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Monday, May 18, 2009

Demonic energy notes

Personal notes on Demonic energy

By Shizuka Fujin

  It may be a tough job but what you can do is to actually generate anger through a powerful thought and use the emotion as a energy boost and so form the effect by directing your anger and thinking its demonic. You have to really feel the burning anger within yourself as this might or might not work. It all depends on the individuals surrender to the energy and the powerful will. 

  Here are some personal notes as points to demonic energy:

Demonic energy can also be called the hollow’s energy.

Demonic energy is energy generated due to emotion on anger in the mind. The energy will stay demonic because it was formed that way. Real demonic energy can corrupt, corrode and cause evil in instability for the energy of the demons, it can be accessed by summoning a demon through invocation into your body and you will experience the energy of demons and not the demonic energy. Elongated exposure is likely in a direct affluence to cause an insanity. It takes a demon to form a demon.

Infusing demonic energy with the fire element gives demon fire which is more usable and stable.

Raw demonic energy has things common to that of raw chaos, that it can go off in its own will affecting the ambience but the discrepancy is that demonic energy doesn’t convert the ambience to itself or wants more of itself as it is a generated natural force rather than chaos which is a base energy with its own world.

Fusing demonic energy with chi helps to have more control over it and hence apply it to a single directed will.

Raw demonic energy affects the target plus anything related to the target present near it or anything that is able to witness the affects of the raw demonic energy as raw demonic energy uses its anger to generate other emotions like fear etc that affect people in multiplicity of ways.

Those with an affinity to demonic energy have anger in them as it is actually the energy generated through anger manifestation and has demonic essence to it and they can use even the minuscule amounts of demonic power to bring about drastic results or formation of desired events. Examples are that of demonic mind control (personally created) in which I use any emotions of anger to form demonic energy in my mind which is raw and hence I use that raw demonic energy to will it to one place in my body and then fuse chi with it and then program it to bring about what I want.

Never use raw demonic force until you have knowledge about it or know it. To be able to make it stable. So I think my points will be useful.

Document by shizuka fujin


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