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If you think you're a personal or mental target, stop then think to do something else as long as it's normal. I think i figured out my real illness, If I think to do or write I won't if I panic or if I allow things then I can write the ideal. So I will write as I think or will and I don't have to be there to write it.
This is where I think as you want to do things, or work until I don't need to do things as this is use of this. I think this is a blog based off my past life, working with memories that I happen to remember.

Here is an appropriate quote of the day: "Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dream magic

  This is thinking of the dreams you have and using wrought magic to make them real and blood is not real as this is in effect that you art and do. What you art and can in a corpse seem to murder if you used necromancy that you prove this and are capable of what you are thinking not of doing, as you do you acknowledge as you dream. The wrought blood ritual is what you are incessant about, and yet for a gate to show you use fire weaving in a pattern as you are thinking in thought and doing in the mind a pattern dance and think of doing the idea of which uses your blood as energy with the thought wrought you are possible to seem, as you get what thinking is necessary in privy to information. As your not a point to do, as in a point you make is in to create as you want or do things to what you will.

  As you dance the dance your fear pattern emerges, as this is done then you are dealing as you are thinking about things and shifting to the acknowledged root. As another in an conclusion work that is based on instinct and worked by guidance in intuition, from insight as though in concept your will is concept in energy. Nothing worse can happen under the disguise, as things in thought in that you want you are not doing, an the blood wrought magic will do instead as you are able in ability and tings you want are done. The warning of this is if any abuse or any emotion is thought as you do things with the risk of what you do and this is done then you do as you can to dare not and you are wanting to go do things then, don't ever do the worst case scenario in your head.

  As you do  get the urge if thought of emotion is bade, then "think not do" as calamity is resolved and to do this thing. This is to do and get things to do, as you get what you mean out of life you calm down to do what is thought you think. Then the thought is due, as if in a moment of a moment done and thoughts come to be done and things calm in mind. Calm being and animal passion, is what is there this can calm the soul spirit and this takes you away to make you what is thought as you want to be and you are now in this. Not any thought of what may seem, in this or any other life exists as this is true your other life lives and blood wrought magic can shift you back deem you safe for all eternity.

  As love or not you are deemed dead, or other people in life that and this is what you remember what is then life. If you died you become, and you are as if never born and this is done to seem written this is as though thought is evidence and you are no longer in a blood idea as the realization makes your reality to seem as though normal and your wrought mind is calm as ice as though thought was done and nothing bad happened. You are not amiss as time resets itself, as this is done and though thought on a blood wrought moon and you are as you were.

  As this is to nought, why do anymore as dark energy is at risk this can become damaging as it is in thought in done moments. As belief becomes real, and life becomes visible an thus life is death you can be a victim of your own death that is the price of blood wrought magic if a victim is killed the price is blood and once thought gone is your monster that is born. This is a monster that forms, of madness which and of you and becomes you in a moment you are enraged.

  If you do not kill due after a blood wrath moon wrought by moment and then you shalt bring life to a lost life thought lost and if you are due nought as free of thought you are benign to all. This is thought in life that you do, as you are wrought with blood get rid of the stain as you do as though thought right. This will end the moment you kill, as the second kill you will die by what you kill by night. There in the moment is the nought of what you do, as you are free of resolve you are undoing what you killed, innocent or not you are but a pawn to the fate that lives. The theory is this, as you are due resolve you are done with life, and you are what you think as though are a concept and not in due thought then the thing is done as the bidder becomes the bidden and things you thought are not done and due no more you are what you to think as all wrong is undone.

  The thought of life in a conception is what of one warning, the thought of life in abuse is another, and the thought of what you battle is the third. There is nought but a bad deed after as you are but thought and travel is with no ease as if burdened you are what is in thought and only an illusion you kill in you are but nothing to them who are your own. As when you die you shall be born and be but a monster reborn. Here's the dweoma thought, here's the motion and you are done what frees you from your fate is what you do, as you are doomed to fall if only to get free and do you need, then magic is done on a clear free night of a full moon. As this is what you are in thought, you are a monster in thought and turned by the belief in your self are yourself. So may it be.

  You are dead but once and yet a dhampire in reborn state. Then, the thought is nought but a concept of a vampire as they control, and you due in intelligence not beat from animalism and thought is due resolve and figure out time and the victim is that you love or live for as with what you dare do you can only choose to live as any violence done is done as though thought of what you did kills them instead. This is but one wrought magic ritual in the book of lore that is once thought burned by the church. As yet there are more, you are but a thought in what you kindly consider in lost art. This thought, is undone by art lost recovered as art is magic you are living in the art as proof that even this can be undone. And never be more thought of as a monster, that is in thought and nothing more than a thought as that which is born that is in need is what was once and once again a born child thought dead and once monster no more, as the idea is surrendered to this is as though you are who you were as this is thought you are as thought you are as you were and always as you were thought to be a normal human that once was once surrendered to the faery evil not retributive reborn.

  As the concept is use the thought the idea is making, this may seem a pattern match as you are gone and as you are though walking this is done through the entry and thought place become real as you are the thought of what you saw as a living memory there is illusion illuminated in blue, and thought is activity and things are what they seem as you do what things are intelligent need done. The blood wrought moment is a scene in mind, as the monster in you can not form in need to get help, in the effect otherwise you can release the killer in you is the effect that makes the monster moment and is not seen to the eye of man as it is hidden. As else, if you have other idea to do with blood magic, then you get that effect instead. As this is a root dimension, that isn't blood then you are safe from suspension and live within as reasoning use is within reasonable usage is a ease of use done. The idea is what you think as things are thought about, as thought is what you are and doing is perceiving, things such as what you do is none as you are done. You survive differently, live differently, so may it be or not as this may be nought done.

