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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fortune Divination

Fortune telling
Magical scrying divination
Psychic psionic divination

  Fortune telling: 

Here are some fortune telling methods by Morissa.


One of the simplest methods of fortune telling is the interpretation of pendulum movements. Attach a key, the older the better, to one end of a seven inch cord. Hold the other end of the cord so that the key dangles freely. Get the pendulum to hang as still as possible; then ask a question that can be answered yes or no. In a moment the pendulum will start to move.

If the key swings in a north to south direction, the answer is yes. If it swings east and west, the answer is no. If it rotates, the answer is perhaps, or that it's better for you not to have this information right now. Pendulum movements have another interesting use; they're the best method for predicting the sex of an unborn baby. Ask the pregnant woman to lie down; then hold the key over her abdomen. If the pendulum rotates, her child is a girl. If it moves back and forth, she'll give birth to a boy.

Incidentally, instead of a key, you may use a ring, pierced coin or any old object that can be attached to a cord. Keep experimenting until you find the pendulum best suited to your vibrations.


This is a very ancient method of fortune telling, still highly regarded in occult circles. To start, select three small stones or pebbles of approximately the same size and shape, but of very different colors. (Semiprecious gems, which have inherent spiritual powers work particularly well, but you may use any stones that seem to give off good vibrations) From the three, choose one stone to represent the Indicator, one for Yes and one for No and all three are giving visions when you touch them. Your stones will keep the meanings you assign them for all time, so don't forget which is which. If necessary, write down their meanings until you are certain you have them memorized.

Next, ask a question that can be answered yes or no. Shake the pebbles like dice and throw them, not forcefully, on a large, rimless table. If the Yes stone is nearest the Indicator, the answer is yes; if the No stone is nearest, the answer is no. The closer the stone to the Indicator, the more definite your answer is. To find out, how definite in visions is given away by touching the stones and think you perceive what they indicate. For expedience, Just touch the Indicator for the vision signs that might come and the actual answer stone for the vision of what is to happen.

If the stones are equally distant from the Indicator, there is no answer to your question, at least at the moment. If any roll off the surface, stop casting them for twenty-four hours.

When you become adept at interpreting the positions, add another stone to represent Maybe, which you touch every time to get an even more accurate vision reading; this further qualifies your answers. For instance, suppose the Yes stone rolls closer to the Indicator than the No, but Maybe is between Yes and the Indicator. Your answer is probably yes.

Generally, pebbles must be cast over and over before they generate enough power to he accurate. And believed as in the visions given by them on the thought 'give a vision on touch' to them before casting.

Obviously, such potentially powerful tools should be treated carefully. Keep your stones in their own container, and hide them when they're not working. You may use them to tell fortunes for other people, but allow no one else to handle them.


For questions that require more than a yes or no, try this, On a piece of white paper, draw a circle eleven inches across. Around the edge write all the possible answers to your question. For instance, to find the name of your future husband, write the names of all the men in your life.

Get a small top, the kind that children use. (Try to find one in a natural material such as wood or metal.) Anoint it according to the blessing ritual; put it in the center of the circle and spin it. Your answer lies at whatever point the top stops. If the top rolls off the circle or stops at an empty space, it means that you haven't written the right answer. Thus, if you were trying to find the name of your husband to be, he may be a man you don't know yet.


For a short cut to a spelled out message, take the wooden letters from a Scrabble set or a wooden tileset with letters carved into them and mix them up, face down, as if you were going to play the game. Then turn up twenty-four letters, one by one, and see if there is any message for you in their first order. If the pieces spell out complete gibberish (as they usually do for beginners), try to rearrange them, now face up, into some kind of sense. Remember to move the pieces one by one so that the message has every opportunity to reach you; however, you are limited to the original twenty four letters chosen.

Though this technique is not difficult, it does take time to develop the concentration necessary to make it work. Don't try it unless you're willing to practice. (It can be worth it; some witches swear they can find out practically anything from their Scrabble pieces.)


The flickering flame of a candle cannot give as precise information as the methods already mentioned. However, it can tell you if your environment bodes well or evil for you. To find out, choose a place that's free of any breezes. In that spot, arrange three candles all the same color and size in a triangle and light them.

