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Monday, May 25, 2009

How to charge drinks

  To charge drinks is to lengthen one's life by putting back the energy into the body that was used during one day of living. Have a thought in mind of the effect that was intended before charging. Russians actually do this differently, but it has the same effect. They do it by thinking at the drink and judging by its coldness and heaviness as to how much the drink is charged. This method takes a different road. Think neutrally for a healthy life lengthening effect as you charge it.. To think about the effect when charging the drink will have the desired effect to occur when it is drunk. It works because of thoughts that are made of energy with emotions in it. when we think of something, thoughts disperse into energy around the ambience or in the place of concentration.

  Such as putting children to sleep and making them obey you. Have the thought in mind when charging their drinks for them without alerting them and the children who usually have to be worn out by activity will fall right to sleep at night and it takes all the naughtiness away from them. 

  Now curl your fingers around the glass in the position of four fingers opposite the opposable thumb. Focus and visualize an energy stream to flow through the glass and through the drink from the four fingers to your thumb. Now do this while feeling what is inside of you. When you feel that you have to go on charging, but shouldn't, then the charging is complete. It should take 30 minutes for the first time to do it and the time gets lessened for every charge you do. Always think positively and then you'll know a positive event will occur when you drink it. 

  Never charge a sealed glass container. The expanding gases and the charging liquid will meet unchanging glass molecules and the bottle will explode. The other type of containers won't explode because the drink molecules will have room to expand. 

  Know that when you charge water, the effect is that you stay will up for 3 days without the need for rest the first time and the duration of wakefullness after the first time will vary with being aware of everything around you. The drink is purified with a lengthening of life effect. 

  Charging milk will charge it doubly fast as twice as charged. You'll know when you overcharged it when the glass of milk explodes in your hand! If you get close to overcharging it then the drink of milk will go sour. The actual effect is you will stay up four days without need of rest plus the lengthening of life because of a purified drink. 

  The charging of caffeinated beverages is the hook that usually causes the addiction of caffeine will be purified from the drink and students going to class for lecture will remember everything said in class whereas the effect of normal caffeine is that it will inhibit callback of memory for a lecture. The other effect of normal caffeine is to not be observant of everything around you. Charging it will also lengthen your life with a purification effect. 

  Charging alchoholic drinks will keep you up for 4 to 6 days with the effects mentioned above of charging. When trying alchoholic drinks, don't charge them. Do you ever want to get your sleep cycle right? This would disrupt the sleeping habit for a week. Purified water is an precharged substance because the filters do all the work.

  Some useful things about this method is when a person has a hard long 8 hours to 12 hours working day. It successfully removes all stress and makes all the efforts redoubled to fruition within a 20 hour period. The person has unlimited energy and chronic fatigue disappears. When working out, the person has increased effects of accentualization of building the effort of the workout into a quicker body building effect. It removes body strain at the same time as the workout thus lengthening the time that you work out. It helps students to pick up on everything their instructor says and they never go to sleep in class. For long overnight research studies the added benefit of staying up without the need of rest will help the student will recall everything he actually studied or researched.  

  When asked to regurgitate the information and use it for a test. The student will recall everything needed to pass with at least a B average. I remember passing a test with a 90% grade average by not studying and goofing off all night long. I had only studied once that night in truth. The teacher was surprised at the grade. 

  He asked me "Did you cheat?"
  I answered "No, I just have a picture perfect memory."

  A method to try with this is called post hypnosis. Before you enter class say out loud "I will remember everything necessary to pass any test in and out of class. I will be able to regurgitate the information at the time of the test. I will never forget it after that moment and be able to recall it when necessary." Now snap your fingers and count backyards from three saying awaken and you should awaken from the moment. Now enter class and observe while taking notes. This should work for any class with at least a 80% average return.  

  Another useful thing with the charging of drinks is to put a thought into the drink of curing alchoholism and making all addictive drugs to be inaffective. What will happen will be that the alchohol dependency and addictions will disappear. A good warmth feeling that comes from the alchoholic drinks will be strengthened at the same time. The life lengthening effect will occur and the drink will be purified.

  There are two metaphysical ways to do this too. 

  One is: Use a construct that is connected to a physical quartz crystal by thinking of an idea that is with the crystal and works to direct the energy. Take the stored energy and convert it into the element by thinking it does as you observe or do something and then put it into the crystal construct by thinking the energy is in the idea to serve as a signature. Then label the bottle with the element to help the signature work better. Put warm water and herbs into the bottle corresponding to the element you want to charge and then close the bottle. 

  Rest the crystal on top of the bottle lid and give a few hours for the recharge cycle to work (Some give it 24 hours), then you can scan it and check how many charges you will recieve per bottle. Pour the old water out and the element is solidified in a construct within the glass of the bottle or the idea that you think is in the glass (the bottles have to be glass, not plastic). Then you fill it with fresh drinkable water. Closing the lid will start the recharge process (takes about 10 seconds) then you can drink the water taking one charge from storage.

  Two is: Its water or the water is a drink used with a focus of crystal amythest thats charged in sunlight and near the drink (thought to effect it).

  Theres a ki usage to also charge water. As a Ki drink charge is with a flare as well. So focus chi (life force) through the hara and body while becoming one with it, at the drink through the extended hand chakra charges it. This method brings visible energy that is like a bright light.

written by Skyhawk

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