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Monday, May 18, 2009

Healing effects

  Healing is defined herein over an again as to cause the self or another to repair by some means or through natural healing caused by the body being left to itself. But don't overestimate the body in its way of healing. As healing is also the natural process by which the body and the mind repair themselves, be it spiritually, emotionally, or mentally. There is reiki healing and other forms of healing. First we will go through the reiki healing, then we cover the other forms of healing.

  Reiki; To perform a healing through reiki there is four methods ya can choose from, three methods for long range and one for short range, each one has the possibility of after awhile if ya do it often enough, ya get more aware and alive each time ya do it. As basically the more ya do it, the more aware ya are and open to positive feedback energies. That are absorbed in ya through the skin and soul interaction. Basic energy can be reabsorbed into ya at the moment of short distance reiki to act as a supercharge and to keep going. 

  There are more than one Reiki energy type caused by attunements. Ya can get ya attunement to Reiki I here and the other Reiki levels here. Ya can't really use Reiki without an attunement done by a Reiki master or done by the self. On one attunement ya reach Reiki I energy. On two attunements you reach Reiki II energy and so on until Reiki IV energy is reached, according to an old Reiki book. Now Reiki I energy is short range and bound by distance. Reiki II energy is boundless and can be used any distance. Reiki III energy is master level and short/long distance effects. Reiki Iv energy is largely unknown. Reiki can be used without bad effects for other things than healing. But its basically used by some for mind, body and soul effects. The attunements are named differently according to the Reiki style. With reiki however, it uses a lot of yuan chi, and thus makes the healer lethargic and ill if over used.

  The methods are:

  1. For long range method one called reiki magic, think of the person then think what ya want to occur. Imagine it and ya can also say things to make it better that will make a transfer of earth energy, or whatever ya element is to create a healing effect, if ya thought of healing thats to occur. Or, other effect if ya so imagined it that way, as of the victim getting better. Just don't reduce bodyweight on the self or it could increase ya weight 2 times more not less. I would suggest letting someone else drop the weight for ya. There are some reiki exchange effects that decrease intelligence until ya sleep. Same for stamina and constitution or health. These effects increase it in others.

  Well that theres increasing the others IQ, that temporarily drops ya IQ. If ya are tired when ya do it, you won't be tired after an attempt as it again works off exchange reiki. So again, to increase someones stamina or health (constitution) decreases ya own with this method of reiki until ya sleep. This effect takes practice yet ya don't get tired, and there is that law that states '..whatever the action there is an opposite but equal reaction.'

  For a side note: Reiki can be used for weight loss despite some claims, by healing the body as Reiki restores the body and itself the body wounded from chemicals and bad food, that causes the weight gain. By healing the body, therefore you undo some bad effects of the harsh chemicals in the food and the body restores itself to lessen the weight of it. It depends, some harsh effects cannot be undone by reiki so it may seem like it cannot be used for such. And for the IQ, the brain is also damaged by the harsh chemicals in the food, so by healing the body ya heal the brain if with Reiki. Increasing the focus and Iq. 

  2. Long range healing is method two, if the person is about 700 miles away you will need high willpower except with Reiki II energy which is limitless in effect and distance. 
  By unknown practicioner.

  Step 1: Make the person place both hands on the source of the pain is. If they have a pain in their chest, put them on their chest.

  Step 2: Make them shut their eyes and let them see you as a ghostly like form in front of them placing your hands in front of theirs. Both people should imagine this.

  Step 3: Now see the energy passing through your hands and through theirs to the source of the pain. While you are doing this have the other person keep in mind the colour red (pain) slowly being faded away by the colour yellow (healing).

  3. This is the long range reiki method three: Reiki, in this method is the art of healing energy manipulation and is the exact opposite of taking the wound into yourself. This allows for healing with a mere thought much like ouvisibas, ovousibas or mentally assisted energy manipulation. Now, to accomplish the task, focus your chi, ki, or life force into a media or medium of material or air with the thought of 'healing'. Think of the person and send the healing energy forth by releasing it with an act or thought of healing. The energy will travel through any media or medium to reach the target, any distance which, is mostly earth medium. Said person should heal immediately, but there are some that heal slowly to the reiki energy. For those immune, use ovousibas or take the wound into yourself.

  4. Reiki remote healing alternative is the streaming of healing reiki energy in through the body to heal the body from anywhere by this constant energy. These are the steps taken from here @

 Step 1: Carve out 10-15 minutes, at least. More time, if you have it.

 Step 2: Lie down on your back in a quiet room, dimly lit room. Make yourself comfortable.

 Step 3: You may say a prayer or have a thought for the effectiveness of this healing work.

 Step 4: Take several deep breathes and clear your mind. You may meditate, if you like.

 Step 5: Picture the person you want to help heal. Take your time and visualize this person as clearly as possible.

 Step 6: See a white or golden colored light entering this person. Picture the light flowing directly into their solar plexus or abdominal area. If you know of a specific area this person needs to heal, picture the light flowing there.