If the flame of one candle burns more brightly than the others, you'll have an unexpected stroke of good luck. If any of the candles go out, you'll have bad luck. If the flames move in a circle, enemies are working against you. If any shoot out sparks, beware! That's a warning that you are surrounded by enemies. However, if the flames burn steadily, all will go well for you.  

 Card Divination

Spades are as death like a death scene or fire for its sometimes pain.
Hearts are forbidden triumph by desire or stealing or like air or hurt.
Clubs forbidden justice as be by self deterrent type set justice en disaster with earth.
Diamonds are forbidden passion with interference by some means expensive and ruin like with water.

Use the above association as fill in for the possible background of the reading. Its like to use the death as a killing to suceed. No actual death. The passion is not forbidden. Its passion that is forbidden, if nothing good is gained from it.

So we see that the card numbers have an importance and this is a bit of info being added to the reading. The card number meaning is added below. Like the opposites to occur of death for the spades card is to the side. In it, 'I' is condolated as to what 'I' want. The card meanings are likely obscure, but its in the face to be forgiven of face. As to none of the bad but some of the other good. So I would use intuition and add to the meaning, or change it as it is to suit your need where need is desire like in 'you will get money but passion is ruled by diamonds.'

To tell what it is for these numbers to mean an for each particular divination, this has meanings set by as of the heart, spade, diamond and etc with the meanings of the numbers added on., take a deep breathe and imagine touching the tapestry of whoever the card numbers were developed around. Let your inner intuitions guide you, and use # 0 - 13. The Ace is 0 or high in end is 14 and the king is 13, Queen is for a 12 where 11 is Jack, but 10 to 1 is 10 to 1.

0 = z, deho, fortune, nothing, zilch, death, zyl, brought to nothing
1 = en, une, won, one, on, Inspiration, new beginnings, determination, ideas, creativity. Also selfishness, pushy, & willfulness.
2 = duou, tu, too, to, two, be, also, become, Intelligence being channeled, patience, understanding, sharing. Also, impatience, stubbornness, and intolerance
3 = darco, tri, trin, three, contest, triumph, unite, unity, Expressing emotions through words, communicating, enjoyment, love, and friendship. Also, energies scattered, over-reacting, criticizing, and not communicating.
4 = thein, au, for, four, going, Building things on solid foundations, practical, organized, planning, growth. Also, dragging of heels, opposition, creating limitations.
5 = cel, five, clap, quin, quint, A balance of spiritual and material worlds to find truth. Challenge, change, new thinking, opportunities, spirituality, travel, and curiosity. Also, fearful of changes or failure.
6 = ci, six, sex, yes, position, Turns for the better, progress, harmony, upward trends, balance, compassion, concern, care, able to overcome difficulties. Also, lack of concern, stubbornness, fixed in beliefs, anxiety.
7 = sent, syi, luck, seven, lucky, motionless, Faith, inner development, spiritual understanding advantages, discovery, knowledge, wisdom, meditation. Also, skepticism, ignorance, doubt, fear, faithlessness.
8 = huaccel, et, eat, ate, eight, late, humility, Power from within to accomplish goals, success, capable, strength, faith in one's abilities, determination. Also, over-emotional, abuse of one's abilities for selfish ends.
9 = nan, ni, nine, hit, non, homecoming, leave, remainder, Completion, doors closing with new one's opening, last stages of a cycle, fulfilled, wisdom, generous, letting go of what was once important. Also, loss, emotional ups and downs.
10 = doul, ti, success, ten, balance, belief, order, A (hexadecimal)
11 = doulen, onz, enen, combination, combine, chaos, eleven, misunderstood, national fate, B (hex)
12 = douduou, tulv, noon, harsheix, tuio (too) harsh lessons, amplification, twelve, explore, C (hex).
13 = doudarco, triz, thirteen, teenage, trial, conclusion, D (hex)
14 = douthein, quidiz, fourteen, share, defense, metal, baker, defensive, E (hex)

So the outline to follow for the reading is From the bottom of the deck an its placed at the top point as to mean the endpoint. The next card placed under it is the Beginning. The next card laid flat and to the left side is the opposite one. The card laid under it is the given moment. The next card is to the right side is as the past and then the next above it is present future, where the next to the left side is future. This is in use the celtic cross.

