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Friday, May 22, 2009

Some interesting idea on our origins

Why we exist as ourselves

  It seems that we were created from a dream of a person with apes. Who lived in Atlantis, and that he was that good at mutations and chemistry. As we created in the present, he created in the past. It seems he created us from thoughts meant to replenish and replace him and the race around him. He was powered by the Babylonians and powered in idea made ingenious by the Atleantians. If so, I believe it was as the Babylonians were on a path of death, we were on a path of life. We have life from the Babylonions, Genious and Thought from the Atleantians and created by him. We were in deed granted genious and thought by the Atleantians. And at the death of the Babylonians from an active volcano, they unbecame a human species where we gained humanity and immortality. We were on a path of life to become human.

  But, we were immortal from our creations creating idea. So as we created we gave life. As the creations created, we gained immortality and unnatural long life. This is a truth as its a lie as well, as when a moment became bare truth it was undoing us as we created it. It stems from the fact that we were creating by giving life and as we gave life we erased some of our own, annulled it exactly. So if we give life as of birth to something, only to undo our own life it becomes a lie as we also undo our own history. Just as the Babylonions undid thier lives for us unknowingly. We create to effect and make use of idea, given magic use and other uses. The fate of our creations is unknown, except for a few of them.

  As the creations we made gave birth to idea and moments, they uncreated themselves just a little bit. Making use of this energy, we recreated ourselves as gods and demihumans that were in partially immortal. By some means, some way and some possibility. So the truth is they also gave energy to thier creations as they did to us. So the cycle continues, it sustains us in use. Where overusage can kill us. Being unaware could bring us bliss or death or bliss of death.

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