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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dark daoism

  Dark daoism is the practice of dark acts with intent for self sufficiency. This leads one to believe in dark law. Which is the act of making a law by stating and actions, that is for personal use. This law is using magic to get it subliminally followed and worked with as though it were the targets own. To the dark daoist, magic is life itself as its in anything. This is what the subliminal messages are all about. This is magic that is law magic and it works to enforce a change in people, without them realizing why. The dark daoism, is actually not prohibited, since it works towards aiding control. But, it can get bad suggestions used as though a law thats self made. Since their god is the creator himself, things can make their presence known by showing consciousness. Their creator can make anything happen for love of doing and love of relationship. Will is the dark daoist's master. They will follow a will or stated effect, as long as it serves them in their purpose. A dark daoist will seek for and know ways of longetivity that will elongate their lifetime.

  Dark daoism is very useful if you serve your own intent and use it from a positive viewpoint. This intent is a positive one, the actions can be hidden, dark or neutral in nature. I have yet to see it actually used positively, though. Thus, people tend to avoid it as it can be a cancer in a womb. The cancer is cured by dark tendency and means. This can lead into disaster. So use this with care and personal use. Try not to speak of the dark actions, speak of the positive things you achieved with it. Have a good relevant reason to get it accepted on when you use it. As the reason could be to help, expect reactions.

  However, the energy dark daoists use is the dark matter itself. It tends to drive people apart and force things to be pushed into action. Dark matter can be harnessed by believing nothingness will do the action or support them and doing action. Nothingness is nirvana to a dark daoist. Dark matter is easily used by the subconscious. So by belief that objects hold an energy matrix, then you get more energy from the object that you think is tapped or used as an energy source. This adds to the dark matter materialization. It tends to materialize with little effort or there's no materialization. So, stating what you thought about will make the subconscious create it as thought will cause it. A chant or mantra to raise the consciousness for a dark taoist is 'ahm' and 'ohm'. Pronounced [Ah-m] and [oh-m], respectively. Another mantra for materialization is 'uhm', pronounced 'umm'. For generating energy, chant 'ehm' from the pronounciation [ehh-m].

  With dark matter, the dark daoist will possibly make a dark or light being form. This is where they raise their consciousness and meditate with a thought to 'form a dark being of themselves' or 'form a light being of themselves'. A technique for meditation, is void meditation. Usually, this entails thinking what you want to happen or nothing and doing actions. Doing this as they dismiss their thoughts of anything else, by telling their mind that the thoughts they don't want is unimportant. That makes almost anything possible, except for that which they do not want. Then, they explore the existances of many areas and places that are dimensional. The higher dimensions are explored with a light body and the lower dimensions are explored with a dark body.

  They can make the dark body or light body appear by telling the subconscious to manifest it. Basically, state out loud or think "Make my [dark or light] form appear where I want." When they do, they allow for anything as they follow this thought, "The way to live life is to accept what you get and allow for it. If necessary, they cancel things they don't like out." They tend to laugh off the problem and relieve stress by doing so. What they don't like is things that irritate them. When they give justice out, they let the other person make their own fate. They allow for things and they get people to do things. This makes them gain what they deserve. They sometimes deny their enemy what they want. They try to prevent criminal behavior as they hate crime. In practice, just meditate and do what you want. This is with dark daoism in mind. I don't suggest doing the dark actions for it could make bad end results. So, be aware and acknowledge what you do, at least to yourself act your best.

  Chaos can rule this body. As its a mask of a person that wants to show something else and chaos can rule this mask. A mask is something that is an act that makes them appear different. Chaos can make one insane by too much risk and activity. Chaos can be the true will of mankind. Separated by some realization and allowed to be dismissed, dismissing the persons own power. Reconnecting to their source by chaos realization can make one get his full potential. Thus, its realized and able to be mastered and brought under control.


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