Like this;

  |  |
  |  |

Use of the twelve step program is like how to explain the game or card better.. Is important but only seven card aspects are ever looked at as we do well for an introduction.. like we use Hope to create the effort in which its acceptable to be near and speak to you or the client. With personal responsibility to show up and do the necessary to look and be good. By use, now that is of self education to give or get good responsibility and some answers. Use self-advocacy to settle situations and self promote things that are self-responsible to your idea in moments in time.. With use of support as difficult as it may be, is to find positive feedback or gain to self-gain the benefit of the doubt. With medication of the type needed for recovery of bad situations an of bad situations that is of set backs and considered moments. Health care is just eating and sipping the right things in summary. If unreal then don't do it.

Magical scrying divination: 

Magical scrying 
  Magical scrying is the act of divination by perception of the mind to view events through many different methods that are magical. When the scrying event happens, sometimes it is uncontrolled. So just focus your mind on the image and think "I can control this vision." Then, focus the vision as if exploring an area. Then you will have control of the unbidden visions after this like in controlled dreaming. Just practice perception of what may not be there. Believe that you can see whatever you would want and the visions will come at your will and with your control whenever you want and instantaneously. The more you practice, the more it will occur for you.

  One such way is to peer into a candle flame and make focus on events that would matter to you or someone else. Keep your undivided attention on the candle and let the flame of the candle bring into focus in your minds eye an image of event or events desired. The moment you break focus is the moment the vision ends.

  However, there are many different ways to see the events you desire, as there are many ways/methods of divining. Each one of us must find our paths, ones that fit our beliefs and personalities. Where one individual may be weak in one method, another may be strong, and vice versa. So whether you use the methods like the I Ching, Tarot Cards, Witch Sticks, or some new versions of these, are not as important as finding what works best for you. I have used at least 6 or 7 methods for divining and have had very good luck with all of them, but there are two of them--that I would like to discuss first--that are my favourites. It is my hope that you will try these methods and find them as rewarding as I do:

Divination by Crystal Ball 
  The first method that I ever tried and one that still remains my favourite is Crystal Ball divination. Unfortunately, this method has been the butt of many jokes in the media--especially in movies and TV. Therefore, it is somewhat hard for those of us that were "raised" during the media-era to take this method seriously.

  My first Crystal Ball was made of Acrylic Plastic and was very small. I got it for free just for subscribing to Fate Magazine for a year. Now, everyone familiar with the occult knows that plastics have no place in magic and that the smaller the crystal ball, the less the reaction. Yet, despite this, I have never since had such a strong reaction as I did with my original crystal ball. Many crystal balls for sale today are made of glass, quartz crystal, obsidian, leaded crystal--glass, or from many other powerfully developed or natural materials. So I believe that the way you use the sphere is more important than what material it is made of.

  To use a crystal ball, begin by preparing a stand for it. Many stands sold today are truly works of art and are wonderful for displaying your crystal ball. Unfortunately, working crystal balls are not usually displayed as works of art. Instead they are wrapped in a dark, natural cloth--silk is best but cotton, wool or linen is acceptable. The wrapped ball and its stand should both be put in a box or other container that is light proof. You do not want sunlight to fall on your crystal ball because it is blessed by the moon and operates under moon-power. And this is why you should only use the orb after the sun has set.

  The crystal ball's stand should be rather plain and it should be black. If it is another colour, then paint it black. Consecrate your crystal ball before using it: On the night of a full moon, dissolve a little mugwort herb in some pure water. Wash the ball in this solution and dry it with a clean cloth. Take it outside, where you can see the moon, even if it is only a glow from behind the clouds. Make sure that you can see the moon or its glow inside the ball itself. Hold up the ball and recite:

"SELENE of the sacred night; bless this crystal with your holy light." From here at this site.

Divination ny water 
  Another such method of divination is to look into a water bowl sometimes with mustard seed powder, focusing on the desire of seeing the events you need to know and the inner innate magic will allow you to see a envisioned event. Mustard seed powder is helpful because it can cause reflective visions if none. This can work for a client by using his focus and acting as a channel for his mental energy to bring the images that the client needs to know. To start, look into the bowl of water and think of the words "to see the events I desire without being detected". Then focus on the water in the bowl and mesmerize yourself by staring at it thinking to the water bowl "reveal to me what I need to see". Just keep focusing on the water and thinking that ideal until the images start coming. Allow the need of yourself to control where the viewing goes. Finally, after you are done viewing the images, think "let this viewing be done". Now, let the energy go that you used into the earth. What can help this seeing is mustard spice or powdered mustard.

