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Monday, May 25, 2009

Shifting breathing exercises

  The shape shifting exercise herein are meant as a meditation aid and discipline maker. I thought up these techniques and self-experimented them so I know they work. I would appreciate feedback, thanks.

  The meditation for enlarging breasts is to breath in fresh air as energy, will upwards in mind and imagine the shifting of fat from lower body upwards to breast area and breath outwards expanding the breast and letting go of excess stress. Do this for 20 minutes. What you want to happen is that with every breath a little fat is redistributed from the lower body to the breast area. The reason this works is the subconscious perceives through the conscious imagining of the scene making it happen for real. This is the mechanism achieving and aiding the mind and breathing at the same time. Achieving it through mind manipulation.

  When you do the reverse, the decrease of the breast occurs and the stomach increases. You don't have to understand it to know this. After a certain repetition it will work. 

  When you breath in fresh air as energy and breath out stress with the out breath. Imagine the fat off your body disappearing into a extradimensional container. Doing this makes the fat seem to disappear after a set of repetitions off your body effectively losing weight. The reverse does the redepositing of the fat.

  The calming effect and absolute neutralizing of panic and fear through breathing is to make an image of the fear in your mind that you understand as the reason for the fear. Draw in a fresh breath of air snagging at the root of the fear. Breathe out the fear imaging the air flow pulling the fear out along with the stress by the root of it. Doing this over 1 minute to 10 minutes will decrease fear and stress. 

  A karmatic release is to make the negative energy you gathered by doing anything negative and focus the negative through the help of breathing exercises to go into the earth for cleansing of yourself and relief of your mind. Simply, breath in the positive air energy. Hold your breath for 30 seconds or the count of 30. Willing at the same time for the negative gathered energy to be released to earth. Now, release the breath of air with the stress that you feel. You will suddenly feel lighter in body and mind. Do this for 10 minutes.

  The Resting Method is the method for making yourself younger and drawing in lost energy in and around a cleansed area healing the body at the same time. Lay on your bed or a place of relaxation. The next step is to focus on the air energy around you as a concept. Draw in that energy and keep focusing it into yourself for 10 minutes or more. When doing it, imagine the body cleansing itself of all impurities. When done the smell will be horrible as the body sweats out the toxins and wastes. If you had wounds, the wounds be gone. You will be younger as well. Doing this last exercise is advisable at bedtime. If done anytime else, do the best thing possible and take a bath after 5 minutes and change your clothes as well. People will respect you for it.


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