 Step 7: Hold this thought as long as possible.

 Step 8: You may end with another prayer or thought for the well being of the person you've sent this Reiki or healing energy to.

  5. The method for short range reiki came from Caz and is using the energy of intention, that is to Just put your hands over the place you want to heal with intent to heal and think to let the energy flow. Hand positions at this link: or in these charts below.

Pic from

These are the Reiki positions used on the self.

Pic from

These are the Reiki positions used on others.

  Due Note: True reiki cannot be used to harm but only heal. But some seeming reiki methods can harm ya if ya overuse it or misuse it. This is without ethics too or not as described. To cause disease can remove it from ya or if refused/redoubled back, it could cause disease on ya, again theres always that redoubling effect. It has to do with how much chaos is in the area, so to arouse harm with reiki though, can be counted by some as seriously bad. Against good ethics. But still its possible to use reiki to cause an event somewhere of healing even as some just deny that possibility of harm. 

  Other styles of healing are The simple as not but healing method, Physical restoration, Musical healing, Chewing pain relief, Color healing, Ovousibas or Ouvisibas,  Laying on hands, Healing from the heart and Magical healing, in which is the utmost ideal of a mages repertoire.

 Magical healing

  It requires the taking of the wound into something else using yourself as the channel. Just focus on the wound area and put your hands on the wound sides. Now imagine the wound disappearing and you taking the wound to something else. Do this by making the image of the wound and an image of the object to transfer it to. Now draw a line in your mind from the wound to the object. Imagine a hand tugging the line you drew and feel the wound being pulled from the wounded body. 

  Keep tugging until the line goes taught and will not go any further. Then give one final tug and rip the wound from the body into an imaginary body. Now watch as the line disappears into the selected object. Dismiss both images from your mind by making it disappear and then do something else. When the act is in progress you can speed it up by saying "I wish this to work!" to yourself sometimes several times. This works through a thaumaturgical viewpoint of witchcraft. I would choose the earth as the object of choice. Void is a way of curing by removal with magic, to remove the disease and place it in an imaginary body may help this process as benown. As a known focus is as the way to achieve this allot easier. Think for the focus with an object "Focus point lifemode". This will make it allot easier. Most illness choices are once mentioned and disappears. What also helps is to think or say "Epull" for energy pull of what ya think on. A cure to everything if needed.

    An alternative magical healing method is additive and subtractive magical restoration where the method is:
   Step 1: To restore or heal, use void as a subtractive force by thinking of a void and imagining the afflict removing itself to remove the affliction itself. 
   Step 2: Then, use additive energy like gaia or other forces by thinking of the force and the afflict repairing itself or damaged area repairing itself to heal or restore from what damage was left.

  Something to remember "Self conduct is leading to a better meant method".

  Healing from the heart:

  Healing from the heart is as simple as it sounds. It is feeling your heart and pulling power from it to heal someone in a wounded state. Just hold your hands around the wound or see the wounded area in your mind and think on the wound itself. Then contract ya body as though sucking the wound and imagine the symptoms disappearing. Imagine the pain as it is and how it was described not being there. When you notice the patient without pain and/or wounds and healthy again. Withdraw your hearts power back into yourself by pulling it back mentally. This will always work if you believe it will. This can effect from any distance.

  Laying on hands:

  The laying on hands healing technique is acquired as a price that is from a paladins perspective. The technique is to lay on the hands on both sides of the wound. Feel and imagine energy to pass through the wounded area and to make it more effective you can pray to the god of choice to be with a prayer of "Oh great {say God's name here} Heal this wound as my energy passes through this body! Grant me safe passage of doing this effectively! Oh thank you for thy help!" My God of choice is Satan, The Horned One or Jesus Christ of the Thieves. Any which way, this should work if your said God is with you. The process could be blocked by unbelievers and skeptics except for the moment of their death when they suspend disbelief. 

  A simpler version is to place one or two hands across the shoulders, that will cause the stress and doubt to disappear and the person recovers from the idea of doubt and lack of energy if you imagine energy passing between your hand and the person then releasing and relaxing with each thought.

  Ouvisibas or ovousibas:

  Step 1: One needs energy to accomplish this act of healing. Take it from the ground through a symbolic link. The link is formed through the imagining of the ground represented by a picture of a rock. 

  Step 2: Now in your mind, draw a line from the picture of you to the picture of the rock. The link is there and only needed to be done once. 

  Step 3: To focus on the thought of a pump that brings water with the source of this water being that link thats thought unbreakable and is a link to the earth and maybe a link to a scope with magnification. It only works when the person pumps it so pump enough water. The water from the pump runs along a channel that goes to a clean water drinking pond. 

  Step 4: Now, imagine yourself pumping that pump and watch as the water goes to the pond. 

  Step 5: Now imagine a cup, that has dipped in the water, now in your hand. Drink the cup of water in your mind. 