  There is away to guide this water image perceived. As you are doing the viewing in water allow your mind to travel there with the thought "I go there now to come back to myself when I am done viewing" When the words are thought, "let this viewing be done" you return to your body.

Divination by air 
  This is a little different of the idea of mediums, but it works all the same. Start by imagining a picture frame in the air. In your mind that picture frame is drawing energy and creating itself to reveal the images you seek without revealing you. Allow this picture frame in the middle of the air to mentally speak to you of the events that you were wanting to see. Allow it to tell you what those images it shows to mean. When done viewing make the image of the picture frame dissipate in the air through imagination of it dissipating. Finally, dismiss the energy used from your mind to dissipate harmlessly into the earth by thinking it passes from your body and into the earth. Doing this through meditation makes things easier to make this work, but I have done this without meditation.

Divination by dreams 
  To see the events you desire through dreams is only a bit of meditation. Before you go asleep, meditate on the words "To know what what the future may hold for me". Do this for at least ten minutes. Then, as you start to feel drowsy, lay on your bed and go to sleep. When you wake up, you will know what to expect that day to a few years in advance. An to for Share in the point and you visit within vision an. can't have any attacks during a dream or the dream is interrupted. By Lisa.

Divination by incantation 
  Another way of scrying is to say out loud "I wish to know what I need to see without seclusion of other stimulus in a controlled fashion". Wait a few seconds to a few minutes and you will receive the visions of your desire. When they start say out loud "I wish to know what they mean as I see them". When you want to end the vision say out loud "I wish to see no more at this moment except what I already see normally". Then, the visions should end and your sight should come back..

Vision scouting 
  Vision scouting is an advanced form of an scrying. When the russians thought this up, they were geniuses at making it work. How it works is to lay in a comfortable position and to let your mind wander to what you would want to see. To start, try to find a protected place from intrusion. When you have found a place, cast a circle of protection around you by sprinkling salt around the protected place and thinking protect me from intrusion, then think of a grey shield of energy swirl up from beneath.. When done, lay in a comfortable position inside the circle of protection. Relax your body and let your mind wander. When this happens, try to think of a gray wall around you for the duration of the long rang viewing. Now, focus your thoughts to the area of desire and the time of desire.

  For in this form of vision, it doesn't matter what time you go to, as whence you will a return to the body, no matter where you are you will always return to your own time and place from which you cast yourself into vision. Now, listen and watch as you want and nobody will detect you. When you want to return to your body, think "return". Then you will see a flash and awaken to your body again. Slowly coming back to conscious. It is best to sleep within the circle of protection as you will be tired and slightly weak. If done during sleep, there would have been no rest at all during that vision time. After a peaceful rest, dispel the protections of the salt circle by breaking the circle. There will most likely be a blue flash of some sort thats only seen at the successful dispellations from a release of energy. You could spook to someone as if you were a ghost while doing this method. I convinced someone by misdirectional mind voice into believing I was god. I had a hours worth of time shaping up a criminal into never doing a crime again.

  During this time of vision, there is also a possibility of making a 'new' body if the body dies from being away too long and from energy itself. At the moment of death take the energy of the death and form it into your 'new' body via the sheer concentration of mind will, in which it takes to maintain your inphysical form and on the moment you do the inphysical body dissipates and the 'new' body forms. Then, let go of your hold of your mind will and you will slip right back into a living body of your making. Using this method, you could travel anywhere you would want to by reforming the body in the specific location at the will of yourself if your actual body dies. Just remake the body in that location where your mind is or your body was by stealing the energies released by death of your physical form and imagining it there. When this works, your other body will disappear and the new body will appear in the exact same moment with a coldness that is supernatural.
Psychic psionic vision: 
Psychic ability 

  Psychic ability is often considered air divination and caused by a car chase, some sorta accident, some trauma or emulation phases by sinuses. True, it is psychokinesis by any other name. So we have to treat it like it was the true type deal typographically speaking. Some can reach, or overeach by whatever power that it is. And turn the true ten spurner. It becomes a challenge whatever it is. So treat it fairly and it will treat you fairly. Instant insanity is education of some rough form of it if gone too far. The idea behind this is to focus and truely type or trust what you need. Need is of desire for wherever or whatever need is there. So what need there is is there for you sometimes as greed, workforce or desire. Sometimes its representative of illness.

