the power of an action. The power is given by yourself.
-7  The omniplane, or lower aster 'lower omniverse' and 'astral underworld'. This is the level thats divided into 3 parts. This is where you get to do whatever you want and there is no reprimand. There are no gods or God there, unless the creator of the omniplane invites them. This is a dual reality where you are in control of yourself. Also, note that everything is physical and it seems like the physicadl universe. Anything you create, is created as though by itself.

 Where, you get the results you desire and you make it by physical magic. This is using physics or using the objects energy by thinking you do. The physics can be anything or from anywhere. This means you can use any physics rule, from any alternative. When you think you create. You can create anything by the thought of its existence. Your skill and thought actually sets you apart. You don't always have to tell the truth about what you do there. However, if you need to kill something, you can when allowed. This is a perfect place to get rid of rage. This place can help predict events.

 The existence of the omniplane is secret until you think about it or are needing something. This can test the skills of premenition. Where you get results by seeing it. The creator whims and makes things for you, if you can't, unless he thinks it unnecessary. When you destroy, you get removed and things you do there disperse.  Any damage you recieve dissipate as though it never happened. Anything can be cured by it. However, don't bring hatred or you get hurt by things coming at you. This place is very good at hitting the demons in and around you. Thus, the blows you may recieve don't touch you.On detection of demons, first it turns their whims to hatred and then it removes them in any way that the omniplane wants to.

 Then, when there, you get the effect of whatever you want. You also get to set the environment by thinking about what you want. If you didn't intend to do the act, then it disappears with no trace. But, only you who do the act has the right to remove the actions you want erased. The energy of the event is still yours though. Filtering of everything is optional, this is where you get rid of the programming from the energy you recieve. You get what you recieve. You think yourself there.

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