  Step 6: Visualize the body that is wounded, with the wound disappearing and mending itself while your touching it or psychicly touching the wound at a distance, repairing from the inside out or outside in. 

  This could be yourself or another wounded person. If the person happens to die, imagine the word "awaken". The body you are trying to work with will possibly be raised. If you want the wounded person to regenerate, touch or teletouch said person, and imagine after drinking another cup of the water, the word "regenerate". If you don't want to touch the person, imagine the words "cause regeneration" at the person intended. This is stronger than reiki but feels wrong due to the fact of that you force heal the body. Alternatively called "playing god" with lives, ovousibas it is. As an additional thought. its compassion that helps to heal the past pains of love as unseen tensions linger between the cosmic lovers. These things are help as to being flame to water.

  Color healing:

  Color healing is with two methods and either one can work for you. The first one is color healing choice 1 and the second one is color healing choice 2.

  Method 1: This is color healing choice 1 as its just imagine the color as its doing things and what it means is as decided beforehand. As to think color red mean pain an aggravation, the color blue means healing, so to see the color blue overwhelm the color red near the spot that hurts dissipates the pain and reverts the wound to nothing. And so on the color you decide on means an what you think it does. To revert the type choice of the color is to see it and reverse it in your mind. This causes the near opposite of the effect you think on in euphorics but its the same effect. To see the color means its active so to see the effect is to cause it being. To see it as of yours, and then of others and to disrupt an the effect if its bad to you. 

  Method 2: This is color healing choice 2 as one, that is to imagine the color of the disease or the color that represents the idea of the pain or disease and two, imagine it leaving the body. With the color leaving, as it leaves the body it lessens and removes it, it being the disease or pain.

  Relaxation with colors is to be relaxing and this allows your mind to relax for easier healing by visualizing your favorite idea and color so it is to heal your body without stress. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, move your body until you are. Take a couple of deep breaths and follow your breath without influencing it.

  Then gently move your attention from one color to the next Begin with red, and stay there for about one-two breaths. While you open up to the color. Then simply sit down for a little while. Let thoughts pass by without consciously dealing with them. This is from relaxation exercise colors of

  Chewing pain relief; You can use candy as with other things chewed but it has to have chocolate or fruit in it to cause the effects of pain relief. Just chew something like chocolate or fruit skittles casually or hard with tension on the teeth. This relieves teeth pain and jaw pain too as the jaw pain disappears. It stems the flow of it as you think about it. Sometimes it doesn't work.

  Physical restoration effort is of eight methods which are stances: 

Thumb to chest punch
Heart chakra punch
Third eye energy recovery
Below nipple hit
Collarbone restoration
Chin rub
Energy revival rub
Body reinforcement

  The first two things are for feeling more "ready for action", The Don Juan calls them the 'passes of masculanity'.

  1. Thumb to chest punch effect; ..Well get your hands like you gonna punch some one, some dwarf actually. Stick your wrists close to your ribs and punch a 45 degree lower when compared to your shoulders. Do it and get your arms in the first position immediatly, when punching below, give your breath out and take one and punch with all haste and power and pull em back do it a few times, preferablly on foot, knees slightly bended. Punch with your both hands as it will give you some energy if ya keep doing it.

  2. Heart chakra punch; Probably you know about that heart chakra, it gives spiritual energy more than physical. Aim the point where your heart chakra is, and hit it with your straightened finger tips constantly for a minute or so. Try to keep the same rythym. 

  3. Third eye energy recovery; This is from somewhere in Donna Eden's book "spiritual healing".. Pull at your third eye point with one of your middle fingers. And pull your hole in your belly with the other finger both up at the same time an stay for a few seconds. Repeat as needed.

  4. Below nipple hit; Hitting to your ribs just 1 or 2 inches below your nipples with stiffened fingers, men-women don't differ, this makes your immune system to get tougher. You can do it better a little, by widening the angle to sides. 

  5. Collarbone restoration; Where you hit with your fingertips with two corners of your collarbones, the middle point is your spine, you can feel the points you should hit by touching them, they are a little "on". This restores the immune system to better function. It also gives you some reviving energy physically. 

  6. Chin rub; Physically, there is a method for keeping awake by rubbing the downside of the chin, just behind the bone.

  7. Energy revival rub; Rubbing the space between the upper lips and the nose, it revives the energy spots around pancreas.

  8. Body reinforcement; Two inches from the middle point of the chest and one inch lower, hit that place not hard but steady. As in 1.5 times at a second and it reinforces the body. 

  The simple as not but healing method: 

  Well its very simple to cause an event as it is to heal someone, as its to focus your mind on the thought you want to do. As per say, to clear the chakra. Then let your subconscious do the deed as you say 'done' or 'removed' or some phrase that means what you want to do. Then the subconscious will do the work for you. This can make you feel better if it works or attempts to work. The word you choose is important as it is what the subconscious chose at the moment you want something and reflects the intention you would want. Sometimes its effect is to cause openness that stays with you, if healing. But I noticed meditation gives you a temporary lifting of conditions.


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