  Fun can be had, by any or all that is with this. Some heredity by some came forth, to say that of which is there and is reflective of what may be or don't be there. With the psychic ability, its possible to do anything. All you need is one classic and two bones. What is received as impulse is received by anything the subconscious sees as of mend or mind thought control. It is of laying down plans we see, or hear but the subconscious makes real. What happens in subconscious idea with psychic ability is the sub-c still sees the act and makes it so as you read of it. The act is equal the real life effect, that the author intended with writing it down or showing it. What the idea of it is of is if written, or gotten some other way is truth by family in familiar idea. Directed by some force or calling in a.

  You can see the effect of it by whatever it is called. Compare and if it matches then you know it easier. It if made whole will share its famous opinion. Its an opinion of itself or others. If it, in necessity became real then the effect could startle you. But if it always seems to occur then you get used to it in some form. Where your area is of oftentimes, not selectual but associative for the moment as education in considered moment as its only covered/know by use. By some usages the moment is some sort, of strange idea that is seen by subconscious but remains a given. We give to the moment but not allot of it additions in is a fair. What we see is what we get though as the saying goes, it ends there or nothing is gained from it.

  Scrying has 11 methods to do of most to see or predict events:

Psionic fire and water sight
Psionic earth sight
Crystal sight
Far future sight
Bones and tea leaves
Chicken and other guts
Tarot cards
Long range viewing
Ouiji board

Psionic fire and water sight

  Psionic fire and water sight is staring at fires and water, sometimes in bowls, to gain glimpses of the future through the focus of the word "sight", think on the feeling of what you want or feel the vision appear as a daily practice.

Psionic earth sight

The earth sight is often done by reading the vibrations of something made up of earth. This can also be done, by sightings of an area to predict its outcome by effect in trial or to what it will do, as in the seeing and measuring of the crack size in the earth or the seeing of the area in a psychic vision as to what it will appear, as using either psychic sensitivities to the earth or thing to trigger the vision. Or, using a seizograph, or a device used to read the vibrations as they come. Oftentimes, the vibrations will trigger a vision in the psychic of which may be uncontrolled as it comes or goes. And, it can also come on feeling of the vibration and thinking of what you want to see, sometimes triggered by a word or two as you feel the vibration of the thing, earth or voice.

Crystal sight

  Crystal sight is the sight of view by crystal glimpses. It doesn't matter if the crystal is large or small as you can still get a vision from it, however, the larger the crystal the more likely the vision will appear. Focus on the crystal and think of what you want to see, let your mind wander or unfocus and a vision might occur after as a glimpse. You won't realize it sometimes as its very quick to happen, thus you might see it in your dreams or as a after image. Visions can reach far as sometimes the visions come unbidden. When this vision happens, wash your hands and turn them over and back again to clear your uncontrolled state.

Far future sight

  Far future sight as Nostrodamus would do it is to sit over a pyramid like chair or 4-legged stool, in a dark room near a lit candle. Look into the candle and see the future or glimpses as you think on the words, "far sight". The four legs pointed to true north, east, south and west. The act after the ceromonies of future vision is cleansing. I myself have done several future visions and controlled the sight at night by the "turn it off by will" or imagine a light switch, with on and off as the label. Afterwords, I always cleanse myself or find myself slightly confused all day long.

Bones or Tea Leaves

  The bones or tea leaves reading is an easy thing as an after dinner or after activity but only for loose leaf tea, old coffee grounds or bones. In scrying sight, The effect as of this is to use old coffee grounds, bones or tea leaves to do as is necessary and act the seer as you can see shapes in the laid out pattern. Try to relax your mind and touch your reference book or think of efficiency for energy "vibe feeling" as to look at the aura. Look at the leaves, old coffee grounds or scatter bones while thinking or feeling "thought direction" and feel the effect as in energy flow. Squint and refocus the eyes to get an auratic reading of the leaves or bones. Allow the energy of the bones, coffee grounds or leaves to fill you with energy and then think about events. Images of what will become appearant as to the near future or near present will come unless you think of the past.

