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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wartune Effects

These are Wartune effects from the online game Wartune.

 Elemental tornado

  The fire tornado is a fire manifest of fire with air in formation of a whirlwind. This is done by imagining fire form and become a whirlwind. Then, send it forth be imagining it go to the area yo intend to inflict with it. This can mildly form heat physically. The opposite is an ice tornado. This is also formed by imagining a column of ice pieces form and swirl. Sending it forth can make anyone freeze. It can cause cold damage to the area.

  Another type is the water tornado, or water spout, to form and all you need is to imagine water forming from the particles and ground. And, this is swirling like a tornado to be in the area where you want it to effect. Its effects are cleansing things and shorting out machinery. This has possibility of forming a flood. Earth tornados are where you imagine earth particles (imagine them as brown particles). Imagine them swirling as though a tornado and going to where you want to effect with it. This earth tornado is capable of causing energy effects to be absorbed and just to keep it going. Until it gets dispelled.

  The air tornado, is where you summon air swirls that form on feeling the air start to swirl. This psychic tornado can cause psychic drainage and energy to flow and almost overload the person or they could be used to transport you as its an energy vortex. Otherwise, when physically manifested, it can pull things into itself. To send it forth easier and help manifest it, say 'Elemio mai ez' pronounced [Elh-ee-mie-oh may-ihn ee-z] without the n. Doing the stating of it while thinking of the effect. Combining the elements that are effective with each other, will cause the elemental tornado to have like a pelting blow or combined effect. Like a fire and earth tornado, this will cause absorption to deal firey blows at the area and people.

  Elemental tornados can be easily dispelled by sending blue auric power at it, this is to dissolve the cords holding it all together. The tornado will disperse into the air as it realigns with its natural element. A chaos tornado will cause disruption and overwhelming sensation. This is the element of disruption. Its true raw energy of the primordial plane. This can cause chaotic influence by just being near it. Summon it by thinking chaos comes to your calling and thinking it is formed into a tornado formation.

  Mana tornados are gaia tornados that can cause influence by words and energy to spike and flood the area. This is using mana which is deep blue energy that comes and does what you want. Summon it by making thoughts of 'mana' and power comes to you. The mana is formed into a tornado by imagining blue energy swirling and going where you want it to go. Dispelled by imagining the tornado dispersing. This truly is a devestating tornado that can quickly overpower nearly anyone in the area.

  The nothingness element is of darkmatter, which is void. Summoned by making thought of 'darkmatter' and then put to use by telling your subconscious to cause a tornado of it. Tell it by stating or thinking with intent of 'make tornado' or imagining dark energy swirling. Void can suck the life energy from energy itself and push away the people around it. Unless its commanded not to. So, to cause a voidal tornado is to make literal damage and degradation of nearly anything as it sucks the life force in the area. The void can make things harder to focus on. Its dispellable by willing and thinking it gone.

 Shadow strike

  Shadow strike is where you command the shadows to strike for you. This can be done as you strike or when the shadow is commanded and is near someone. The shadow strike is done by thinking the shadow will strike as you want it to. This is where you feel the shadows moving and doing the strike when you want it to. Basically, imitating a strike will set off the shadow strike by you intending it to strike as you imitate a strike. This can leave bruises or kill by commanding the shadows to 'kill' with thought to them. Think of the target before trying. This can effect anywhere there is a shadow.

 Delphic mode

  This is the state of awareness that allows for greater effects and results from the same application of a technique. This came from the Delphic mode in a wartunes game. This is focus of energy going through the crown chakra to go through your body as though a flood of energy. Peak energy makes peace that ensues itself through the body. And, when peace is achieved, then the body is restored in energy balance with greater potential in activity. Mix with blue auric energy for greater results. Mix with blue auric energy for greater results. For even greater results, take a few minutes to focus the energy. Remember, open heart open crown chakra. To open your crown chakra, think it to be open. This makes the crown chakra more able in doing the deed. This can allow delphic attack mode. Which is taking in and flooding your body with black 6th dimenensional energy.