  Enevitable in blood wrought essence is the use, to nulle abuse or other things as you can not be effected by jedi thought. As you where you are by the subconscious mind in jail for what is not wanted, and seen not is thought that you want to be seen and that is there. As natural reaction is a scene of denial, then don't acknowledged and the denied monster you release by violent reaction. This is as though dead in thought, and in this idea you are frought with peril and dead by what attacks you as believable results are believable in by in thought motion considered in action.

  A thought of what you do is what, you believe and when your dead you are gone as what you don't want you then can do and with thought attacking what else in thought of dimensions and this only is in thought perceived. As clairaudience that is turned on by thought and turned off by thought. That  can setup what  you believe, is what you get as you are believed to be then is real to the mind of the believer as the eye of the beholder is what you in and in idea you are dead.

  Mind over matter makes with thought thaumauturgy, or not as decided in tought moment by what you do and then brought up as illusion is intended to seem there. There is the thought that you are not here, as you are dismissed from thought otherwise, stop and desparation forms fire thought as you thinking about what you sear and think thought and it happens, the fire tongue by the word spoken 'Dweomer of that Nevyn that is to be mine as this is mine' can make quickly what you speak or  as you are seen near the area do not and walking away and this is reuse invisibility to some as you are thinking to study over and done.

  And watching as demons come and go, and when struck red energy happens and the red mists are there and you are a dhampire as you go hunt and slaughter isn't done as invisibility happens to cloak you as the people that should not see you are in seeing something connected to you as though a watcher as though thought is done or not as you say nothing and disappear from what is thought in in struggle by thought ability through a demonic destiny gate. The demon is a monster named Demona that without slaying in mind you are killing the criminal as known as the code of the despiser made by the demon Ogdar.

  The wrought magic is making efforts and things that you use are energy to use as what you are intent on doing and using the subconscious to manifest is what seems as though the dream a lich can think on. This is the effect of doing activity and using spells to create the real dream. An example to use your subconscious to make wrought magic, is to think of the dream, feel the need for the effect and think of or state 'create' as the intent word. This is easy with an open mind. To end a wrought dream, think of the dream that is reality and state or think 'end' with the intent to end it and nothing more bad can happen.

  This is a concept of what they fear of responsiveness in nature, of what you do is that in thought and is not to be feared and this is the thought of what is to seem real or not to be real. The fear gaze is yet another one of the aura ritual effects. That isis is use of weight to energy and made is what you seem as you in their mind that can seem to be needed. The fear gaze is then what, you need by intended will and you think fear to them as you gaze into their eyes and there is no reasonable response in you to them as their mind perceives them in you you generate fear as energy and reasonableness and this is fear itself as then your thought is fear in generated nature.

  Stop when your randomizing fear as their will is reaction and reactive to your aura as though thought makes them run away, as them your in their mind and as then you not in an idea to not take what they give as you are nothing but invisible. Your subconscious will, help the desperate soul out and you are what you need to be. There if in thought you are to think of the desperate thought from what you see, and you are what your in mind to seem and as cast is gone. Use the idea of what you think, and think wrought fear and put it through the aura.

  You won a soul and you lose a value of something you don't like as you are getting there you remember this, and you are casting fear forth. Whenever planetary fear or nought but what is there, you feel what this is as you try this, you do and you are doing thing as you thing in to scare and you do only for the desperate. The sought moment is there, as you get idea to do you feel what happens that triggers the response and you fear none but make. Use the fear and when you get the fear responsive nature their will is turned in on them and they in fear you as though thought of death.  Stop thinking of what you do in their minds and this feat of fear is removed from them as the subconscious removes all incidences done

  Death fear is when you are in thought as you fear swoop of a person by someone as disturbing as death seemed to be warmed over there as you imagine the scythe swoosh through you, you imagine holding a scythe there in your mind is no death that can touch you. As you die you come back and you are in there with a death scepter as the clue is that you pee in the pants or sorta do else and do death illusion. Casting forth from the mind that you claim back from the object you touched in mind and nought else.

  Thei does this very easily as you are death and holding still as you are death no more as you assume a stance you are easily due resolve thrio is used to move to another dimension that all together you are whole in mind and body that is what creates the illusion as defeat death and you undo your demise every time and their mind perceives death your thought is their thought as you think of and you get information, you get their information. Stopping this is what is the disappearance and as you leave you are alive as dead and death is warmed over a hot stove of stew which my brother paul made one day.

  There is no christian love or loss as you are in dead starting to become alive, as this is the moment you are doing a stage act. You are doing things, of what you were wont to do as eddy is tied and you are to the ground. You produce a were reaction. As their is nor wood you are good to go and you get away. You are gone as you run as then no more daniel or chris and gone you are. Thee are dead not more as you are were and cosmic in motion as cosmio serves in your need you are done. In a moment you are done you are in yourself, and your able and more willing to do as you do.

  Their will is done and your in your mind as the mind, as your in mind and doing things and you are doing things by something served up you are released. Their is no concept after this as you were done way before your time. As you release the staff, you are struck dead where you stand and you are in a dead and fully alive where you are alive in truth. Trick and treat as you want with this as its a parlor trick. And, if you don't want the killing, gaze go on as you are as you defeat death and the scythe disappears as you are yoyo usage. Their is a will and a way so write it and death is done as this is ending as the end is shown in real life and their way is not changed if foe is defeated as this is done as dealt blow makes you unconscious and you wake up untouched with the last blow a failure.

  Their will is done for you are their threat and their will falters according to the way of what you think as this is exposed to what you are pojecting at them as their will is deflected back at them win is lose as they figure out your ploy and this is what wylle come.

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