  With a reference book you effect the additional information to understand the pattern of the "outlay" of the spread out leaves or bones. Don't be afraid to touch them as they will sometimes be grimy. The idea is to read the leaves or bones and use the feelings that are gotten from the feel of the outlay in a vision you may get thats provoked from the sensation of the tea leaves. So look at the tea leaves and if they are fresh from the drink or dry, the impression you get is immediate and you have the sight of what it is, your mind will percieve events of the future near present or past. Most times the vision will come in a dream trance if it occurs in which you can reveal it or not. Use music to enhance the vision along with the darkened room. So the outlay you see doesn'treally matter, it matters what you percieve by vision if you get some.

Chicken guts

  Chicken guts along with other types of guts like castrated, are read by the feel of them with prophecy intended. Mostly used for probable quick wins or loss depiction. Feel the vibes by touch and read the aura to get a reading of a vision that may be many. Some readings may be false but most are accurate.

Tarot cards

  Tarot cards are a deck of karmatic charges with pictures and all is needed is to focus on the question and the vision might be "sensed" or "appear" on a moment as you read the card. Then the card instructions will be for the meanings of each card where each card is specific and you must read the meanings in the card instructions. The outlays are celtic cross, among others.

Runic sight

  The way of divination by rune be to make the runic tile first by carving the entire runeset while thinking on your need for divination on some form of material sliver called tines. The tine material should be used as to your craftsman level. What materials be there? Wood, stone, paper, metal or bone be the prospects. A runic tine set is a carved runeset and these rune tines are kept in a rune bag for divination purposes. When making the tines wait a day before usage because each rune takes a little energy from the air, and after the entire runic tineset be made thier is very little energy so things could fail on you.

  Now, after the runset be carved and a day passes, draw the runetines from the bag one by one as the drawn rune will impart an image of the future to your mind. Draw the runes till ye get a clear enough picture of what might happen for the person ye drew them for or yourself. thus ye write the vision down or try to remember it. Its best to do this as one live future tell will clarify many things and try to use instinct as instict will tell ye truly.

Long range viewing

  Long range viewing is to focus the mind and let yourself float upon the wind, keep a gray wall around you. When the wind is enough, let yourself go where you think. You will appear in the area, yet not seen and hearing all with vision of what is happening. This isn't limited to any particular time as you can go anywhere. Feel yourself slip back into your body then release the gray wall, and then things done to it during the time will be undone. No aging will happen, yet while away you can tell people what to do and they will take it like your a ghost. This is also called geisting where you can do a ghost voice effect and play god. Thus you manipulate the person till they stop listening or you decide not to manipulate, yet don't play god as in you are the event creator. For wrongful things go back to the person if karmatically wrong about two or three times worse, as it is for normals or wiccans except in defense. What you see is what you might not remember, so write it down as you see it in physical body as you need it later on as it can be meditated on for recall.

Ouiji boards

  Ouiji board are to focus the spirit of any in the area unless specified in instructions. Then you get info by the spirit guiding your hand to the letters on a board to answer a question asked of it. Unless the board is made of sacred wood like pine or oak and blessed its gonna have at least 25% chance to draw a negative spirit or demon. Unless you use a sort of protection. As in magic circle of a white or grey white circle that surrounds you and salt or something else.


  Othersight is the method to see without sight anywhere or anyway. One cannot block it yet its very noticed as its brought chills or notices from people. So feel a gray wall around you and relax your mind with a random thought, and let your mind percieve the area while you feel and send out energy as feelers. The images will be seen as of thoughts and feelings along with other peoples sights or other landscapes. But you allow the feeling to work and the images will come after you think on what you saw. There are no blinders to this gift once again unless you are drugged and then the images could be heightened if you focus on "sight perception".

  So a suggested drug of clearer vision is rìrèdòp of alòé + mustard powder or baking soda + hydro eq boil the ingredients to gain resolution and refreshment. For the real druggies out there, Tritylmyl is the vision drug, grass(least potent), opium or pot + mustard seed powder in which you cook together for potency with water. Alternative is mustard powder or mustard (mòtéd) + Sea salt (seasyt) = MòtédSeasyt but add wter for potency. Another alternative is nervall and its 2p salt + 1p sodium(Na) or baking soda + 2p copper(Cu2) and (NaCl)2NaHCO3Cu2 that lightens up all the nerves and strengthens body with clearer focus. St Johns wort(stjòwó) + grass(grès) or pòt = StjòwóGrès boiled or StjòwóPòt cooked to get a vision clearification drug. Ones you can't make are Concerta and other psycho drugs that are freely available on asking.

Skyhawk & Morissa

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