  Making this an unlimited delphic, is taking in raw primordial chaos energy through the crown. When doing so, be warned your mind may blank and you could not remember much till later. Other ways of making this an unlimited delphic, is to take in and flood your system with 6th dimensional blue, red and silver energy. Enhanced delphic mode is to link to the earth and think of additional energy of the planet entering in through the crown. To link to the earth, Imagine a stick figure drawing of you and the earth. Imagine or mentally draw a line from the earth to you. Then, your linked and if you want to be destructive, feel all the firey emotion rise up from within and allow your emotion to direct your body to strike allot of times.

  Sending forth energy from your movement and in a wave pattern is also possible. This is possible by making movement like a arm slash. Then, doing the intent of releasing power toward a target. This is thinking the energy going forth and spiking it with delphic power to hit the target. The delphic mode enhances the energy sent in a spiking of which is to the degree that the energy could hurt or hinder. This is where the energy appears like a wave that goes forth and collides with the target. Doing a sending of certain energy gives you different results. Such as, sending the fire energy and lava energy you collected will cause disruption of the target. Or, for the full effect, send in a moment all the excess energy you have from going delphic. This is thinking all your excess goes with the release toward the target as you think 'strike'. This can cause you to go relaxed and the target to collapse with enough energy.

  Delphic Thunderfrenzy is where you cause thunder from delphic mode power sent to the sky to cause thunder strikes to hit down and where you think it will be striking. This is on command by thinking a command to 'strike' and exactly where you think it will hit it will hit.

  Delphic powerstorming is where you send delphic 6th dimensional black power into the sky and having hell rain down to attack an area. This is where you get to cause a hellish storm as you think delphic energy to the sky. And commanding it to storm at targets with the thought of the targets. You get people off guard and rain down blows with the energy going through a storming motion. It makes its effect by your thought of what you need as an intent. So, it ends when you want it to. Sending void energy at the sky or storm, will cause the storming energy to rain down voidal energy that leaches energy. Sending chaos and all the rest of the energy will cause a massive blow that lands on people and personal targets. Dimensional energy will cause displacement of things hit. Dimensional energy is the energy of the dimension itself, as its reflected in actual life and looks like gray and black streaked energy as it works.

  Delphic powershot is where you think delphic power into your weapon or projected forth as a shot. When projected forth, it is imagined to shoot forth like a red shot. This is where you project the delphic energy and think it hits the target which dazes them for a few seconds. When it hits, it can leave a bruise. Or, it can leave the target not thinking correctly. This is possible to make multiple shots, to effect multiple targets. Just think the energy to be shot multiple times very quickly and hitting the targets you intended to be hit. This  is the delphic hail of arrowshots.  Delphic hail of arrows is where you get multiple red shots shot through the targets of choice.

 Plasma storm

  Plasma storming is using lava and plasma energy to create a storm that deals effective damage. This is releasing a storm that can be powerful and then moreso because its the combination of lava and plasma. To do this, summon plasma energy with lava energy by thinking lava energy summons the plasma. Then think the lava and plasma energy is in the sky. When you get the effect, you will know it. Plasma is very powerful, so be warned this is dangerous and can make things melted and can go off like a volcano. Use clay energy in case of abuse, green or yellow discoloured clay to stop it. Clay energy cloys it, by causing it to not happen with covering the effect by its energy.

 Freeze arrow

   Freeze arrow is to use ice energy from a high air icy area. Then, focus that energy by thinking its focused into an icy air attack. That energy will freeze the target and slow the target down. This is thought hit to the target and it goes right through them. This can hit multiple targets.


  Agoran shield is the formation of air that surrounds you and this swirls at high speed. This makes a shield of protection that deflects damage for however long you can keep it. This is usually a 10 second shield. Imagine air swirling and surrounding you to protect yourself. Then tell your subconscious to cause the effect to stay there. State it out loud or think it with intent, 'Make the shield stay'. Think that it will be there till you don't want it there.

  Apollo shield is the creator's shield that protects everyone for as long as you want. This is formed by asking the creator to protect everyone with a creator shield you want protected. This shield wards away 1/5 or more of the damage that would normally be taken. Locking this shield takes allot of focus and skill that the subconscious uses to cause it. Stating or thinking "Lock shield" as you intend the Apollo shield to be there will cause the subconscious to make it stay and be there.


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