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Monday, May 25, 2009

All about sleep

  The patterns of sleep and wakefulness are essential to human life. As is, why then are we not sleeping sometimes. For arguments sake, the moment of sleep eludes us. Why is this? It is because of the work load and stress we have. Work and stress are related to each other. The higher the workload the more possibility of breaking without meditation. When the workload is high enough, the sleep pattern goes a little less. Then there are the environmental factors. The environmental factors are related to humor, serious matters and moments of grief. Humor in a situation makes stress disappear and people to relax. Serious matters are moments that make an intent of resolving or an attempt to get things done. Grief is when the moment of idea that a person has is not met. 

  Humor can alleviate the problems that may happen due to work load stress. Thus sleep will be normal. The more serious matters, the more one loses sleep. Grief can cause severe moments of sleep loss. The combination of grief and serious moments will cause emotional stress. Emotional stress is related to severe sleep loss and all sorts of diseases like chronic headache that won't go away even with water. Rushing things means taking in consideration of the workload compared to how much time you have to do it in. Sometimes the idea of too little time may make a person make up work in the night. Effecting sleep loss. The collaborative whole of the environmental factors makes a impact on your sleep. When all is in balance, there is little to no stress. Thus the workload only impacts the sleep. The more workload demand, the more chance of narcolepsy or no sleeping at night. Meditation reduces the chances of no sleep and narcolepsy..

  Effects of lack of sleeping are to have high blood pressure, and the association between hypertension and sleep duration could explain other research findings explaining increaed risk of heart attack, diabetes, and weight gain as the levels of leptin 'the feel full hormone' can go down while the increase of ghrelin 'the feel hungry hormone' can go up. You could become mentally stupid as to brain function not being at its best. You can very easily snap someones head off or become snappish, allowing emotion to rule the mind instead of reasoning things out, an becoming hostile to the point of attacking someone. Immunity of the body goes down as the more you sleep the more your brain can process. Poor digestion where the food choices of of high carb high sugar cravings occur as "This is because sleep loss decreases insulin sensitivity putting you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes", You could have a car accident from lack of responsiveness and as possible is other accidents. One could be revenge ridden to destroy someone for a slight, as the hormones push you to the limit and you don't think on it. 

  With less sleep there is cognitive and physical effects as of alcohol overindulgence. The person which is awake 17 hours straight is about the same as 0.05 percent or about two drinks an hour. And a disturbing new study conducted by Reed Army Institute of Research shows that loss of sleep can affect moral judgement. Whereas if lack of sleep, it can cause laziness, cause situations, cause an absent minded behavior. Where the mind will function but at nonthinking levels in the morning and at night. These patterns become more pronounced as a person sleeps less. 

  As their is insomnia, people with insomnia produce more stress hormones than others according to new research. This makes the person able to be aroused more easily in a hyperaroused state that can make it difficult for them to wind down to sleep. This inability to sleep causes more stress, which can have a devastating impact with being depressed, forgetting things, it could get so bad that you can't focus. "People who don't sleep get depression and depression causes insomnia." Says Dr. Oz. "But the inverse is true: that more and better sleep can make you feel happier." Then there is narcolepsy. When narcolepsy happens, it is too late as because the cure is worse than the problem. The cure is to make yourself go to sleep in late to normal hours by hypnotism. When you can sleep on a dime you aren't sleeping enough. 

  When the mind gets what is called "tunnel vision", which is being able to focus only on one thing at a time, the sleep is too little. The cure is to meditate on your problems and try to fix what you think is wrong. This will make sleep possible for you. It will deprive you of some senses and sleep is that way. Do this by confronting the problem or idea with almost exactly the same force as is displayed by the problem to neutralize the moment. Like putting a fire out with dynamite. It can be done. Another way is if you get into a fight, to use the adverse moment to the problem moment like a person wants to fight, give him a way to not fight and yet win the moment. 

  It soothes the conscience of you and the problem person because it will make him feel better to fight without fighting. But the hostile problems should not be worked out this way because it could sometimes be taken wrong. The only other solution is to explain yourself fully without excuses and with white lies if necessary to the person in charge. To explain to someone who does not have control of the situation is to be wasting words. However if you explain it anyway, it could never actually hurt for the reason of said person putting a good word in for you. 

  So try to be solving your problems instead of letting them grow or ignoring them so that will make your emotional grief less. Ignoring your problems from sheer laziness and avoidance caused by emotional pain will make other problems worse until you fix the original problems. Emotional pain is caused by reflection of emotional grief. Complaining about emotional problems to friends discreetly will solve this. Thinking logically can cease the emotional problem. If you think logically then your activating certain brain functions which have caused wakefulness. As further situations are that sleep can create an improved eyesight, improved motor skills, improved motion and an exclusion to bad behavior. Their is the chance to live longer and healthier, and improved shot effect as those being deprived of sleep produced less than half the antibodies to the shot as vaccinated men who got a full nights sleep. You can also improve enough to find something when you in wake up. It also improves thinking and conditions of the body. It discuffs the moment of the comfort, or activity of the ease body. You look better and feel better, you don't experience more physical ailments, such as headaches and stomach problems. The metabolic rate goes up, where growth hormones stays up and their essential to keeping us looking good as we get older. You can be happier and become less stressed with less pain. Your brain improves, by memory and mood you improve. You can lose weight as metabolism is improved by sleep with a decrease in appetite. 

  Consider this an abstinic point. There is no sleep where there is an aforementioned moment of it. If you think you sleep, you aren't. You can get a daze, and by sleeping too long this daze gets worse only to be better by wakefulness till it slips away. It only serves to pass the time. Consider it enforced day sleeping where sometimes you don't even close your eyes. To be considered a trance by some. If you enter your trance, and focus on the idea then the trance will be making that possible thought occur. A deep trance, By asking a question, and then slamming on sleep on it, you might find the answer on the next wake time. Where a deep haze is like a grand haze, but your still moving your body and yet your in a dream. As you are in a haze and manage to go into dream. Go to sleep in the dream a to wake up from the deep haze. In the grande haze, you are stuck in the dream and can only move in the dream. If you can, cut something or wake up after falling asleep in a dream haze. Alternatively fall asleep in life as necessary and wake up to release. Some can be of meditation, and be to feel yourself wake. To get out by either an sleep or waking that is like you can feel dead.

  Through experimenting there is the relaxation point where you still work and yet you seem to get some sleep. Okay its as simple, just close your eyes and breath slowly in and out. Then listen for the events around you or some voice, then open your eyes and breathe slowly in and out to continue work. Then your still rested while you do work. The effect of closing your eyes again, makes it possible to listen in despite some of the noises. As if though, this can cause frontal lobe popping. Where sudden relation or elation comes upon yourself.


source: Reader's digest The magic power of sleep. pp.104 in October 2007

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